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and the religious conditions slightly passed on to the Romans since structures like the Pantheon was constructed for the Roman gods.Since the Roman Period is based of the Greek and Hellenistic Era. RELIGIOUS PSYCHO CONDITIONS . there are some characteristics that are similar. The Greek mainly focused on their gods and goddesses.

. -factors such as wealth and high population densities in cities forced the ancient Romans to discover new architectural solutions of their own ROMAN TEMPLE -were located in important positions such as at one side of the forum or along a major road -the Ancient Romans intended that public buildings should be made to impress. as well as perform a public function.architectures -played an important role in unifying the empire.

were screened by an awning . the seating area of the Colosseum. as well as part of the protect spectators from the hot Mediterranean sun.architectures colosseum .

architectures CIRCO MAXIMO -was sitted on the level ground of the Valley of Murcia. so it was prone to flooding . situated in agricultural land.

architectures TOWER OF HERCULES HADRIAN’s VILLA -the domes of the steam baths have circular holes on the apex to allow steam to escape -has a network of underground tunnels that used to transport servants and goods from one area to another .

The Romans were able to combine different styles of architecture due to its vast empire. Like the Temple of Fortuna Virilis. deep porch and wide cella. UNIQUENESS . and has some Etruscan elements like the high podium. and they were also able to harness the power of concrete. it was able to distinguish itself from the Greek architecture because it has Ionic columns. which were Greek in nature.

emperors. Basanite Granite from Gebel Fatireh in Eastern Egypt -the intent of Roman sculpture was to immortalize the people who were sculpted and artists attempted to capture a likeness of the individual. heroes.-portrait of gods. generals. and politicians -images to adorn the capitals of columns and the elements of gladiators SCULPTURES -reflected the fashion and lifestyles that were prevalent -were made spectacular-looking but hard to work stone such as Porphyry from Gebel. Dokhan in northeast Egypt. BRONZE PORPHYRY BAS RELIEF MARBLE SCULPTURE INTAGLIO .

The complete wax structure is then invested in another kind of mold or shell. “Capitoline Brutus” . 3. Once a production mold is obtained. which is heated in a kiln until the wax runs out and all free moisture is removed. The investment is then soon filled with molten bronze. 4. a wax (hollow for larger sculptures) is then cast from the mold.BRONZE 1. 2. One or more wax sprues are added to conduct the molten metal into the sculptures. 5. Artist start with full-sized model of sculpture with a non-drying oil based clay such as Plasticine.

-translates as „purple‟ -refers to a number of igneous rocks with embedded crystals that give rocks of different types a shiny and glittering appearance -anything purple was associated with royalty PORPHYRY -much of the Roman and Byzantine Empire purple porphyry came from a single Egyptian quarry. BAS RELIEF -a method of sculpturing which entails carving or etching away the surface of flat piece of stone or metal -a form of art that has been used for centuries “The Trevi Fountain” .

MARBLE “Pieta” - tools: mallet and chisel begins with the selection of a marble for carving direct way.wax or fiberglass. with only the idea in his mind as a guideline or clearly defined model form a model in clay . creating a form or figure from scratch. and then copy this in marble by measuring with calipers or a pointing machine “The Statue of David” . by carving without a model.

topped on top of the impost.middle brick of the block and completes the arch.curved back .Three unique characteristics to take a look at: the Arch.a series of arches used to create high-ceiling rooms and long passageways. Voussoirs. The Arch -consists of two supports called piers and topped by a platform called the impost. Vaults. Opus caementicium –a concrete made with a special Roman cement called called caementa -this is what gave its strength . DESCRIPTION Keystone. the Vault and the Concrete.

Two influences 1. the worship and reverence of images. Roman sculptures. not only of gods and goddesses. the recording of ritualistic and triumphant events in bas-relief on pillars. Reality before flattery. Whereas the faces of Greek portrait sculptures tend to display neither expression nor emotion. but also of dead ancestors 2. arches. and tombs. particularly those carved in the time of the Flavian emperors and after. . have character and animation.

Among his works are the David and Pieta statues and the Sistine Chapel frescoes. David.-known to be the official residence of the Pope in the Vatican City -one of the architects of this Michelangelo Michelangelo Buonarroti isn‟t known much for architecture is more known for his paintings like in the fresco of the Sistine Chapel as well as the sculpture. -widely regarded as the most famous artist of the Italian Renaissance. .

like the Gladiator.Cartoons and some movies. They were able to portray it this way. because sometimes the spectators would see gladiators as what we would see in actors today. MEDIA RELATION . would refer to this building and to portray the gladiatorial games during the Roman Empire. because the Colosseum was really popular in holding gladiatorial games and back then these games would be the equivalent of movies these days.

From chapels to cathedrals. each structure exhibits certain designs such as Roman .Sistine Chapel -the best-known chapel in the area where the Pope resides in Vatican City. widely believed to be Michelangelo's crowning achievement in painting The Philippines being largely Roman Catholics is home to many churches of religious and historical importance.Greek. or Filipino-inspired . -it is very interesting as its design and other decorations were graced by renowned Renaissance artists such as Michaelangelo and Pietro Perugino -known around the world as it featured The Last Judgment. with arcs.

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