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“I  have  heretofore  likewise  mentioned  the  necessity  of  a  large   and  equal  representation  ;  and  there  is  no  political  matter  which   more  deserves  our  attention.  A  small  number  of  electors,  or  a   small  number  of  representatives,  are  equally  dangerous.  But  if   the  number  of  the  representatives  be  not  only  small,  but  unequal,   the  danger  is  increased.”  –  Thomas  Paine,  “Common  Sense”  

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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Many  people  chose  not  to  coöperate  with  this  book.  Christine  Quinn,  through  one  of   her  political  aides,  Alexandra  Nudelman,  ended  communication.  A  few  months   before  he  died,  Ed  Koch’s  staff  declined  a  request  for  an  interview.  Sen.  Tom  Duane ’s  office,  before  he  stepped  down,  did  not  return  an  e-­‐mail.  But  Sen.  Duane  did,   through,  dismiss  critics  of  Speaker  Quinn  as  a  “small  fringe  group  of   people  that  try  to  demand  attention.”1       Many  progressive  LGBT  activists  also  did  not  agree  to  interviews  for  fear  of   retaliation  by  Speaker  Quinn.  Much  of  the  research  collected  for  this  book  is  public   record,  and,  where  possible,  footnotes  to  Web  site  sources  are  provided  on  the   Scribd  link  for  this  book  project.     The  intention  of  this  book  project  is  to  provide  an  overview  of  Speaker  Quinn’s   ethics.  The  research  and  analysis  that  is  provided  herein  is  to  help  voters  become   aware  of  the  direction  that  Speaker  Quinn  first  promised  to  take  us  and  the  direction   in  which  we  have  been  actually  heading  under  her  leadership.       Courtesy  titles  are  used  where  appropriate.    Because  of  the  constant  repetition  of   Speaker  Quinn’s  and  (sometimes)  former  Sen.  Tom  Duane’s  names,  they  may  be   referred  to  by  their  first  names  more  often  than  naught.    The  use  of  courtesy  titles   would  have  otherwise  stilted  the  narrative,  and  in  no  way  should  the  lack  of  use  of   courtesy  titles  be  interpreted  to  mean  anything  else.                                                                                                                    


‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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  On  a  frigid  February  day  in  2003,  New  Yorkers  would  wake  up  to  the  harsh   realities  of  a  police  state.    The  Republican  Mayor,  Michael  Bloomberg,  and  the   militarized  NYPD  Commissioner,  Raymond  Kelly,  had  denied  citizens  the  right  to   participate  in  a  protest  march  that  organisers  had  planned  to  denounce  the   impending  U.S.  invasion  of  Iraq.  Instead,  the  protest  would  take  the  form  of  a  rally   near  a  stage  at  East  51st  Street  and  First  Avenue  in  Manhattan.  But  the  turn-­‐out  was   so  large  that,  according  to  The  New  York  Times,  crowds  filled  First  Avenue  from   “49th  Street  to  72nd  Street  and  spilled  over  into  side  streets  and  to  Second,  Third   and  Lexington  Avenues,  where  thousands  more  were  halted  at  police  barricades,  far   from  the  sights  and  sounds  of  the  demonstration.”2  The  protest  in  New  York  City   was  part  of  a  world-­‐wide  demonstration  taking  place  on  Saturday,  February  15,  in   opposition  to  President  George  W.  Bush’s  eventual  invasion  of  Iraq.   Many  people  believed  that  President  Bush,  Vice  President  Dick  Cheney,  and   Secretary  of  Defense  Donald  Rumsfeld  were  determined  to  invade  Iraq,  regardless   of  the  outcome  of  any  weapons  inspections,  and  New  Yorkers  were  moved  to   participate  in  the  massive  rally  on  February  15  as  a  way  to  express  their  dissent   with  the  Bush  administration’s  war  plans.  New  Yorkers  thought  that  since  they  lived   in  New  York  City,  arguably  the  most  progressive  city  in  the  United  States,  then,  for   them,  showing  up  at  the  February  15  anti-­‐war  rally  would  be  easy.  But  they  would   be  wrong.                                                                                                                  


‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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Police  put  up  metal  barricades  along  the  East  Side  avenues  in  Midtown   Manhattan.  Horse-­‐mounted  police  were  deployed.  Some  said  that  Manhattan-­‐bound   subway  trains  from  Queens  stopped  running  that  afternoon,  so  that  the  mayor  and   police  could  prevent  more  people  from  getting  to  the  demonstration.  Those,  who   made  it,  were  locked  inside  metal  barricades  and  were  forced  to  stand  in  tight   spaces  in  subfreezing  temperatures  with  no  room  to  move  to  keep  warm.   Days  before,  everybody  had  seen  Secretary  of  State  Colin  Powell  deliver  an   alarming  presentation  at  the  United  Nations,  showing  his  collection  of  satellite   photos.3  New  Yorkers  thought  that  the  February  15  rally  would  be  an  effective  way   to  express  their  opposition  to  the  army  of  state  actors  being  dispatched  to  clear  the   way  for  the  impending  war.  But  the  organizing  of  the  February  15  rally  was  being   hobbled  at  every  turn  by  each  of  Mayor  Bloomberg,  Commissioner  Kelly,  and  the   federal  courts.  How  could  it  come  to  be  that,  right  here  in  New  York  City,  the  proud   beacon  of  progressive  values,  an  anti-­‐war  protest  that  reflected  such  a  large   proportion  of  the  public  opinion  be  thwarted  ?  Was  there  no  public  official  in  New   York  City,  who  understood  the  importance  and  role  of  citizens’  participation  in  their   own  governance,  in  direct  democracy  ?  Someone,  who  could  stand  up  and  fight  for   the  right  of  the  people  to  determine  what  their  government  is  allowed  to  do  ?    



‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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 dreamed  of  changing  the  world.  so   much  meaning.  and  there  was  going  to  be  no  way  that  she  could  mess  this   up.  and.  which  would   nominally  start  out  as  a  hero’s  journey.    All  Rights  Reserved.  the   politician  that  was  going  to  stand  up  and  represent  by  proxy  the  entire  LGBT   community  in  New  York  City.  Some  activists  in  Christine’s   community  would  stay  true  to  their  cause.  New  York  was  in  an  in-­‐between   place.   -­‐  5  -­‐     .  to  her  success.  And  here  was  Christine.  Many  activists.  It  was  transitioning  from  being  the  people’s  capital  city  -­‐-­‐  with  edge  and  sizzle   -­‐-­‐  to  becoming  the  gentrified  land  of  luxury  -­‐-­‐  increasingly  gated  by  the  invisible   hands  of  income  and  wealth  requirements.  It  was  as  if  she  had  become  the  chosen  one.  before  it  would  ultimately  morph  into   something­‐02-­‐20/entertainment/18092136_1_christine-­‐quinn-­‐gay-­‐rights-­‐lesbian-­‐ anti-­‐violence-­‐project     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  given  Christine’s  ideology  and  her  reputation   as  a  “lesbian  activist  known  for  supporting  left-­‐wing  causes.  whilst  others  would  sell  out.  who  started  out  as  grassroots   community  organizers.”4  all  she  had  to  do  was   to  stay  true  to  her  roots.Chapter  1   When  Christine  Quinn  won  a  special  election  in  February  1999  to  represent   Manhattan  District  3  in  the  New  York  City  Council.  Duane  had  just  vacated  the  very  City  Council                                                                                                                   4  http://articles.  There  was  a  lot  riding  on  her  career.  People  had  hitched  so  much  symbolism.     Christine  was  lucky  to  have  found  a  mentor  in  the  then-­‐newly-­‐elected  New   York  State  Senator  Tom  Duane.  Here’s  an   overview  of  the  arc  of  the  ethics  that  Christine’s  activism  would  take.  Sen.  This  district  had  been  known  for   supporting  progressive  politics.nydailynews.   being  one  of  the  fortunate  activists  to  have  found  an  opportunity  to  take  her   sensibilities  about  activism  into  the  inside  of  politics.

 In  1992.newyorker.  who  was  a   tenant  organizer  respected  for  her  commitment  to  grassroots  activism.7  In  almost  no  time.  in  a  very  short  time.5­‐skips-­‐hearing-­‐on-­‐chelsea-­‐market-­‐expansion/     6     10  http://www.9  Christine’s  work  as  a  campaign  manager  helped   Christine  meet  with  other  community  organizers.  and  she  owed  everything  to  him.  Christine  jumped  from  being  a  tenants’   rights  activist  with  the  Housing  Justice  Campaign  in  19898  to  serving  as  Sen.  Christine  would  come  to  the   attention  of  LGBT  activists  in  Manhattan.  Duane’s  1991  political   campaign.  Christine  kept  following  her   passion  :  meeting  and  working  for  more  and  more  politicians.  in  her  early  years.   -­‐  6  -­‐     .    All  Rights  Reserved.  Christine   used  all  of  her  activist  connections  to  build  support  for  Mr.  when  he  was  first  running  for  the  City  Council  seat  that   would  eventually  become  her  own.  After  he  won  the  election.  Duane’s   chief-­‐of-­‐staff  at  the  City  Council.  In  those  early­‐fake-­‐tenant-­‐credentials-­‐phony-­‐mckees     7  http://observer.wsj.  Duane’s   campaign  manager  in  1991.  Christine’s   networking  would  lead  her  to  meet  a  Democratic  campaign  adviser.  Christine  naturally  took  the  job  as  Mr.  McKee  would  later  be  criticized  for  being  more  about  flash  than   about­‐skips-­‐hearing-­‐on-­‐chelsea-­‐market-­‐expansion/     9  http://www.6­‐speaker-­‐quinn-­‐mayor-­‐race-­‐will-­‐test-­‐alliance-­‐with-­‐ lobbyist.  which  Christine  had  won  in  a  special  Christine   was  living  in  the  closet.  she  was  in  New  York  City   working  on  behalf  of  tenants’  rights  alongside  a  controversial  activist  named   Michael  McKee.  Emily  Giske.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  such  as  Jane  Wood.  the  thought  among  some  community-­‐                                                                                                                 5  http://blogs.  in   whom  Christine  would  find  a  powerful  friend  and  political  ally.  even  though.10     Ever  since  Harvey  Milk  inspired  the  LGBT  community  with  his  courageous   message  of  hope  in  the  face  of  tragedy.   One  year  after  Christine  had  graduated  from­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     8  http://blogs.

 if  an  activist  burned  out  or  turned  out  to  be   ineffective.  then  there  was  always  somebody  else  ready  to  take  his  or  her  place.   Looking  back.  But  once  an  activist  got  elected  to  a  political  office.  Christine  began  to  wade  out  on   her  own.  or  a   new  working  group  or  an  entirely  new  organization  could  be  formed  .  Once  you  were  stuck  with  an  immovable   politician.  that  one   politician  would  be  an  elected  official  for  the  term  of  their  office.  the  New  York  City  Gay  and  Lesbian  Anti-­‐Violence  Project  (AVP).  the  possibility  of  social  change  would  then  depend  on  influencing   electoral  politics.  like  the  one   for  AIDS  treatment  and  social  services.     Activism  was  intense  and  sometimes  messy  work.   -­‐  7  -­‐     .  it  becomes  clear  that  after  a  few  years  of  having  worked  as   chief-­‐of-­‐staff  under  then  Councilmember  Duane.  then  real  equality  could  finally  be   legislated  or  officiated.  and  that  official   would  benefit  from  incumbency  privileges.  In  1996.organizing  activists  was  that  if  more  LGBT  politicians  could  be  elected.  then   progress  could  be  made  by  an  elected  official  running  an  inside  strategy   concurrently  with  activists  running  an  outside  strategy.    All  Rights  Reserved.  For  an  intense  social  movement.  If  more  LGBT  politicians   could  be  symbolically  elected  to  public  office.  Christine  had  begun  to  be  groomed   for  her  own  symbolic  run  for  political  office.  by  assuming  the  leadership  position  at  an  important  LGBT  nonprofit   agency.  activists  were   autonomous  like  that.  Her  time  at   AVP  would  help  Christine  solidify  a  working  relationship  with  a  very  accomplished   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  The  only  chance  to  replace  that  elected   official  would  be  through  an  election.  especially  for  activists  who   use  direct  action  or  civil  disobedience.

 protests.  Hughes  was  also  somebody.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Hughes  was  somebody.  who  would  become  a  critical.  who  actually   followed  through  on  the  altruism  of  her  activism.  who  was  going  to  make  the  transition  into  a   powerholder  -­‐-­‐  and  stay  true  to  her  activist  roots.  People  really  wanted  to  believe  that  Christine  was  going  to  be  the  real   deal  :  a  community  activist-­‐organizer.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  and  then  Councilmember  Duane  had  been  involved  in  ACT  UP.  she   would  always  look  back  to  Ms.activist  from  ACT  UP  named  Barbara  Hughes.  Hughes  as  a  guidepost  for  what  their  shared  passion   for  activism  had  once  meant  to  Christine.  while  I’m  speaker.   Indeed.  and  this  resonated  with  Christine   in  her  early  years  in  public  office.  after  Christine  had  reached  a  milestone  in  her  efforts   to  achieve  power  :  “She’s  somebody  who  gave  up  a  job  where  she  could’ve  made  a   lot  of  money  and  dedicated  all  parts  of  her  life  to  improving  the  lot  of  others.treatmentactiongroup.  Christine   was  meeting  and  working  with­‐%20Jan%2006.  early   defender  of  Christine’s  career.  in  those  early  years.   -­‐  8  -­‐     .  I  think  I’ll  have  done  a  very   good  job.11  Ms.projectrenewal.    Ms.  Hughes  during   an  interview  many  years  later.    At  every  opportunity.  and  civil  disobedience  and  now  was                                                                                                                   11  http://www.   She  had  participated  in  rallies.  long  after  Christine  had  succeeded  in  consolidating  power.   Many  years  later.    This  is  how  Christine  spoke  of  Ms.”12    Ms.  Hughes’s  community  organizing   and  activism  skills  would  inspire  and  inform  Christine’s  worldview  during  this­‐hughes     12  http://www.  How  would  Christine  handle  this   responsibility  ?     Christine  had  graduated  from  being  a  political  activist  to  a  community   organizer  to  political  aide  to  the  executive  director  of  an  agency  to  a  councilmember.  who  would  either  serve  as  mentors  or   cheerleaders.  And  if  I   can  keep  the  idea  she  kept  in  mind.

   All  Rights  Reserved.  requested  anonymity.  And  another  person  said  that  what   Christine  did  was  to  professionalize  the  agency  “in  order  to  qualify  for  grants  and   so  on.  Those.  then  she  would  become  a  beacon  of  top-­‐down  support  for  bottom-­‐up   community  empowerment  -­‐-­‐  that  she  could  fulfill  on  the  progressive  political   sensibilities  of  New  Yorkers.  The  promise  that  Christine  was  making  was  that  if  she  could   rise  to  power.  While  she  was  executive  director  of  AVP.  one  person  said.  one  person  said.   -­‐  9  -­‐     .   Notwithstanding  the  backchannel  rationalizations.  Christine  would  be   criticized  years  later  for  the  way  she  dismissed  the  staff  of  AVP  during  the  agency’s                                                                                                                   13  http://christinequinn.  whenever  people  were  approached  to  speak  about   Christine’s  record.  and  Christine’s  changes  in  staff  were  part  of  her  efforts  to   improve  the  This  was   the  shiny  wrapping  in  which  Christine  was  being  packaged.deliberately  transitioning  from  an  outside.   One  of  Christine’s  self-­‐described  early  successes  was  shrouded  in  some   controversy.  grassroots  strategy  to  an  inside.  there  was  a  sensibility  expressed  about  being  the  target  of   retaliation  from  Christine.”  from  an  old-­‐time   Irish  tradition  of  politically-­‐minded  progressive  idealists.  offering  one  example  of  what   Christine  was  confronting.   powerholder  strategy.  She  was  sold  as  being  “one  of  us.  Christine  claimed  to  have  “not   only  expanded  its  range  of  programs  and  services.htm     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”  “No  case  notes  were  kept.”13  The  backchannel  talk  was  that  Christine  reorganized  the   agency  by  purging  the  staff.  who  would  speak.  But  many   people  would  refuse  to  speak  at  all.”  one  source  said.  but  also  increased  awareness  of   bias  crimes  nationwide.  Again.

 multiple   sources  said.html?comments#permid=19     15  http://www.  would  lead  to  a  great  controversy  among  LGBT  activists.  who  answered  the  hotlines.14   15    Christine  needed  swift  success  at  AVP  in  order  to  parlay  that  gig  into  a  greater   personal  opportunity.  But  Christine  was  courting  trouble  by  claiming  to  need  to   “professionalize”  AVP.                                                                                                                     14  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.  who  were  responsible  for  raising  money.  which  was  far  from  the  truth.  Christine  would   understand  at  AVP  the  tremendous  pressure  caused  by  nonprofit  fund  raising.  But  AVP  didn’t  just   have  paid  staff.   Nonprofits  faced  outsized  influence  from  their  benefactors  and  the  members  of  the   board  of  directors.  which  needed  to  happen  in  order  to  begin   to  lay  the  groundwork  for  a  myth  about  Christine.reorganization.  The   disruption  caused  by  Christine’s  changes  to  AVP’s  staff  was  having  an  impact  on  the   morale  of  those  who  remained  working  and  volunteering  there.    And  here.  and  among  the   activist  community.  The  pressure  by  one   board  member  is  allegedly  what  would  lead  Christine  his  young  lover.nytimes.  which  would  cast  doubt  on  the  storyline  about  Christine’s  reforms.  was  the  beginning  of  what  would  come  to  be  described  as  a   manufactured  early  success  for  Christine.html?comments#permid=279     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  was  implying  that  the  agency  needed  improvement   when  she  took  over.  in  connection  with  Christine’s  purging  of  the  expert  staff  at   AVP.nytimes.  because   AVP  was  providing  critical  services  to  LGBT  victims  of  violence  and  hate­‐speaker-­‐quinn-­‐mayor-­‐race-­‐will-­‐test-­‐alliance-­‐with-­‐ lobbyist.   Christine’s  term  at  AVP  was  critical  to  her­‐private-­‐quinn-­‐displays-­‐a-­‐volatile-­‐ side.  in  the  tale  of  what   happened  at  AVP.  This  hiring.  who  appreciated  the  valuable  role  of  AVP  to  the  public  and   personal  safety  of  LGBT  New  Yorkers.   -­‐  10  -­‐     .  it  also  had  trained  volunteers.

 Foreman.16    Not  only   that.   after  his  impressive  record  at  AVP.  Indeed.  LGBT  activists  in  Chelsea  and   Greenwich  Village  began  to  question  her  judgment.  but  that  she  was  jamming  the  agency’s  smooth   continuity.  but  Mr.  volunteer-­‐based  organization  into  a                                                                                                                   16  http://thetaskforce.  they  knew  he  was  real.pdf   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Foreman  was  a  founding  member  of  Heritage  of  Pride.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  he  has  subsequently  had  an  impeccable  and  principled   record  of  successfully  managing  leadership  roles  at  many  LGBT  agencies.  Foreman.  AVP  did  critical  work.  Foreman.outweek.  Foreman  was  such  a  successful  nonprofit  executive  that  he   more  than  doubled  the  budget  at  the  NGLTF  during  his  five-­‐year  term.18   Activists  knew  and  trusted  Mr.  under   the  bus.  to  the  point  where  Mr.   -­‐  11  -­‐     .  Matt  Foreman.     The  myth  being  propagated  as  a  result  of  Christine’s  changes  was  that  she   was  transforming  AVP  from  an  amateur-­‐run.  who  was  highly  respected  in  the  LGBT  community.17  Under  Mr.  Mr.  and  these  activists   began  to  see  how  Christine’s  efforts  to  fluff  her  track  record  were  having  the  effect   of  throwing  Mr.   Christine’s  predecessor  at     18  http://www.     17  https://en.  and  Christine  was  disrupting  it.  the  group  under   which  the  LGBT  Pride  events  are  organized  in  New  York  City.  Foreman  went  on  to  serve  as  the  executive   director  of  the  Empire  State  Pride  Agenda  and  then  of  the  National  Gay  and  Lesbian   Tax  Force  (NGLTF).   AVP  formed  working  relationships  with  ACT  UP  and  Queer  Nation  to  bring  about   necessary  reforms.At  this  very  early  point  in  Christine’s  career.  It  wasn’t  that  she  was  trying  to   add  her  own  stamp  to  AVP.wikipedia.  Foreman  engaged  in  civil  disobedience.  was  described  by  more  than  one  person  as  being   very  accomplished.

 Foreman  oversaw  AVP’s  role  in  making  the   NYPD  more  sensitive  to  bias  violence  against  the  LGBT  community.  was  playing  out  publicly.  David  Wertheimer.   to  clarify  AVP’s  successes  prior  to  Christine’s  arrival.   sometimes  through  letters  to  the  editor  of  LGBT  publications  which  no  longer  exist.  This  myth  contradicted  the  pioneering  and  extensive  same-­‐ sex  anti-­‐violence  counseling.  There  were   remarkable  gains  being  made  by  AVP  under  Mr.  AVP  had  been  a  daring  and   effective  agency  since  its  inception.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.­‐and-­‐trends-­‐are-­‐homosexuals-­‐facing-­‐an-­‐ever-­‐ more-­‐hostile-­‐world.   -­‐  12  -­‐     .  Mr.nytimes.  It  was  uncomfortable  but  necessary  for  Mr.19  All  the  talk  from  Christine  and  her  team   about  her  need  to  “professionalize”  AVP  was  unfairly  casting  aspersions  upon  the   good  name  of  Mr.  under  his   predecessor.  and.     But  the  desperate  energy  with  which  Christine  was  trying  to  force  immediate   success  at  AVP.  This  was  during  a  time  when  not  only  homophobia   was  increasingly  leading  to  violence.  This  episode  at  AVP  would   begin  to  sow  the  seeds  of  suspicion  and  mistrust  among  activist  of  Christine’s   motivations  and  machinations.professionalized  agency.  anti-­‐bias  awareness  training.  her  myth  would  go  henceforth  :  Christine  purged  the  staff   and  instituted  her  own  changes  at  AVP.  but  Mr.  and  her  management  style   was  rubbing  people  the  wrong  way.   among  others.  In  spite  of  efforts  to  correct  the  misconception  that   Christine  was  espousing.  before  him.  Wertheimer.  Not  only  that.  some  observed.  and  community  outreach   work  being  done  by  existing  staff  members.  such  as  Kris  Drumm  and  Maura  Bairley.   Foreman.  Foreman  and  others.  but  phobia  about  HIV/AIDS  was  also  triggering   a  backlash  against  the  LGBT  community.  Foreman.  and  some  of  AVP’s  former  associates  to  speak  out.  and  she  brandished  these  changes  as                                                                                                                   19  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.

  there  was  Christine.necessary  in  order  to  lead  to  success.  no  matter  how  shocking  she  may   have  appeared  to  the  average  sensibilities  of  New  Yorkers.html     22  http://www.  back  when  she  was  willing  to  speak   the  truth  about  issues  facing  the  LGBT  community.22  This  was  Christine.   -­‐  13  -­‐     .  This  was  before  he  died  on  a  houseboat  in   Miami  Beach.   Christine’s  reward  was  out  of  the  realm  of  the  AVP’s  budget.   and  she  launched  the  first  reward  for  information  leading  to  the  arrest  and   conviction  of  the  notorious  spree  killer.  Christine   was  even  quoted  in  a  lengthy  analytical  article  in  The  Washington  Post  about  the   Andrew  Cunanan  case.  traveled  to  New  York  to  collect  the   AVP  reward  offered  by  Christine.    All  Rights  Reserved.  the  man  credited  with  discovering  Andrew   Cunanan’s  hideout  on  a  Miami  Beach  houseboat.     Christine’s  post  at  AVP  had  earned  her  a  lot  of  press  in  the  major  daily   newspapers.nytimes.  helped  Christine  to  propagate  her  myth   as  a  successful  leader.20  Fernando  Carreira.  This  was  when  Christine                                                                                                                   20  http://www.htm     21  http://www.  issuing  a  public  warning  in  the  pages  of  The  New  York  Times  to   patrons  of  gay  sex­‐reward-­‐paid-­‐and-­‐mayor-­‐is-­‐­‐of-­‐gay-­‐sex-­‐club-­‐report-­‐attacks-­‐by-­‐a-­‐man-­‐with-­‐a-­‐ knife.  Christine  had  coördinated  the  dissemination  of  wanted  fliers.  Carreira  the  reward  on  the  day  of  his  photo  op  with   Christine.21  Such  was  the  public  role  that  she  made  for   herself  :  a  self-­‐proclaimed  media  spokesperson  on  behalf  of  the  LGBT  community.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  especially  The  New  York  Daily  News  and  The  New  York­‐srv/national/longterm/cunanan/stories/manhunt.washingtonpost.  so  the  agency  was  only   able  to  partially  pay  Mr.  and  her  prolific  photo  opportunities  and   media  sound  bites  during  her  tenure  at  AVP.  This.     After  a  gay  man  was  attacked  at  a  New  York  City  sex  club  in  February  1998.

 To  this  day.23    He  was  proud  of  her  -­‐-­‐  all  of  her.  The  unique  forces  of  this  once-­‐in-­‐a-­‐lifetime  challenge  created   opportunities  for  Sen.  Duane’s  Wikipedia  entry.   Christine’s  rise  to  power  came  in  the  1990’s  -­‐-­‐  a  time  in  New  York  City  when  so   many  gay  men  had  already  died  from  AIDS  and  so  many  New  Yorkers  had  spent   over  a  decade  being  pulled  into  the  radical.  most   likely  written  with  Sen.  LGBT  New  Yorkers  had  been   confronting  the  AIDS  pandemic.  She  was  now  ready  to  run  for  public  office  herself.   and  social  services.  and  she  did  so  with   Sen.  as  well  as  the  community  organizing.  on  our  behalf  and  from  a  place  of  goodwill.  housing.    All  Rights  Reserved.   this  side  of  Christine  would  become  more  and  more  one-­‐dimensional  and   predictable.  the  discrimination.  more  effective  medical  treatments.  the  bias-­‐based   violence.   Since  Sen.  political  protests.  grassroots  activism  of  ACT  UP  and  other   affinity  groups.  they  had  in  common  the  experience  of  being  trailblazers  by  coming  out  of   the  LGBT  community  and  entering  the  dog-­‐eat-­‐dog  world  of  New  York  City  politics.  Over  time.  The  LGBT  community  was  being  decimated  by  HIV/AIDS.   -­‐  14  -­‐     .  Sen.  the  death  toll.  and  so   many  leaders  had  been  lost  to  death  or  to  the  burn-­‐out  from  the  long-­‐term  toll  of   sustained.  Duane’s  blessing.was  seemingly  reaching.  Duane  and  Christine  to  come  into  power.  herculean  activism.  there  was  no                                                                                                                   23     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.wikipedia.  As  a  community.  Once  an  activist  had   lived  through  the  horror  of  what  a  loved  one’s  AIDS  death  looked  like.  for  fairness  -­‐-­‐   acts  that  would  make  her  appear  like  she  cared  for  the  LGBT  community.  and  healthcare   activism  to  demand  access  to  newer.  Duane  was  openly  gay  and  Christine  had  finally  become  openly   lesbian.  proudly  boasts  about  how  Christine   succeeded  him  on  the  City  Council.  Duane’s  blessing  and  support.

 the  political  careers  of  Sen.  Christine  had  learned  a  lot.  As  his  chief-­‐ of-­‐staff.  at  least  in  part.   In  Christine’s  first  special  election.”  no   matter  how  urgent  they  seemed  to  be.  how  the  political  parties  use  incentives  to  reward.  how  important  it  was  to  impose  discipline  within   the  political  party.  Duane  and  Christine  were  seen.  That  was  the  model  of  social.  They  were  there  to  show  that  there  were  times  you  had  to   buck  the  system  to  stand  up  for  what  you  believed.  she  got  to  work  on  LGBT  issues.  members  in  an  effort  to  exert  that  discipline.   -­‐  15  -­‐     .  and  economic  change  that   they  had  envisioned.  as  the  community’s   demand  for  political  power  and  in  response  to  what  everybody  came  to  see  as  the   inaction  by  former  Mayor  Ed  Koch  during  the  AIDS  pandemic.  as  well  as   disincentives  to  punish.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  then  Councilmember  Duane  and  Christine  were  there   to  act  on  the  inside.  She  got  sneak  peeks  at  how  county  leaders   functioned  in  the  political  system.  Christine  helped  then  Councilmember  Duane  in   his  efforts  to  stop  the  mayor’s  extremist  cuts  to  the  LGBT  community.   Under  then  Councilmember  Duane.  and  how  you  had  to  pick  your  political   battles.   Duane  and  Christine  were  political  experiments  :  efforts  by  the  LGBT  community  to   legislate  change  from  the  inside  under  the  shadow  of  a  time  some  would  describe  as   a  holocaust.  parks.  fighting  bias  crime.  and  the  environment  .  Activists  put   pressure  on  the  outside.  she  ran  on  a  left-­‐leaning  platform  of   improving  education.  how  many   community  needs  had  to  be  run  through  the  “standard  legislative  procedure.  That  was  the  old  Christine.  When  then  Mayor  Rudolph  Giuliani  was  proposing  to  shut  down  the  New   York  City  Division  of  AIDS  Services.  legal.  and  fighting   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.more  tragic  argument  for  urgency.  During  this  busy  time.  Sen.

                                                                                                                  24  http://christinequinn.  and  fair  benefits  from  their  employers.)  Many  of  the  credits  in  her  1999  campaign  biography   reflected  accomplishments  or  work  that  she  did  in  her  capacity  as  then   Councilmember  Duane’s  chief-­‐of-­‐staff.  But  here.  Larry  worked  with  Christine  on  then  Councilmember   Duane’s  1991  campaign.  Daughter  and  father   came  as  a  package  deal.   Christine’s  father.   -­‐  16  -­‐  is  Ms.  Hillary  and  Bill  Clinton  were  described  as  a  “two-­‐for-­‐one”  pair.  Mr.  too.24  (Even  though  by   the  early  1990’s.  a  one-­‐time   union  steward.26  Union  activism  was  meant  to  help  workers  achieve  living  Quinn’s  link  to  —  and  tutor  in  —  the  old  machine-­‐style  politics   of  relationship-­‐building  and  favor-­‐trading.  safe   working  conditions.htm     26  http://www.  and  apparently  he  was  helping  to   counsel  Christine  about  how  to  use  the  tools  of  union  organizing  to  augment   Christine’s  activism  skills  to  further  Christine’s  career.  and  women’s  issues.for  lesbian  and  gay  rights.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Larry.  could   Christine  and  Larry  Quinn  be  seen  through  a  similar  prism.htm     25  http://christinequinn.”  is  how  The  New  York  Times  would  once   describe  tenant  organizing.25  Politics  wasn’t  for  the  humble.  Some  element  of   that  she  perhaps  got  from  her  father.  a  sensibility  had  already  begun  around  the  country  to  be  expressly   inclusive  of  bisexuals  and  transgenders.  in  the  early   years.  Quinn.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  the  two  would  work  on  campaigns  to  come.  but  for  the   peremtory.  Christine  was  nothing  if  not  aspirational  and  ambitious.  “Mr.  so.  Kind  of  like  how.  was  a  union  representative.  that  sensibility  had  not  yet  made  it  into   Christine’s  1999  campaign.  Quinn  had   learned  the  best  from  his  own  union  activism.

 and  economic  reforms  that  government  officials  on  the   inside  did  not  share.  There  was  a  business  as  usual  tone  to  it.  Duane.  And  when  it  came  time  for  her  to  run  for  office.  If  Councilmember  A  supported  Councilmember  B’s  legislative  agenda.  There  might  be  a  few  random  acts  of  generosity  by  councilmembers.   though.  But  she  got  to  see  the  inner  workings  of  the  City   Council.  not  because  it  was  right.   Legislation  had  to  be  sponsored.   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   Christine  was  seen  by  some  to  be  trying  to  take  credit  for  accomplishments  as  if  she   was  already  the  politician  in  charge.  and  advocates  for  progressive  ideals  shared  an   urgency  for  social.Activists.  And   she  learned  about  fundraising.  To  look  at  Christine’s  record  as  a  leader.  elected  officials  viewed  the  process  of  running  the   government’s  affairs  as  transactional.  and  to   disconnect  her  record  from  that  of  Sen.  Councilmembers  had  to  be  found  to  pass   legislation.  there  were  situational  calculations  being  made  and  political  indebtedness   being  traded.  There  was  a  disconnect  that  would  always  be  the  source  of   friction.    All  Rights  Reserved.  And  she  got  to  develop  her  own  connections  with  community  groups.  one  would  need  to  examine  the  journey  she  would  take  on  her  own.  Christine   did  not  have  the  authority  to  make  final  decisions  for  Councilmember  Duane’s  office   -­‐-­‐  that  was  his  responsibility.     When  she  was  only  former  Councilmember  Duane’s  political  aide.   then  Councilmember  B  became  obligated  to  help  Councilmember  A’s  legislative   agenda.  but.  As  insiders.  but  because  it  was  about  the  trading  of  support   and  the  imposition  of  discipline  that  allowed  each  councilmember  to  appear  to  be   productive.  union  officials.   mainly.  legal.   -­‐  17  -­‐     .

 Her   visibility  at  AVP  had  earned  her  a  spot  on  a  civic  panel  when.”28  Before  she  was  elected  to  City  Council.  Christine  had   served  as  the  executive  director  of­‐02-­‐20/entertainment/18092136_1_christine-­‐quinn-­‐gay-­‐rights-­‐ lesbian-­‐anti-­‐violence-­‐project     29­‐08-­‐20/news/18053338_1_louima-­‐case-­‐mayor-­‐giuliani-­‐ruth-­‐messinger     30  http://en.  But  only  four  days  after  her  first  successful   Election  Day.  The  New  York  Daily  News  was  already  describing  Christine  as  “savvy”   and  possibly  even  a  “sellout.  Christine  ran  a  campaign  that   appeared  to  be  a  grassroots  effort.  This  task  force.  a  controversial  Republican  member  of  the  task   force.wikipedia.  which  put  her  in  a  position  to  be  constantly   interviewed  for  news  stories  about  violence  against  LGBT  New  Yorkers.   -­‐  18  -­‐     .org/wiki/Abner_Louima     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Borough  President  Molinari  had  angered  the  LGBT  community.  Christine  opened  herself  to  the  early  criticism  in  The  New  York   Daily  News  article.  took  place  on  Tuesday.  1999.”29  was  formed  by  Mayor   Giuliani  after  Abner  Louima  was  brutalized  by  police  officers  in  a  bathroom  at  a   Brooklyn  police  station.    All  Rights  Reserved.  because  she  was  making  the  same  weak  recommendations  for   seemingly  nominal  reforms  of  the  NYPD  as  were  being  made  by  Staten  Island   Borough  President  Guy  Molinari.nydailynews.  February  16.nydailynews.  because  he                                                                                                                   28  http://articles.   first  charged  with  improving  “police-­‐community  relations.  in  1997.  Christine  was   appointed  by  Mayor  Rudy  Giuliani  to  a  task  force  on  police  brutality.30   The  task  force  stopped  being  referred  to  as  a  “police-­‐community  relations”   panel  and  began  to  be  referred  to  as  a  “police  brutality”  task  force  after  the  Giuliani   administration  was  criticized  for  not  taking  seriously  the  aggressive  tactics  of  the   police  department.The  election  that  Christine  won.  which  would  put  her  into  the  New  York  City   Council.

 But  the   criticism  that  would  sting  the  most.  which  progressive  and  reform  leaders  in  New   York  would  make.    All  Rights  Reserved.31   Here  was  a  homophobic  member  on  the  task  force  with  Christine.  On  top  of  that.  “But  Quinn  said  her  strategy   was  to  make  it  easier  for  Mayor  Giuliani  who  called  some  of  the  report's   recommendations  unrealistic  to  adopt  reforms  quickly  in  the  wake  of  the  sodomy   and  torture  of  Abner  Louima.  32  One  of  the  reforms.”  included.   -­‐  19  -­‐     .edu/itc/journalism/cases/katrina/Human%20Rights%20Watch/uspohtml/uspo99.”  Norman   Siegel  was  quoted  as  having  said  at  the  time.columbia.htm     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   which  Christine  rejected.  Siegel  was  then  the  executive   director  of  the  New  York  Civil  Liberties  Union  (NYCLU).  the  police  brutality  reforms  that  Christine  recommended.  but  Christine   worked  along  side  Borough  President  Molinari  as  if  his  discrimination  was  not  an   issue.  when   she  sided  along  with  Borough  President  Molinari  in  what  came  to  be  known  as  the   “majority  report.had  opposed  a  political  campaign  based  on  the  candidate’s  sexual  orientation.  you  never  compromise.  and  improving  police  training.  but  on  the  fact  that  the  majority  report’s  recommendations   actually  stopped  short  of  making  real  police  brutality  reforms.   requiring  new  cops  to  live  in  New  York­‐02-­‐20/entertainment/18092136_1_christine-­‐quinn-­‐gay-­‐rights-­‐ lesbian-­‐anti-­‐violence-­‐project     33   http://www.  was  the  creation  of  a  special  prosecutor’s  office  to   independently  oversee  the  NYPD.  was  based  not  on  Christine’s  choice  to  stand  alongside  Borough   President  Molinari.  Mr.33     “On  issues  like  police  brutality  and  race.  allegedly  by­‐02-­‐20/entertainment/18092136_1_christine-­‐quinn-­‐gay-­‐rights-­‐ lesbian-­‐anti-­‐violence-­‐project     32  http://articles.  among  other  things.  increasing  pay  for  police  officers.”  reported  The  New  York  Daily                                                                                                                   31  http://articles.

 over  the  need  to  reform  the  NYPD.34  Here  was  Christine.  A­‐02-­‐20/entertainment/18092136_1_christine-­‐quinn-­‐gay-­‐rights-­‐ lesbian-­‐anti-­‐violence-­‐project     35  http://www.  and  sometimes                                                                                                                   34  http://articles.  who  wants  to  advocate  for  superficial   or  incremental  change.  Print.  Chris.  But  Christine  was  prioritizing  her  desire  to  want  to  develop  a  working   relationship  with  the  same  mayor.   -­‐  20  -­‐     .  Tragically.  but  about  observing  where  Christine  would  betray  progressive  ideals   and  not  own  up  to  the  consequences  of  having  lost  opportunities  to  bring  about  real   reforms.  "Cutting  It-­‐Close  :  New  York  City’s  mayor  relents  on  AIDS  budget  cuts  -­‐-­‐  but  for  how  long  ?"  The   Advocate  14  June  1994:  20.  Here  had  been  an  opportunity  for  members  of  the  task   force  to  create  not  only  a  whole  new  direction  for  police-­‐community  relations.    All  Rights  Reserved.  who  once  tried  to  restructure35    and  defund36    the   city’s  Division  of  AIDS  Services.  should  be  transparent  about  bringing  about  change  on  such   terms.nydailynews.  But.nydailynews.  This  very  act  here  foreshadowed  so  much  of  what  was  to­‐head-­‐bounced-­‐shakeup-­‐hra-­‐article-­‐1.  early  in  their  career.News.  the  politically-­‐expedient  approach  for  Christine   was  to  leave  unchallenged  the  NYPD’s  culture  of  using  excessive.  serving  on  her  first  major  civic  role  before  running  for   City  Council.     A  naïve  activist  or  leader.  and  her  strategy  was  to  water  down  the  police  brutality  task  force’s   recommendations.  New  York  City  was  known  for  having  a  police  force  that  believed  in  using   excessive  force  on  citizens.  can  be  excused  for  trying  to   work  within  a  system  with  a  broken  culture.  such  as  the  NYPD.   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  but  to   also  finally  create  an  opening  to  perhaps  put  an  end  to  the  systemic  police  use  of   brutality  and  violence.  This  was  not   about  expecting  confrontation  between  Christine  and  the  mayor  for  the  sake  of   confrontation.  over  time  or  if   one  truly  works  to  reach  consensus  with  others  more  experienced.701037     36  Bull.  one  would  come   to  figure  out  that  the  political  system  and  the  NYPD  have  a  culture  that  is   unaccountable  for  their  failures.

 What   was  supposed  to  be  a  peaceful  early  evening  march  down  Fifth  Avenue.    All  Rights  Reserved.  That’s  what  got  her  a  seat  at  the  table  of  Mayor  Giuliani’s   police  brutality  task  force.  activists  in  New   York  City  scheduled  a  candle-­‐lit  memorial  and  march  in  Midtown  Manhattan.  turned   into  a  massive  NYPD  attack  on  freedom  of  speech  and  freedom  of  assembly  -­‐-­‐  during   an  emotionally-­‐charged  memorial  to  Matthew.  We  lost  an  opportunity  to  fully  address  police  brutality  in  1997   because  of  Christine.   -­‐  21  -­‐     .  People  were  grieving.    How  would  this  lost  opportunity  come  back  to  haunt  us  ?   So  much  of  Christine’s  story  used  to  revolve  around  public  safety.  even  though  Christine  would  go  on  to  side  with  the   recommendations  that  had  been  watered-­‐down.  In  the  early   years  of  her  political  career.  which  Christine  strategized  needed  to  be   watered  down.   In  her  later  years.  but.  she  said  that  she  was  an  advocate  for  people.  One  week  after  Matthew  died  from  the  violent  injuries.  take  a  look  at  how  Christine  handled  the  New  York  City   memorial  for  Matthew  Shepard.  she  would  be  seen  as  a  defender  of  the  repressive  actions  of  the  NYPD.   A  few  months  after  Mayor  Giuliani  resoundingly  dismissed  the  police   brutality  task  force’s  recommendations.  from  about   the  Plaza  Hotel  at  59th  Street  to  about  Madison  Square  Park  near  23rd  Street.  and  the   mourners  decided  to  peacefully  march  in  honor  of  Matthew’s  memory  and  as  a   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  would  continue  to  play  both  sides.  more   and  more.  force.  To   help  make  this  distinction.brutal.  Matthew  Shepard  was  tortured  and  murdered  in  Wyoming  in  a   grisly  hate  crime  that  quickly  became  a  cultural  touchstone  for  the  LGBT   community.  in  order  to  appease  Mayor  Giuliani.  still  trying  to   maintain  the  pretense  that  she  continued  to  be  an  advocate  for  people.  who  were   the  victims  of  brute  force.

 NYPD  deployed  horse-­‐mounted  police.  put  up   barricades.  When  some  of  the  march  participants  stopped  using   the  sidewalk  and  instead  started  to  walk  on  Fifth  Avenue.  managed  to   reach  their  final  destination  at  Madison  Square  Park.  And  here  came  the  NYPD  to  bust  up   this  LGBT  procession.  and  there  were  reports  that   horse-­‐mounted  police  threatened  to  trample  some  of  the  activists.actupny.  with  the  march  over.actupny.  At  many  points.html     41  http://www.39   According  to  a  report  of  that  evening’s  events  on  ACT  UP’s  website.40   The  mourners.  and  hurled  anti-­‐gay   slurs  against  the  march  participants.000  people  took  part  in  the  memorial.  tried  to  block  the  memorial  march  at  several  points.    All  Rights  Reserved.  police  officers  made   arrests  of  many  people  on  the  street.   -­‐  22  -­‐     .org/reports/Shepard.actupny.  The  peaceful  and   emotional  procession  in  memory  of  Matthew  Shepard  was  turning  into  a  one-­‐sided   smackdown.  Some  police  officers  used  physical  force  to   push  some  of  the  mourners  at  both  of  the  route  detours.  between  but.  and  this  was  entirely  due  to  the   NYPD’s  attempts  to  thwart  it.  That  tone  of  hostility  and  confrontation  set  the   tone  for  what  followed.html     40  http://www.  The  people  in  the  march  had  to  make  two  detours  in  the   memorial  route  because  of  police  roadblocks.  who  survived  the  brutal  over-­‐reach  by  the  NYPD.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  who  had                                                                                                                   39  http://www.  and  over  130  people  were  reported  to   have  been  arrested  during  the  march.   New  Yorkers  had  witnessed  a  deliberate  attempt  by  the  police  to  suppress  freedom   of  assembly  and  freedom  of  expression.000  and  5.  Five  of  those  march  participants.  even  from  the  beginning.demonstration  for  other  victims  of  hate  the  peaceful   march  became  chaotic.

42   ACT  UP  portrayed  the  confrontation  against  march  participants  as  intolerance  by   the  police.2641867     43  http://cc.”  with  no  more  qualification  about  police  tactics.  where  she  had  the  benefit  of  the  NYCLU  as  a  ready  partner  to  triangulate   public  opinion  into  calling  for  real  police  reforms.aspx?q=Protesters+Praise+Strong+Showing+-­‐­‐ +Oct+20%2c+1998&d=4771430311989136&mkt=en-­‐US&setlang=en-­‐ US&w=jHwDykQxa3J5y8n_J2Kl9dNYMsF7PVEH  or   http://www.  Christine   took  to  the  media  to  intercede  on  behalf  of  people  with  AIDS.   -­‐  23  -­‐     .  Christine  found  herself  reaching  a  point  where  she   could  not  advocate  for  real =3653.  a  situation  that  had  serious  health  implications.  Although  that  is  precisely  what  she  was   expected  to  do.  making  the   neutral  observation  to  The  New  York  Daily  News  that  there  was  an  “enormous   outpouring  of  sadness  and  rage.                                                                                                                   42   http://news.  who  the  police  had   forced  to  miss  their  medication.    All  Rights  Reserved.  whereas  The  New  York  Daily  News  described  the  marchers  as  “clashing   with  It  was  left  up  to   ACT  UP  to  give  the  blow-­‐by-­‐blow  on  its  website  about  what  really  took  place  during   the  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  march  for  the  public  to  fully  understand  what  had   happened.”43  In  between  the  competing  descriptions  was  Christine.  according  to  AVP.bingj.  If  she  couldn’t  do  it  as  a  member  of  a  civic  task   force.     Once  she  was  in  office.  she  could  not  afford  the  political  risk  associated  with  calling  for   systemic  reforms  of  the  NYPD  -­‐-­‐  not  even  with  the  sensibilities  from  once  having   been  the  executive  director  of  AVP.  had  been  denied  their  AIDS     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  then  she  certainly  wasn’t  going  to   initiate  calls  for  reforms  as  an  elected  official  on  the  City  Council.

 and  then.  and  the  NYPD.     The  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  vigil  became  another  example  of  NYPD’s  use   of  excessive  force.  Christine  was  watering  down  the  Task  Force’s   recommendations.  had  been   unlawfully  held  on  buses  with  no  access  to  bathrooms  or  telephones.  one  of  the  lawsuit’s  plaintiffs  and  his  lawyer   were  joined  by  Christine  and  Sen.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  to  use  photo  ops  to   maintain  the  pretense  of  her  image  as  someone.  Christine  was  learning  in  her  very  first   year  in  City  Council  that  she  could  appease  a  powerful  mayor  by  watering  down   public  oversight  of  the  NYPD  on  the  one  hand.  later.  meanwhile.  and  there  was  Christine  playing  both  sides  of  the  fence  :  visibly   playing  the  part  of  a  sympathetic  LGBT  leader.  The  political  pair  were  there  to  lend   support  to  the  march  participants.  who  cared  about  how  the  NYPD   unfairly  oppressed  peaceful  LGBT  demonstrations  on  the  other  hand.  eight  of  the  march  participants  filed  a  federal  lawsuit  against   Mayor  Giuliani.One  year  later.44  At  a  press   conference  outside  NYPD  Headquarters  to  announce  the  federal  lawsuit  related  to   the  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  vigil.  who  had  been  falsely  arrested.  she  was  trying  to  “make  it  easier  for  Mayor  Giuliani”  -­‐-­‐  to   basically  prevent  real  reforms  of  the  NYPD.  Christine’s   political  career  was  being  founded  on  an  experiment  :  could  a  once  bold  community   activist  really  hold  public  office  and  remain  true  to  her  former  outside  strategy  from   the  inside  ?  How  would  this  experiment  play  out  ?                                                                                                                   44  http://www.  as  in  her  AVP  days  .  and  had  had   their  constitutional  rights  violated.  Police  Commissioner  Howard  Safir.  Duane.  in   backroom  meetings.    All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  24  -­‐     .nytimes.  But  about  two  years  earlier  from  that  day’s   federal  lawsuit  press­‐arrested-­‐at-­‐rally-­‐file-­‐suit-­‐saying-­‐city-­‐violated-­‐their-­‐ rights.  in  order  to  make  them  more  palatable  to  Mayor  Giuliani.

 when  she  first  ran  for  public  office.  and  would  lunge  forward.   who  had  been  patiently  waiting  their  turn.  “The   party  system  rewards  people.  Ryan  said.  who   used  to  be  a  member  of  Chelsea  Reform  Democratic  Club  during  that  time.  there  was  always  a  cadre  of  LGBT  Democrats.  which  turned  out  to  be   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Ryan  said  recently.  By  the  mid-­‐1980’s.  The  LGBT  community  found  a  more  welcoming  home   among  the  Democratic  Party.  even   though  she  had  had  Sen.”   Insurgent  political  campaigns  by  LGBT  candidates.  It   became  even  more  important  to  make  elected  officials  pay  attention  to  us  and  our   interests.   “Going  back  to  the  1970s.  and  inevitably  to  run  LGBT  folks  for  public  office.  said  Phil  Ryan.  Duane’s  support.  but.  He  had   been  the  elected  Democratic  District  Leader  for  Chelsea  for  several  years  before  he   eventually  ran  for  City  Council.  Christine  had  leapfrogged  over  those.”  Mr.  although  rare.  But  in  her  campaign  for  City  Council.   who  pushed  for  equality  and  sought  to  become  players  in  Manhattan  Democratic   politics.”  Mr.  of  course.  the  year  when  Harvey  Milk  launched  his  first   campaign  for  the  San  Francisco  Board  of  Supervisors.  were   nothing  new  in  New  York  City.  Christine  had   to  run  a  grassroots  campaign  as  an  outsider  within  the  Democratic  Party.  who  put  in  their  time  year  after  year  …  and  sort  of   wait  their  turn  to  run.  about  the  beginning  of  Sen.Christine’s  political  career  was  born.  Duane  to  launch  a  real  political  career.  a  public  relations  consultant.  Duane’s   career.  In  1973.    All  Rights  Reserved.  “This  was  part  of  the  gay  movement  and  antedates  the   emergence  of  HIV.  HIV  became  the  paramount  issue.   -­‐  25  -­‐     .  There  was  urgency  for  the  LGBT   community  to  explain  Christine’s  campaign.  from  so  many   political  contradictions.     It  had  taken  years  for  Sen.

 In  the  progressive-­‐leaning  West  Side  of  Manhattan.  but  because  Ms.                                                                                                                   45  http://www.html     46  the  work  of  LGBT  civil  rights  group  Gay  Activist  Alliance.  Mr.  Owles  lost  that  contest.nytimes.   they  became  vulnerable  to  electoral  challenge.  The  revolutionary  Stonewall   riots.46  Years  before  AVP  was  formed.47  Mr.northwestern.   Owles  had  accused  a  reform  Democrat  politician.  and  the  emergence  of  openly  LGBT  candidates  for  public   office  signaled  the  crossing  of  a  threshold.  Greitzer  remained  vulnerable  to  accusations  of  having   become  ineffectual.  Jim  Owles  announced  his  political  campaign  for  City  Council.45  At  the  point   when  elected  officials  reached  the  stage  of  having  become  transactional  politicians.  Before  he  became  politically  active.  While  Mr.   Rothenberg  was  engaging  with  NYPD  to  create  a  new  sensibility  among  police   officers  about  LGBT  concerns.  ran  for  City  Rothenberg  came  to   be  seen  as  the  ideal  kind  of  leader  for  whom  the  LGBT  community  could  provide   support.  Rothenberg  had  been  a  Broadway   producer  and  press  agent.  Mr.  His  experience  producing  a  play  called  “Fortune  and   Men’s  Eyes”  led  to  his  founding  of  the  Fortune  Society.  in  1985  a  very  inspiring­‐w-­‐owles-­‐is-­‐dead-­‐at-­‐46-­‐was-­‐founder-­‐of-­‐gay-­‐rights-­‐ group.  which  had  been  co-­‐ founded  by  Mr.  and  he  challenged  her  for  her  City  Council  seat.   -­‐  26  -­‐     .html     47  http://8th-­‐14th.unsuccessful.  Mr.     Indeed.   major  social  and  legal  changes  were  already  underway.    All  Rights  Reserved.  of  having  become   all  talk  and  no  action.htm     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Greitzer  in  1985.  Rothenberg  ran  against  Ms.  Mr.  David  Rothenberg.  Carol  Greitzer.   because  once  again  Ms.  Owles.  an  organization  which  helps   inmates  and  formerly  incarcerated  individuals.  The  LGBT  community  was  heavily  concentrated  in  the   Manhattan  neighborhoods  of  Chelsea  and  Greenwich  Village.

 Rothenberg  described  his  campaign  as  a  watershed  moment.  too.49   The  occasion  of  Mr.  The  1980’s  was  the  first  decade  of  the  AIDS                                                                                                                   48­‐chief-­‐defeats-­‐lipper-­‐by-­‐2-­‐to-­‐1-­‐edge.­‐the-­‐cusp-­‐of-­‐80-­‐david-­‐rothenberg-­‐looks-­‐back/     49  http://www.  Tom  Duane  was  inspired  to  mount  a  campaign  against  Ms.html     51  http://www.  Mayor  Koch’s  loss   pointed  to  the  fact  that  the  LGBT  community  was  able  to  look  beyond  identity   politics  and  elect  a  candidate  solely  based  on  the­‐photo/mayor-­‐elect-­‐david-­‐dinkins-­‐gives-­‐a-­‐speech-­‐november-­‐7-­‐ 1989-­‐in-­‐news-­‐photo/1446037     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.50     But  time  was  on  the  side  of  LGBT  activists.   Mayor  Koch  had  become  a  symbol  of  failure  and  disappointment.     Mr.nytimes.  at  that   time.gettyimages.  Greitzer.51  To  many  in  the  LGBT  community.  the  demographics  would  not  yet   support  the  election  of  an  LGBT  politician.48  Mr.  Rothenberg’s  close  campaign  made  many  LGBT  activists  see  that   it  was  really  possible  to  finally  elect  an  openly  LGBT  candidate  into  public  office.nytimes.  to  whom  the  community  could  turn.Greitzer’s  district  extended  to  the  East  Side.  including  the  support  of  civil  rights  champion  Bayard   Rustin.  Rothenberg  still  waged  what  The  New  York  Times  described.  Former  mayor  Ed  Koch  would   lose  the  1989  mayoral  election  to  David  Dinkins.  Greitzer   was  to  fulfill  on  the  promise  of  electing  a  leader.   for  support  within  city  government.   -­‐  27  -­‐     .  as  “one  of  the  best-­‐financed  campaigns”  in  New  York  City  Council  history.  because  he   had  all  the  resources  to  win.  but  again  the  demographics  in  the   district  did  not  exist  to  help  an  LGBT  candidate  to  win  office.  Would  this  serve  as  a   foreshadowing  for  Christine’s  future  ?     The  front  side  of  the  need  to  elect  an  LGBT  candidate  to  replace  Ms.  In   1989.html     50­‐new-­‐york-­‐times-­‐tuesday-­‐s-­‐primary-­‐election-­‐ results.   came  close  to  winning  the  primary  election.

 who  was  not  sympathetic  to   LGBT  causes.  She  did  not  see   herself  as  an  interchangeable  advocate.  and  representation.  one  person  said.  an  acquaintance  of  Christine  portrayed  the  emergence  of   Christine’s  political  career  as  having  been  built  upon  decades  of  gay  politics.  equality.  Christine’s  ideas  of  reforms  were  not  always  based  on  reality.  Activists   wanted  laws  passed  to  outlaw  discrimination  against  the  LGBT  community.  who  could  deliver  reforms.  The  LGBT  community  would   keep  pushing  to  elect  a  real  leader.  or  if  she  was  deliberately  trading  on  her   identity  solely  to  advance  her  political  career.  and  healthcare  reforms.  There   was  a  “great  deal  riding”  on  Christine’s  political  career.  An   elected  LGBT  official  with  a  truly  progressive  sensibility  could  help  facilitate   breakthroughs  in  legal.  It  is  unclear  if  Christine  was  so  vain  as  to  really  believe  that  she   was  the  poster  child  for  LGBT  equality.   Many  decades  later.  Agencies  were  being  forming  around  the  issue  of  advocating  for  services   for  LGBT  victims  of  bias  violence  and  healthcare  for  people  with  HIV/AIDS.   -­‐  28  -­‐     .  social  services.  the  myth  about  the   importance  of  Christine’s  career  to  the  larger  LGBT  community  would  continue  to   be  propagated.  The  back  side  of  the  need  to  elect  an  openly  LGBT  politician  was  to   counter  the  do-­‐nothing  administration  of  Mayor  Koch.  But  this   observation  was  part  of  Christine’s  unofficial  backchannel  myth  :  that  Christine  saw   herself  as  the  embodiment  of  the  LGBT  movement  for  equality.pandemic.  but  on   creating  a  legend.   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  As  was  seen   with  AVP.  But  the  1980’s  also   coincided  with  the  mayoral  administration  of  Ed  Koch.  who  just  so  happened  to  be  in  this  particular   point  in  time  the  one  who  was  readily  willing  and  available  to  help  to  answer  the   community’s  pent-­‐up  demand  for  reforms.  Nonetheless.    All  Rights  Reserved.

