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March Madness Beer Pong Tournament

1. The game will be played by house rules, which includes the following: a. Two 12-ounce alcoholic drinks must be used per side. b. Pull cup immediately after a made shot. c. No island shots can be called. d. Intentional bounce is worth 2 cups. i. Bounces may be swatted. e. Balls are returned to a team which makes both their shots in a round. f. No fingering or blowing of the ball out of the cup at any time. g. A player making 2 shots in a row is heating up, which must be verbally stated to the opposing team. h. If a player makes 3 consecutive shots, they are on fire and continue shooting until a miss. i. Bitch cup: if the first shot made on a side in the center cup, the shooting player must perform 10 pushups. j. Reracks are done at 6 cups and 3 cups remaining. The offending team must call for a rerack prior to their first shot of possession. i. Triangles only. ii. If a rerack is not called before the teams first shot, the team must wait until the next possession to call a rerack. k. If an offending player asks for a gentlemens (fixing a cup), the defending team must accommodate the player and fix the rack to its ideal state (the way it should have been). l. Redemption: i. When the last cup is made, the opposing team must clear the other rack to continue the game. ii. If both players make their shots on the final cup, a 1-2 punch, the game ends unless said team was already in redemption. 2. To determine which team gets the first possession, eye-to-eye shots are taken for each game. a. One player from each team will take a shot at the same time while looking into the others eyes. b. Teammates alternate shots until a shot is made. c. Whoever makes a cup first gets first possession. d. If cups are made simultaneously, the team who made the front-most cup gets possession. 3. If both players make the shot for a balls back, and any members of the team are on fire, said fire shots MUST be taken first. The balls back shots are then taken after all fire shots. 4. ELBOWS may not break the plane at the edge of the table perpendicular to the ground during the shot. Elbows must be called prior to made or missed cup. a. First offense (per player): warning. b. Second offense (per player): reshot, pledge needed to officiate.

5. If a player does not make a shot during their game, and their team loses, the player must sit under the table for the entirety of the following game. a. If neither player on a team makes a shot, and the opposing team uses no reracks to finish the game, the losing team must complete a naked lap around the house. 6. If a team retrieves one of their players shots before the other team, they are allowed a behindthe-back shot. a. Ball cannot be retrieved off the ground, from a water cup, or opposing players hand. The table, walls, and surrounding objects are acceptable objects for the ball to touch prior to retrieval by the offending team. b. This shot must be taken before partners first shot. c. Ball cannot be resting on any object except for the table/cup on the table to be retrieved. 7. When a cup is knocked over, the ball must have touched the liquid in the drink for a make. If the ball spins out before the cup falls over, the shot is a miss and an additional 3 ounces must be replaced in the cup. 8. If the ball lands between the ridges of 3 cups, a reshot is given to the shooter. 9. If the defending team knocks over cups on their side due to their own actions, those cups must be drank and pulled from the game, not being replaced. 10. If a defending player touches the ball during the opposing teams shot (other than a bounce): a. First offense (per team): reshot. b. Second offense (per team): pull cup of penalized teams choosing. 11. Death Cup a. If a cup has pulled, but not finished by the defending team, the offending team may use their shot to shoot at said cup. i. If this cup is made, the game is over and the defending player (who was responsible for said cup) drinks all remaining cups. b. A cup that has not yet been pulled but is made again is worth that cup plus 2 cups of the defending teams choosing, and balls back are given. 12. If a team is put into redemption, and a player on that team is on fire, both the players fire and redemption shots are cancelled and their turn is over after the first missed shot. No bonus shots on redemption. 13. Music being played in the room during the game will be determined by those not playing on the table.

1. During a teams turn, the defending team must remain on their half of the table until the ball is shot. 2. Any player whose shot is physically altered due to VAGRANTS, get a reshot. 3. Any person not playing in current game may not attempt to visually distract players. a. Penalty is a kick in the shin. 4. No obstructing of shooters view on the cups is allowed. 5. NO EXCEPTIONS.