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The Bloggess Discusses Hookers

Mark Cuban on Madoff
Would you friend George Bush on Facebook?
The Daily Kos covers his first day
Social Media Expertise from Mashable
American Express’ Guy Kawasaki on Retweeting
Love Letters from The Nervous Breakdown
Another Rant from Brooke Van Poppelen
Roli Shalem |

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Personal Because We Can
By M.T. | 2/13/09 | Bastard Life
I Just Need A Name For Feasts. “If the first lay wasn’t so good, I’d just get laid again a few hours, or a few minutes
later,” a rutty, fair skinned Rick said about the 1970s gay sexual revolution through a thick
My Hookers bushy gray mustache, sipping coffee in a San Francisco cafe in the Castro.
We were in the front on stools at a counter facing the street through tall french doors
By Jenny | 12/15/08 | The Bloggess
that were open, letting in the crystalline clear light and thin cool breeze of the afternoon. Rick
The other day I was thinking that if I was a prostitute I would totally join the Navy because
looked on wistfully, “I’m not sure why, though, we queens call it ‘back in the day,’ because that
first of all: free room and board, and secondly: captive audience because those Navy guys
‘day’ could be today,” he laughed and gestured with a snap of his farm worker thick and rough
couldn’t leave the ship to buy stuff and so they’d have all this extra cash. Plus, no police on
fingers saying, “Please honey, we could stand up, walk two blocks, and with a few single dollar
board. But then my coworker Tracy said that military police are even more strict than regular
bills blaze through as many men as we want.”
police and I was all ”But we’d be in international waters and there are no rules there. Pirate law,
Of course I knew this, but I had steered my conversation with Rick toward this because I
motherf’ckr!” And then he was like, “Okay, number one, there’s no such thing as pirate law
had a larger question; one that I thought he might answer with some stats or psycho-babble
and number two there are probably already women sailors on board giving it up for free” and
about gay repression or something. “Why so many though? Gay or straight or bi—men are
I was all “Yes, but they wouldn’t have my costumes” and then Tracy was all “Wow. You’ve…
promiscuous. We never hear women bragging about such things. What’s with the trophy of
really thought this through” and I’m like ”Hell yeah, I have. And even my uniform would be
‘blazing,’ as you say, through as many women or men or both as we want to in a night?”
a costume because who doesn’t want a girl in a sailor outfit? Nobody, that’s who” and then he
Rick cocks his head back sort of wisely, paused and nodded with a kiss of old age in his still
was all “Yeah, but the other women on board would be wearing sailor uniforms too” but that
bright blue eyes and just said it, “Because we can.”
wouldn’t matter because my uniform would be just like the chick’s from Sailor Moon. And
That, I believed.
I’d carry around a giant stuffed octopus because guys really like that. Apparently. Then Tracy
was all “What in the hell are you talking about?” And I was all ”You know…in those Japanese
manga cartoons when the girls are always being violated by tentacles? How do you not know
this?” and Tracy was like “How do you?!” like I’m the freak.
Then I got home and asked Victor about it and he was all “Violated by tentacles? Where
the fuck do you get this stuff?!” and I’m all “Why do I have to keep explaining this to people?!”
and he was like “Who else were you explaining it to?” and I was all ”Oh, just some guy at work”
and then he walked off in awe. Or disgust. I can never tell those apart.
PS. Just to clarify, I could never be a prostitute because I’m married and also because I’m al-
lergic to latex. What I need is a venture capitalist willing to back my elite cadre of naval hook-
ers. I even have a business plan. Victor says a price list of sex acts written on a napkin is not a
real business plan but yeah, it totally is.
PPS. Just a little note that I may be MIA this week as I’m going to be at a Christian camp
helping to coordinate the yearly retreat. For the highly religious company where I work. In HR.
Honestly, I’m just as surprised as you are.