 Morrison  as  a  very  effective  field  organizer.  Foreman  and   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Morrison.  Ryan   remembered.”  Like  the  political  party  system  itself.  who  rewarded  her  allies  and   punished  her  critics.  He  said  that  he  first  met  Christine  when  she  was   “brought  in  to  run  Tom  Duane’s  campaign  for  City  Council”  in  1991.  For  many  years.  Morrison  in  his  public   relations  office.  Christine  demanded  political   discipline  in  her  personal  relationships.  Morrison.  and  they  were  shocked  to  find  out  that  as  soon  as   Christine  won  the  1999  special  election  with  a  lot  of  help  from  Ms.  Ryan  employed  Ms.   Christine  ended  her  relationship  with  Ms.  Christine  had   “great  energy  and  determination.   They  could  relate  to  her.  After  the  episode  where  Mr.     Other  activists  described  Ms.  Morrison  became  lovers.     Mr.  who  would  actually  speak  on  the  record.  Many   people  adored  Ms.  One  person  described  her  in  the  most  diplomatic  of  terms  :  as   “impatient.  Ms.  assisted  with  Tom  Duane’s  campaign  for  City  Council.   Morrison  as  opportunistic  and  unfair.  Mr.   Laura  Morrison.  But  the  activist  community  was  a  small  world.”  he  said.  and  it  was   around  that  time  when  Christine  and  Ms.   had  a  balanced  view  of  Christine.  one  of  the  only  people.  Morrison  came  to  be  known  to  many  people.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Morrison.   -­‐  29  -­‐     .  Ryan.  She   was  extremely  valuable  on  political  campaigns.  People  felt  like  Ms.  From  her  work  on  Tom  Duane’s   campaigns  for  the  City  Council.  and  she  learned  a  lot  about  Chelsea  and  Greenwich  Village.Many  people  described  Christine  as  someone.   When  it  came  time  for  Christine  to  run  for  office.  Morrison.  Christine’s  first  longterm  companion.  but  they  saw  Christine’s  treatment  of  Ms.  Morrison   was  a  sincere  and  endearing  person.  Mr.  Christine  relied  on  a  lot  of   assistance  from  Ms.

 Years  later.  there   were  gains  to  be  made  in  the  name  of  LGBT  equality.  come  to  agree  to  tone  down   her  advocacy  for  LGBT  equality.  Christine  would  also  eventually  be  guided  by   communications  professionals  to  avoid  situations.  where  she  would  be  perceived  as   solely  being  an  LGBT  candidate  in  order  to  attract  more  mainstream  support.  Because  activists   were  very  passionate  and  dedicated  to  bringing  about  social­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐marriage-­‐trivializes-­‐a-­‐political-­‐career/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   The  key  to  Christine’s  career  can  be  found  in  her  efforts  to  maintain  a  broad.”  But  in  those  early  years.   -­‐  30  -­‐     .  it                                                                                                                   52  http://gaycitynews.  In   spite  of  her  raison  d’être.  people  tended  to  chose  the  opinion   that  would  keep  them  in  accord  with  a  larger  group  of  people.  to  the  point  of  embracing   passivity  and  aloofness.     In  the  1999  special  election  that  put  Christine  on  the  map.others  had  been  thrown  under  the  bus  by  Christine.  Early  on.  Christine  learned  that  when  people  were  confronted  with   two  opposing  opinions  about  the  same  situation.  appeal  among  the  LGBT  community.  A  constant  observation  made  was  that  over  the   course  of  Christine’s  career.  and  anti-­‐ discrimination  reforms  -­‐-­‐  Christine  had  found  a  way  to  use  peer  pressure  and  a   constant  invocation  of  cognitive  dissonance  to  her  advantage.  and  because  so   many  activists  had  become  invested  in  seeing  Christine  succeed  -­‐-­‐  after  all.   if  superficial.  HIV/AIDS  healthcare.  Christine  would.  many  activists  noted  her   perceived  mistreatment  of  Ms.52  Just  like  how  President  Barack  Obama  now  goes  to   great  lengths  to  avoid  appearing  as  an  angry  Black  man.  she  campaigned  as   the  underdog.  Morrison  in  a  similar  fashion.  over  time.  though.    All  Rights  Reserved.  it  would   become  important  to  Christine  to  tone  down  her  agitation  on  behalf  of  LGBT   advocacy  in  order  to  blend  in.  she  had  to  be  “femmed-­‐up.

”  solely  to  set  up  a  platform  for  Christine  to  talk  up   the  issue  of  anti-­‐LGBT  bias.  They  got  the  attention  that  they  wanted.   -­‐  31  -­‐     .html     54­‐spirits-­‐invade-­‐village-­‐parade-­‐minor-­‐event-­‐becomes-­‐ major-­‐causes-­‐major-­‐dissent.  the  parade  went  on  that  year.  some   critics  were  making  the  observation  that  Tom  Duane  was  calling  for  the  Halloween   Parade’s  cancellation  based  on  his  perception  that  the  Halloween  Parade  had   become  a  “sea  of  homophobia.54  And  now.  there  was  talk  in   LGBT  circles  that  the  annual  Greenwich  Village  Halloween  Parade  needed  to  be   canceled.  Advocacy  work  was  highlighting  the  fact  that  there  was  an   81%  rise  in  New  York  City  of  reported  anti-­‐LGBT  biased  crimes.  and  Christine’s  and  Tom’s  careers  kept  on  ascending.53  That  year.  In  spite  of  the  last-­‐ minute  politicization  by  Tom  and  Christine.                                                                                                                   53  http://www.nytimes.  even  if  it   meant  interrupting  local  institutions  or  traditions.  Parade  organizers  resented  that  Tom  and  Christine  were   co-­‐opting  the  parade  for  short-­‐term  campaigning  advantages.  including   instances  of  anti-­‐LGBT­‐spirits-­‐invade-­‐village-­‐parade-­‐minor-­‐event-­‐becomes-­‐ major-­‐causes-­‐major-­‐dissent.  as   scheduled.  which  was  the   whole  point.nytimes.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  She  first  had  to  solidify  her  street   cred.  in  the  time  leading  up  to  that  1999   special  election  for  her  City  Council  seat.was  important  for  her  to  be  seen  as  agitating  on  behalf  of  LGBT  advocacy.   In  the  days  following  the  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  vigil.  Christine  had  been  publicizing  as  many   examples  of  anti-­‐LGBT  violence  to  raise  her  profile  and  to  discuss  violence  against   the  LGBT  community.  because  the  parade  had  come  to  be  perceived  as  one  giant  opportunity  of   permissible  taunting  and  bullying  of  LGBT  participants  and  spectators.

 1998.59  The  legal  battles  that  Mayor  Giuliani  triggered  with  his  restrictions   to  public  access  to  City  Hall  would  drag  on  through  the  final  year  of  his   administration.wikipedia.   56  http://en.  launched  cruise  missile  strikes  on  targets  in  each  of  Sudan  and   Afghanistan  as  an  international  response  to  the  attacks  on  the  American  embassies   in  Africa.     http://en.   -­‐  32  -­‐     .57  More  locally.                                                                                                                       57   55  Plunkett.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  where  she  could   fluff  her  image.  When  former  First  Lady  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton  was  on  the  campaign  trail  to   first  run  to  represent  New  York  in  the  U.  A3.  cruise  missile  strikes.  1999.  in  1999.  June  26.  but.56  The­‐11-­‐25/news/18084685_1_world-­‐aids-­‐day-­‐city-­‐hall-­‐housing-­‐works     59  http://www.  Christine  walked  along  one  side  of   Ms.  Christine’s  self-­‐image  making  would   take  a  back  seat  to  the  larger  narrative  of  the  suppression  of  freedom  of  speech  by   the  NYPD.     On  August  7.  in  his  mind.nydailynews.Christine  had  become  a  master  of  crafting  a  caring  public  image  :  always   standing  in  the  foreground  at  press  conferences  and  major  photo  ops  about  LGBT   issues.58  and  the  NYPD  put  up  concrete   barricades  around  City  Hall  and  placed  police  cruisers  to  block  the  entrances  to   parking  areas.  Senate.  Suzanne.  Duane  walked  alongside  the   other.S.nytimes.    All  Rights  Reserved.wikipedia.  Mayor  Giuliani  ordered  tighter  security  around  City  Hall.S.55  Christine  kept  on  the  look-­‐out  for  opportunities  like  that.  The  Associated  Press.  But  on  November     58  http://articles.  Clinton  in  the  2000  Gay  Pride  Parade  whilst  Sen.  2000.  those  restrictions  would  almost  interfere  with  one  of   Christine’s  staged  press  conferences.    The  Lakeland  Ledger.  he  thought  that  City  Hall  would  become  a  natural  retaliatory   target  in  response  to  the­‐allows-­‐limited-­‐rally-­‐at-­‐city-­‐hall.  p.  the  United  Stated  embassies  in  Tanzania  and  Kenya  were   bombed.  Monday.

html     62  http://www.   You  had  a  higher  chance  of  having  your  freedom  of  speech  protected  from   harassment  by  the  NYPD  if  you  were  a  City  Councilmember  and  if  you  were  in  good   standing  with  the  City  Council  Speaker.  security  restrictions  imposed   around  City  Hall  by  Mayor  Giuliani.  The  next  day.After  a  series  of  unexplained  murders  of  gay  men  in  Harlem.nytimes.  some  would   say  “arbitrary”  and  possibly  politically-­‐motivated.60  61   Police  said  that  they  had  not  received  a  message  left  by  Christine’s  Council  office   with  the  NYPD’s  City  Hall  security­‐officers-­‐again-­‐guard-­‐city-­‐hall-­‐from-­‐officials.  and.  in   The  New  York  Times.  Christine  kept  pushing  her  public  image.  police  officers  would   not  approve  Christine’s  press  conference.  The  message  was  described  to  be  a  request   for  permission  to  use  City  Hall  property  for  a  media  event.  whatever  that  meant.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Because  the  police  said   that  they  had  not  received  the  message.nytimes..  But  Christine  knew  the  trick  about  getting   around  the  NYPD.  Sr.  which  could  be  the  mayor  or  the  speaker   of  the  City  Council.  once  the  City  Council  Speaker  vouched  for   Christine.62  Still.  the  article  about  Christine’s  press  conference  focused  more  on   police  restrictions  on  the  public  use  of  City  Hall  steps  than  on  the  community’s   concern  for  a  possible  connection  between  three  different  killings  of  gay  men  up  in   Harlem.   -­‐  33  -­‐     .html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.html     61  http://www.nytimes.  and  she  learned  a  valuable   lesson  :  police  took  orders  from  City  Hall.  The  City  Hall  police  unit  deferred  to  the                                                                                                                   60  http://www.  then  Peter­‐report-­‐harlem-­‐wake-­‐four-­‐murders-­‐ politicians-­‐gay-­‐groups-­‐urge-­‐action.  Christine   organized  a  last-­‐minute.  Such  were  the  unreasonable.  All  it  took  was  for  her  to  ask  the  NYPD  to  call  the  Speaker  of  the   City  Council.  the  police  allowed  Christine  to  have  her  press  conference.  week-­‐end  press  conference  on  the  steps  of  City­‐officers-­‐again-­‐guard-­‐city-­‐hall-­‐from-­‐officials.

K.  for  a  group  to  use  a  public  space.   The  City  Council  Speaker  had  that  kind  of  power.  Look  at  how  as  soon  as   Speaker  Vallone  approved  Christiners  request  to  have  her  press  conference.  then  it  really  was  O.K.  like  a  public  sidewalk.  perhaps.   a  public  park.       ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  or  the  public  steps  outside  City  Hall.  that   that  was  considered  sufficient  validation  for  the  City  Hall  police  unit.    All  Rights  Reserved.  If  a  City  Council   Speaker  said  that  it  was  O.  they  took  orders  from  politicians.   -­‐  34  -­‐     .bosses  inside  City  Hall  .

 and.  which  keep  citizens  out  of  participating  in  their  own  governance.  Temptations  exist  that   may  compromise  an  activist’s  ethics  or  morals  on  his/her  ascension  into  becoming   an  office  holder.  even  if  an  activist  once  was  a  community  organizer.Chapter  2   A  trap  that  befalls  some  activists  is  that  some  activists  begin  to  believe  that.  the  goal  should  be  to  move  toward  greater   direct  participation.  In  other  words.  a  set  of  decisions  and  realizations  about   the  importance  of  respecting  and  improving  opportunities  for  all  citizens  to   participate  in  our  representative  form  of  democratic  governance.  especially  if   incumbents  are  politically-­‐expedient  or  even  underhanded.   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  almost   impenetrable.  The  sensibility  for  equality  and  progress  should  show   up  very  early  in  an  activist’s  career  or  reveal  itself  in  the  arc  of  their  activism.  namely.  an  activist  cannot  take  the  highroad.  one  must  play  by  the  rules  of  that  unjust   system.   because  an  incumbent  will  always  have  more  options  available.  to  become  an  elected  official.   There’s  a  sense  that.  There  comes  to  be  a  desperation  to  break  through  the  high.  for  an  activist  to  become  a  powerholder  in  the  traditional   sense.  not  less.  In  the  personal   journey  that  some  activists  make  to  become  a  community  organizer.  it  becomes  a  rat  race  to   win  elections.  barriers  to  policy-­‐making  that  have  been  erected  by  incumbents  or   powerholders.  later.  to  make  the  transition  to  become  a   powerholder.   in  order  to  win  against  an  unjust  system.  Because  of  our   representative  form  of  government.  Rather.  it  should  be  a  process.   -­‐  35  -­‐     .  the  process  to   become  influential  in  policy-­‐making.  some  activists  put  their  own  electability  over  the  urgency  of  the  needs   of  the  communities  they  promised  to  serve.    All  Rights  Reserved.

 reforms  came  about  that  would  give  rise  to  inspections  of   workplace  conditions.  for     67  http://en.lifeinthefingerlakes.  such  as  voter  initiatives.67  68  In  New     66     70  http://books.   -­‐  36  -­‐     .  66  The  idea  that  the  will  of  voters  should  not  be  subverted  was  an  important   corollary.  After   146  people  died  and  71  people  were  injured  during  the  1911  Triangle  Shirtwaist   Factory  other  reforms  would  come  about.  for  example.This  idea.  Democratic  Party  nominations  and  the  allocation  of  political  patronage                                                                                                                   65     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.html?id=_eXT5Bp1n4IC     71  http://en.wikipedia.  direct  Senators.  and  the  direct  election  of  U.S.php?view=article&id=228     69  http://en.65  Political  reforms.  recall   petitions.  in  New  York  City.  that  our  elected  leaders  should  never  lose  focus  on  the  need  to   continually  reform  government  to  eliminate  the  tendencies  for  corruption  of  the   democratic  process.    In  New  York  State.  voter  referenda.  During  the  Tammany  Hall  era.  New  York   City  voters  lived  through  systematic  and  institutionalized  political  and  electoral   corruption.69  It  took  for  living  conditions  in  tenement  apartments  to   reach  inhumane  proportions  before  reforms  would  give  rise  to  improving  tenement   housing  conditions.  70  71       Meanwhile.  was  an  important  underpinning  of  the  Progressive  Era  in  the   United  States.  it  seemed   like  it  took  a  crisis  for  the  citizenry  to  rise  up  to  demand  government  reforms.  the  Tammany  Hall  political  machine  once   controlled  municipal  elections  for  decades.  were   hallmark  Progressive  Era  achievements  during  the  first  two  decades  of  the  20th     68  http://www.  the   Moreland  Act  was  a  state-­‐level  Progressive  Era  achievement  that  came  about  only   after  corruption  in  New  York’s  insurance  department.  During  this  time.    All  Rights  Reserved.wikipedia.

html     75  http://en.  and  her   community  organizing.  the  reforms  that  the  Progressive  Era  brought  about  came  to  be   cornerstones  of  the  political  thought  of  Greenwich  Village  voters  and  activists.   -­‐  37  -­‐     .72  Consequently.   Because  the  Greenwich  Village  neighborhood  of  Manhattan  was  an  epicenter  of  new   and  radical  ideas.  as  the  Progressive  movement  gave  way  to  the  New  Deal.pbs.75  Over     73  http://www.  it  was  former  Republican  President  Theodore   Roosevelt  in  whom  the  movement  gained  critical  early  mainstream  support.  it  was  Jane  Jacobs.73  The  progressive   ideals  of  Greenwich  Village  came  to  be  shared  by  the  city-­‐at-­‐large.   Even  though  nationally  the  Progressive  movement  achieved  political   visibility  in  both  political  parties.  In  the  1990’s.74  People  wanted  a  government  that  answered  to­‐dig-­‐web-­‐video-­‐the-­‐master-­‐builder-­‐1977/925/     74  http://www.  Even   half  a  century  after  the  Progressive  Era  ended.nytimes.  a  Greenwich  Village  author  and  activist.  ideals  about  making                                                                                                                   72  http://en.    All  Rights  Reserved.  In   1964.wikipedia.  who  were  perceived  to  be  deliberately  trying  to   undermine  an  open  and  democratic  process  to  citizen  participation  of  any  kind.  which  ended  up  convincing  New  York  City  to  oppose  a   controversial  crosstown  expressway  through  Lower  solely  based  on  maintaining  and  expanding  the  power  of  the  political   machine.  some  New  York  City  activists  were  quick  to  use  the  term   “political  boss”  to  describe  officials.  Greenwich  Village  was  still  an   important  outpost  of  what  it  meant  to  continue  to  fight  for  government     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  New  Yorkers   twice  approved  new  political  reforms  in  the  form  of  limits  of  two  terms  on  the   mayoralty  and  other  city  officials.wikipedia.   when  a  popular  anti-­‐incumbent  movement  developed  in  the  country.  not  one  that  encouraged  incumbents  to  cater  to  special  interests.

 she  was  learning  from  her   political  advisers.  economic.  If  one  voted  for   Democrats.tripod.  Voters  in  New  York  City.”76    At  the  time.htm     77  http://christinequinn.  And  as  Christine’s  political  career  was  taking  off.  routinely   turned  to  Democrats  for  leadership  on  progressive  issues.  So   long  as  liberals  did  not  become  corrupted.  hosted  on  Tripod.  that  it  was   prudent  and  beneficial  to  have  the  right  veneer.  especially  considering  she   needed  something  to  counteract  her  record  on  Mayor  Giuliani’s  task  force.   Christine’s  campaign  was  effective  on  messaging  :  they  knew  what  voters  wanted  to  and  she  was  drawing  from  her  own  in  those  early  years.  Duane  described  Christine  as  a   "progressive  Democrat  deeply  committed  to  serving  our  neighborhoods.  the  Democratic  Party  seemed  to  be  a  safe   bet  for  progressives.tripod.  people  would  learn  to  believe  it.  Mr.  who  could  be  counted  on  delivering  reforms.government  reforms  came  to  be  more  closely  aligned  with  the  underpinnings  of  the   Democratic  Party.  Lynn  was  running  for  City  Council  with                                                                                                                   76  http://christinequinn.”  Her  early  campaign  website.   Her  principal  challenger  for  the  Democratic  primary  race  for  the  City  Council   seat  in  1999  was  Christopher  Lynn.  and  the  rest  of  the  state.   Therefore.    All  Rights  Reserved.  then  it  was  thought  that  one  stood  a  stronger  chance  of  laying  the   ground  work  for  progressive  solutions  to  social.  Voters  were  looking  forward  to   elections  to  select  politicians.  and  political  issues.   -­‐  38  -­‐     .  Christine  embraced  the  moniker  of   “progressive."77  The   repetition  of  the  code  word  was  not  accidental.  described  her  as  a   “long-­‐time  progressive  activist.  Sen.  for   example.  If  the  modifier  “progressive”  was   repeated  enough  times.htm#Waking%20up%20the%20voters     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Here.

 Lynn  was  a  prominent   gay  attorney.  All  things  being  equal.  Mr.  Lynn  should  have  won  :  he  had   advantages  bestowed  upon  him  by  the  Democratic  Party.  it  would  have  been  a  great  sign  of  the  progressive  mindset  that  might   have  prevailed  during  that­‐01-­‐26/news/the-­‐company-­‐he-­‐keeps/     79  http://www.  but  somebody  leaked  embarrassing  information  to  The  Village  Voice  about   one  of  Christine’s  opponents.  Instead.   his  time  had  come  to  be  allowed  to  run  for  office.  such  as   boasting  that  he  had  previously  served  as  Taxicab  Commissioner79  and   Transportation  Commissioner.   -­‐  39  -­‐     .  Nobody  knows  who   did  it.80  there  was  also  criticism  about  his  politics.  if  any   political  machine  was  still  at  work.  because  of  a  last-­‐minute  smear  campaign.  that  might  have  at  first  glance  given  the   impression  that  voters  weren’t  able  to  be  swayed  by  party  favoritism.  And  in  some  slightly   altruistic  way.  In  The  Village  Voice  hatchet  job.endorsements  from  two  of  the  city’s  high  profile  political  clubs  :    the  Village  Reform   Democratic  Club  and  the  Stonewall  Democratic  Club.  Lynn  was  proud  of  some  noteworthy  political  achievements.  but  it  cannot   be  entirely  determined  if  Christine  won  that  race  based  on  a  truly  grassroots  effort.villagevoice.htm     80  http://articles.dcwatch.  Christine  was  helped  to  win  that  first.nydailynews.   While  Mr.  and  he  had  put  in  his  time  and  had  patiently  waited  his  turn.  it  was  the  tabloid-­‐like                                                                                                                   78  http://www.  then  Mr.  special  election  to   City  Council  in  1999.htm     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Lynn   had  been  involved  in  a  controversy  that  led  to  a  whistleblower  incident  and  other   questionable  acts  during  his  service  in  the  Giuliani­‐04-­‐17/news/18034626_1_demoted-­‐sign-­‐maker-­‐dot     81  http://www.81  But  issues   about  political  party  favouritism  or  integrity  weren’t  what  came  to  the  fore  in  the   City  Council  race.dcwatch.78  Mr.

 and  now   she  was  doing  campaign  work.   rose  Christine.dcwatch.  The  New  York  Post  published  allegations  made  by   Mr.   Lynn’s  campaign  was  desperate.  Any   transactions  conducted  outside  that  limit  are  illegal.”  And  Christine’s  campaign  also  denied  the  allegations.  And.  Duane’s  favorite.  The   New  York  Post  reported  -­‐-­‐  “must  agree  to  a  $137.  even  though  she  was  being  paid  to  be  Sen.villagevoice.  That  the  Lynn   campaign  would  resort  to  making  such  allegations  was  an  indication  that  that     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Lynn  just  weeks  before  the  special  election.  calling  them  “completely   ridiculous.arrest  of  one  of  Mr.83  but  it  was  an  arrest  of  a  campaign  worker  that  would   basically  lead  to  the  end  of  his  political  career.82       The  exposé  wasn’t  based  on  Mr.htm     84  http://www.   Ms.  Lynn’s  campaign  that  Maura  Keaney  was  working  on  Christine’s  election   campaign.  Duane  denied  the  Lynn  campaign’s  people  close  to  Christine  alleged.     A  few  days  after  news  broke  about  the  drug  and  weapons  charges  against  Mr.  Duane’s  campaign  manager.  Duane  on  the  City  Council  had  applied  for  such  funds.   -­‐  40  -­‐     .  Mark  Guma.  Lynn’s  misfortune.nypost.  out  of­‐01-­‐26/news/the-­‐company-­‐he-­‐keeps/   83  http://www.”84   Sen.  The  New  York  Post  questioned  whether  Maura’s  work   for  Christine’s  campaign  amounted  to  “surreptitious  financial  help.  a                                                                                                                   82  http://www.  who  ran  as  Mr.  Keaney  had  worked  for  then  Councilmember  Duane’s  City  Council  staff.”  “Candidates   who  accept  matching  funds  from  the  Campaign  Finance  Board”  -­‐-­‐  and  all  of  the   candidates  to  replace  Sen.  Lynn’s  alleged  close  ties  to  the  real  estate   industry  or  developers.000  spending  limit.  Lynn’s  campaign  workers  on  drugs  and  weapons  charges  that   was  used  to  smear  Mr.   Lynn’s  former  campaign  worker.

 she  raised  a   total  of  $67.  Lynn’s   campaign  must  be  “sinking  fast.86  On  Christine’s  official   campaign  finance  reports.000  bonus”  after  Sen.   -­‐  41  -­‐     .”     In  his  interview  with  Sen.  Seifman  wrote  that  Maura  “worked  long  hours  raising  funds.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Sen.85  which  ended  up  being  a  landslide.  Duane  acknowledged  that  Maura  had  also   found  the  time  to  volunteer  for  Christine’s  campaign.87   Christine’s  first  campaign  was  not  entirely  a  grassroots  effort  .info/searchabledb/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis     86  http://www.nyccfb.   scheduling  house  parties  and  petitioning”  for  Sen.  she  was  also  volunteering  for  Christine’s  campaign  on   the  side.  Duane.  was  able  to  confirm  that.spokeman  for  Christine’s  the  City  Hall  Bureau  Chief  at   The  New  York  Post.  David  Seifman.nypost.  Maura  received  an  “extraordinary  $5.  for  all  the  time  she  performed  her  time-­‐consuming  work.%20Christine%20C&date=&stmt=&stmt_id=&stmt_display=&sche_id=D&sche=In%20Kin d%20Contributions%20(Schedule%20D)     88  http://www.nyccfb.  Duane  was  paying  Maura   to  be  his  campaign  manager.  although  Sen..  Duane’s  state   senate  district  encompassed  Manhattan’s  very  liberal  West  Side.  Duane  won  his   election.  Duane.00  in  declared  in     http://www.aspx?ec_id=1999A&ec=1999A&cand _id=204&cand=Quinn.  told  The  New  York  Post  that  Mr.88  The  average  donation  was   approximately  $125.  Why  would   Maura’s  work  take  long  hours  when  the  candidate  was  being  hand-­‐picked  by  the   political  party  to  run  in  an  unopposed  primary  in  a  bastion  of  liberal  politics  ?  For  all   her  work.  Duane’s  campaign.595.  Yet.  there  were  no  disclosures  of  donations  of  volunteer  time   paid  by  Sen.  Duane’s  unopposed  primary  and   general  election  victory.18.  for  which  she   was  paid  by  Sen.  Because  New  York  City  has  progressive  campaign  finance                                                                                                                   87   85  http://www.  Mr.  Sen.

 the  New  York  City  Campaign  Finance  Board  would  report  that  Mr.  Christine  was  vocal  about  how  she  was  an  activist.  Lynn   finished  last  in  yesterday's  election.  largely  because  of  his   association  with  the  Republican  Mayor  in  a  heavily  Democratic  district.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Lynn's  candidacy   proved  to  be  less  formidable.  Lynn   had  a  $50.aspx?as_election_cycle=1999A&sm=press_12     91  http://www.  who  knew  discrimination  or                                                                                                                   89  http://www.  about   how  she  advocated  on  behalf  of  those  with  less.90  Nevertheless.   Christine  would  go  on  to  win  the  special  election  two  weeks  later.  $75.  when  candidates  almost  solely   focus  on  generating  voter  turn-­‐out.   women.   Eventually.  Christine  had  received  the  maximum  amount  in  matching   campaign  funds.nyccfb.  the  working  class.  Lynn  was  at  a  clear  disadvantage.laws.  89  In  the  critical  weeks  of  his  campaign.”91     In  those  early  years.  Mr.00  finance  advantage  over  Christine’s  campaign.  Yet.  Mr.  and  still  yet  others.  The  New  York   Post’s  reporting  included  a  snapshot  of  the  dueling  campaigns’  finances  :  As  of   January  Lynn’s  association  with  the  Giuliani  administration.  1999.nypost.”  the  newspaper  of  record  attributed  Christine’s  success   to  Mr.  namely.  This  allowed  her  to  leverage  the  first  tranche  of  campaign   donations  into  additional  resources  in  the  form  of  public  financing.  Mr.00  in  matching  funds.  LGBT  New  Yorkers.    All  Rights  Reserved.  “Mr.000.  Lynn’s  campaign  was  still  waiting  to   receive  $50.  be  they  the  poor.  Christine’s  first  run  for  public  office  was  augmented  by  generous  public   campaign     90  http://www.  When  The  New   York  Times  reported  an  account  of  Christine’s  election  win  by  a  “nearly  3-­‐to-­‐1  lead   over  her  closest  opponent.  Manhattan  politicians  contend.  which  were  being  delayed  due  to  missing­‐rights-­‐advocate-­‐wins-­‐village-­‐seat.000.   -­‐  42  -­‐     .

00     250.  Christine  needed  to  remain  independent  from   outside  pressure  groups.    All  Rights  Reserved.00­‐lies-­‐debates-­‐past     93  http://christinequinn.  To  be  an  effective  advocate.00     500.00   93                                                                                                                   92  http://christinequinn.00                       100.100.000.   -­‐  43  -­‐     .  which  would  be  opposed  to  social.  and  economic   reforms.00     100.00     125.injustice.  legal.00     100.00     300.92  But  her  1999  special  campaign  donation   records  were  reviewed  by  John  and   what  he  discovered  seemed  to  indicate  that  Christine  wasn’t  keeping  true  to  her   promise  of  forgoing  real  estate  campaign  donations.00     500.225.  Christine   was  reported  to  have  made  a  promise  to  voters  that  she  would  not  accept  campaign   donations  from  the  real  estate  industry.  Indeed.         Donor   REAL  ESTATE-­‐RELATED  CAMPAIGN  DONATIONS       TO  CHRISTINE  QUINN’S  1999  CAMPAIGN     Employer   Amount             Margaret  Brown   Stuart  Beckerman   Jerome  Gottesman   William  Gottlieb   (and/or  possible   others)   Brenda  Levin   Eileen  O’Toole   Michael  Ratner   Howard  Rubenstein   Steven  Rubenstein   Joy  Tomchin   Ian  Tattenbaum   Paul  Travis     Association  for  a  Better   New  York   (Attorney)   Edison  Properties   William  Gottlieb  Real   Estate   NYC2012   Kossoff  Alper  &  Unger   Ratner/Forest  City   Rubenstein  Associates   Rubenstein  Associates   Vanguard  Investors   (Attorney)   Washington  Square   Partners     50.  And  the  key  to  Christine’s  political  independence  would  be  to  have   integrity  about  from  whom  she  would  solicit  campaign  donations.00     $  4.00     1.00­‐did-­‐quinn-­‐start-­‐lying     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  the  administrator  of  ChristineQuinn.

 She  would  always   claim  that  she  began  her  career  in  tenant  advocacy.  but  she  knew  that  if  she  kept  giving  lip   service  to  her  advocacy  work.   Not  only  was  Christine  already  accepting  donations  from  real  estate   interests.  she  had   And  herein  lies  the  paradox  behind  the  myth  of  Christine’s  career.  she  was  also  taking  real  estate   money.  Also  donating  to  Christine’s  campaign  was  Michael  McKee.  but.  because  she  would  always  neglect  to  mention  that  she  also   had  a  history  of  playing  both  sides  of  the  fence.  She  would   make  people  believe  in  her.  Christine  was  double-­‐dipping.  but  the  stories  she  would  tell   would  be  incomplete.     But  Christine  couldn’t  pull  off  this  strategy  of  cognitive  dissonance  all  by   herself.    All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  44  -­‐     .  that   controversial  tenant  activist  alongside  whom  Christine  once  did  tenant  organizing.  behind  the  scenes.  She  needed  people  to  give  her  cover.  Duane  to  talk  up  her  “progressive”  nature.  early  in  her  career.  one  of                                                                                                                   94   http://www.  One  of  her  early  supporters  was  Kenneth  Monteiro.  she  would  trigger  cognitive  dissonance.  She  was  going  to  base  her   entire  political  career  on  staying  true  to  her  activist  roots.nyccfb.  But   Christine  also  had  others.aspx?ec_id=1999A&ec=1999A&can d_id=204&cand=Quinn%2c+Christine+C     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  just  by  repeating  what  people  were  desperate  to  hear  :   that  she  was  going  to  be  a  different  kind  of  politician.  She  would  propagate  her  image  as   an  advocate  for  the  cameras.  but  she  was  also  accepting  donations  from  affordable  housing  and  tenant   activists.  such  as  employees  of  Housing  Works  and  the  Gay  Men’s  Health  Crisis   (GMHC).  Christine  was  lucky   that.  This  was  the  myth  in   which  Christine  wanted  you  to  believe.  She  needed  help.

htm#Davis     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  a  former  partner  with  the   law  firm  of  Weil.weil.  for  having  appeared  to  have                                                                                                                   97   95  http://www.  and  they  would  be   part  of  the  effort  to  give  her  political  cover  in  the  years  to  come.  and  lobbyist  Emily  Giske  and  lawyer   Robert  Christmas.  like  Elizabeth­‐appointed-­‐to-­‐nyc-­‐campaign-­‐finance-­‐board/     99  who  began   his  political  career  by  working  on  Harvey  Milk’s  successful  1977  campaign  to  join   the  San  Francisco  Board  of  Supervisors.  Nixon  Hargraves.  In  the  years  to  come.  who  was  once  a  partner  at  the  old   law  firm  of  LeBeouf  Lamb  Greene  &  MacRae.  But  some  of   Christine’s  early  supporters  would  eventually  come  to  face-­‐to-­‐face  with  Christine’s   political  ethics.  Gotshal  &  Manges.  Finnegan  was  a  New  York  City  political  operative.the  former  chairs  of  the  board  of  directors  at  AVP.97  Mr.98  Mr.aspx?ec_id=1999A&ec=1999A&can d_id=204&cand=Quinn%2c+Christine+C     98  http://www.nyccfb.  Christine  had  experienced  criticisms  for  having   thrown  highly-­‐respected  LGBT  leaders  under  the  bus.nyccfb.nydailynews.  Another  early  supporter  was   Kevin     http://www.   Still  yet  another  key  early  supporter  was  Richard  Davis.  Edwin  Reinecke.95  96  Christine’s  career  also  had  the  support   of  other  political  operatives.  Gov.  Davis  also  got  to  work  with  Christine  on  Mayor   Giuliani’s  task  force  on  “police-­‐community  relations.  how  would  Christine  maintain  the  veneer  of   her  “progressive”  label  ?  Already.   -­‐  45  -­‐     .  Davis  distinguished  himself  by  having   been  a  member  of  the  Watergate  Special  Prosecutor­‐the-­‐new-­‐gaspard-­‐at-­‐11.  where  he  was  chief  trial   counsel  in  the  prosecutions  of  Nixon  Deputy  Assistant  Dwight  Chapin  and  California   Lt.    All  Rights  Reserved.”99     Many  of  these  early  supporters  would  be  rewarded  over  time  for  their   contributions  in  helping  to  launch  Christine’s  political  career.wikipedia.html     96  http://en.  who  both  once  worked  at  another  old  law  firm.

  Now  that  she  held  public  office.  on  whom  she  could  rely.100  Christine  was  bold  to  use  The  Vagina  Monologues  as  the  backdrop   for  her  inauguration  festivities.  but  this  was  the  old  Christine.  even  if  it  was  in  New  York  City.  Christine  wasn’t  the  first  lesbian  City   Councilmember  in  New  York  City.  Eve  Ensler  performed  a  reading  of  The  Vagina  Monologues.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  for   having  appeared  to  have  double-­‐dipped  in  tenant  advocacy  and  real  estate  industry   campaign  donations.  who  once  represented  the  East   Village  in  City  Council.   Like  she  had  once  been  Mr.  as  was  reported  by  New  York   magazine.  After  she  was  elected.101  But   Christine  had  ambition  and  determination  to  not  stop  at  just  being  an  official   representing  a  small  municipal  district.  In  what  direction  would  the  trajectory  of  her  political  arc  lead   under  the  next  mayor  ?  Would  she  remain  true  to  her  grassroots  political   upbringing.  Rudy  Giuliani.  Christine   was  going  to  need  an  idealistic  person.  At  her  swearing-­‐in  ceremony.wikipedia.  Christine  did  her  part  to  brandish  her  “progressive.  someone  with                                                                                                                   100     101  http://en.  or  would  her  journey  into  the  belly  of  the  whale  result  in  a  different   kind  of  outcome.  The  Vagina  Monologues  fit  in  nicely  with  her  identity  as  an   activist  and  advocate.hitched  her  political  wagon  to  the  divisive  Republican  mayor.  Duane’s  right  arm  in  his  City  Council  office.  who  was  confident   about  her  radicalópez     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”   if  not  radical.  had  been  elected  to  the  City  Council  before  Christine.   -­‐  46  -­‐     .  traits.  which  was   already  on  its  way  to  becoming  a  revolutionary  play  about  women’s   empowerment.  Margarita  López.  it  was  Christine’s  turn  to  pick  a  chief-­‐of-­‐staff.  one  that  would  lead  to  a  political  betrayal  of  her  roots  in  activism  ?   In  her  first  year  in  office.

 a  sure  sign  that  the   Democratic  Party  was  hand-­‐picking  him  to  win.                                                                                                                   102     103  http://www.  he  ended  up  winning  86  percent  of  the  vote.     Maura  had  been  selected  the  year  before  to  be  Sen.  Maura  now  had  a  way  to  stay  grounded  in  New  York  City.  Morrison  was  working  on  Christine’s  City  Council  campaign  in  the   very  same  office  space  :  at  33  West  14th  Street.  Ms.  Duane  would  be  spending  so  much  of  his  official  time  up   in  Albany.  She  picked  Maura  Keaney.  In  fact.  It  would  only   be  natural  for  Christine  to  pick  Maura.  and  since  Sen.  Sen.  Duane’s  campaign   manager.  one  would   see  how  they  would  use  their  connection  to  Sen.   There  was  a  way  to  enforce  discipline  like  that.  Maura  had  worked  as  one  of  then  Councilmember  Duane’s  aides.  Duane.  somebody  who  shared  the  same  sensibilities  of   integrity  and  complete  loyalty.  When  a  political  party  wants  a   candidate  to  win.  closer   shared  affinity.nypost.  Lynn.  Duane  as  way  to  build  a  new.  Duane  had  had  an  easy  election.  then  at  first  blush.nypost.  So.  Prior  to   that.     But  if  Christine  and  Maura  had  been     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   because  he  ran  unopposed  in  the  Democratic  primary.  While  Maura  was  working  for  Duane’s  senatorial   campaign.  who  had  two  major  political  club   endorsements  and  his  own  bipartisan  connections  with  the  Giuliani  administration.  facing  Mr.  Duane’s  campaign  was  going   to  be  a  shoe-­‐in.   -­‐  47  -­‐     .102  a  position  that  Christine  had  also  once  served  for  Sen.  they  make  sure  that  the  primaries  are  cleared  for  their  favorites.  Sen.103  Meanwhile.    All  Rights  Reserved.  But  in  actuality  they  knew  each  other  :  both  of  them  worked  out  of   the  same  campaign  office.whom  she  could  be  compatible.  This  was  Christine’s  opportunity  to  mold  somebody  in  her   own  image.   Christine  was  in  a  four-­‐way  race.  since  Maura  had  herself  started  out  with  then   Councilmember  Duane.

 Quinn  doesn’t  see  herself  as  a  hack.   “which  could  amount  to  political  death  in  her  heavily  gay  district.Whereas  Sen.”   “I  am  very  clear  that  a  part  of  my  personality  is  what  some   people  might  call  a  bitch.”  as  he  described  it.  Christine  found  herself  at  the  receiving   end  of  a  vicious  post-­‐election  smear  campaign.  In  her  short  time  in  City  Council.  So.  the  heart  of  Democratic  reform­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     105  http://observer.”105   A  few  startling  passages  in  The  Observer  served  to  illustrate  Christine’s   temperament  :   …  Ms.  and  still  yet  others  were  catching  up  to  her.  members  of  political  clubs.  in  order  to  do  “damage  control.   Morrison.104  The  cumulative  effect  of  Christine’s  treatment  of  Mr.    All  Rights  Reserved.000  worth  of  therapy                                                                                                                   104  http://observer.  She  prefers  the  term   “bitch.   And  I  think  as  I’ve  gotten  more  mature  -­‐-­‐  $500.  that  she  was  “punishing   political  foes  with  Tammany-­‐in-­‐lavender  tactics  that  have  no  place  in  the  Village  and­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Sarget  of  The  New  York   Observer.”  wrote  Greg   Sargent.  I  accept  it  both  as  a  personality  asset  and  as  a  personality  defect.  “And  I  am  very  comfortable  with   that.     A  few  months  after  her  swearing-­‐in.”  she  said.  The  New  York  Observer  reported  that   Christine’s  political  enemies  were  circulating  rumours  that  she  was  actually   heterosexual  and  not  a  lesbian.  Christine  had  to   wage  her  first  political  campaign  against  the  Democratic  Party’s  chosen  favorite  any   way  that  she  could.  Duane  ran  with  the  blessings  of  the  Democratic  Party.  Ms.   -­‐  48  -­‐     .  Christine  had   rubbed  enough  people  the  wrong  way  that  she  had  triggered  a  serious  backlash.  Some  voters  in   Christine’s  district  complained  that  she  was  a  sore  winner.   Christine  had  to  grant  a  one-­‐on-­‐one  interview  to  Mr.  Foreman.

 It  can  be  really  effective  when  I  need   it  to.later  -­‐-­‐  I  know  when  to  be  a  bitch  and  I  know  when  not  to  be  a  bitch.  Carmine­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     108  http://www.   -­‐  49  -­‐     .  open  up   the  bitch  tap  and  let  the  water  run.”  …106   Even  this  early  on.  and  she  was  unafraid  to  exert­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     107  http://observer.  Duane  and   by  Mr.  Merker  was  “overly  politicizing”   the  board.  she  had  power.  A  major  schism   developed  within  one  political  club.  Merker.  Owles                                                                                                                   106  http://observer.   The  Village  Independent  Democrats  was  a  political  club  with  roots  in  the   reform  movement  .  who  charges  he   was  bumped  from  midtown’s  Community  Board  5  by  Ms.  …107   Christine’s  temperament  and  some  of  the  changes  she  made  early  in  her   tenure  as  a  councilmember  were  really  ruffling  up  some  feathers.)  Ms.  (He   was  reappointed  by  Manhattan  Borough  President  Virginia  Fields.  who  loves  his  community  board  hobby.  But  Christine  had  already  been   resocialized  as  an  adult  in  the  world  of  New  York  City  politics  under  Sen.  in  the  time   leading  up  to  Christine’s  first  special  election.villagedemocrats.   where  here  to  stay.   …  Then  there  is  the  strange  case  of  Kyle  Merker.  a  real  bitch  to  their  staff  on  the     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Quinn.  I’ve  gotten  through  to  people  who  are  far  more  important  than  me   by  being.  Quinn  -­‐-­‐  in   retaliation  for  challenging  a  Quinn  loyalist  for  the  coveted  post  of  Board   5’s  vice  chairman.  I   make  a  conscious  decision  about  when  I’m  gonna.  The  Observer  piece   addressed  this.108  One  of  its  leaders  was  Carol  Greitzer.  it  was  founded  to  defeat  a  Tammany  Hall  leader.   Quinn  responded  that  she  thought  Mr.  perhaps  -­‐-­‐  but  unpleasant   nonetheless  for  Mr.  Christine’s  ambition  and  personality.  Now  that  Christine  was   an  office  holder.  Not  exactly  Tammany  Hall.  the  Village  Independent  Democrats.  reports  began  to  surface  of  political  retaliation  made  by   Christine  against  people  for  ridiculous  but  perceived  slights.    All  Rights  Reserved.  including  their  divisive  impact.  against  whom  each  of  Mr.  you  know.  you  know.

 and  she  won  to  become  the  state’s  first  openly  LGBT   Assemblymember.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.html     111  http://www.109  One  activist  described  Mr.   Dadey  as  one  among  many  who  had  been  very  involved  in  the  redistricting  effort.   the  ESPA  was  headed  by  Dick  Dadey.   From  1990  through  1991.prideagenda.  One  year  after  Assemblymember   Glick  won.  Against  the  backdrop   of  LGBT  voters  becoming  a  new.  was   elected  to  the  City  Council.110     Meanwhile.   -­‐  50  -­‐     .  Mr.html     112­‐Us/Pride-­‐Agenda-­‐History.nytimes.nytimes.  Rothenberg  in  1985.  two  LGBT  equality  advocacy   groups  merged  in  1990  to  form  the  Empire  State  Pride  Agenda  (ESPA).aspx     110­‐a-­‐democratic-­‐colleague-­‐will-­‐seek-­‐dryfoos-­‐s-­‐ council-­‐seat.  the  Gay  and  Lesbian  Independent   Democrats.  Deborah  Glick.  and  the  newly  formed  group  helped  to  “build   support”  for  a  newly  redistricted  New  York  City  Council  seat  that  could  be  deemed   “winnable”  by  a  member  of  the  LGBT  community.  Back  then.  and  Tom  Duane  in  1989.  Finally  the  timing  was  right  for  an   openly  LGBT  official  to  be  elected  to  public  office.  a   former  president  of  the  influential  political  club.  the  Third  City  Council  district.  partly   overlapped  with  the  Third  City  Council  district.  Tom  Duane.  before  the  redistricting  could  be  completed.ran  in  1973.nytimes.  in  Lower  Manhattan.112  with  help  from  Christine  as  his  campaign  manager.111  Her  State  Assembly  district.  But  going  back  to  how  close­‐clear-­‐hurdles-­‐to-­‐gain-­‐posts-­‐of-­‐power.  important  voting  bloc.  it  is  not  exactly  known  how                                                                                                                   109  http://www.  Rothenberg’s  1985  and   Tom  Duane’s  1989  campaigns  for  City  Council  had  been.  ran  for  the  New  York  State  Assembly  in  1990  to  represent  the   Greenwich  Village  seat.  then  held  by­‐candidate-­‐for-­‐city-­‐council-­‐says-­‐he-­‐has-­‐aids-­‐ virus.   underwent  a  redistricting  process  to  make  it  more  likely  that  an  LGBT  candidate   could  win  that  seat.  Greitzer.

113  114  Mayor  Koch  never  publicly   supported  these  candidates.  Back  then.  and  healthcare  reforms.  who  were  close  to  former  Mayor  Ed  Koch.  was  to  fulfill  on   the  promise  of  being  a  voice  of  LGBT  advocacy  and  to  renew  the  progressive   tradition  many  described  as  having  been  abandoned  by  the  exiting  Ms.  activists  were  disappointed  with  the  dismal  record  of  the  Koch                                                                                                                   113  http://gvshp.   -­‐  51  -­‐     .  Duane’s  1991  win  could  be  attributed  to  Christine’s  campaign   management  -­‐-­‐  and  how  much  should  be  attributed  to  the  deliberate  change  in  the   district’s  boundaries.  which  altered  the  demographics  just  right.  and  some  activists  claimed  that  he  actually  opposed   them.  If  Tom  Duane’s  win  was  deemed  to  really  come  from  the   redistricting.  and  Christine  faced  or  would  later  face  would  come   from  insiders.  Duane  and  later  to  Christine.  then  that  would  weaken  the   myth  about  Christine’s  contribution  to  Tom  Duane’s  win.    All  Rights  Reserved.  refused  to  endorse  her.   Because  there  was  so  much  progressive  pressure  to  elect  an  LGBT  candidate.  giving  him  the  most  of  an   opportunity  to  portray  himself  as  the  necessary  champion  that  the  LGBT  community   needed  in  office  to  deal  with  major  issues.  in   spite  of  the  historic  nature  of  her  campaign.  such  as  HIV/AIDS.   Interestingly.  The  original  intention  of  their  redistricted   City  Council  seat.  social  services.  some  of  the  political  opposition  that  Assemblymember  Glick.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Greitzer  chose  not  to  run  against  Tom  Duane.much  of  Mr.  Indeed.  and  when  she  was  campaigning   for  her  Assembly  seat.   discrimination.  Assemblymember   Glick  had  been  a  critic  of  the  Koch  administration.   Ms.  common  first  to­‐koch-­‐1924-­‐2013-­‐and-­‐the-­‐village/     114  http://www.   whose  membership  worked  closely  with  Mayor  Koch.  the  LGBT  political  club  known  as  the  Stonewall  Democrats.   then  Councilmember  Duane.

 having  helped  his  one-­‐time  campaign  manager  and  former   chief-­‐of-­‐staff.  and  some  people  said  that  Mayor  Koch  feared  having  openly  LGBT   officials  elected  to  public  office.  but  Christine  was  still  being  subjected  to  a   litmus  test.  Duane  had  “groomed  Ms.  many  began  to  see  Christine’s  style  as  a  return  of  “old-­‐school­‐koch-­‐1924-­‐2013-­‐and-­‐the-­‐village/     117  http://observer.  whose  membership.  which  he  was  fearful  of  publicly  supporting.  some   members  of  the  political  club  Village  Independent  Democrats  expressed  being  upset   with  Christine.  “There’s  a  very  mean  and   vindictive  spirit  in  her.   -­‐  52  -­‐     .  Sen.  Going  back  to  the  controversial  article  published  by  The  New  York   Observer.  the  Village  Independent  Democrats  had  been  freed  from   Koch  Democrats.  in   turn.  unlike  the  criticisms   Assemblymember  Glick  received  from  Stonewall  Democrats.  By  this  time.    All  Rights  Reserved.116  So.administration.     But  once  Christine  was  safely  in  office.  but  his  help  had  come  across  as  having  circumvented  the  participation                                                                                                                   115  http://observer.  were  largely  comprised  of  Mayor  Koch’s­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     116  http://gvshp.”  Hal  Friedman.”  115   The  1999  special  election  was  over.  since  Mayor  Koch’s  supporters  had  largely  split  off  from  the  Village   Independent  Democrats  to  form  the  Village  Reform  Democratic  Club.”117  The  New  York  Observer  described  Christine  as  having   been  molded  by  her  mentor.  after  her  1999  special  election.  because  Mayor  Koch  didn’t  want  to  his   administration  pressured  on  issues.  Duane.  the   criticisms  that  Christine  received  from  the  Village  Independent  Democrats  were  not   politically-­‐motivated  by  Mayor  Koch’s  supporters.  referring  to  Christine.”   There  was  Sen.  Quinn  as  his  successor.  told  The  New  York­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  the  president  of  Village  Independent   Democrats.  “She’s  beginning  to   act  like  a  Tammany  hack.

com/1999/06/christine-­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  She  had  finally   launched  her  own  political  career  in  the  capital  city  of  New  York.  Mr.  spent  years  honing  his   irascible  public  persona  by  savaging  opponents  at  community  meetings.  who   worked  as  a  community  organizer  and  executive  director  of  a  major  LGBT   organization.  Some  of  her  supporters  saw  in  Christine  something­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     119  http://observer.  not  even  the  loss  of  a   little  sense  of  self-­‐restraint.  Nothing  could  be  off  limits.  Duane.  “The  young  Ed  Koch.  Being  loud   and  flamboyant  is  a  particular  badge  of  honor  in  gay  politics.of  progressive  and  reform  political  clubs.  and  even  the  truth  about  her  own  sexual  orientation.  was  seen  as  using   Christine  as  a  “tool”  to  “expand  his  influence  over  West  Side  politics.  that  to  win.  doesn’t  just  make  it  onto  the  City  Council  on  her  own  .000  West  Side  households  proclaiming  he  was  HIV  positive.  Duane  squeaked  past  the  opposition  in  part  by  mailing  a  letter   to  40.    All  Rights  Reserved.  her   temperament.  who.  who  had  unmistakably  and  unapologetically  been  able  to   shake  up  the  system  in  their  favor.  And  she  was   already  having  to  defend  herself.  a   charisma  and  a  determination.  there  was  a  foreshadowing  of  things  to  come.”  The  New  York   Observer  reported.  it  takes  help   from  a  lot  of  people.  to  pay  any  costs.”118   Here  was  where  Christine  would  find  herself  in  1999.119                                                                                                                   118  http://observer.  An  activist.  for  instance.  one  must  be   willing  to  go  to  any  lengths.  Allegations  of  boss-­‐style  politics  even   touched  upon  Sen.  In  his  1991  Council   race.  her  management  style.  for  instance.  The  New  York  Observer  reported.  her  judgment.   -­‐  53  -­‐     .  But  in  this  early  review  of  her  work  in  The  New  York   Observer.  She  was  already  being  compared  to   other  LGBT  politicians.

00  in  contributions.  Only  a  few  months  after  Christine  won  that  first  special  election  in   February  1999.nytimes.  The  average  donation  came  out  to  be   approximately  $80.  Christine  had  to  run  for  re-­‐ election.    Since  she  was  an  back  in  the  beginning.  and  her  campaign  only   needed  to  raise  a  mere  $13.121  that’s  how  much  of  an  easy   time  she  had.  two-­‐year  term  to  complete  the  remainder  of  what  would  have  been   Tom  Duane’s  formerly  full  term.   -­‐  54  -­‐     .Before  the  old  millennium  came  to  a  close.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Christine  naturally  had  an  easy  re-­‐election.  this  time  to  be  elected   serve  a  partial.  she  was  on  the  November  1999  ballot­‐elections-­‐city-­‐council-­‐though-­‐heavily-­‐outspent-­‐ opponent-­‐democrat-­‐wins.html     121   http://www.120  It  was  all  technicalities  now.39.nyccfb.aspx?election_cycle=1999&cand_id=204&cand_nam e=Quinn%2c+Christine+C     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.                                                                                                                     120  http://www.

nytimes.  and  three  other  activists  were  arrested  during  an   act  of  peaceful  civil  disobedience.Chapter  3   In  her  early  years.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Christine  opposed  a  plan  by  Costco  to  open  a  big  box  store  on   14th  Street  in  Manhattan.html     123  http://www.  Sen.  Christine.122  To  defend   mom-­‐and-­‐pop  shops.123  She  was  critical  of  zone-­‐busting  development  along  23rd   Street  in  Manhattan.  She  partially  rationalized  the  suspension  based  on  long-­‐time                                                                                                                   122  http://www.nytimes.  Only  one  month  after   she  won  the  first  February  1999  special­‐gay-­‐marchers-­‐arrested-­‐at-­‐st-­‐patrick-­‐s-­‐parade-­‐in-­‐ bronx.  an  LGBT   civil  rights  activist  Brendan  Fay.  Patrick’s  Day   Parade  in  the  Bronx  to  be  more  inclusive  of  LGBT  march  participants.ny1.”124  She  was   among  many  politicians  who  expressed  concerns  about  a  condominium  resolution   that  could  potentially  refuse  accommodation  to  same-­‐sex  couples.126  And  when  a  stage  actor  was  run  over  and  killed  by  a   double-­‐decker  tour  bus.  making  the  observation  that  the  construction  of  so  many  tall   buildings  was  remaking  23rd  Street  into  the  beginning  of  “Midtown.html     126  http://www.  Christine  stood  up  to  expose  and  challenge   the  troubled  city­‐the-­‐flower-­‐district-­‐a-­‐crop-­‐of-­‐high-­‐rises.  Christine  worked  hard  to  cultivate  a  public  image  of   someone  true  to  the  community’s  progressive  expectations.125  When  New   York  City’s  Division  of  AIDS  Services  was  egaging  in  practices  possibly  violating  the   confidentiality  of  HIV-­‐positive  clients.   -­‐  55  -­‐     .­‐report-­‐greenwich-­‐village-­‐teeth-­‐bared-­‐ over-­‐costco-­‐s-­‐­‐at-­‐aids-­‐facility-­‐leave-­‐confidential-­‐documents-­‐on-­‐ sidewalk     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.html     125­‐report-­‐midtown-­‐who-­‐s-­‐family-­‐who-­‐s-­‐ guest-­‐condo-­‐s-­‐rule-­‐draws.  Christine  called  for  suspending  the  company’s  license  to   operate  its  tour  buses.nytimes.html     124  http://www.  They  were  trying  to  make  a  St.

                                                                                                                  127  http://www.   The  year  2000  was  a  federal  election  year.  Clinton  was  sworn  into  office  as  the  new  junior  senator  for  New  York   during  the  aftermath  of  Bush  v.  regular  municipal  and  state  elections  generally  take  place   one  year  after  the  four-­‐year  federal  election  cycle.127  And  when  a  former  Giuliani   administration  official  out  of  office  for  four  years  was  reported  to  be  still  receiving  a   car  and  driver  paid  for  by  taxpayers.  Although  some  states  and  municipalities  try   to  coordinate  elections  to  maximize  voter  participation.nytimes.  Bush  to  become   president.  including  City  Councilmembers.129  New  York  City  does  not.  everybody  in  New  York  shifted  their  focus  to   the  mayoral  and  City  Council  races.  The  voter  turn-­‐out  for  municipal   and  state  elections.  The  term  limits  law  also   applied  to  other  major  officeholders.128  It  seemed   like  Christine  was  doing  right  by  the  community.nytimes.  In  New  York.html     129  http://en.  Gore.  and   many  voters  skip  the  off-­‐year  elections.  Mayor  Rudy  Giuliani  was  serving  out  the  final   months  of  his  second  term.  and  we  all  know  how  well  that  worked  out  for  progressives  and  reform   Democrats.   So.  Because  of  term  limits  imposed  by  two  voter     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  her  office  made  sure  that  there   were  headlines  and  sound  bites  as  proof.html     128  http://www.  Al  Gore  was  running  against  George  W.  Christine  questioned  the  use  of  taxpayer   money  to  chauffeur  the  investment  management  company  executive.  after  Ms.  is  much  lower  than  during  federal  elections.  and  it  wasn’t  only  Hillary  Clinton   who  was  running  for  office.   he  was  prevented  from  running  for  office  for  a  third­‐bus-­‐kills-­‐actor-­‐as-­‐he-­‐walks-­‐on-­‐45th-­‐  complaints  about  the  tour  buses.  as  expected.    All  Rights­‐official-­‐uses-­‐city-­‐car-­‐four-­‐years-­‐after-­‐leaving.   -­‐  56  -­‐     .

