“FIRE OF JIMI” DIRECTIONS: In a kneeling position put your hands up to your face with fingers also moving. Move your arms up and down like a fire and display extremely agonising facial expressions and scream “Help me, Help me!”

“THE WINDMILL” Directions: Involves a scissor kick stance with a bend in both knees. Left hand as a support and right hand in full 360 degree strumming rotation and repeat.

“ACA DACCA SCHOOL BOY STOMP” DIRECTIONS: This move is well pulled off with a school cap and tie in tact. It starts with a slight angle of the back, neck and head. Holding the guitar a bit higher than usual and your preferred foot held high and encorporate a stomping action on the spot. Once comfortable with this move its now to put in in action by moving across the stage stomping with the other leg following behind.

(stomping action up and down repeating)

“THE GRUNGE” Directions: This move is very simple but effective with many bass players. Guitar positioned down around your ankles with full bend forward and hair in the face with slight movement up and down.

“THE BEATLE” Directions: A lego haircut is essential for this rock move. An awkward upright positioning of a usually bigger guitar and strumming on your chest. Stiff, but still a classic.

CE” “PATIEN ections: Dir hip with the e, Starting to the sid r and out forward nd in you h ith a be bought a lean w uitar on your thig then into on the g our arm siti e with y knee. Po to the sid g around and lean wrappin erneath itar. und of the gu the neck

“SLIDE” Directions: This is a bit more relaxed but still up there with the more energetic rock moves. Sitting down on a stool with your guitar placed on your lap and with your hand on the neck and slide away !

“SMASH IT UP” Directions: This classic move seen in punk and more hardcore bands always gets the crowd going, but you will need to sacrifice your guitar and will be well worth it. Start by holding your guitar with both hands by the neck and behind your head then with all your might swing the guitar in full rotation until its in half or in tiny little pieces.

“AIR JUMP” Directions: This is a mid-air jump with your legs at an approimate angle of 45 to 90 degrees depending on flexibility. Frontal arm in full rotation and repeat. The guitar is also too be positioned upright to avoid any unintended disasters.

“STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” A.K.A “DOUBLE NECK” A very intriqeut more relaxed rock move but for the cords being played there isnt much room for crazy moves like “The Air Jump” and “The Smash Up” Sometimes a gentle sway . maybe added but nothing to extreme. A very controlled but memorable rock move.

“THE REVERSE LIFT” Directions: This move is for the more experienced rock guru. It involves lifting the guitar over your head and then stablising it on your neck and shoulders. A slight slant in the body position is usually encorporated to make it easier to reach and play behind your head.

“ONE ARMED KNEELING SALUTE” Directions: Finally this is one of the most popular closing moves. With guitar in hand and a good run up jump to your knees and slide to the front end of the stage while saluting your fans! You are now an official ROCK GOD!

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