Title: The Touch of Thanatos

Long ago in ancient Greece a beautiful & passionate love story took place. It all started with a dream a dream which changed the course of history entirely. In the kingdom of ancient Greece there lived a beautiful young princess who was loved by all over her kingdom known as Ambrosia. just the night before her 16 birthday she had a dream of an young man in black clothes which she felt as an nightmare because she was to sacred of him but to her astonishment the ever dream came true & she went after him to know who was he? He barely talked but she felt warmth & enjoyed his company then she asked him where he was from & why did he come here? But he only said he was from up above the mountains & he had come to take a girl. whom his master has left here & wished for her. She watched him with great care as he was always so dull & lifeless it remained her, of her sorrows now. When he asked about it she told her everything that how his father is so sacred that she will die on her 16 birthday & how she fell in love with young hunk but was crushed & betrayed by him. Then as the two of them talked the sun past & the moon took over then she bid farewell to him & wished him luck on his purpose he grimly managed a smile, then she went to the palace to find out a feast arranged by his father the king to honor

Then the princess saw him at the end of the city over the edge of a hill top she ran towards him & shouted you here I was searching for you. When the flapper sounded closer she closed her eyes. Now she couldn’t hold her surprise & opened her eyes. After a while she wondered about the wandered & went back in hope of meeting him. She started saying please don’t kill me please then she heard a voice saying hold on tight & don’t open her eyes till said. The young man was walking alone when a old muscular white bearded man put on his arm on the young man’s shoulder & asked him son what why is it taking so long be off with the job or I will have to send your sisters to do it for me for second he looked grimly into the old men eyes & said in rough voice no need. then he kept on saying it then she want to hug him as to comfort him of his misery as she neared herself & was about to hug him he step backwards she was puzzled to see this & as she was going to try it again a flapper of wings sounds near her she turned to what they are by then they kicked off the cliff quickly she took hold of branch & pinned against to it while falling she screamed Help! Help! Then found out the flapper of wings again coming towards her then she thought that all these days her father was right & she was going to die on her 16th birthday. she was still panting when she said how did it go did you got what you wanted for he didn’t answer her but turned the princess felt a deep agony in his eyes & she wanted to erase it. She heard a cracking sound of wood & felt as if she is flying. So went near to him & asked looking into his eyes what happened? His eyes were as black as the night he said it’s not fair she is too young I don’t want to take her.the gods who had not taken her precious daughter away from him. There she stood motionless like that then the young lad cursed looking . She was speechless when she saw the young man had wings on his back he cut the log where she was holding on & took the whole of it & placed it on the ground over the edge of the cliff as soon as she kept her on the ground she was on her feet ran towards him with all her might & hugged him. She nodded but she knew it was the young man in black clothes but she obeyed him. I will tent to it myself.

above his face was full of tears & his expression was full of agony as if he had lost someone dear. Then sky rumbled with thunders & from that came a sharp dignified voice my son look into her eyes. He looked puzzled & unsettled like what’s this? Again a voice said look into her eyes because it how she will be in her afterlife. When he looked again he found himself & her happy & laughing his agony seemed to disappear but his expression remained grim. Then he saw an image of him & her. .

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