  -­‐  57  -­‐     .  and  the  litigation  from  his  overreach  led  to  several  costly  legal  losses   for  the  mayor  and  for  New  York  City.   Two  mayoral  candidates  for  the  Democratic  Party’s  mayoral  nomination  were   accused  of  sending  staff  and  campaign  supporters  to  the  meetings  of  an  influential   LGBT  political  club  and  making  their  representatives  join  the  club  as­‐begins-­‐on-­‐oversight-­‐of-­‐aids-­‐unit.  GLID  was  the  political  club  formerly  headed  by   Assemblywoman  Debroah  Glick.  Shameful  acts  of  police  brutality  against  minorities  had  aggravated  racial   tensions.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.washingtonpost.133  Progressives  were  looking  for   change.html     133  http://www.htm     131  http://www.nytimes.  Among  the   Hevesi  operatives  sent  to  infiltrate  GLID  was  Christine’s  father.nytimes.    All  Rights­‐s-­‐ruling-­‐puts-­‐city-­‐aids-­‐agency-­‐under-­‐us-­‐ monitor.  New  York  City   Controller  Alan  Hevesi  sent  at  least  six  associates  to  join  the  Gay  and  Lesbian   Independent  Democrats  (GLID).  a  federal  judge  ruled  that  New  York  City  had  failed  to  provide  services  to   thousands  of  people  with  AIDS  in  a  decision  that  put  the  city’s  AIDS  agency  under  a   federal  monitor132  for  a  period  of  three  years.There  was  a  lot  at  stake  in  the  next  mayoralty.  before  she  was  elected  to  public­‐s-­‐goal-­‐of-­‐civil-­‐city-­‐runs-­‐into-­‐first-­‐ amendment.  The  Giuliani  administration   had  intentionally  caused  major  setbacks  for  entire  communities  within  New  York   City.130  The  caustic  mayor  had  violated  citizens’  First  Amendment  rights  on   many­‐srv/national/daily/march99/newyork30.  in   hopes  of  influencing  the  club’s  vote  on  its  mayoral  endorsement.131  And  before  Major  Giuliani’s  second  term   was  over.   who  was  considered  to  have  a  special  place  inside  the  LGBT  community  because  his                                                                                                                   130  http://www.nytimes.   The  2001  municipal  politics  in  New  York  started  out  as  business  as  usual.html     132  http://www.  Lawrence  Quinn.

 the   former  executive  director  of  ESPA.  she  raised  about  half  the  contributions   that  she  had  raised  in  her  contentious  four-­‐way  race  in  the  first  special  election  in   February  1999.nydailynews.aspx?ec_id=2001&ec=2001&cand_id =204&cand=Quinn%2c+Christine+C     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  On  both  sides.  which  lobbied  for  the  redrawing  of  the  City   Council  district  common  to  both  former  Councilmember  Duane  and  Christine                                                                                                                   134  http://articles.  Still.  She  would  be  running  for  her   first  full  term  in  public  office  in  the  2001­‐03-­‐13/news/18170150_1_gay-­‐political-­‐club-­‐lesbian-­‐community-­‐ endorsement     135   http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Remember.  The  last  time  such  infiltrating  was  reported  to  have  happened  on   this  scale  was  1993.   Ltd.  Dick  Dadey.  134   Christine’s  first  years  of  the  two  partial  terms  she  served  would  not  count   against  her  with  respect  to  the  term  limits  restrictions.daughter  is  Christine.  when  the  dueling  Democratic  mayoral  campaigns  of  incumbent   David  Dinkins  and  challenger  Andrew  Stein  were  said  to  have  sent  supporters  to  do   the  same  thing.  Quinn  acted  as  Christine’s  surrogate  :  he   worked  on  campaigns  in  order  to  collect  favors  for  his  sent  at  least  22   supporters  to  infiltrate  GLID.00  donation  made  by  a  New  York  City  Housing  Authority   maintenance  worker.00  from  the  Affordable  Housing  PAC.  There  was  a  $10.  even  though  New   York  City  never  builds  up  its  supply  of  affordable  housing  units.  many  of  the  representatives  sent  to  join   GLID  were  straight.  Christine  accepted  $250..  the  myth  that  Christine   was  still  an  advocate  for  the  people  was  reflected  in  the  modest  contributions  she   received.  The  other   Democratic  mayoral  candidate.  in  the  2001  race.nyccfb.   -­‐  58  -­‐     .  Public  Advocate  Mark  Green.135  In  the  fundraising  cycle  for  the  2001  race.  For  example.  according  to  a  news  story  in  The  New  York  Daily  News.  Mr.  there  were  benefits  to  her   incumbency.  which  doles  out  tens  of  thousands  of  dollars  to  politicians.

  But.  again.  Another  notable  contributor  was  Adam  Rose.  in   which  she  previewed  the  emergence  of  her  own  self-­‐motivated  political  ideals.  a   quasi-­‐Quinn  doctrine.  who  heads  up  a   lobbying  firm  that  would  later  go  on  to  represent  developers  of  two  of  the  most   contentious  real  estate  projects  in  Christine’s  district  a  decade  later.  a  developer  of  high-­‐ rise  apartment  buildings.  Christine  was  still  taking  money  from  lobbyists.  There  was  no  need  to  worry  about  Christine  needing   to  run  an  aggressive  campaign.00  to   Christine’s  campaign.  McCall  would  also  go  on  to  serve  in  various  roles  with   LGBT  agencies.   -­‐  59  -­‐     .00  from  Norman  Adler.   Christine  raised  $500.  This  was  a  pattern  that  Christine  established  at   the  outset  of  her  career  as  an  elected  official.00   to  Christine’s  2001  campaign.000.  The  myth   that  Christine’s  crusade  for  public  office  to  reform  the  system  was  giving  way  to   taking  money  just  like  other  politicians.  who  was  a  partner  of  the  lobbyist   Emily  Giske.  all  things  considered.  because  the  myth  of  her   advocacy  work  was  still  intact.  and  other  consultants.00  from  James  Capalino.   Dirk  McCall  worked  for  Capalino.  At  the  time.  She  began  to  warn  the  public  about  a  “very  real  danger”  with   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  People  still  saw  her  as  one  of   them.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Christine  raise  $1.  donated  $250.  These  conflicts  of  interest  were  not  going  to   stand  in  the  way  of  Christine’s  reelection.   The  run-­‐up  to  the  2001  election.00  to  Christine’s  campaign.  Christine  wrote  an  opinion-­‐editorial  piece  for  the  Gotham  Gazette.  was  following  tried-­‐and-­‐true  political   machinations.  nor  raise  serious  money.  and  he  made  a  contribution  of  $100.  He  contributed  $500.  and  it  would  continue  into  this  race.  on  the  side.  real  estate   developers.  Mr.  She  was  a  political  insider  now.around  demographics  so  as  to  finally  support  an  LGBT  candidate.

 Christine’s   worldview  on  powerholders  changed.  who.   would  need  to  leave  office  after  two  full  terms  in  office.   Christine  wrote  that  term  limits  did  more  harm  to  council  staff  than  to  elected   officials.  term  limits  would  give   lobbyists  and  corporate  interests  an  unfair  advantage  over  the  political  process  at   the  City  Council.shtml     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Term  limits  would  create  a  rotating  door  of  novice   councilmembers.  there  was  no  consistency  to  it.136    In  Christine’s  mind.  When   she  was  an  activist.  because  the  revolving  door  of  elected  officials  would  lead  to  a  churn  in  staff.   -­‐  60  -­‐     .  her  flip-­‐flops  on   important  issues  like  term  limits  and  real  estate  development  would  be  critical  to   examine  Christine’s  penchant  for  political  expediency  and  self-­‐interest.  but.    All  Rights  Reserved.New  York  City’s  term  limits  law.  who  would  be  constantly  replacing  incumbents.  How  complicated  would  this  dilemma  be   for  councilmembers  to  analyze  ?  Like  other  aspects  of  Christine’s  political   philosophy.   which  rested  on  the  public  service  myth  of  politicians  and  their  political  staff.   The  emerging  Quinn  doctrine  on  term  limits  was  a  political  philosophy.  Christine  subscribed  to  the  idea  that  powerholders  were   answerable  to  their  constituents.  And  in  the  coming  years.  Instead  of  having  faith  that  politicians  and   their  staff  would  have  the  fortitude  to  take  action  on  demands  from  their   communities.gothamgazette.  something  about  her  first  few  years  in  political  office  transformed                                                                                                                   136  http://old.  once  she  became  a  political  insider.  Why  would  staff  matter  more  to  Christine   than  the  elected   This  was  a  confusing  position  to  take.  In  her  opinion  piece.  who  would  be  charged  with  voting  on  zoning  issues  ?  The   most  controversial  zoning  issues  involve  the  taking  of  public  or  common  property   for  the  private  profit  to  benefit  developers.  in  turn.

   All  Rights  Reserved.  Back  then.  Christine  never  promised  to  be   answerable  to  the  community.   Christine  wanted  voters  to  shift  their  focus  to  political  aides.  Public  officials  could  come  and  go  with  the  election  cycle.   more  importantly.  it  could  trust  her  to  do  the  right  thing.  Rather  than  to  strengthen  restrictions  on  lobbying  or  patronage.  but  she  did  not  recite  vows  to  respect  the  consensus  of  the  community.  of   course.  But  along  with  her   reflections  on  term  limits.   -­‐  61  -­‐     .  and  it  was  unclear  why  Christine  was  putting  all  her   faith  in  staff.  she   supported  citizens  participating  in  their  own  governance.  She  began  to  prefer  for  the  idea  of  the  public  servant  wiser  than  his  or  her   constituency.  Christine  wanted   voters  to  trust  the  judgment  of  the  City  Council  staff  -­‐-­‐  to  have  blind  faith  that  these   unelected  political  insiders  would  have  no  binding  legal  obligation  to  do  the  right   thing  for  voters.  She  made  campaign  promises  to  get  elected.  Christine   wanted  to  spare  any  turnover  on  the  hundreds  of  aides  and  central  staff  members   caused  by  term  limits.  or.Christine.  This   new  philosophy  of  public  service  was  in  contrast  to  her  time  as  an  activist.  strengthen  the  enforcement  of  these  restrictions.  One  could  examine  Christine’s  change  in  philosophy  as  a   product  of  identity  politics.  her  outlook  on  citizen  participation  changed.  when   Christine  was  an  activist  citizen  within  social  movements  seeking  more  affordable   housing  or  for  increasing  the  healthcare  response  to  HIV/AIDS.   The  great  bargain  the  LGBT  community  made  with  Christine  was  that  if  she   got  elected.  but  staff   had  an  indeterminate  value.  Because  term  limits  would  restrict  the  advantages  of  incumbency  for   councilmembers.  who  were  nominally  the  true  legislative  decision-­‐makers.   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.

 real  estate  developers.  Although  the  public  had  some  input.  she  did  not  view  participation  as  important.  Ms.”  she    All  Rights  Reserved.  the  City  Council  staff  be  saved  from  the  constant  turnover  in   councilmembers’  political  aides.  consultants.   Christine  had  promoted  herself  as  a  progressive.  as  a  tenant  activist  -­‐-­‐  how  would   she  handle  complex  land  use  now  that  she  was  part  of  the  political  inside  ?  How   realistic  was  keeping  political  aides  going  to  be  to  fend  off  billionaire  real  estate   developers  and  their  armies  of  white-­‐shoe  law  firm  partners  and  other  lobbyists  ?   Christine  would  have  you  believe  that  the  character  of  political  aides  would  make  a   difference.  or  it  sounded  like  she  was  grasping  at  straws.  “We  must  work  to  preserve  the  expertise  of  the   Council  staff.  Giske   worked  as  a  lobbyist  at  the  very  same  time  that  she  served  as  vice  chair  of  the  New                                                                                                                   137  http://old.gothamgazette.  who  could  afford   expensive  attorneys.shtml     138  http://www.139  Either  this  marked  a  real  public  turning  point  for   Christine’s  relationship  with  voters.   and  lobbyists.137  These  laws  favored  wealthy  real  estate  developers.   among  other  things.shtml     139  http://old.  that  all  voters  had  to  do  was  to  trust  unelected  political  actors  in  our   government.  was  to  advocate  that.     One  of  the  Christine’s  unofficial  political  advisors  was  Emily  Giske.”  And  Christine’s  Band-­‐Aid  approach  to  a   solution  to  eliminating  undue  influence  from  corporations.  Christine  pointed  to  the  complicated  example  of  the  city’s  opaque  land  use  Voters  would  have  to  trust  the  public  service   spirit  of  politicians.  given  her  background  as  a  tenant  activist.   the  public’s  input  was  nonbinding.shtml     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  an  official.  Writing  about  term   limits.  It  was  a  “catch-­‐22.   -­‐  62  -­‐     .

 Giske  offered  Christine  legitimacy  from  within  the  state   Democratic  Party  and  from  Ms.  Don’t  rock  the  boat  .  Giske  partly  rose  to  prominence  in  political  circles   because  of  her  membership  and  activities  in  GLID.  Back  then.  the  often-­‐infiltrated  political  club   of  which  Christine  was  also  once  a  member.York  State  Democratic  Party.  We  need  her  on  the  inside   to  pass  new  laws.142  Ms.hrc.  If   anybody  was  going  to  criticize  Christine.  they  were  going  to  be  met  with  the   admonition  :  “Hush.   -­‐  63  -­‐     .140  Ms.  though  she  would  sometimes  be  described  as  a   political  consultant  to  soften  the  negative  connotation  around  her  work  as  a   lobbyist.  Giske  was  sometimes  described  as  having  a   superficial  outlook  on  the  direction  of  LGBT  equality  and  on  the  evolution  of  the   annual  Heritage  of  Pride­‐gays-­‐party-­‐search-­‐purpose-­‐30-­‐parade-­‐has-­‐gone-­‐ mainstream-­‐movement-­‐s-­‐goals.   As  a  highly  visible  elected  LGBT  politician.  also  come  to  encompass  Ms.  and  she  used  her  position  to  endorse   Christine  during  Christine’s  campaigns  for  those  early  partial  terms  in  the  City   Council.  she  was  also  on  the  Board  of  Directors  of  the  Human   Rights  Campaign  (HRC).org/files/assets/resources/AnnualReport_2001.nytimes.  also  known  as  the  Gay  Pride  Parade  in   Manhattan.htm     142  http://www.  Giske  served  in  a  sense  as  a  public  official  by  virtue  of  her   position  within  the  state  Democratic  Party.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Christine  used  her  first  few  years   as  a  councilmember  to  portray  herself  as  being  a  champion  for  LGBT  equality.  over  time.  The  same  lobbyists  and  their  special   interests  which  concerned  Christine.  Ms.  she’s  here  fighting  for  LGBT  equality.  would.  During  this  time.  otherwise  you  will  jeopardize  our  chances  at                                                                                                                   140  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Giske’s  insider  role  as  lobbyist  and  adviser  to  special   interests.pdf     141  http://christinequinn.   Giske.141  But  even  though  Ms.tripod.

 and  politicians  brandished  their  badges  of  wise  public   servants.  once  a   “good”  politician  was  elected.  as  far  removed  as  it  is.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Once  the  election  cycle   was  over.  and  what  her  legislative  agenda  would  even   look  like.  One  very  prominent  LGBT  civil  rights  activist  based  in  New  York  City   described  the  negative  impact  that  Christine’s  election  to  City  Council  created  for   LGBT  activists.  he  said.  he  blamed  the  perception  that.  which  issues  would  get  a  priority.  Christine’s  election  led  to  the  disempowerment  of  this   voting  public.  For  this.  the  community  has  gone  from  being   mobilized  to  being  demobilized.”  And  thus  a  double-­‐standard  emerged  for   Christine  :  she  was  going  to.  voters  retreated.  there  was  no  more  reason  for  the  community  to  be   thoroughly  engaged.  Rather  than  maintaining  a  voting  public  in  a  state   of  mobilized  participation.   -­‐  64  -­‐     .   when  to  play  an  active  role  in  causes.  as  Christine  did  in  the  time  leading  up  to  the  2001  election  year.  It  would  become  difficult  to  believe  that  Christine  once  believed  in  direct   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  would  have  total  discretion  to   decide  by  herself  when  to  propose  legislation.  get  a  pass  from  LGBT  activists.  because  we  were  all   waiting  around  for  Christine  to  update  the  civil  rights  laws  applicable  to  the  LGBT   community.  who  were   known  to  put  pressure  on  nonresponsive  government  officials.  Duane  on  the  City  Council.   The  election  cycle  gives  voters  their  biggest  opportunity  at  direct   participation  in  their  own  governance.  the  community   organization  essentially  dissolved.  Under  her  influence.finally  establishing  our  civil  rights.  After  the  community  transformed  into  an  organization  to  get   Christine  elected  to  replace  Sen.  Rather   than  listening  to  the  community’s  demands  for  systemic  progressive  reforms  to   increase  direct  democratic  participation.  by  and  large.

 For   Christine  to  join  a  small  group  of  peers  and  basically  tell  the  larger  LGBT  community   to  “stay  away”  from  this  large-­‐­‐inconvenient-­‐woman.participation.                                                                                                                     143   http://www.   -­‐  65  -­‐     .  was  rebuffed  by  organizers  of  the   Millennium  March.  and  she  acted  in  solidarity  with  her  colleagues.inform.  was  mired  in  controversy.htm     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.umd.  the  role  of  direct  action  in  Christine’s   political  ascendancy  would  remain  part  of  her  activist  myth.  Giske  served  on  HRC’s  Board  of  Directors.  with  the  proceeds  of  one  large  concert  going  to  fund  the  work  of  HRC.  which  took  place  over  the  last  week-­‐ end  in  April  direct  action.   Winchell’s  mother  but  not  his  transgender­‐01.  In  a  rare  display  of  national  leadership  on  LGBT  equality  issues.   This  was  during  the  time  when  Ms.  the  main  causes  for  controversy   were  finances  and  transparency.  corporate-­‐sponsored  demonstration  over   criticisms  of  the  demonstration’s  planning  process  was  a  big  deal.  Some  of  the  week-­‐end’s  events  would  benefit  LGBT   organisations.   Under  Christine’s  leadership.   withholding  her  support  from  an  LGBT  march  on  Washington  being  called  the   Millennium  March.   a  private  first  class  murdered  because  he  was  gay.  The  surviving  lover  of  Barry  Winchell.  let  alone.144  Though  it  appeared  intolerant  for  organizers  to  invite  Mr.   Christine  signed  onto  a  consensus  statement  from  New  York  LGBT  elected  officials.  change  would  seem  to  come  in  incremental  and   random  forms.  Indeed.  even  though  her   leadership  style  no  longer  welcomed  or  encouraged  citizen  participation.    All  Rights  Reserved.145  Christine  saw   the  potential  for  harm  from  planning  that  excluded  grass-­‐roots  community  groups   and  activists.html     144  http://www.nytimes.commondreams.html     145  http://www.143    The  Millennium  March.

  Not  only  that.  the  Gay  Activist  Alliance  in  the  '70s.  but  Christine  wanted  transparency  in  the  demonstration’s  finances.   “Denied  are  grassroots  activists  like  the  ones  who  brought  us  ACT  UP  in  the  '80s  and   '90s.  The   statement  that  was  issued  by  Christine’s  office  bore  her  chief-­‐of-­‐staff  Maura   Keaney’s  name  and  telephone  number  as  the  press  contact.  And  on  the                                                                                                                   146   http://www.   On  the  one  Stonewall  itself.   -­‐  66  -­‐     .  and  she  said  that  exclusion  was  not  acceptable.  Being  able  to  display  leadership  like  this  is  rare  in  politics.  Christine  was  arguing  for  giving  the  LGBT  community  a  say  in  its  own   march  on  Washington.umd.  and  in  the  beginning.   Yet.inform.  She  was  not  afraid  to  stand  up.  Christine  did.”146  This  was  Christine  in  her  rarest  of  form  :   taking  a  bold  stand  based  on  progressive  ideals  of  increasing  participatory   democracy.  at  least  in  those  early  years.  but  there  has  been  no   meaningful  financial  accountability.     But  already  there  was  a  dichotomy  emerging  in  Christine’s  political  doctrine.  with   other  opposition.   “Money  has  been  raised  in  the  name  of  the  LGBT  community.”   read  Christine’s  statement.  She  still  had  sensibilities  about  putting  the  integrity  of  the   decision-­‐making  process  above  reaching  situational  politically  motivated  results.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  she  would  begin  to  say  that  the  direct  democratic  votes  that  had   imposed  term  limits  were  dangerous  and  would  lead  to  corrupt  real  estate   developers  taking  advantage  of  unsuspecting  freshmen  councilmembers.  And  the  statement.  had  ripple  effects  on  how  the  Millennium  March  would  be   examined.   against  attempts  to  shut  out  the  grassroots  participation  of  the  LGBT  community.This  was  when  Christine  was  still  showing  the  last  of  her  community-­‐ organizer  mindset.

 Christine   was  able  to  make  this  distinction  in  her  own     True  to  the  suspicions  of  Christine  and  others.  in  most  part.  He  could  not  be  reached  for   an  interview  for  this  book.  and  he  has  a  long  and   distinguished  career  in  reporting  about  LGBT  equality.00  in  debt  that  could  not  be  repaid.   Mr.   -­‐  67  -­‐     .  LGBT  activists   returned  their  attention  to  working  for  LGBT  equality  in  their  local  and  state   elections.  and  accountability.   According  to  The  San  Francisco  Chronicle.  It  ran  up  a  debt  of  about  $1  million  that  had  to  be  forgiven.000.    All  Rights  Reserved.  transparency.  participation.other  hand.147  And  Christine   wasn’t  the  only  major  LGBT  activist  in  New  York  City  to  oppose  the  demonstration.php     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  would  claim  public  service  as  a  purification  of  her   motives.  but  she  was  not  able  to  see  the   contradiction.  Less  than  two  months  after  the  failed  Millennium  March.  helped  to  organize  a  group  to  oppose  what  he  saw  as  a   reckless  demonstration.  But  when  it  came  to  organizing  a  large-­‐scale  LGBT  demonstration  in   Washington.sfgate.  it  wasn’t  enough.  wiser  public  spirited  leaders  didn’t  count.asp     148  The  demonstration  on  Washington  was  not  a  self-­‐supporting   effort.  and   wound  up  with  over  $300.  the  Millennium  March  turned   out  to  be  controversial.  an  attorney  and  member  of   several  LGBT  groups.archive.  she  would  still  say  that  organizations  could  not  have  integrity  unless   there  was  grassroots  support.     Andy  Humm  is  a  journalist  in  New  York  City.  He  also  helped  to  launch  a  Web  page  to  denounce  the   Millennium  March.  Humm  wrote  a  seminal  article  that  was  published  in  the  Gotham  Gazette  under                                                                                                                   147  http://web.  When   it  came  to  government.  Bill­‐Rally-­‐In-­‐Washington-­‐Bares-­‐Deep-­‐Divisions-­‐2762139.148  Once  the  Millennium  March  was  passed  them.advocate.

 which  would   outlaw  “anti-­‐gay  bias  in  jobs.  “The  State  of  Gay  Rights  in  New  York.  housing.  at  that   time.     150  http://www.  “But  despite  New  York's  distinction  as  the   birthplace  of  the  modern  gay     151  http://www.nytimes.149  Mr.  Mr.  Humm   noted  that  there  was  still  an  ongoing  effort  to  add  back  in  transgender  protections  to   the  New  York  City’s  human  rights  law  .  Humm  described  how  New  York  State  lacked.gothamgazette.  From  the  issues  that  Mr.   Humm  outlined.  Humm  has   written  about  LGBT  issues  with  foresight  and  wisdom  from  the  perspective  of   setting  out  a  vision.  a  guidepost  emerges  from  which  to  examine  one  critical  aspect  of   Christine’s  leadership  and  political  ethics  :  what  she  has  delivered  for  the  LGBT   community.  Humm  examined  the  progress  that  the  movement  for  LGBT  civil  rights  had   made  since  the  1969  rebellion  that  started  it  all  at  the  Stonewall  Inn  in  Greenwich   Village.  these  protections  were  omitted  14  years   earlier  when  Mayor  Koch  signed  a  homosexual  rights  bill  into  law.  The  issues  he  raised  in  his  journalism  then  would  make  daily   headlines  a  decade  later  on  issues  such  as  bullying  in  schools.the  headline.  located  right  in  Christine’s  City  Council  district.   New  York  was  supposed  to  be  progressive.  Humm  wrote  in­‐signs-­‐homosexual-­‐rights-­‐bill.  advocates  for   gay  rights  see  the  city  and  state  as  lagging  behind  much  of  the  country  in  its  legal   protections  and  political  support.”  Mr.  and  its  reputation  as  a  haven.   -­‐  68  -­‐     .  an  antidiscrimination  law  that  is  specific  to  LGBT  residents.     In  his  rights  survey.  it  was  supposed  to  be  a  beacon   for  advancement  of  human  rights.151  At  the  time  of                                                                                                                   149  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”  150    Mr.  and  public  accommodations.”  In  his  survey  of  LGBT  equality.

 the  passage  of  the  hate  crimes  bill  was  not  without   controversy  :  it  excluded  protections  for  transgender  New  Yorkers.  was  the  only  state  to  confer  “civil  unions”  on  same-­‐sex   couples.  there  was   federal  legislation  in  the  form  of  the  Defense  of  Marriage  Act  (DOMA).nytimes.  which  “barred   federal  recognition  of  legal  same-­‐sex  marriages  performed  in  any  state  and  gave  the                                                                                                                   152  http://www.  or  sexual  orientation.  which  would  require  all  school  superintendents  in  New  York   state  to  take  steps  to  deal  with  complaints  of  discrimination.  but  legally  acceptable  way  to  offer   “almost  all  of  the  rights  to  which  a  married  man  and  woman  are  entitled.  based  on   “race.  which  was  supposed  to  be  an  inferior.  Mr.gothamgazette.S.  Humm’s  rights  survey  was  predicting  final  passage  of  a  state-­‐wide   hate  crimes  bill.  and  what  role  would   Christine  Quinn  have  in  that  effort  ?   A  critical  item  on  the  agenda  for  LGBT  equality  was  the  Dignity  For  All   Student  Act  (DASA).com/iotw/gayrights/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”  155  As  of  the  date  of  Mr.  no   U.   -­‐  69  -­‐     .  etc.”  And  Mr.paulinepark.  religion.153  154  How  long   would  it  take  LGBT  leaders  to  address  this  2000  omission.  state  had  yet  enacted  marriage  equality  legislation  that  would  extend  marriage-­‐ based  civil  rights  to  loving  and  committed  couples  of  the  same  gender.    The  closest   the  LGBT  movement  had  come  to  accomplishing  this  as  of  2000  was  the  success  in   Vermont.  Humm  warned  that  even  if  New  York   State  residents  wanted  to  enter  into  the  civil  unions  offered  in  Vermont.  at  that  time.  After  intense  organizing.    All  Rights­‐provision-­‐is-­‐sought-­‐in-­‐state-­‐hate-­‐crimes-­‐law/     155  http://www.  though   stopping  short  of  full  legal  marriage.  which.publication.  or  bullying.  George  Pataki.  Humm’s  report.152  In  spite  of  the  surprising  breakthrough  under  a   Republican  governor.html     153­‐march-­‐reflections-­‐by-­‐a-­‐transgendered-­‐woman-­‐of-­‐color/     154  http://cityroom.blogs.  the  bill  would  be  eventually  signed  into   law  by­‐signs-­‐bill-­‐raising-­‐penalties-­‐in-­‐hate-­‐crimes.

 which  would  require  contractors  doing   business  with  New  York  City  to  extend  to  the  same-­‐sex  partners  of  contractors’   employees  domestic  partner  benefits  if  those  contractors  provide  spousal  benefits   to  their  employees.   Humm  had  left  out  was  the  idea  of  an  omnibus  federal  LGBT  civil  rights  law.”  156       At  the  time.   -­‐  70  -­‐     .157  In  Mr.  Humm  pointed   to  a  proposal  that  Christine  was  formulating.”    Even  worse.  when  a  local  domestic  partnership  registry  was  established.  long  battle  was  finally  won  under  the  administration  of  Rudy   Giuliani.  Representatives  Bella  Abzug  and  Ed   Koch.  even  though  no  state  or  nation  allows  gay  couples  to  obtain  a  marriage   license.   The  victory  in  another.  Humm’s  report.     The  year  2000  wasn’t  all  that  long  ago.  like  Christine.  “Thirty-­‐ two  states  passed  laws  barring  recognition  of  same-­‐sex  marriages  performed  in   other  states.  one  of  the  greatest  local  advancements  in  the  civil  rights  of   loving.  Humm’s  report.  when  it  enacted  legislation  passed  by  the  City  Council  to  provide  to  the   same-­‐sex  partner  of  a  city  employee  the  same  benefits  automatically  afforded  to  a   heterosexual  city  employee’s  spouse.  which  were  only  recognized  at  the  end  of  Mayor  Koch’s  administration.  David  Dinkins.  hopes  were  being  pinned  on  a  new  class  of   politicians  being  elected  to  government.  as  of  2000.     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.S.  And  to  add  to  these  gains.gothamgazette.    All  Rights  Reserved.  It  was  under  the  administration  of  the  following   mayor.  but  that  was  it.   according  to     157  http://www.  similar   to  one  that  was  once  introduced  in  1974  by  U.  The  only  issue  that  Mr.  and  fellow  Councilmembers                                                                                                                   156  http://www.thetaskforce.  committed  LGBT  couples  was  the  granting  of  hospital  and  prison  visitation   rights.other  states  the  right  not  to  honor  such  a  contract.

Phil  Reed  and  Margarita  Lopez,  as  opportunities  for  the  LGBT  movement  to  find   legislative  leadership  to  end  de  facto  and  de  jure  discrimination  against  LGBT  New   Yorkers.    Yet,  for  all  these  gains,  Mr.  Humm  pointed  to  resistance  to  the  idea  of  same-­‐ sex  marriage  and  to  ongoing  sensitivity  around  the  St.  Patrick’s  Day  Parade,  which   continued  to  exclude  open  LGBT  participation  ;  these  were  raw,  open  wounds  for   the  LGBT  community  that  could  not  find  a  resolute  political  response,  even  from   political  allies.158  For  the  historical  perspective  that  Mr.  Humm’s  writings  offer,  his   2000  report  is  especially  valuable  and  can  serve  as  a  touchstone  against  which  to   measure  Christine’s  future  performance  in  office  with  respect  to  LGBT  equality   issues.     When  the  U.S.  Supreme  Court  ruled  in  2000  in  favor  of  allowing  the  Boy   Scouts  of  America  to  continue  to  exclude  gays,  Christine,  with  a  bold  sense  of   courage  and  urgency,  almost  automatically  took  a  very  tough,  public  stance  on  the   issue.  Even  though  only  a  small  percent  of  young  boys  pass  through  the  Boy  Scouts,   as  a  rite  of  passage,  it  lives  on  in  Americana  as  a  sentimental,  if  archaic,  symbol  of   character-­‐  and  citizenship-­‐building159  in  spite  of  the  group’s  policy  of   discrimination.  Nevertheless,  Christine’s  response  to  the  Supreme  Court  ruling  was   swift  :  she  said  that,  based  on  the  Boy  Scouts’  exclusionary  powers,  New  York  City   might  be  violating  its  own  human  rights  laws  by  accommodating  Boy  Scouts’   meetings  in  the  city’s  school  buildings.160  Here,  again,  as  in  the  statement  she  issued   criticizing  the  Millennium  March  in  Washington,  DC,  Christine  was  unafraid  of                                                                                                                  
159     160­‐supreme-­‐court-­‐the-­‐reaction-­‐victory-­‐has-­‐consequences-­‐of-­‐ 158    


‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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taking  a  dramatic  position  rooted  directly  on  radical  activist  ideals.  For  the  LGBT   civil  rights  movement  to  build  into  a  critical  mass,  more  leaders  would  need  to  be   bold  and  to  reach  for  true  equality  under  matters  governed  by  civil  laws.  The  LGBT   community  was  investing  a  lot  of  its  hope  of  a  brighter  future  on  leaders  like   Christine.  But  would  Christine  deliver  on  these  expectations  ?   In  spite  of  the  temporary  setbacks  and  the  long  road  ahead,  progress,  if   uneven  and  unequal,  was  still  being  made  to  advance  LGBT  civil  rights,  and   politicians  had  begun  to  court  the  LGBT  community  as  a  voting  block  to  help  win   elections.  And  this  could  be  seen  more  and  more  in  New  York  City  politics.  The   following  year’s  Gay  Pride  Parade  was  continuing  its  path  toward  becoming  more   and  more  a  corporate-­‐sponsored  event,  meaning,  it  was  now  making  a  more   noticeable  shift  to  being  tailored  to  corporate  advertising  budgets  instead  of  LGBT   equality  issues.  The  Pride  Parade  was  also  becoming  to  be  considered  a  politically   safe  event  for  all  politicians  to  attend.  In  2001,  all  six  major  candidates  for  New  York   City  mayor  took  part,  including  two  Republican  mayoral  candidates.  As  usual,  it  was   the  candidate,  who  marched  alongside  Christine  and  Sen.  Duane,  who  garnered  a  lot   of  attention.  That  year,  it  was  Mr.  Hevesi,  who  was  one  of  the  politicians,  who  sent   operatives  to  infiltrate  GLID.   The  year  2001  was  supposed  to  be  a  watershed  year  for  New  York  City   government.  The  term  limits  law,  which  was  passed  twice  by  voter  referenda,  was   going  to  restrict  politicians  to  two  full  terms  in  elected  office.  As  reported  in  the   Gotham  Gazette,  36  out  of  the  51  members  of  the  New  York  City  Council  were  going  

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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to  have  to  step  down.161  Christine  didn’t  have  anything  to  worry  about,  because  her   first  election  was  a  special  election  to  serve  out  the  remainder  of  Sen.  Duane’s  City   Council  term,  so  Christine’s  first  years  in  City  Council  would  not  count.  Yet,  she   would  benefit  from  being  an  incumbent,  as  could  be  seen  from  her  fundraising   results.    Christine  was  now  raising  money  from  real  estate  developers  and  lobbyists   without  fear  of  criticism.  She  was  learning  that  she  could  have  it  both  ways  :   maintain  her  myth  of  being  a  people’s  advocate,  while  also  taking  in  special  interest   money.       The  grassroots  movement  against  career  incumbents  -­‐-­‐  whose  only  concern   was  reelection  rather  than  accountability  to  voters  -­‐-­‐  was  going  to  achieve   something  short  of  a  wholesale  dissolution  of  the  New  York  City’s  legislative  body.   While  voters  were  fed  up  with  incumbents,  some  of  the  municipal  legislators   weren’t  going  to  take  the  forced  retirement  of  so  many  members  sitting  down.  What   happened  when  term  limits  took  effect,  leading  up  to  the  2001  municipal  elections,   is  critical  to  understanding  what  Christine  would  face  seven  years  later.  In  2008,   Christine  would  launch  a  very  public  campaign  against  term  limits,  but  that  was  so   far  away  into  the  future.  Back  in  2001,  municipal  legislators  were  faced  with  an   agonizing  frustration  caused  by  term  limits.  And  according  to  Christine’s   contradictory  political  doctrine,  Christine  was  more  sensitive  about  the  impact  that   term  limits  would  have  on  the  City  Council  staff  than  on  politicians  having  to  abide   by  voter  referenda.  


‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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For  a  freshman  political  candidate  to  win  elected  office,  many  stars  would   have  to  line  up,  and  that  is  because  incumbents  have  many  advantages  provided  to   them  by  political  parties.  For  example,  in  an  analysis  made  by  Lenore  Chester  for  the   Gotham  Gazette  in  2001,  Ms.  Chester  noted  that  political  parties  protected   incumbents  from  the  dangers  to  reelection  posed  by  any  redistricting  process.  If  the   boundaries  of  an  incumbent’s  district  are  to  be  changed,  political  parties  always   intervened  to  make  sure  that  the  “new  districts  are  reconfigured  so  as  to  re-­‐elect  the   incumbent”  ...  .  Another  way  that  political  parties  helped  incumbents  was  by   erecting  difficult  barriers  for  challengers  who  tried  to  get  on  election  ballots.  This   was  done  in  various  ways.  First,  incumbents  benefited  from  the  assistance  of   political  party  officials  at  the  county  and  district  level,  the  provision  of   organizational  support  from  the  political  party,  and  the  provision  of  opposition   work  against  primary  challengers.  In  New  York  City,  candidates  for  public  office   must  gather  a  certain  number  of  signatures  from  registered  voters  on  petitions  in   order  to  qualify  to  appear  on  the  ballot.  Political  parties  helped  incumbents  to   collect  enough  signatures  that  would  survive  challenges,  which  is  important,   because  political  candidates  and  their  supporters  often  raise  questions  with  respect   to  the  petition  signatures  collected  by  their  challengers.  Not  only  that,  but  political   parties  in  New  York,  as  elsewhere,  also  tend  to  nominate  family  members  of   incumbents  to  succeed  incumbents162  as  a  way  to  make  it  more  difficult  for   candidates  without  name  recognition,  outsiders,  or  reformers  to  win  elected  office.  


‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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html     165  http://nymag.  Chester  wrote.  and                                                                                                                   163  http://www.”  New  York  magazine  would  later  report.  and  the  delivery  of.  was  a  reserve  fund  controlled  by  the  City  Council   speaker.  taxpayer  money  could  be  steered  to  individuals  or  groups  that  would   benefit  an  incumbent’s  next  reelection  effort.   especially  legislators.165  The  approval  process  for.  are  able  to  steer  taxpayer  money  to  projects  that  benefit  their   constituents.    All  Rights  Reserved.  are  fraught   with  controversy.  the  practice  of  using  member   items  continued.   “member     166  http://nymag.  Incumbents.  Another  major  advantage  that  benefits  incumbents  of  the  New   York  City  Council.  164  In  New  York     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Ms.  legal.gothamgazette.”  wrote   Ms.html     164  http://www.  able  to  relate  to  and  agree  with  the  national   anti-­‐incumbency  sentiment  that  led  to  the  approval  of  term  limits  here  in  New  York   City.  166  Not  much  was  known  at  the  time   about  some  of  these  secret  budgetary  advantages  enjoyed  by  incumbents.  Chester.  For   example.  But.”  which  are  approved  by   the  Speaker  of  the  City  Council.  nonetheless.”  as  these  annual  disbursements  are  sometimes  called.  councilmembers  request   “annual  disbursements  of  tax  dollars  to  community  groups.  In  the  beginning.  Yet.   the  allocations  made  from  the  reserve  fund  came  to  be  regarded  as  political  rewards   to  the  supporters  of  the  City  Council  speaker.  Progressive  voters  wanted  politicians  to  focus  on  delivering  social.  over  time.  for  example.  but  New   York  City  voters  were.“It  is  no  surprise  then  that  incumbents  often  run  for  re-­‐election  unopposed.  163   But  the  advantages  enjoyed  by  incumbents  don’t  just  stop  there.   -­‐  75  -­‐     .com/searchlight2001/feature7.  the  reserve  fund  was  said  to  be  used  to  “correct  errors”  or   “respond  to  emergencies.  because  the  allocation  can  be  based  on  political  motivations.gothamgazette.

 who  favored  repealing  term   limits.  she  would  be  fulfilling  her  mandate.  the  committee  met  for  a  vote  under   immense  pressure  from  incumbents  supporting  the  repeal  and  outside  groups   wanting  term  limits  to  remain  in  effect.  Councilmembers  strategized  to  send  up  a  test  balloon  on   repealing  term  limits  by  way  of  a  bill.    Also.  The  councilmembers.  On  March  15.     A  backlash  began  to  take  form  in  2001  among  some  councilmembers  :  some   incumbents  wanted  to  overturn  term  limits.  Christine  would  risk  losing   her  political  legitimacy.01.  introduced  into  the  City   Council  by  22  members167  and  sent  to  the  Governmental  Operations  Committee  for   review  and  further  action.168  Speaker  Vallone  told  the  press  at  the  time   that  he  opposed  the  repeal.  she  was  elected  with  the  expectation  from   progressives  that  she  would  deliver  reforms.  As  long  as  she  was  achieving  legislative   results.  he   was  adhering  to  a  fair  procedure  of  allowing  the  appropriate  committee  to  review   and  decide  the  fate  of  the  bill.  in  spite  of  his  personal  opinions  about  the  bill.  But  if  a  time  came  when  her  political   agenda  would  deviate  from  progressive  or  LGBT­‐is-­‐dreck/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  explained  their  motivation  as  “maintaining  the  continuity  and  ‘institutional                                                                                                                   167  http://gothamgazette.economic  solutions  -­‐-­‐  not  on  protecting  their  incumbencies.05.   -­‐  76  -­‐     .  known  as  Intro  880.  Incumbents  wanted  to  keep  running  for   office  without  restrictions.  In  Christine’s  specific  case.     168  http://observer.  And  right  here.  the   merging  of  two  separate  expectations  by  progressives  would  convey  to  Christine  her   political  political  authority.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and.  she  was  elevated  from  being   a  community  organizer  to  a  political  aide  to  an  agency  figurehead  to  a  politician  in   order  to  deliver  on  LGBT  equality.

  Patriotism  -­‐-­‐  if  it  is  understood  correctly  -­‐-­‐  is  not  compatible  with   contempt  for  the  institution  of  government.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.gothamgazette.  Patriotism  and  Freedom  are  not  mutually  exclusive  virtues.   -­‐  77  -­‐     .  Only  a  fool  exercises  his  or  her  right  not  to  vote.  which  approved   term  limits.     But  they  require  commitment  and  appreciation.   Thomas  Paine  understood  this  in  1776  when  he  because  the  voters.                                                                                                                   169  http://www.  they  decide   who  shall  decide.  Christine  publicly  told  the  Gotham   Gazette  in  2001  that  she  did  not  support  the  repeal  of  term  limits.   5-­‐4.170     But  the  full  City  Council  would  not  get  a  chance  to  vote  on  Intro  880.  A  freshman  Republican  councilmember  from  Staten  Island.   but  rather  they  are  intertwined  and  interdependent  ingredients  of  the   greatest  experiment  in  representative  democracy  ever  conceived  by   man.  The  bill   was  defeated  in  the  Governmental  Operations  Committee  by  the  narrowest  of  votes.  Stephen  Fiala.  who  decide  who   shall  represent  them  in  our  representative  form  of  government.  and  parts  of  it  were   especially  moving  :   …  Citizen  apathy  and  frustration  are  not  new  to  our  nation  -­‐-­‐  or   our  city  -­‐  but  the  level  of  contempt  for  and  disengagement  from  our   democratic  institutions  are  new  and  pose  a  real  threat  to  our  way  of  life.memory’  ”  of  the  City  Council.  chose  to  limit  the   terms  of  their  representatives.  His  speech  was  inspiring.  And  Freedom  -­‐-­‐  if  it  is  truly   appreciated  -­‐-­‐  is  not  compatible  with  disengagement  from  your  civic   responsibilities.  we  esteem  too  lightly  .  Although  he  did  not  agree  with  the  concept  of  term  limits."   …  Ours  is  a  representative  form  of  government  -­‐-­‐  known  as  a   republic  -­‐-­‐  meaning  simply  that  people  do  not  decide  issues.  In  our   democracy.  it  is  dearness  only  that   gives  everything  its  value.    All  Rights  "What   we  obtain  too  cheaply.169  For  her  part.html     170  http://www.  stood   up  and  gave  a  rousing  speech  in  defense  of  the  two  voter  referenda.   Councilmember  Fiala  voted  against  the  repeal.

 namely.  at  the  same  time.   The  death  of  our  democracy  is  not  likely  to  be  an  assassination   but  by  ambush.  how  telling.html     172  http://www.  voter  referenda.  the  Republican  from  Staten  Island  was  affirming  the  role  of   direct  democracy  in  our  representative  form  of  government.  civility.gothamgazette.   Our  democracy  hangs  in  the  balance.  Councilmember  Fiala   would  become  a  modern-­‐day  defender  of  Progressive  Era  reforms.  But  this  is  not   the  means  of  doing  so.   Term  limits  need  to  be  reconsidered  and  repealed.  reasonableness.  It  will  be  a  slow  extinction  caused  by  Councilmember  Fiala  was  saying  that  voters  had  the   final  say  on  which  politicians  “shall  decide”  on  their  behalf.171   And  with  Councilmember  Fiala’s  vote  and  his  impassioned  appeal  for   “virtues  of  calmness.   indifference  and  undernourishment.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.gothamgazette.  For  if  the  integrity  of  the  process  is   questioned  then  that  slow  extinction  caused  by  apathy.   As  much  as  I  disagree  with  the  outcome  of  both  referenda   elections.  that  in  these  polarizing  political  times.  I  nonetheless  recognize  the  importance  of  respecting  the   integrity  of  the  electoral  process.172  By  having  instituted  term  limits  through  the  direct  democracy  reform   that  was  made  possible  by  the  gains  made  during  the  Progressive  Era  in  the  United   States.  its  health  is  in  jeopardy.                                                                                                                   171  http://www.   …  It  is  with  that  hope  -­‐-­‐  and  as  Edmund  Burke  would  charge  us  -­‐-­‐   my  best  judgment  that  I  vote  NO.”  voters  who  had  twice  approved  term  limits  were  going  to  have  their  wishes   respected.  detachment.  While  he  had  serious   disagreements  with  term  limits  and  their  effect  on  the  continuity  of  certain  elected   government  officials.  and  concern  for  the  long-­‐ term.   -­‐  78  -­‐     .  How  fortunate   and.…  As  wrong  as  term  limits  are  -­‐-­‐  and  they  are  -­‐-­‐  the  means   prescribed  in  redressing  this  wrong  are  potentially  worse.    All  Rights  Reserved.  indifference  and   undernourishment  will  only  be

  George  Pataki  to  become  the  County  Clerk  of  Richmond  County.  And  when  she  was  a  lowly  chief-­‐of-­‐staff.  And  this  meant   that  the  political  party  apparatus  had  to  carry  out  this  ethic.  and   candidates  had  an  obligation  to  act  in  the  best  interest  of  citizens.173  This  defender  of  the  people’s  voice  was  taken  out  of  electoral   politics.  She  was  a  relatively  new   councilmember.  and  ensuring                                                                                                                   173  http://www.  the  self-­‐dealing  by  incumbents  was  a  violation  of  the   reforms  that  tried  to  end  corruption.  which  covers  all  of   Staten  Island.  because  governments  were  in   charge  of  providing  security  and  resources.  the  City  Council  could  blatantly  act  in  a  self-­‐serving  or  self-­‐ dealing  manner.   All  of  this  -­‐-­‐  the  efforts  by  incumbents  to  challenge  the  will  of  two  voter   referenda  -­‐-­‐  was  playing  out  for  Christine  to  see.  not  just  the  government   itself.   -­‐  79  -­‐     .nytimes.  she  had  an  inside  view  to  the   machinations  that  determined  the  legislative  agenda.  The  fight  against  corruption  was  a  central   underpinning  of  the  movement’s  ideals.  She  had  already  mastered  the  art  of  photo   ops.  That’s  how  the  party  system  dispatched  him.”  as  one  source  said.  Christine  watched  as  the  effort   to  overturn  term  limits  was  defeated.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Councilmember  Fiala  resigned   from  the  City  Council  in  order  to  accept  an  appointment  made  by  Republican  Gov.  but  she  was  not  an  entirely  naïve  newcomer  to  the  scene.  Elected  politicians  had  a  greater  obligation.  but  this  episode  would  inform  her  entire   worldview  :  at  any  time.     For  progressives.  Christine   was  not  an  “innocent.progressives  in  the  liberal  city  of  New  York  would  find  a  crucial  ally  in  the   Republican  Party.  Political  parties  put  forth  candidates.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis­‐2001-­‐elections-­‐the-­‐council-­‐new-­‐look-­‐shaped-­‐by-­‐the-­‐ primary-­‐comes-­‐into-­‐focus.  administering  justice.  Not  too  long  after  his  historic  vote.

  not  in  their  own  self-­‐     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Ms.integrity  in  our  representative  form  of  democratic  governance.  As  with  the  case  with  Councilmember  Fiala.  who  all  came  into  political                                                                                                                   174  http://nymag.  and  voters  had  rightly  come  to  demand  that   candidates  for  public  office  had  to  be  motivated  to  act  for  the  greater  public  good.  New  York  magazine  published  a  list  of  the  top  101  New   Yorkers.  as  opposed  to.  Owles  once  ran.  the  hope  of  creating   meaningful  change  would  rest  on  freshmen  politicians.  who  had  the  least  vested   interest  in  maintaining  the  status  quo.  and  special  interests  ?  On  some  level.   excepting  the  LGBT  equality  issues.  the   experiment  her  supporters  were  making  with  Christine’s  political  career  could  be   said  to  have  been  made  decades  ago  with  Ms.  say.     The  problem  with  freshmen  politicians  coming  up  through  the  political  party   system  was  the  same  all  over  :  could  they  come  up  without  having  to  make  deals   with  political  gatekeepers.  As  progressives  in  the  West  Village  and  in   Chelsea  -­‐-­‐  and  the  LGBT  community  in  all  five  boroughs  -­‐-­‐  looked  to  Christine.    All  Rights  Reserved.  lobbyists.  Greitzer  had  served  in  office  for  22  consecutive  years.  Duane  and  three  other  politicians.174  Christine  was   lumped  in  with  Sen.  who  were  openly  gay  or  lesbian  and  in  positions  of  power.  Greitzer.  economic.   -­‐  80  -­‐     .  and   legal  reforms  and  advancements  ?  Was  she  going  to  be  different  ?   Early  in  2001.  But  political  parties   were  the  source  of  leadership.  it  was  up  to  citizens  to  create  grassroots  support   for  new  leadership.  And  so  where  political  parties  failed  on  their  duty  to   deliver  reforms  against  corruption.  Until  she  was  finally  unseated   from  office.  the  former   councilmember  against  whom  Mr.  who  was  really  going  to  promote  social.  was   she  going  to  be  the  politician.  Ms.  Greitzer’s  reform-­‐minded  career.

 to  inspire  others  to  come  out  of  the  closet.  an  LGBT  civil  rights  activist  and  political   operative.  fashion.  and  who  was  putting  themselves  out  there  to  be   the  poster  children  for  this  revolution  ?   One  of  the  keys  to  understanding  the  ethics  of  Christine  was  to  observe  and   analyze  to  what  extent  she  challenged  the  status  quo.   Christine’s  friend.  Others.  Ms.  the  gossip  columnist  Liz  Smith.   This  combination  reflected  the  uneven  changes  in  social  and  cultural  attitudes   within  the  category  LGBT  equality.  and  Allen  Roskoff.  And  the  New  York   magazine  list  made  only  one  mention  of  a  bisexual.  because  gays  and   lesbians  in  important  positions  in  government  and  business  were  developing  the   courage  to  come  out  of  the  closet.  Giske.  and  publishing.  the  lobbyist  and  Democratic  Party  insider  .  was  supposed  to  lead  to  a  social  during  the  1990’s.  the  notable  activist  who  had  opposed  the  Millennium  March  .  But  what  was  that  social   revolution  supposed  to  look  like.  gays   and  lesbians  did  not  find  supportive  environments  in  all  industries.  Christine’s  appearance  on  the  list  also  put  her  name   alongside  Mr.  New  York  magazine  named  none  to  its  list.  The  New  York  magazine  piece   described  the  list  as  an  important  touchstone  in  LGBT  history.  who  appeared  on  the  list.  and  the  one  bisexual.  Finance  and   professional  sports  were  singled  out  as  especially  unfriendly.  AIDS   activist  Larry  Kramer  .  included  out  gays  and  lesbians  with   distinguished  jobs  in  the  arts.  and  how  she  allowed  the   process  of  conducting  the  city’s  business  to  serve  as  a  conduit  to  facilitate  a  social   transformation.  The  courage  of  this  incomplete.  yet  visible  group   of  out  gays  and  lesbians.  As  the  New  York  magazine  article  noted  then.   In  spite  of  growing  transgender  activism.    All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  81  -­‐     .  like  creating  a  safe  and  nurturing  space  for  LGBT  New  Yorkers  to   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Dobbs.

 but  also  on  behalf  of  her  progressive  constituents  ?   A  few  months  after  the  New  York  magazine  story  was  published.  to  basically  be  used  for  photo  ops  and  sound  bites  ?  Or  was   she  going  to  really  undertake  the  serious  work  of  supporting  community  organizing   and  consensus-­‐building  in  order  to  facilitate  transformational  breakthroughs  -­‐-­‐  not   just  for  LGBT  civil  rights.  tried  to  defund  New  York   City’s  Division  of  AIDS  Services.  that  he  would  not  support  making  marriage  equally  available  to   loving  and  committed  LGBT  couples.  to  just  serve  as  a  token   LGBT  leader  in  politics.  Wall  Street   billionaire  businessman  Michael  Bloomberg  waved  a  rainbow  flag  and  marched  in   that  year’s  Gay  Pride  Parade  alongside  the  caustic  Mayor  Giuliani.177  and.  period.  Bloomberg  was  quoted  in  The  New  York  Times  as  having  said  that                                                                                                                   175  http://www.  Print.nytimes.  Even  though  by  and  large  the  laws  that   determined  who  could  get  married  were  written  and  enforced  by  state­‐sees-­‐more-­‐revenue-­‐for-­‐the-­‐city-­‐than-­‐giuliani.  Would  Christine  tackle  the  social  determinants  that  caused  LGBT  youth  to   become  homeless  ?  Was  she  going  to  take  the  easy  route.html     177  http://www.176  manufacture  budget   shortages  to  threaten  budget  cuts.  at  least  once.  and  to  train  new  leaders.nytimes.  rise  up  through  community  organizing.html     178  Bull.178  Mr.  Although  Mr.   -­‐  82  -­‐     .  One   often  neglected  segment  within  the  LGBT  community  were  issues  surrounding  LGBT   youth.html     176  http://www.come  out.   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.nytimes.  Bloomberg  would  become  as  paradoxical  on   LGBT  issues  as  Mayor  Giuliani  was  known  to  be  antagonistic.  "Cutting  It-­‐Close  :  New  York  City’s  mayor  relents  on  AIDS  budget  cuts  -­‐-­‐  but  for  how  long  ?"  The   Advocate  14  June  1994:  20.”  he   said.  at  the  time.   Bloomberg  had  said  that  he  believed  that  all  discrimination  was  “wrong.175  who  used  cruel   and  aggressive  tactics  to  attack  the  social  safety  net.    All  Rights­‐parade-­‐underscores-­‐candidates-­‐unity-­‐on-­‐gay-­‐ issues.  Chris.­‐rules-­‐against-­‐city-­‐on-­‐welfare.

 Hevesi  was  operating  a  mayoral  campaign  with  no   official  independent  campaign  headquarters  and  with  only  four  paid  staff  members.  Carrick  &  Guma.  Green.  his  stopping  short  of  full  commitment  to  LGBT  equality  was  one  more   warning  signal  to  liberals  in  New  York  that  the  mayoralty  had  to  return  to  a   progressive  Democrat.nytimes.   In  the  lead-­‐up  to  the  Democratic  primary  election  for  mayor.  in  the  political  consulting  firm  of   Morris.  Hevesi.   Green.  like  Mr.  A   different  camp  of  Democrats  were  supporting­‐parade-­‐underscores-­‐candidates-­‐unity-­‐on-­‐gay-­‐ issues.he  had  a  laissez-­‐faire  approach  towards  marriage  rights.  voters  saw  the  standard  political  flimflam  of  an  average  municipal   election  year.   Bloomberg’s  worldview  that  government  should  take  a  hands-­‐off  approach  to  social   justice.  Mr.   Hevesi  had  a  close  relationship  as  both  a  friend  and  a  client  of  a  powerful  political   consultant.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Mr.  Keaney.    All  Rights  Reserved.  who  was  a  name  partner  along  with  Mark  Guma.  during  the   summer  of  2001.                                                                                                                   179  http://www.  Hevesi  or  Mr.  Christine  and  her  team  were  supporting  Mr.  Mr.  Hevesi  took  a  hit  in  the   press  over  what  he  saw  as  a  cost-­‐saving  approach  to  his  campaign  spending.  the   husband  of  Christine’s  chief-­‐of-­‐staff.  everyone’s  hope  was  that  power  in  City  Hall  would  swing   back  to  the  Democratic  Party.   -­‐  83  -­‐     .  nothing  that  anybody  hadn’t  seen  before.  to  allow  the  city  to  make  up  for  the  regression  that   progressives  had  experienced  under  Mayor  Giuliani’s  two  terms.  period.  Ms.  “I  don't  think  it's  the   government's  business  to  tell  anybody  who  they  should  be  married  to  or  who  they   can  marry.  and  on  a  new  crop  of  leaders.  in  Hank  Morris.”179  But  because  New  York  City  was  about  to  complete  two  terms   under  Mayor  Giuliani.  The  hopes  of  making   progressive  gains  were  being  pinned  on  stalwart  Democrats.  Given  Mr.  like  Christine.

