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Instructor Address City, Province Postal Code Dear Mr. Smith Attached is a proposal outlining my plans to make Neat the most talked about beverage magazine in Manitoba. The proposal, titled “That Sure is Neat,” will fully explain the steps we can take to successfully promote the release of the first issue of the magazine, build readership among our target audiences, and sustain popularity built before the magazine's debut. The proposal explains how we can gain a fan base of over 150 potential readers during the promotion period, appeal to potential advertisers, and create a fun and interesting booth for the upcoming magazine trade fair. The proposal also touches on how you can create awareness among the magazine's target audience, and build relationships with the magazine's future readers. Before Neat's writers have even finished writing their stories, we will promote the magazine's new and exciting content with the use of social media sites and eye-catching posters. When the first issue is complete and ready to be released, we will get Neat into the hands of our target audience by taking advantage of free booth space at a popular magazine trade fair. After the trade fair, we will make sure our new readers remain interested in the magazine and its subject by holding events and contests. All ideas and plans described in the proposal are simple and low-cost, focusing on inexpensive promotional tools and events. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions regarding the proposal or would like more information, please call me at (555) 123-4567. Sincerely Natasha Smith

That Sure is Neat A proposal to promote Neat magazine Submitted to: Kenton Smith Submitted by: Natasha Smith Date: __________ .

distilling. There is limited time to create readership before the release and inform people about the magazine launch. We will provide more information regarding social media and contests later in the proposal. this proposal contains several ideas on how to successfully navigate these obstacles and make use of what resources we have. we will continue to build our relationships with readers by continuing to engage our audience using the social media sites mentioned above. we will keep our followers updated on the production of the magazine and hold contests for our followers. and mixing drinks by writing interesting content. That sure is Neat Our goal is to make Neat's many features known to Manitobans.Executive Summary The Magazine Neat magazine is directed at a mature drinking audience. We will also set up a Facebook account. Here's how we will reach our target audience and promote the magazine: • • Before we release the first issue. The magazine also covers the increasingly popular subjects of organic ingredients and making beverages from scratch at home. Its focus is to appeal to those with an interest in brewing. The Neat Freaks. a Twitter account. however. distilling. Neat aims to be the luxury item drink-lovers can revel in once a month. so we don’t have a large budget for our booth. to build readership before the magazine's first issue has been published. and ensure Neat's continued success after the launch event. but we have no sponsors or advertisers. After the magazine's launch. • • . and mixing culture in Manitoba. We will do this asking them for feedback on the magazine and our launch event. encouraging discussion and debate about topics related to our magazine. These are subjects we can focus on when marketing the magazine. The magazine launch is our chance to reach our target audience and tell them about the magazine. Neat is new and there are few magazines in Manitoba focusing on the brewing. Challenges The magazine is new and unknown to many people. local stories. we will create short video advertisements to publish on YouTube. and the perfect gift item for the men who have everything else. and updating our pages with future magazine content. and new and exciting drink recipes. and an Instagram account. During the magazine trade fair the Neat booth will feature games and treats and the musical group. Using each of these sites.

and Desired Outcomes Strategy: Action and Communication Rationale Preliminary Budget Evaluation i 1 2 4 7 9 10 11 .Table of Contents Executive Summary Purpose Statement Situation Analysis Target Audience Analysis.

Have a combined total of 150 followers on Facebook and Twitter by the date of the launch event. Have a fun and interesting booth at the magazine trade fair. Have over 200 individuals visit the Neat booth at the magazine trade fair. leading up to and including a successful magazine trade fair.Purpose Statement To generate as much publicity. 2. Goals 1. Hold a small draw prize at the booth during the magazine trade fair. 3. 5. Maintain interest in our target audience after the magazine launch. and momentum as possible for Neat magazine. 4. Have 10 per cent of individuals who come to the booth sign up for email updates from Neat. notoriety. 6. .

