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Course Code: L 4 1

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T 0

P 5

Credit (or Max. Marks) CA Attd. 5 AT 20

WEIGHTAGES MTE P 0 P 0 Th 25 P 0 ETE Th 50

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course is designed to understand the students basic concepts of Psychology and the role of psychology in human life. PRE REQUISITES: NIL COURSE CONTENTS: Sr. No. 1 2 3 Description Introduction: Psychology as a science, nature and scope of psychology, methods and development of psychology. Psychology in relation to other social and natural sciences Physiological basis of behaviour: Nervous system, Neuron, Brain, and Spinal cord. The influence of nervous system on human behaviour. The Endocrine system and its impact on human behaviour Heredity and environment: the role of genes and determination of sex. The role of heredity and environment in the development of personality and behaviour Instincts and emotions: Instincts and reflex action. Physiology of emotion. The identification and measurement of emotions, Emotions theories Senses and Perception: The detection and discrimination of stimuli. Absolute threshold. Sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste. The body sense kinaesthetic and vestibule sense Perception: concept and laws of perceptual organization, perceptual constancy Thinking Reasoning and Problem Solving: nature, types and tools of thinking. Reasoning: nature and types. Problem Solving: meaning and nature, scientific method of problem solving Motivation of behaviour: Needs, drives and motives, theory of motivation; Freud, Adler and Maslow MTE Learning: nature and types of learning, theories of learning trail and error, classical conditioning, operant condition, insight. Laws of learning, shaping, transfer of learning Attention: Signs and effects of attention, types and determinants of attention, span of attention, shifting or fluctuation of attention, division of attention Memory and forgetting: mechanism of the process of memorization, types of memory, learning methods. Forgetting: types and theory of forgetting Intelligence: nature, effect of heredity and environment on intelligence, intelligences theory, assessment of intelligence, mental age and intelligence Quotient, Mentally retarded and gifted child Personality: nature and characteristics of personality, theories of personality, personality assessment Resent trends: computer application in the psychological laboratory and psychological testing. Artificial intelligence, Psycho cybernetics. Study of consciousness-sleep-wake schedule, dreams, stimulus deprivation, meditation, hypnotic and drug induced states. Extrasensory perception and intrasensory perception. Simulation studies.

7 8 9 10

Textbook: 1. Ciccarelli, S. K. & Meyer, G.E. (2008). Psychology. South Asian Edition, 1/e. Pearson Education

Additional Readings: 2. Mangal, S.K.(2008). General Psychology. Sterling Publisher Private Limited 3. Garrett, H. E. (2009). General Psychology. Eurasia Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Salient Pedagogical Strategies Concept clarity with the aid of case based teaching and latest published data. Discussion about contemporary issues and practices Assignments involving field studies for practical appreciation quizzes.