 Hevesi’s   supporters  defended  this  arrangement  as  a  way  for  the  Hevesi  campaign  to  be  able   to  funnel  its  resources  into  TV  ads.  virtually  every  attempt  to  regulate  campaign  contributions  and   spending  has  been  stymied  by  some  politicians  or  consultants  who  have  intrepidly   poked  a  hole  in  the  system  -­‐-­‐  including.  Hevesi   with  use  of  office  space  for  a  campaign  headquarters  and  the  use  of  its  office   equipment.  the   arrangement  with  Mr.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.html     181  http://www.  such  as  the   time  of  Mr.  Morris.    All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  84  -­‐     .nytimes.html     182  http://www.  Mr.”182­‐s-­‐a-­‐campaign-­‐debt-­‐between-­‐friends.  and  The  New  York   Times  put  the  context  of  the  Morris-­‐Hevesi  controversy  in  terms  of  the  reforms   instituted  in  the  wake  of  President  Richard  Nixon’s  blurring  of  electioneering  ethics.  This  was  a  similar  charge  that                                                                                                                   180  http://www.  Morris  was  providing  Mr.  Morris’s  assistance  to  Mr.     The  way  that  The  New  York  Times  described  Mr.  Morris’s  political  consulting  firm  was  providing  substantial   assistance  to  Mr.”  There  was  a  larger  danger  to  the  electoral  process.  181  It  cannot  be  determined  the  value  of  other  incidentals.  while  his  critics  judged  this  arrangement  as  a   backdoor  way  for  the  Hevesi  campaign  to  receive  unfair  financial  support  that  was   not  being  declared  to  the  Campaign  Finance­‐s-­‐a-­‐campaign-­‐debt-­‐between-­‐­‐s-­‐a-­‐campaign-­‐debt-­‐between-­‐friends.  and  this  arrangement  was  coming  under   serious  criticism  for  its  questionable  ethics.  the  New  York  City  system.  Morris’s  own  paid  office  staff  in  the  form  of  volunteers.  it  now  seems.   Hevesi’s  mayoral  campaign  was  “either  the  ruthless  exploitation  of  the  city's   campaign  finance  law  by  an  unscrupulous  campaign  or  the  single-­‐minded  frugality   of  Mr.180  Cloaked  as  one  friend  helping  another.nytimes.nytimes.  Hevesi’s  campaign.according  to  The  New  York  Times.   “Since  Watergate.   which  its  supporters  have  described  as  the  best  in  the  nation.

 who  was  a  powerful  political  consultant  :  would  favors  be  traded  on  a  quid   pro  quo  basis  ?  Were  they  deliberately  trying  to  circumvent  the  city’s  campaign   finance  law  ?  Speaker  Vallone  told  The  New  York  Times.”  183   What  critics  found  troubling  with  Mr.  to  progressive  and  reform  Democrats.fordham.  even  though  Ms.  Both  the  Duane  and   Quinn  campaigns  shared  the  same  campaign  office  then.  So   if  you  can  find  a  loophole.  as  were  the  Hevesi   campaign  and  Mr.  Hevesi.cgi?article=1553&context=ulj&sei-­‐ redir=1&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.  “The  whole  point  of  the  law   was  to  make  it  a  level  playing  field  so  that  money  doesn't  determine  the  outcome.   City  Council  Speaker  Vallone  was  one  of  one  of  the  leading  Democratic  candidates  in   the  primary  against i%253Farticle%253D1553%2526context%253Dulj%26ei%3DNDUuUJr7OqOEygGs0IDYBw%26usg%3DAFQjC NHViq_d2r0fdOXuLZegJFPex_l3_A%26sig2%3DP1MTfEiTe5CjwkkmJprdkQ#search=%22campaign%20finance %20law%20author%20peter%20vallone%20nyc%22     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Keaney   was  being  paid  by  the  Duane  campaign  for  the  state  Senate  to  work  on  his  shoe-­‐in   campaign  in  the  November  1998 20finance%2520law%2520author%2520peter%2520vallone%2520nyc%26source%3Dweb%26cd%3D6%26v ed%3D0CFkQFjAF%26url%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fir.  then  the  law  is  not  doing  what  the  law  is  supposed  to  be   doing.  which  limits  “influence  of   private  money  on  candidates.  and  Speaker  Vallone  was  credited  with  being  one  of   the  authors  of  the  campaign  finance  law  in  New  York  City.  Morris’s   political  consulting  firm  was  the  ethical  dilemma  that  accepting  unpaid  help  from  a   friend.was  hurled  at  Christine  during  the  1999  special  election   -­‐  85  -­‐     .  the  size  of  assistance   and  the  potential  for  external  influence  on  a  campaign  were  not  so  easy  to  overlook.  this  Mr.  We’d  been  here   before.  Keaney  was  volunteering   for  Christine’s  campaign  in  the  February  1999  special  election.  Hevesi’s  arrangement  with  Mr.  when  Ms.”  For  his  part.  Morris  defended  his  actions.  but.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Morris’s  consultanting  firm  in  the  2001  and  he  portrayed  it  as  business                                                                                                                   183  http://ir.

 Morris  said  he  was  astonished  by   all  the  attention  being  paid  to  his  unusual  business  arrangement.  which  were  scheduled  to  take  place  on  Tuesday.html     185  http://www.  especially  if  they  were   reformers.  Councilmember   Fiala.  and  political  parties  no  longer   supported  reformers.  Mr.  “  usual.nytimes.  early  in  their  official­‐s-­‐a-­‐campaign-­‐debt-­‐between-­‐friends.  in   order  to  put  an  end  to  the  controversy  being  caused  by  the  appearance  of  a  conflict   of  interest  over  Mr.  who  stand  up  for  reform.   Hevesi’s  campaign  was  ordered  to  pay  Mr.  2001.  Elected  officials.”  184  Eventually.   -­‐  86  -­‐     .  This  was  the  way  that  politicians   and  their  consultants  conducted  political  campaigns  in  New  York  City.185   And  so  it  was  during  the  summer  of  2001.  Reformers  challenged  the  status  quo.  except  to  Christine                                                                                                                   184  http://www.  September  11.  it  was  difficult  to  intercede.   Candidates  flooded  the  memberships  of  influential  LGBT  political  clubs  to  get  their   endorsements.  because.  Hevesi’s  and  one  LGBT  ally  candidate  was  coming  under  fire  for  allegations   that  he  was  flouting  the  campaign  finance  law  for  possibly  accepting  free  or  cut-­‐rate   services  from  a  powerful  political  consulting  firm.  are  banished  into  an  invisible   paper-­‐pushing  post  out  in  Staten  Island.  politicians  figure  out  that  the   political  system  on  the  inside  abhors  reformers.  You  had  Christine  taking  more   campaign  money  from  developers  and  lobbyists.  as  seen  with  what  happened  to  our  hero.  If   progressives  saw  anything  wrong  with  this.  describing  it  as  no   different  from  the  way  he  had  served  any  of  his  other  clients.  leading  up  to  the  primary   elections.000.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Morris’  unpaid  work  on  Mr.  It’s  not  known.00.  as   we  have  seen.   At  some  point.  political  parties  put  up  barriers  to  challengers.nytimes.  Morris  an  additional  $240.  The  New  York  Times  reported  that.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.

 Christine  found  crucial  support  for  the  High  Line  from   Councilmember  Gifford  Miller.  her  whole  raison  d’ê     The  year  2001  was  also  a  critical  year  for  an  important  development  project.  once  she  became   a  councilmember  herself.  The  New  York  City  Council  approved   an  allocation  of  $125.00  of  taxpayer  money  in  the  form  of  a  grant  to  the  Friends   of  the  High  Line.  and  it  would  be  from  this  project  that  she  would   learn  the  benefits  of  having  political  influence  over  real  estate  development  projects                                                                                                                   186  http://www.  with  AIDS   activists.  with  tenant  activists.  At  its  origins.  when  she  later  became  a  campaign   manager  and  then  a  political  aide  to  then  Councilmember  Duane.  There   was  more  than  a  sense  that  people  pushed  Christine  up  the  ladder.  or  even  later  than  that.  reforms.herself.  and  LGBT  equality.   the  High  Line  in  Manhattan’s  Lower  West  Side.  and  with  her  progressive  supporters.  186  It  would  be  the  beginning  of  a  valuable   partnership  between  the  two.  At  the  time.designtrust.  The  premise  of  Christine’s  political  career.  was   not  her  own  political  advancement.    All  Rights  Reserved.  her  career  was  supposed  to  be  all   about  her  bargain  with  the  LGBT  community.  The  High  Line  would  be  the  first  large-­‐scale  redevelopment  project  that   Christine  would  help  champion.000.  with  women’s  rights  groups.  la  Promenade   plantée.  when  she   eventually  became  an  agency  head  at  AVP.  But  hers  was  a  career  that  was  supposed  to  lead  to   reforms.  so  she  could   legitimately  boost  progressive  causes.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  when  she  figured  that  out  for  her  own  political  career  -­‐-­‐  either  when  she   was  a  political  activist  in  her  early  youth.  The  scope  of  the  High  Line  project  would  nominally   transform  an  old  abandoned  elevated  railroad  into  an  open  public  space  and  pattern   it  after  a  very  successful  and  similar  project  undertaken  in  Paris.   -­‐  87  -­‐     .

   All  Rights  Reserved.187  But  the  flood  of  new  building.  and.  much  less  expanding.  she  would  write  a  letter  on  the  community’s  behalf  to  at   least  superficially  protest  the  elimination  of  affordable  housing.  inflate  targeted  property  values.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  which.  Gentrification   had  long  ago  come  to  SoHo  .   The  High  Line  project  would  foreshadow  future  zone-­‐busting  real  estate   development  deals.  The  High  Line  project  would  act  to  give  speculators   affirmation  of  the  impending  gentrification  of  these  formerly  forgotten  parts  of   Manhattan.  now.  like  she  did  in  1999   when  the  McBurney  YMCA  was  on  the  verge  of  closing  and  displacing  long-­‐term   residents.  was  being  transformed  into  an  art  gallery  district  led  by  the  never-­‐ ending  churn  in  real  estate.  And  maintaining.  displacing  many  low-­‐income  tenants.   eventually  even  to  Hell’s  Kitchen.  and  market  rents  would  keep  rising   all  across  her  Council  district.  by  and  large.   -­‐  88  -­‐     .  The  Meatpacking  District  was  playing  catch-­‐up  to  West  Chelsea.  by   the  late  1990’s.  to  go  forward.  the  West  Village.  which  Christine  would  support.  Already  the  owners  of  formerly  downtrodden  real  estate  in  the   Meatpacking  District  were  slowly  beginning  to  renovate  or  erect  new  luxury   buildings.  affordable   housing  would  remain  an  elusive  ideal.  And  as  the  business  of  real   estate  in  her  Council  district  was  moving  onward  and  upward.  it  was  coming  to  Chelsea.  Christine  knew   enough  not  to  let  her  former  tenant  and  affordable  housing  activism  stand  in  the   way.  especially  in  the  Meatpacking  District.that  would  gentrify  neighborhoods.   would  be­‐chelsea-­‐sheds-­‐its-­‐tenants-­‐34-­‐men-­‐used-­‐single-­‐ rooms-­‐know-­‐new-­‐homes-­‐will-­‐be.nytimes.  If  she  was  moved.  even  in   the  face  of  market-­‐driven  real  estate  speculation.  not  to  be  put  on  the  political  agenda.                                                                                                                   187  http://www.  and  enrich  real   estate  developers.

 The  constant  grumble  over  Christine’s  early  political  career  would   continue  :  she  was  facing  criticism  over  her  decision-­‐making  process  as  an  elected   official  from  within  the  LGBT  community.    All  Rights  Reserved.  which  took   place  back  during  the  1999  special  election.  According  to  the  Gotham  Gazette.  Christine  had  been  facing  a  challenger  in  the  Democratic   primary  for  her  City  Council  seat.  She  was  now  an  incumbent.  Christine  would  learn  first  hand   the  powerful  advantages  of  being  an  insider.     Mr.”  (Although  not  exactly  specified.   questioned  in  the  press  Christine’s  ability  to  work  with  other  Democratic  Party   activists.  when  Christine  blew  off  an  important   political  club.  Christine  was  beginning  to  reflect  the  culture  of  incumbents.  he  pointed  to  the  discord.  She   began  to  exhibit  the  constant  concern  over  reelection  by  making  sure  to  appeal  to   powerful  business  interests  pushing  the  High  Line  project.  As  such.By  2001.  which  would  create  vast   private  wealth  for  owners  of  expensive  Manhattan  real  estate.  He  also  criticized  Christine  over   her  leadership  style.  Victor  Mendolia  was  a  community  organizer  and  a   member  of  the  direct  action  group.  who  could  not  be  reached  to  be  interviewed  for  this  book.  and  he  had  launched  a  campaign  to  run   against  Christine.  she  was  facing   an  easy  reelection.  telling  the  Gotham  Gazette  that  she  had  “alienated  many  in  the   community  and  on  the  City  Council.   -­‐  89  -­‐     .  it  can  be   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  ACT  UP.  instead  of  challenging   authorities  on  behalf  of  powerless  low-­‐income  constituents.  with  all  the   privileges  and  benefits.  And  from  the  upcoming  election.  Christine  had  become  a  professional  at  photo  ops  and  token   gestures  that  would  give  the  impression  of  sincerity.  Mendolia.  The  grand  bargain  that  voters   had  come  to  make  :  to  elect  a  former  community  organizer  to  political  office  was   already  backfiring.  the  Village  Independent  Democrats.

 September  11.   New  Yorkers  would  wake  up.  Mendolia  eventually   dropped  out  of  the  race  because  of  health  issues.deduced  that  Christine’s  temperament  was  at  issue.)  But  Mr.  and.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  the  early  birds  would  begin  going  to  the  polls  at  6   a.  in  a   position  of  easily  coasting  to  a  win.  for   -­‐  90  -­‐     .  things  were  looking  even  better.  so  Christine  was.                                                                                                                     188  http://www.  Hell   would  have  to  freeze  over  before  voters  in  the  Third  City  Council  district  of  New   York  would  ever  elect  a  Republican.  with  each  passing  day.189  -­‐-­‐  it  would  be  the  day  of  the  political  party  primary  practically  speaking.html     189  http://www.  2001.    All  Rights  Reserved.gothamgazette.m.  Christine’s  only  competition  would  be   a  candidate  on  the  Republican  ticket.  Everybody  was   expecting  just  another  day  of  business  as  usual.gothamgazette.188    Things  were  looking   good.  On  the  morning  of  Tuesday.  Michelle  Bouchard.  and  Christine  ran  for  reelection   with  no  challenger  leading  up  to  the  primary.

 St.   Spencer  Eth.  Doctors.html     192     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Vincent’s  Hospital  had  treated  hundreds   of  survivors.  was   quoted  by  CNN  as  having  said  that  day.  As  time  went  on   and  it  became  apparent  that  there  weren’t  going  to  be  many  survivors.  the  behavioral  sciences  unit  director  at  St.response/  In  the  immediate   aftermath  of  the  coordinated  terrorist  attacks  on  the  World  Trade  Center.  to  donate  blood.  lined  up  outside  St.  and  medics  were  prepared  to   receive  a  large  influx  of  patients  for  triage  at  St.  would   create  more  casualties  than  survivors  with  immediate  acute  injuries.  New   Yorkers.   -­‐  91  -­‐     .  Vincent’s  Hospital.cnn.  and  the  subsequent  collapse  of  the  skyscrapers.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Vincent’s  Hospital  in  the  Lower  West   Side  of  Manhattan.  to  receive  survivors..  but  they  were  ordered  closed  about  five  hours  later.  answering  their  own  humanitarian  call  to  give  what  they  could  to  help  the   rescue  and  response  effort.panynj.m.192  but  there  were  thousands  of  people  still  missing.  nurses.  families  are  facing  the  terrible  likelihood  that  their  loved  one  is  dead.  to  return  to  a  normal  life.  Pataki  declared  a  state  of  emergency190  and  issued  an  executive  order  to  close   the  polls.  after   Gov.  the  friends   and  families  of  the  victims  at  the  World  Trade  Center  posted  flyers  with  the  names                                                                                                                   190  http://www.  the  closest  Level   I  Trauma  Center  to  Ground  Zero.”  Dr.  who  lived  through  the   horror  of  the  September  11  attacks.191  It  would  take  a  very  long  time  for  anybody.  Vincent’s  Hospital.Chapter  4   On  the  morning  of  September  11.  But  the  impacts  of  each  jet  on   each  of  the  Twin­‐091101.  polling  locations  for  the  New  York  primary   elections  opened  at  6  a.  “As  each  hour   goes  by.html     191  http://www.

 and  the  world  were  coming  to  terms  with   the  horror  of  these  acts  of  war.html     194  http://transcripts.”  Sen.10.  October  11.  September  25.   so  he  could  continue  to  supervise  the  recovery.194   Eight  days  after  the  attacks.  the  nation.nytimes.  Mr.  so  that  Mayor  Giuliani  could  run  for  a  third  term  in  office.   Two  days  later.  King  asked  Sen.     While  New  York                                                                                                                   193  http://www.   -­‐  92  -­‐     .html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Sen.and  photographs  of  their  missing  loved  ones  on  the  outside  walls  at  St.  I'm   wondering  if  they're  going  to  repeal  the  term  limits  that  keeps  him  from  running   again.  within  four   days  of  the  attacks.  Clinton  praised  Mayor  Giuliani.  I  happen  to  think  he's  a  wonderful  leader.  politicians  were  having  to  come  to  terms  with  the   elections.  “The  people  of  New  York  City  know   Rudy  Giuliani  and  they  know  he  may  have  some  warts.  Gov.  people  began  to  openly  call  for  the  overturning  of  the  term  limits   in  effect  in  New  York  City.  John  McCain  told  Jeff  Greenfield  on  CNN.  a  special  session  of  the  state  legislature  rescheduled  the  primary   elections  to  Tuesday.  Clinton  if  she  would  support  the  extension  of  term   limits  to  allow  Mayor  Giuliani  to  stay  in  office.193  Mayor  Giuliani  had  earned  almost   global  sympathy  and  respect  for  his  handling  of  the  response  to  the  September  11   attacks.  but  they  know  that  he's  a   very  efficient  and  capable  guy.  then  they   would  take  place  on  Thursday.  Vincent’s   Hospital.  Even  though  he  was  known  for  his  antagonistic  personality.  hoping  that  their  loved  ones  were  lost  instead  of  among  the  dead  in  the   smoking  and  smoldering  rubble  at  Ground  Zero.  Clinton  was  interviewed  on  Larry  King  Live   on  CNN.  Sen.    All  Rights  Reserved.   but  she  said  that  she  would  not  support  the  extension  of  term  limits.  If  run-­‐off  elections  were  Pataki  had  postponed  the  primary  elections  across  New  York  State.

 Mayor  Giuliani  was  playing  coy  with   reporters.  I  think  -­‐-­‐  agrees   that  he  has  done  a  superb  job.  in  the  rule  of  law.  and  Fernando  Ferrer  -­‐-­‐  said  term  limits  should  not  be  extended  for  Mayor   Giuliani.  no  matter  how  great  a  job  he  is  doing.  his   caring  and  concern  have  really  shown  a  bright  light  for  a  lot  of  people  in   this  darkness.  Hevesi.  but  his  compassion.                                                                                                                   195  http://edition.195   Less  than  two  weeks  after  the  attack.   we  have  to  believe  in  our  democracy.   But  I  also  think  it  is  important  to  recognize  that  in  a  democracy.   no  matter  how  superb  a  person  is.  Mayor  Giuliani  was  publicly   avoiding  answering  press  questions  about  whether  he  supported  the  overturning  of   term  limits  so  that  he  could  serve  another  term  as  mayor.  enlisted  [in]  the  war  against  terrorism.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  196  For  about  two  weeks  after  the  attacks.  Giuliani  piously  insists  he  has   "not  had  time  to  think  about  it"  and  says  this  is  not  the  time  to  talk   politics.  journalists  from  the  all-­‐news  cable  TV   channel  NY1  and  The  New  York  Times  co-­‐hosted  a  forum  for  three  of  the  leading   Democratic  candidates  running  for  New  York  City  mayor.   Green.  Elections  are   absolutely  essential  to  how  we  conduct  our  affairs.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  our  country.  And  not  just  where  one  would  have   expected  it  in  his  determination  and  know.  According  to  a  press   report  by  Eric  Fettmann  in  The  New  York  Post.   -­‐  93  -­‐     .  everyone  -­‐-­‐  everyone  in  the  world.html     196  http://www.   I  do  hope  and  anticipate  that  the  mayor  will  work  every  minute   of  the  remaining  days  in  his  term.     The  problem  right  now  is  that  what  started  as  the  mayor  being   carried  along  on  a  "keep  Rudy"  public  groundswell  is  starting  to  look   like  an  ever-­‐evolving  series  of  back-­‐room  political  machinations  by   everyone  concerned  -­‐-­‐  the  mayor   Asked  publicly  about  his  decision.  All  three  -­‐-­‐  Mr.  Mr.  and  then  be  given  the  kind  of   responsibility  that  will  enable  him  to  keep  working  for  the  city  he  loves   and  be.cnn.  frankly.  And   I  would  be  concerned  that  we  would  upend  that  respect  for  the  rule  of   law.

nypost.  he  was   letting  his  ego  get  in  the  way  to  believe  that  a  newly  elected  mayor  would  enter  into   a  “power-­‐sharing  arrangement”  with  the  former  officeholder.latimes.  even  the  emotions  of  our   political  leaders.   “One  alternative  approach  that  Giuliani  is  said  to  be  exploring  calls  for  a  ‘power-­‐ sharing  arrangement’  permitting  him  to  stay  temporarily  in  office  while  a  new   mayor  learns  the  ropes.  Speculation  focused  on   whether  the  state  legislature  or  the  New  York  City  Council  would  overturn  the  term   limits  law.nydailynews.  And  the  mayor  himself  took  time  out  over  the   weekend  to  record  a  late  automated  phone  message  for  comptroller   candidate  Herb  Berman.  It  seemed  that  Mayor  Giuliani  thought  that  the  next  mayor  would                                                                                                                   197  http://www.  Randy  Mastro  and  Joe  Lhota  have   all  been  working  the  phones  to  the  news  media  pushing  the  "keep  Rudy   mayor"  effort  along.198  But  there  would  not  be   enough  time  to  do  that.But  top  advisers  Randy  Levine.  The  Los  Angeles  Times  reported  that  Mayor  Giuliani  and  his   political  advisers  were  looking  for  novel  ways  for  Mayor  Giuliani  to  stay  in  office.   then  the  voters  should  do  it  via  another  voter  referendum.”199  Even  though  Mayor   Giuliani  had  been  doing  a  great  job  at  seeming  to  keep  the  city  together.197   For  all  the  confusion  that  the  postponement  and  rescheduling  of  the  primary   and  run-­‐off  elections  were  causing.    All  Rights  Reserved.”  a  popular  word  used  to  describe  the  effect  of  the  effort  to  extend   term  limits  in  the  aftermath  of  the  September  11­‐50551     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  a  veteran  political  observer  said.   -­‐  94  -­‐     .  A  spokesman  for  the  New  York  State  Assembly  Speaker  Sheldon  Silver   said  that  the  speaker  believed  that  if  voters  wanted  to  repeal  the  term  limits     198  http://articles.  But  people’s  emotions   had  become  out  of  touch  with  reality  -­‐-­‐  apparently.  Mayor  Giuliani  was  now  throwing  the  elections   into  “­‐09-­‐24/news/18367548_1_term-­‐limits-­‐mayor-­‐giuliani-­‐repeal     199  http://articles.

com/2001/11/07/nyregion/the-­‐2001-­‐elections-­‐the-­‐council-­‐new-­‐look-­‐shaped-­‐by-­‐the-­‐ primary-­‐comes-­‐into-­‐focus.  37   members  were  going  to  be  serving  in  the  municipal  legislature  for  the  first  time.   solely  because  of  his  or  her  celebrity  -­‐-­‐  or  illegitimate  without  validation  from  him  alone.  But  because  in  New  York  some  politicians  are  known  to  shuttle   between  elected  offices  in  Albany  and  New  York  City  during  their  political  career.  Three  new   councilmembers  were  the  children  of  retiring  councilmembers.  One  of  the  fresh  faces  chosen  by   voters  was  John  Liu.200  Once  the  new  City   Council  would  convene  in  the  new  year.   Could  she  be  counted  on  to  remember  why  she  went  into  politics  ?   The  outcome  of  the  2001  elections  was  a  setback  for  professional  politicians   and  led  to  a  nearly  wholesale  turnover  of  the  City  Council.                                                                                                                     200  http://www.  like   Albert  Vann.   Some  new  blood  was  coming  into  the  City  Council.  were  all  witnessing  one  more  attempt  to   circumvent  the  two  voter  referenda  governing  term  limits.  Of  the  51  seats  in  the  City  Council.nytimes.  Melinda  Katz.  Mayor  Giuliani’s  extreme   attachment  to  public  office  showed  why  it  was  important  to  have  integrity  in  orderly   election  succession.  including  Christine.  Bloomberg  was   ushered  into  power  over  other  candidates.   continuing  Republican  control  over  City  Hall.  Councilmembers.  and  Larry  Seabrook.  among  others.   some  of  the  new  councilmembers  had  actually  once  been  state  legislators.  who  had   just  failed  to  overturn  term  limits.  many  junior  councilmembers  would  find   themselves  in  positions  of  leadership.   -­‐  95  -­‐     .  Elections  could  be  corrupted  if  voters  were  deceived  into   believing  that  one  politician  had  more  authority  than  other  political  candidates.    All  Rights  Reserved.  It  was  into  the  belly  of  this  whale  that  Christine  had  descended.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  And  among  those  looking   on  was  Christine.  who  were  seasoned  city  administrators.  Mr.

 But  now.And  in  the  days  and  weeks  after  the  September  11  attacks.     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  would  arrange   for  Christine  to  meet  a  new  girlfriend.  in  the  aftermath  of  the  attacks.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Ms.   Christine  was  to  find  love.  After  Christine  had  used  her  first  longtime   companion.  Giske.  to  get  elected  in  the  first  February  1999  special  election.  one  of  Christine’s  closest  friends.  Could  Christine  lead  the  charge  and  call  for  a  restoration  of   progressive  ideas  in  our  government  ?                                                                                                                         201  http://www.  Christine  would  find  herself  as  a  focal  point  in   voters’  demands  for  checks  and  balances  on  the  incoming  Bloomberg   administration.   Christine  had  ended  their  relationship.  as  the  city  would   try  to  put  on  a  strong  face  and  deal  with  false  bomb  threats.  Ms.  real  anthrax  powder   scares.201  As  she  moved  up  into  a  leadership  position  in  the   vacuum  created  by  term  limits.  the   successful  Albany  lobbyist  and  Democratic  Party  official.  and  still  more  terrorism  fears.   -­‐  96  -­‐     .

 And  some  people  would  thrive  in  the  aftermath  of  the  attacks.  Mr.html     203  http://christine-­‐quinn-­‐sold-­‐out.  as  psychologically  devastating  as  it  was.nytimes.   -­‐  97  -­‐     .com/2001/11/07/nyregion/man-­‐in-­‐the-­‐news-­‐finding-­‐a-­‐new-­‐mission-­‐michael-­‐rubens-­‐ bloomberg.  but  the  mayor-­‐elect  had  spent   over  $50  million  of  his  own  wealth  to  self-­‐finance  his  campaign.blogspot.  Hevesi  for  little  or  no  cost.    In  his  argument  for  self-­‐financing  his  own­‐elections-­‐campaign-­‐finance-­‐record-­‐spending-­‐ bloomberg-­‐raises-­‐questions-­‐about.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis­‐lebowitz-­‐ows-­‐christine-­‐quinn.                                                                                                                   202  http://www.  and  legal   disasters.html     204  http://www.  Morris  was  helping  Mr.  But  the  billionaire  mayor-­‐elect  had  found  a   situational  narrative  for  justification  :  his  business  acumen  would  help  the  city   recover  from  the  economic  devastation  of  the  September  11  attacks.  that  he  would  do  the  right  thing.  too.203  Not  only  that.  Bloomberg  was  putting  situational  ethics  over  process.  Mr.  Bloomberg.Chapter  5   The  utter  trauma  of  September  11.  and   that  was  the  justification  Mr.  Bloomberg   was  resting  on  the  age-­‐old  reasoning  of  the  wise.  Bloomberg  used  to  violate  the  spirit  of  taking  money   out  of  politics.  Mayor   Bloomberg  was  so  wealthy  -­‐-­‐  his  fortune  was  estimated  to  be  $4  billion  in  2001202  -­‐-­‐   that  he  forewent  the  opportunity  to  move  into  Gracie  Mansion.  political.  The   indisputable  truth  was  that  New  York  City  had  suffered  real  economic  shocks.nytimes.   such  as  when  Mr.  a  decision  that  critics   like  Fran  Lebowitz  would  later  say  was  a  warning  sign  of  the  mayor’s  imperious   attitude  toward  the  less  fortunate.204  The  flouting  of   the  city’s  reform-­‐oriented  campaign  finance  laws  that  everybody  howled  about.  was  being   openly  run  around  by  Mr.  Like  Mayor   Giuliani  before  him.  public-­‐spirited  elite  -­‐-­‐  we  had  to   put  our  trust  in  him.    All  Rights  Reserved.   would  become  a  tsunami  that  would  go  on  to  create  economic.  opting  instead  to   continue  occupying  his  luxurious  Upper  East  Side  mansion.

  After  about  six  weeks  in  office.The  city’s  finances  were  in  more  severe  shambles  than  reported.  like  St.  Mayor   Bloomberg  faced  an  almost  $5  billion  hole  in  the  city  budget.  And  as  New  York  would  forever   anchor  one  focus  in  this  endless  elliptical  churning  of  politically  motivated  fear-­‐ mongering.205  Safety-­‐net  hospitals   would  become  targets  of  more  reckless.  attention  would  always  focus  on  City  Hall  :  would  the  mayor  and  City   Council  enable  a  rising  domestic  militaristic  response.  But  the  problems  in   New  York  were  not  just  municipal  in  nature  .  Mayor  Bloomberg   would  launch  into  what  would  become  his  annual  effort  to  slash  and  burn  the   number  of  firehouses  and  firefighters  in  New  York  City.  To  cut  costs.   -­‐  98  -­‐     .    All  Rights  Reserved.  short-­‐sighted  efforts  to  just  slash   government  budgets.  like  the   FDNY.  or  would  New  York  set  an   example  of  reason  ?  While  progressives  across  the  nation  looked  on  in  disgust  and   disapproval  as  Democrats  in  Washington  did  nothing  to  stand  up  to  the  Patriot  Act.8  billion  from  the  city  budget.  Mayor  Bloomberg  began  to  circulate  plans  to   slash  $1.   progressives  across  the  five  boroughs  would  keep  waiting  for  New  York  City   Democrats  to  do  something  about  the  onslaught  of  regressive  policies  about  to  be   unleashed  here  in  the  city.  some  parts  of  the  city’s  recycling  program  would                                                                                                                   205  http://articles.  had  proven  to  be   critical  in  the  immediate  aftermath  of  the  September  11­‐02-­‐13/news/18198138_1_cost-­‐of-­‐living-­‐wage-­‐increases-­‐city-­‐hall-­‐ spending-­‐plan     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  Level  I  trauma  centers.nydailynews.   The  attacks  would  spur  an  endless  and  unaffordable  war  on  terror.  Vincent’s  Hospital.  there  were  also  national  implications.  And  even  though  first  responders.  and  civil  rights   and  civil  liberties  would  be  diminished  in  the  paranoid  and  partisan  mindset  of   militant  Republican  aggressors  in  Washington.

 over­‐east-­‐side-­‐councilman-­‐has-­‐speaker-­‐s-­‐job-­‐all-­‐but-­‐ won.  like  senior  citizen  centers.  who.nydailynews.  told  The  New  York  Times.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  in  turn.html     209­‐11-­‐24/news/18202256_1_property-­‐tax-­‐tax-­‐hike-­‐mayor-­‐bloomberg     208  http://www.  The  New  York  Times  reported  that  those   13  incoming  councilmembers  were  “predisposed  to  support”  his  speakership.  Of  the  25  candidates  who   he  had  supported.  Speaker  Miller  turned  to  the  support  of  Democratic   Party  leaders  of  Queens  and  the  Bronx.  David­‐hall-­‐avoids-­‐deep-­‐cuts-­‐but-­‐full-­‐bill-­‐may-­‐come-­‐ later.  the  council   elected  a  new  speaker  :  Gifford  Miller.  Speaker  Miller  had  been  the  councilmember.206  By  the  end  of  2002.  “I  think  it’s  unfortunate  that                                                                                                                   206  http://www.  who  would  face  an  even  larger   net  increase  due  to  the  relentless  compounding  of  annual  increases  for  those  in   rent-­‐stabilized  apartments  and  the  out-­‐of-­‐control  free  market  rents  in  New  York.nydailynews.  208  209   When  the  City  Council  reconvened  after  the  start  of  the  new  year.easily  be  suspended.html     207  http://articles.  taxes  would  be   raised  by  an  incredible  18%  for  property  owners.  13  won  their  elections.  To  do  that.210   Speaker  Miller  ran  a  parallel  strategy  to  find  more  support  among  other   councilmembers.  put  pressure  on  their   corresponding  councilmembers.  came  under  attack  and   would  remain  targets  for  annual  budget  cuts  by  Mayor  Bloomberg.  to  support  the  new  incoming  speaker.   -­‐  99  -­‐     .    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  future  taxpayers  would  be  saddled  with  debt  that  was   borrowed  to  finance  regular  city­‐hall-­‐avoids-­‐deep-­‐cuts-­‐but-­‐full-­‐bill-­‐may-­‐come-­‐ later.   Other  social  safety  net­‐02-­‐18/local/28628713_1_budget-­‐cuts-­‐daycare-­‐budget-­‐plan     210  http://www.207    but.   who  had  helped  Christine  pass  the  special  grant  to  fund  a  study  for  the  development   of  the  High  Line.  He  was  elected  to  Speaker  after  running  on  a  strategy  of  helping  to   elect  many  of  the  new  candidates  running  for  City  Council.  the  regressive   impact  would  disproportionately  fall  upon  renters.  One  new   councilmember.

212    In  return.  Rather  than  being  a   system  where  the  councilmembers  decide  who  will  be  their  leader.211  And   Christine  learned  to  really  broker  leadership  positions  from  this  experience.html     213     What  is­‐speaker-­‐plans-­‐to-­‐cut-­‐stipends-­‐for-­‐himself-­‐and-­‐ others.shtml     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  or  lulus.html     214  http://www.000.gothamgazette.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Miller’s   speakership.  Indeed.  Miller’s  speakership.  or  legal  reforms.  It  would  be                                                                                                                   211  http://www.  the  entire   system  hinges  on  political  party  bosses  of  certain  counties.00  lulu  in  connection  with  her   Health  Committee  chair  was  brokered  by  the  party  bosses.  a  colloquial  term  for  the  cash   payments  that  are  given  to  councilmembers  in  leadership  posts  in-­‐lieu-­‐of  expenses   that  the  leadership  role  may  cause  to  be  incurred.  economic.  and  she  provided   crucial  support  to  the  new  speaker’s  campaign.”  referring  to  Mr.nytimes.nytimes.  213  Committee  chair  appointments  were  coveted  not  just   because  of  the  influence  that  the  positions  afforded.214  All  this  is  to  say  that  Christine’s  inside   strategy  to  bring  about  progressive  reforms  would  get  co-­‐opted  by  a  political  system   emphasizing  the  advancement  of  high-­‐ranking  incumbents  instead  of  developing  or   implementing  social.html     212  http://gaycitynews.  For  her  support  in  the   speakership  campaign.   Christine  had  a  close  working  relationship  with  Speaker  Miller.  Christine  was  beginning  to  go  along  with  the  broken  system   that  decides  who  will  become  Speaker  of  the  City  Council.  she  was  rewarded  with  her  choice  of  a  chair  appointment   to  the  Health  Committee.   -­‐  100  -­‐     .  Christine  received  a  $15.  Christine  was  described  to   be  part  of  the  “war  room”  cast  of  characters  “engineering”  Mr.  but  also  because  leadership   appointments  also  come  with­‐east-­‐side-­‐councilman-­‐has-­‐speaker-­‐s-­‐job-­‐all-­‐but-­‐ won.

 Ramirez  was   willing  to  accept  a  “combined  post  of  deputy  majority  leader  and  Housing  and   Buildings  Committee  chairman.  but  Christine  would   side  with  a  system  where  political  bosses  would  get  to  decide  the  leadership  of  the   City  Council.nydailynews.   Christine  would  throw  the  progressive  ideal  of  increasing  direct  voter  participation   under  the  bus.  who  would  be  carrying  the  voters’­‐01-­‐08/news/18198023_1_term-­‐limits-­‐speaker-­‐committees     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”215  As  Councilmember  Yassky  pointed  out.  Thomas  Manton.  The  Bronx  County  Democratic  political  boss.  it  became  apparent  that  Mayor  Bloomberg  would   two-­‐time  LGBT  equality.  was  promised  that   councilmembers  loyal  to  him  would  be  named  as  chairs  of  Finance  Committee  and   the  Land  Use  Committee.  not  the  councilmembers  recently  elected  by  the  voters.   Speaker  Miller  would.  it  was  reported  that  Mr.    When  there  was  money  involved.  Christine  ought  to  have  fought  for  a  system  that   considered  voter  sentiments  in  the  election  of  the  legislative  leadership.   -­‐  101  -­‐     .   Early  in  his  administration.  The  arrangement  that  Speaker  Miller  made  with  the  county  bosses  in   Queens  and  in  the  Bronx  was  that  if  the  county  bosses  supported  his  speakership.     As  a  self-­‐described  progressive.  For  example.    All  Rights  Reserved.   the  Queens  County  Democratic  political  boss.  Alternatively.  the   county  bosses  would  decide.  He  supported  the  exclusion  of  LGBT  participants  in  the                                                                                                                   215  http://articles.  appoint  councilmembers  loyal  to  the  respective   party  bosses  as  chairs  of  the  City  Council’s  most  powerful  committees.  Robert   Ramirez.  But   Christine  now  had  a  personal  financial  incentive  to  go  along  with  allowing  county   political  bosses  to  decide  the  speakership.  was  seeking  the  chair  position  on  Land  Use  Committee  for  a   councilmember  loyal  to  him.  in  exchange.

 and  it  has  been  proven  that  it  doesn't  work."  was  Christine’s  reaction  to  The  New  York  Daily  News.  No  reason  to  believe  this  mayor  can.  “but  I  think  marching  with  us  in  Queens  is  the  right   thing  to  do.  “If  the  mayor  actually  analyzed  the   history  of  the  struggle.  would  be  there  to  help  the   mayor  get  out  of  some  of  his  difficult  positions.  "This  is  great.  cozy  up  to  hard-­‐core  Catholics.  Mayor  Bloomberg   would  learn  how  to  diffuse  political  criticism  by  finding  situational  supporters   among  vocal  constituency  groups.annual  St.shtml     217  http://articles.  at  the  same  time.  Mr.  Patrick’s  Day  Parade.   -­‐  102  -­‐     .  founded  and  organized  by   Brendan  Fay.02.  “Many  people  have  tried  to  work  with  the  Ancient  Order  of  Hibernians  from   within.”216    But  Mayor  Bloomberg   would  find  a  way  to  triangulate  his  way  around  early  LGBT  critics  by  marching  in  an   LGBT-­‐inclusive  St.   who  favored  a  policy  of  exclusion  against  LGBT  parade  he  would  see  that  his  decision  is  wrong.  in  this  case.   after  it  was  announced  that  Mayor  Bloomberg  was  going  to  march  in  the  LGBT-­‐ inclusive  St.  This  early  transgression  prompted   Christine  to  speak  out  against  Mayor  Bloomberg.  Patrick’s  Day  Parade  in  Queens.  Patrick’s  Day  Parade.  The  mayor  was  learning  to  appease  his  critics   among  the  LGBT  community  and.  back   in  2002.”  Christine  said.    All  Rights  Reserved."217  With  the  issue  of  the  St.  Well-­‐respected  Hibernians  have   tried  and  couldn't.nydailynews.gothamgazette.  And  Christine.  Patrick’s  Day  Parade  on  Fifth  Avenue.  who  was   watching  Mayor  Bloomberg  embrace  situational  ethics.  is  a  mistake.                                                                                                                   216  http://www.  "I  still  think   marching  on  Fifth  Ave.  adding.  This  would  be  the  beginning  of   Christine’s  subjugation  to  Mayor  Bloomberg.”  Christine  was  quoted  as  having  said  about  the   mayor’s  double-­‐­‐02-­‐06/news/18191901_1_day-­‐parade-­‐marching-­‐mayor-­‐bloomberg     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Fay.

   All  Rights  Reserved.  no  progressive  or  liberal  politician  would   be  willing  to  stand  up  to  the  NYPD.  Mayor  Bloomberg  would  find  support  from  a  former   mayor.  reading.  And  just  like  Mayor  Bloomberg  had  found  in  Christine  a  situational   supporter  on  the  St.  Ed  Koch.   Community  leaders.  This  agreement  forbade  police  from  monitoring  the  lawful   political  activities  of  activists  and  protesters.  Patrick’s  Day  Parade  issue.  such  as  Larry  Kramer  and  Allen  Roskoff.  blamed  Mayor  Koch   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   Because  of  New  York’s  size  and  the  focal  point  it  became  on  the  war  on   terror.   politicians  were  trying  to  rally  support  around  expanding  police  authority  without   supervision.  it  would  come  to  be  revealed  that  the   NYPD  had  a  perpetual  pattern  of  misusing  its  authority  to  suppress  political  dissent.  or  you  are  with  the   terrorists.When  it  would  come  to  one  of  the  greatest  civil  liberties  problems  of  our  time   -­‐-­‐  an  issue  that  takes  a  lot  of  understanding.  In  the  case  of  loosening  the  restrictions  of   the  Handschu  Agreement.”  Even  though  time  and  time  again.  which  revealed  that  the  police  were  infiltrating  groups  and   spying  on  activists.  the  mayor  would  continually  turn  to   political  enablers.  expanding  the  NYPD’s  powers  came  to  be  portrayed  as  important  to  national   security.     Former  Mayor  Koch  had  a  controversial  relationship  with  LGBT  activists.  “Either  you  are  with  us.  with  the  no-­‐win  accusation  of.  who  would  offer  him  situational  support  on  the  controversial   issue  of  excusing  aggressive  NYPD  tactics.  What  came  to  be  known  as  the  Handschu   Agreement  was  a  1985  court  settlement  that  stemmed  from  a  1971  trial  of  radical   civil  rights  activists.  and  exploration  -­‐-­‐  whether  the   New  York  Police  Department  should  be  allowed  to  weasel  out  of  a  court-­‐supervised   order  known  as  the  Handschu  Agreement.   -­‐  103  -­‐     .

villagevoice.php     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.for  not  doing  enough  in  New  York  City’s  initial  response  to  the  AIDS  pandemic.  in  the  beginning.  or  GRID.  to  a  newly  created  post  of                                                                                                                   218  http://nymag.   -­‐  104  -­‐     .  What  kind  of  government  do  we  was  known  as  a  gay  disease.  Indeed.   Critics  of  Mayor  Koch  said  that  although  that  Mayor  Koch  was  widely  thought  to  be  a   closeted  gay  man.  the  beginnings  of  increased  domestic  surveillance  in  New  York  City   can  be  traced  back  to  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  appointment  of  David  Cohen.  Mayor  Koch  had  served  three  terms  as  mayor  of  New   York  City.  a  former   high-­‐ranking  CIA  intelligence  and  operations  official.   who  no  longer  have  any  public  mandate.    All  Rights  Reserved.  the  then-­‐new  and  unexplained  cluster  of   sick  and  dying  gay  men  was  being  described  by  a  proposed  name  :  the  Gay-­‐Related   Immune  Deficiency.  In  Mayor  Koch.  and  his  own  arc  of  politics  should  have  informed  him  to  make  wiser   choices.218  In  fact.  Mayor  Koch   evolved  into  a  powerful  politician.  when  former  office   219  http://blogs.  Mayor  Bloomberg  had  found  an  important   situational  ally.  his  shame  and  lack  of  courage  on  LGBT  issues  made  Mayor  Koch   avoid  having  anything  to  do  with  dealing  with  AIDS  out  of  fear  of  being  associated   with  what.  and  his  history  of  throwing  his  own  community  and   his  progressive  ideals  under  the  bus  made  him  an  ideal  situational  supporter  to   Mayor  Bloomberg.  whose  own  mayoral  administrations  had  become   beset  by  corruption  scandals.219  But  over  the  years.  in  the  time   before  HIV/AIDS  was  better  understood.  can  exert  such  regressive  influence  on  our   government  ?  How  could  this  be  allowed  ?   In  2002.  Mayor  Koch’s  rise  to  political  prominence  had  been  built  on  a   platform  of  opposing  machine-­‐style  politics.

  -­‐  105  -­‐     .nyc.  and  new  grassroots  social  movements   would  necessarily  need  to  take  shape  to  pressure  progressive  office  holders.  When  the   political  cards  are  so  stacked  in  favor  of  the  political  party  that  would  seemingly   support  progressive  reforms.  Police  would  begin  a  decade-­‐long  effort  to   initiate  surveillance  of  innocent  people  of  faith  and  would  expand  a  controversial   tactic  known  as  stop-­‐and-­‐frisk.  what  would  explain  the  failure  to  make  advancements   on  difficult  social.  and  legal  problems  ?  And  this  is  where  political   accountability  for  stagnation  and  regression  rolls  up  to  our  Democratic  political   leaders.  opportunities  for  making  advances  would  be  lost.  the   City  Council  would  always  be  composed  of  a  super-­‐majority  of  Democrats.  the  general   consensus  of  municipal  politicians  continued  to  be  to  refrain  from  imposing  an   independent  monitor  over  the  NYPD.  Mayor   Bloomberg  prioritized %2Fpr020-­‐02.220  Even  as  the  economy  was  in  free-­‐fall.  Cohen’s  appointment  over  even  trying  to  patch  up  the  $5   billion  hole  in  the  New  York  City  budget.    All  Rights  Reserved.  past   achievements  would  become  unraveled.  economic.  What                                                                                                                   220     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  How  would  Christine  respond  to  these  civil  liberties   and  civil  rights  violations  ?   What  never  seemed  to  make  sense  in  a  city  like  New  York  was  that  even   under  the  recent  oppositional  aspect  of  a  Republican  mayoral  administration.  As  Christine’s  career  began  an  ascendant  trajectory  as  a  consequence  of  the   imposition  of  term  limits.b270a4a1d51bb3017bce0ed101c789a0/index.Deputy  Commissioner  of  Intelligence.  And  as  national  political  machinations   allowed  paranoia  to  triumph  over  civil  rights  and  civil  liberties.jsp?pageID= nyc_blue_room&catID=1194&doc_name=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.

 Mr.  Stuyvesant  Town.  On  whose  behalf  would  Christine   advocate.  with  her  self-­‐ proclaimed  tenant  advocacy  background.  Humm’s  detailed  2000   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  who  were  seeking   support  from  the  billionaire  enabler  mayor.  handle  these  issues  ?  And  how  many   advancements  would  the  LGBT  community  make  under  Mr.  the  City  Council  would  once  again   participate  in  still  yet  another  effort  to  change  the  term  limits  law.  the  public   relations  consultant  who  was  a  former  member  of  Chelsea  Reform  Democratic  Club.  neighborhood  activists  or  real  estate  developers  ?  Andrew  Berman.  In  2003.  But.    All  Rights  Reserved.  in  the  years  to  come.  the  socialite  City  Planner  under  Mayor   Bloomberg.  such  as  Starrett  City.   From  his  work  in  civic  politics.  the   NYPD  would  thwart  a  huge  anti-­‐war  demonstration.  and   Peter  Cooper  Village.   Zone-­‐busting  real  estate  deals  would  be  proposed  by  developers.  this  time  against  the  Republican  National  Convention.  would  be  put  up  for  sale.explains  this  contradiction.   -­‐  106  -­‐     .  Duane.  and  how  would  Christine  maneuver  through  these   political  obstacles  ?   “Christine  Quinn  always  identified  with  the  more  progressive  or  liberal  wing   of  the  LGBT  Democrats.  would  emerge  as  a  leading  voice  for  historical   preservation.  the  group  I  count  myself  among.  because  Amanda  Burden.  How  would  Christine.  Tenant  issues  would  come  to  the  fore  as   large  affordable  housing  complexes.  These  projects  would  propose  to  tear   up  the  special  social  fabric  of  New  York  City.  Ryan  had  observed  Christine’s  work  over  many   years.  how  would  Christine  handle  the  challenges  that   would  face  New  York  City  ?  Before  2002  was  out.  a   former  chief-­‐of-­‐staff  to  Sen.  the  NYPD  would  again   thwart  massive  protests.  would  recommend  so  many  zone-­‐busting  projects  that  a  stronger   preservation  movement  would  be  needed.  In  2004.”  said  Phil  Ryan.

 Maura  Keany.  It's  been  shown  that  voters  can  organize  to  vote   political  bosses  out  of  office.  like  Christine.   Greitzer.  until  Tom  Duane  took  her  place.  which   he  then  turned  over  to  Christine.  And  after  the  near  collapse  of  the  global   economy.analysis  of  civil  rights  ?  What  would  be  Christine’s  involvement  and  contribution  to   making  advancements  on  those  and  other  LGBT  civil  rights  issues  ?   New  York  State  and  New  York  City  would  begin  a  campaign  to  close  hospitals   as  a  way  to  shred  the  social  safety  net  and  to  indiscriminately  cut  governmental   budgets.  How  would  that  work  out  for  her  progressive  and  LGBT  constituencies  ?   Incumbent  politicians  would  still  yet  once  more  revisit  the  issue  of  term  limits  in   2008.  a  massive  global  grassroots  movement  demanding  political.  How  would  Christine’s  chief-­‐of-­‐staff.   -­‐  107  -­‐     .  economic.  Christine  would  launch  her  own  campaign  for  a  citywide  leadership   position.  only  for  Ms.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Greitzer  to  become   entrenched  in  the  City  Council  for  22  years.  how  would  equality   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  like  Ms.  including  real  estate  developers  and  financiers  from  Wall  Street.  Carol  Greitzer  and  other  members  of  the  Village   Independent  Democrats  political  club  organized  to  vote  out  the  remnants  of   Tammany  Hall  from  New  York  City  politics.     Over  50  years  ago.  or  15-­‐year  incumbents.  Later.  Voters  imposed  a  simple  system  of  checks  and  balances   to  prevent  entrenched  politicians  from  becoming  22-­‐year  incumbents.  contribute  to  Christine’s   record  of  reforming  integrity  in  government  ?  A  political  scandal  would  erupt  and   nearly  cost  Christine  her  leadership  role.  And  as  Christine  would  carry   forward  her  initial  mandate  to  fight  for  equality  and  reforms.   and  social  reforms  would  focus  on  corruption  on  Wall  Street  right  about  the  time   that  Christine  would  begin  a  full-­‐throttle  effort  to  curry  favor  with  big  business   political  donors.

and  reforms  be  reflected  in  her  governance  at  City  Council  ?  And  how  would   Christine  deal  with  lobbyists,  like  her  best  friend,  Ms.  Giske  ?    More  people  would   begin  to  question  whether  Ms.  Giske  would  unduly  influence  Christine.     At  the  dawn  of  what  would  become  the  Bloomberg  era,  Christine  was  moving   into  a  very  powerful  position  as  a  quasi-­‐public  advocate.    Would  she  lean  forward  to   call  for  reforms  in  transparency  and  accountability,  like  she  did  when  she  opposed   the  Millennium  March  in  Washington,  DC,  or  would  she  stall  and  lose  opportunities   to  make  bold  advances,  as  when  she  watered  down  the  recommendations  in  the   police  brutality  commission  under  Mayor  Giuliani  ?  With  the  chronology  of  her   formative  years  in  New  York  City  politics  firmly  established  and  with  an  overview  of   the  advantages  enjoyed  by  incumbents,  the  rest  of  the  story  would  be  an  analysis  of   the  challenges  Christine  would  confront.  In  the  coming  years,  New  York  City   politicians  would  confront  the  major  issues  of  our  time  :  public  safety,  runaway   healthcare  costs,  income  and  wealth  disparities,  and  the  enduring  problems  of   discrimination  and  inequality.  As  each  of  these  issues  would  be  examined,  voters   would  experience  less  and  less  of  a  say  in  the  matters  of  their  own  governance.   Looking  forward  from  2002,  voters  would  ask  who  would  be  responsible  for   upholding  -­‐-­‐  or  betraying  -­‐-­‐  the  progressive  tradition  in  New  York  City  government  ?    

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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Chapter  6  
With  an  overview  of  her  early  years  on  New  York  City  political  scene   complete,  what  follows  is  an  overview  of  the  challenges  Christine  would  confront   during  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  time  in  office.  Four  broad  areas  of  concern  would  emerge   under  the  Bloomberg-­‐Quinn  administration.  The  first  would  cover  the  decline  of   affordable  housing.  The  second  would  be  an  examination  of  the  police  department   as  a  threat  to  public  safety.  The  third  would  encompass  violations  of  civil  rights  and   civil  liberties.  Finally,  the  Bloomberg-­‐Quinn  administration  would  be  examined  for   the  declining  state  of  public  health.  Although  Christine  was  only  chair  of  the  City   Council  Health  Committee  when  Mayor  Bloomberg  began  his  first  term  in  office,   eventually  she  would  take  her  place  as  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  greatest  enabler,  so  the   city’s  political  response  to  these  four  major  areas  would  require  sign-­‐off  from   Christine  before  Mayor  Bloomberg  would  be  allowed  to  carry  out  his  agenda.     The  three-­‐pronged  test  that  would  apply  to  Christine’s  political  ethics  would   be  simple,  but  the  results  would  be  damning  to  the  assessment  made  of  her  political   career.    First,  each  major  issue  would  be  examined  to  construct  Christine’s  influence   -­‐-­‐  the  capacity  to  be  able  to  shape  actions  -­‐-­‐  over  the  people,  who  had  a  stake  in   determining  the  city’s  response  to  its  major  problems.  Second,  each  major  issue   would  be  reviewed  to  layout  Christine’s  authority  -­‐-­‐  the  actual  governmental   powers  at  her  disposal  -­‐-­‐  over  the  city’s  actual  response  to  major  problems,  or  over   other  people,  who  would  be  the  decision-­‐makers.  Third,  Christine’s  response  would   be  reviewed  to  identify  whether  her  ideas  would  advance  a  progressive  solution  to  

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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the  city’s  problems.  The  first  might  be  made  possible  as  a  result  of  perceptions   about  the  force  Christine  could  exert  over  others,  the  second  would  be  made   possible  by  her  actual  position  as  an  elected  official,  and  the  third  would  be  to  stack   her  actual  response  against  what  had  been  historically  made  possible  under  the   progressive  banner  versus  the  business  as  usual  approach  of  modern  political  flim   flam.   Michael  Bloomberg  began  his  mayoralty  under  the  auspices  of  being  a   successful  self-­‐made  billionaire  businessman.  He  was  elected  with  a  mandate  to  help   New  York  City  out  of  the  economic  black  hole  caused  by  the  September  11  attacks.   The  idea  was  that  he  would  play  the  role  of  the  noble  public  servant,  who  was  wiser   than  his  constituency,  and  his  motivation  was  to  help  apply  his  business  expertise  to   city  government.  Indeed,  Mayor  Bloomberg  would  take  office  with  a  net  worth   estimated  at  $4  billion  dollars,226    and,  by  the  time  of  his  final  year  in  office,  his  net   worth  would  be  estimated  at  $27  billion.227    Mayor  Bloomberg  used  his  successful   accumulation  of  wealth  as  the  only  measurement  that  counted  that  he  must  be  doing   something  right,  but  years  later,  the  cultural  and  social  critic  Fran  Lebowitz  would   make  this  observation  about  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  wealth,  “No  one  earns  a  billion   dollars.  You  steal  a  billion  dollars.”228    If  one  followed  Ms.  Lebowitz’s  logic,  these   kinds  of  grand  transfers  of  wealth  would  have  to  come  at  the  expense  of  others.  As   Mayor  Bloomberg’s  greatest  political  enabler,  where  would  Christine  find  herself  in   this  epic  and  disproportionate  redistribution  of  wealth  ?                                                                                                                  

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‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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In  her  role  as  a  municipal  legislator,  Christine  would  be  deeply  rooted  in  the   routine  issues  that  New  Yorkers  faced  every  day.  Because  Christine  began  her   career  as  a  tenant  activist  and  she  later  embraced  the  badge  of  being  a   “progressive,”  it  was  expected  that  she  would  lead  the  charge  on  protecting  and   increasing  access  to  affordable  housing.  It  wasn’t  just  voters,  who  had  expectations   of  Christine.  When  Sen.  Duane  passed  the  baton  to  Christine,  everybody  had  high   expectations  of  her.  At  the  inception  of  her  career  as  an  elected  official,  following  her   win  in  the  City  Council  race  during  that  first  February  1999  special  election,   observers  zeroed  in  on  the  fact  that  Christine’s  district  was  also  the  “heart  of  the   tenants’  rights  movement,  because  people  fall  in  love  with  the  neighborhoods  in  the   3rd  District  and  don’t  want  to  be  forced  out.”  But  even  back  then,  in  the  very   beginning,  there  was  reason  to  worry  about  Christine’s  fortitude.  Sen.  Duane  began   to  predict  trouble  ahead.  “It’s  going  to  be  hard  for  her,”  Sen.  Duane  told  The  New   York  Daily  News  in  1999.  “Development  pressures  are  greater  than  they’ve  been  for   the  past  15  years  because  the  market  is  so  hot,  hot,  hot.”229    The  concern  was   already  on  people’s  minds  as  to  whether  Christine  would  be  able  to  withstand  the   pressures  from  real  estate  developers.   One  way  to  examine  Christine’s  commitment  to  her  roots  as  a  tenant  activist   would  be  to  see  if  she  would  be  committed  to  the  cause,  or  if  she  would  practice  a   doctrine  of  selective  advocacy.  Early  on,  Christine  was  visible  in  the  community   when  she  used  to  be  an  organizer  for  the  Housing  Justice  Campaign  in  1989  ;  when   she  worked  to  organize  alongside  tenant  activists  like  Jane  Wood  when  she  was                                                                                                                  

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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 but  it  gave  her  the  ability  to  sway  voters.  She  would  use  her  presence  at  media  events  to  fluff  her  tenancy   work.  if  distastefully.  Helping  to   shape  public  opinion  was  one  way  to  create  grassroots  support  to  call  for   governmental  action.   -­‐  112  -­‐     .  In   exchange  for  her  early  support  of  Speaker  Miller.  who  would  go  on  to  become  the  new  Speaker  of  the  City  Council.  and.  Christine  was  rewarded  by  being                                                                                                                   230  http://www.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.managing  Tom  Duane’s  successful  campaign  for  City  Council  in  1991  .230    In   these  and  other  instances.  or  was  she  going  to  deliver  results  ?     Christine  was  using  her  constant  media  appearances  to  construct  a  powerful   media-­‐supported  soapbox  from  which  she  could  influence  public  opinion.  Christine  had  aligned  herself  with   Gifford­‐chelsea-­‐sheds-­‐its-­‐tenants-­‐34-­‐men-­‐used-­‐single-­‐ rooms-­‐know-­‐new-­‐homes-­‐will-­‐be.    These  media  placements  could  be  a  powerful  tool  to  help  shape  public   opinion  and  to  apply  political  pressure  on  landlords  and  developers.   when  Christine  wrote  a  letter  expressing  her  displeasure  with  the  planned  closure   and  displacement  of  long-­‐term  residents  from  the  McBurney  WMCA  in  1999.nytimes.  Was  she  going  to  use  her   position  of  influence  to  make  advances  on  housing  issues  ?  And  how  would  she  use   her  powers  as  a  municipal  legislator  to  make  progress  for  New  York  City  tenants  ?   In  the  time  leading  up  to  the  2001  election.  But  was   Christine  only  going  to  serve  up  an  appearance  of  being  an  advocate  for  tenants’   rights  and  for  affordable  housing.  Christine  had  effectively.  Being  in  the  public  spotlight  like  that  gave  Christine  not   only  legitimacy.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Christine  learned  how  to  use  the  press  to  portray  a  myth   of  engagement.  later.  used  the  media  before   to  her  advantage.  She  once  used  threats  to  cancel  the  1998  Halloween  Parade  in   Greenwich  Village  to  influence  voters’  perceptions  about  her  being  a  crusading   advocate  for  LGBT  equality.