Home brewers would be very interested in the magazine and its stories because they can relate to the subject. • Mixology is becoming increasingly popular. and mixing culture in Manitoba. • The magazine's subject matter does not depend on a season. alcohol. providing a long list of potential story ideas. This group is large and the majority of them have regular incomes. • The majority of the magazine's current writers are well educated in the magazine’s major topic. alcohol. • There is the opportunity to have as many advertisers as there are drinks in a liquor store. The program has the tools to create an appealing appearance for the magazine and is easy to work with. and other low-cost activities.Situation Analysis Introduction: Neat is a monthly magazine about the brewing. unlike other magazines that write about seasonal activities like snowboarding or surfing. has a wide range of topics to discuss and study. The magazine provides informative and entertaining stories and articles about those who create alcoholic beverages and the art of mixology. so does the subject. partly because of the influx of new alcoholic products. weaknesses. the magazine and its creators must first consider the strengths. • The target audience is males between 30 and 40. As the activity becomes more common and popular. opportunities and threats they currently face. Strengths: • The magazine's main subject. with an emphasis on local ingredients. Weaknesses: • The magazine's promotional budget is only $500. • Home-brewing and distilling is an old art that has continued through the years and is still common in many homes today. • New alcoholic products are released in liquor stores everyday. The writers will use their knowledge and past experiences to write interesting and informative content using terms the magazine's readers will recognize and appreciate seeing. posters. It is likely the magazine would only need to hire one person to do the layout and design for each issue of the magazine. In order to launch successfully. • The magazine's writers are in their twenties while the target audience is between 30 and 40. so there . distilling. • The magazine is created and designed in a program called InDesign. limiting promotional activities to free social media sites. such as winter or spring. providing the magazine's writers with new products to experiment with or review.

• While Neat has a broad subject. so the magazine will not have the chance to feature any alcoholic drinks at the booth. • The Roblin Centre is located in the heart of downtown next to The Exchange District. alcohol. is a beautiful facility. • The magazine’s theme. The hallway is short and there will be a number of other booths at the fair. • Potential readers may feel as though similar content can be found online through personal blogs. where the magazine trade fair will take place. • The Liquor Mart has free magazines. Opportunities: • The Roblin Centre. but many of the college’s students are between 18 and 25. so the event may feel cramped. • Many Winnipeggers believe there is limited parking around the area. Neat may not have the opportunity to reach as many potential readers at the launch event as it would have if downtown had a more pleasant and safe image. alcohol. workers from the neighbourhood. By holding the launch at The Roblin Centre. • Neat has free access to a booth at The Roblin Centre during the trade fair. • Red River College is concerned about alcohol and does not like its consumption on college property. is inappropriate for an underage audience. • Some people living in Winnipeg's suburbs may not come downtown because they feel the area is unsafe. teachers. • The launch will take place during the day when most students are in the building. Because of this. The magazine targets males between 30 and 40. These magazines heavily promote the Liquor Mart's the potential for the writers to use a writing style the older audience won't connect with. its success could be threatened by other magazines with more niche markets such as wine magazines and beer magazines. . staff. • The majority of the people attending the trade fair are not in the magazine's target audience. people may prefer to pick up those magazines because they are free. Threats: • The hallway where the trade fair will take place is a small space. Neat has the potential to reach a large audience including students. so they may decide to not come to the event for fear of not finding parking. however.

. Drinks: A nice dry martini with one olive. and Desired Outcomes Yummies (Young Urban Mixers) Yummies are male young urban professionals between 30 and 40 who love to experiment with mixing drinks. They are single and looking for a partner to start a family. Desired Outcomes: Our mission is to appeal to this group and have them buy our magazine on a regular basis. During the trade fair. and ones they have never seen before. Loves: Dry martinis. Yummies enjoy hosting small parties at their simple but stylish apartments. but at the same time they are taking advantage of their last few childless years. sci-fi movies. and love to treat their friends to home-made mixed drinks. Another possible outcome is for them to pass on their old magazines to friends. but since growing older. bringing in some extra cash to spend on vacations and the latest technologies. Name: Michael Age: 31 Photo Description: Michael works during the day as a clerk for the province and makes $45. Drives: Toyota Camry. providing the magazine with some additional content. These Yummies live for the weekends when they can relax with their friends over a few delicious drinks. playing Dungeons and Dragons with his buddies. lobster. Likes: Women. He spends his weekends doing laundry. his palate has matured. They have modest day jobs and may also have a part-time job on the side. creating secondary readers who may later become part of our target audience. This group may also submit story ideas or articles of their own. so we will work hard to find stories that interest them and recipes that are easy. and cheesecake. and mixing cocktails for the friends he invites to his studio near Osborne Village.Target Audience and Analysis. we will seek individuals between 30 and 35 and will heavily promote the parts of the magazine they would be interested in. such as how to brew at home and new drink recipes.000. and tri-lights. Michael drank mostly beer and sometimes champagne for special occasions. flavourful. This group will be our main source of sales. As a university student. Lives: One-room studio near Osborne Village. He has a small part-time job teaching badminton every Monday and Wednesday evening.