Legalize Weed, Stimulate the Economy

By Casey Gane-McCalla | 2/24/09 | Daily Kos
Barack Marley’s diary :: They say desperate times call for desperate measures and we are
definitely in desperate times. The biggest problem about the US economy is that we don’t make
anything anymore. We closed the textile mills and now get our clothes from China, we get our
electronic goods from Japan, our food from God knows where.
America was sent into a depression 80 years ago after the US made alcohol illegal . During
that time organized crime flourished while the economy suffered. America did not bounce out
of that depression til after they made alchohol legal again in 1933.
If there is anything Americans know how to make, market and distribute, its marijuana.
America has been marketing marijuana for years through music, movies, comedy and t-shirts.
Illegal botanists have been making various high powered strands of marijuana while the US
hasn’t had an agricultural innovation since the peanut.
Already many states have big problems with overcrowded prisons that they cannot afford
to fund. Wouldn’t it be better to let out the marijuana smokers then the rapists, thieves and kill-
America has not had a cash crop in years. Sugar and the rum trade gave the Americas its
first economic boom. Tobacco gave it its second. America has a long history of making money
of drugs.
People have reported that marijuana is the nation’s biggest cash crop, more than corn and
soy combined. It is said that marijuana is responsible for $36 billion annually in the USA, none
Pr0n Hang Over of which is taxed.
By melissalion | 2/6/09 | Recovering Californian Today we are paying farmers not to grow crops. If farmers were allowed to grow marijuana,
Because I live in Portland, I was required to give up one whole level of the food pyramid. they would not need anymore subsidies and also be able to create badly needed jobs in the agri-
It’s sort of like a rite of passage here. You must give up something. Meat, sugar, a sense of hu- cultural industries.
mor, whatever. You must give it up. So I had to give up booze. As you all know, I was suffering If weed were legalized, farmers would also be able to grow hemp which can be used to
from some pretty serious hangovers and I cut beer out completely. I haven’t had wine in years make clothes, fuel food and many other things. It would be nice for America to have a product
mainly because I woke up one morning after drinking some wine, and felt sick, headachey and to export rather than importing everything, hemp could fill that role.
like killing myself. I also realized I was fat. I decided it was wine’s fault and I gave it up. Believe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin all grew hemp our last three
me, the hangovers were enough impetus to make me never, ever crave wine or beer. I have a presidents have smoked marijuana. One third of all Americans have smoked marijuana. Half of
cocktail once in a blue moon. And I enjoy it. And then deal with the aftermath. all 18 year olds in America have smoked marijuana.
Well, I’ve been thinking that giving up booze was a lot. A lot a lot. Like I’m way better Almost 1 million people are arrested for marijuana in a year 90% for simple possession.
and more givey uppy than anyone I know. AND I LIVE IN PORTLAND! Where everyone can’t How many police man hours go into arresting, incarcerating and processing these smokers?
eat something. And I’m like the holiest of everyone because I gave up booze! Booze is vegan, A lot of marijuana smoked in the states comes directly from Mexico or Canada. So the suck-
people. I’M BETTER THAN VEGANS! ing sound from the bong is actually American money and jobs going to Mexico and Canada.
So I’ve been thinking that I’d add a vice back in. I can’t smoke because it makes my skin Many agricultural, packaging, and distribution jobs are all being outsourced to Mexico and
icky. I find drugs to be a) expensive and b) redundant. So what? Canada due to our strict marijuana laws.
Last night, I decided I’d take in some pron. And not the good stuff like I’m used to, but the Marijuana smokers are used to paying blackmarket prices for weed. If marijuana was to be
free stuff. Free internet pron. I watched, I think, about two hours of pron. Because this seemed legally cultivated, it could be produced and distributed legally and cheaply. The government
like the proper amount one of those weak-willed vegans would watch. I watched so many MILFs could then tax marijuana heavily as marijuana smokers are already used to paying marked up
and “lezzies” and three-way office scenes, I was surprised when I wasn’t wearing hooker heels prices. If the USA were to legalize marijuana, many other countries would follow and America
and fake glasses. I particularly enjoyed Ultimate Surrender, which might say something about could begin importing and exporting marijuana all over the world.
me, or might just be because it was the only thing I could find that wasn’t “lezzie” sex, but Making marijuana illegal does not stop people who want to smoke it from purchasing it
actual lezzies having sex. (I think my 18 year old brother is reading my blog. In which case, this only makes it more of a hassle, wasting time and money on behalf of both the government and
whole post is either a form of punishment or an education. My parents are pretty cool about marijuana smokers.
this stuff, so maybe it’s just like whatever. But, swear to god K, you better stop reading now.) For those concerned about the affect marijuana on the American public, I don’t have a
After two hours of free internet pron, I masturbated meditated (okay I did both) and I slept survey or statistics on the affects marijuana have on people but I do know that many doctors,
fitfully. And woke with a headache and a case of the hangzieties so severe my skin was crawling. lawyers, politicians, police officers and good decent functioning people have smoked mari-
It was like I was hungover from booze. But it was pron of which I consumed far too much. juana. When I was at Columbia, one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions, as well as our
I ask you, Fan Club, is it possible that I suffered from a pron hangover? Is it possible? If so, President’s Alma Mater, it was harder to find someone who didn’t smoke marijuana than it was
what the hell am I supposed to do now? someone who did.

Sexy Can I? An Open Letter to My Future Boyfriend
By Aubrey | 2/21/09 | Vagina Drum By Kimberly Wetherell | 2/8/09 | The Nervous Breakdown
I recently started watching a show called, “Sex…with Mom and Dad” on MTV. I’m already
ashamed, but that hasn’t stopped me so far, so I’ll continue. SWMD features Dr. Drew (me-ow) Dear Future Boyfriend:
counseling teens and their parents about well…sex. One of my favorite episodes features a 17
year old girl who lost her virginity without telling her parents. Oh yeah, and her parents made Please do not be nice to me.
their own porn at home and then put it on the internet. It is, without a doubt, pure, unadulter-
ated entertainment. Kindness will only be misinterpreted as interest. If you show concern when I am weary, call because
I’m torn though. I think it’s great that SWMD can at least be a caricature of open sexual dis- you miss me, or twirl my hair adoringly between your fingers, the fortress around my fragile heart will
course. The conversation between parents and children concerning sex is usually dissolved to, weaken. If you remember my birthday, I will imagine you want something kinky in bed; like eating
“You aren’t doing it, are you?” and then everyone ends up signing a suicide pact to ensure that the cake you brought home off my ass. If you send me flowers for no reason, I will, naturally, assume
this never ever happens again. I learned most of what I know about sex from the one health there is a reason. And it will probably not be good. Open the door for me, and I’ll trip on the threshold
class in high school dedicated to passing around pictures of herpes sores and reiterating that of terrified; knowing that one day you’ll walk out that very same door. Buy me a present of any worth,
abstinence is the only way to ensure protection against STDs and pregnancy. In other words, I and I’ll denounce it as one of many lovely parting gifts to come.
had to learn the hard way.
At the same time, my labia would shrivel twice if I had to sit in a room with my parents We both know chivalry is dead. Let’s keep it that way.
and discuss my mom’s blowjob techniques or how much I love uncircumcised cock . Even if
it did afford me an opportunity to make a pass at Dr. Drew afterward. I think I’m better off for
having parents who didn’t try to stop me (or worse–talk to me) when I began masturbating at Please do not be a good cook.
the age of 4, even if they didn’t bring out the condoms and bananas when I was 14.
Ultimately, my attitude toward sex comes from the fact that my parents never tried to I have worked extremely hard to keep this body nice for you. I have binged, purged, starved, counted
interfere. I mean, it’s not like I was riding dudes on the kitchen table when I was 16, but when I calories, declined carbohydrates, obsessed over organics, and lived for weeks on nothing but pepper-
burned through an entire box of tampons trying to shove as many as I could up my peach dur- mint tea and pickles. I have run to the moon and back, bicycled twice ‘round the equator and aerobi-
ing one particularly inspired night of masturbation, they kept quiet. cised, jazzercised - even watercised - my way to keeping this ass tight; tight enough so you can bounce
Their silence has caused me to be as vocal as possible about sex. This means that, on my a quarter off it. If you are a master in the kitchen, my resolve might wane and my caloric intake will
fifth date with my now boyfriend, I told him upfront that I would allow him to eat my pussy as surpass that of a sedentary six-year-old.
much as he wanted (and oh my God was I willing), but it would be awhile before his dick would
see the light of day. My reason for doing this came from the fact that he had began burying his Before you know it, I’ll be wearing a size six and neither of us wants that, do we?
face in between my thighs on the third date, and as is protocol, I figured the next step would
involve sex. This wasn’t something I was comfortable with yet, and so I told him, figuring that Please be a gym rat, muscle-head and/or marathon man.
he would either decline or accept. If he declined, we could still have a good time. If he accepted,
we could have a really good time. The conversation resulted in an erection strong enough to Despite my quarter-bouncing ass from which you will eat cake, please reduce me with your bulging
lift the table we were eating on, and was then followed by many nights of intense oral sex. Of guns, your rippling six-pack and your quivering quadriceps. I will strive to keep up with you, but I’ll
course, this may not work with all men, but it does work for the ones who are worth a damn. never win. Because I eat so very little, I will faint every third hour, on the half-hour, thus requiring your
By the way, in order to find an image for this post, I innocently googled “Sex with mom big strong arms to pick me up and feed me another pickle. If you happen not to be a gym rat, please
and dad”. Please learn from my mistakes. No matter how much your curiosity nags at you, just then, as a courtesy, be the polar opposite. Ignore your own beer gut, love handles and man-boobs, but
don’t do it. I know this logic doesn’t work with abstinence only education, but I hope it will demand physical perfection from me regardless.
this time.
God knows, there’s always someone younger, prettier and fitter around every corner. Speaking of