 Here’s  one  example  of  how  Christine  began   to  care  more  about  her  relationship  with  her  political  donors  over  the  concerns  of   tenants  in  affordable  housing.  the  social  fabric  had  been  seriously  disrupted.231    The   program  provided  incentives  for  real  estate  developers  to  construct  affordable                                                                                                                   231  http://open.  That’s  how  the   political  system  worked.  or  economic  wrongs  needed  to  be  corrected.       Mitchell-­‐Lama  was  a  housing  program  developed  after  the  severe  housing   shortage  experienced  in  New  York  following  the  end  of  World  War  II.  a  massive  affordable  high-­‐rise   building  in  Tribeca.  A  couple  of  years  after  the   attacks.  This  was  a  positive  affirmation  of  that  system  of  paybacks   that  Christine’s  father  had  instilled  in  her.  legal.  which  compeled   that  somebody  to  help  you.  2.  and  these  residents  were  locked  out  of  their   apartments  for  some  time.given  the  position  of  chair  of  the  City  Council  Health  Committee.  her  motivations  were  already  becoming  more   like  those  of  an  entrenched  incumbent.  and  7  World  Trade  Center.  Their  landlord  was  proposing  to   take  the  whole  complex  out  of  an  affordable  housing  program  called  Mitchell-­‐Lama.  because  of  the  toxic  debris  caused  by  the  collapse  of  three   towers  at­‐2013     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  You  helped  somebody.   In  the  aftermath  of  the  September  11  attacks.   -­‐  113  -­‐     .  But  after   being  in  office  for  about  three  years.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Security  and  health  concerns  led   Downtown  residents  to  face  evacuation.  since   businesses  would  close  as  a  result  of  residual  effects  from  the  attacks.  Returning  to  normal  would  prove  to  be  difficult.nysenate.  tenants  at  Independence  Plaza  North.  Christine’s  political  motivations  were  once  given  by  a   sensibility  that  social.  In  Downtown   Manhattan.  faced  a  devastating  prospect.  many  downtown  residents   faced  a  housing  disaster.

html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  in  exchange  developers  received  what  were  essentially  subsidies.  from  when  the  building  first  entered  the  program.  If  the  building  was  a  rental  apartment  building.nytimes.   -­‐  114  -­‐     .  and  about  165.nytimes.  The  program  proved  to  be  moderately   successful.  Christine  refused                                                                                                                   232  http://www.  and  others  were   built  as  co-­‐ops  for  sale.  and  others   stood  on  the  steps  of  City  Hall  at  a  press  event  to  build  public  support  for  Speaker   Miller’s  proposed  bill.  residents  of  Independent  Plaza  North.html     233  http://www.000  units  were  constructed  across  400  projects.  Tenants  were  seeking  added  protections  that  would  let  them   stay  in  their  affordable  to  moderately  affordable  apartments.  There   were  conditions  that  governed  when  the  owner  of  a  Mitchell-­‐Lama  building  could   exit  the  program.  many  tenants  sought  help  from  New  York   City  councilmembers.  This  kind  of  a  press  event  had  already  become  par  for  the   course  to­‐mitchell-­‐lama-­‐many-­‐paths-­‐all-­‐bumpy.232    When  the  new   owner  of  Independence  Plaza  North  seemed  intent  on  taking  the  large  complex  of   buildings  in  TriBeCa  out  of  the  program.  making  it  more  difficult  for  owners  to  make  a  windfall  by   throwing  out  their  old  tenants  in  favor  of  new  tenants  willing  to  pay  free  market   rents.  a  former  tenant  organizer  at  Independence  Plaza  North.  Some  of  the  buildings  were  rental  apartments.  .com/2003/11/02/realestate/leaving-­‐mitchell-­‐lama-­‐many-­‐paths-­‐all-­‐bumpy.   mainly  in  the  form  of  low-­‐cost  loans.    All  Rights  Reserved.  His  proposal  would  add  new  regulations  to  owners  of   Mitchell-­‐Lama  buildings.  Christine.  as  she  had  mastered  the  art  of  the  media  sound  bite.  then  the  caps   on  rents  that  would  make  the  apartments  affordable  would  only  last  about  20  years.housing.   give  or  take.233    Speaker  Miller.   City  Council  Speaker  Miller  proposed  legislation  to  help  answer  the  concerns   of  Mitchell-­‐Lama  residents.  But   according  to  recollections  of  that  press  event  posted  on  the  Internet  by  Neil   Fabricant.

php/06/independence-­‐plaza-­‐if-­‐you-­‐cant-­‐tell-­‐the-­‐truth-­‐at-­‐least-­‐dont-­‐lie/     235  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.  At  one  Mitchell-­‐Lama  complex  on   the  East  Side  of  Manhattan.  all  of  the  Mitchell-­‐Lama  residents                                                                                                                   234  http://bloombergwatch.00  per  unit  that  would  be  converted  to  free  market  rent.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.236  At  one  Brooklyn  Heights  speak  in  front  of  the  cameras  in  support  of  the  Mitchell-­‐Lama  protection  bill.  these  added  protections  were  viewed  as  being  fair  by   concerned  Mitchell-­‐Lama  tenants.  which  had  been   the  requirement  at  the  time.  On  top  of  that.  rents  on  a  three  bedroom  Mitchell-­‐Lama  apartment   would  be  raised  from  $1.  “Later  I  learned  that  she  was  not  the  enthusiastic  supporter   that  she  had  made  herself  out  to  be.  It  would  have  required  building  owners  to  give  residents  notice  of  18   months  before  they  could  leave  the  program  instead  of  12  months.  and  building  owners  would  have  to  pay  a  fee  of   $­‐mitchell-­‐lama-­‐many-­‐paths-­‐all-­‐bumpy.nytimes.nytimes.00  to  about  $4.500.html     236  http://www.”  Mr.  Christine’s  refusal  to  speak  in  support  of   the  bill  confounded  Mr.”234     The  bill  proposed  by  Speaker  Miller  had  been  negotiated  by  tenants  rights   activists.   by  this  time.235   When  taken  as  a  whole.  especially  since  Christine  was  a  co-­‐sponsor  of   Speaker  Miller’s  bill.  she  passed  on  the  microphone   without  making  any  remarks  to  the­‐report-­‐kips-­‐bay-­‐tenants-­‐battle-­‐for-­‐low-­‐ rents-­‐and-­‐a-­‐diverse-­‐building.  Tenants  faced  the  prospect  of  huge  rent  increases   or  evections  if  building  owners  left  the  program.   When  the  microphone  was  passed  to  Christine.  Fabricant  would  learn  the  hard  way  that.  Christine  already  had  “close  ties  to  the  real  estate  industry.  the   proposed  bill  would  make  it  a  requirement  to  have  a  community  impact  study.  Fabricant.000.   -­‐  115  -­‐     .00  once  that  complex  left  the   program.

 the  real  estate  industry  still  carried  weight.  Fabricant’s  retelling  of  that  day’s    In  spite  of  a  history  of  corruption  in  New  York  City  real  estate.  Fabricant  described  the  pressure  that   real  estate  developers  exerted  over­‐charged-­‐with-­‐getting-­‐kickbacks-­‐at-­‐31-­‐buildings.html     243  http://observer.  Even  though  Speaker  Miller   was  sponsoring  the  proposed­‐taps-­‐former-­‐bloomberg-­‐official-­‐to-­‐lead-­‐political-­‐push/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.     In  postings  on  a  political  Web­‐Debate-­‐Goes-­‐On/  eviction  notices.  Fabricant     recalled  Speaker  Miller  as  having  said.nydailynews.241     REBNY  fought  efforts  at­‐checkbooks-­‐out-­‐for-­‐rebny-­‐as-­‐annual-­‐dues-­‐look/     241­‐shown-­‐door-­‐mitchell-­‐lama-­‐buyer-­‐pulls-­‐1st-­‐total-­‐ eviction-­‐article-­‐1.   -­‐  116  -­‐     .527747     238  http://bloombergwatch.  Fabricant  recounted  that  Speaker  Miller  had   admonished  him  for  having  gone  too  far  in  his  critical  remarks  about  owners  of   Mitchell-­‐Lama  buildings.   At  the  City  Hall  press  event.242  In  later  years.php/07/the-­‐real-­‐christine-­‐quinn-­‐stands-­‐up—and-­‐quickly-­‐sits-­‐down/     239  http://bloombergwatch.  Mr.”  Mr.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Mr.nytimes.  and  tenant  activists  had  lined  up  a  veto-­‐proof   majority  support  within  the  City  Council.237    There  was  a  lot  at  stake  for  people  of  low-­‐income  or  of   the  working  class.243    But  once  REBNY  saw  that                                                                                                                   237  http://www.  Fabricant  came   to  believe  that  the  only  reason  that  Speaker  Miller  had  sponsored  the  draft  bill  to   help  Mitchell-­‐Lama  residents  was  that  the  proposed  changes  would  by  and  large  not   impact  members  of  the  powerful  Real  Estate  Board  of  New  York  (REBNY).  “We  don’t  want  to  demonize  the  landlords.php/07/the-­‐real-­‐christine-­‐quinn-­‐stands-­‐up—and-­‐quickly-­‐sits-­‐down/     240  http://therealdeal.  Mr.  the  trade  group  took  further   steps  to  exert  even  more  influence  over  politicians.238     According  to  Mr.239     REBNY  is  a  powerful  lobbying  group  for  wealthy  developers  and  others  in  the  real   estate  trade.html     242  http://cooperator.

 for  which  the  landlords  should  have  already  budgeted                                                                                                                   244  http://www.  there  were  no  more  demands  or   requirements  made  of  the  Mitchell-­‐Lama  landlords.  and  so  they  made  it  appear  that  the  loan  package  would  be  used  to   finance  building  repairs.  Yet.  the  owner  of  Independence  Plaza  North  was  allowed  to   leave  the  Mitchell-­‐Lama­‐announces-­‐financing-­‐deal-­‐for-­‐mitchell-­‐lama-­‐ landlords.nytimes.  The  draft  bill  proposed  by  Speaker  Miller.downtownexpress.  low-­‐interest  loans  to  building  owners.  once  it   became  opposed  by  REBNY.  the  bill  became  a  low-­‐ cost  loan  giveaway.  this  package  of  loans  would  somehow  stop  evictions   and  steep  rent  increases.html     245  In  the  new  bill.  Instead.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Huge  real  estate  holdings  are  managed  like  any  other   investment  company  :  it’s  a  business  that’s  all  about  leveraging  the  lowest  cost  of   capital  for  the  highest  return  on  equity.  These  were  rather  well  maintained   buildings.  the  spin  that  city  officials  put  on  the  loan  program  was  that   the  proceeds  of  the  loans  would  go  for  building  repairs.  the  trade  group   publicly  denounced  Speaker  Miller’s  draft  bill.244     The  following  year.  But  these  Mitchell-­‐Lama   buildings  were  neither  flophouses  nor  rattraps.  The  low-­‐cost  loan  giveaway  would  be  a  boon   to  landlord  profits.  was  transformed  from  a  bill  with  restrictions  on   Mitchell-­‐Lama  buildings  owners  to  one  that  would  provide  low-­‐cost  refinancing  of   existing  mortgages  and  new.  Fabricant  were  becoming  a  threat.245    In  the  minds   of  the  City  Councilmembers.  but  this  bill  would  only  work  if  Mitchell-­‐Lama  landlords   accepted  the  new  low-­‐cost  loans.  but  tenants  received  some  nominal  protections   from  escalating  rent  increases.Mitchell-­‐Lama  activists  like  Mr.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   -­‐  117  -­‐     .  But  City  Councilmembers  had  to  show  something  for  the  low-­‐cost  loan   giveaway.

 She  had  at  her  disposal  a  platform  in  the  City   Hall  press  that  gave  her  a  visibility  that  enhanced  her  authority  with  voters.  praised  the  loan  package  to  landlords.  And  this   was  precisely  how  REBNY  got  its  way  in  New  York  City  politics.  and   there  was  no  way  to  guarantee  compliance  with  the  making  of  repairs.   -­‐  118  -­‐     .  The  new  package  of   15  year  loans  was  estimated  to  potentially  cost  New  York  City  taxpayers  over  $75   million.  Meanwhile.nytimes.   In  the  new  bill.  but  she                                                                                                                   246  http://www.  there  was  no  specification  for  oversight  to  make  sure  that   building  repairs  was  exactly  how  the  loan  money  would  actually  be  used.html     247  http://www.  She  deliberately  passed  the   buck  on  the  crisis  faced  by  its  tenants.  247    It’s  not  known  how  the  story  for  Independence  Plaza  North  might   have  played  out  had  Christine  made  different­‐announces-­‐financing-­‐deal-­‐for-­‐mitchell-­‐lama-­‐ landlords.  In  all   likelihood.246   As  it  turned  out.   Michael  these  low-­‐cost  loans  would  just  help  Mitchell-­‐Lama  landlords  to   maximize  their  return  on  equity  and  nothing  else.through  existing  rent  proceeds.  The  new  bill  fit  the  classic  description  of  “smoke  and   mirrors”  :  it  was  only  an  illusion  that  the  new  bill  served  to  provide  of  more  tenant   protections.  the  controversial  tenant  activist  alongside  whom  Christine  once   worked.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  the  deal  for  Independent  Plaza  North  was  beset  by  further   controversy.    All  Rights  Reserved.nytimes.  “We  think  it’s  a  good  program.”  he  told  The  New  York  Times.  and   we  support  it.  Christine  had  to  make   sure  that  there  was  an  appropriate  political  cover  to  the  low-­‐cost  loan  giveaway.  This  money  would  not  pay  for  new  construction  of  affordable  housing.  Tenants  would  not  be  able  to  qualify  their  apartments  for  rent   stabilization.

 The  extension  of  more   low-­‐cost  loans  by  the  New  York  City  Council  achieved  no  transformative  gains  for   Mitchell-­‐Lama  tenants.  As  a  councilmember.  gave  them  a   package  of  more  low-­‐cost  loans  to  building  owners.  Christine  fought  against  the  only  major  zone-­‐busting   development  deal  that  she  would  ever  publicly  mount  in  her  entire  political  career.  Christine  supported  a  watered-­‐down  bill   that.  and  REBNY  saw  how  they  could  manipulate  a  crisis  over   affordable  housing  into  a  legislative  package  of  more  financial  incentives  that  the   wealthy  landlords  could  use  to  their  advantage.   This  was  before  she  had  made  a  pact  with  Mayor  Bloomberg  to  enable  his  agenda  of   gentrification  that  would  price  out  low-­‐income  and  middle  class  workers  into  the   margins  of  New  York  City.  and  other  reforms  included  the  roll-­‐out  of  programs  that  would  finance   the  construction  of  numerous  affordable  housing  buildings.  who  had  already  enjoyed  similar   benefits  for  over  20  years.  Christine  was  very  visible  in  her   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  For  the  first   few  years  of  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  administration.     About  the  time  that  the  fight  for  tougher  protections  for  Mitchell-­‐Lama   residents  was  playing  out.   Past  progressive  reforms  included  outright  bans  on  poorly  constructed  apartment   buildings.  Mayor  Bloomberg  was  trying  to  rezone  a  large  part  of  the   West  Side  of  Midtown  Manhattan  for  high  rise  construction  in  order  to  supposedly   create  tax  revenues  to  fund  the  construction  of  a  new  sports  stadium.  instead  of  putting  binding  restrictions  on  Mitchell-­‐Lama  landlords.chose  not  use  that  influence  to  build  public  support  for  reforms  to  extend  Mitchell-­‐ Lama  protections.  The  low-­‐cost  loan  giveaway  paled  in  comparison  with   past  attempts  at  instituting  progressive  reforms  in  the  New  York  real  estate  market.   -­‐  119  -­‐     .

youtube.  even  though  she  never   explained  why  she  did  not  participate  at  the  press  conference.   The  part  of  the  project  that  involved  the  rezoning  of  vast  amounts  of  land  was   referred  to  Hudson  Yards.  who  wished  to  remain   anonymous.  Christine’s   absence  looked  remarkably  similar  to  the  episode  when  Christine  passed  the   microphone  without  speaking  one  word  at  the  Mitchell-­‐Lama  press  conference  -­‐-­‐  an   indication  that  Christine  didn’t  want  to  upset  developers  and     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  At  one  early  media  event  on  the  steps  of  City  Hall  in   opposition  to  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  plans.  was  challenging  her  commitment  to  the  opposition  movement.                                                                                                                   248  http://www.  and  she  felt  that  she  had  to  defend  herself.”  and  she  let  the  activist  have  it.  Christine  was  absent.  When  Christine  learned  that  one  activist.  Any   indication  to  the  contrary  would  be  met  with  harsh  retribution  from  Christine.   -­‐  120  -­‐     .  while  the  building  of  the  sports  stadium  was  referred  to   as  the  West  Side  Stadium.  This  would  be  the  last  time  that  Christine  would  ever   publicly  oppose  Mayor  Bloomberg.  But  to   Christine.    All  Rights  Reserved.opposition  to  this  plan.     In  the  beginning  stages  of  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  project.  To  others.  it  wasn’t  exactly  clear   whether  Christine  was  completely  committed  to  opposing  both  aspects  of  the  plan.   Christine  opened  up  her  “bitch  tap.  it  was  important  to  keep  maintaining  her  myth  as  a  tenants’  right  activist   and  to  keep  appearing  as  if  she  opposed  major  zone-­‐busting  real  estate  deals.  and   that’s  exactly  how  she  reacted  to  the  one  activist  over  the  Hudson  Yards  project.248    Christine  had   been  absent  from  a  press  conference  that  had  been  called  to  oppose  the  massive   construction  plan.  creating  the   impression  that  she  was  waffling  on  her  opposition  to  the  Hudson  Yards  aspect  of   the  project.

 I  would  like  an  e-­‐mail  to  my  office  immediately.  The  myth  about  her  advocacy  was  so  important  to   Christine  that  she  was  not  above  bullying  others  to  keep  this  public  myth  alive.  Christine  was  deliberately  belittling  the  activist.   -­‐  121  -­‐     .nydailynews.249    “I  couldn’t  be  at  the   press­‐yes-­‐pay-­‐hah-­‐article-­‐  Christine  navigated  her  way   through  the  two  controversial  projects  by  asserting  that  she  didn’t  believe  that  the   Hudson  Yards  project  would  generate  enough  new  tax  revenue  to  finance  the  West   Side  Stadium.  in  order  to  stay  on  voters’  good  side.  In  those  voice  mail  messages.    All  Rights  Reserved.   because  they  only  sent  staff.  which  the  activist  recorded  and   posted  to  YouTube  years  later.   Predictably.  or  do  you  merely  single  out  the  female  councilmember   to  attack  in  some  kind  of  sick.  sexist  routine  ?  I  would  like  a  list  of  every  single   person  you  told  this  blatant  lie  to.  She  pointed  to  the  conflict  of  interest  inherent  in  the  application                                                                                                                   249  http://youtu.  Christine  escalated  her  opposition  to  the   stadium  plan.   We  will  call  each  one.”250      These  voicemail  messages  would  finally  offer  a  public   insight  into  Christine’s  self-­‐described  “bitch  tap.  Are  you  saying  that  Tom  [Duane]  and  Dick  [Gottfried]  are     251  http://travel.nytimes.  real  estate  interests  supported  the  Hudson  Yards  project.  New  York-­‐based  developer  Tishman  Speyer  was  one  of  the  early  leaders   identified  to  possibly  manage  the  development  project.251  But  opinion  polls  showed   that  voters  were  against  the  West  Side  Stadium.Christine  left  a  couple  of  indignant  and  dramatic  voice  mail  messages  for  the   Hudson  Yards  activist.”  what  others  would  describe  as  the   dark  side  of  her  personality.  and   the  giant.252  Between  the  opposing  choices  of   enabling  developers  or  pacifying  voters.570765     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and   the  tone  of  her  messages  was  intimidating  and­‐bSMJK4MP-­‐I     250  http://youtu.html     252  http://www.

 Speaker  Miller  had  yet  to  announce  whether  he                                                                                                                   253  http://old.253  In  the  fight   against  the  West  Side  Stadium  and  the  Hudson  Yards  project.  Unlike  with  the  crisis  at  Independence  Plaza  North   and  other  Mitchell-­‐Lama  buildings.  “I   am  troubled  by  the  fact  that  the  environmental  impact  statement  and  most  of  the   economic  discussion  about  the  stadium  is  based  on  an  Ernst  &  Young  statement.  it  would  foreshadow  the  crossing  of  a   threshold.254    255    256    The  oppositional  work  she  did  helped  to  shore  up  her  myth.  but  they  were  hired  to  do  that  study  by  the  New   York  Jets.  and   nothing  against  Ernst  &  Young.process  as  a  tactic  to  question  the  economic  assumptions  of  the  ambitious  and  she  based  her   opposition  on  sound  reasoning.  more  than  anything  else.  But  this  inconsistency  was  a  troubling   development.nytimes.nytimes.  As   late  as  the  summer  of  2004.”  Christine  said  at  a  public  town  hall  about  the  proposal.  once  the  stadium  plan  looked  like  it  would  not  be  approved.nytimes.html     256­‐long-­‐road-­‐west-­‐side-­‐makeover-­‐gets-­‐a-­‐big-­‐ sendoff.  Christine  used  her   platform  in  the  media  as  the  elected  official  representing  the  Hudson  Yards   neighborhood  to  authoritatively  oppose  the  stadium  deal.   which  had  been  weakened  by  her  inaction  on  behalf  of  the  Mitchell-­‐Lama     Many  news  articles  documented  Christine’s  opposition  to  the  West  Side   Stadium.   But  one  interesting  lesson  Christine  learned  from  Speaker  Miller  was  this  :  he  had   remained  silent  about  his  final  decision  about  the  West  Side  Stadium  plan  until   almost  the  very  end.   -­‐  122  -­‐     .gothamgazette.html     255  http://www.  and.  this  time  Christine  was  unafraid  to  be  bold  in  her   use  of  her  platform  with  the  media.shtml     254  http://www.html?res=9A03E5D6133FF93BA25752C1A9629C8B63     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.

html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Sure.  but  Christine  wasn’t  the   ultimate­‐mum-­‐jets-­‐plan-­‐article-­‐1.  Speaker  Miller’s  delay  tactic  was  a  lesson  that   Christine  would  adopt  and  put  into  practice  in  her  later  career.  it  turned  out   that  she  wasn’t  really  on  the  hook  for  casting  a  deciding  vote  that  would  kill  the   project.    All  Rights  Reserved.nytimes.   non-­‐committal  political   -­‐  123  -­‐     .  was  that  final  approval  for  the  project  was  needed  from  state   officials  in  Albany.  Years  later.  she  had  caused  an  upset  for  developers.  Speaker  Miller  didn’t   want  to  take  an  early  position  on  a  real  estate  issue  that  would  upset  developers.nydailynews.  which  voters  overwhelmingly  opposed.257    Speaker  Miller  finally  announced  his   opposition  to  the  stadium  plan258  three  weeks  before  the  state  legislature  refused  to   consider  the  plan.656532     258  http://query.  but   Christine  was  still  too  connected  at  that  time  with  radical  activists  in  her  City   Council  district  to  be  allowed  the  kind  of  room  to  adopt  that  level  of  manipulative.259    For  such  a   contentious  and  controversial  plan.     Another  lesson.  Speaker   Miller  refused  to  make  a  public  declaration  of  his  own  position  on  the  stadium  plan   until  it  was  almost  certain  to  fail.  thereby  dealing  a  serious  setback  to  the  stadium.html?res=9A03E5D6133FF93BA25752C1A9629C8B63     259  http://www.nytimes.supported  or  opposed  the  stadium  plan.  which  Christine  got  out  of  her  experience  in  opposing  the   West  Side  Stadium.  Christine  had  to  make  a  commitment  to  placate  the   activists  in  her  community.  Christine  was  just  using  her  platform  in  the  media  to  ride  the  wave                                                                                                                   257  http://www.  The  whole  time  that  she  was  opposing  the  stadium.  Christine   would  take  non-­‐committal  positions  on  controversial  issues  as  a  tactic  she  would   use  to  great  political  advantage.  but  she  saw  how  Speaker  Miller  was  able  to  use  the   delay  tactic  without  having  paid  too  much  of  a  political  price.

 the  Dolans.  The  third  lesson  came  down  to  this  :  Christine  saw  that  there  was  a   way  to  spin  a  win  from  a  divisive  situation.  She  was  only   grandstanding.  There  was  a  third  lesson  from  this  process  for  Christine.  it  gave  her  license  to  use  the  situation  to  her   advantage.  The  reason  that   Speaker  Silver  opposed  the  stadium  project  was  because  the  construction  would   compete  with  the  recovery  of  Ground  Zero.  The  Dolans  came  to  view  the  West  Side  Stadium  as  competition  to  their  own   sports  venue.  which  was  in  his  Assembly  district.  Christine  was  happy   to  see  Speaker  Silver  take  the  heat.  Ultimately.  who  owned  Madison  Square   Garden.  and  she  learned  that  when  the  final  authority  for  an  outcome  of  a   controversial  issue  was  up  in  Albany.nytimes.   -­‐  124  -­‐     .  she  had   appeased  voters  and  fluffed  her  myth.  and  even  if  she  had  initially  supported  the  stadium  plan.  and  the  Dolans  organized  to  defeat  the  proposal.  260       Speaker  Silver’s  personal  political  motivations  were  augmented  by  the  motivations   of  a  powerful  billionaire  New  York  family.  the  West  Side  Stadium  was  formally   defeated  when  New  York  State  Assembly  Speaker  Sheldon  Silver  refused  to  support   the  plan.  in  the  summer  of  2005.  with  the  possible  exceptions  of  Mayor  Bloomberg  and  the  developer   Tishman  Speyer.of  voter  anger  against  the  stadium  plan  for  her  own  political  benefit.  By  opposing  the  stadium.261    Christine  saw  that   a  large  real  estate  development  deal  in  Manhattan  could  be  subject  to  many  outside   pressures.  she  would  have   angered  voters  and  the  powerful  Dolan  family.  When   the  time  came  for  the  final  decision  to  be  rendered  on  the  plan.html     261­‐­‐stadium.                                                                                                                   260  http://www.  Christine  came  out  looking  pretty  good  with   everybody.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  she  had  done  right  by  the  Dolans.

 she  had   changed  her  mind.595300     263  http://www.600   affordable  housing  units  out  a  total  of  nearly  14.   she  didn’t  explain  why  431  new  units  suddenly  become  acceptable  in  2009.600  new.  real  estate  developers  had  to   be  let  off  the  hook.nytimes.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  was  still  opposing  the  Hudson  Yards  part   of  the  project.   -­‐  125  -­‐     .  The  final  plan  called  for  a  set  aside  of  only  431  apartments   to  be  “below  market  rents.  it  doesn't  go  far  enough.­‐takes-­‐housing-­‐hit-­‐article-­‐1.”  Christine   told  The  New  York  Daily  News  at  the  time.  The  final  part  of  the  Hudson  Yards  plan  that   Christine  supported  through  City  Council  passage.  and  the  city  would  “try  to  acquire”  an  additional   150  housing  units  in  the  form  of  single-­‐room  occupancy  hotel  rooms.nytimes.  “Although  this  plan   has  taken  steps  forward  on  affordable  housing.Meanwhile.  In  Christine’s   new  emerging  worldview  of  tenants’  rights  advocacy.  262    By  the  end  of  2009.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     264  http://www.  If  2.   The  new  deal  called  for  the  developer  to  preserve  an  additional  401  of   existing  affordable  apartments.  It  required  far  fewer   affordable  housing  units.  And  part  of  the  burden  of  creating  new  affordable   housing  was  shifted  to  taxpayers.264    Allowing  developers  a  way  to  manipulate  development  plans                                                                                                                   262”263  To  the  new  developers.  what  mattered  most  was  that   the  requirement  for  affordable  housing  was  Christine  agreed  on  behalf  of  New  York  City  to   build  320  affordable  apartments.  because  the  original  plan  only  called  for  approximately  2.000  apartments.  was  led  by  different  developers  :   a  joint  venture  of  Related  Companies  and  Goldman  Sachs.  developer-­‐ provided  affordable  housing  units  were  considered  too  few  for  Christine  in  2004.  in  late  2004.  and  soon  enough  we  will  see  why  Christine  moved  so  swiftly  to   support  this  development  project.

”  Mr.  2)  call  on  other   branches  of  government  to  help  tenants  when  the  person  doing  the  calling  has  the   power  to  do  far  more.  but  Christine  chose  to  instead  approve  the  watered-­‐down  requirements                                                                                                                   265  http://www.  And  she  had  the  power  to  take  her  concerns  to  the  media  about   the  lower  affordable  housing  requirement.  or  3)  do  nothing.  to  mobilize  public  opinion  against  the   change.  Eventually.  “She's  done  what  most  faux  tenant  supporters  do:  1)  pass   meaningless  bills  and  proclaim  them  as  great  achievements.  Fabricant  said  in  an  exclusive   interview  for  this  book.  She  had  the   power  to  extract  concessions  in  the  final  Hudson  Yards  zoning  agreement.  and  the  tax   incentives  would  total  billions.   “Quinn’s  claim  to  be  a  supporter.  the  lower  affordable  housing  requirements.ny.  and   Christine  was  there  to  enable  this.  in  addition  to   the  fact  that  the  Metropolitan  Subway  Authority  was  going  to  enhance  the  value  of   the  properties  in  the  development  by  extending  the  7  train  line  from  Times  Square   to  the  Far  West  Side  and  then  down  to  34th  Street.  revenues  from  the   Hudson  Yards  project  would  fall  short  of  expectations.  but   Christine  chose  to  instead  water  down  the  affordable  housing  units  being  offered  by   the  new  developers.265    but  the  net  value  of  wealth   that  would  be  created  and  transferred  to  the  final  developers  of  the  project  by  the   rezoning  of  land  use.   and  this  came  on  top  of  giving  Hudson  Yards  developers  tax  breaks.    All  Rights  Reserved.”  Mr.    Developers  would  make  out  like  Fabricant’s  analysis  of  Christine’s   failures  can  be  seen  from  the  perspective  of  her  authority  and  influence.  let  alone  a  tenant  champion.  is  as  fraudulent   as  virtually  everything  known  about  her  career.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  provide  fewer  affordable  housing  units  was  a  form  of  a  giveaway  to  developers.   -­‐  126  -­‐     .ibo.

 Christine  was  elected  to  become  the  speaker  of  the  City  Council.  Its  General  Counsel  was  Brad  Hoylman.  was  a  former  co-­‐head  of  the  Partnership  For  New  York  City.   -­‐  127  -­‐     .  and  now  it  wanted  to   cash  out.  was  looking  to  unload  Stuy-­‐Town  and   Peter  Cooper  in  an  effort  to  unlock  massive  profits  from  its  real  estate  holdings  at   the  height  of  the  speculative  real  estate  bubble.  the  giant  developer  which  eventually  lost  out  on  the   Hudson  Yards  project.  and  a  real  estate  unit  of  the  large  private  equity  behemoth   BlackRock.  Like  Mr.  over  10.  Christine  gave  lip  service  to  shame  MetLife  in  one  article  in  The                                                                                                                   266  http://www.  Back  then.266  Tenant   activists  feared  that  the  sale  was  contingent  on  the  new  buyers  forcing  out  rent   stabilized  tenants  in  order  to  raise  the  rents  to  free  market  levels.  The   controversy  surrounding  her  election  will  be  examined  in  Chapter  8.   MetLife.  The  new  buyers   were  led  by  Tishman  Speyer.  Christine  had  already   joined  the  real  estate  industry’s  side.  the  large  insurance  company.  The  Partnership   For  New  York  City  liked  to  act  behind  the  scenes  to  further  the  political  agenda  of  its   mega  corporation  members.  who  put  the  massive  deal   together.  Fabricant  had  described  in  his   recollections  of  the  fight  for  added  Mitchell-­‐Lama  protections.  The  principal  Tishman  Speyer  billion  deal.  MetLife  had  constructed  the  large   complexes  of  affordable  housing  using  government  subsidies.  But  in  the  same   year.  a  close   associate  of  Christine.  a  Chamber  of   Commerce-­‐like  trade  group  of  top  New  York  corporate  executives.without  making  any  public  waves.000  apartments  in  the  massive  complex  of  Stuyvesant  Town  and  Peter   Cooper  Village  were  sold  to  real  estate  speculators  in  a  $5.    All  Rights  Reserved.     In  2006.html       ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.

New  York  Times.269  and  some  tenants  spent   years  fighting  threats  of  massive  rent  increases.  there  would  have  been  a  way  to  publicly  shame  MetLife  or  Mr.html     268     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis­‐york/stuyway-­‐robbier-­‐cry-­‐tenants-­‐article-­‐1.crainsnewyork.  the  level  of  donations  being  made  by  real  estate   interests  were  between  three  to  four  times  the  levels  in  typical  election  cycles.  but  she  took  no  further  action.  Eventually.268  but  not  before  thousands  of   apartments  were  wrongly  removed  from  rent  regulation.  If  Christine  really   wanted  a  meeting.  but  it  is  not  known  if  she  tried  getting  a  meeting  with   Mr.nydailynews.html     269  http://www.  Hoylman.  the  myth  that  Christine  was  still  an  advocate  for   tenants’  rights  was  about  as  credible  as  still  believing  in  the  tooth  fairy.    According  to   The  New  York  Times     270  http://www.  who  had  access  to  Tishman  Speyer  executives.  they  were  the  model  of   a  New  York  corporate  citizen.   Hoylman  into  it.nytimes.   These  donations  were  made  with  the  obvious  intention  to  influence  the  expected   mayoral  candidates  in  the  2009  election.270   Two  years  after  Stuy-­‐Town  and  Peter  Cooper  were  sold  to  real  estate   speculators.nytimes.  the   Stuy-­‐Town  and  Peter  Cooper  deal  went  bankrupt.  when  it  was  still  thought  that  Mayor                                                                                                                   267  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.”267  Christine  complained  that  she  couldn’t   get  a  meeting  with  MetLife.   -­‐  128  -­‐     .  “At  one  time.  By  about  this  time.  The  New  York  Times  published  a  damning  report  showing  that  the  real   estate  industry  was  donating  large  amounts  of  campaign  money  to  political   candidates  before  new  restrictions  on  the  industry  were  to  take  effect.  “The  commitment   they  once  had  to  New  York  City  is  gone.”  Christine  told  The  New  York  Times.  One  need   only  look  back  to  see  how  uncommitted  Christine  was  in  maintaining  intact  the   affordable  housing  requirement  for  the  Hudson  Yards  developers.

nytimes.   -­‐  129  -­‐     .  Vincent’s  Christine  was   collecting  the  most  donations  from  real  estate  interests.  and  people  tied  to   the  Related  who  would  become  entangled  in  a   protracted  real  estate  battle  over  the  fate  of  St.  the  two  largest  real  estate  contributors  to  the   candidates  expected  to  run  for  mayor  in  2009.  The   examination  of  real  estate  donation  records  showed  that.nytimes.271  and.  at  the  time.  in   The  New  York  Times  campaign  report.html     272  http://www.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  tax  breaks.Bloomberg  would  be  prevented  from  running  again  because  of  term  limits.  272    It  was  now  finally   possible  to  understand  why  Christine  could  approve  the  Hudson  Yards  project  with   requirements  for  fewer  affordable  housing  units.html     273  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Large   and  wealthy  developers  and  landlords  were  interested  in  compromising  Democratic   mayoral  candidates  to  weaken  their  commitment  to  reforming  the  land  use   approval  process  and  to  show  them  the  benefits  of  enabling  weaker  affordable   housing  requirements.  as  was  seen   by  some  Mitchell-­‐Lama  landlords.  were  the   owners  of  Rudin  Management  Company.  Indeed.  City  Hall  exerts  influence  over  legislation  and  regulations   that  determine  zone-­‐busting  application  approvals.  of  which  Christine  was  one.  Christine’s  official  acts  in  office   would  by  this  point  begin  to  appear  to  have  been  influenced  by  the  large  amounts  of   campaign  contributions  she  was  receiving  from  real  estate  developers.  one  of  the  final  two  developers  selected  to  work  on  the   Hudson  Yards  City  Hall  could  be  tricked  into  easily  providing   deals  that  might  include  low-­‐cost  loan  packages  to  real  estate  investors.nytimes.273                                                                                                                     271  http://www.

Now.  Between  2002  and  2008.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Like  in  her  photo  op  at  the   Independence  Plaza  North  media  event.  As  one  began  to   clearly  see  the  arc  of  Christine’s  work  in  City  Council  as  it  related  to  real  estate   development  issues.  The  former  deputy  mayor   under  Mayor  Bloomberg  was  reported  at  the  time  to  have  bragged  about  Mayor   Bloomberg’s  record  of  78-­‐0  in  “pushing  through  zoning  changes  through  the  City   Council.   During  the  course  of  Mayor  Bloobmerg’s  mayoralty.  there  could  be  no  more  truth  to  Christine’s  myth  of  her  still  being  an   advocate  for  tenants’  rights  and  affordable  housing.  all  Christine  would  be  willing  to  do  is  to   lend  nominal.    All  Rights  Reserved.  The  City  Council  knew  not  to  stand  in  the  way  of   real  estate  development.  it  was  easy  to  draw  the  conclusion  that  she  was  no  longer  in   public  office  to  advocate  for  tenants.  the  real  estate  industry  got  what  it  wanted.  She  was  using  her  platform  and  her  official   powers  to  enable  the  real  estate  industry  to  carry  out  its  agenda.”  274  Clearly.  New  York  City  lost  by  one  calculation   “more  than  194.”275  The  cumulative  effect  of  the  loss  of  affordable  housing   would  take  its  toll  on  middle  and  lower-­‐income  residents.  The  New  York  Times  reported.  yet  impotent  support  for  affordable  housing.000  rental  housing  units  affordable  to  low-­‐  income  households.  More  and  more.   Fabricant  had  said.   -­‐  130  -­‐     .com/2008/02/01/nyregion/  just  as  Mr.nytimes.  the  billionaire  mayor   would  by  many  accounts  focus  on  the  development  of  luxury  housing  for  a  super-­‐ wealthy  segment  of  the  city’s  population.  a   16.3cdn.  a  strategy  and  vision  that  left  no  place  for   affordable  housing.  She  opposed  the  West                                                                                                                   274  http://www.4  percent  decrease.  Christine  was   becoming  the  go-­‐to  person  for  the  real  estate  industry.  and  it  was  clear  that  she   knew  who  was  buttering  her  bread.html     275  http://coalhome.

 and  real  estate  interests  over  any  real  expansion   of  affordable  housing.   Christine  would  come  to  be  almost  universally  perceived  as  being  Mayor   Bloomberg’s  chief  enabler  that.”  Their  lockstep  actions  on  real  estate  would  appear  to  favor  wealthy   landlords.    All  Rights  Reserved.  did  not  show  up  to  advocate  for  any  tenants.  real  estate  developers.  many  would   come  to  brand  their  time  together  in  public  office  as  the  “Bloomberg-­‐Quinn   administration.  in  2013.  by  the  final  years  of  his  mayoralty.  Firstly.  In  no  year  during  the  Bloomberg-­‐Quinn   administration  would  the  city  ever  show  a  growth  in  the  number  of  affordable   housing  units.276    Housing   advocates  decried  the  revelation  of  the  massive  unspent  resources.  but  then  she  approved  the  Hudson  Yards  project  with  substantially   fewer  affordable  housing  units.   -­‐  131  -­‐     .  officials  at  NYCHA                                                                                                                   276  http://www.  except  for  opportunities  that  REBNY  exploited  to  find  ways  to   reward  the  real  estate  industry.  and  it  would  show  in  the   results  that  Christine  would  enable.  those  tenants  living  in   buildings  owned  by  the  New  York  City  Housing  Authority  (NYCHA).com/new-­‐york/nycha-­‐board-­‐sitting-­‐1b-­‐fed-­‐cash-­‐article-­‐1.nydailynews.  they  would  get   even  less  attention  paid  to  their  needs.  The  tenants’  rights  activist.1126326     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  And  when  it  came  to  those  with  the  least.  Increasing  affordable  housing  never  got  put  on  the   government’s  agenda.  After  a  spectacular  series  of  tabloid  stories  about   the  shoddy  conditions  at  buildings  owned  by  NYCHA.  which  Christine   used  to  be.    She  wouldn’t  fight  harder.  The  New  York  Daily  News   reported  that  NYCHA  was  sitting  on  almost  $1  billion  of  unspent  funds.     Two  more  aspects  remain  before  Christine  could  be  evaluated  on  her   progressive  record  on  affordable  housing.  because  these   resources  could  have  been  used  to  improve  or  expand  affordable  housing.Side  Stadium.

shtml     278  http://www.nydailynews.  and  second  they  would  be   getting  use  of  public  land  that  belonged  to  the  taxpayers  of  New  York  City.  In  these  new  buildings.  taking  away  what  little  open  spaces   NYCHA  tenants  had  would  make  public  housing  projects  more  dreary  and   oppressive.  and  only  20%  would  be  made  available  as   affordable  housing.277  NYCHA  was  emphasizing  the   need  to  raise  more  revenue  to  pay  for  improvements  to  its  existing  buildings  at  a   time  when  it  was  exposed  to  be  hoarding  $1  billion  in  unspent  reserves.     Real  estate  developers  planned  to  make  money  from  this  NYCHA  scheme  by   paying  the  least  amount  in  lease  payments  to  NYCHA  in  exchange  for  collecting  the   most  amount  of  free  market  rents  from  the  tenants  in  the  newly  planned  upscale   buildings.   the  developers  would  get  to  pay  low  land  lease  rates.    This  scheme  would  raise  only  between  $30  million  to  $50   million  in  annual  revenues  from  the  land  leases.  The  open   spaces  that  NYCHA  residents  would  lose  under  this  plan  would  be  playgrounds  and   parking  lots.concocted  a  scheme  to  lease  14  plots  of  irreplaceable  open  space  between  housing   projects  to  private  real  estate  developers  with  rights  to  construct  new  apartment   buildings.  This  was  another  giveaway  to  real  estate  developers  on  two  levels  :  first.278    For  people  with  the  least.  who  once  called  herself  a   progressive.    All  Rights­‐york/mayoral-­‐hopefuls-­‐slam-­‐nycha-­‐luxury-­‐high-­‐rise-­‐plan-­‐article-­‐­‐land-­‐proposal.   who  have  depended  on  NYCHA  for  housing.  How  could  municipal  leaders.   -­‐  132  -­‐     .  could  support  deteriorating  living  conditions.  It  wasn’t   lost  on  tenant  activists  that  NYCHA’s  plan  gave  short  shrift  to  those  with  the  least.  free  market  rates.  like                                                                                                                   277  http://www.  It  was  impossible  to  see  how  Christine.1257547     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  80%  of  the  new  rental  units  were  planned  to  be   rented  at  full.

 be  so  tone  deaf  to  the  outrageous  idea  of  building   upscale  apartment  buildings  on  the  irreplaceable  open  spaces  between  NYCHA’s   public  housing  projects  ?  If  nothing  else.1138249     280  http://www.279  and  all  Christine  could  muster  as  a   response  was  a  proposal  to  replace  the  computer  system  used  to  track  NYCHA   tenants.  All  of  NYCHA’s  problems  were  being  laid  bare  in  the  tabloid  newspapers   of  New  York.  his  socialite   city  planner.  A  scandal  about  a  severe  backlog  of  repairs  at  NYCHA  buildings   triggered  a  series  of  frontpage  headlines.  if  there  was  room  to  build  more  residential   towers  on  NYCHA  property.nydailynews.  shouldn’t  the  tenants  in  the  new  housing  be  made  up  of   100%  of  NYCHA  residents  ?  Because  the  extreme  prices  for  housing  in  New  York   City  had  created  conditions  that  dislocated  so  many  people  with  low  incomes.  This  was  another   administration-­‐driven  plan  to  help  real  estate  developers  shrink  the  size  of   apartments.    All  Rights  Reserved.000­‐york/10-­‐million-­‐report-­‐nycha-­‐shows-­‐backlog-­‐338-­‐000-­‐repair-­‐orders-­‐ 10-­‐000-­‐won-­‐addressed-­‐2014-­‐article-­‐­‐york/city-­‐council-­‐eyes-­‐nycha-­‐reforms-­‐article-­‐1.  so  that  they  could  increase  the  number  of  apartments  in  new   construction  with  the  aim  to  maximize  free  market  rents.   -­‐  133  -­‐     .nydailynews.  the  Bloomberg  administration  began  an  effort   to  promote  the  idea  that  studio  apartments  for  single  occupants  should  be  no  more   than  300  square  foot  in  size.280    Christine  was  showing  herself  to  be  constitutionally  incapable  of  directly   addressing  any  major  housing  issue.  gave  a  walking  tour  of  a  mock  layout  of  the  newly  cramped  space  that   they  were  recommending  New  Yorkers  to  embrace.  Mayor  Bloomberg  and  Amanda  Burden.  to  add  insult  to  injury.  By  decreasing  the  size  of                                                                                                                   279  http://www.1247382     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   NYCHA  had  become  the  city’s  largest  landlord  with  approximately  600.Mayor  Bloomberg  and  Christine.   Lastly.

 or   regulating  the  size  of  new  housing  units  would  have  a  lasting  impact.  It  was  a  backdoor  giveaway  to  the  real  estate   industry.   Over  and  over  again.  If  regulatory  capture  theory   is  true.  And  Christine  knew  that  it  was  in  her  own  best  interest  to  remain  silent  about   Mayor  Bloomberg’s  plan  to  gut  the  Tenement  House  Act.  Instantly.  “City  rules  mandating  bigger  apartments   were  put  in  place  to  combat  cramped  tenement  conditions.  the  press  pointed  out  the  historic  ramifications  of  the  Bloomberg   plan  to  cut  the  size  of  future  apartments.  but  Bloomberg  said  the   regulations  need  to  roll  with  the  times.  By  this  time.  These   mandates  stemmed  from  reforms  enacted  during  the  Progressive  Era  at  the  turn  of   the  last  century.  by  the  very  nature  of  developers  and  landlords  having  flooded  political   candidates  with  large  campaign  contributions.    All  Rights  Reserved.  when  New  York  State  passed  the  Tenement  House  Act  of  1901  after   tenement  housing  conditions  reached  inhumane  and  it  was  possible  for  special  interests  to  take  control  of  a  regulating  body.  the  real  estate  industry  had  found  a   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine’s  strategy  would  be  to  abdicate  any  leadership   role  in  advocating  for  progressive  reforms.   -­‐  134  -­‐     .  Christine  had   become  compromised  by  her  acceptance  of  so  much  campaign  contributions  from   special  interests.”  reported  The  New  York  Daily  News.  landlords  would  be  able  to  increase  the  number  of  units  in  a  new   building.  she  alone  controlled  the   legislative  agenda  in  the  City  Council.  but  her  strategy  wouldn’t   be  a  good  strategy  for  tenants.  public  housing.   then.  all  other  things  being  equal.  Her  deliberate  decision  to  relinquish  any  role   in  calling  for  reforms  in  how  the  city  financed  affordable  housing.  especially  from  real  estate  developers.  What  Mayor   Bloomberg  was  essentially  calling  for  was  a  repeal  of  this  landmark  tenants’  rights   law.

nytimes.  it  was  reported  that  the  billionaire  mayor  had  managed  to  rezone  37%  of   the  land  in  New  York  City.  and  she  herself  accepted  lower  affordable  housing   requirements  at  the  Hudson  Yards  project.  283    Under  Christine’s­‐beats-­‐mayoral-­‐rivals-­‐in-­‐real-­‐estate-­‐donations/     282  http://www.000.html     283  http://www.   Christine  would  continue  to  propagate  her  myth  as  a  tenants’  rights  activists  in  spite   of  her  record  of  failure.  But  Christine  failed  to  deliver  greater  protections   for  Mitchell-­‐Lama  residents.  And  all  of  the  small   denomination  contributions  she  had  collected  from  activists.way  to  neutralize  the  legislative  agenda  of  the  City  Council.  the  City  Council  failed  to   seize  on  this  opportunity  to  make  affordable  housing  a  priority.   representing  by  one  estimate  to  be  14%  of  the  $6  million  that  Christine  had  raised   as  of  that  point  for  her  next  political  campaign.282    even  though  as  the  City  Council  speaker.  Astute  political   observers  would  need  to  look  at  Christine’s  political  donors  to  recognize  that  it  was   she  whom  developers  and  landlords  were  chiefly  targeting  for  legislative  capture.000  affordable  housing  units.00  to  Christine’s  political  campaign  for  the  2013  election  cycle.  Near  the  end  of  Mike  Bloomberg’s   mayoralty.  Christine  estimated   that  New  York  City  had  lost  a  total  of­‐journal.281    By  this  time.  None  of  those  small   donations  ever  made  a  difference  to  keep  Christine  true  to  her  advocacy  roots.                                                                                                                     281  http://therealdeal.  she  was   in  a  position  to  make  a  difference.   By  January  2013.  executives  from  developers  and  landlords  had  donated  over   $800.   -­‐  135  -­‐     .  like  those  who  worked   for  Housing  Works.    All  Rights  Reserved.  would  prove  to  have  been  made  in  vain.  and  she   blamed  politicians  up  in­‐new-­‐york/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.

 she  alone  would  completely  control  the   legislative  agenda  in  the  City  Council.  12  years  of  which  she  served  under  Mayor  Bloomberg.  and   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  legal.And  we  can  now  finally  see  a  more  complete  picture  of  what  was  happening   in  terms  of  housing  and  real  estate  during  the  15  years  that  Christine  would  be  in   City  Council.  She  had  that  much  power.  Christine  had   power  that  came  from  her  position  of  influence  in  the  media.   -­‐  136  -­‐     .  and  these  failures  caused  setbacks  for  New  Yorkers  searching  for  or   living  in  affordable  housing.  Christine  also  had  power  that  came  from  her  authority   from  within  the  City  Council.  she  refused  to  enthusiastically  support  the   first  version  of  proposed  legislation  that  would  have  provided  stiffer  protections  to   Mitchell-­‐Lama  residents.  As  we  saw.  But  Christine  took  inept  actions.  because  she  did  not  want  to  compromise  the  large  stream  of  campaign   contributions  from  wealthy  developers  and  landlords.  At  each  step   of  the  way.     In  the  beginning  of  her  career  in  public  office.  or  she   failed  to  act.  Christine  acted  as  an  agent  for  the  best  interest  of  real  estate  developers.   A  progressive  leader  would  have  substantially  limited  the  power  of  real   estate  interests  in  deciding  the  outcome  of  zone-­‐busting  development  deals.   Christine  could  have  unilaterally  put  important  social.  and  then  later  we  saw  how  she  watered  down  the   affordable  housing  requirements  in  the  massive  Hudson  Yards  project.  she  would  no  longer  really   need  to  lean  on  the  media  to  exert  an  influence  on  public  opinion.  and  she  could  have   used  that  influence  to  shape  public  opinion  to  build  support  for  increasing  the   amount  of  available  affordable  housing.  and  economic  issues  on   the  government’s  agenda.    All  Rights  Reserved.  If  she  so  wanted.  but  she  chose  not  to  advocate   for  tenants.  Christine  was  merely  one  of   over  50  municipal  legislators.  During  this  time.  After  2006.

289    She  alone  had  at  her   discretion  the  power  to  call  for  hearings.”  Maria  Passannante  Derr   told  The  Villager.  The  installation  in  Tribeca  was  a  large  facility  for  garbage   trucks  used  across  three  districts.288   When  Spectra  Energy  wanted  to  build  a  large  pipeline  to  transport  fracked   gas  beneath  New  York­‐quinn-­‐rejects-­‐radon-­‐gas.nypost.  Any     288  http://thevillager.Christine  has  shown  that  she  was  unable  to  do  this.html     286  http://thevillager.  The  emerging  theme  from  community  opposition  to   Christine’s  approvals  of  these  controversial  projects  was  that  she  had  no  regard  for   voter  input.   -­‐  137  -­‐     .  but  she  chose  not  to.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  was  “not  listening  to  the  community.  Christine  refused  requests  to  hold  City  Council  hearings   into  the  dangerous  levels  of  radon  in  the  fracked  gas.  one  in  Tribeca284    and  the  other  in  the  Upper  East  Side.  Any  developer  or  oil   and  gas  corporation  wanting  to  exploit  New  York  City  real  estate  for  private  gain   was  going  to  get  a  free  pass  under  Christine’s  287    because  she  refused  to  advocate  on   behalf  of  the     287  http://www.html     289  http://occupythepipeline.285     Christine  angered  both  neighborhoods.html     285  but   Christine  did  nothing.blogspot.  Her  environmental  record  in  the  area  of  real  estate  lacked   regard  for  community  concerns.    All  Rights  Reserved.  She  should  have  defended  the   landmark  Tenement  House  Act  from  being  threatened  by  Mayor  Bloomberg.  power.  and  the  installation  in  the  Upper  East  Side  was  a   waste  transfer­‐greenfieldsanders/garbage-­‐dump-­‐protest_b_182646.  no  matter  whether  the  real  estate  was  part  of  the  Mitchell-­‐Lama                                                                                                                   284  http://thevillager.  or   progressive  ethic  she  once  had  wasn’t  going  to  stop  the  use  of  real  property  for   private  gain.  When  New    York  City  planned  to  install  two   garbage  facilities.