and Desired Outcomes cont. we may pique the interest of some of the people from this group and may even turn them into mixologists. construction workers. This group may also see this magazine as a great gift for people they know due to its classy design and interesting content. They’re married to their high school/college sweetheart and possibly already have a child. Most days he works and then spends time with his wife and daughter in the evenings. and catching up with friends. playing sports with some friends a few nights a week.Target Audience and Analysis. Because of this. . and mahogany wood. Loves: His wife and daughter. bonuses. On rare occasions. but when Saturday night comes. so makes the best of his time off. Drinks: Old Fashions. and trying new foods. two qualities that make them so loveable. They work in trade positions as mechanics. jeans. Their hobbies include attending sporting events. and electricians and make between $30-$40. we will heavily promote the idea of the magazine as a gift to these Lives of the Parties during the trade fair. but he knows a lot of folks who do and enjoys tasting their creations. Drives: Mini van.000 a year. Andrew doesn’t know much about mixing drinks. Lives: Two bedroom condo in St. Likes: Sports. He makes a little over $35. They have down-to-earth personalities and overwhelming senses of humour. Boniface. Name: Andrew Age: 32 Photo Description: Andrew is an independent contractor during the warmer months and electrician during the winter. he’s with his boys on their 'guys night out'. resulting in more monthly subscriptions. Lives of the Parties Lives of the Parties are outgoing male individuals who get along with everyone and attend their friends’ house parties every weekend. Yummies).000 and is saving for his young daughter to go to university. He frequently receives calls from customers needing assistance. Desired Outcomes: We want to make the Lives of the Parties aware of the magazine so they can recommend it to friends who are interested in mixology (ie.

Drives: Monthly bus pass. or are returning to school for a second round. Her student loans keep her up at night and she’s cut out most entertainment from her life. and her red heels. Suddenly things cost money! They’ve realized it’s time to tighten their belts and the latest addition to their vocabulary is the word ‘budget’. Frugal Students Frugal Students are university and college students between 22 and 26 who have either stretched out their university career to six or more years. but can’t afford to pay ridiculous prices for drinks at the clubs. and Desired Outcomes cont. They enjoyed their days of plenty when they lived at home and rent was a distant idea. They may also feel compelled to write in to ask questions or write about their new experiences as they learn how to make their own drinks at home. So instead they’re making their own! Name: Lisa Age: 24 Photo Description: Lisa is a University of Winnipeg student taking four classes per term while working part-time at the Boston Pizza down the street. Starbucks. Likes: To party.Target Audience and Analysis. This group of university and college students uses social media regularly and will tweet about their favourite articles in each issue and which recipes they tried and liked. her friends and family. and Forever 21. but she’d be interested in learning more about them if it doesn’t cost her too much. Drinks: Any kind of shot that is colourful. but now they’ve made the leap and are living alone or with a roommate. Since moving out from her mom’s house a few months ago. Frugal Students are partiers at heart. These students are equally male and female. Desired Outcomes: Neat will become the small pleasure the Frugal Students decide to splurge on every month because it provides them with interesting stories and new ideas on how to improve their mixology at home. Loves: Bangles. Lives: Two bedroom apartment on Pembina Hwy. The fancy drinks don’t really matter to Lisa. . she’s been working hard to earn those tips and help pay her half of the rent. but she and her roommate still manage to have a good time by inviting friends over to have some drinks. During the trade fair we will appeal to their need to save money and will explain to them how buying the magazine will help them create better drinks at home.