Please be a religious zealot.

Chasten me with your deep and awe-inspiring faith. Belittle me with one-on-one conversations with
your personal Higher Power. Strip me of my own beliefs and elucidate the error of my ways. Riddle
me with rhetoric and rhyme, rationalities and reason. Inspire me with idiosyncrasy, deride me with

And then we can go to brunch after. Pickle omelets? Yum.

Please, please hit me.

Physical bruises heal so much more quickly than emotional scars. I’d prefer you break my wrist than
break my heart. Go ahead. Get it out. Beat me, strike me, smack me down. Jump on me, thump on
me, wallop me good. C’mon. Harder. Like you mean it. Use a belt, a rope, your hand, your shoe – just
not your mind, not your tongue, not your wit, not your charm.

Send me to the hospital instead.

Maybe there I’ll find someone who will show me compassion, someone who’ll nourish me, someone
who will run the distance alongside me, someone to pray with me and someone who will heal my open

A Labeling System?
By Cynthia Rodriquez | 2/22/09 | Lesbiatopia
This is a bitch and moan type of rant. I haven’t done this in a while, so I’m overdue. This
is about the dating scene, the club scene, the bar scene, which for the good, bad, and the ugly,
through sickness and through health, I have been a part of for a very long time. Don’t underes-
timate. Being a part-time gay barfly is alot of work. It’s not all about Karaoke.
You’re probably thinking, what do you mean, “A Label System?” Yeah, I know, we don’t
like labels, “don’t label me, I don’t like labels”, blah, blah, blah. Fine. Bear with me, this is what
I’m talking about. At a straight bar/club, you have (for the most part), straight men and straight
women, women looking for men, men looking for women. The end.
At a gay club/bar I’ve learned it is not that simple. Over the years you realize it’s a lot more
complicated. Exhibit A: You’re at the club scoping out some chick for two hours that you’ve al-
ready bought at least three drinks for. At the end of the night she drunkily confesses to you that
she is straight and happily married, (however, her husband is nowhere in sight). I like to refer
to this little hustling scheme as the “straight girl scam”. Straight women, (especially if they are
broke-ass women), that go to gay clubs now and then to score free drinks from us dumb, desper-
ate Lesbians. Meanwhile, that nice girl in the corner you find out a WHILE later, whom you
ignored all night because you were busy chasing that straight moocher all night, has a crush on
you, but you blew it because you were stupid.
If it were just Lesbians that went to a Lesbian bar, it would be okay. This wouldn’t be an
issue. The thing is, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE diversity, but damn, it can get very confus-
ing, very fast. Because of its nature gay bars attract ALL types. Anything and everything goes. To
know who’s what most of the time is nearly impossible. How are you supposed to pick some-
body up like that?
I propose a sticker label system for gay bars. You know, like those little stickers that say
“Hello, my name is...”, well, something similiar to that but using certain colors. Say like BLUE
would mean Lesbian, RED would mean straight as in “DANGER!, RED FLAG! RED FLAG!
What’s going on STRAIGHT GIRL!” RED AND BLUE would mean bisexual.
Then if you really wanted to break it down, you can do RED AND BLACK, meaning straight
Join, a non-profit organization Open Books is hosting Party with a Purpose, AND married. RED AND GREY meaning straight and married, but curious and want to experi-
established to provide scholarships for inner- Thursday March 12 from 7-10 p.m. at Mad River
city school children and 97.1 The Drive for the Bar and Grille. $30 tickets include food and ment with somebody dumb enough to get into all that, or I’m just really getting sick of my
“Nicklebee Idol” charity fundraiser. $20 tickets, drink and all proceeds go to support Open Books husband and I’m ready to leave him anyway, etc, etc, etc.
which include 2 drinks along with a front row literacy programs around Chicago. It can go on and on. You can get quite creative with it. I think it would be fun, eliminate all
seat to see Chicago’s idol. 7 p.m., Sat, Mar 7
Globe Pub, 1934 W. Irving Park Road Chicago
the bullshit, and put the con-artists out of business.
It’s just a suggestion.

