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According to E.A. Wallis Budge "The early Egyptians thought that Egypt was the world, and that it was surrounded by a chain of lofty mountains, like the Gebel Kaf of the Arabs, which was pierced in two places, one in the east and the other in the west. In the evening the Sun passed through the western hole, and travelling, not under the earth, but on the same place and outside the chain of mountains, it came round to the eastern hole in the mountains, through which it entered to begin the new day above the earth." So Budge would have us believe that an advanced, scientific culture that discovered Pi, intricately worked out the precession of the equinoxes, understood solstices, studied distant stars like Sirius and sent missionaries all over the planet "thought Egypt was the world" and that the sun "passed through" holes in mountains each day. It is astonishing that a "scholar" like Budge would not have seen immediately that such analogies were metaphors. To characterize such descriptions as "Egyptian thought" would be equal to saying Americans thought the world was flat because some of their maps are flattened out to show both hemispheres. The imagery of the world surrounded by a mountain chain became the Qaf Mountains among the Arabs. Qaf is the letter "Q" in the Arabic alphabet.

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al-Qaf. 50:6-8 Qaf is one of the Quran's mystic letters. We have stretched her and cast mountains in her and grown in her some of every magnificent and delightful pair. I've translated sama' "asteroid belt" because that is what the Sumerians called the "hammered out bracelet" that once formed a part of the giant planet Tiamet. What is the relationship between back of heads and mountains. 2 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM . Earth and the sama' (asteroid belt) were once one planet (tiamet). The Sumerian record provides a detailed description of the process." Qaf (Hebrew Koph) means "back of the head" Rawaasiy (mountains) means "heads" and Qaf is also the name of sacred mountains. literally means "heads. Quran. The Quran. rawaasiy. therefore says that the asteroid belt (usually mistranslated "sky") and the Earth were once one unit which were split apart. the brain's glands and other significant spiritual energetic processes. near the pineal gland. the Kum Lun mountain.htm Don't they observe the sama' [asteroid belt]1 above them (and see) how We have fashioned it and decorated it and (that) it has no gaps? And the Earth. The ancient Taoist masters called the region in the back of the crown.tripod. The word for mountains.According to E http://amirfatir. An enlightened Vision and a Manta to every rotating slave. This mountain effects inner To break this bit of the code we've got to travel to China.

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According to E http://amirfatir. I don't mean to scare you. When the Bible says for the slave to be obedient to his master. Most of them don't even know the depths of the yoga which they stole and distorted from the Dravidian people of India.8) "to every rotating slave. So prolonged or repeated "invocations" of such beings is not a wise or good thing. And all the while this was going on Seth's jive behind was inside her talking about "your got to work on your beliefs about health." But the whole guru function and position has been grossly misused by men of all spiritual Whites and Indians in America. but that's the truth as far as I know it and I've resisted evidence of ghostly things 4 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM . Voodoo or ancient Kamitic wisdom. aliens and arch-angels has to be evaluated on its content. The New Age silliness that features well-meaning girls supposedly channeling a wide variety of ghosts. but Seth's constant manifestation in and through Jane weakened and wore down her system until it killed the poor girl." It wasn't her belief's about health that were killing Jane it was Seth's no good ass himself.tripod. such as an African priest of priestess of Yoruba. murderers and oppressors of Blacks. had not a thing to do with them or their "peculiar institution.htm Beneath the Kun Lun mountain is the Small Brain Point or Jade Pillow which controls breathing. what advanced wisdom. The Kun Lun mountain of Qaf is to give sight. it's not talking about the vile creatures who were slave masters. at least in the early years of training. Look at Jane Roberts herself" Seth killed her! Nobody wants to admit it. See. the froward as well as the kind. In the old days a wannabe would become the apprentice of a master and would "serve" that master for however long was necessary. in fact. Those demonic creatures have no divine authorization of exemption from the karmic law. Few of the Indian yogi "gurus" who are hustling in America and the rest of the west are worth a dime or a moment of your precious time. But the "serving" part was really just the means by which instruction took place. enlightenment. Sorry. clairvoyance or inner vision (tabsirat. the "vibration" of any non-physical being is not in harmony with that of the physical vehicle. They exploited the scriptural passage to apply it to their criminal behaviour when it. The modern life style is possessive by its very nature. Usually. Such ones will usually be in need of a sho' nuff exorcism from someone who knows what they're doing. have you gotten from all the channelers who've popped up since Jane Roberts and Seth? There are probably a few who actually are communicating with some discarnate spirit. the student was more of an impediment to the mater's work than a real asset. What thing of value. So the word 'abd (slave) was used to symbolize an apprentice-initiate who was studying and obtaining the character transformation necessary to one day himself (or herself) become a master ("guru" in Sanskrit). v. but you are more than likely a part time (or maybe even full-time) victim of possession." A "slave" is code for spiritual initiate.

