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Mobile apps to provide one-touch updates Technology will be a huge part of your students futures, show their parents that your school embraces modern technology by providing apps for their mobile devices. Apps make the web even easier to access quickly on the go. Downloadable forms or online forms where appropriate For some parents their childs school bag can be a black hole for school letters and forms. Provide an online alternative that the dog cannot eat. Online curriculum guides for parents Help your parents to help their children with homework. Curriculum guides help parents to be involved in their childs learning. Online, interactive prospectuses Online prospectuses are a green alternative and can be a good way to keep costs down. Exam timetables and schedules Exams are so important, make sure everyone has all the information they need at their fingertips

The School Management System

The Open Source School Management Platform
Connect2school is an open source school management system created by CentiPlex as a broad initiative. It aims to become the de facto platform for an effective administration of a school environment. Features at a glance: Students Class Allocations Attendance Recording Academic Details Co-Curricular and Religious Activities Discipline Details 360 view of a students progress Teachers Attendance Recording Qualification Details Class and Subject Allocations General Access Control Extensive reporting Collaboration (Parent Module)

An open source school management system that facilitates the daily activities within a school. Helps to efficiently maintain the data of school authorities, staff members, parents and students.

Connect2school contains seven main modules:

Reference module: The core module that links all other modules in Connect2school. School module: Maintains school details. Student module: Maintains student details. Staff module: Maintains staff details. Reporting module: Generates various customized reports related to students and teachers. Attendance module: Manages attendance related details of students and staff members. User Management module: Assigns privileges for pre-defined roles to carry out relevant operations.

The following open source technologies were used to build the Connect2school Web application: Programming Language - Java Presentation Layer implementation - Spring MVC Reporting - Jasper Reports Object Relational Mapping - Hibernate Database - MySQL Application server - Apache Tomcat

Unique Value Propositions

Connect2school replaces the time consuming, manual administrative activities with a user-friendly electronic system. Thus creating more time for teachers and principals to focus on education, the core activity of a school.

Principals can readily access information, view various reports and make management decisions.

Connect2school enhances the parentteacher interaction where such interactions are limited due to social and time constraints.

Parents can easily stay up-to-date on their childrens progress, at academic level and on extra-curricular activities.

Unique Value Propositions (contd.)

Connect2school is easily customizable to suit any school administration system. Connect2school can easily be localized to suit any country. Efficient parent/teacher interaction. Attendance recording through fingerprint scanning. Replacement of manual teacher activities (e.g. calculating averages, creating prize list etc.).

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