The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938–1950 MUSIC OFF THE SHELVES - Sunday, March 8 at
- Discover the origins of Superman, Batman, 4 PM. Brooklyn Public Library, New York, NY
Wonder Woman, and other superheroes through S. Steven Dweck Center for Contemporary Cul-
Call for Photographers!
vintage artwork, comic books, and interactive in-
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The Printed Blog is looking for photographers to submit their images for
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Personal Featured Blogger

Hipster Babies The BLOgGESS

By Brooke Van Poppelen | 11/8/08 | NY is Retarded
Just because you’re a hipster doesn’t mean you’re a cooler parent. If anything, you and your
retarded, new age hippy parenting skills are way worse than any Midwestern, diaper bag toting,
overweight, sweat-suit clad nightmare who has their kid on a leash. At least they see their child
for what it is to everyone else; a pest. A pest named Billy who they keep on a leash and smack
around when he acts like an asshole. I love that.
But in Brooklyn’s hipster parent world, a little shit named Chloe in a tiny Marc Jacobs
ensemble wanders aimlessly around the coffee shop with her other designer clad gang of baby
hipster friends named Rufus, Rex, Telulah and Blaize. They chew on mommy’s old Nano and
climb onto the couch I’m sitting on and size up my clearly un-designer ensemble and loudly
proclaim to their friends, “Target” in an ironic baby voice.
Meanwhile, their mothers are all gathered around in a circle drinking yerba matte, wear-
ing slouchy boots over leggings and talking about how challenging pilates was today, oblivious
to the gang warfare being waged over on my side of the shop. Clearly annoyed, but to no avail
I have to suffer through this until their mothers entice them back over with a baggie full of
Veggie Pirate’s Booty. Even better than that bargaining chip, these vacuous, baby holes prom-
ise their little trolls a “baby cappuccino” if they continue to be “good”. I watch the barista’s
eyes rolls back in their head at the mention of a baby cappuccino and silently whisper to one
another, “Not it.”
There is nothing more sickening than watching a baby hold a little porcelain, espresso sized
demitasse of foamed milk. Sure, it’s funny to see babies drink other adult beverages like a beer or
wine cooler that Uncle Jim slips to them, but a “baby cappuccino” is morally reprehensible. When we asked Jenny Lawson if we could feature her in the Printed Blog
PHOTOS she waved a gun at us and told us to get off her property. Then later she
sent us flowers and a bowl of prescription medicine. She’s unpredictable
that way. Jenny writes for her surprisingly popular blog,, where she discusses sasquatch, ninja punctuation,
lepers, how dead kittens can save the homeless, presidential fisting
and her vagina. Jenny also writes for the Good Mom/Bad Mom blog
on the Houston Chronicle but would rather tell you about the time that
she scared Tom Selleck by throwing up too loudly. Then she’ll scream
that she wasn’t throwing up loudly *enough*. We think it’s best just
not to mention it at all. Jenny is currently writing a book about all the
ways she’s embarrassed herself. She was recently asked to speak about
blogging at the Mom 2.0 Summit but in lieu of introducing herself, a
large male lumberjack screamed “GET THAT SHIT OUT OF HERE, BLACK
JESUS ACTION FIGURE!” Witnesses stated it was kind of awesome and
also unsettling and inappropriate. Much like Jenny Lawson. You should
send her a dollar.


Was Madoff a Better Invest-

ment Than Your Mutual Fund?
By Mark Cuban | 2/21/09 | Blog Maverick
Let’s go back in time 10 years and look at 2 typical investors, Jack and Jill. Both are in the
same tax bracket, have worked hard and saved a lot of money, $250,000 . Its their life savings.
Everyone says they should put their money in the market, where it will grow and fund their
retirement. So they did.
One thought they got the break of a lifetime and through a friend was able to invest with
the one and only Bernie Madoff. The other put half their money, $125k, in a mutual fund that
matched the performance of the Dow Jones, and half in a mutual fund that matched the perfor-
mance of the Nasdaq.
Neither touched the money other than to cover the fees and any taxes, which for the sake
of this example we will say were the same for both.
Who has more money today ? The person who invested “wisely” or the person who in-
vested with a crooked Ponzi Scheme ?
The mutual fund investor bought their Dow Jones Fund when the market was 9550 in Feb
of 1999. That $125k investment has shrunk to about $95k. They bought the Nasdaq Fund when
the index was at 2342. Today that $125k would be worth about $ 77k. Their $250k nest egg of
February 1999 is now worth $172,000 . Thats bad , but not as bad as Madoff’s sucker, right?
Maybe not. Because the Madoff investor had less than $500k invested, there is a good
chance that they could be protected by the SIPC, who is already sending out claim forms. So
when it’s all said and done, the Madoff investor could not only get all their $250k back, but
they are also elgible for a share of any funds recovered. While that number may be miniscule, it
could mean that SIPC eligible and paid Madoff investors actually made money over the 10 year
period, while those that put their money in the market got hit very hard.
The sad thing is, that the same comparison could be made for many blue chip stocks that
are down 50, 60, even 90pct or more.
Which begs the question, who suffered more stress along the way? The market investor
who has had to endure 10 years of ups and downs and ups and way down in the market, or the
Madoff Ponzi investor who lived happily and stress free for 9 plus years and must now face the
uncertainty of their SIPC and other claims to get their money back?