Before the launch event. The members of The Neat Freaks are Natasha Smith.Strategy: Action and Communication Strategy Action: The theme for Neat's launch is ‘That Sure is Neat. ‘virginized’ drinks. the audience will be the students of RRC. Most of their songs are covers of popular songs. Staff members will make the virgin drinks for the blind sample challenge and will cut out the cards for the memory card game before the launch. . and Jared Smith. During the event: 1 *The Neat Freaks The Neat Freaks are an a cappella group specializing in singing simple and happy songs about drinking and having fun with their friends. and social media accounts. Before the event: Before the event Neat will hold a drink sale fundraiser in the atrium of The Roblin Centre. A display table will be located inside the atrium. and cool draw prizes people will be excited to enter. Neat will also create a short video advertisement. strawberry daiquiris.’ The magazine is all about having a good time with friends while having a few drinks. Science and Technology’s (RRC) downtown campus at 160 Princess St. so in an effort to create the same atmosphere the magazine represents. Neat will use the Facebook and Twitter pages to search for potential readers and will hold a contest for a free PDF of the first issue of the magazine. Red River College of Applied Arts. and about providing readers with interesting articles they’ll want to tell their friends about. The launch event will take place at the magazine trade fair inside The Roblin Centre. and Instagram pages will help inform people about the magazine's production and the launch event. The pages will also be updated during the launch event with photos of people who stop at the booth to participate in the booth's contests. but with different lyrics relating to drinking games and beverages. the launch will include music. The Facebook. Twitter. The individuals involved in the launch will be the staff members manning the table and the a cappella group The Neat Freaks1. and long island iceteas. Our goal is to raise $100 at the drink sale so there will be money to design posters and print magazines for the magazine trade fair. At the trade fair. and previous Creative Communication students. Riele Smith. Drinks will be ‘virginized’ versions of popular cocktails like piña coladas. Luke Smith. the instructors of RRC. a 30-second radio advertisement. food.

m. and the posters designed for the launch event. on a loop. – Set-up table and display.m. Neat will release a one-page news release to a newswire in order to gain media attention. The Neat Freaks. we will compose a request for sponsorship letter and send it to major stores. Neat will also create a short. – Tear-down Throughout the day.• • • • • • • • 12:00-1:00 p. answer questions. To enter to win the prize. – Performances by The Neat Freaks 3:30-4:00p. and provide free Timbits to people walking by 1:00-4:00p.m.m. – Performances by The Neat Freaks 1:30-2:00p. We will also design and print a series of 11x17 posters advertising the launch event. Before the event. Neat will use its Facebook page and Twitter account to hold a week-long contest with one free Neat magazine as the prize. – Memory card game activity (to be played between contests and performances) 1:00-1:30p. and then we will upload it onto YouTube. and then tear down the table after the event. The staff needed for the launch event are the writers of Neat. – Blind sample challenge activity 2 3:00-3:30p. Communication: Some of the communication tools Neat will use to increase awareness of the magazine and draw a large crowd to the launch event at the magazine trade fair include advertisements and social media activities. 15 to 30-second video of The Neat Freaks singing and inviting viewers to come to the launch event and see what Neat is all about. The posters will mention the blind sample challenges and highlight the a cappella group. They will set up the table before the event. local wineries and breweries. and Jared Smith. a laptop computer sitting on the table will show the PDF images of the magazine. Natasha Smith.m. One of the booth's staff members will donate any leftover food and drinks from the launch event to Siloam Mission. Riele Smith. – Performances by The Neat Freaks 2:30-3:00p. In addition to those advertisements. These posters will be creative and eye-catching and encourage students to seek out the magazine’s table. – Blind sample challenge activity 1 2:00-2:30p. This video will be created using the camera and editing equipment Natasha Smith owns.m. Luke Smith. After the news release. .m. After the event: We will award the Twitter and Facebook contest winners with free PDF versions of the first issue of the magazine. people will need to like or follow Neat. and large companies. participate in the sampling and singing activities. From there we will post the link on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Neat will create a 30-second radio advertisement and submit it to Red River Radio to play whenever time is available.m.