the spirit acts as if it is bond. rules and all that. That sexual heat is what draws the entity. Okay.the purpose of all sex game stuff is to invoke (and direct) spirits.. And I'm not saying don't dance.tripod. today when your unaware butt is shaking on the dance floor. we just call that stuff "foreplay. I think dancing should be mandatory! I'm just saying. sex games. Darn. One purpose of bondage was to hold a spirit.all mind-altering substances -. until it was forced to do your bidding.are designed to lower our defenses so that spirits can get inside. but silly For real. Before the spirit is tied down.(I always wanted to write that). bondage. that sounds weird. They didn't do it for "fun" or "to socialize. Check out the Africans and Indians." They did it as an advanced spiritual rite. I'm just saying that group dancing was created and designed for spiritual possession purposes. So. Poor babies. You are playing around with some stuff so potent that only high priests should be touching it. After some posturing. Then when the woman's ankles and wrists are bond. you go away carrying a nasty demon of some sort. Kinky sex. alcohol. not for pleasure or whatever silly reason we use or "to get in the mood. etc. See there are certain rules of the game. Group dancing is a call to spirits. the ghost thinks it has been caught. That's was they were designed for." Let's just deal with one thing. Bondage. tying up. But despite that. So you go away from the disco carrying more than your credit cards. 5 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM . And yet you run willy nilly into harm's way and have no idea that you're even doing so. So we've become a bunch of Evil Knieval spiritual daredevils. So when you go to a club or disco and dance yourself into a trance (with the requisite libation of alcohol) you are "emailing" a spirit that you are inviting it to inhabit you. And you need to be a spiritual master (and a sexual energy All Pro) to be fooling around with that kind of high potent material. Now. who created this stuff. We want to just freestyle spiritually. For some reason the things we do on this plane become quite real on other planes. When the person -. Today. I'm probably sounding like Jerry Falwell or somebody and that's not at all how I want to come off. the spirit is "captured" by bringing the woman to the boiling point of sexual arousal. the rules are the rules. tied up. Hell. peyote. these days people don't like to think about laws. fellatio... Drugs. to tie it down.According to E http://amirfatir. It then becomes very submissive and will (usually) do as it is commanded. the spirit will usually submit and become quite passive." Oh. mushrooms -. my lovely. I know. spanking and all that good stuff -.usually the woman -..htm interfering with people. you have no idea just how many somebodies you are attracting. But the evidence for such interference is overwhelming. Usually. hoping to attract somebody.

But to really excel in tantra a whole lot of sexual trauma. fear and basic negativity draws the ghosts to cop girls. And it takes an expert to clean the woman up and make sure her spirit doesn't attach itself to the forcefulness and commands intended for the ghost. Okay. Let's say a woman was sexually abused as a girl. I got more on my mind that what someone else does to feel great. group sex. energetic and spiritual centers and regions that are exploded during "kinky" sex. there are psychological. There be ghosts and stuff involved in this stuff and that's part of the reason why the orgasm and sensation can be so incredibly powerful. dig. I do not recommend fooling around with spirits in this manner. I'm very pleased to see that tantra is becoming more and more popular in the West. I now know that there are consequences and heavier stuff going on than just screwing. Female cops can be cleaned. And this leaves her in a state of self-loathing so profound that suicide is seldom outside the realm of 6 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM . They're too tricky.According to E http://amirfatir. By the way. other ghosts see her as easy meat and will use her as they see fit. at the same time. but it takes 10 times the work. The sad thing is she usually either "can't" experience orgasm or has a really difficult time achieving one or needs all kinds of verbal or physical abuse to have one. Now. I also know that a lot of people are just using tantra to be freaky. Cool. I imagine that the violence. Same sex. Many female cops are rocking with them.. physiological. Once a woman has been "turned out" like that.htm Sex with the woman in the bound position was meant to give power to the ghost to accomplish what is was commanded to do or to "reward" it for successfully fulfilling its mission. Keeping ghosts off such a woman can become a full time job. I don't have a moral judgement whatsoever about what anyone does to get off. For the record. the life-force intensification (sexual kundalini force) rituals will screw you up worse than you were before. it'll lead to the heavy stuff that it's meant to get us to.. sex with" She has a "proper" image then she has a whole nympho thing going on on the side. Eventually. one fairly common effect of that kind of tragedy is that the woman starts having a "secret sexual identity. lots of cops have strong sex demon attachments. Otherwise. But. Now the proper and scientific cultivation and use of such incredible energy is what tantra is all about. hang-ups and psychological injury and garbage have to be cleared up.

