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INBOX CONTACTS CALENDAR WANTED: Garments (posted from Bangladesh) WANTED: Denims (posted from India) WANTED: Clothing (posted from Brazil) WANTED: Fashion Clothes (posted from Nepal)

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Tue, 1 Jan 2013 at 4:26 Tue, 4:26 Message starred FROM Enquiry GlobalBuyersOnline.Com TO You

WANTED: Fashion Clothes (posted from Nepal)

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Enquiry GlobalBuyersOnline.Com Mr. Ravi. R


Dear Mr. Ravi. R, You have JUST received an inquiry from a BUYER from Nepal. Please read the edited content of the inquiry. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Buy Requirement of : Fashion Clothes Country : Nepal View the Enquiry : http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/tradeleads/details.asp? xpyr=642811&obj=SGDFGDFUJJ453BJHJ34JVBJBJ234BJ5H Description : Dear Sir, We request you to please let us know how could we find the Korean Fashion Wholesale Clothes. Awaiting your earliest response. Thanks & Regards. Contact: Mr. Humen Gurung ---------------------------------------------------------------------------To contact this buyer, please select any one from the two premium membership options: a) Select Membership (Rs13000 ($260))

Contact Unlimited buyers on GlobalBuyersOnline.Com Rate: Rs13000 ($260) Validity: 1 year http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/subscribe/select/ b) Basic Membership (Rs6000 ($120)) Contact a maximum of 10 (ten) buyers on GlobalBuyersOnline.Com Rate: Rs6000 ($120) Validity: 1 year http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/subscribe/basic/ To compare the two memberships, please visit http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/members/upgradeprofile.asp ____________________________________________________________________________ To receive the inquiry alerts with the complete contact detail of the buyers, please upgrade your membership at http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/members/upgradeprofile.asp Keep checking in for the latest Buy Requirements and additional features at http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/tradeleads/latest.asp In order to get more relevant enquiries, please edit your profile at http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/members/login.asp If you do not remember your login/password, please visit http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/members/passremind.asp If you have any queries, contact us at http://GlobalBuyersOnline.Com/contact/ We wish you all the best in your business and look forward to help you grow it. Regards GlobalBuyersOnline.Com Editor visit us at http://www.GlobalBuyersOnline.Com Multiplying Businesses Globally