Arturo Oliva Pedroza | PHOTOS

Arturo Oliva Pedroza | Erik J. Gustafson |

PHOTOS Extreme Makeover: American Culture Edition :
A 5 Point Strategy
By eponymouse | 2/24/09 | Daily Kos
So rather than fix this house of cardsup we are going to tear it all down and build ‘er anew.
A whole different set of assumtions and principles on which to found our finances and our soci-
Who’s with me?
/polevaults over the flip
eponymouse’s diary :: How to save humanity and the world in five easy steps. OK, they
don’t seem easy, but three hundred years from now schools will teach that the great tradgedy of
the 20th and early 21sy Centuries was that these things were not accomplished 50 years sooner.
Part One: Negative Interest Currency: This was done, successfully, on small scales
as early as the Depression, but was crushed by the banks, who saw their profits vanishing. In
short, your money declines in value by a small but steady percentage at regular intervals, such
as weekly. This means it is no longer possible to get richer merely because you have money, and
means investments will be made in real things -- commodities and technology. Banking is still
possible as people and organizations will still need loans, and will still need ways to put money
aside for future needs. Things like tree farms and eGold will be the prime means of saving.
Part Two: Socialized Medicine: Let’s not dance around with fancy dodges like Uni-
versal Coverage or Single Payer. If you are a doctor, you work for the government and get paid
a flat rate based on your location, specialty, and experience, with bonuses for making your
patients healthier. The highest paid doctor would be a GP in the inner city who sees all of his
or her patients at least once a year. Dentists the same. Nurses the same. Co-pays would be
low and fixed and used to maintain the offices, equipment, and staff, and doctors could pool
together to get grants for things like MRI machines etc.
Part Three: Work: With a twenty hour workweek as standard, people would have the
time, energy, and money to do those things that stimulate the economy, and help the society
-- volunteer, recreate, garden, go to shows, whatever. If you look at the great wage freeze that in
large part precipitated the current crisis (I won’t show graphs etc as they have all been presented
here at DK by people much smarter than me), part of the problem came after WW2. When the
GIs came home, they found a workforce already in place. What we ended up with, by the time
everything was said and done, was twice the workers making money for businesses and no one
minding the hearth. I am not saying that women are not equal or shouldn’t work -- I am saying
that in a family with two parents one of the parents should not need to be employed outside
the house, not which one it should be! In a single parent or childless household, people should
not have to spend the best, most creative, most useful years of their lives waitressing or watch-
ing the centrifuge go round. Telecommuting should become the norm for any job not requiring
the physical presence of the worker.
Part Four: Meat’s a Treat: Meat. The American diet contains a buttload of meat. Meat
should be a treat, a flavoring ingredient, an occasional splurge, not the foundation of a lifestyle.
If most of the farmland currently used for meat production (including feed) was used for direct-
to-human foods and other agrarian uses (hemp for fabrics and pharmaciuticals, high-cellulose
grasses for ethanol production, you name it) not only would starvation become a thing of the
past but we would be able to put a lot of environmentally damaging processes behind us as well.
Small farms could once again dot the landscape where now corporate logos gaze from the silo
towers like the dark eye of Sauron. People could grow heirloom and genetically diverse crops,
free-range their chicken and bison, live from the farm and still produce enough overage to sell
to those who choose an urban lifestyle.
Part Five: A New Space Race: Want to stimulate and transform the world economy?
Move mining and industry to orbit. Stand up in front of the nation and set the goals of the
nation, that within five years the space station will have permanant residents, in ten years the
moonbase will be processing asteroids for metals and volatiles. At this time in human history,
we have the resources to step out and away and let Mother Earth heal herself. In another cen-
tury, we might not.
Are there other ways to survive as a species and as a culture? Probably. These five, to me,
are the simplest, most critical changes to be made.

Chirp off

We asked: If you had to choose, would you rather be a super-

hero or somebody’s Maryjane? Why?
@everydaywonders I would want to be a Superhero because of all the magical superhero
@KelliSue Neither.always being saved & being the one doing the saving would get
old. Being a villain causing the problems would be fun
@leahchristine I’m already somebody’s Maryjane, so I’d want to be a superhero in addi-
tion to that!
@TransitionalTee Maryjane, because being in the spotlight is so overrated.
@Jac3286 A superhero b/c I’d be way too jealous if my man were spending the
night saving other women
@arielleblogs Superhero! I want to be the awesome one, not the pathetic love interest
who always gets into trouble.
@roxannima someone’s Mary Jane, cuz it’s always the people in the shadows that end
up being the brains/heart behind the outfit.
@jaimeblack The car? The mask? The grappling hooks? No contest.
@mariechatters Superhero. It’s too exhausting worrying all the time being a Maryjane!
Plus superheros have cool outfits. And abilities.
@laurengibaldi The superhero! Although the tights may be unflattering, you do get the
powers. I’ll take flying over screaming any day.

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5 Things I’d Rather Do Than Waste My Time With

The NFL Combine
By John Mamola | 2/23/09 | 670 The Score’s Blog
So this past weekend marked the beginning of the most insignificant week in professional
sports. NO…I’m not talking about the Bass Masters Championship or the week building up to
Thierry Dehove |
the Indianapolis 500…..THE NFL COMBINE. This event single handedly shows that there is too
much emphasis put on the crap that doesn’t matter in sports rather than if you think that this
player can help you win. Seriously….this event makes ESPNU’s coverage of National Signing

Central Avenue - Who Knew? Day look like a reunion show of Home Improvement. WHO DOESN’T LOVE HOME IMPROVE-
By fayeruz | 2/15/09 | Viva Lost Angeles! Do I really care about a guy’s 3-cone drill time? How bout the 40 yard dash time? Do you
In the cinematic masterpiece known in layman’s terms simply as Clueless, Cher hit the nail know who had the fastest 40 time in this combine? Ever hear of Darrius Heyward-Bey?? He’s
on the head when describing her Beverly Hills home, “The columns date all the way back to a WR that projected to go late in the first round….does the 40 time improve his draft status??
1972.” What do I care if he’s .08 seconds faster than the top WR’s in the upcoming draft, and how bout
It’s true; L.A. has a shabby sense of history. Aside from a few enclaves downtown and in old that broad jump huh??
Hollywood, we are largely without gargoyles, Victorians and baroque architecture. Everything This is the biggest waste of time and money in professional sports. Worse than any draft,
is razed and replaced with a giant stucco box painted in neutral or pastel colors. Just look at the worse than the Pro Bowl, this is worse than the freakin’ NHL preseason schedule!!! So I figure
Westside. I’d come up with 5 things I’d rather do than tune into 24 hour coverage (way too much) of the
I was blissfully slapped with a dose of history when I took in the play Blues for Central NFL Combine.
Avenue. These days, Central Avenue is not so...central. The faded streets are controlled by
gangs and is but a bleak strip of liquor stores and-run down apartment buildings. Metal bars 1. Read the original script of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. If I
are strapped to everything. Little did I know that Count Basie, Duke Ellington and other jazz had a nickel for every Bill S. Preston Esquire “Dude” and every Ted
legends played in clubs all along The Stem - as Central Avenue was once called. Theodore Logan “Whoh”…..I wouldn’t be in radio anymore.
During WWII blacks were given jobs that once belonged to soldiers, and the thriving com- 2. Watch Fox News. That’s enough to make a man lose his lunch.
munity had money to spend. They opened banks, newspapers and restaurants. The cutting-edge 3. Figure out how to bake a cake. I can’t cook worth you know what….I once
jazz movement rivaled Bourbon Street and attracted the white Hollywood crowds. Blues for burned fried Ice Cream. I figure if I take the time to learn how to properly
Central Avenue brought this heyday back to life, with top-notch swing dancing, jazz music and bake a dessert of some kind without burning my apartment complex down or
comedic actors bursting with sentiment. injuring a small farm animal….there’s a reward. Sweet Chocolaty Goodness!!
In a perfect world, this play would not only show in Hollywood, but on Central Avenue 4. Run a mile barefoot on a construction site. Sure it may hurt a little, but I can
itself. It may be a catalyst in putting a sense of community back in the neighborhood. Not only clock my 40 time while avoiding nails, glass and other sharp objects.
was Blues for Central Avenue a great show, but it infused a bit of history and romance into a 5. And finally! Breakdown the 2009 National Yo-Yo Contest!! Did
town ridden with strip malls. you see this thing on CSN this afternoon!!