okay?) The kundalini force and heat would. it's all tantra. you feel so awful. I'd encourage her to do lots of work having to do with establishing her true identity. And since ghosts don't deal in time and space like we do. So the poor little thing would be found strapping on leather and stilettos and all that costume attire because. such ghosts do not leave until they are banished. For the most part. Now. whatever they're carrying (spiritually) can easily be transferred to you. so void. in Western women is related to sexual demons (incubi) they've incorporated into their lives unknowingly. only intensify her existing programming ("Feelings"/"desires") and take her deeper into the whole nympho/self-loathing cycle. So it's like spiritual HIV. It's sort of like this. it brought temporary and brief satisfaction to a nasty demonic thing inside you.htm possibility. 7 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM . but I'm speaking of the directly sexual aspects of spiritual practice. Sometimes it's the entity inside you that got off on the deed and that's why. etc. Sometimes it isn't' really you who did that horrid thing. deprogramming those traumas and things like that. And then more stuff would jump out. Now when you have sex with somebody. So before introducing or recommending tantra to such a woman. and ghosts are summoned by "sex. drugs and rock and roll" (to put it succinctly) then the average person is way more ghosted up than they can even imagine. deep down. breast cancers. if I'm right. afterwards. When Joe has sex with his new wife whatever was in the first wife can cross over to the new wife. they wear away at your health. 2 So. And how many people know how to banish negative entities? So people are carrying ghosts inside them from way back when they were kids and added to them each year of their lives. Eventually. she's trying to find the inner power that was ripped away from her when she was but a girl. These negative entities get off on energy so they push buttons to excite your emotions and appetites so that you end up feeding their insatiable lusts. I think the abundance or reproductive ailments. At the end of the week the ghosts are having a ghostly orgy going on. Tommy is the first wife's current boyfriend and all his demons can easily make it over to Joe who then passes then onto his new wife who passes them onto the guy at work who has the hots for her. a whole sexual network can be formed with ghosts jumping across the wires from person to person. I would not direct such a woman to the practice of tantra right off. (In a way. so empty.tripod. discovering past traumas.According to E http://amirfatir. at that Cuz it didn't satisfy you. Joe fantasizes about his ex-wife and so a sexual energy connection is there between him and her.

If you think you need help with entities. Now. ghosts and what not. And since I mentioned imams. the spiritual teachers (imams) were.freeserve. then you need more juice. refers to the process of repeating a work of power (heka or mantra) so that it effects the reptilian brain at the brain stem in the back of the head.htm Rituals like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram can help (a little) with things like possession. is an expert. a "rotating slave" refers to circulating chi energy though pathways such as the Microcosmic Orbit. demons. So the tarot Moon card symbolizes "second sight" or spiritual vision. in fact. The fact that this was known by the author of the Quran is implied by the word tabsirat (vision) in verse eight. But today. "Be ye wise like serpents. The path of the ida and pingala nadis go from the nostrils to the brain and then crisscross down the spine in a circular or undulating (serpent-like) manner.tripod. This is the power part of the brain which can produce miracles ("wisdom"). You need someone to go in and exterminate those pests. the Microcosmic Orbit isn't the only chi pathway. in verse 8. Helen. Returning to the Quranic passage. the Islamic world needs a whole lot more if they're gonna survive the shock and awe that Wolfowitz and the Boys have in store for them. that the LBRP seems to provide. more protection. That is nice Sunday school teaching for people at a preschool level of spiritual knowledge. let me say this: How can you justify not allowing women to be imams when the very words imam is derived from the word umm which means mother? Way back in the day. I haven't spent a bunch of my time learning how to get rid of negative beings. 8 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM" Vision is accomplished in the brain by the optic nerves conveying images to the occiput (back of the head or Qaf). contact her right now at helenfatir@astro1. but my experience indicates that if you've already got something inside you. This chi movement is what the so-called salaat ritual intends to convey when the person praying circles his head to the right and says. "As-Salaam 'alaikum wa rahmatullah"3 and then does the same thing on the left.According to E http://amirfatir. women and men hijacked that function from them and today have the audacity to say that they are upholding God's will by keeping women out. The so-called imam will say that you are greeting your angel on the left and your angel on the right. but my wife. The Moon stands for spiritual sight. She'll tell you the truth and not try to rip you off. There are many. She can ghost bust better than anyone I know or even have read about. The sun and Moon are called God's "two eyes" in scriptures like the Pert em Hru.

