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Now let’s talk about wives and concubines. Okay, first of all, despite what people say, the Quran and other texts were never intended for the Average Joe. They were texts intended for Masters. So the Quran says it’s for the muttaqiyn (people who’ve mastered semen retention), the muttafakkarun (masters of meditation), al-alimiym) (scientists), the aqilun (rational ones), etc. Hence, it must be approached from a high place. Or, as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “put the Quran on the highest place in your house” (the upper mind). The scriptures were hidden from average people. That’s why Dead Sea Scrolls are found hidden and buried. Also bugs were put in the scriptures to mess up people who had no business handling the wisdom texts of the masters. The high initiates used the symbol set of everyday people to encode their wisdom that was somewhat analogous to the colloquial speech.

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e. who at bare minimum have intuited Divine Law.RIGHT HAND POSSESSIONS IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. The Jews mistranslated Binah to mean understanding. Hence Maryam means “sea” and the whore “sits on many waters.. When that part is purified it is called “the Virgin Mary. traumas. it’s still a girl. These high initiates applied their concepts to the societal ones and formed institutions intended to make society prosperous and guide uninitiates toward civilized thinking and behaviour.” (Water = trance.htm For example.) In the Qaballah of Canaan (Q:blah of Quran) the 3rd sphere is called Binah. they are governed by the form function relationship. this part gives birth to the Son of the higher self. It actually means “daughter. the word “son” might be used for a disciple or student since that person’s relationship to the master was analogous to that of a son to the father. the woman becomes a wife. but it’s not fully developed. it is said he has a daughter. it is the imitative faculty which facilitates learning. it degenerates to “the whore of Babylon. They are the ones..tripod. When the initiate cultivates the “woman” faculty to give activation to the 3rd sphere. that everything and everyone is interdependent and interrelated. conditioned reflexes. But when he (or she) becomes fully united with that faculty. 2 of 8 3/23/2013 9:42 AM .” The initiates are supposed to run society. But when the profane actually confused discipleship with physical sonship and attempted to apply their mores to the master. E. Moreover. etc.g.” When it is dirty with hang-ups.” Its nature is watery..” The Binah sphere houses God’s awesome spiritual power called Shechinah or Sakiynah in the Quran. This is what the ancients called Maat (maa) and even the Quran says God sent down maa [symbolized as water] from the higher regions of consciousness [“heaven”]. But he is the messenger of Allah and the Signet Ring of the prophets. the form of polar bears indicates they are meant to function in cold climates.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/possessions. it was revealed that “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men. Woman means the receptive part of an individual that is the storehouse of his memories (conditionings). As woman gives birth to a baby. i. That means he can employ spiritual power. A move to transport polar bears to Arabia would be viewed as violative of divine law (unless it was an emergency and temporary relocation). It is emotional (the “woman” of the psyche).

” On a physical level. Air (expanding energy). above all. It is unlikely that he will be able to equally master all four Elements (wives) and so Gabriel tells him to focus on one if he’s in danger of losing equilibrium. There are four primary types of such powers: Earth (settled energy). The Egyptians called that energy body the ka (translated “double”). A wife or Zawj is your matching half of a two part being. This “wife” is very powerful and can accomplish mighty things.RIGHT HAND POSSESSIONS IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.htm Allah created everything in matching pairs. See Quran 30:21 and my article “Tantric Soul Mates in the Quran. It is difficult to master all four of these. One who controls Earth could make earthquakes or provide material wealth. seeks to maintain balance. Fixed Fire is 3 of 8 3/23/2013 9:42 AM . A wife. then only (marry) one… or what your right hands possess. the physical wife is usually somewhat like the nature of the non-physical double. A woman’s is masculine. Fixed and Mutable. Water (sinking energy) and Fire (Rising energy).com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/possessions. But this is very. He can accomplish 1000 times more through her than alone.tripod. A wise initiate would sanctify his wife according to her natural inclination to be a priestess of a particular Element. A man’s energy body or astral self (nafs) is feminine. then. very rare. is a spiritual power. Fixed water is ice. Physical women initiates are ideal for housing and conveying the Elemental energy. very. Now. The master seeks to develop one of these to the fullest. That is nearer so that you don’t do injustice” (4:3) A master. The 4 fundamental Elements can operate in 3 modes called Cardinal. so the Quran says: “If you fear you cannot be equitable. “He created you all from a single feminine soul” (4:1). An Air master could affect communications and wind such as hurricanes. why would a savage need 4 wives? Why should he have even one? But an initiate can do great miracles with his wives and a Master might conduct energy through four.