Sports How bout that “walk the dog” followed by an “around the world” and LOOK AT THAT
White Sox Spring Training “FOLKS….THIS KID’S EATING SPAGHETTI!!”
This is by far more entertaining than the NFL Combine!!!
Article Mad Lib The Last Word on the economic problems facing pro
By The Cheat | 2/23/09 | South Side Sox
It was a small moment, but [insert player name here] remembers it well. For [player’s last
name], it summed up the whole season. By Marc Isenberg | 12/23/08 | Money Players
In a [date] game against [opposing team], [player] [threw a pitch/made a play/got a hit/ Jonathan Last, writing in The Wall Street Journal, asks, “Are Pro Sports Too Big to Fail?”
tore a muscle]. It ultimately never affected the outcome of the game, but for [player name], it As our economy continues to falter, professional sports leagues and teams are starting to get
certainly affected the rest of the year. hit in the gut. The long-held notion that sports is “recession proof” is being shattered. Teams
“It really put things in perspective for me,” [player] said. “I learned a lot about this team, are laying off front-office staff, revenues are declining and sports sponsorships are drying up.
and about the game, and about myself. I feel like I have a lot of expectations to live up to, not Writes Last:
just for myself, but for my team and my teammates.”
“America’s obsession with sports has created a nearly continuous 90-year boom. There have been down
moments, but neither the NFL nor MLB has ever contracted, i.e., eliminated, a team -- the ultimate sign
Advertising of failure. The National Basketball Association hasn’t eliminated a franchise either, since it took on its
modern form in 1976. Smith College sports economist Andrew Zimbalist says that the success of pro
sports ‘has been linked to the underlying success of the economy. As the economy falters, that will tend
to drag down pro sports.’ But Mr. Zimbalist doesn’t see any of the Big Three franchises going under,
although he allows that the National Hockey League could be in danger of losing a team or two.”

Fox Sports Radio host Steve Czaban offers a more grim view. If things get really bad, Czaban
wonders, “The U.S. government is buying banks, major retailers are going under, and a half-a-
dozen newspapers are folding up shops. Why is it we think this could never happen to sports?”
In my opinion, teams that will get hit the hardest will be the ones in mid-market cities
reeling from our economic free fall. Also, probably not good times for owners who took on large
debt loads to buy teams or build new stadium cathedrals.