The drink sale will cover the cost of posters. The displays will also help communicate the fun and entertaining atmosphere of the magazine with its bright and flashy colours and catchy phrases. and by using RRC’s audio suites. interesting draw prizes. and encourage people to follow or like the pages. unlike the drink sample activity. because there will be lots of foot traffic passing by the tables at those times. .m. and between 2:30 p. the radio advertisement can also be created for free. free drink samples.m. the staff can encourage participation without fear of running out of supplies. students and staff will be leaving the school. Many of the advertisements suggested earlier are free or low cost. The Facebook and Twitter accounts that Neat creates will allow people to learn more about the magazine before the trade fair takes place. and 2 p. By holding a contest. free food. It is important to hold the blind sample challenges between 1:30 p. and live music at the launch event. People who see the first performance may also make plans to see the second performance or tell their friends about it. The memory card game is an inexpensive way of encouraging people to engage with the Neat display by playing a simple game. Jared Smith will also design a simple advertisement to submit to the Projector.Rationale By including cool games. most people who see the performances will remember them. Participants can play the game over and over and. The Neat Freaks will be a huge draw to the table at the trade fair. Between these times. At the very least.m. Neat can generate some excitement in its readers. having finished all of their classes. the staff can shoot and edit the video for free because the staff have access to camera’s and editing software.m. and 3 p. we will communicate our theme of ‘That Sure is Neat’ to people who attend the magazine trade fair.

00 $15.) Total $30.00 $50.00 $300.00 $500. etc.00 $70.00 $2.00 . courier.00 $10.00 $18.Preliminary Budget Drink supplies for fundraiser Sample drink ingredients Sample drink cups 80 Timbits Posters Memory card game supplies 10 magazines for display 4 staff salaries Other (gas.00 $5.

we will have a combined total of 150 followers on Facebook and Twitter. By the date of the launch event. and interests. • We will know we have raised excitement in our audience about the launch of Neat if we see 10 per cent or more of our tweets announcing the launch event retweeted. • If we have at least one person tweet us each day during the month before the launch event and receive no clarification questions from individuals asking about the date and time of the launch event. people will fill out their names and email addresses. • During the launch. If 200 individuals have come to the booth. we will know we have promoted Neat magazine better than our competition if we have tweeted and updated our Facebook statuses 20 per cent more than our competition during the month before the launch event. Therefore. gender. in addition to having 150 total followers on Twitter and Facebook. To enter. and will be given the option of receiving email updates and news from Neat magazine. our goal is to increase awareness of Neat magazine within our target audiences. Implementation: • We will know our efforts to encourage potential readers to the fair have been a success if we have over 200 individuals visit the Neat booth at the magazine trade fair. The majority of followers we gain on Twitter and Facebook will be individuals we have sought out based on their age. • We will gauge our booth's success based on how many people stop at our booth. we will know our online promotions have been clear and exciting. and at least five comments on our Facebook status announcing the launch event. we will know we have reached our target audience. Our contest to win a free PDF of the magazine is designed to raise excitement in our future readers. the trade fair will have been a success. • If the hashtag ‘tradefair’ has become a trend on Twitter. therefore. more is always better. our efforts in creating an audience database will have been successful. . • In the social media world. we will hold a small draw prize contest at the booth. and five per cent or less of the food and drink are left at the end of the event. half of those people have entered the contest. so we will know the contest has been successful if we have 150 people enter the contest. and how much free food and drink is left. how many people enter our contest. our booth will have been a success. • We will know our news release was successful in alerting the media of our trade fair if two journalists visit our booth and later publish an article about Neat’s launch at the trade fair. If 10 per cent of the people who enter the contest ask for email updates.Evaluation Preparation: • Prior to the magazine trade fair.

• We will know our magazine has become popular after the event if the name Neat appears in an article after the trade fair or Neat gains 100 or more Twitter and Facebook followers in the week after the event.Impact: • After the launch event. • The amount of magazines we sell at and after the trade fair will be an indicator of how successful we were in reaching our target audience. If we are able to sell 10 copies of the printed magazine at the trade fair and receive 50 email requests to purchase a print copy of the magazine after the trade fair. • Once the magazines have been delivered to their purchasers. . we hope to receive requests to buy the magazine. we will know our launch was successful in turning potential readers into actual readers. we will know they have enjoyed the articles and like Neat's style and content if they buy a subscription to the magazine. • We will know we have gotten people talking about Neat if the articles about Neat’s launch that are published by the Projector and other newspapers receive at least 10 online comments.

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