  -­‐  138  -­‐     .    All  Rights  Reserved.  or.  beneath  us.  pro-­‐gentrification  agenda.  literally.program.  the  playgrounds  at  public  housing  projects. ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Many   sources  concluded  that  Christine  was  subjugating  herself  to  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  pro-­‐ development.  And  her  official  acts  were  a  sign  that  she   was  aligning  herself  with  the  mayor’s  extremist  economic  worldview.

 the  police  had   demonstrated  blatant  disregard  for  allowing  citizens  to  peacefully  participate  in  a   political­‐arrested-­‐at-­‐rally-­‐file-­‐suit-­‐saying-­‐city-­‐violated-­‐their-­‐  Participants  in  the  1998  Matthew  Sheppard  memorial   march  through  Midtown  Manhattan  were  subjected  to  unprovoked  confrontation.Chapter  7   In  addition  to  having  been  a  tenants’  rights  activist  in  her  youth.291  292  293    Many  of  the     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  One  category  of  violence   that  AVP  dealt  with  was  police  procedures  :  police  brutality  against  LGBT  New   Yorkers.  who                                                                                                                   290  http://www.  She  had  even  used  her  platform  in  the  media  at  that  time  to   exert  influence  over  public  opinion  to  show  that  police  had  wrongly  forced   detainees  to  miss  their  AIDS  medications.  a  situation  that  had  serious  health   implications.290  Yet.  Christine   was  also  once  the  executive  director  of  AVP.html     293  http://groups.  a  nonprofit  organization  that  tackled   the  problem  of  violence  against  LGBTs  in  New  York  City.  and  mass  arrests.   Several  lawsuits  were  filed  against  the  NYPD  over  its  use  of  excessive  force   during  the  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  march.html     292  http://www.  and  sexual   orientation  profiling  in  how  the  police  targeted  LGBT  New  Yorkers  for  extra   scrutiny  and  harassment.  no  reforms  resulted  from  her  efforts­‐says-­‐the-­‐police-­‐barred-­‐access-­‐to-­‐vital-­‐drugs.  Christine  was  aware  that  police  were  reckless  in  handling  the   critical  medical  needs  of  citizens  that  police  had  falsely  arrested  and  detained  under   inhumane  conditions.nytimes.    All  Rights  Reserved.  discrimination  in  how  police  investigated  hate  crimes.  As  Christine  had  witnessed­‐says-­‐the-­‐police-­‐barred-­‐access-­‐to-­‐vital-­‐drugs.   blockades.nytimes.   -­‐  139  -­‐     .html     291  http://www.

  for  example.  Gay  bars  were  historically  always  subjected  to  raids  by  police.                                                                                                                   294  http://www.  the  cultural  and  institutional   problems  at  the  NYPD  that  gave  rise  to  the  tactics  of  using  excessive  force  -­‐-­‐  such  as   the  use  of  horse-­‐mounted  police.  and  false  arrests  -­‐-­‐  were  not  being   addressed.  Christine  took  no  action.  The  last  opportunity  at  bringing  about  institutional  reform  of  the  police   department  was  when  a  task  force  empaneled  by  Mayor  Giuliani  delivered  in  1998  a   majority  report  of  recommendations  following  the  brutal  attack  and  torture  of   Abner  Louima  by  NYPD  officers  in  a  Brooklyn  station  house.   -­‐  140  -­‐     .294  295    But  a  lawsuit  could  achieve   only  so  much  in  terms  of  justice.296   Christine  was  aware  of  other  ways  that  the  police  were  known  to  mistreat   the  LGBT  community.nytimes.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Unfortunately.  However.   before  Mayor  Giuliani  completely  rejected  the  task  force  all­‐trampled-­‐by-­‐police-­‐horses-­‐reach-­‐settlement-­‐with-­‐ city.  The  people.blogspot.  Combined  with  these  raids.  the  final   recommendations  of  that  task  force  were  watered  down  by  members.  like  Christine.  However.   Within  the  NYPD’s  culture  of  bias.  who  were  injured  by  the  police   department’s  deliberate  use  of  horses  to  assault  and  batter  the  march  participants.  the  many  instances  of  the  use  of  excessive  force   and  unequal  treatment  showed  that  there  was  a  pattern  that  needed  to  be   addressed.  received  settlements  from  New  York  City.html     296­‐dismisses-­‐police-­‐proposals-­‐by-­‐his-­‐task-­‐force.sued.  the  constant  harassment  and   discrimination  at  the  hands  of  the  police  were  what  led  to  the  1969  Stonewall  riots.  barricades.  to  the   extent  the  settlements  were  seen  as  fair.    All  Rights  Reserved.   were  going  to  receive  personal  justice  in  the  form  of  lawsuit­‐matthew-­‐shepard-­‐political-­‐funeral.nytimes.  In  spite  of  her  influence  and   authority.  she  would  lead  no  effort  to  launch  a  reform  of  the  police  department.html     295  http://benjaminheimshepard.

 she  was  supposed  to  facilitate   appropriate  government  responses  to  pressing  community  needs.298    It  took  activists  working  with  a   community  group  headed  by  an  executive  director  committed  to  his  cause  to  exert   sufficient  pressure  from  the  outside  for  the  NYPD  to  respond  to  the  community’s   concerns.   -­‐  141  -­‐     .com/1990/12/18/nyregion/july-­‐killing-­‐in-­‐queens-­‐park-­‐is-­‐ruled-­‐bias-­‐related.  community­‐charged-­‐in-­‐slaying-­‐of-­‐gay-­‐man.  Queens.  Rivera’s  neighborhood  and  in  front  of  Gracie  Mansion  to  stir  up  the  necessary   political  pressure  on  Mayor  David  Dinkins  and  the  police  department  to  investigate   the  murder  as  a  hate  crime.nytimes.  when  Matt   Foreman  was  still  the  executive  director  of  AVP.  and  representatives  from  AVP  had  to  march  through   Mr.  when  the  World                                                                                                                   297  http://www.  which  bordered  on  suppression  on  public   assembly.  the  NYPD  finally   classified  Mr.  would  anybody  include  how  the  NYPD   treated  the  citizens  it  was  supposed  to  be  protecting  ?   Quite  possibly  the  first  post-­‐9/11  protest  at  which  the  NYPD  began  to  rollout   its  newer.  heavy-­‐handed  tactics.Police  mistreatment  of  the  LGBT  community  didn’t  end  with  its  response  to   LGBT  political  demonstrations  or  the  patronage  of  bars.”  she  was  portraying  herself  as  having  the   sensibilities  of  an  advocate  for  reforms  with  an  appreciation  of  the  need  for   increased  grassroots  participation.nytimes.  In  1990.  in  what  was  plainly  a  hate  crime.  Given  that  she   was  a  self-­‐proclaimed  “progressive.297    Five  months  after  the  murder.    All  Rights  Reserved.  What  would  be  the  consequences  of  her  having   done  nothing  to  reform  the  NYPD  ?  When  security  experts  would  talk  about  threats   to  public  safety  in  the  post-­‐9/11  world.html     298  http://www.  After  Christine  became  a  political  insider.  Rivera’s  death  as  a  hate  crime.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  took  place  over  the  first  weekend  in  February  2002.  a  gay  youngman  named  Julio  Rivera   was  murdered  in  Jackson  Heights.   Activists.

  liberals.­‐03.  pepper  spray.   and  umbrella  coalitions  were  formed  from  smaller  groups  in  order  to  coordinate   larger  Activists  were  annoyed  that   police  broke  up  the  larger  group  of  activists  into  smaller  groups  by  forcing  them  into   these  barricades.  Activists  were  cut  off  from  one  another.archive.  and  left-­‐leaning  activists  began  organizing  demonstrations  to  express   popular  opposition  to  what  was  widely  regarded  as  the  predisposed  war  agenda  of   the  Bush  administration.  and  threats  of  other  physical  force.  many  Americans  viewed  the   machinations  of  the  Bush  administration  as  a  threat  to  peace.   After  9/11.   The  NYPD’s  forceful  “response”  to  the  protests  against  the  World  Economic  Forum   was  a  harbinger  of  things  to  come.  In  the  build-­‐up  for­‐in-­‐new-­‐york-­‐protests-­‐at-­‐least-­‐38-­‐are-­‐arrested-­‐but-­‐rally-­‐ remains-­‐peaceful.300    Activists  further  complained  that  the  police  menaced  participants  of  the   demonstration  with  batons.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Freedoms  of  assembly  and  of  speech  were  in  the   process  of  being  diminished.htm     301  http://web.301  302    These  smaller  demonstrations  were   futile  in  exerting  political  pressure  on  the  Bush  administration  to  change  its  course.nobloodforoil.htm     302  http://nuclearresister.  The  growing  anti-­‐war  sentiment  was  leading  to  larger  and                                                                                                                   299  http://www.  the  police  tactics  were  seen  by  activists  as  clear  forms  of  intimidation.Economic  Forum  was  taking  place  at  the  Waldorf-­‐  reducing  their  collective   impact.html     300  http://www.  and  progressives.  To  that  end.  several  groups  across  the  nation  were   organizing  constant  anti-­‐war  protests.  the  Bush  administration  spent  two  years  ramping  up  diplomatic   and  military  efforts  to  invade  the  nation  of  Iraq  in  purported  retaliation  for  the   September  11  attacks.  The  New  York  Times   reported  that  police  used  pens  to  contain  activists.    All  Rights   -­‐  142  -­‐     .

  -­‐  143  -­‐     .000  people.  One  large-­‐scale  anti-­‐war   demonstration  was  being  planned  for  New  York  City  for  February  15.  Lawyers   for  New  York  City  presented  evidence  of  two  failed  terror  plots  as  evidence  that  the   anti-­‐war  demonstration  could  not  take  the  form  of  a  march.  a  police  permit  for  the  march.­‐bans-­‐peace-­‐march-­‐in-­‐manhattan.  but  days  before  the  march.more  frequent  protests  all  around  the  world.303       Officials  for  New  York  City  also  put  up  other  obstacles  for  protest  organizers.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Organizers  were  rightly  concerned  that  a  large  turnout  of  protest   participants  would  be  unable  to  experience  the  sights  and  sounds  of  the  rally.  2003  -­‐-­‐  a  day   of  coordinated.  who  would  be   participating  in  the  march  .nytimes.  the  police  promise  to  use  pens  to  “accommodate”   overflow  crowds  in  spite  of  the  NYPD’s  history  of  abusing  the  use  of  pens  .  the  use  of  a  police  scare  tactic  that  it  could  not  guarantee   the  “safety”  of  the  march  .  police  denied  the  lead  organizing  group.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  police  told  organizers  that  the  rally  would  have  to  be  limited  to   10.   Organizers  of  the  New  York  City  demonstration  were  planning  a  march  of   about  100.  and  the   last  minute  courtroom  ambush  of  introducing  two  Bush  administration  federal                                                                                                                   303  http://www.  with  the  implication   being  that  somehow  a  march  was  considered  more  dangerous.  if  an   overflow  crowd  were  diverted  several  blocks  away  from  the  rally’s  stage.000  people  that  would  pass  in  front  of  the  United  Nations  building  in   Manhattan.   organizers  would  have  to  accept  the  staging  of  a  stationary  rally  a  few  blocks  away   from  the  UN.   including  a  police  request  for  an  estimate  of  the  number  of  people.   United  for  Peace  and  Justice  (UFPJ).  worldwide  protests.

 “[I]t  is  incomprehensible  that  the  finest  police  department  in  the  world   cannot  accommodate  a  traditional  peaceful  protest.    All  Rights  Reserved.  police  wanted  to  undercut  the  estimated  turnout  to   just  10%  of  that.  organizers  knew  the  fix  was  in.  it  was  unclear  how  organizers   could  pinpoint  an  exact  estimate  of  the  turnout  for  a  large  demonstration.  In  fact.  the  judge  hearing  the  legal  proceeding  for  the  issuance   of  the  march  permit  application.  a   respected  First  Amendment  lawyer.  305         Once  Barbara  Jones.  “This  is  meant  to  send   a  message  beyond  New  York  City  and  it  is  going  to  have  a  chilling  effect  nationally.000  -­‐-­‐  but  none  of   this  satisfied  the  police.  So  many   factors  would  determine  the  final  number  of  participants.  such  as  the  annual  St.  Protest  organizers  countered  that  the  city  routinely  provided   security  for  large  marches.  I                                                                                                                   304  http://www.  Given  the  wealth  of  precedents   for  peaceful  marches.html     305  http://www.   The  NYPD  was  routinely  being  sued  for  violations  of  civil  rights  and  civil  liberties.nytimes.  it  is  a  highly  disturbing  precedent.  Patrick’s  Day  parade.  to  outside  observers.  because.”  Victor­‐bans-­‐peace-­‐march-­‐in-­‐manhattan.  told  The  New  York  Times.  Increasingly.nytimes.  Even  The  New  York  Times   report  estimated  the  crowd  might  be  large  -­‐-­‐  in  the  realm  of  100.  said  that  she  would  not  “second  guess”  the  police   and  denied  organizers  a  permit  to  hold  the­‐bans-­‐peace-­‐march-­‐in-­‐manhattan.prosecutors  into  the  legal  proceedings  to  cloud  the  march  as  a  disruption  to  the  UN.   protest  organizers  saw  darker  motivations  behind  the  city’s  actions.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   and  it  is  not  known  how  Judge  Jones  was  able  to  take  the  NYPD’s  promises  at  face   value.304       All  of  the  reasons  and  excuses  that  the  police  were  offering  looked  ridiculous   to  protest  organizers.   -­‐  144  -­‐     .  such  as  weather  and   traffic  conditions  and  the  functionality  of  mass  transit.   according  a  report  published  in  The  New  York  Times.  Kovner.

think  the  Bush  administration  does  not  like  political  dissent  and  has  influenced  the   Bloomberg  administration  to  stop  it.”  said  Bill  Perkins.000  participants.    And  visibly  fighting  for  the  right  of  free  speech  and  free   assembly  was  Councilmember  Perkins.   many  more  than  that  took  part  in  the  February  15  rally.  a  councilmember  at  the   time.  he  didn’t  have  enough  support  from  other  councilmembers   like  Christine  to  counteract  the  mayor’s  and  the  police  commissioner’s  intention  to   deny  the  permit  to  hold  the  march.  and   since  the  growing  anti-­‐war  movement  was  reaching  critical  mass  rather  swiftly.   -­‐  145  -­‐     .com/2003/02/11/nyregion/court-­‐bans-­‐peace-­‐march-­‐in-­‐manhattan.  Reporters  from  The  New   York  Times  went  with  a  very  conservative  midpoint  estimate  of  the  number  of   people.  while  the  organizers  said   400.  it  seemed                                                                                                                   306  http://www.  put  the  crowd  at  about  100.  Kelly.  who  participated  in  the  New  York  demonstration.  except  that  instead  of  5.  the   judge  was  trusting  the  police  at  first  blush.306  At  every  turn  in  The  New  York  Times’  recounting  of  the  proceedings.   On  the  day  of  the  rally.  many.    The  judge  accepted  the  police   department’s  reasoning  that  a  march  needed  to  be  planned  months  in  advance.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  who  was  using  his  influence  in  the  media  as   an  elected  official  to  put  political  pressure  on  the  NYPD  to  act  in  good  faith.   Raymond  W.000  people  attended.nytimes.000.  Given  the  sea  of  faces  extending  more  than  a  mile  up  First   Avenue  and  the  ancillary  crowds  that  were  prevented  from  joining  them.  “The  police  commissioner.  participants  experienced  treatment  from  the  police   that  was  eerily  reminiscent  of  the  treatment  participants  received  during  the   Matthew  Shepard  memorial  march.  it   appeared  that  the  NYPD  was  going  to  use  the  excuse  of  a  long  lead  time  to  diffuse   dissent  to  the  war.    All  Rights  Reserved.    While   his  efforts  were  noble.

 the  police  once  again   deployed  horse-­‐mounted  police  officers.  problems  with  police  pens.  looked  up  to  see  NYPD  sharpshooters  on  the   rooftops  of  nearby  buildings.  and  injure  protesters.  discourtesy  by   the  police.    All  Rights  Reserved.  told  The  New  York  Times.  and  pepper  spray  to  control  the  crowds.nytimes.  police  abuse  of­‐bans-­‐peace-­‐march-­‐in-­‐manhattan.  and  police   mistreatment  of  arrested  protesters.”308    Some  activists.  police  misconduct  in  Times  Square.nytimes.   the  police  overreacted  in  their  response  at  every  turn.  who  volunteered  to  facilitate  different   roles  at  the  rally’s  stage  that  day.  Even  though  the  activists  were  committed  to  peace.  The   descriptions  of  the  use  of  pepper  spray  was  described  to  be  in  violation  of  NYPD                                                                                                                   307  http://www.   -­‐  146  -­‐     .  in  what  some  activists  said  was  an  attempt  by  the  Bloomberg   administration  to  deliberately  thwart  a  larger  turnout  for  the  rally.that  something  in  between  was  probable.  one   of  the  principal  organizers  with  UFPJ.  intimidate.  Leslie­‐and-­‐responses-­‐overview-­‐from-­‐new-­‐york-­‐to-­‐ melbourne-­‐cries-­‐for-­‐peace.  As  with  the  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  march.  even  though  the  NYPD  had  a  record  of   using  horses  to  threaten.  The  report  collected  eyewitness  accounts   of  the  excessive  use  of  force  by  the  police.  The  New  York  Times  chose  to  undercount  the   turnout.html     308  http://www.  “We  think  this  is   part  of  something  unfolding  nationally.”307    Even  though  people  extended  more   than  a  mile  from  the  rally’s  main  stage.  The  NYCLU  report  documented  that  the  NYPD   used  horse-­‐mounted  police.  Subway  trains  stopped   running  that  day.  a  serious  curtailing  of  civil  liberties   throughout  this  country.  batons.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   So  many  rally  participants  experienced  problems  with  the  police  that  the   NYCLU  produced  a  comprehensive  report  two  years  later  to  document  the   violations  and  to  issue  recommendations.

policy,  according  to  the  NYCLU  report.  During  the  rally,  police  even  mistreated  the   press.  309   The  NYCLU  report  concluded  with  five  recommendations.  Based  on  its   analysis  of  the  major  problems  with  the  NYPD,  New  York  City  was  urged  to  :   recognize  the  role  of  protest  marches  in  the  city’s  tradition  ;  ensure  free  access  to   protest  events  ;  refrain  from  using  force  on  demonstrators  ;  revise  its  policy  of  using   pens  ;  and  revamp  its  processing  of  people  arrested  for  minor  offense  at  political   demonstrations.  These  were  non-­‐binding  suggestions  that  the  NYCLU  was  publicly   making,  and  their  suggestions  joined  activists’  views  that  there  was  an  urgent  need   for  deeper  reforms  at  the  NYPD.  According  to  the  NYCLU,  Christine  joined  in  the   effort  to  call  for  City  Council  hearings  into  the  failure  of  the  protest  organizers  to   receive  a  permit  to  march,  310    but  there  was  no  successful  effort  to  implement  the   NYCLU’s  report  recommendations.  Christine  was  also  a  sponsor  of  a  City  Council   resolution  opposing  President  Bush’s  seemingly  unilateral  decision  to  lead  the   nation  into  war  with  Iraq.311    That  was  all  Christine  would  do.  Half-­‐measures  was  all   the  anti-­‐war  movement  could  count  on  from  Christine.   As  in  the  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  march,  the  police  use  of  force  against   participants  in  the  February  15  anti-­‐war  rally  triggered  lawsuits.  The  NYCLU  filed   three  lawsuits  against  the  NYPD  for  various  violations  of  citizens’  civil  rights  and   civil  liberties,  including  allegations  of  using  horses  with  the  intent  to  injure  


309     310     311­‐4658-­‐48C3-­‐B29E-­‐


‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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protesters  and  using  barricades  to  essentially  detain,  or  hold,  innocent  protesters.312     Lawyers  at  the  NYCLU  also  filed  these  lawsuits  in  anticipation  of  the  large   demonstrations  expected  to  be  mounted  against  the  next  year’s  Republican  National   Convention,  and  the  lawyers  were  seeking  injunctions  against  the  use  of  some  of  the   NYPD’s  controversial  tactics.  After  pleadings  and  hearings,  a  judge  issued  a  ruling  in   one  of  the  cases  that  “declared  unconstitutional  the  NYPD’s  demonstration-­‐access   practices,  its  use  of  restrictive  pens,  and  its  blanket  searching  of  demonstrators.”  But   because  the  police  department  kept  invoking  fears  of  terrorism,  the  judge  seemed  to   give  the  NYPD  “authority  to  conduct  public  searches  without  probable  cause.”  313   From  here  began  a  noticeable  judicial  weakening  of  the  Fourth  Amendment.     One  of  the  NYCLU’s  lawyers,  Christopher  Dunn,  testified  at  least  twice  before   the  New  York  City  Council  about  legal  concerns  leading  up  to  the  2004  RNC.314     Advocates  for  the  protection  of  civil  rights  and  civil  liberties  were  searching  for   support  to  be  able  to  maintain  a  check  on  an  out-­‐of-­‐control  police  force  at  the  start   of  the  convention  protests.  But  the  City  Council  did  nothing.  As  Christine’s  career   continued  its  ascent  under  Mayor  Bloomberg,  she  played  no  visible  role  in  the  effort   to  protect  the  freedoms  of  assembly  and  of  speech.  Bill  Dobbs,  one  of  New  York   magazine’s  2001  top  101  gay  and  lesbian  New  Yorkers,  used  the  influence  of  the   media  accorded  to  him  to  put  pressure  on  the  NYPD  and  on  Mayor  Bloomberg  to   resolve  the  selection  of  the  terminal  site  for  the  planned  march  against  the  2004   RNC.  Mr.  Dobbs  was  a  spokesperson  for  UFPJ,  and  he  told  The  New  York  Times,  “The                                                                                                                  
312­‐face-­‐lawsuits-­‐over-­‐tactics-­‐at-­‐big-­‐protests.html     313     314    

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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rally  site  is  the  centerpiece  for  solving  this,  and  it's  the  mayor  who  needs  to  take   action.”315    That  which  Christine  would  not  do  fell  upon  unelected,  civic-­‐minded   activists,  like  Mr.  Dobbs,  to  do.  Christine  was  MIA.   To  the  unease  of  some  lawyers  at  the  NYCLU,  the  NYPD  eventually  used  brute   force  against  the  2004  RNC  protesters.  Police  began  to  use  large  orange  netting  to   form  movable  barricades  against  groups  of  activists,  and  The  New  York  Times   documented  that  the  use  of  the  nets  was  intended  to  “divide  and  conquer”   protesters.  Other  tactics  that  police  used  included  swinging  batons,  making  mass   arrests,  and  dragging  netting  across  a  street  as  a  barricade  to  capture  protesters  for   arrest.  Reportedly,  organizers  of  the  2004  RNC  deliberately  picked  New  York  as  the   host  city,  because  of  the  NYPD’s  reputation  for  cracking  down  on  activists.  316    Police   temporarily  kept  hundreds  of  arrested  activists  in  inhumane  conditions  in  a   dilapidated  pier  on  the  Hudson  River.317  "When  the  mayor  bid  for  this  convention,   part  of  his  argument,  to  bring  either  convention  here,  was  that  New  York  City  had   the  only  police  force  to  deal  with  a  modern  anarchist  threat,"  Kevin  Sheekey,  a  close   adviser  to  Mayor  Bloomberg,  told  The  New  York  Times.  "And  obviously  the  Police   Department  has  done  that  astoundingly  well,"  he  added.  318   It  was  later  revealed  that,  in  the  time  leading  up  to  the  2004  RNC,  undercover   police  were  spying  on  protesters  across  the  nation,  in  Canada,  and  as  far  away  as   Europe.  David  Cohen,  the  former  high-­‐ranking  CIA  intelligence  and  operations   official,  who  was  appointed  by  Mayor  Bloomberg  to  the  newly  created  post  of  NYPD                                                                                                                  

garden.html     316     317     318    

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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Deputy  Commissioner  of  Intelligence,  was  described  as  the  architect  of  this   expanded  political  surveillance.319    The  NYPD’s  need  for  control  over  activists   expressing  their  rights  to  freely  assemble  and  demonstrate  led  to  a  police  obsession   with  requiring  activists  to  seek  permission  from  the  police  before  large   demonstrations  could  take  place.  To  that  end,  the  spin  that  The  New  York  Times  gave   to  the  police  response  was  peppered  with  four  references  to  activists’  lack  of   permits,  a  slight  indication  that,  in  the  view  of  the  journalists  at  The  New  York  Times,   a  permit  was  necessary  for  validation.  The  relative  peace  of  the  2004  RNC  protests   compared  with  the  Seattle  World  Economic  Forum  protest  showed  that  the  NYPD   were  “successful,”  a  sign  that  the  NYPD  could  make  use  of  “intense  planning  and  a   well-­‐disciplined  use  of  force”  to  neutralize  protests.  Notwithstanding  the  police  use   of  force  and  other  violations  against  peaceful  and  innocent  protesters,  The  New  York   Times  gave  the  NYPD  a  pass.   The  2004  RNC  demonstrations  triggered  still  yet  more  litigation  because  of   violations  committed  by  police,  costing  the  city  millions  of  dollars,  tying  up  the   courts,  frustrating  activists,  and  impacting  the  1,806  people,  whom  the  police  had   arrested,  during  the  2004  RNC.  What  began  to  definitely  emerge  from  these  series  of   large  demonstrations  in  New  York  City  was  that  the  police  would  violate  their  own   protocol,  trample  on  the  civil  rights  and  civil  liberties  of  activists,  and  then  tie  up  the   court  system  with  litigation  to  sort  it  all  out  after  the  fact.  One  group  showing   foresight  in  New  York  City  was  the  NYCLU,  but  the  impact  of  its  precautionary   measures  was  limited,  because  the  police  still  used  tactics  to  restrict  movement  and                                                                                                                  

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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 NYCLU  attorney  Christopher  Dunn   recounted  the  then  emerging  pattern  of  the  NYPD’s  attack  on  each  of  freedom  of   assembly.  then  deal  with  the  courts  later.  this  essential  constitutional  standard.  the  need  for  advocacy  has  become  more  pressing.                                                                                                                   320  http://www.  Mayor  Bloomberg  told   The  New  York  Times  that  if  the  NYPD  engaged  in  the  false  arrests  of  innocent  was  expendable.  “That’s  what  the  courts  are  there  to  find  out   afterwards.  …  pervasive  videotaping  of  protesters   and  blanket  fingerprinting  of  those  arrested  and  charged  with  the  most   minor  of  offenses.  derived  from  the  Fourth   Amendment  of  the  Constitution.  freedom  of  speech.  and  probable  cause.  Indeed.access  by  protesters.  by  using  orange  nets  to  trap  protesters.  for  example.nyclu.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  documenting  the  NYPD’s   violations  during  the  2004  RNC.  All  these  tactics  pointed  to  a  new  NYPD  strategy  :   violate  the  rules  first.  which  was  in  violation   of  the  Handschu  Agreement.    “You  can’t   arrest  1.  To  him.320    In  one  of  the  Harvard  law  reviews..  assigning  huge   numbers  of  officers  to  events  and  imposing  substantial  physical   constraints  on  demonstrators.  and  police   were  caught  engaged  in  large-­‐scale  surveillance  of  activists.   Mayor  Bloomberg  seemed  to  be  advocating  throwing  out  the  need  for  probable   cause.    All  Rights  Reserved.  then  there  was  a  way  to  deal  with  the  false  arrests  after  the  fact.   -­‐  151  -­‐     .  .  among  other  civil  rights  and  civil   liberties  :   Since  September  11.   The  NYCLU  put  out  another  massive  report.  the  NYPD  has  sought  to  impose  an   unprecedented  level  of  control  over  protest  activity  …  .”  Mayor  Bloomberg  said..800  people  without  having  somebody  in  the  middle  who  shouldn’t  have   been  arrested.  making  still  yet  more  recommendations  for  police   reform.”  Even  though  police  should  only  have  probably  cause  to  make  arrests.

 Mayor  Bloomberg  was  doing  the  bidding  of  President  Bush.  the  NYCLU  turned  to  the  media  to  put  pressure  on  the   police  to  end  this  interrogation­‐stop-­‐collecting-­‐data-­‐on-­‐protesters-­‐politics.  But  what  happens  when  the   NYPD  openly  violates  the  third  branch  of  government  ?   The  NYCLU  tried  exercising  its  goodwill  and  influence  in  other  ways.  it  made  up  by  having  great  influence.321  322    What  the  NYCLU  might  have  lacked   as  direct  authority  in  the  government.  The  only  branch  of  government  left  was  the   court  system.html     322  and  the  NYCLU  had  a  lot  of  expertise  in  litigating  for  court  orders  and   rulings  for  these  legal  protections.  The  use  of  the  media  to  help  shape  public   opinion  to  make  demands  for  reform  in  the  police  department  was  something   Christine  did  not  take  up.  and  the  legislative  branch.  the  NYCLU  had  no  authority  on  its  own   -­‐-­‐  it  relied  on  courts  to  issue  binding  orders  or  rulings.   especially  with  the  media  -­‐-­‐  a  model  of  influence  that  we  all  saw  Christine  master  in   the  form  of  her  constant  media  placements.  not  anymore.  were  unresponsive  to  community  needs  for  urgent  action  to  protect  the   civil  rights  and  civil  liberties  of  activists.  inclusive  of   the  mayor  and  the  NYPD.     One  could  understand  why  the  executive  branch  of  the  New  York  City   government  would  enable  the  police  to  continue  violating  the  civil  rights  and  civil   liberties  of  protesters.  When  it  was  revealed  that  the  NYPD   were  interrogating  activists  about  their  past  political  activities  and  recording  this   information  in  a  database.    All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  152  -­‐     .The  attorneys  at  the  NYCLU  were  fulfilling  their  public  role  as  staff  of  a   robust  advocacy  group.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  not  like  she  once  did.harvard.                                                                                                                   321  http://www.  The  executive  branch  of  the  local  government.nytimes.  Of  course.   especially  in  the  eyes  of  the  media.  meaning  the  New  York  City   Council.

  -­‐  153  -­‐     .  Christine’s  myth  was  finally  exposed  to  be  a­‐York-­‐City-­‐Council-­‐2004-­‐06-­‐16-­‐2004-­‐RNC-­‐Permit-­‐ Committee-­‐Report     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  progressives.  Her  whole  career  could  be  traced  back  to  the  myth  that  she  was  an  advocate   for  justice.  These  resolutions  came  about  because  of  the  lingering  sting  of  the  anti-­‐ war  rally’s  failure  to  receive  a  march  permit.  as  just  one  member  of  the  City  Council.  have  ?  Why  would   progressives  pick  her  out  of  the  entire  council  for  special  scrutiny  ?  During  her  time   at  AVP.  and  this  issue  would  come   back  to  haunt  her  career  again  and  again.  including  supporters  of   the  NYCLU’s  efforts  to  keep  the  police  in  check.323    The  first  resolution.  which  was  adopted   on  February  4.    All  Rights  Reserved.  including  city                                                                                                                   323  http://www.  and  infringement  of  their   rights  before  Christine  would  speak  up  to  advocate  for  justice  ?  On  the  issue  of   police  brutality.  Her  silence  on   police  brutality  would  leave  her  vulnerable  to  criticism.  How  many  times  would  the  NYPD  engage  in  well-­‐documented  behavior   that  treated  innocent  activists  with  violence.  But  what   would  explain  the  response  of  the  City  Council.  or  were  subjected  to  police  actions  to  subvert   demonstrations.  called  upon  federal.  and  of  Christine  herself  ?  Remember.  added  fuel  to  the  fire.   After  the  February  15  anti-­‐war  rally.  brutality.  pushed  the  City  Council  to  pass  two   resolutions.  it  became  clear  that  his   policies  were  to  the  right  of  the  progressive  sensibilities  in  New  York  City.  after  he  came  into  office.  Christine  had  expressed  a  sensibility  and  an  empathy  for  victims  of  violent   attack.  And  what  role   would  Christine.  2004.  That  other  demonstrations  were   subsequently  denied  permits.  and  local  officials.   the  City  Council  always  comprised  a  super-­‐majority  of  Democrats.Although  Mayor  Bloomberg  had  formerly  been  a  self-­‐described  Democrat  before  his   run  for  the  mayor’s  office  in  2001.  state.

agencies  such  as  the  NYPD.  “In  the  aftermath   of  the  numerous  confrontations  between  demonstrators  and  police  at  the  February   15th  rally  the  Civilian  Complaint  Review  Board  (“CCRB”)  investigated  54  complaints   containing  114  allegations  of  misconduct  by  police  officers.  and  assembly.  Christine  was  one  of  its  sponsors.  many  complaints  were                                                                                                                   324­‐York-­‐City-­‐Council-­‐2004-­‐06-­‐16-­‐2004-­‐RNC-­‐Permit-­‐ Committee-­‐Report     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.council.  could   expect  in  terms  of  oversight  and  accountability  with  regards  to  the  NYPD’s  record  of   violating  the  First  and  Fourth  Amendments.  In  the  hearings  leading  up  to  the  adoption  of  the  first  resolution.  called  on  all   government  officials  to  uphold  the  First  Amendment  rights  to  freedom  of  speech.   -­‐  154  -­‐     .  A  special  report  from  the   City  Council  Committee  on  Governmental  Operations  showed  that.   There  was  no  more  that  New  York  City  residents.  be  they  activists  or  not.   and  it  didn’t.council.  “Thus.  the  City  Council  was  capable  of  doing  more.scribd.  2004.324    The  second  resolution.  Christine  was   one  of  its  sponsors.  While  it  is  true  that  a  resolution  does   lend  the  authority  and  influence  of  the  City  Council’s  support  to  the  cause  of   protecting  civil  rights  and  civil  liberties.aspx?ID=441286&GUID=8EC0E66A-­‐5C51-­‐4537-­‐A8B2-­‐ 27B03D873334&Options=ID|Text|&Search=civil+liberties     325  http://legistar.”326    Among  the  NYPD   violations  the  report  found  was  that  the  police  department’s  Technical  Assistance   Response  Unit  provided  to  CCRB  heavily  edited  videos  in  a  deliberate  effort  to   disguise  the  police  officers  who  committed   These  nonbinding  resolutions  were  all  that  the  City  Council  could  muster.    All  Rights  Reserved.   association.  passed  on  June  28.aspx?ID=442361&GUID=CBB0CCE6-­‐DF23-­‐49D2-­‐9FEB-­‐ 1517C9231B8D&Options=ID|Text|&Search=first+amendment+resolution     326  to  affirm  and  uphold  the  civil  rights  and  civil  liberties  of   citizens  wishing  to  hold  political  demonstrations  in  New  York  City.  it  was   clear  that  the  NYPD  was  engaging  in  serious  violations.  Again.

dropped  where  the  officers  went  unidentified.”  327    This  is  how  the  NYPD  operated   when  it  knew  its  actions  were  not  going  to  be  supervised  or  subject  to  any   accountability.  How  were  the  City  Council  resolutions  going  to  address  the   underlying  and  ongoing  violations  of  the  NYPD  ?   But  Christine’s  career  was  on  a  rising  arc.  In  2006,  Christine  was  elected  as   the  new  speaker  of  the  City  Council.  Her  new  position  would  change  the  balance  of   power  within  the  City  Council,  and  she  would  reach  a  new  height  in  government   almost  diametrically  opposite  Mayor  Bloomberg.  Suddenly,  Christine  would  move   front  and  center  in  the  public’s  efforts  to  rein  in  the  NYPD.  Her  role  in  watering   down  the  recommendations  of  the  Giuliani  police  brutality  commission  were  going   to  come  full  circle  now  that  she  would  assume  the  second-­‐most  powerful  office  in   city  government,  with  unrivaled  opportunities  to  use  her  authority  and  influence  for   improving  oversight  and  accountability  at  the  NYPD.     In  her  first  year  as  speaker,  Christine  rapidly  became  the  public  face  of  City   Council  efforts  to  negotiate  with  the  NYPD  new  rules  regarding  the  permit   application  requirements  for  activists  wishing  to  hold  public  demonstrations  in  New   York  City.  The  NYPD’s  proposed  rules  for  applying  for  protest  permits  were  initially   being  shaped  in  connection  with  meetings  among  the  police,  Bloomberg   administration  officials,  and  members  of  the  City  Council.  Those  meetings  led  to   easing  what  were  initially  harsh  restrictions  that  the  police  were  seeking.  Christine   was  quoted  in  The  New  York  Times  as  taking  issue  with  the  restrictions  being  sought   by  the  NYPD,  and  she  laid  out  an  expectation  that  the  City  Council  would  be  part  of                                                                                                                  


‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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the  solution.  “We  look  forward  to  working  with  the  administration  to  develop   guidelines  that  address  the  need  for  the  permitting  of  large  groups,  while  also   respecting  New  Yorkers’  right  to  gather  freely,”  she  said.  A  few  months  later,   however,  the  NYPD  unilaterally  imposed  a  new  requirement  that  activists  seeking  to   demonstrate  in  New  York  City  would  need  to  apply  for  a  protest  permit  if  the   number  of  protesters  exceeded  50  people.  Advocates  for  protecting  civil  rights  and   civil  liberties  were  outraged  that  the  City  Council  played  no  role  in  promulgating  the   new  protest  permit  requirement.328    Two  years  before,  the  City  Council  had  passed   two  resolutions  calling  for  respecting  the  First  and  Fourth  Amendments,  but  the  City   Council  would  have  no  say  in  the  promulgation  of  the  NYPD’s  new  protest  permit   requirement.  As  speaker  of  the  City  Council,  Christine  allowed  this  abdication  of   responsibility  to  occur.   Christine  had  willingly  subjugated  her  progressive  ideals  in  exchange  for   receiving  greater  political  power.  She  thought  that  appeasing  the  mayor  was  the   price  a  politician  paid  in  order  to  move  up  within  the  broken  political  system.  It  no   longer  mattered  to  Christine  that  police  used  outright  violence  against  activists.  She   cared  not  that  police  violated  court  orders  and  even  their  own  protocol.  And  it   seemed  to  not  even  register  that  the  NYPD  had  now  reached  a  point  where  police   officers  could  thwart  citizens’  rights  to  petition  their  own  government  for  a  redress   of  grievances.  For  years,  police  argued  that  their  use  of  brutality  was  justified  by   threats  to  public  safety  caused  by  the  endless  war  on  terror.  Little  could  the  police   see  that  they  themselves  had  become  a  threat  to  public  safety  in  their  own  right.                                                                                                                  

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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One  year  after  the  new  NYPD  rule  took  effect,  an  LGBT  activist  group  called   Radical  Homosexual  Agenda  organized  a  series  of  protests  against  Christine  for  her   enabling  of  the  NYPD  protest  permit  rules.329    Activists  from  Radical  Homosexual   Agenda  infiltrated  her  2007  Pride  Week  kick-­‐off  event  at  the  City  Council  chambers,   where  activists  dramatically  dropped  banners  from  the  upper  balcony  to  shame   Christine.  One  of  the  banners  showed  a  raised  clenched  fist  next  to  the  wording,   “Stonewall  was  an  un-­‐permitted  action  !”  Another  banner  depicted  a  similar   clenched  fist  next  to  the  wording,  “Free  assembly  got  you  where  you  are!”330    It  was   not  lost  on  members  from  Radical  Homosexual  Agenda  that  Christine’s  sensibilities   had  radically  changed  since  the  Matthew  Shepard  memorial  march.  Members  of   Radical  Homosexual  Agenda  wrote  on  their  Web  site,  “Back  then,  Quinn  was   outraged  by  the  cops'  behavior.  How  could  she  have  changed  so  much  since  then   that  she  has  colluded  with  them  to  make  this  kind  of  political  action  even  more   difficult  for  all  minorities  and  marginalized  political  groups?”  331    Criticism  from  the   LGBT  community  no  longer  mattered  to  Christine.  Sure  it  stung,  but  she  had  become   the  City  Council  speaker  now.  She  didn’t  need  instant  approval  anymore.  She  had   made  the  deals  she  needed  to  make  to  get  to  where  she  was.  She  had  battled  against   the  system  for  years  to  work  her  way  up  as  a  political  insider.  She’d  made  sacrifices,   had  to  endure  public  pressure  from  voters,  and  had  suffered  the  expectations  people   had  of  her  maintaining  herself  true  to  progressive  values.  She’d  come  so  far,  and  she   wasn’t  going  to  let  outrage  from  her  own  LGBT  power  base  upset  her  plans  for  more                                                                                                                  
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‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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power.  As  we  look  into  how  it  came  to  be  that  Christine  made  the  insider  deals  to   climb  her  way  into  a  leadership  position  over  the  entire  City  Council,  we  will  also   see  that  she  wasn’t  about  to  go  backward.    

‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  

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 This   would  be  when  the  broken  political  system  would  tempt  Christine  to  turn  her  back   on  what  little  remained  of  each  of  her  activist  values.  the  accords  reached  by  insiders  would  only  further  the   self-­‐interests  of  politicians.  she   was  appointed  to  be  the  chair  of  the  City  Council  Health  Committee  in  2002.  The  raw  political  machinations  that  went  into  her   appointment  to  lead  the  Health  Committee  served  as  a  precursor  for  the  backroom   deals  that  would  lead  to  her  speakership  only  four  years  later.  are  the  ones   who  advance  into  positions  of  leadership.  She   didn’t  earn  this  post.  and  political  operatives.  lobbyists.  who  are  predisposed  to  supporting  big  business  interests.  she  made  a  deal  with  Speaker  Miller  in  order  to  be   given  the  leadership  position.   Politicians.  if  she  ever  really  had  any.  The  exchanging  and   trading  of  promises  and  favors  would  have  nothing  to  do  with  serving  the  best   interest  of  voters.  Reviewing  the  health  issues  facing  New   York  City  before  delving  into  the  machinations  of  Christine’s  climb  up  the  leadership   ranks  would  lay  the  groundwork  to  understand  the  dire  municipal  health  issues  that   Christine  would  face  as  speaker.  party  bosses.  and  it  would  serve  to  later  confirm  Christine’s   predisposition  to  big  business  interests.Chapter  8   Before  Christine  was  selected  to  be  speaker  of  the  City  Council  in  2006.   and  her  concern  for  her  constituency.  Rather.   -­‐  159  -­‐     .  One  reason  society   stops  short  of  making  progress  at  the  legal  and  economic  root-­‐level  of  issues  is   because  the  elements  that  distort  or  corrupt  our  representative  form  of  government   pre-­‐screen  who  gets  to  move  up  into  positions  of  leadership  in  government.       ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Instead.  her  progressive  political  ethics.

 doctors  and  healthcare  officials  were  worried   about  the  loss  of  the  underlying  healthcare  infrastructure.  with  attractive  grandfathered  zoning  exceptions  or   variances.  then  the  state  attorney­‐struck-­‐to-­‐save-­‐upper-­‐east-­‐side-­‐hospital.In  Christine’s  first  year  in  public  office.  Spitzer  or  to  burnish  her  image.  it  was  rare  that  a   state  attorney  general  would  launch  a  public  fight  to  save  a  hospital  from  closing.  Developers  salivated  at  the  opportunity  of  getting  their  hands  on  such   properties  for  speculative  real  estate  conversions.  Spitzer  was  a  rare  politician.  Spitzer  was  demonstrating  that  there  was  a  role  for  public  officials  to  act  as   advocates  for  public  health  when  New  York  City’s  and  New  York  State’s  health   commissioners  were  caught  sleeping  on  the  job.   Mr.  a  Wall  Street  executive.333     but  Mr.  she  was  busy  settling  into  the  City   Council  when  Eliot  Spitzer.   Either  to  emulate  Mr.nytimes.  Hospitals  were  bulky  buildings.  Ear.  Christine   experimented  with  her  platform  as  chair  of  the  City  Council  Health  Committee  to                                                                                                                   332  http://observer.  which  included  17  state-­‐ of-­‐the-­‐art  operating  rooms  and  its  residency  program.  known  as  MEETH.  332      By  trying  to  save  MEETH.  Admittedly.  by  Lindsay  Herkness.     Even  though  MEETH  was  known  for  providing  cosmetic  surgery  in  the  fancy  Upper   East  Side  neighborhood  of­‐spitzer-­‐stops-­‐41-­‐million-­‐sale-­‐of-­‐deluxe-­‐hospital/     333  http://www.  and  Throat  Hospital.    All  Rights  Reserved.    MEETH  was  described  to  be  losing  about  $2  million  a  month.  and  MEETH’s   board  of  directors  was  led.  launched  a  very  public   fight  to  save  the  Manhattan  Eye.  with  an  ethic  to  fight  executives  and  boards  of   directors  to  make  things  right.   sitting  on  giant  footprints.  from   closing.   and  he  wanted  to  sell  MEETH  for  pennies  on  the  dollar  to  Memorial  Sloan  Kettering   in  a  deal  that  would  allow  some  land  to  be  sold  off  to  a  luxury  housing  developer.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  at  the  time.   -­‐  160  -­‐     .

 because  the  only  results  Christine  was  seeking  was  the  photo  op  itself  -­‐-­‐   and  not  anything  beyond  that.  Among  the  cuts  that  Mayor  Bloomberg  was   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  was  going  to  run  the  Health  Committee  based   on  her  own  brand  of  political  expediency.  This  tax  was  enacted  in  order  to  avoid  some  very  painful  budget  cuts   caused  by  increased  spending  and  a  precipitous  drop  in  taxes  resulting  from  the   economic  shocks  of  the  attacks.   whereupon  she  would  then  allow  the  issue  to  yield  to  inertia.add  to  her  public  myth  by  appearing  to  be  an  advocate  for  public  health.  was  because  of  her  close  working  relationship  with  Speaker  Miller   and  the  favor  trading  that  took  place.  Since   moving  into  City  Council.  In  the   beginning.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Christine  would  organize  press   conferences  at  the  steps  of  City  Hall  to  denounce  any  proposed  elimination  to   healthcare  budgets.   Early  in  the  Bloomberg  administration.  Christine’s  advocacy  hinged  on  the  presence  of  cameras.  The  reason  she  was  chair  of  the  Health  Committee  in   the  first  place.  This  cycle  of  playing  to   the  cameras  would  be  the  primary  reason  Christine  wouldn’t  produce  results  for  the   community.   -­‐  161  -­‐     .  In  her  usual  tradition.  only  to  return  to  her  office  once  the  press  conference  was  over.  not  because  she  had  a  resolute  commitment  to   transforming  public  health.   her  record  on  health  issues  would  be  unprincipled  and  inconsistent.  the  mayor  reacted  to  the  damage  to   the  city  budget  caused  by  the  September  11  attacks  by  proposing  a  huge  property   tax  increase.  Christine  would  develop  what  one  source  described  as  a   predictable  pattern  of  speaking  to  the  media  about  an  important  issue  in  exchange   for  the  sound  bite.  But  because   Christine  was  adopting  favor-­‐trading  in  her  political  approach  as  an  elected  official.  Christine  followed  the  pattern  of  using  her  roots  as  an  activist  to  fight   against  healthcare  cuts.

html     338  http://www.    “The  usual  script   goes  like  this  :  the  mayor  proposes  cuts.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis­‐11-­‐24/news/18202256_1_property-­‐tax-­‐tax-­‐hike-­‐mayor-­‐bloomberg     335  http://www.  334    Only  in  a  sinister   Republican  worldview  would  it  be  O.”  is  how  The  New  York  Times   described  the  budget  cuts  game.nytimes.  the  Council  objects.  because  it  was  usually  expected  that   the  mayor’s  budget  cuts  would  generally  be  reversed.  the  mayor.  The  New  York  Times  added   that  many  councilmembers  use  the  restoration  of  budget  items  as  a  “campaign”  tool.nydailynews.  338      All  of  the  press  conferences  in  opposition  to  the   mayor’s  draconian  budget  cuts  were  farcical.citylimits.  including   healthcare.   which  the  councilmembers  could  use  to  demonstrate  to  their  voters  their  successful                                                                                                                   334  http://articles.  In   response.335  336   337    While  her  efforts  seemed  to  be  one  way  to  shape  public  opinion  against  the   mayor’s  budget  cuts.villagevoice.  to  propose  taking  away  meals  from  senior   citizens.K.5  million  in  possible  cuts  to  public  libraries.  He   would  go  on  to  target  unions  and  a  host  of  core  municipal­‐council-­‐spars-­‐with-­‐bloomberg-­‐over-­‐lead-­‐paint-­‐ legislation.00  in  funds   that  would  be  cut  from  week-­‐end  meals  for  the­‐accord-­‐on-­‐city-­‐budget-­‐averts-­‐cuts.  and  then  the  mayor   restores  some  but  not  all  of  the  cuts  in  a  final  deal.000.5  million  in   proposed  cuts  to  fund  ambulance  services.proposing  were  $1.  One  way  that  the  billionaire  mayor  wanted  to  save  money  in  the  years   after  9/11  was  by  proposing  to  close  approximately  a  dozen  child  health  clinics  and   two  tuberculosis  clinics  in  order  to  eliminate  their  costs  from  the  2004  budget.­‐clinics-­‐face-­‐closure-­‐despite-­‐increase-­‐in-­‐cases     337  http://www.   -­‐  162  -­‐     .  Christine  used  press  conferences  to  denounce  the  healthcare  cuts.nytimes.  and  an  estimated  $885.  $2.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  the  other  councilmembers   were  engaged  in  a  twisted  budget  negotiation  game  of  pretense.  in­‐06-­‐17/news/fighting-­‐the-­‐good-­‐fight/     336  http://www.  but  this  was  how  Mayor  Bloomberg  began  his  budget  negotiations.

 The   impact  of  elected  officials  manipulating  core  human  rights.nytimes.  In  Albany.  President  Bush  enacted  a  sweeping  cut  in   marginal  tax  rates  in  the  summer  before  the  September  11  attacks.  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  budgets  were  forced   to  include  drastic  measures.  activists.  In  Washington.“record  of  saving  services.  federal  government.  were  using  the   community  as  a  pawn  to  look  good  in  the  media  for  the  next  election  cycle.  who  were  engaged  in  this  sick  and  twisted  budget  game.  Incumbent   politicians.  and  voters  were   expending  resources  to  respond  to  these  deceptive  budget  cuts.     The  September  11  attacks  opened  up  huge  budget  deficits  in  New  York  City.  such  as  access  to   healthcare.  to  a  concentration  of  wealth   for  the  very  rich.  the  Republican  governor  was  about  to  launch  into  a   scorched  earth  campaign  against  hospitals.  Republican  control  in  New  York   City.wikipedia.  The                                                                                                                   339  http://www.  over  the  next  decade.  and  Washington  was  resulting  in  a  uniform  attack  on  the  social  safety   net  to  finance  the  global  war  on  terror  plus  the  new  Republican  agenda  that  favored   deregulation  of  commerce.  setting  the  stage   for  irresponsible  budget  deficits  once  the  president  wrongly  led  the  nation  into     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and   the  devastating  impact  was  that  community  groups.  where  the  post-­‐ 9/11  economic  collapse  was  most  severe.   New  York  State.S.340    The  2001  federal  income  tax  cuts  would  disproportionately  benefit  the   highest  income  earners  and  led.   -­‐  163  -­‐     .  and  the  U.  Albany.”339    Municipal  politicians  were  engaged  in  a­‐accord-­‐on-­‐city-­‐budget-­‐averts-­‐cuts.  in  spite  of  his  sensibility  for  fiscal  conservatism.html     340  http://en.  And  in  New  York  City.  would  undermine  the  ability  of  some  community  healthcare  facilities  to   properly  plan  for  their  long-­‐term  budgets.    All  Rights  Reserved.

 and  to  attack  municipal  unions  -­‐-­‐  so  much  so  that  these  threats   became  an  annual  budgetary  game  transparent  to  the  media.   His  plan  for  gentrification.  for  example.   to  layoff  teachers.343      Those  with   the  most  made  little  to  no  sacrifices  for  the  many  with  the  least.nytimes.  To  further  protect  the  wealthiest  New  York  City  residents  from   having  to  pay  their  fair­‐accord-­‐on-­‐city-­‐budget-­‐averts-­‐cuts.  temporary   surcharge  on  high  income  earners  in  2003.  For  example.  his  outsourcing  of  government  technology  contracts.  342      While  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  actions  to   raise  taxes  was  admirable.  Mayor  Bloomberg  relied  on  financial  aid  from  New   York  State  and  the  federal  government  to  help  patch  the  city  budget.mayor  hiked  property  taxes  in  2002.nydailynews.   -­‐  164  -­‐     .  when  compared  to  the  irresponsible  fiscal  policies  in   Washington.  and  these  plans  would  accelerate  the   misplacement  of  low  income  and  middle  class  New  Yorkers  out  of  Manhattan  and                                                                                                                   341  http://articles.  would  intentionally  provide  tax  breaks  and   other  economic  incentives  to  wealth  landlords.  This  larger  agenda  would  create   large  transfers  of  wealth  from  the  public  sector  to  the  private  sector  of  the  economy.  the  impact  of  the  property  tax  hike  on  landlords  trickled   down  to  tenants.  but  not  transparent   enough  to  voters  to  put  an  end  to  it.  341    and  he  approved  a  slight.nytimes.  Mayor  Bloomberg  would  engage  in  this   budgetary  game  to  distract  the  public  from  his  larger  agenda  for  mayoral  control   over  the  school  system.  Mayor  Bloomberg  still  kept  proposing  ridiculous  cuts  to  the  social   safety  net.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis­‐accord-­‐on-­‐city-­‐budget-­‐averts-­‐cuts.html     343  http://www.  And  the  heaviest  relative  tax  burden  was  borne  by  everybody  but  the   wealthy.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  his   plans  to  bust  through  zoning  across  New  York­‐11-­‐24/news/18202256_1_property-­‐tax-­‐tax-­‐hike-­‐mayor-­‐bloomberg     342  http://www.   New  Yorkers  would  live  under  constant  mayoral  threats  to  close  firehouses.

  During  this  time.  including  and  especially  to  defend  the  provision  of   healthcare  for  the  voiceless.  People  diagnosed   with  cases  of  AIDS-­‐related  complex  faced  death.  the  elderly.  the  issue  of   access  to  full-­‐service  hospital  care  became  critical  to  the  people  with  AIDS.    All  Rights  Reserved.  But  New  York  City  had   been  shrinking  the  sizes  of  hospitals  in  the  time  leading  up  to  the  AIDS  pandemic.  One  of  Christine’s  mandates  was  to  be  an  advocate  for  healthcare  and  to   fight  against  discrimination.  Stephen  Berger.   -­‐  165  -­‐     .344     Everywhere  that  Republicans  were  in  control.  Under  the  conditions  of  unstable  budgets  and   politically  expedient  budgetary  games.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  would  serve  as  chair  of  the  City   Council  Health  Committee  for  the  first  four  years  of  the  Bloomberg  administration.   to  oversee  a  state  panel  charged  with  the  task  of  making  cuts  to  Medicaid.  Gov.  but  Christine  never  responded  to  the  Berger   Commission’s  plans  to  make  large  cuts  to  Medicaid.other  valuable  areas  of  New  York  City.  they  were  launching  efforts  to  make   cuts  to  programs  and  services  that  benefited  the  most  in  need  :  children.   the  infirm.nytimes.  the  hospital  infrastructure  was  woefully  inadequate  once  hundreds  of   people  with  AIDS  began  to  flood  the  hospital  system  during  the  early  1980’s.  Here  was  Christine’s  opportunity  to  do  something   about  it.  the  only  known  form  of  treatment  was   hospitalization  or.  At  that   time.  Not                                                                                                                   344  http://www.  When  people  became  gravely  ill   with  uncontrollable  opportunistic  infections.  Pataki  appointed  a  Wall  Street  insider.   Consequently.  some  form  of  hospice-­‐like  care.  She  came  into  power  as  part  of  the  LGBT  community’s  response  to  the  AIDS   pandemic.   In  the  early  years  during  the  AIDS  pandemic  in  New  York  City.  and  the  most  frail.  there  was  no  effective  treatment  for  immune  deficiency.

until  1987  did  New  York  City  finally  begin  to  examine  how  hospitals  could  be  fully   utilized  to  treat  people  with  AIDS.nytimes.  city  health  officials  finally  took   action  to  expand  the  number  of  hospital  beds  to  accommodate  the  influx  people   with  of­‐bed-­‐shortage-­‐tied-­‐to-­‐type-­‐of-­‐aids-­‐cases.  More  cases  of  social  injustice  took  place  in  that  time.  The  1980’s  saw  a  rise  of  AIDS  phobia  and  discrimination.html     348  http://www.  who  was  son  of  Gov.nytimes.  to  make  sure  that  social  injustice   in  the  provision  of  healthcare  never  happened  again.  the  appearance  of  segregation   could  not  be­‐for-­‐66-­‐aids-­‐patients-­‐to-­‐be-­‐built-­‐in-­‐the-­‐­‐york-­‐plans-­‐to-­‐turn-­‐hospital-­‐into-­‐aids-­‐­‐york-­‐adds-­‐hospital-­‐beds-­‐to-­‐treat-­‐aids.  and  putting   people  with  AIDS  into  what  seemed  like  isolation  was  construed  to  be  an  attempt  at   creating  a  leper-­‐like  colony  for  AIDS  patients.    All  Rights­‐clare-­‐s-­‐is-­‐in-­‐turmoil-­‐over-­‐state-­‐s-­‐aids-­‐plan.349    Again.html     346  http://www.  since  what  health  officials  did   was  decrease  the  number  of  hospital  beds  that  were  being  decommissioned.  Clare’s  Hospital  near  Midtown  Manhattan   would  be  designated  to  only  treat  AIDS  patients345  in  a  controversial  plan  that   seemed  like  healthcare  officials  were  trying  to  segregate  care.nytimes.  City  health  officials  were   compromising  the  equality  and  dignity  of  people  with  AIDS.  like  Christine.   Moreover.347    348    but  “expand”  was  a  relative  term.  and  the  community’s   response  was  to  promote  politicians.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  St.  Mario  Cuomo.html     349  http://www.nytimes.  the  criticism  of  segregating  AIDS  patients  into  one  singular  facility  didn’t   stop  Andrew  Cuomo.nytimes.html     347  http://www.   -­‐  166  -­‐     .  For                                                                                                                   345  http://www.  from  undertaking  in  1989   an  effort  to  build  an  AIDS-­‐only  health  center  in  the  Bronx  that  was  intended  to   provide  targeted  healthcare  services  to  AIDS  patients  rather  than  have  people  with   AIDS  take  up  space  in  full-­‐service  hospitals.346    Placing  people   with  AIDS  into  an  isolated  facility  was  a  source  of  great  controversy  to  the  LGBT   community.   As  part  of  the  healthcare  response  to  AIDS.

nytimes.  the  city  closed  many  hospitals  and  reduced  the  services  of   remaining­‐Limits-­‐Magazine-­‐February-­‐1983-­‐Issue#page=4     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  who  would  fight  on  behalf  of  those  less  fortunate.   Before  the  economic  crisis  caused  by  the  September  11  attacks.  Duane.  Duane’s  and   Christine’s  shared  raison  d’être.scribd.  NYU  Medical  Center  was  accused  of  keeping  two  men  with  AIDS  in   the  corridors  of  the  hospital  without  finding  them  hospital  rooms  for   accommodation.  seemed  to  take  place  in  low-­‐income  communities.352     Christine  became  the  chair  of  the  City  Council  Health  Committee  about  two   decades.example.   -­‐  167  -­‐     .  and  its  own  infrastructure.  In  that   economic  contraction.  When  Christine  came  into  public  office.html     352  http://www.  its  budgetary  funding.  She  promised                                                                                                                   350  http://www.  she  did  so  under  the   banner  of  an  advocate.html     351  http://www.  She  was   charged  with  taking  up  the  “mantle  of  advocacy”  left  by  Sen.  when  the   city  was  facing  financial  ruin.  the  city  was  suffering  from  a  collapse  of   each  of  its  social  order.350    Instances  of  discrimination  like  these  were  Sen.  more  or  less.    Treating  people  differently  based  on  their  identity   rather  than  on  the  seriousness  of  their  illnesses  was  the  sort  of  discrimination  that   Christine  was  expected  to  fight.  like  the  controversial  closing  of   Sydenham  Hospital  in  Harlem.  the  last  time   New  York  City  faced  dire  budgetary  constraints  was  during  the  1970’­‐accused-­‐of-­‐keeping-­‐2-­‐aids-­‐patients-­‐in-­‐­‐york-­‐adds-­‐hospital-­‐beds-­‐to-­‐treat-­‐aids.nytimes.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Many  hospital  closings.  in  1990.    Back  then.  after  the  worst  of  the  1970’s  financial  crisis  and  after  the  first   reported  AIDS  cases.351     and  the  austerity  cuts  being  demanded  by  the  city’s  banking  and  big  business   interests  were  unfairly  targeting  communities  that  had  been  traditionally   underserved.

