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6.'%()Monday, Aprll 1, 2013 10:30 AM
7358()Mlke ue Souza <mdesouza[>
95()"Medla [nC8]" <Medla[>


l have some follow up quesuons:

Can you explaln why enforcemenL omcers don'L agree wlLh you?

Are any of Lhe enforcemenL omcers noL aware LhaL Lhey have Lhls experuse?

Wlll Lhe governmenL Lraln Lhem Lo recognlze LhaL Lhey are noL aware Lhey have experuse?

WhaL areas of dupllcauon have been ellmlnaLed?

Who are Lhe experLs supporung overslghL of enforcemenL?

WhaL are Lhe quallñcauons of Lhe experLs who now supporL overslghL of enforcemenL?

WhaL ls LnvlronmenL Canada's deñnluon of ºapproprlaLe experL supporL" ?



Cn 3/28/13 8:14 ÞM, "Medla [nC8]" <Medla[> wroLe:

Pl Mlke,

Apologles once agaln for Lhe delay ln respondlng.

LnvlronmenL Canada (LC) wlll malnLaln Lhe experuse Lo use hlgh-quallLy, relevanL
daLa and meLhods avallable from a number of sources, lncludlng Lhe uS
LnvlronmenLal ÞroLecuon Agency.

1hls wlll allow LC Lo avold dupllcaung Lhe developmenL of lnformauon LhaL can be
obLalned from oLher credlble sources.
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Lxlsung regulauons wlll conunue Lo be enforced, wlLh approprlaLe experL supporL.

SclenusLs wlLhln LC are avallable Lo supporL enforcemenL, as approprlaLe.

Mark Johnson
Porte-parole | Spokesperson
Direction générale des communications | Communications Branch
Environnement Canada | Environment Canada
10, rue Wellington, 23e étage | 10 Wellington, 23rd Floor
Gatineau (Québec) K1A 0H3
Tél: 819-934-8008 Fax: 819-994-1412 <>
Gouvernement du Canada | Government of Canada
Site Web | Website <>
Suivez-nous sur Twitter - @environnementca <
Follow us on Twitter - @environmentca <

From: De Souza, Mike (Postmedia News) []
Sent: March 28, 2013 8:16 AM
To: Media [NCR]
Subject: Re: Oil and gas regulations


Is Environment Canada still working on providing answers to my questions about



Mike De Souza
Postmedia News
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From: Media [NCR]
To: De Souza, Mike (Postmedia News)
Sent: Tue Mar 19 09:26:20 2013
Subject: RE: Oil and gas regulations
Pl Mlke,

?es, we're sull worklng on Lhe response for you. Wlll geL back Lo you as soon as

Mark Johnson

From: De Souza, Mike (Postmedia News) []
Sent: March 18, 2013 12:06 PM
To: Media [NCR]
Subject: Re: Oil and gas regulations


ls LnvlronmenL Canada sull expecung Lo provlde me some answers on Lhls Loday?



Cn 3/13/13 2:10 ÞM, "Medla [nC8]" <Medla[> wroLe:
Pl Mlke,

l don'L Lhlnk we're golng Lo be able Lo respond Loday. l'm noL sure wheLher you're
ln a posluon Lo delay your ñllng buL we'll Lry Lo geL back Lo you on Monday.

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7358( ue Souza, Mlke (ÞosLmedla news) [mallLo:mdesouza[]
!%/'( March 13, 2013 11:34 AM
95( Medla [nC8]
!"#$%&'( Cll and gas regulauons


Could LnvlronmenL Canada Lell me how lL plans Lo elaboraLe meLhods for lLs
proposed CPC regulauons for Lhe oll and gas lndusLry ln Lhe absence of Lhe
sLauonary source measuremenL group (whlch was dlsmanLled ln Lhe pasL year)?

Also has lL creaLed any plan Lo address concerns ralsed by enforcemenL omcers
abouL ensurlng exlsung regulauons for alr emlsslons are enforced wlLhouL havlng
Lhls group around Lo do quallLy conLrol?

lor background, as you may be aware, several enforcemenL omcers from dlñerenL
parLs of Lhe counLry expressed concerns durlng emalls exchanged on uec. 6, 2012.

Among oLher polnLs, Lhe enforcemenL omcers sald ln Lhose emalls LhaL revlewlng
Lechnlcal aspecLs of sLack LesLs reporLs would probably ºexceed our capaclLy Lo
ldenufy slgnlñcanL meLhodologlcal non-compllance."

1hey also sald ºLhe level of experuse referred Lo wlll never be achleved by LCs no
mauer how much Lralnlng ls provlded. 1hls Lype of requlred experuse ls noL llmlLed
Lo chromlum regulauons buL also añecL oLher regulauons such as Lhe second fuslon
lead regulauons. Alr polluuon ls noL golng Lo vanlsh and lL ls qulLe reasonable Lo
belleve LhaL oLher subsLances released ln Lhe aLmosphere mlghL become regulaLed.
lf new emlsslon sLandards are Lo be lmposed on lndusLry ln Lhe fuLure, more
release LesLs are golng Lo be requlred and posslble new reference meLhods wlll
need Lo be produced."

Can LnvlronmenL Canada explaln how lL ls addresslng any of Lhese concerns
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expressed by lLs enforcemenL branch?

My deadllne on Lhls ls 6 pm easLern ume Loday (lrlday, March 13, 2013)


Mlke ue Souza
ÞosLmedla news

omce: 613.369.4814
moblle: 613.862.0388

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