This will also serve to cut you off from identification with your lower self. Cardinal Earth corresponds to Capricorn and such a “wife” can help with banks.RIGHT HAND POSSESSIONS IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.” You may have to fast.) Prophet Muhammad mastered semen retention (was a mu’min) as evidence by his ability to satisfy all his wives on a single night. at the 5th sphere of the Tree. Well. Let’s say you like flirting with certain women. so we don’t even try. the conditioned or passionate and emotional soul. After a while. “You can never satisfy a woman.tripod. These are called austerities. This kind of austerity is symbolized in code as beating your wife (4:34). the act.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/possessions. not the rest of the crew. Mutable Earth. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said. Cardinal (Active) water is a river.htm a laser. Prophet Muhammad had 12 wives. but know such could damage your mission. for example. These are analogies. is called Virgo and mastery of that can help with jobs. this beating occurs simply if you fear 4 of 8 3/23/2013 9:42 AM . Meaning. First. Note. sickness. To realize who you really are. harvesting and so on.” That “woman” is the jivan or nafs al-amaarah. there is part of the process called austerities where you undergo hardships to achieve spiritual liberation. Jesus 12 disciples represented the same as did the 12 Israelite and 12 Ishmaelite tribes. your higher self (your God in person that’s closer than your jugular vein) will eradicate the habit and gradually the flirting thing will go away. Now. government. the impulse itself will be burned away. (Tree of Life initiation goes from the bottom (10) to the Top (Zero). at the 5th sphere. “Surely with hardship is ease” (94:5). like “He frowned” in the Quran. With 12 “wives” an initiate’s work can be a lot more specific. Then the very thought or gesture. The Quran says the 12 was just for the prophet. No NFL that Sunday. But even that conveyed a higher message. That means he mastered the 12 energies called zodiacal signs. Lastly. mining operations. wants. etc. whenever you flirted you’d punish your person in some manner. only if you achieve the 2nd sphere of the Tree of Life should you even think about 12 wives. The “woman” (lower personality) is emotional and wants. wants. or give up TV or run 5 miles. you have to beat and punish that “woman.

htm disobedience. figuratively. Such an ‘abd (female initiate) is a “right hand possession” to a male spiritual master. however irrational.RIGHT HAND POSSESSIONS IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. A slave = an initiate. One type goes from sphere 10 to 9 to 8 on up successively to 1 and then 0. he is to whip that butt. unconditioned self) controls or possesses.tripod. And marry those among you who are single and the amenders among your male slaves and your female slaves. The root is actually amana from which Amin and Amen are derived. something else is going on here. not that she was actually disobedient. Please look at the Tree of Life diagram. Light upon Light.” So if the initiate feels his lower appetites (wife) rising back up after he’d subdued them. The right hand is controlled by the left brain. Now let’s dig right hand possessions. higher meaning.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/possessions. the just God wouldn’t authorize beating a woman cuz of a man’s fears. Austerities. Surely. She would therefore be a student or disciple who has a technical grasp of the higher teachings definitions (book learning) but has not yet achieved full initiation. There are two primary types of initiates. Check out Quran 24:32. Obviously. an apprentice under a master. The ayman has another. This shows there are male and female spiritual masters. Malaka ayman is what Amen (the pure. Iyman is said to mean “faith” (although I don’t say that). Amen is the highest part or source of the Self. It is the true self. 5 of 8 3/23/2013 9:42 AM . The word for disobedience or perversity is nushuz which means “rising.

Salaam. an ebook which can be purchased for $11..co. Sphere 1 is possessed or owned by Amen (sphere 0) or malaka ayman.uk 6 of 8 3/23/2013 9:42 AM .e. spiritually liberated) individual.htm The other type just ponders divinity and in one great leap (after perhaps years of meditation) “hops” from sphere 10 to sphere 1.freeserve.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/possessions. Amir Amir is the author of The Egyptian Tree of Life. This type of initiate doesn’t need a lot of austerities.00 through emailing helenfatir@astro1.RIGHT HAND POSSESSIONS IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. so the “punishment” for a right hand possession is half that of a “free” (i.tripod.

htm and Black Angels which can be ordered from Amazon 7 of 8 3/23/2013 9:42 AM .RIGHT HAND POSSESSIONS IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/possessions.tripod.

htm Crucifixion of Jesus Y-Jesus.RIGHT HAND POSSESSIONS IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/possessions.com Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? Discover the Facts From Scholars 8 of 8 3/23/2013 9:42 AM .tripod.

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