left brain vs. The two dogs also stand for the speech centers. That card shows 15 Yods (Hebrew letters) emanating from the Moon which also emits 32 rays.According to E http://amirfatir. Surely We Know what the earth diminishes of them and with Us is a Record Preserved" (50:3-4). 9 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM .that was a far return. "When we died and were dust -. breathing patterns change. There are two dogs (Anubis and Apuat) on either side of a divide which stands for the two brain hemispheres. outer. When the Jade Pillow is open. the Brocca and Wernicke. Mastery of the chant Qaam allows one to see the part of the Akashic Record ("umm al-Kitaab") that deals with ones' past lives. Chanting Quaam will also stimulate the Kun Lun mountain and Jade Pillow (back of the head) to stimulate spiritual or psychic vision. the 15 Yods represent the 15 breaths per minute humans breathe on The two openings in the Qaf "mountain range" refer to the points into and out of that center when chi (solar force or "sun") is circulated in the Microcosmic Orbit.htm Qaf is also a sound unit of power (mantra). Because the Jade pillow controls breathing. right. The Moon card is attributed to Pisces and the great challenge for Pisces is inner vs. The Moon card shows the link between breathing and the back of the head. The 32 rays symbolize the 32 Masonic degrees.tripod. The Moon Tarot card corresponds with the Qaf. 32 Tree of Life paths (including the 10 spheres) and 32 Arabian parts in astrology.

The Quran says "He sent iron down from the asteroid belt. For example. "He sent down water from the sama'. The Quran is a very specific and scientific book." 2 Meditation with the heka Aum Vam Huhum can help a person discover those conditionings which are holding them back. It can advance our knowledge and our technology when we know what it's actually saying. If there are watery asteroid belts "out there" then future space travelers could take advantage of that by converting the liquid or ice into drinkable water. The large brain is considered Yang and is the storage place for sexual energy and the earth force. All things operate in pairs. astronomers "discovered" an asteroid belt beyond Neptune. 10 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM . is translated "Heavens") or "sky.htm A scorpion (the sign Scorpio.tripod. This shows that the power and transformative capacity is inside the subconscious. 1 The Arabic word "sama" literally means "hammered bracelet. samawaat. part of the watery triplicity) is seen crawling out of the water of the subconscious. The Qaf letter is represented by the Moon series of postures in yoga. So that gives us two sama' (hammered bracelets) right within our solar system. Recently. In most English translations. i. the Quran speaks of "seven sama'". Now. A good deal of confusion results from bad translations by well-meaning Yin and stores refined sexual energy and earth force. The small brain -. Either in this solar system or elsewhere there are likely to be five more since the good book says there are seven.." Some even translate it "cloud" in such verses as those which say. cutting her in tow and forming the current asteroid belt and the Earth. seven asteroid belts.including the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata -. "sama" is translated "heaven" (its plural.According to E http://amirfatir. that could solve certain deep space problems. Metals could also be obtained.e." Its roots go back to the Sumerian cosmology of how the asteroid belt was formed by Nibiru (Marduk) colliding with Tiamet." But modern science has confirmed that the asteroid belt is replete with water and so sending down water from the asteroid belt is quite accurate.

According to E Get God's Plan For You in 2013. Receive Your Free Written Prophecy! 11 of 11 3/23/2013 10:32 AM . Free Prophecy For You 3 Translation: Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah.

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