Erik J. Gustafson |

Kevin Lau |


How to Get Retweeted

By Guy Kawasaki | 2/18/09 | Open Forum by American Express
Forget imitation as the sincerest form of flattery—it’s as twentieth century as ripping off
Al Morales |
interfaces, songs, photos, and books. Today, the sincerest form of flattery is retweeting—the pro-
cess of forwarding someone else’s tweet to your followers on Twitter. (I assume that you know
about Twitter. If you don’t, take a minute and read this description at
The reason that retweeting is so flattering is that every time people do it, they are putting
their reputation on the line. If their followers don’t like the retweet, their reputation is reduced.
So whenever someone retweets your tweet, they are expressing confidence that what you’ve
tweeted is interesting and good. Thus, the best measure of someone’s quality as a Twitter user is
not the number of followers but the amount of retweets.
Luckily, there are several sites that measure retweeting: Retweetist and Dan Zarrella’s Most
Retweeted. (On both lists, ignore Garymccafrey because that’s a scheme to increase followers
and nothing to do with quality retweeting.) These two lists provide a very good proxy for who’s
worth following on Twitter. Do notice the Grand-Canyon size difference between these lists of
people who are most retweeted and the people who have the most followers at TwitterCounter.
Hopefully I’ve convinced you that frequent retweets is a salient goal. The question be-
comes, “What do I need to do to get retweeted?” Allow me to digress. I was once asked at a
blogging conference what my SEO strategy was (search engine optimization—that is, how to get
Google to put your stuff higher in search results). I must have been “on” that day because I said,
Does Social Media Make Us Better People?
“Write good shiitake.” (Actually, I used a shorter word than “shiitake,” but I can’t post it here.) By Pete Cashmore | 2/21/09 | Mashable
The answer to getting retweeted is just about the same: tweet good shiitake, and here’s how: We’re tracked everywhere these days, and not just by the growing number of CCTV cam-
eras in our cities or the effortless traceability of cellphones.
• Answer the right question. There are pockets of Twitter users who want to bond with Rather, I’m talking about the cameraphone user who automatically uploads her photos to
small groups of people and learn the answer to the original Twitter question: “What are Flickr or Twitpic, who with the tap of a screen can post a video to YouTube or stream a scene
you doing?” These are the the folks that enjoy tweets that say, “My cat just rolled over” live on Qik. I’m talking about the immediacy and accessibility of Twitter messages that make
and “The line at Starbucks is long.” The question you should answer if you want retweets private conversations public; tools that open up the very real possibility that every action you
is “What’s interesting?” for your group of followers. For example, the story that Taiwanese take, whether in a public space or in seemingly private emails and text messages, is being logged
scientists bred glow-in-the-dark pigs is a lot more interesting than what your cat is doing and possibly shared with thousands of people.
and therefore a lot more likely to get retweeted. How does this change the way we act? Might it actually make us…nicer to one another?
• Tweet about Twitter. Twitter users love to read about Twitter—anything about Twitter: Video Sharing: The 1984 scenario is one we’re conditioned to fear: an all-powerful gov-
how to use it better, lists of companies on Twitter, lists of CEOs on Twitter, what some ana- ernment judging our every move. And yet this new media landscape isn’t as favorable to the
lyst thinks of Twitter, what’s wrong with Twitter, list of Firefox plugins for Twitter, the top authorities as Orwell thought: numerous cases of alleged police brutality, most famously the
ten ugliest avatars—you name it. If you find a blog post or new item about Twitter, tweet it, “Don’t Tase Me Bro” incident in 2006, have been posted to YouTube, resulting in very public
and it will probably get retweeted. discussion of incidents that may otherwise have stayed under the public’s radar.
• Explain how to do something. Whether it’s roast a turkey, hot wire a car, take away Or how about the total destruction, in 2006, of Michael Richards’ comedy career after a
an assailant’s gun, kiss a woman, polish silverware, or hack a road sign, the words “How racist rant in a comedy club was posted to YouTube to public outrage? (Richards was previously
to” and “The art of” are magical terms on Twitter and bound to get any tweet starting with best known as Seinfeld’s “Kramer”.)
them retweeted. This is because anything starting with these terms is likely to be educa- Jumping forward to 2009, the Christian Bale incident, audio of which was spread widely
tional. Power tip: use Lifehacks.alltop and GTD.alltop. on YouTube, shows that even a temporary loss of your cool is a permanent stain on your public
• Break news. Ironically, you shouldn’t assume that everyone instantly knows that a plane profile (look, for instance, at the record of the incident on Bale’s Wikipedia page).
landed in the Hudson just because you do. You could probably follow the Twitter newsbot Photo Sharing: Did Miley Cyrus mock Asian people in a widely-shared photograph? The
of CNN (@cnnbrk), retweet its tweets, and get retweeted. Still, what’s the challenge in that? Organization of Chinese Americans thought so, and extracted an apology from the Hannah
It would be better to find news from niche topics that you are passionate about whether is Montana star earlier this month.
science (first frozen water found on Mars), fashion, psychology, pets, or politics. If in doubt, Equally controversial in some sections of society (but less so in others): a cameraphone
tweet it. Most tweets are noise, so yours will probably stand out. pic of Michael Phelps smoking a bong taken last November. It lost him numerous endorsement
• Provide the bizarre. Sometimes it scares me, but tweets about bizarre stuff works. For ex- deals.
ample, could you resist reading and then retweeting a story about robbers who were caught Trial-by-cameraphone is not a new phenomenon, however; nor is it limited to celebrities.
after using women’s thong underwear to cover their faces? Believe it or not, stuff like this In 2005, South Korea’s “Dog Poop Girl” endured public humiliation after her lack of manners
gets retweeted. was exposed in a series of cameraphone pics posted online. The tools available to capture and
• Provide links. There mere existence of a link in your tweet enhances its credibility. Es- share content online have become far more sophisticated in recent years, but the mechanism
sentially, it’s saying: “This isn’t something I made up or wish; I actually have a verifiable, remains the same.
outside source.” I realize that this is stretching the point, but links are pretty irresistible Twitter and Micro-Messaging: Twitter, now entering the mainstream, still lacks the
and get more so as you increase your credibility. The goal is that the link takes people to critical mass of celebrity names to create newsworthy emotional outbursts or moral deviations.
something that’s enlightening or entertaining, and they thank you by retweeting it. For And yet the community has already instigated its own implicit rules of behavior. Take,
example, the neuroscience of social conformity. for instance, the Astrospace incident, wherein a momentary loss of temper became a widely-
discussed topic in that community: it appeared numerous times on Twitter’s “Trending Topics”
Finally, there are two tips from Dan Zarrella in “The Science of ReTweets” (this posting (the most talked about issues at any given moment).
inspired me to write this in the first place). First, don’t hesitate to ask people to retweet your Rise of the Social Conscience? These are unsatisfactory examples, perhaps - and I hope
tweet. “Please” is a powerful word no matter who you are. Second, tweet from approximately you’ll submit better ones in the comments. My question: is there a case to be made that social
9:00 am to 2:00 pm Pacific time. My interpretation of Dan’s recommendation is that the West media - the fact that everyone is now a publisher and a distributor of content - might improve
Coast is now up and at work and the East Coast is eating lunch at their desks so that they are our behavior, both in public and private? Or is that wishful thinking?
checking Twitter.

Views expressed in Content do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or the printed blog inc. 7
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Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday The Little FM Station