   All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  168  -­‐     .nydailynews.  and.  once  the  next   fiscal  year  would­‐03-­‐26/local/18259006_1_cuts-­‐in-­‐other-­‐city-­‐budget-­‐city-­‐services     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.00353    out  of  a  budget  of  over  $47  At  the  same  time  that  the  city  was  facing  an  elevated  TB  rate.  New   York  City  and  New  York  State  once  again  faced  budget  cuts  in  billions  of  dollars.   even  though  some  of  these  important  services  cost  such  a  small  fraction  of  the  city’s   budget.  even   though  the  city  was  at  that  time  experiencing  a  TB  rate  higher  than  the  national   average.pdf     355  http://articles.  how  would  Christine  respond  to  government   efforts  to  make  wholesale  healthcare  cuts  ?       After  enough  community  resources  had  been  deployed  as  part  of  the  farcical   budget  game.  The  intention  of  closing  the  two  TB  clinics  was  to  save   $279.  355    But  the  conditioning  was  already  established  :  the  safety  net   underpinning  public  health  in  New  York  City  was  perpetually  facing  budget  cuts.voters  that  she  brought  to  her  official  capacity  sensibilities  about  what  it  meant  to   be  treated  differently  based  on  her  identity  as  a  woman  and  as  a­‐03-­‐26/local/18259006_1_cuts-­‐in-­‐other-­‐city-­‐budget-­‐city-­‐services     354  http://comptroller.354    But  the  two  TB  clinics  were   saved  only  for  the  duration  of  that  fiscal  year.000.  three  months  later.  voters  elected  Christine  into  government.  She  was  now  part  of   the  political  inside.  and  government   bureaucrats  would  decide  changes  to  public  healthcare  policy.  She  and  other  public  officials.  Christine  would  have  to  fight  for  those  clinics  again.  the  two  tuberculosis  clinics  that  had  been  targeted  by  Mayor   Bloomberg  for  closure  in  the  2004  city  budget  were  saved  from  elimination  nine   months  into  the  fiscal  year.  and   given  the  predictable  pattern  of  how  past  austerity  cuts  had  targeted  people  of  color   and  those  with  lesser  financial  means.  infant                                                                                                                   353­‐content/uploads/documents/cafr2004.  As  a  result   of  these  promises.  their  appointees.  Following  9/11.

 “Control  Board  Chief.   Representative  Jonathan  Bingham.  Pataki’s  Working  Group  on  Health  Care.  Mr.mortality  jumped  in  the  Bronx  by  an  astonishing  rate  of  12.  Maurice.”  The  New  York  Times  09  March  1976:  47.html     358  http://www.nysun.  Print.  361    and  as  a   political  campaign  consultant  for  each  of  Senate  candidate  Richard  Ottinger.  and  Representative  and  one-­‐time  Republican                                                                                                                   birth-­‐weight     357  http://www.html     356  http://articles.  Mr.  Odyssey  Investment  Partners.  Stephen­‐   Of  all  people.  Berger  had  also  served  as  the  executive  director  of  the  Port  Authority  .  announced  that  the  state  would  aim  higher  in  its  quest  to   cut  healthcare  :  it  would  begin  to  close  entire­‐administration-­‐port-­‐authority-­‐get-­‐closer-­‐ possible-­‐land-­‐swap-­‐deal.html     361  http://www.  the  working  group  was  renamed  to  Health  Care  Facilities  in  the   21st  Century.   -­‐  169  -­‐     .com/new-­‐york/hospitals-­‐bankruptcy-­‐filing-­‐precedes-­‐report/43695/     359  Carroll.  LLC  .  One  consequence  of   Mr.  slashed  the  subsidies  that  New   York  City  paid  to  the  Metropolitan  Transportation  Authority.   360  http://www.8%.  Berger  served  as  the  executive   director  of  the  New  York  State  Emergency  Financial  Control  Board  for  the  city.nytimes.359  360     To  carry  out  the  severe  austerity  cuts  demanded  by  Wall  Street  bankers  and  big   business  interests.  among  other  actions.  Berger  selected  by  Gov.­‐08-­‐31/local/18271347_1_infant-­‐mortality-­‐rate-­‐rate-­‐last-­‐year-­‐low-­‐ ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Berger   wanted  to  wreck  havoc  on  healthcare  in  much  the  same  way.357      To  propagandize  the   hospital  closings.  A  calculating  political   insider.   as  chairman  of  a  private  equity  firm.356    Against  this   backdrop.  Mr.  Berger.  Berger’s  cuts  to  the  MTA  has  been  the  dramatic  and  relentless  increases  in   subway  and  bus  fares  endured  by  users  of  the  city’s  mass  transit  system.  Mr.  headed  by  the  Wall  Street   banker  Stephen  Berger.  Pataki  to  lead  a   commission  charged  with  closing  New  York  hospitals  ?  During  the  aftermath  of  the   1970’s  fiscal  crisis  that  gripped  New  York  City.    All  Rights  Reserved.  why  was  Mr.

com/2001/07/27/nyregion/in-­‐battle-­‐for-­‐mayor-­‐badillo-­‐to-­‐enlist-­‐guerrillas."  The  New  York  Times  08   October  1977:  39.  plaintive.html     364  Weisman.   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.nytimes.”  The  New  York  Times  09  March  1976:  47.     363  http://www.  an  arrangement  he  had   successfully  played  opposite  Gov.”  364      Since  Mr.  “Carey's  Tough  Blocking-­‐Back  at  City  Hall”  The  New  York  Times  08  February  1977:  33.  And  politicians.  he  was  accused  of  trying  to   “destroy”  the  city’s  Health  and  Hospitals  Corporation.  he  was  a  natural  pick  for  Gov.   -­‐  170  -­‐     .  which  runs  the  city’s  public   hospitals.  Maurice.  who  were  keen  to  insulate   themselves  from  unpopular  budget  cuts.  Steven  R.  “Control  Board  Chief.  Berger  had  proven  himself   under  Gov.  Berger  was  comfortable  reviving  the   role  of  the  bad  cop  to  Gov.  Mr.  sought  Mr.  even  though  he   would  ravage  the  MTA’s  finances.  Therefore.  and  this  would  lead  to  commuters  having  to   largely  pay  for  the  agency’s  costs.  Carey  during  the  1970’s  fiscal  crisis.  Pataki  to  lead  the   charge  to  indiscriminately  close  hospitals.  Since  Mr.  Saga  of  Stephen  Berger:  Politics  to  Academia.  Berger’s  serial  roles  within  government  were  provided  to  him  after  he   had  proved  himself  reliable  to  political  insiders  because  of  his  predisposition  to   carrying  out  wholesale  budget  cuts  without  remorse.  he  was  never  directly  accountable  to  voters.  Berger  only  served   in  appointed  capacities.  "About  New  York.   Berger  could  be  counted  on  to  carry  out  ruthless  budget  cuts  with  a  sense  of  moral   and  ethical  impunity.  Mr.  Stephen  Berger.    All  Rights  Reserved.     365  Clines.mayoral  candidate  Herman  Badillo.  Pataki’s  good  cop  in  the  2000’s.  His  management  style  was  alternatively  described  as  “sarcastic.362  363    During  Mr.   Print.  Francis  X.   caustic.  Hugh  Carey  to  be  predisposed  to  be  a  “hatchetman”365  for  hire.  philosophical  and  hortatory.   Mr.  His  inclination  to  cut  city  subsidies  to  public  transportation  and  public   hospitals  was  useful  to  a  certain  political  agenda  that  wanted  to  attack  the  social                                                                                                                   362  Carroll.  Print.  Berger’s  supervision  of  the   city’s  budget  during  the  financial  crisis  of  the  1970’s.  Print.  Berger  as  a  reliable  hatchetman   by  proxy.

 Christine  was  critical   of  the  Bloomberg  administration’s  ambitious  plans  to  make  advances  in  public   health  in  the  face  of  constant  budget  cuts.  she  was   unwilling  to  challenge  the  mayor’s  divisive  plan  to  ban  cigarette  smoking.  Berger’s  scorched  earth  campaign  against  hospitals  would  also  converge   with  Christine’s  impending  leadership  maneuvering.html     367  http://articles.366    Christine  mounted  her   own  campaign  to  rid  schools  of  junk  food.  Where  before  Christine  had  been  willing  to  challenge   the  political  system  as  an  activist.   -­‐  171  -­‐     .     In  the  time  leading  up  to  the  recommendations  in  the  Berger  Commission   Report.  Even                                                                                                                   366  http://www.  As  Mr.  Berger  was  launching  into  his  latest  effort  to  “destroy”  New  York­‐bill-­‐is-­‐adopted-­‐as-­‐council-­‐ends-­‐its-­‐­‐09-­‐15/news/18237496_1_new-­‐yorkers-­‐hhc-­‐prescription-­‐drugs     369  net.  or  issues  from  which  she  could  score  political  points  with  the   powerful  billionaire  mayor.367      She  criticized  the  Health  and  Hospitals   Corporation  for  not  providing  information  to  patients  about  a  prescription  drug   discounts  program.  as  the  hit  list  of  hospitals  that  would  be  targeted  for  closure  by  the  Berger   Commission  came  to  be­‐03-­‐24/news/18258878_1_new-­‐yorkers-­‐health-­‐commissioner-­‐ thomas-­‐frieden-­‐flu-­‐shots     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  was  focused  on  public  health  issues  for   New  York  City.  since  Christine  was  already   waging  a  public  fight  against  the  mayor’s  plan  for  the  West  Side­‐11-­‐11/news/18212811_1_vending-­‐machines-­‐after-­‐school-­‐snack-­‐ soda     368  http://articles.  She  championed  through  the  City  Council  a  controversial  bill   proposed  by  Mayor  Bloomberg  to  ban  cigarette  smoking.  she  was  selective   about  which  issues  to  really  embrace.  now  that  she  was  an  insider.  For  example.  Mr.    All  Rights  Reserved.369    But  Christine  was  cautious  to  only   delve  into  safe  issues.  he  would  test  Christine’s  myth  as  an  advocate  in  the  realm  of  public   health.368    And  as  chair  of  the  Health  Committee.nydailynews.

nytimes.  giving  the  mayor  an  important  public  victory.  Christine  still  pushed  the  mayor’s  plan   through  the  City  Council.  and  before  the  Berger  Commission  would  carry  out  its   hospital­‐chief-­‐is-­‐a-­‐doctor-­‐comfortable-­‐with-­‐orders.  Right  after  the  2001   election.  and  he  had  also  rewarded  Christine  with  a  leadership  position  in   exchange  for  her  help  in  his  own  speakership  campaign.   -­‐  172  -­‐     .   consecutive  terms  in  office  that  would  not  add  up  to  eight  years.html     371  http://en.though  the  cigarette  ban  seemed  like  an  attempt  at  imposing  a  moralizing.  and  anthrax  agents  and  other  bioterrorism  threats  in  a   post-­‐9/11  world.  Terms  of  uneven  years                                                                                                                   370  http://www.  Speaker  Miller  faced  a  dilemma  :  because  of  a  technicality  in  the  term  limits   law.  he  was  going  to  have  to  leave  public  office  after  only  a  series  of  three  partial.  socially-­‐ engineered  construct  on  New  Yorkers.370    Why  was  Christine  prioritizing  the  elimination  of  cigarette   smoking  in  restaurants  and  lounges  and  junk  food  in  schools.  Christine’s  relationship  with  Speaker  Miller  needs  to  be  reviewed.  but  not  protecting   hospital  infrastructure  for  possible  future  outbreaks  of  new  or  existing  diseases  ?     Before  Christine’s  campaign  for  a  higher  leadership  post  in  the  City  Council   could  be  fully  understood.  the  West  Nile  virus.   The  City  Council  speaker  for  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  first  term  in  office  was  Gifford   Miller.    All  Rights  Reserved.  But  there   were  other  serious  public  health     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.371  One  of  Speaker   Miller’s  major  legislative  priorities  was  to  change  the  term  limits  law  so  that  the   limit  of  consecutive  terms  for  councilmembers  would  not  be  two  terms  of  uneven   years.  but  instead  be  changed  to  two  “full”  terms  of  8  years.  Speaker  Miller   had  helped  Christine  provide  taxpayer  money  to  seed  the  High  Line  park  in  her   council  district.  It  was  to  his  wagon  which  Christine  had  hitched  her  career.  including  having  to  deal  with  outbreaks   of  SARS.

  -­‐  173  -­‐     .  adding.  372    or  partial   terms  caused  by  the  early  exit  of  incumbents.  Councilmember  Fiala.  Christine  had  more  or  less   largely  stayed  on  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  good  side.  I  believe  that  elected   officials  should  seek  at  every  opportunity  to  maintain  and  enhance  the  trust  of  the   citizens.  “This  bill  would  send  an   unfortunate  message  about  the  impact  and  importance  of  their  votes  and  set  a   perilous  precedent  for  future  leaders  of  this  city.373     With  the  exception  of  the  West  Side  Stadium.aspx?ID=438347&GUID=83B49B0B-­‐6E0A-­‐43EA-­‐AB07-­‐ 0AA9A51CBD20&Options=ID|Text|&Search=term+limits     374  http://www.”  Mayor  Bloomberg  wrote.  Mayor  Bloomberg  vetoed   the  bill.nydailynews.  the  farcical  budget  get   notwithstanding.  reminiscent  of  our   previous  term  limits  hero.  a  situation  that  Speaker  Miller  himself  was  facing.  but  his  veto  was  over-­‐ridden  by  the  City  Council.html     373­‐article-­‐1.  “At  a   time  of  excessive  cynicism  about  so  many  of  our  institutions.council.were  due  to  circumstances  that  would  sometimes  create  two-­‐year  terms  for  some­‐council-­‐passes-­‐measure-­‐on-­‐term-­‐limits-­‐ disparity.nytimes.1303651     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  but  Speaker  Miller  believed  that  the  City  Council  should  serve  as  a   check  on  the  mayor’s  office.  One  measure  of  Speaker  Miller’s  willingness  to   challenge  the  mayor’s  powers  was  that  Speaker  Miller  led  the  City  Council  to   override  38  of  the  mayor’s  vetoes  during  his  speakership.    All  Rights  Reserved.  The  entire  City  Council  voted  on   Speaker  Miller’s  measure  to  extend  term  limits  to  cure  this  inconsistency.”  Mayor  Bloomberg  wrote  in  his  official  veto  statement.  and   Christine  voted  to  approve  Speaker  Miller’s  Mayor  Bloomberg   would  not  support  Speaker  Miller’s  2002  efforts  to  amend  the  term  limits  law.   “I  believe  it  is  simply  inappropriate  for  those  members  …  to  seek  to  change  those                                                                                                                   372  http://www.374    Perhaps  because  the   mayor’s  powers  were  being  kept  in  check  by  Speaker

nytimes.  the  Gotham  Gazette  portrayed  Speaker  Miller’s  leadership  “coup”  as   immediately  transforming  him  into  one  of  a  “handful  of  top  tier  Democratic   candidates  for  the  2005  mayoral  campaign.  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  opposition  to  amending  the  term  limits  law   seemed  to  rest  on  principle.  Speaker  Miller  needed  the  two  year  extension  to  his  political  career   that  his  amendment  to  the  term  limits  law  would  give  him.  if  he  wanted  to  use  the  powers  of  his  office  and   incumbency  privilege  to  his  advantage  to  mount  a  mayoral  campaign  in  2005.html     377­‐and-­‐speaker-­‐appealing-­‐court-­‐ruling-­‐on-­‐term-­‐ limits.  was  in  a  position  to  use  his  own  incumbency  to  thwart   Speaker  Miller’s  plans.  it  was  possible  for  politicians  to  survey  the   landscape  for  possible  competitors  for  future  office  and  to  take  peremptory  action   against  them.  he  instantly  became  the  second  most  powerful  elected  official   in  New  York  City.  The   political  realities  of  Speaker  Miller’s  motivations  were  all  the  more  present  to  Mayor   Bloomberg.”377    The  need  to  amend  the  term  limits   law  was  crucial  for  Speaker  Miller.376     At  first  blush.   Indeed.  This  was  a  very  visible  platform  from  which  Speaker  Miller  could   launch  a  mayoral  campaign  in  the  next  election  cycle  to  challenge  Mayor  Bloomberg.  and  he  was  joined  by  Mayor­‐vetoes-­‐easing-­‐of-­‐council-­‐s-­‐term-­‐limits.  Upon  Mr.     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  but  there  was  more  to  it  than  just  that.”375    After  a  Brooklyn  State   Supreme  Court  judge  threw  out  the  City  Council  term  limits  amendment.   -­‐  174  -­‐     .  Speaker   Miller  appealed  the  court  ruling.  in  turn.  because  it  would  allow                                                                                                                   375  http://www.  even   though  the  mayor  had  vetoed  the  term  limits  amendment.  Miller’s   selection  as  speaker.    All  Rights  Reserved.  In  New  York  City.gothamgazette.rules  in  a  manner  that  may  work  to  their  own  advantage.html     376  http://www.

 The  New  York  LGBT  media  supported  Speaker  Miller’s  efforts  to   amend  the  term  limits  law.  Mr.   -­‐  175  -­‐     .  Eventually.  in   accordance  with  Christine’s  political  philosophy  of  favor  trading.109.2.  given  his  platform.  Philip  Reed.nytimes.  and   her  very  influential  political  ally.  it  was  Mr.   Speaker  Miller.  Ethan  Geto  a  powerful  gay  rights  activists  turn  lobbyist  underscored   Christine’s  ability  to  address  “health  issues  and  other  pressing  social  service  issues   confronting  LGBT  persons”  in  New  York  City  as  a  partial  rationale  for  advocating  for   the  term  limits  amendment.  Geto  was  a  powerful  supporter  of  Speaker­‐gamble-­‐plans-­‐to-­‐revoke-­‐termlimit-­‐law/     380  http://www.  which.  Geto  was  among  the  top  101  influential  gay  and  lesbian  New  Yorkers  on  New   York  magazine’s  list  of  the  year  prior.html     379  http://observer.  included  Christine.  Geto  was  also   acting  out  of  self-­‐interest  .   Mr.  As  a  lobbyist.187/gcn214/councilgay.  Mr.  on  the  other.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  the  City   Council  speaker’s  effort  to  change  term  limits  survived  litigation.  Geto’s  duty   to  provide  political  cover  in  the  media379      for  Christine’s  closest  political  ally.380  and  Christine                                                                                                                   378  http://204.  Mr.378    Even  though  Christine  was  unencumbered  by  the  term   limits  law.     Christine  found  herself  caught  between  the  powerful  mayor  on  one  side.    All  Rights  Reserved.Speaker  Miller  to  stay  in  office  long  enough  to  put  him  in  a  powerful  position  from   which  he  could  challenge  Mayor  Bloomberg  for  the  mayoralty  in  the  2005  election.  Geto  would  be  able  to  come  back  and  ask  for  favors  in  return.  at  that  time.  because  the  amendment  would  have  a  positive  effect  on   the  LGBT  caucus  in  City  Council.  if  he  could  provide  favors  to  Speaker  Miller  and  to   Christine.  and.   and  Margarita  Lopez.  and  the  term  limits  law­‐says-­‐council-­‐s-­‐speaker-­‐and-­‐5-­‐others-­‐may-­‐run-­‐ again.  and  once  again   Christine  saw  how  term  limits  could  be  changed  not  through  referenda.  yet.  Speaker  Miller.  but  through   the  City  Council.

 His  second  wife.  In  the  2005  Gay  Pride  Parade.  contributed  $1.   Speaker  Miller  marched  alongside  Christine  in  a  public  showing  of  their  close   political  partnership.  She  raised   almost  $275.  The   Meilman  family.  Raizy  Haas  and  Hepzi   Schechter  each  contributed  $1.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.00  in  campaign  donations  in  that  election  cycle.750.  Hillary  Clinton  and  Mr.  Douglas  Durst.  Ayala  Barnett.    All  Rights  Reserved.  if  not  more.500.   they  disclosed  that  they  worked  for  the  same  real  estate  firm  as  Mr.  which  stood  to  make  tens  of  millions  of  dollars.   Hevesi.  from   the  powerful  real  estate  family.  made  $7.  Christine   maintained  her  press  appearances  leading  up  to  the  2005  election.  a  real  estate  developer  from  the  Intel  and  Extell   groups.  At  the  time.  he  went   on  to  run  for  reelection  to  the  City  Council  in  the  2003  election  cycle.   contributed  $2.   -­‐  176  -­‐     .  Meanwhile.381    the  same  way  Christine  had  used  the  Gay   Pride  Parade  as  a  way  to  fluff  the  political  campaigns  of  Sen.  her  powerful  political  ally.  the  latter  which  would  go  on  to  sponsor  the  luxury  housing  development   known  as  One57  near  Central  Park  South.500.00  from  Gary  Barnett.  She  saw  how  Speaker  Miller’s  efforts  were  only  meant  to  further   his  own  career  prospects  in  politics  for  the  2005  election  cycle.  succeeded  in  bending  the   system  in  his  to  Christine’s  2005  campaign  account.  Christine  accepted   $1.  Their  unity  was  an  effort  by  Christine  to  offer  to  Speaker  Miller   the  goodwill  of  the  LGBT  community.00  in  readily                                                                                                                   381  http://gaycitynews.000.000.  Barnett.  keeping  him  in   office  as  the  speaker  for  the  2005  election  year  cycle.00.00  to  Christine’s  campaign  account.000.saw  how  Speaker  Miller.  from   inflated  real  estate  values  tied  to  the  High  Line  park.  the  failed  2001  Democratic  mayoral  candidate.   Because  Speaker  Miller  won  the  right  to  amend  the  term  limits  law.

 and  Brad   Hoylman.    All  Rights  Reserved.  big  business  insiders.  the   publicist  who  works  for  his  master  PR  spin  doctor  father.  Steven  Rubenstein.  At  the  same  time.  and  lobbyist  George  Arzt  gave   $750.  and  hospital   executives  donated  large  sums  of  money  to  Christine  in  the  time  leading  up  to  her   campaign  for  the­‐Arzt-­‐The-­‐90500-­‐Campaign-­‐Finance-­‐Board-­‐ Political-­‐Donations-­‐Man.00  .  gave  $1.  the  lobbyist  James  Capalino  gave  $1.  gave   $2.   Arzt  has  donated  over  $90.  yet  she  was  receiving  outsized  contributions  from  real  estate   interests  and  lobbyists.00.  Mr.  real  estate  developers.382   Various  other  lobbyists.   -­‐  177  -­‐     .00  .nyccfb.00  to  Christine’s  account.00.000.  donated   $250.  Mr.  in  the  run  up  to  her   selection  of  City  Council  speaker  to  replace  Gifford  Miller  ?  She  was  only  the  chair  of   the  Health  Committee.  Richard  Davis.  when  Mr.blogspot.  Miller  was  selected  to  be  speaker.  Howard  Rubenstein.   the  chief  executive  officer  of  the  AIDS  services  organization  Housing  Works.  a  political  action  committee  known   as  Affordable  Housing  PAC     383   http://www.000.   Arzt  is  a  prolific  campaign  contributor  :  over  the  course  of  many  election  cycles.aspx?election_cycle=2005&cand_id=204&cand_nam e=Quinn%2c+Christine+C     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.00  to  New  York  City  municipal  candidates  in  an   attempt  to  buy  access  for  himself  and  his  political  and  public  relations  clients.  and  Charles  King.000.  the  former   member  of  the  Watergate  Special  Prosecutor  Force.  made  a  contribution  of  $500.  One  root  of  the  influence  of  real  estate  money  can  be  traced   back  to  2002.  especially  in  2004  and  2005.  campaign  consultant.  Part  of  his  brokered  deal                                                                                                                   382  http://ny-­‐popculture-­‐politics.500.  an  attorney  for  the  Partnership  for  New  York  City.383     How  did  it  come  to  be  that  real  estate  contributions  would  take  such  a  central   role  in  Christine’s  fundraising.  The  publicist.identifiable  contributions  to  Christine’s  campaign  account.00  .  donated  $250.

   All  Rights  Reserved.  it  wasn’t  a  measure  of  Mayor   Bloomberg’s  success  but  rather  a  reflection  of  how  much  developers  had   individually  compromised  key  members  in  the  City  Council  through  campaign   donations.00  in  her  campaign  with  many  names  identical  to  Christine’s   own  campaign  contributors.  political  insiders   traded  favors  to  determine  which  councilmember  would  be  chosen  to  be  the  City                                                                                                                   384  http://www.  having  been  exposed  for  using  City   Council  resources  to  further  his  political  campaign.384    Through  this   appointment.  called  for  the  appointment  of  Melinda   Katz  to  be  the  chair  of  the  City  Council  Land  Use  Committee.000.aspx?election_cycle=2005&cand_id=264&cand_nam e=Katz%2c+Melinda     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.with  the  Queens  party  boss.  at  which  point  he  ran   for  mayor  in  that  election.  He  ended  up  losing  in  the   Democratic  primary  for.nyccfb.  who   would  be  predisposed  to  supporting  their  development  projects.   As  was  observed  with  Mr.  real  estate  donors  were  trying  to  fund  the  next  wave  of  leaders.nytimes.  Tom  Manton.nytimes.  Manton  pushed  forward  a  councilmember  that  could  be  counted   on  to  support  zone-­‐busting  real  estate  deals.  Katz  had  raised  over  $700.  Mr.   -­‐  178  -­‐     .385    But  long  before  Speaker   Miller’s­‐speaker-­‐plans-­‐to-­‐cut-­‐stipends-­‐for-­‐himself-­‐and-­‐ others.  much  of  it   from  real  estate  interests  and  lobbyists.  The  term  limits  amendment  passed  by   Speaker  Miller  kept  him  in  City  Council  until  the  end  of  2005.html     386   http://www.  Miller’s  speakership  selection.html     385  http://www.  as  was  widely  expected.  voters   saw  that  Ms.  among  other  reasons.386    When  the  former  deputy  mayor  under  Mayor   Bloomberg  once  bragged  about  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  record  of  78-­‐0  in  getting  zone-­‐ busting  projects  pushed  through  the  City  Council.  To  that

 namely.  Political   bosses  were  deciding  the  speakership.Council  speaker.nytimes.  the  largest  borough  in  New   York  City.  has  essentially  been  locked  out  of  having  any  say  in  the  City   Council  speakership’s  race  since  1986.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  It’s  not  uncommon  for  real  estate  interests  to  begin                                                                                                                   387  http://www.html     388  http://nymag.387    But  Christine  broke  the  stranglehold   by  Queens  and  County  bosses  by  turning  to  Brooklyn  political  boss  Vito  Lopez  for   help  to  secure  her  speakership.   an  early  sign  that  the  fix  may  have  already  been  in  on  the  speakership  from  a  year   prior  to  the  2005­‐for-­‐position-­‐starts-­‐early-­‐in-­‐race-­‐for-­‐council-­‐ speaker.  who  had.  Douglas  Durst.  and.  The  sizeable  donations  from  Gary  Barnett.  it  appeared  that  the  Queens  and  Bronx  county  bosses  had  been  the  most   disciplined  about  acting  in  concert  to  select  the  speaker  in  exchange  for  choice   political  appointments  to  the  most  powerful  City  Council  committees.  Brooklyn.  James   Capalino.  not  voters’  actual  representatives.  in   the  councilmembers  themselves.  These  backroom  deals  got  made  at  the  county  boss  level.  held   the  leadership  post  for  almost  two  decades.  George  Arzt.  Because  of   lockstep  actions  by  Queens  and  Bronx  county  bosses.  388    These  backroom  deals  raised  serious  issues   about  the  healthy  function  of  representative  democracy  in  the  City  Council.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  some  of  the  donations  from  the  Meilman  family  dated  back  to  2004.  the  year  Speaker  Vallone  took  over  the   leadership  post  from  Brooklyn  councilmember  Thomas  Cuite.  since   1986.   -­‐  179  -­‐     .   The  unmistakable  spike  in  real  estate  donations  to  Christine’s  political   campaign  as  early  as  the  2005  election  cycle  meant  that  real  estate  interests  and   lobbyists  were  intending  to  compromise  Christine’s  independence  on  real  estate   issues.

390  Christine’s  campaign  for  the  speakership   began  early.blogspot.  as  measured  by  the  flood  of  real  estate  donations.html     390  http://www.  as  told  to  New  York  magazine.  This  county  boss  strategy  was  confirmed  by  Brooklyn  councilmember  Bill   de  Blasio.  kept  his  appointment  as  chair  of  the  powerful  Finance                                                                                                                   389  http://queenscrap.  adding.392  in  whom  the  real  estate  industry  had   already  invested  multiple  and  sizeable  campaign­‐powers-­‐chris-­‐quinn’s/     391  http://nymag.  and  David  Weprin.   “She  did  a  better  job  in  developing  those  relationships.  presenting  a  personality  they   were  comfortable  with.  Melinda  Katz.nytimes.   -­‐  180  -­‐     .389    The  sizeable  donations  to  Ms.   the  Queens  County  Democratic  had  negotiated  from  Speaker   Miller  the  City  Council  Land  Use  committee  chair  appointment  for  one  of  his   delegation’s  members.  who  did  not  want  to  take  a   loss  on  the  money  that  they  had  spent  to  finance  Ms.  that  a  lot   of  this  ball  game  revolved  around  the  county  Democratic  leaders.  Manton  was  interested  in  maintaining  the  status  quo  for   his  own  power  base.  Mr.  Upon  Christine’s  assumption  of  the­‐democrats-­‐pick-­‐some-­‐council-­‐plums.”  he  said.”391    In  2002.making  heavy  campaign  donations  over  a  year  in  advance  to  their  approved  political­‐kash-­‐kow.  In  the  run  up  to  the   2005  campaign  season.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Katz  kept  her   leadership  post  on  Land  Use.  Katz’s  campaign  account  also  reflected   her  own  contention  for  the  speakership.  better  than  I  did.  another  member  of  the  Queens  City   Council  delegation.  and.  as  well  as  for  real  estate  interests.  Ms.  “She  understood.  Christine   followed  Speaker  Miller’s  pattern  of  reaching  out  to  the  county  bosses  for  their   support.  Tom  Manton.html     392  http://www.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Katz’s  appointment  to  the  Land   Use  committee.  finding  out  how  not  to  be  threatening  to  them.

html     396  http://gaycitynews.  like  Speaker  Miller  before  Christine  was  able  to  take  the  lead  in   the  negotiations  for  the  next­‐speaker-­‐plans-­‐to-­‐cut-­‐stipends-­‐for-­‐himself-­‐and-­‐ others.  was  well-­‐financed  by  real  estate  interests  and  lobbyists.  and  the  sources  of  these  large  campaign  contributions  wanted   to  avert  the  need  to  continue  these  large  payments  with  the  more  rapid  succession   caused  by  term  limits.397    Big  business   interests  and  lobbyists  were  investing  more  and  more  money  in  incumbents  in   leadership  positions.393  He.395    Bill  Dobbs.  Manton’s  big  business-­‐ approved  delegates  in  their  positions  of  power.html?res=9C00E1D91631F937A15752C1A9639C8B63     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”  he  told  New  York  magazine.  began  tolling   for  a  need  to  extend  term  limits  before  2005  would  come  to  a  close.  Dobbs.  Christine.  Although  Christine  swore  to  New  York   magazine  that  she  did  not  make  backroom  deals  with  the  county  political  bosses.html     397  http://query.  there  was  an  inauthentic  portrayal  amongst   Christine’s  supporters  that  the  body  of  newly  incoming  councilmembers  had   championed  the  vote  for  the  first  woman  and  first  openly  LGBT  speaker  of  the  City   Council.nyccfb.nytimes.  told  a  Gay  City  News  reporter  that  Christine’s  victory  was  a  reflection  of   “politics  as  usual  for  party  bosses  and  backroom  wheeler  dealers.  Christine’s  selection  was                                                                                                                   393  http://www.aspx?election_cycle=2005&cand_id=232&cand_nam e=Weprin%2c+David+I     395  http://nymag.  the  notable  LGBT   activist.  “With  politics  -­‐-­‐  it’s  a  little  harsh  to  say  -­‐-­‐  to  the  victors   belong  the  spoils.committee.394   The  permanent  establishment  that  spends  so  heavily  on  reelecting  approved   incumbents  does  not  like  insurgents  of  any  kind.  In  a  report  in  The  New  York  Times.html   394   http://www.  like  Mr.  Like  a  true  insider.  Manton  was  coy  about  it.”396      To  more   astute  observers.   Mr.   -­‐  181  -­‐     .    All  Rights  Reserved.  too.   By  appearing  to  have  made  promises  to  keep

 Christine  arranged  for  the  Bronx.  when  the  publication  City  &  State  was  reviewing  a   scandalous  episode  during  Christine’s  speakership.   and  Brooklyn  county  leaders.  Instead.  it  was  important  to  further  the  fairy  tale  narrative  that  councilmembers   had  elected  the  first  woman  and  openly  LGBT  speaker  based  on  Christine’s  record  of   achievement  -­‐-­‐  and  not  on  her  backroom  deals  with  the  political”  who  helped  to  negotiate  the  terms   of  Christine’s  speakership.  the  winners  were  going  to  be  the   power  brokers.   -­‐  182  -­‐     .  and.    All  Rights  Reserved.399    rather  than  Christine  having  been  found  to  be  an   inspirational  choice  by  the  councilmembers.  the  insiders.  For  example.   For  Christine  to  make  these  giant  leaps  in  power  after  less  than  six  years  in   the  City  Council.  she  had  to  cut  deals.  Manton  being  the  “power  broker.html     400  http://www.villagevoice.  an  anonymous  City  Council   source  finally  admitted  that  Christine  wasn’t  the  “…  actual  choice  of  the  Council…”   for  the  speakership.  noted  in  The  Village  Voice  that.2006/120706/NewFiles/MANTON.401    But  Christine  had  a  myth  to  propagate.  and  Brooklyn  county  bosses  to  sit  right  up  front  during  the  preordained   City  Council­‐01-­‐03/news/the-­‐outsider-­‐comes-­‐in/     401  http://www.  Tom  Robbins.  and  the  political  operatives  on  whose   backs  Christine  climbed  to  further  her  own  position  in  government.   Queens.indicated  as  a  fait  accompli  once  she  had  garnered  the  support  of  the  Bronx.timesnewsweekly.  a  very  wise  political   reporter.  to  her  and  to  her­‐fund-­‐legacy-­‐future-­‐member-­‐items/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.html     399  http://www.  the  lobbyists.398    The  real  narrative  of  Christine’s  selection  had  more   to  do  with  Mr.  in  acknowledgement  for  their  role  in   bestowing  upon  Christine  the  speakership.  The  winners  weren’t  going  to  be  the  voters.400    Years  later.  in                                                                                                                   398  http://www.cityandstateny.   who  were  still  naively  waiting  for  Christine  to  be  a  source  of  top-­‐down  support  for   bottom-­‐up  community  empowerment.nytimes.  Queens.-­‐

 According  to  Mr.  Dobbs  told  The  Village  Voice  that  Christine  was  motivated  to   help  Rep.  Strasburg  was  there  to   influence  Christine’s  pick  for  the  chair  of  the  City  Council  Housing  &  Buildings                                                                                                                   402  http://www.  Mr.the  weeks  leading  to  the  formal  announcement  that  Christine  had  clinched  the   speakership.  Crowley  had  succeeded  Mr.  Joe­‐01-­‐03/news/the-­‐outsider-­‐comes-­‐in/   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Robbins.  Michael  McKee.  expressed  his  support  to  Christine  for  her  contradictory   support  of  Rep.  a  “swarm  of  lobbyists”  swooped   down  on  Christine.  and  Mr.  “Does  it  bother  me  ?  No.   Manton  in  Congress.  a  former  chief  of  staff  of   former  Speaker  Vallone.”  he  told  The  Village  Voice.  402     Mr.  Rep.  Mr.  Crowley.   -­‐  183  -­‐     .  among  other  things.  Manton  expected  his  subjects.  a  weak   supporter  of  reproductive  freedom  for  women.  Christine  co-­‐hosted  a  fundraiser  for  Rep.  Even  though   Christine  kept  brandishing  her  myth  as  an  advocate  for.  the  wise  political  reporter.  which  advocated  an  end  to  rent   control  and  regulation.  Mr.    All  Rights  Reserved.  which  now  included   Christine.  Robbins.  to  express  loyalty  to  the  members  of  his  political  machine.  the  Rent  Stabilization  Association.  the   more  glaring  the  betrayals  to  her  own  political  ethics  became.  Strasburg  had  become  the  leader  of  the  city’s  biggest   landlord  lobby.villagevoice.  as  well.   abortion  rights.  The  rationalizations   of  Christine’s  supporters  became  all  the  more  bold.  One  of  the  lobbyists  was  Joe  Strasburg.  Crowley  “solely  to  win  Manton’s  support  and  the  Queens  delegation.  who  was  called  on  to  provide  more  and  more   political  cover  to  Christine.  observed  that  on  the  day  of  the   nominal  councilmember  vote  on  the  speakership.”  It   was  no  coincidence  that  the  higher  up  the  totem  pole  that  Christine  climbed.  the   controversial  tenants’  rights  activist.

 Lopez  would  become  the  new   gatekeeper  of  real  estate  issues.  Mr.  Jose  Rivera.  Lopez  would  have  lucrative  influence  over   governmental  housing  policy.  And   as  the  first  wave  of  the  Berger  Commission  hospital  closings  loomed  on  the  horizon.    All  Rights  To  developers.villagevoice.   Lopez  the  new  power  broker  for  the  real  estate  industry.   Christine  picked  Councilmember  Joel  Rivera  to  replace  her  as  chair  of  the  Health   Committee.   -­‐  184  -­‐     .   Lopez  was  interested  in  installing  a  Brooklyn  councilmember  in  the  housing   committee  to  help  Mr.  Lopez  consolidate  control  over  housing  issues.nytimes.  Christine  helped  make  Mr.                                                                                                                     403­‐01-­‐03/news/the-­‐outsider-­‐comes-­‐in/     404  http://www.  To  careful  observers.406   and  through  Councilmember  was  the  early  favorite  to  head  Housing  &  Buildings.  Lopez.  a  close  associate  of  the  Brooklyn  political   boss  Mr.  for  having  supported  Christine’s   speakership.nytimes.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Given  how  developers  influenced  policy  and   leadership  appointments  with  political    and   eventually  he  was  picked.html     405  http://nymag.  in  terms  of  her   commitment  to  affordable  housing  and  tenants’  rights.  Lopez  was  chair  of  the  Assembly  Housing  Committee.  She  had  by  this  time  stopped   helping  Mitchell-­‐Lama  residents  and  instead  focused  on  advancing  the  careers  of   politicians.     406  http://www.  Christine  was  doing  all  the  right  things  by  big  business  interests  and   political  bosses.  Mr.  there   would  be  no  more  pretense  about  how  much  Christine  had  shifted.403  Councilmember  Erik  Dilan.  407    The  sole  political  consideration  for  his  selection  was  seen  to  be  as  a   reward  to  the  Bronx  political  boss.committee.405  Even  The  New  York  Times  made  the  connection  that  Mr.html   407  http://www.  who  were  predisposed  to  supporting  real  estate  industry  interests.  In  his  position   in  the  state  assembly.

 Dobbs  told  the  reporter  “Let's  not  confuse  a  seat  at  the  table  or  a   fancy  title  with  progress.  Dobbs  tried  to  debunk  the  identity  politics  that  Christine  was  using  to  further   her  career  in  politics.   Mr.  “She’s  broken  the  glass  ceiling.   -­‐  185  -­‐     .   naming  two  remarkable  examples  of  neoliberal  traitors  to  progressive  values.  McCall  once  worked  for  the  lobbyist  James  Capalino.  McCall  was   one  of  Christine’s  early  critical  supporters.  and  Mr.  “It  says  we  can  elect  people  citywide  who  can   be  out.  all  of  whom  were   constituency  groups  which  Quinn  had  expertise.  who  had  by  then   established  for  himself  a  semi-­‐public  role  as  an  incorruptible  good  government   watchdog  with  sensibilities  about  each  of  LGBT  rights.”  Mr.  At  an  event  celebrating   Christine’s  installation  as  City  Council  speaker.  and  people  with  HIV/AIDS.”  Mr.  Dobbs  said.villagevoice.  “There  is  a  lot  more  to  change  than  diversifying  representatives.”408    But  the   allure  of  Christine’s  myth  was  too  strong  for  some.  citing  the  need  for  more  government  attention  to   LGBT  homeless  youth.  Dobbs.  Robbins  for  a  report  in   The  Village  Voice.  Christine  received  wide-­‐spread   praise.  McCall  said.  noting.  Mr.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.”  Mr.  president  of  Stonewall   Democrats.”  Dirk  McCall.  civil  liberties.  seniors.Trying  to  ring  the  loud  alarum  bell  was  Mr.  “Think  Clarence  Thomas.  and  civil  rights.  or  Madeleine  Albright.   Christine’s  raison  d'être  was  always  brought  back  to  her  roots  as  an  advocate  for   LGBT  issues.  He  foresaw  trappings  in  Christine’s  myth  that  had  been   observed  in  recent  past  political­‐01-­‐03/news/the-­‐outsider-­‐comes-­‐in/2/     409  http://gaycitynews.409    Time  and  again.  He  added  that  the  gay  agenda  was  far   from  being  fulfilled  in  New  York.   adding.  in  spite  of  the  fact  that  after  six  years  in  the  City  Council  Christine  had                                                                                                                   408  http://www.  told  Gay  City  News.

com/2006/02/18/nyregion/18council.  Among  Christine’s  new  appointments  was  a  Bloomberg   administration  official.”410    Within  weeks.  (This  was   presumably  because  the  discussion  to  change  term  limits  before  the  end  of  2005   failed  to  lead  to  an  extension.  Christine   admitted  right  out  to  The  New  York  Times  that  one  of  the  first  items  on  her   legislative  agenda  as  speaker  would  be  to  take  up  the  issue  of  term  who  would  now  be  in  change  of  negotiating   the  city  budget  on  behalf  of  the  City  Council  with  his  former  bosses  in  City  Hall.html     411  http://www.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Schlein  did  not  interfere  with  Christine’s  politically-­‐motivated   purging  of  City  Council  staff.414    Whereas.”412    The  Bloomberg  official.never  proposed  any  policy  to  fully  address  the  issue  of  LGBT  homeless  youth.  Christine  had  been  critical  of   the  Bloomberg  administration’s  ambitious  plans  to  make  advances  in  public  health                                                                                                                   410  http://www.  which  she  opposes  and  the   mayor  supports.)  The  New  York  Times  reported  that  Christine  wanted   to  “revisit  the  issue  of  term  limits  for  council  members.   two  years  before  her  ascension  into  the    All  Rights  Reserved.  Christine  fired  61  council  staff  members411  in   violation  of  the  very  early  Quinn  doctrine  to  “preserve  the  expertise  of  the  Council   staff.   Christine’s  subjugation  of  budget  control  began  here.shtml     413  http://www.413  the  Bronx  political  boss  with  whom  Christine   negotiated  support  for  her  speakership  and  the  father  of  the  newly  incoming  Health   Committee  chair.  who  was  in  charge  of  the  commission  tasked  with   protecting  the  civil  service  system.nytimes.   -­‐  186  -­‐     .nytimes.gothamgazette.html     414  http://www.  Mr.nytimes.  He  was  a  lobbyist  and  close   political  operative  of  Jose     Notwithstanding  the  power  of  Christine’s  myth  on  her  followers.html     412  http://old.  was  Stanley  Schlein.  for   example.  Michael  Keogh.  at  the  inception.

415  Expectations  from  Christine’s  constituents  for  progressive  reforms   would  clash  with  the  agenda  of  powers  that  be.  The  remainder  of  Christine’s  story  would  be  just  as  corrupt  as  was  her   upward  climb  to  power.  who  had  promoted  Christine  into   ever  higher  positions  of­‐ambitions-­‐fuel-­‐quinn-­‐de-­‐blasio-­‐rivalry-­‐article-­‐ 1.                                                                                                                       415  http://www.   -­‐  187  -­‐     .  as  part  of  her  insider  strategy  to  win  the   speakership.  Keogh  appointment  promised  to  Mayor  Bloomberg  the  way   Councilmember  Dilan’s  appointment  to  the  Housing  &  Buildings  Committee  was   promised  to  Mr.nydailynews.  No  more  would  Christine  serve  as  a  beacon  of   top-­‐down  support  for  bottom-­‐up  community  empowerment.  Was  Mr.  now  Christine  was  turning  over  the  reins  of  the   budget  process  over  to  the  very  same  Bloomberg  administration  that  continued  to   proposed  budget  cuts  to  healthcare  that  Christine  would  take  to  the  media  to   nominally  protest.  one  would   wonder  if  Mayor  Bloomberg  had  been  similarly  approached  to  support  Christine’s   speakership.  Lopez  ?  Years  later.  she  “forged  alliances”  with   Mayor  Bloomberg.  At  each  step  of  the  the  face  of  constant  budget  cuts.  among  others.    All  Rights  Reserved.  insiders  thwarted  decisions  that  should  have  been  made  in  the  best  interests  of   voters.  The  New  York  Daily  News  reported  that  leading   up  to  Christine’s  successful  speakership  campaign.1436080     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  For  Christine  to  be  rewarding  the  Bloomberg  administration  with   a  prominent  political  appointment  within  the  City  Council  budget  office.

 all  of  the  city’s  discretionary  funding  made  available  to  community  groups   needed  Christine’s  permission.  and  she  leveraged  that  process  for  even  greater  sources   of  power.  Just  like  political  party  bosses  knew  to  negotiate  tit-­‐ for-­‐tat  when  deliberating  the  selection  of  City  Council  speaker.  Either   way.416    This  discretionary  funding  gave  Christine  power   over  community  groups.  There  was  no  more  mistaking  that   Christine  knew  exactly  how  to  make  things  happen.  because  she  was  in  the  sole                                                                                                                   416  http://nymag.   -­‐  188  -­‐     .  Christine  was  also  deciding  how  to   distribute  “annual  disbursements  of  tax  dollars  to  community  groups.Chapter  9   The  myth  Christine  propagated  was  that  she  ran  for  public  office  to  make  a   difference  for  people.  that  the  voters  could  count  on  her  to  do  the  right  thing.  else.  they  applied  to   their  respective  councilmembers.  who  then  had  to  go  to  Christine  for  approval  .  The  months  immediately  following  her  speakership  selection  were   heady  times  for  Christine.  as  she  reached  higher  positions  of  leadership.”  over  which   Christine  had  sole  discretion.    All  Rights  Reserved.  it  appeared  that  there  was  a  give  and  take   between  community  groups  and  Christine.  which  she   negotiated  with  the  mayor.   community  groups  would  apply  directly  to  Christine  for  financial  assistance.  She  oversaw  the  massive  city  budget.  her  incumbency  became   more  about  accumulating  power  than  championing  causes  on  behalf  of  her   constituents.  After  a  few  months  as  speaker.  As  it  will  be  shown.  Christine  knew  that   being  in  a  position  of  power  provided  opportunities  to  exploit  requests  for  support   for     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  When  community  groups  wanted  money.   However.

 she  had  power  and  authority  over  municipal  employees.  she   would  also  turn  to  enablers  from  big  business  and  special  interests  to  give  her   political  cover.   Christine  had  waged  what  The  Village  Voice  revealed  to  be  a  “delicate.  or  she  would  be  missing  in  action.                                                                                                                   417  http://blogs.  lobbyists.  In  private.  and  party  bosses.  However.  she  had  power  and  authority  over  political   operatives.   government  policy.     Over  the  public.  and  she  used  that  power  to  benefit  herself   by  becoming  the  City  Council  speaker.  At  each  step  of  the  way.  like  a  way  to  put  a  stop  to  Stephen  Berger’s  closure  of  New  York  City   hospitals.  she  would  divert  the   media’s  attention.”  as  the  annual  discretionary  community  group  disbursements  were   sometimes  referred.position  to  determine  the  fate  of  municipal  and  non-­‐municipal  programs  through   her  power  of  the  purse.  When  voters  demanded  government  action  on   issues.villagevoice.  Christine  would  pretend  that  she  was  powerless.  Christine  was   already  focusing  on  her  next  move  up  in  the  ranks  of  power.   -­‐  189  -­‐     .php     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  would  never  grease  those  gears   for  the  greater  interest  of  the  public.  To  make  this  latest  climb  into  power.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  legislative  functions.”417    This  meant  that  only  after  a  short   period  of  having  become  chair  of  the  City  Council  Health  committee.  behind-­‐the-­‐ scenes  campaign  of  three  years’  How  it  came  to  be  that   she  could  patiently  plot  and  negotiate  with  county  party  bosses  to  force   councilmembers  to  elect  her  speaker  proved  that  she  knew  how  to  strike  backroom   deals  to  get  what  she  wanted.  She  used  that  power  to  water  down  the   public  housing  requirements  in  the  Hudson  Yards  project  and  to  dole  out  “member   items.

 But  even  without  knowing  that   healthcare  coverage  would  be  expanded  within  the  next  decade.  Back  then.  which.  in  his  money-­‐warped  worldview.  1.  Berger  observed  overcapacity  among   hospitals.  instead  of  from  the  perspective  of   providing  people  with  the  human  right  to  healthcare.  losses.419  and  patients  were  expected  to  have  to  deal  with  it.  back  then  state   health  officials  knew  about  the  dangers  of  past  outbreaks.  such  as  anthrax.  There  were  reasons  why  it   was  penny  wise  and  dollar  foolish  to  make  drastic  cuts  to  full-­‐service  hospital                                                                                                                   418  http://www.”418    In  typical  Wall  Street  fashion   of  divorcing  any  moral  dilemma  from  situational  ethics.nytimes.  headed  by  a   Wall  Street  banker.php/health/3004-­‐hospitals-­‐in-­‐crisis     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  and  hospitals  were  forced  to  write  down  the  economic  costs  from   treating  underinsured  and  uninsured  patients.  Mr.”  Mr.html     419  http://www.  pandemics.  was  only  capable  of  seeing  the  provision  of  full-­‐service  hospital   care  from  perspective  of  profits.  The  Berger  Commission.  you  have  to  shrink  it.  hospital  closings  were   pushed  as  inevitable.gothamgazette.  “You  have  to  right-­‐ size  the  system.  in  the   future.The  hospital  closings  called  for  by  the  Berger  Commission  were  formulated   at  a  time  when  only  some  hospital  patients  were  covered  by  job-­‐based  health   insurance.  that  is  No.  and   unforeseen  uses  of  bioterrorism  agents.  However.  Mr.  adding.  Berger’s  draconian  cuts  would  prove  to  gut  healthcare  infrastructure   leading  up  to  the  time  when  Obamacare  would  lead  to  a  large  influx  of  newly   covered  patients  into  the  healthcare  system.  “We  have  a  history  in  this  state   of  pumping  money  into  the  system  and  not  letting  hospitals  close  even  if  they   should.   -­‐  190  -­‐     .    All  Rights  Reserved.  This  was   about  a  decade  before  "Obamacare"  would  extend  healthcare  coverage  to  millions  of   uninsured  Americans.  had  to  be  cut.  and  debts.  Berger  had  told  The  New  York  Times  in

422     Two  other  hospitals  closed  in  2008.  City   health  officials  never  mentioned  how  life-­‐saving  healthcare  services  would  be   provided  in  cases  of  medical  or  trauma  emergency.  for  patients.   -­‐  191  -­‐     .gnyha.  “state  health  officials  said.    All  Rights  Reserved.­‐york/cabrini-­‐medical-­‐center-­‐closes-­‐its-­‐doors/73128/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Cabrini  closed  its  doors  in  March  2008.nysun.420    The  second  New  York   City  hospital  to  close  was  Victory  Memorial  Hospital  in  Bay  Ridge.  Spitzer  was  forced  to  resign.421    even  before  the   recommendations  would  take­‐york/hospitals-­‐bankruptcy-­‐filing-­‐precedes-­‐report/43695/     422  http://www.  located  in   Hell’s  Kitchen  in  Manhattan.  the  hospital  closings  were  not   timed  with  the  immediate  replacement  of  comparable  access  to  healthcare.  They  were  Cabrini  Medical  Center  in  Manhattan   and  Parkway  Hospital  in  Queens.  It   announced  in  November  2006  its  intention  to  file  for  bankruptcy  in  anticipation  of   being  targeted  for  closure  by  the  Berger  Commission  Report.  and  its  official  reason  for  closing  was   that  it  was  unable  to  make  payroll.  and  they  accepted  hospital  closures  as  a  fait   accompli.     Management  at  unions  as  some  hospitals  saw  that  resistance  to  the  Berger   Commission  Report  was  futile.  Clare’s  Hospital.brooklynpaper.  It  closed  its  doors  in  August  2007  without  a  fight.”423    Officials  with                                                                                                                   420  http://www.  The  first  hospital  to  close  was  Moreover.  and  Christine  was  gambling  that  nothing  would  happen   to  pose  a  serious  public  health  risk  on  her  watch.capacity  in  New  York  City.aspx     421  http://www.  who  relied   on  hospital  care  for  their  only  access  to  healthcare.  and  it  closed  its  doors  for  good  in  June  2008.  while  management  and  unions  at  other  hospitals  fought  back  against  the   closings.  only  a  few   days  after  Vincent’s  Midtown  Hospital.html     423  http://www.  which   had  been  the  setting  in  the  1980’s  for  segregating  HIV/AIDS  patients  in  an  isolated   facility.  It  was  formerly  known  as  St.

  allowed  Parkway’s  operating  certificate  to  expire.  in  this  case.  Since  term  limits  were  going  to  force  Christine  out  of  the  City                                                                                                                   424  http://www.”426    Without   new  patients.  In  order  to  guarantee  continuity  of     427  http://www.  it’s  efforts  to   stay  open  failed  after  the  state  Department  of  Health.  state  health  officials  had  “contacted  all  ambulance   companies  to  tell  them  that  Parkway’s  operating  certificate  was­‐push-­‐extend-­‐term-­‐limits-­‐christine-­‐quinn-­‐vows-­‐article-­‐ 1.424  which  was  viewed  by  many  as  a  more  important  underpinning   of  public  health.  and  to  drive  the   final  nail  in  the  hospital’s  coffin.  by  extending  their   term  in  office.  Vincent’s  Hospital  in   Greenwich  Village.  so  the  public  was  never  informed   about  how  Cabrini’s  finances  had  conveniently  been  allowed  to  run  dry  to  expedite   the  Berger  Commission  closing.  management  at  Parkway  Hospital.  fought  against  the   unilateral  decision  to  be  closed  by  the  Berger  Commission.  supervision   of  Cabrini’s  hospice  patients  were  transferred  to  nearby  St.  Vincent’s  Midtown  closed.  the  next  city-­‐ wide  election  cycle  was  going  to  lead  to  the  expulsion  of  36  councilmembers.  Christine  found  herself  at  the  political  crossroads  of  her  career.  but  before  Victory  Memorial  finally  closed   its  doors.   including  Christine.427    Unless  something  was  done  to  overturn  term  limits.   Councilembers  were  pressuring  her  to  overturn  term  limits.  especially  after  the  closings  of  other  nearby  Manhattan  hospitals.nysun.   After     426  http://www.  the  hospital  had  no  choice  but  to  be  closed.   -­‐  192  -­‐     .  in  the  never-­‐ending   quest  by  incumbents  for  more  power  made  possible.­‐york/cabrini-­‐medical-­‐center-­‐closes-­‐its-­‐doors/73128/     425  http://www.crainsnewyork.271344     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.425    Parkway  officials  were  forced   to  comply  with  the  expectation  that  the  hospital  would  be  closed.  which  had  the  upper  hand.  In   contrast.    All  Rights  Reserved.  located  in  Queens.Cabrini  would  not  comment  about  its  closure.

  Christine  didn’t  think  she  had  to  acquiesce  to  pressure  to  extend  term  limits  to  her   peers.nytimes.php     429  http://www.  it  was  widely  reported  that  her  focus  was  now  shifting  to  mount  a  run  for   the  mayor’s  office  in  2009.  in  the  latter  instance.    All  Rights  Reserved.html?res=9C00E1D91631F937A15752C1A9639C8B63     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Her  2007  decision  not  to  extend  term  limits  represented  a  flip-­‐flop  from  her   2005  position.                                                                                                                   428  http://blogs.Council.  How  long  could   Christine  string  along  her  peers  and  constituents  for  her  sole  benefit  ?   In  early  2008.  and  Christine  would  allegedly  then  later  dole  out   the  disbursements  as  rewards  to  her  political  supporters.  and  she  was  ready  to  move  on.  the  nominal  size  of  this  slush  fund  totaled  almost  $5  million.  who  had  rested  their  hopes  on  maintaining  their  incumbencies  in  the  City   Council.  jilting  her  peers.  when.html     430  http://query.  In  the  2007  and  2008   fiscal  year  budgets.  Now  that  Christine  was  preparing  to  run  for   higher  office.nytimes.428  429    Because  she  had  set  her  sights  on  higher  office.  who  felt  betrayed  by  Christine’s  flip  the  media  portrayed  Christine’s  annual  community  group   disbursements  as  appearing  as  if  they  had  been  administered  like  a  political  slush   fund  of  taxpayer  money.villagevoice.  She  had  gotten  the  speakership   she  wanted.”430    Christine  made  it  known  in  2005   that  she  supported  overturning  of  term  limits  as  an  inducement  to  win  support  for   her  campaign  for  the  speakership.  Christine’s  office  had  been  setting  aside  millions  of  dollars   each  year  for  fake  charity  groups.   -­‐  193  -­‐     .  She  was  accumulating  so  much  ill  will  from   other  councilmembers.   according  to  a  devastating  examination  of  Christine’s  use  of  discretionary  funding.  The  New  York  Times  reported  that  she   “favored  extending  term  limits  legislatively.  she  was  ready  to  scuttle  that  promise.  Christine  was  now   taking  too  many  people  for

 The  New  York  Times  noted  that  Christine  had  been  providing   discretionary  capital  funding  from  the  city  government’s  budget  to  four  clients  of­‐speaker-­‐quinn-­‐mayor-­‐race-­‐will-­‐test-­‐alliance-­‐with-­‐ lobbyist.8  billion  in  discretionary  capital  improvement  funding.   Had  the  High  Line  begun  to  function  much  like  a  quasi-­‐pass  through  entity  for  Ms.   -­‐  194  -­‐     .org/www/cu/site/hosting/Reports/CU_Report_NYC_Discretionary_FundingFY2009-­‐ 2012_May2012.  One  of  those  clients  was  Kingsbrook  Jewish  Medical  Center.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.pdf     433  http://www.  The   2008  investigation  by  The  New  York  Daily  News  noted  that  the  City  Council   discretionary  funding  to  the  High  Line  park  project  originally  began  under  Speaker                                                                                                                   431  http://nypost.  it  was  revealed  in  a  separate   investigation  that  between  the  2009  and  2012  fiscal  year  budgets.nytimes.  a  hospital  in   Brooklyn.  Giske’s.    All  Rights­‐is-­‐hers-­‐for-­‐the-­‐faking/     432     435  http://www.434  Some  of  the  City   Council  discretionary  funds  received  by  the  park  project  were  being  used  to  pay   Christine’s  close  lobbyist  friend.435    and  now  the   media  was  scrutinizing  the  charities  that  had  previously  received  these  funds.432    In  still  yet   another  investigation  into  the  close  ties  between  Christine  and  her  close  friend.nytimes.  Giske  to   lobby  Christine  against  the  Hudson  Yards  project  taking  the  remaining  parts  of  the   unused  elevated  railroad  track  wanted  by  park  supporters.  which  had  received  capital  funding  in  two  consecutive  budgets.  the   lobbyist  Emily  Giske.html     434  http://www.  who  would  then  turn  around  and  lobby  Christine.citizensunion.published  by  The  New  York  Post.431    Much  later.   Giske  to  get  paid  by  city  tax  dollars  ?   The  allocation  of  discretionary  funds  to  fictitious  charities  by  the  City  Council   had  led  to  an  investigation  of  Christine’s  supervision  of  the  funds.433    Still   yet  another  report  by  Crains  noted  that  the  High  Line  park  had  retained  Ms.  Christine  had  at   her  disposal  $1.

