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February 2013

Greetings to all: We are pleased to issue our 6th newsletter from the SOL (The Secret of Light).
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"It (Science) is, at long last, realizing that the action universe of motion must have a fulcrum which does not move. This will lead to the placing of energy in the fulcrum Source of this universal mirage of motion instead of in the mirageextension where Science now places it. When that day comes, science will first question the universal vacuum for CAUSE rather than search within effect for cause. When this transformation takes place in man's thinking science will have leaped ahead one thousand years in that day." ~ Dr. Walter and Lao Russell - from "Atomic Suicide?."

We would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on the technical progress concerning the new Secret Of Light website currently being designed by our Russellian Webmaster, Mike Connors. Mike is leading the redesign effort and streamlining the sites usability across many different OS platforms as well as integrating a more user friendly interactive video and overall experience. We intend to create a new forum as we have permanently closed the existing forum due to many dysfunctional aspects that made it unusable and defunct.

The new forum will feature two sections, beginner and advanced. The beginner members section will cover all basic aspects of Russellian Science and Philosophy, and the advanced members section will serve to bring together like minds to further the scientific research that was begun by Walter and Lao Russell in the early 1960s, as they worked in conjunction with NORAD, developing the Russell Optical Dynamo Generator and coil research. These advanced students and researchers desire to further by demonstration, the principles which are the basis of this Cosmology and research associated with it, in order to bring about a true Free Energy Device as well as improved coil designs based on Natures Principles. We will appoint moderators to help in the beginners forum for assisting with basic questions and discrepancies often encountered when undertaking the process of unlearning the sense-based misconceptions which current scientific models repeatedly demonstrate. We understand the difficulty that unlearning brings with it, and so the beginners section will assist in this regard. A recent letter went out to a Quantum Physicist who inquired as to Russellian Sciences compatibility with mainstream academic physics which we thought would be of help to you when attempting to understand the kinds of inconsistencies which differentiate Russellian Science from mainstream academic science and why the two cannot marry as Russells cosmology is based on Nature and Natural Law, and academic cosmology is based on the illusions of Mankinds senses. Dear XXXXXXX: After taking some time and reviewing the links you sent, there are grave differences between the models of Dr. Walter Russell and the data assembled within the links you provided. Dr. Russell saw the Universe in a way that mainstream academic science has not yet recognized--this being the awareness of stillness from which all matter springs from and returns to, which is fundamental in Russellian Science.

These points of Still Magnetic Light in space are locatable by the electric motions which move around the gravity shafts extended from them. Current quantum physics models do not account for stillness as the fulcrum of motion, which unfortunately puts the scientists some many years away from discovering the reality of the Cause of electric motions in this 3D cosmic light cinema universe. As there are no instruments which can detect stillness or silence, except for the Mind itself, this, unfortunately hinders the progress of civilization in many regards. Russellian science and materialist science cannot be married due to the many misconceptions which current scientific models rely on. Please allow us to list some differences between the two. For instance: Gravity is not an inward pulling force as defined by academia, electricity is the only force (there is no negative electricity), magnetism is stillness not a force (so-called magnets are created through electrical processes--therefore they would be electric as well), light is the only substance as elements are simply different gyroscopic pressure conditions of that one substance, there are no fundamental quantums of energy as believed in current models, nor is the nuclear theory of the atom consistent with the workings of nature. All mass is doubly charged which contradicts the idea of singularly charged particles now accepted as gospel by the scientific community at large. The law of Entropy is conspicuously missing its twin - Syntropy or the up-hill flow of electricity which constitutes this two-way motion Universe in which we find ourselves. Russellian science places the Creator at the heart of all motions while simultaneously bounding all motions. It is the simplest, most seamless explanation of Creation ever given to mankind, through illumination, that rarest of all human experiences. This natural science cannot help but invoke Occam's razor. Silence and stillness stare every scientist directly in the face, yet is the least of all noticed places to assign the beginning and end of electric motion due to it's undetectability in motion via the senses.

This understandable oversight has led scientists down a long unillumined path of continual groping in the dark trying to make sense of a very beautifully simple Universe using incredibly hard to understand sense based theories which are unnatural and hold back the progress of civilization to its own peril. As with all new researchers who encounter the works of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell, we implore you to fully and deliberately read and reread the last distillation of the science found in "Atomic Suicide?." This science book is worth the effort considering Nikola Tesla's warning to Walter asking that he "lock it in a sepulcher for 1000 years as humanity is not ready for it." To have that kind of response from the greatest electrical engineer to ever walk the face of the Earth requires, if not begs further investigation to say the very least. Great discoveries do not come through the Universities nor the curriculums associated with them--they come by way of the Mind within man. For truly something new cannot be taught in this world of repeating and remembering techniques which are graded en masse in a hive like environment. It must come from the light of Mind itself, or the fulcrum of stillness and silence within man himself, the Creator. Please understand and respect the Russellian science position as a stand alone cosmology as it is in direct opposition to anything considered mainstream, which ultimately includes Quantum Mechanics/Physics, String Theory, the Entropic Big Bang Falsehood, Einstein's Relativities, Nuclear Atom, etc. May this letter find you in good graces, sincerely and with all regards, matt presti and Robert Otey

So, as you can see, we have demonstrated some major invalidities in mainstream science that can serve to help deprogram the incomplete unnatural sense-based falsehoods now pervading it. Russellian science will take its rightful place as the most complete and natural science ever given to mankind. It is simply a matter of time.

We work knowingly for that great day with earnest and dedicated intent, and the hopes of putting a firm foundation underneath the feet of a misguided and blind, fledgling science now working against the interests of mankind (Coal-Oil-Nuclear or CON). Combined with the Living Philosophy, mankind cannot fail to give birth to the greatest age ever known--The Age of CHARACTER. The conference on September 7th and 8th, 2013 will be held at Swannanoa, in Waynesboro, Virginia, the former home and location of the University of Science and Philosophy. Visit the conference page for perpetual updates and information regarding speakers, times, etc.

In the future, we will also be holding more SKYPE Sessions TBA. Add science.philosophy to your SKYPE contacts.

A reminder also, our first webinar at the School of the Holy Science is set for March 4th, 2013 at 7pm CST. Click here for more info.

We thank you for your continued interest in the works of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell and wish you the very best in all endeavors of life. We remain true to the message as always, matt presti & Robert Otey
*We are aware of several new words being used in this newsletter which do not appear in standard dictionaries. However, using these words connotes applicable obvious meanings as we do not limit ourselves to the existing English language which is limited.*