By Bill in Portland Maine | 2/1/09 | Daily Kos
That Couldn’t
George W. Bush Joins Facebook: Day One By Krissy MacQueen | 2/20/09 | Fetching and Kvetching
It’s a sad day, my friends... For today marks the official death of talk radio in Los Angeles.
George is now friends with Condi Rice, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Antonin Scalia and Tom DeLay Today at 5pm, CBS will be pulling the plug on KLSX - better known as 97.1 FM TALK. Adam
Carolla, Teresa Strasser, Frosty Stilwell, Heidi Hamilton, Frank Kramer, Tim Conway Jr., Danny
George W. Bush is sayin’ howdy! My first post---wOOt! What’s up? Bonaduce, and that bastion of integrity Tom Leykis will all cease to be heard on LA radio.
3:08pm February 23 The business of radio is not always kind to the people whom it employs - it feels like it
was just yesterday when KYSR’s Jamie White, Jack Heine and Mike Roberts (aka Jamie, Jack and
Scooter Libby at 3:09pm February 23
Stench) were conspicuously yanked off of 98.7’s airwaves with no explanation. No goodbye. No
Why didn’t you pardon me, you prick?
“best-of” wind-down series for the affiliates. No contract buy-out for the talent. Nada. Ouch.
Sarah Palin at 3:09pm February 23 Unlike Clear Channel, CBS has been classy enough to give the talent two days to say
Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather pal around with terrorists. goodbye to the listeners, and I’ve been faithfully plugged in listening. Yesterday, Leykis took
the opportunity to thank his fans for their continued loyalty for more than 10 years, and, in a
Mitch McConnell at 3:10pm February 23 surprising show of humility, he exalted the brass at CBS as Great Employers who have always
Now I can say it---you really sucked. looked out for him - and have subsequently taken care of him nicely... Quite nicely, or so he al-
Tom DeLay invited you to join the Bitter Aging Texans Group ...And just how nicely are they taking care of good ol’ Tom? Are they doing so well by him
that the whole radio station went down in flames as a result? Could 97.1 have been saved if it
George is now friends with Dana Perino, Tony Blair and King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
weren’t for the greediness of Tom Leykis?
Grover Norquist at 3:11pm February 23
Yes, if you ask Frank Stilwell. In a gloves-off broadcast this afternoon, the second ‘F’ of
I told you to reduce the size of the government so you could drown it in the bathtub. You grew the size Frosty, Heidi, and Frank blasted the misogynistic afternoon-drive host, saying
of the government, toweled it off, then blew up the bathtub. Your dad’s right--you got hit with a special
kind of dumbstick. Tom Leykis KILLED this radio station. We were all asked to take a pay cut, and *everyone* said ‘Ok,
Scooter Libby, Sarah Palin and Mitch McConnell like this comment we’ll bend. We’ll follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama and do our part. We’ll all take a pay cut to
save this station.’ And guess who WOULDN’T. So when you listen to his last two hours tonight about
Condi Rice at 3:12pm February 23 how much he loves the listeners and all that bullcrap, just know - he doesn’t care about them; he never
Friends 4evuh!!! {{{Mr. President}}} did. I don’t care WHAT he says - that man killed this station. He is responsible.

Dick Cheney at 3:13pm February 23 Forgive me if you were also listening and find that what I’ve written here isn’t 100% verba-
Why didn’t you pardon Scooter you prick??? tim Frank’s quotes - it’s hard to transcribe when three people are talking at once - but this was
Scooter Libby likes this comment the sentiment, the gist, the overall feeling of anger and hatred that poured out from the stereo
speakers. He was serious. This was no radio shtick; no silly-DJ banter on the last day. Frank. Was.
General Colin Powell (Ret.) sent you a bucket of virtual maggots.
Pissed. For their part, Heidi and Frosty did their best to steer Frank back on the ‘hey, we’re on to
better things’ bandwagon - though they did divulge that they agreed to take pay cuts to save the
Elizabeth Dole at 3:14pm February 23
Here---have a hot cuppa STFU
station, as would Carolla.
Bob Dole likes this comment For what it’s worth, Frank eventually broke down in tears over the death over their show
and station, and called everyone (Tom included) “family.” ...But wow. Just plain wow. I guess if
Michael Steele at 3:15pm February 23 this is true - and the station could have had a reprieve if Leykis would’ve agreed to a pay cut -
Facebook is the only party in town, baby. Mainly because you KILLED OURS!!! then that makes him the selfish, neglectful and arrogant father of the “family.” And if it’s *not*
true, then Leykis will have a chance to clear the air and defend himself at 3pm.
John McCain wants to send you a virtual can of coal slag and a bag of rusty nails I worry for the future of radio.

Norm Coleman just threw a shoe at you.
At 3pm, Leykis took a moment to address Frank’s accusations, and his defense can basi-
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud at 3:35pm February 23
Where is the Scrabble page? I wish to play Scrabble now.
cally be summed up in two words: “prove it.” Tom ended it by musing that maybe Frank was
Scooter Libby likes this comment just “jealous” of his contract and security in life, and then condescendingly offered Frank the
opportunity to use his bandwidth for the FHF podcast, in exchange for “working on [his] ranch

planting tomatoes and possibly grapes.” Wow.


Erik J. Gustafson |

Dude, That’s Not Music

By fayeruz | 2/19/09 | Viva Lost Angeles!
When the giant Indie 103.1 fell, public radio station KCRW was all over it. Taking out a
full page ad in the LA WEEKLY, they announced their rivals’ collapse, and were careful not to
outwardly celebrate the anticipated surge in their listenership. Instead, they reinforced this pro-
motional message: We all have a right to independent music. But KCRW isn’t the only station to
adopt the influx of confused, Indie kids without a radio wave to ride home. Out of a little build-
ing on the Loyola Marymount campus blasts a radio signal for KXLU.
Years ago, I would listen to teens in still-developing voices take shifts between classes,
popping in records from Rilo Kiley and The Magnetic Fields. One grad student with a boom-
ing baritone was so passionate about 40’s jazz guitarist Charlie Christian, that we all fell in love
with him. They would always play my song requests for those harrowing morning commutes.
When I needed to avoid looping news on NPR or shameless jock rock on KROQ, I’d flip my dial
to the artful, homespun station.
Then something changed. There seemed to be a silent contest between the students to see
who could find the most obscure, avant garde band. It was the ever-so-familiar “Who’s More
Punk?” contest that moved from an isolated social sphere to a public arena. And the music went
downhill from there. Elliot Smith and Fugazi were replaced by bands with names like, Giraffe
Clayton Hauck |

Chainsaw Melody and Winged Pistol School Bus. Poor listeners sat on congested freeways listen-
ing to spoons scraping guitar strings and crashing dishes in the background. The student DJs sat
pleased with themselves, thinking, “Ha. Top that one.” Of course the DJ on the next shift would
play a ballad featuring a screeching cat, a banjo and an alphabetical reading of Vietnamese last
names. Worse, the sincere enthusiasm was replaced by apathetic droning. Girls in pixie voices
mumble, “Sooo, like, um...” and mussed hair depressives who believe dead air is okay make
make awkward sounds every one in a while.
KXLU, we get it. You’re different. You’re light years ahead of the rest of this big, dumb
population. Now can you please go back to playing real music?
Erik J. Gustafson |
Thank you.