9th Grade | World History Classroom Rules & Procedures

Instructor: Mr. Heist Contact Info: heist1@illinois.edu

Fall 2012

I would like to welcome you all to your 9th grade World History class! I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with all of you this semester and can’t wait to get started. Rules and procedures are important in all aspects of life for growth and efficiency; our classroom is no different. The following are a set of rules and procedures that need to be followed in order for all of us to have a successful semester together. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to my classroom policies, please feel free to contact me.

The following are the rules and expectations that you will need to follow while you are a student in my classroom: Respect ALL others o This includes, but is not limited to:  Listening while others are speaking (including your fellow students, the teacher, or any guest speakers).  Only working on assignments that are for our class.  Treating those that share our classroom with only positive and appropriate language.  Treat those that are different than you with respect. Embrace the differences! Follow directions o This includes, but is not limited to:  Doing whatever the teacher tells you to, without complaining or arguing.  Reading assignments in full and following the directions and deadlines. Respect classroom materials o This includes, but is not limited to:  Bringing all of your work to class, including folders, papers, assignments, books, etc.  Taking good care of your personal, classroom, and others’ materials. Be on time o This includes, but is not limited to:  Being in the classroom and sitting quietly in your seat.  Working on the bell ringer or opening activity depending on the day’s schedule. Enjoy yourself! o You may not think so, but learning can be fun! Enjoy each day and appreciate the opportunity you have to receive an education!

9th Grade | World History Classroom Rules & Procedures
Daily Procedures

Fall 2012

Entering the classroom o Enter in a quiet, respectful fashion. o Turn in any assignments (including late work) that are due into the homework bin. o Grab any opening activity/bell ringer off of my desk and begin working on it. o If you finish the opening activity, sit quietly or finish up any late/missing work. o If you walk in late, do so quietly, and proceed to follow whatever activity that the class is working on. Throughout the period o Be attentive and listen when others are speaking. o Copy any notes on readings, lectures, or videos in class. o Raise your hand and only speak when called upon. o Work quietly on any group work or individual activities. o If you miss an assignment, grab the worksheet from the Absence Folder. Exiting the classroom o Gather all your materials once the bell has rung or when instructed to do so. o Remain in your seat until the bell has rung. o Exit in a quiet, respectful fashion.

Positive Reinforcements
In addition to any school-wide discipline and rewards policies, our classroom will have its own positive reinforcement plan. If by the end of the unit, we have completed our assigned objectives, the class has actively participated, and the classroom environment has been positive in nature, we will watch a historically relevant film the day after the exam. I will also allow students to bring in content related articles, along with a one page reaction, for extra credit once per unit.

If you are unable to abide by these rules and procedures, there will be consequences for your actions. After each offense, the consequences will become more severe. (This is in addition to the rules that are written in your student handbook) 1st offense o You will be given a warning to not repeat your actions. nd 2 offense o You will have to meet with me after school to discuss your behavior and what we can do to correct it. 3rd offense o If you continue to not follow the rules, you will be written a referral and will have to meet with your dean. (If there continues to be more behavioral problems we will schedule a meeting between you, me, and your parents/guardians)

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