436      Near  or  during  this  time.   Palumbo  had  become  a  major  campaign  bundler  for  Christine.  and  James  Capalino.  and  that  while  the  park  project  was  receiving  City   Council  discretionary  funds.  resigned  as  a  result  of  the  slush  fund  scandal.000.   Speaker  Miller’s  close  friend.  where   everybody  could  keep  their  eyes  on  him.  according  to   the  2008  investigation.  and  they  also  made  campaign  contributors  to  Christine.  Hammond’s   lobbying  firm.  head  of  his   own  lobbying  and  she  delayed  addressing  the  issue  of  hospital  closings  altogether  until                                                                                                                   436  http://www.villagevoice.    All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  195  -­‐     .com/runninscared/2013/06/christine_quinn_16.  He   landed  a  cushion  job  almost  immediately  with  Ms.  of  the   park  project.437     Adding  to  the  suspicion  surrounding  Christine’s  slush  fund  was  the  fact  that  Michael   Keogh.Miller.  Mario  Palumbo.  Giske’s  lobbying  firm.  who  had  been  a  former  Bloomberg  administration  official  whom  Christine   appointed  to  be  in  change  of  negotiating  the  city  budget  on  behalf  of  the  City  Council   with  his  former  bosses  in  City  Hall.278117     437  http://blogs.  the  park  project  was  also  paying  Mr.   Christine  failed  to  act  to  allocate  those  resources  to  bail  out  strategic  community   resources.00  in  political  donations  from  individuals  linked  to  real  estate.nydailynews.  Even  though  she  had  billions  of  dollars  at  her  disposal.  an  employee  of  the  real   estate  development  company  Millennium  Partners.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  it  appeared  that  Christine  was  using  her  discretionary  funds  to  reward   her  political  supporters.438       While  state  officials  were  saying  that  there  was  no  money  to  save  hospitals   from  closing.  soliciting  and  pooling   over  $50.  respectively.  and  that  the  park  project  had  hired  the  lobbying  firm  of  Robert­‐york/christine-­‐quinn-­‐cash-­‐west-­‐side-­‐project-­‐campaign-­‐money-­‐article-­‐ 1.php     438  http://www.  A  later  investigation  by  The  Village  Voice  showed  that  Mr.nytimes.  were  board  treasurer  and  board  member.

00  in  campaign  contributions  to   Christine’s  political  accounts.html     440  http://www.aspx     441  http://www.  Giske  was  hired   in  2008.000.000.  Around  the  time  when  Ms.  officials  connected   with  the  park  project  had  donated  over  $50.  and  now  an  appearance   of  the  same  pattern  emerged  in  how  Christine  administered  city  budget   negotiations.    All  Rights  Reserved.440    Moreover.  looked  like  it  did  not  matter                                                                                                                   439  http://www.qgazette.  the  project  received  another  $290.gnyha.  Christine  became  speaker  after  negotiating  what  appeared  to   be  awarding  political  patronage  to  her  political  supporters.00  in  taxpayer   money  in  the  2005  and  2006  fiscal­‐12-­‐20/features/002.  it  was   revealed  that  the  High  Line  park  project  had  received  $290.  it  appeared  the   semblance  of  a  tit-­‐for-­‐tat  :  the  park  project  received  discretionary  community  group   funding  from  the  City  Council.  a   higher  priority  than  saving  the  city’s  community  hospitals.  The  duty  owed  to  voters   by  Christine.  In  an  investigation  published  by  The  New  York  Daily  News.  Meanwhile.  once  she  became  speaker.   -­‐  196  -­‐     .000.  and  Christine  received  campaign  donations.  now  that  she  was  in  a  leadership  position.278117     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   Christine  was  allocating  millions  of  dollars  to  fictitious  charities  and  to   groups  that  appeared  to  be  making  tributes  to  Christine’s  political  campaign­‐york/christine-­‐quinn-­‐cash-­‐west-­‐side-­‐project-­‐campaign-­‐money-­‐article-­‐ 1.weeks  before439    the  Berger  Commission  Report’s  recommendations  went  into  the  investigation  showed.  especially  those  which  made  contributions  to  her  campaign  accounts.00.  it  appeared  that  she  chose  to  give  real  estate   interests.nydailynews.441    Here.  While  hospitals  all  across  the  city  were  under  attack  by  the  Berger   Commission  and  even  though  Christine  had  political  sensibilities  about  healthcare   given  to  her  by  virtue  of  having  been  chair  of  the  City  Council  Health  committee  for   four  years.

 but  it  decreased  the  financing  available  for­‐york/hospitals-­‐bankruptcy-­‐filing-­‐precedes-­‐report/43695/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  her.  far  better  HMO  regulation.nysun.html     443  http://www.  Christine  did  nothing.  Instead.   -­‐  197  -­‐     .  the  City   Council  report  made  “25  specific  recommendations.  Upon  the  issuance  of  the  City  Council  hospital  closings  report.  the  City  Council  report  offered  political  cover  that  would   enable  the  hospital  closings  to  proceed.  strong  support   for  developing  a  primary  care  infrastructure  the  development  of  a  plan  for  universal   health  insurance  and  significantly  greater  investment  in  healthcare  information   technology.  Christine                                                                                                                   442  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.”443    Of  course  deregulation  would   play  a  role  in  the  financial  vice  grips  between  which  hospitals  would  find   themselves.qgazette.”442    An  article  in  The  New  York  Sun  reported  that  some  of  the  City   Council  report  recommendations  included  “expanding  government  programs  such   as  Medicare.  Instead  of  fighting   the  hospital  closings.  taking  the  easy   way  out.  Not  until  Victory  Memorial  announced  its  intention  to  file  for  bankruptcy  did   the  City  Council  under  Christine’s  speakership  release  a  report  of  its  own   recommendations  in  response  to  the  Berger  Commission  Report.  she  should   have  used  it  to  find  ways  to  regulate  healthcare  from  a  stand  point  of  preserving   critical  infrastructure  and  services.  requiring  insurance  companies  to  ‘give  back  a  portion  of  their  profits  to   the  communities  they  serve.   If  Christine’s  role  in  the  city’s  legislative  body  meant  anything.  Deregulation  of  reimbursement  rates  by  the  for-­‐profit  health  insurance   companies  helped  their  profits.  According  to  the  Gotham­‐12-­‐20/features/002.’  and  changing  the  1996  law  that  deregulated  how  much   hospitals  are  reimbursed  by  insurance  companies.  including  requiring  a  regular   review  of  hospital  reimbursement  rates.

 we’ll  keep  coming  especially  if  a  single-­‐payer  system  would  save  money  by  reducing   the  costs  of  administration.nytimes.  a   recommendation  in  support  of  universal­‐promises-­‐healthcare-­‐for-­‐all-­‐at.  The  social  agenda  of  the  City   Council  returned  to  business  as­‐promises-­‐healthcare-­‐for-­‐all-­‐at.  much  less  obtained.html   447  http://www.  and  profits  ?448  These  savings  could  have   been  used  to  expand  healthcare  coverage  to  all.  would  never  be  seriously  pursued.promised  perseverance.    All  Rights  Reserved.  marketing.  “And  if  we  don’t  win  round  one.  As  was  typical  of  Christine’s   situational  ethics.nytimes.html     448  http://www.  no  matter  how  progressive  it   really  was.html       ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  During   Christine’s  first  year  as  speaker.  the  25  recommendations  were  left  to  languish.  preserve  healthcare  infrastructure.  once  the  media  blitz  surrounding  the  City  Council  report  was   over.  Mayor  Bloomberg  expressed  fears  that  Medicaid   expenses  would  drain  the  city’s  budget445    just  months  before  the  City  Council  task   force  report  on  hospital  closings  would  advocate  for  universal  healthcare  as  a   solution  to  saving  and  funding­‐poll.  Why  would  Christine   fail  to  pursue  a  universal  healthcare  system  in  the  face  of  the  impending  wave  of   hospital  closings.  It  was   notable  that  the  City  Council’s  report  called  for  universal  health  insurance.  but  given   Christine’s  lack  of  commitment  to  following-­‐through  on  any  intentions.html   446  http://loho10002.  which  showed  broad  support  for  a  universal  healthcare  system.t.  Christine  never  came  back.  meaning  that  Christine  wasn’t  about  to  invest   political  capital  into  actually  carrying  out  the  report’s  recommendations.html     445  http://www.blogspot.   -­‐  198  -­‐     .”444       she  said.446    Public  opinion  polls  were  taken   around  this  time.   and  address  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  complaints  about  the  uncontrollable  increasing                                                                                                                   444  http://loho10002.447     but  Christine  would  not  seize  on  the  broader  public  support.  However.

nytimes.  was  elected  to  be  the  next   governor.  In  his  place.  who  was  responsible  for  the  construction  of   an  AIDS-­‐only  segregated  care  center  up  in  the  Bronx.    All  Rights  Reserved.  the  former  attorney   general.  who  first  ordered  Mr.  Christine  never  advocated  for  transformational  changes.rate  of  healthcare  costs  ?  Besides  on  LGBT  equality  issues.  Spitzer’s  successor.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Berger  to  launch   into  his  hospital  closings  campaign.  Spitzer’s  term.  Patterson  would  not  run  for   reelection.  Spitzer.                                                                                                                   449  http://www.  for  slightly  over  one  year.   -­‐  199  -­‐     .  It  was  Gov.  Eliot  Spitzer.  Andrew  Cuomo.  Patterson  would  serve  out  the   balance  of  former  Gov.  was  elected  to­‐resign.  David  Patterson.   It  was  as  if  Christine  had  spent  the  four  years  as  chair  of  the  City  Council   health  committee  engrossed  in  ambitions  other  than  preserving  or  expanding   healthcare.   before  an  affair  that  he  had  with  a  prostitute  brought  down  his  administration.  She  had  failed  to  grasp  the  big  picture.449     With  the  resignation  of  Gov.  If  it  was  true  that  Christine  had  no  idea  how  to  stop   the  collapse  of  public  health.  and  Gov.  He  would  only  serve  a  partial  term  in  office.  In  2006.  healthcare  activists  lost  a  known  hospital  care   advocate.  She  only  paid  lip   service  to  healthcare  issues.  The  hospital  closings  would  take  place  across  several   governorships  in  Albany.  Gov.  then  it  was  also  true  that  she  never  asked  for  help  from   other  government  leaders.  Gov.   However.  and  oversight  of  the  Berger  Commission  hospital  closings  would  transfer   to  Gov.  who  had  once  saved  MEETH  from  closure.  All  of  the  hospital  closings  that   took  place  in  New  York  City  as  a  result  of  the  Berger  Commission  Report  took  place   during  Christine’s  speakership.  there  was  no  other  public   police  area  where  Christine  should  have  been  a  thought  leader  like  in  healthcare.  Pataki.

  Christine  had  been  able  to  master  by  this  time  movement  between  two   worlds  :  the  manufactured  myth  that  she  was  a  progressive  advocate450    and  the   image  of  a  political  boss  capable  of  striking  backroom  political  deals.   -­‐  200  -­‐     .  Berger  found  no  resistance  to  his  campaign  to   close  hospitals  from  the  various  governors.  Furthermore.  Christine  never  stood  up  to  any  of   these  governors.  Because  Christine   was  a  dealmaker.  This  gave  Christine  an  unparalleled  amount  of  influence  over   the  city’s  non-­‐profit  agenda.  which  now  needed  to  turn  to   Christine  for  funding.   Furthermore.  who  like  his  father  before  him.    All  Rights  Reserved.  they  would  have  to   negotiate  with  Christine  for  that  funding.   Christine  was  receiving  greater  campaign  donations  from  special     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  was  in  a  position  in  City  Council  to  determine  the   disbursement  of  taxpayer  money  to  community  groups.Cuomo.  a  situation  that  gave   Christine  a  sense  of  power  over  community  groups.451    Christine   was  escaping  the  first  wave  of  hospital  closings  by  the  Berger  Commission  without   anybody  holding  her  accountable  for  her  laissez-­‐faire  response.  to  the  detriment  of  the  city’s  non-­‐profit  At  the  same  time.  had  ambitions  for  higher  office.  In  the  absence  of  municipal  leadership  and  against  this  tumultuous   backdrop  in  the  state’s  capital.  the  commissioner  of  the  state’s  Department  of  Health.  Mr.html     451  http://nymag.  some  healthcare  activists  said.  if  non-­‐profit  organizations  expected  funding.  Christine  had  also  grasped                                                                                                                   450  http://gaycitynews.  It  also  helped  her  to  politicize  the  city’s  non-­‐profit   agenda.  and  he  would   be  described  to  be  interested  in  making  drastic  cuts  to  the  state  budget  in  order  to   window  dress  Albany’s  finances  to  fluff  his  credentials  in  preparation  for  a  run  for   the  presidency.  to  each  of  whom  reported  the  state’s   highest  healthcare  official.

 It  was  reported  that  Mayor  Bloomberg  flew  Christine  at  least  once   aboard  his  private  jet  to  his  week-­‐end  house  in  the  Caribbean.   incumbency  wasn’t  about  serving  the  voters.  While  Christine  was   plotting  a  mayoral  campaign.  To  that  end.452    She  kept  hoping  that  nobody  would  find  the  ball  if  she  kept  shifting   her  shells.   she  was  trying  to  stay  in  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  good  graces.454       One  consequence  of  Christine’s  failure  to  translate  her  sensibilities  about   activism  into  transformational  government  policy  was  that  she  had  been  leading  to                                                                                                                   452  http://blogs.   -­‐  201  -­‐     .how  she  could  never  be  held  accountable  for  irresponsible  real  estate  development.  but  about  using  that  perch  for  their   own  personal  pleasure  -­‐-­‐  and  to  further  their  own  ambitions.  Mayor  Bloomberg  flirted  with  the  idea  of  using  his   mayoralty  as  a  launching  pad  to  run  for  president.  She  was  hoping  that  if  she   could  manage  her  speakership  from  a  position  of  enabling  the  mayor’s  political   personally.villagevoice.php     453  http://nymag.nytimes.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  that  they  even  made  efforts  to  get  to  know  each  other.  They  spent  so  much   time  working  together.  who  was  benefiting  from  her  powerful  association   with  Mayor  Bloomberg  .html     454  http://www.  theirs  was  a  symbiotic  relationship.  Mayor  Bloomberg   orchestrated  backroom  exploratory  meetings.  and  he  even  traveled  to  China  for  a   “presidential-­‐looking”  photo  op  with  a  university  president.    All  Rights  Reserved.  But  for  how  long  could  Christine  keep  this  shell  game  going  ?  Above  all.  like  in  respect  of  the  Atlantic   Yards  project.453    To  them.   because  she  “never  took  a  public  position”  on­‐still-­‐lets-­‐ray-­‐kelly-­‐use-­‐his-­‐jet.  she  would  be  able  to  earn  praise  and  backing  from  the  mayor’s  powerful  big   business  supporters.   It  wasn’t  just  Christine.

 the  controversial  tenants  rights   activists.E.  then  she  would  be  relieved  of  community  pressure  to  bring   about  reforms.  had  to  scramble  to  deal  with  the  fallout   over  job  losses  from  the  impending  hospital  closings.   So  long  as  Christine  could  find  or  create  an  outside  force  that  was  willing  to  provide   her  with  political  cover.  who  at   that  time  worked  as  a  spokesperson  and  political  operative  for  1199  and  would   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  she  acted  as  if  she  would  not  need  to  be  pressured  into  delivering   results.  to  sign  off  on  a  package  of  low-­‐cost  loans  to  Mitchell-­‐Lama  landlords  -­‐-­‐  and   still  spin  it  as  a  win  for  affordable  housing  tenants.  In  one  instance.  long  ago.   -­‐  202  -­‐     ..  this  kind  of  twisted   reasoning  was  what  enabled  Michael  McKee.  She  wielded  too  much  power  over  the   city’s  municipal  and  non-­‐profit  agenda  for  anybody  to  make  an  enemy  of  Christine.  This  was  how  a  task  force  of  the   City  Council  could  produce  a  report  recommending  universal  healthcare  but  still  do   nothing  to  put  a  stop  to  hospital  closures.  to  yield  to  inertia.  who  doubled  as  political  directors  at  one  healthcare  union.  This   would  allow  the  25  recommendations  in  the  City  Council’s  task  force  report  on   hospital  closings.  1199/S.  Christine  had  basically  seized  the  power  and   authority  of  advocates.I.  at  one  time.the  demobilization  of  activists.  With  few  exceptions.  The  key  to  Christine’s  laissez-­‐faire  approach  was  that  she  needed  to   receive  outside  political  support  for  doing  nothing  at  the  same  time  when  Christine   needed  to  demobilize  the  community.U.  nobody  dared  to   criticize  Christine  for  failing  to  keep  her  word.     One  healthcare  union.  Even  if  had  been  true  that   Christine  once  had  activism  sensibilities.  Christine  found  support  from   political  operatives.  who  would  normally  put  pressure  on  government  for   reforms.  because  she  already  had  those  sensibilities.  for  example.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Jennifer  Cunningham.

 but  it's   not  being  done  in  any  planned  way.                                                                                                                   455  http://www.  even  though  on  the  state  level  it  was  said  that  there  was  no   money  to  fully  fund  the  healthcare  needs  of  hospital  patients.later  go  on  to  work  for  Christine  as  a  political  campaign  consultant.  Making  job  losses.nytimes.html?res=F3071FF73B590C778CDDAA0894DD404482     457  http://www.   Christine  was  chair  of  the  City  Council  Health  Committee  when  the  Berger   Commission  Report  was  being  compiled.457   Instead  of  offering  to  champion  the  use  of  some  of  these  surplus  government   resources  to  fund  public  health  in  New  York  City.  Berger’s  recommendation  for   hospital  closings.  the  writing  had  been  on   the  wall  since  2004.   -­‐  203  -­‐     .  However.  Berger  had  said.  Christine  kept  mum.   was  nearing  closure.  the  central  issue  undermined  the  importance  of  the  public  it  was   revealed  that  New  York  City  was  estimating  that  it  would  net  a  fiscal  surplus  of   about  $2.nytimes.5  was  more   concerned  at  the  time  about  employee  retraining455    and  not  about  the  interruption   of  patient-­‐centered  care  caused  by  hospital  closings.  in  the  final  months  of  the  Fiscal  Year  2005  budget.  when  Mr.  1199  union  officials  were  described  as  “sounding  resigned  to   the  idea  that  some  hospitals  must  close.   Cunningham  told  The  New  York  Times.    All  Rights  Reserved.4  billion.  Long  Island.nytimes.  “You  have  to  right-­‐size  the  system.html     456  http://select.”  Ms.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  no  matter   how  and  she  was  largely  absent  from  the  initial   public  conversation  in  2004  and  2005  around  Mr.html   458  http://www.     When  New  York  United  Hospital  Medical  Center  in  Port  Chester.”458    Although  this  was  before  the  Berger   Commission’s  final  recommendations  came  to  be  known.nytimes.  the  budget  surplus  grew  to  approximately  $  “We  may  need  to  look  at  downsizing.  though  concerned  about  which  ones.456    Near  the  end  of  the   following  fiscal  year.

  demanded  healthcare  reforms.  Besides  Ms.html     460  http://www.  who  would  later  go  on  to  work  for   Christine’s  political  campaigns.   -­‐  204  -­‐     .”  said  Donna   Lieberman.  the  politicians.  Employees   of  Kings  County  did  not  attend  to  the  patient.  Finnegan  would  take  the  helm  of  1199’s  political  activities  in  the  midst  of  a   coming  financial  crisis.  It  should  not  take  the  death  of  a  patient  to  get   the  city  to  make  changes  that  everyone  knows  are  long  Christine  had  partners  at  a  powerful  healthcare  union.  have  to  shrink  it.death/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  the   Health  and  Hospitals  another  political  operative.   even  though  there  were  resources.”459    Mr.  as  well  as  ideas.  that  is  and  the  patient  collapsed  and  died  on   the  floor  of  the  waiting  room.  “In  2008  in  New  York  City.  the  NYCLU’s  executive  director.  but   Christine  never  pursued  solutions  with  1199.  However.  which  oversaw  city-­‐owned  hospitals.  nobody  should  be   subjected  to  this  kind  of  treatment.460    Her  death  set  off  a  debate  about  the  conditions  at   Kings  County.   In  the  summer  of  2008.  He  was  one  of  Christine’s  earliest  campaign  supporters.  who  worked  at  the  1199   union.  at  the  city  level  to  improve   public  health.  with   whom  she  should  have  teamed  up  to  support  a  plan  to  enact  the  25   recommendations  from  the  City  Council’s  task  force  report  on  hospital  closings.  the  NYCLU.  The  hospital  was  operated  by  a  city  agency.  Predictably.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Berger’s  hospital  closings  would  lead  to  emergency  room  overcrowding  and                                                                                                                   459  http://www.cnn.  Cunningham.  who  knew  that   Mr.  The  focus  on  cutting  costs  began  to  take  its  toll.  was  Kevin  Finnegan.  1.  a  woman  went  to  the  emergency  room  at  Kings   County  Hospital  Center  in  Brooklyn.  as  the  city’s  premiere  advocacy  group.  Berger  had  managed  to  make  hospital   closings  all  about  cost  containment.

 The  New  York  Times  reported  that  Christine  allowed  Mayor  Bloomberg  to   cut  nearly  $300  million  from  the  budget  that  was  meant  to  help  those  with  the  least   and  the  most  vulnerable.”  the  editorial   board  of  The  New  York  Times  wrote.  On  the  contrary.  the   City  Council  had  refused  to  modify  property  tax  rates  and  rebates  that  could  have   raised  an  additional  $1.                                                                                                                   461  Mayor  Bloomberg  and  Christine  put  together  the   Fiscal  Year  2009  budget  with  an  estimated  surplus  of  $4.   -­‐  205  -­‐     .  Christine  refused  the  City  Council  the   opportunity  to  raise  taxes.  even  though  there  was  economic  room  to  do  so.overtaxed  medical  staff  at  the  remaining  hospitals.html     462  billion.  did  not  want  to  address  concerns   stemming  from  failures  caused  by  city  hospital  ER  wait  times  or  other  conditions.  the  incident   at  Kings  County  was  a  worse  case  scenario  waiting  to  happen  if  the  Berger   Commission  overreached  in  its  efforts  to  close  community  hospitals.nytimes.461    These   surpluses  were  not  coming  about  as  a  result  of  over-­‐taxation.     In  the  summer  of  2008.  but  because   councilmembers  were  facing  an  election  year.  owners  of  single-­‐family  homes  would  still  pay  taxes   at  a  lower  rate  than  their  counterparts  in  surrounding  communities.   Christine  was  already  turning  her  back  on  an  important  constituency  on  whose   behalf  she  once  championed.  On  this  seminal  issue.4  billion  in  resources  from  property  owners.462    In  the  middle  of  such  excessive  budget   surpluses.    All  Rights  Reserved.nytimes.  including  people  with  HIV/AIDS.  “Even   with  these  breaks  taken  away.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Rather  than  use  the  budget  surplus  or  the  possible   opportunities  to  raise  taxes  on  property  owners  for  important  municipal  issues.   Although  this  death  was  not  directly  related  to  the  Berger  Commission.

 Yet.   and  desperate  efforts  to  make  back  losses  by  attempting  to  profit  from  the  short-­‐                                                                                                                 463  http://en.464   At  the  peak  of  the  financial  panic.  and   other  financial  products.such  as  improving  public  health.  Daily  headlines  would  propagate  an  endless  loop  of  fear.  The  federal  government  swiftly  cushioned  the  blow  of  the   Bear  Stearns  collapse.  Bear  Stearns  and  Lehman   Brothers.  Wall  Street–08#Government_responses     464  http://nymag.463    Confusion  and  then  public  anger  began  to  grow  in  the   face  of  the  dichotomy  between  how  homeowners  were  being  foreclosed  and  social   safety  net  institutions.  but  this  domestic  financial  crisis  quickly  spread  across  the  world   through  major  banks  because  of  the  use  of  derivatives  on  mortgages.  The  government  did  not  bail  out  Lehman  Brothers.  speculation.  collapsed  in  the  immediate  aftermath  of  a  credit  squeeze  caused  by  the   overuse  of  complex  derivatives  trading.  two  Wall  Street  banks.  and   investment  managers  were  exposed  to  be  overleveraged  because  of  their  use  of   derivatives.  This  crisis  was  nominally  tied  to  a  real  estate  crash  in   the  United  Stated.  such  as  hospitals.  the   government  was  able  to  seemingly  find  trillions  of  dollars  of  resources  to  deploy  for   a  bailout  of  Wall  Street.  hedge  funds.   -­‐  206  -­‐     .com/news/features/68991/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  but  the   government  did  offer  a  backdoor  bailout  for  other  banks  and  derivatives  dealers  by   flooding  the  financial  system  with  easy  credit  and  by  the  direct  intervention  of   purchasing  toxic  assets.     Before  2008  ended.wikipedia.  and  it  bailed  out  AIG  by  honoring  100%  of  its  derivative   counterparty  obligations.    All  Rights  Reserved.  were  being  allowed  to  collapse.  The  credit  squeeze  triggered  a  global   financial  crisis  and  recession.  those  monies  were  rapidly  depleted  as  a  result  of   an  emerging  Wall  Street  financial  crisis.  credit.

 investigations  by  the   Department  of  Justice  over  her  use  of  fictitious  accounts  to  hide  the  City  Council   slush  fund.  Mayor  Bloomberg  and  Christine  used  the  financial  crisis  and   recession  as  a  convenient  excuse  to  extend  term  limits.  so  he  needed  to   find  an  alternative  to  assuage  his  own  ego.   Christine  was  engulfed  in.  During  the   work  week.  rumors  would  add  to  news  reports  about  worsening  balance  sheets   across  the  globe.467     Because  Christine  was  facing  an  investigation  into  her  slush  fund.  which  was  now  being  pushed  off  to  the  2013  election  cycle.465    Meanwhile.  so  that  they  could  weather   out  another  four  years  in  public  office  under  the  privilege  of  incumbency.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  and  the  possible  target  of.  but  City  Hall  had  no   regulatory  or  governmental  role  to  do  anything  to  stem  the  tide  of  losses.  Nominally.  Since  New  York  was  the  financial  capital  of  the  world.selling  of  stocks  and  bonds  in  the  precipitous  drop  in  asset  valuations.    All  Rights  Reserved.  On  the  week-­‐ends.  Mayor  Bloomberg  discovered   that  he  had  no  national  support  to  launch  a  presidential  campaign.  speculation  in  the  news  would  spread  that  more   and  more  financial  institutions  faced  collapse  if  they  could  not  be  bailed  out  by   Monday.wsj.   -­‐  207  -­‐     .com/article/SB10001424127887323873904578573991495793794.  City  Hall   was  proximate  to  the  financial  bloodletting  on  Wall  Street.  she  needed  to  buy   some  time  to  put  that  scandal  behind  her.html     466  http://nymag.  the  uncontrollable   losses  cast  a  pall  on  the  tax  revenues  of  the  city  government.nytimes.466    With  the  global  economic  system  on   the  verge  of­‐quinn-­‐reversal-­‐on-­‐term-­‐limits-­‐complex-­‐motives-­‐and-­‐ lasting-­‐effects.     During  the  downward  spiral  at  the  inception  of  the  2008  financial  crisis.  Christine  couldn’t  run  for  mayor  in  the  2009  election  while  under  active   investigation  by  federal     467  http://www.  And  Mayor                                                                                                                   465  http://online.  before  she  could  mount  a  campaign  for   mayor.

 it  was  to  tell  her  of  his  decision  to  rewrite  the­‐michael-­‐riley-­‐discusses-­‐launch-­‐of-­‐bloomberg-­‐ government.  which  promised   to  help  professionals  to  “understand  the  business  implications  of  government   actions.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  voters  should  have  the  chance  to  keep  their  elected  leaders  in   place.nytimes.  “her  decision  was  consistent  with  her  longstanding   personal  opposition  to  term  limits  and  her  belief  that  in  the  midst  of  the  2008   economic  crisis.  then  he  still  saw  opportunities  from   hanging  on  to  City  Hall.  The  New  York  Times  reported  that.  and.Bloomberg  wanted  the  benefits  of  being  in  a  high  profile  office  like  the  mayoralty  of   New­‐quinn-­‐reversal-­‐on-­‐term-­‐limits-­‐complex-­‐motives-­‐and-­‐ lasting-­‐  during  a  phone  call  in  the  fall  of   2008.  again  in  2007.  these  politicians  also   looked  to  profit  from  the  turmoil.”469   Both  justifications  published  by  The  New  York  Times  contradicted  the  truth  about   Christine’s  opposition  to  term  limits  and  the  use  of  extenuating  circumstances  to   extend  term  limits.  Christine  had  actually  opposed  term  limits  in  the  time  leading  up   to  progressive  Republican  Councilmember  Fiala’s  moving  speech  denouncing  the   City  Council’s  legislative  efforts  to  overturn  term  limits.  not  to  seek  her  approval   beforehand.  The  mayor’s  financial  services  company  would  announce  the   launch  of  a  new  service  in  late  2010  called  Bloomberg  Government.  If  he  couldn’t  run  for  president.  Quinn  about  his  designs  on  a  third  term.html     469  http://www.  “When  the  mayor  first  spoke   with  Ms.   “We  were  in  the  worst  economic  recession  since  the  Great  Depression  and  nobody   had  any  sense  of  how  quickly  or  how  long  we  would  stay  in  the  throes  of  that.”  adding  that.   Years  later.   -­‐  208  -­‐     .”468    Like  the  most  cunning  Wall  Street  speculators.”  Christine  added  to  this  rationalization  by  telling  The  New  York  Times  that.  she                                                                                                                   468  http://www.

 Tessler’s  comments  and  the  sentiments  of  others  were   reminiscent  of  former  Councilmember  Fiala’s  moving  speech  in  2001  in  which  he   denounced  the  legislative  attempt  at  that  time  to  overturn  term  limits.opposed  extending  term  limits  after  she  had  induced  councilmembers  to  select  her   as  speaker.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”470    Mr.nytimes.471    When  it  came  to  extending  her   power.nytimes.  being   undermined  by  the  process  of  a  City  Council  bill  coerced  into  passage  by  Christine  ?   Years  later.  but  ultimately  it  is  a  debate  about  process.   “If  it  is  indeed  about  process.  Even  acts  of  war  here  on   New  York  City  soil  were  not  enough  to  extend  Mayor  Giuliani’s  term  in  office  in­‐quinn-­‐reversal-­‐on-­‐term-­‐limits-­‐complex-­‐motives-­‐and-­‐ lasting-­‐effects.  The  New  York  Times  revealed  that  it  had  been  alleged  that  Christine  had   used  possible  chairmanship  assignments  of  City  Council  committees  as  an   inducement  to  ensure  the  term  limits  extension.  saying.  2008.”   provoking  this  comment  by  Jonathan  Tessler  on  a  blog  post  on  The  New  York  Times.  at  one  point.    All  Rights  Reserved.   “The  debate  today  is  an  important  one.  How  could  a  financial  crisis  be  more  severe  than  the  deadly  destruction  of   9/11  ?     In  spite  of  an  expected  voter  backlash.  But  Christine’s  image                                                                                                                   470  http://cityroom.  Christine  strong-­‐armed  the  City   Council  to  pass  an  extension  of  term  limits  on  October  23.  it’s  about  a  process  that  voters  will  have  limited  or  no   access  to.  imposed  by  voters  through  a  process  of  voter  referenda.blogs.  the  public  -­‐-­‐  including  then  mayoral  candidate   Mike  Bloomberg  -­‐-­‐  had  opposed  suspending  term  limits  to  keep  Mayor  Giuliani  in   office  to  oversee  the  recovery  from  the  terrorist  attacks.   -­‐  209  -­‐     .  Why  were   term  limits.  In  the  aftermath  of  9/11.  Christine  knew  how  to  use  force  to  pass­‐to-­‐debate-­‐term-­‐limits-­‐change/     471  http://www.

 remembered  how  Christine  had   instigated  a  staff  backlash  when  she  later  took  over  AVP.  They  remembered  the  political  club  backlash  Christine  created   after  she  ran  for  City  Council.html     473­‐quinn-­‐reversal-­‐on-­‐term-­‐limits-­‐complex-­‐motives-­‐and-­‐ lasting-­‐effects.  Mayor  Bloomberg  had  never  shown  any   financial  acumen  that  made  the  resources  available  to  save  schools473  or  hospitals474     from  being  closed  on  his  watch.   -­‐  210  -­‐     .be/ZFc1_VaCTP8     475  http://observer.blogs.nytimes.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Like  Christine.  he  was  also  absent  from  any   discussion  to  save  the  city’s  community  hospitals.nytimes.  They  remembered  when   Christine  turned  her  back  on  racism  and  police  brutality  when  she  was  on  Mayor   Giuliani’s  task  force.  because  voters  were  finally  able  to  clearly  see  how  self-­‐interested   Christine’s  legislative  agenda  really  was.  who  had  known  Christine  since  her  time  as  former   Councilmember  Duane’s  campaign  manager.”475    They  began  to  tally  all  her  betrayals  on   affordable­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   Mayor  Bloomberg  and  Christine  had  rationalized  the  extension  of  term  limits   on  the  hypothesis  that  Mayor  Bloomberg  was  a  successful  billionaire.  Nothing  was  being  done  to  save  hospitals.   but  the  speed  with  which  the  City  Council  overturned  term  limits  was  striking.  They  remembered  when   Christine  had  purged  good  agency  staff.  voters  were  wondering  when  would  it  materialize.472    But  during  his  mayoralty.  who  had  been  doing  first-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  work  in   the  prevention  and  treatment  of  anti-­‐LGBT  violence.  If  there  was  any  financial  genius   to  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  own  myth.  and  people  accused  her  of  “punishing  political  foes   with  Tammany-­‐in-­‐lavender  tactics.took  a  hit.  her  role  in  the  slush  fund­‐set-­‐for-­‐school-­‐closing-­‐showdown/     474  http://youtu.  activists.  her  abdication  of                                                                                                                   472  http://www.  who  could   shepherd  the  city  through  the  global  financial  crisis  and  recession  better  than   anybody  else.   Meanwhile.

 it  was  speculated  that  The   New  York  Times  would  need  to  court  a  billionaire  angel  investor  to  finance  its   business  on  a  long-­‐term  basis.  and  Mayor  Bloomberg.  it  was  forced  to  take  out  an  emergency   loan  from  enterprises  linked  to  the  controversial  Mexican  billionaire  Carlos  Slim  to   help  it  ease  a  serious  cash  crunch.  when  the  CityTime  scandal  broke.477    For  many  years.  it  appeared  that  The  New   York  Daily  News  did  a  better  job  of  driving  coverage  of  fraud  that  was  estimated  to   exceed  over  $600  million.  Christine  was  going  to  have  to  decide  whether  she  was  going  to   continue  being  duplicitous  with  her  constituents.nytimes.    All  Rights  Reserved.  in  the  beginning  of  that  year.  was   often  mentioned  as  a  possible  benefactor.mediabistro.  as  the  activist  Jim  Fouratt  once  put  it.  who  might  one  day  own  the   Grey  Lady.  For  example.html     479     Leading  up  to  the  2009  municipal  election.  and  its  digital  assets   were  not  performing­‐bloomberg-­‐buy-­‐the-­‐new-­‐york-­‐times-­‐125175.responsibility  over  hospital  closings.html     478  http://www.  and.  with  his  vast  wealth.  or  whether  she  was  going  to  either   fully  sell  out  to  big  business     477  http://www.  The  New  York  Times  was  on  shaky   financial  ground.  and  The  New  York  Times  never  appeared  to  follow-­‐up  on  a   story  about  hidden  city  bank  accounts  that  held  hundreds  of  millions  of  taxpayer                                                                                                                   476  http://youtu.  as  was  the  growing  impression.  Its  newspaper  business  kept  losing  money.  It  had  just  moved  into  a  new  high-­‐rise  office   building.  and  now  on   term  limits.  either.  the  protest  permit  requirement.politico.   -­‐  211  -­‐     .478    479    Activists  wondered  whether  The   New  York  Times  would  hold  back  on  criticism  of  the  Bloomberg-­‐Quinn   administration  out  of  fear  that  it  might  anger  the  man.  Veteran   activists  kept  hoping  that  Christine  would  “come  home”  and  renew  her  loyalty  to   her  base  of  one-­‐time­‐is-­‐talking-­‐about-­‐the-­‐ny-­‐times-­‐being-­‐sold_b90770     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.

 even  on  the  venerable­‐the-­‐new-­‐gaspard-­‐at-­‐11.  while  Mr.blogs.  Mayor   Bloomberg  was  widely  reported  to  have  used  his  private  wealth  to  help  overturn   term  limits.  Gaspard  would   transition  to  become  the  White  House  political  director.  Journalism  was  at  risk  of   being  bent  by  the  gravitational  pull  of  the  mayor’s  billions.   Finnegan’s  leadership  would  contrast  with  Mr.­‐was-­‐golden/     483  http://www.  Indeed.   took  Mayor  Bloomberg  to  task  for  the  unregistered  bank  accounts.  John  Liu.  especially  how  the  rest  of  the  hospital  closings  would  play-­‐out.dollars.482    Accepting  the  idea  that  a  vulnerable  journalism  outpost  desperate   for  an  affluent  white  knight  could  slant  its  reportage  out  of  motivations  for  self-­‐ preservation  would  help  to  understand  the  remainder  of  the  patchwork  storyline  of   Christine’s  career.html     482  http://nypost.    All  Rights  Reserved.nytimes.html     484­‐groups-­‐to-­‐press-­‐obama-­‐on-­‐health-­‐care-­‐and-­‐a-­‐ second-­‐stimulus-­‐effort/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  where  he  would  become   involved  in  the  president’s  plan  to  expand  healthcare  insurance  to  millions  of   previously  uninsured  patients.   -­‐  212  -­‐     .nytimes.nydailynews.blogs.  Gaspard  left  to  Mr.483    Mr.  Finnegan  was   an  early  support  of  Christine’s.484    Mr.  after  the  previous  political­‐city-­‐agencies-­‐hold-­‐millions-­‐in-­‐hidden-­‐accounts/     481  http://www.  the  political  operative  Kevin  Finnegan  took  over  as  political   director  for  1199.   In  January  2009.  Berger’s  continued  onslaught  to  close  hospitals  in  New  York.  Gaspard’s.  because  Mr.480    even  after  the  Comptroller  Bill  Thompson  and  his  successor.  Patrick  Gaspard.  was  selected   to  work  on  Barack  Obama’s  2008  presidential  campaign.  Finnegan  and  others  to   confront  Mr.  Gaspard’s  was  a  supporter  of  one  of                                                                                                                   480  http://cityroom.481    That  The  New   York  Times  could  consider  taking  a  soft-­‐pedal  approach  to  Mayor  Bloomberg’s   record  was  indication  of  the  political  realities  caused  by  the  influence  of  Mayor   Bloomberg’s  wealth.

 union  leaders   were  expected  to  serve  the  rank  and  file.   The  Berger  Commission  was  executing  a  top-­‐down  agenda  that  had  no   bottom-­‐up  support  from  impacted  communities.  Berger  to  a  commission  made  years  ago  by  Gov.  But  the  very  structure  that   was  given  to  the  political  apparatus  making  the  closures  possible  -­‐-­‐  the  executive   appointment  of  Mr.  Mr.  employees  began  to  hold  demonstrations  in  protest   against  the  Berger  Commission’s  push  to  close  hospitals.  the  impact  on  public   health  caused  by  hospital  closures  could  also  be  deemed  a  municipal  issue.pdf     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Finnegan’s   formal  appointment.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Pataki.486    By  this  time.  Patterson’s  term  in  office  -­‐-­‐  allowed  for  no   political  accountability  for  the  closures.  two  Queens  hospitals.  Even  though  state  health  officials   bore  ultimate  responsibility  for  regulating  healthcare  facilities.  the  New  York  City  comptroller  at  the  time.   -­‐  213  -­‐     .gov/wp-­‐content/uploads/documents/06-­‐01-­‐09_Hospital-­‐closures-­‐Policy-­‐Alert-­‐Jun-­‐ 1.  even  though  leaders  could  sometimes  have   allegiances  to  politicians  with  rival  agendas.  Bill  de  Blasio.nydailynews.485    Somehow.  issued  a  policy  report   describing  the  effect  of  the  closing  of  Mary  Immaculate  and    but  Mayor  Bloomberg  and  Christine  never   opposed  these  hospital  closings.Christine’s  rivals  for  the  speakership.  John’s  as  creating  an   emergency  room  crisis  in  Queens.   Thompson.  It  worked  in  Christine's  political  favor  to  keep                                                                                                                   485  http://www.  Such  were  the  minefields  of  community   and  union  organizing  in  New  York  City.  but   neither  Mayor  Bloomberg  nor  Christine  took  city  action  to  save  these­‐de-­‐blasio-­‐campaign-­‐driven-­‐seasoned-­‐political-­‐hands-­‐ article-­‐1.  which  had  once  been  part  of  the  St.  within  weeks  of  Mr.  closed  :  Mary  Immaculate  Hospital  and­‐queens-­‐hospitals-­‐finally-­‐shut-­‐down/     487  http://comptroller.  John’s  Queens   Hospital.  two   administrations  removed  from  Gov.   Vincent’s  hospital  system.  At  any  rate.1456256     486  http://www.

ambiguity  around  the  hospital  closings  crisis.  so  that  she  would  not  have  to  use  any   political  power  or  authority  to  challenge  Mr.  and   Maria  Passannante  Derr.  against  whom  a  long-­‐term  campaign  of  pressure  politics  could  be   launched.  the  row  over  the  extension  of  term  limits.  The  nebulous  nature  to  whom   hospital  employees  and  healthcare  advocates  could  appeal  to  put  a  stop  to  the   closings  frustrated  protesters.  and  her  failure  to  confront  the  NYPD  over  a  covert  police  policy  of   entrapping  men  at  gay  bookstores  increased  voter  dissatisfaction  within  Christine’s   City  Council  district.  at  least  in  the  beginning.  a  civil  rights  attorney.     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  In  the  West  Village.   from  being  able  to  form  a  resistance  movement  that  could  coalesce  around  specific   elected  officials.   voters  were  now  mobilizing  against  Christine.  her  betrayals  on  affordable  housing.  and  it  prevented  activists.  One  such  digital  activist  was  Suzannah  B.  In  the  2009  election  cycle.  two  candidates  openly  challenged   Christine  for  the  Democratic  primary  :  Yetta  Kurland.  Years  of  violating  her  public  duty   were  finally  catching  up  to  her.  new  activists  were   coming  forward  with  concerns  over  crumbling  infrastructure  and  the  concentration   of  power  among  lobbyists  and  special  interests.    All  Rights  Reserved.   -­‐  214  -­‐     .  Berger.  Besides  the  standard  complaints.  Chelsea.  Troy.  her   apparent  subjugation  to  Mayor  Bloomberg.  a  local  civic  leader  who  opposed  the  Tribeca  garbage  truck   facility.  her   unpopular  support  for  controversial  garbage  facilities  in  Tribeca  and  in  the  Upper   East  Side.   Christine’s  slush  fund  scandal.   Also  joining  the  growing  protest  movement  against  Christine  were  digital  activists   and  bloggers.  and  Hell’s  Kitchen  neighborhoods  of  Manhattan.  energizing  the  old  guard  of  activists.

 A  man  in  a  wheelchair  was  denied  entry  in  clear   violation  of  the  Americans  with  Disabilities  Act.  That  Christine  would  agree  to  a  venue  for  a  debate  that  would  lock  out   voters  was  spread  across  social  media.  Troy  and  other  digital  activists   recorded  on  video  the  abuses  by  NYU  security  that  denied  voters  entry  into  the   debate.  In  municipal  politics.  voters  arrived  to  discover  that  last  minute  tickets  were   needed  to  get  inside.  and  those  videos  were  posted  on  YouTube.  That   summer.  and  that  the  line  of  people  with  tickets  were  mainly  Christine’s­‐c     490  http://youtu.  a  violation  of  rules  set  by  the   Board  of  Elections.  outside  the  NYU  debate.  Siegel  witnessed  how   the  university  dispatched  its  own  private  security  force  to  keep  out  a  large  overflow   crowd.php     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  the  excess   crowd  was  just  plain  locked  out.  much  less  shared   across  the     488  http://blogs.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Mr.                                                                                                                   489  http://youtu.At  one  protest  against  Christine  in  the  time  leading  up  to  the  2009  election.  and   shared.  At  the     491  http://youtu.   Ms.  Ms.   -­‐  215  -­‐     .  Because  NYU  made  no  provision  for  a  standing  room  only  crowd.  Troy  brought  the  famed  civil  rights  attorney  Norman  Siegel.villagevoice.489    490    491    blogged  about.  this  debate  marked  an   important  turning  point  :  social  media  activists  were  now  able  to  report  “campaign   news”  that  would  never  have  been  so  swiftly  documented  before.  who  once  served   with  Christine  on  Mayor  Giuliani’s  police  task  force.  The  Village  Voice  questioned  whether  Christine  was  using  City  Council   employees  to  volunteer  during  normal  work  hours.  many  of  whom  were  said  to  possibly  be  City  Council  employees.  Mr.488    Meanwhile.  Siegel  was  to  serve  as  a  legal   observer  at  a  protest  outside  a  primary  debate  at  a  building  owned  by  New  York   University.

 and  I  will  make  sure  that  people’s  First  Amendment  rights  are   protected.  whether  it’s  a  police  department.  who   were  telling  people  that  they  could  not  demonstrate  on  a  public  sidewalk.  she  was  trying  to  find   ways  to  disband  protests.  or  even  the  speaker.  The  man  in  the  wheelchair  and  a  reporter  from  the  all   news  cable  channel  NY1  were  among  those.  I  heard  that  the  speaker  had  some  private  security  people.  Siegel.  Other  chants  and  denounciations   followed.  Siegel  took  issue  with  NYU  officials  for  having   turned  away  the  press  and  locking  out  the  protesters.”  Mr.  and  word  of  Christine’s  efforts  had  made  its  way  back  to   Mr.493    Eventually.  “Recently.  Siegel  said  outside  the  NYU  debate.  Troy’s  jeers  signaled  to  the  other   protesters  that  it  was  O.  “You   cannot  allow  anyone.  the  wheelchaired  man  was                                                                                                                   492  http://www.  “Sometimes  the  police  and   private  security  trample  on  people’s  First  Amendment  rights.  after  immense   pressure  from  protesters  and  intervention  by  Mr.  which  further   angered  the  protesters  outside.  to   trample  on  people’s  First  Amendment  rights  .  she  had  to   walk  in  front  of  the  angry     493  http://youtu.  who  had  been  locked  out  by  NYU.”  He  added.”  Mr.  to  boo  Christine.   -­‐  216  -­‐     .  this  country  -­‐-­‐  the  cornerstone  of  the  participatory   democracy  -­‐-­‐  is  for  people  to  have  the  right  to  peacefully  protest.  adding.  but.”     Now  that  activists  were  organizing  against  Christine.  It’s   absolutely  false.  Siegel  said  at  the     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Ms.Christine  was  late  for  the  debate.  Troy  was  the  fist  to  say.K.  oust  Quinn  !  She’s  corrupt  !”492      Ms.  “Oust   Quinn.  she  was  insulated  from  the  voter   anger  for  the  time  being.  “This  city.  whether  it’s  a  mayor.  once  Christine  made  her  way  inside.  As  Christine   approached  the  entrance  to  the  NYU  facility.  Mr.  who  were  denied  entry.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  when  she  finally  arrived...

 were  not   enough  to  help  him  win  his  race.  Derr’s   appearance  on  that  year’s  Democratic  primary  ticket  was  meant  to  split  votes  away   from  Ms.  other  animal   rights  activists  were  attracted  to  support  her  candidacy.  he  was  taking   time  off  to  help  activists.  Protesters  were  outraged  by  how  they   were  treated.  Siegel  was  running  for  office  of   public  advocate  that  year.   meaning  that  the  NY1  reporter  was  kept  locked  out  of  the  debate.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis    But  it  was  a  small  win.allowed  entry  into  that  night’s  debate.  though  a   source  of  hope  for  those  fighting  to  bring  about  government  reforms.  one  of  Christine’s  old  foes.  Ms.  These  animal  rights   activists  were  also  spurred  on  by  Christine’s  support  for  the  horse  carriage  industry.  who  had  been  targeted  to  be  voted  out  of   office  by  a  series  of  three  different  gay  politicians.   Since  Ms.  Kurland  was  a  vegan  and  an  animal  rights  activist.    All  Rights  Reserved.  To  still  yet  other  activists.  even  though  his   cable  news  channel  was  the  primary  TV  source  for  political  news  in  New  York  City.  Christine  had  become  reminiscent  of  Carol  Greitzer.   a  business  which  animal  rights  activists  viewed  as  exploitative  of  animals.  had  only  provided  five  press  passes.  some  activists  alleged.  de  Blasio.  then  David   Rothenberg.  and  in  the  middle  of  his  own  campaign.  the  long-­‐term.   -­‐  217  -­‐     .  Kurland’s  chances  at  defeating  Christine.  His  legal  brilliance  and  his  effort  to  help  activists.  The  Villager  newspaper.  Siegel’s  presence  outside  the  controversial  NYU  debate  served   to  underscore  his  important  role  in  New  York.   do-­‐nothing  incumbent  councilmember.  NYU  and  the   sponsor  of  the  debate.  and  that  was  exactly  what                                                                                                                   494  http://youtu.495    To   other  activists.  He  lost  to  Mr.  and  finally  by  Tom­‐c     495  http://thevillager.  Mr.  and  Mr.  first  Jim  Owles.   The  clampdown  on  media  coverage  was  designed  to  keep  a  lid  on  voter  anger   against  Christine.

 We  are  organized.  Besides  the   substantial  political  contributions  from  real  estate  interests.  Christine  raised  about  $2  million  in  donations.  Kurland  won  31%.  and   Ms.  before  the  slush  fund  scandal  and   Mayor  Bloomberg’s  thwarted  presidential  run  scuttled  her  plans.  and  we  showed  the   entire  district.  Derr  acted  to  ruin  Ms.496    showing  that  Ms.  even  those  receiving                                                                                                                   498   496  http://thevillager.  of  which   she  had  to  set  aside  almost  $1.  “that  you  don’t  go   against  incumbents.  Christine   barely  won  reelection  :  she  took  about  52%  of  the  vote.  Christine  had  raised  these  millions  in  anticipation  that  she   would  have  been  running  for  mayor  that    All  Rights  Reserved.  we  have  power  -­‐-­‐  this  is  just  the  Kurland  :  Ms.  Kurland’s  spoiler.  “Every  time  there  is   development  that  happens  without  affordable  housing.aspx?ec_id=2013&ec=2013&RecTyp =Candidates+only&RecTyp_id=Can&cand_id=204&cand=Quinn%2c+Christine+C     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.html     http://www.  Kurland  spoke  about  the  political  pressure  that   opposed  her  candidacy.  there’s  deals  that  are  made   that  succumb  to  big  business  and  developers  and  to  money.  we  will   be  watching.  Derr  was  left  with  16%.8  million  in  donations  for  a  future  race.498  so  that  she   would  not  violate  Campaign  Finance  Board  rules  for  the  spending  cap  under  its   matching  funds  program.   -­‐  218  -­‐     .  that  the  numbers  show  that  this   district  is  not  happy  with  their  leadership.  that  you  can’t  question  authority  when  it  becomes   dysfunctional.  Derr  was  a  marginal  candidate.html     497  http://thevillager.nyccfb.  noting  that  she  had  been  told  by  insiders.  People  were  afraid  to  stand  up  to  Christine  Quinn.  and  we  showed  the  entire  city.  we  will  be  here.  Ms.”  Ms.”497       For  the  2009  race.  Ms.     In  her  concession  speech.   who  acted  as  Ms.  Kurland’s  insurgent  campaign.

 Laura  Morrison.  Ms.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.nyccfb.  Chuck  Schumer  was  rejected  by  the  Obama  administration  after  it  was   learned­‐york/city-­‐politicians-­‐received-­‐big-­‐campaign-­‐donations-­‐funneled-­‐tax-­‐ dollars-­‐developers-­‐article-­‐1.S1jKZrnm.  and  Richard­‐10-­‐22-­‐white-­‐house-­‐rejects-­‐new-­‐york-­‐senator-­‐chuck-­‐schumers-­‐ reccomendation-­‐that-­‐openly-­‐gay-­‐daniel-­‐alter-­‐serve-­‐on-­‐the-­‐us-­‐district-­‐court#sthash.  To  win.discretionary  funding  from  City  Council.  Washburn  was  head   of  a  business  group  in  the  Meatpacking  District  of  the  West  Village.dpbs     501   http://www.501   Meanwhile.  among  other  had  donated   $25.   -­‐  219  -­‐     .  many  political  insiders  noted  that  Mayor   Bloomberg  had  to  make  millions  in  undeclared  charitable  donations  from  his                                                                                                                   499  http://www.  which  stood  to   benefit  from  the  High  Line  park  project.aspx?ec_id=2009&ec=2009&RecTyp =Candidates+only&RecTyp_id=Can&cand_id=204&cand=Quinn%2c+Christine+C     502­‐secret-­‐campaign-­‐of-­‐mayor-­‐mike/     503  http://www.  donated   to  Christine’s  campaign.  like  Kenneth  Monteiro.    All  Rights  Reserved.00  to  Christine’s  campaign.  Ms.  Anne  Washburn.  Alter’s  donation.  Other  reliable   supporters.   Giske’s  girlfriend.  whose  nomination  to  the  federal   bench  by  Sen.426728     500  http://perezhilton.  a  nurse  at  St.  a  controversial  Wall  Street  banker.  Michael  Cormier.00  to  Christine’s  campaign  before  the  hospital  closed.499  Christine  also  received  $200.nydailynews.  it’s  not  known  why  she  kept  Mr.  Mayor  Bloomberg  was  forced  to  spend  over  $109  million  of  his   own  money  in  declared  political  campaign  expenditures  for  his  re-­‐election  effort  in   2009  to  overcome  widespread  voter  anger  over  the  overturning  of  term  limits  in  a   campaign  that  was  later  beset  by  criminal  charges502    and  a  review  of  his  campaign   finances.  Mr.503    He  faced  Comptroller  Bill  Thompson  as  the  Democratic  candidate  in   that  year’s  general  election  race.  Alter  appeared  to  oppose  the  use  of  the   phrase  “under  God”  in  the  Pledge  of  Allegiance.00  from   Daniel­‐finance-­‐board-­‐rebukes-­‐but-­‐does-­‐not-­‐punish-­‐ bloomberg.500    Because  Christine  was  a  proud   Irish  Catholic.  Vincent’s.  donated  $100.

 a  template  for  authority  that  we  saw  resembled  how  officials  connected   with  the  High  Line  park  project  had  donated  over  $50.  civic-­‐minded  leaders.   Meanwhile.507  Such  were  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  political  reversal  of  fortune.nytimes.  “When  the  City  Council  held  hearings  on  the  term  limits  change.personal  fortune  to  community  groups  and  non-­‐profits  in  order  to  demobilize­‐a-­‐dear-­‐for-­‐bloomberg.  were  bused  to  the  City  Council  hearing  on  overturning  term  limits  to   pack  the  room  in  support  of  Mayor  Bloomberg.html     507  http://www.000.   Mayor  Bloomberg’s  use  of  community  groups  that  received  taxpayer  money   was  a  powerful  way  to  triangulate  support  from  civic  leaders  for  a  politician’s   agenda.  a   homeless  assistance  group.  Kurland’s  insurgent  campaign  against  Christine  in  2009  was  a  rarity                                                                                                                   504­‐was-­‐golden/     505  http://www.00  in  campaign   contributions  to  Christine’s  political  accounts.html     506  http://www.504    One  such  group  that   received  large  charitable  contributions  from  Mayor  Bloomberg  in  what  appeared  to   be  a  quid  pro  quo  for  support  on  extending  term  limits  was  the  Doe  Fund.”  reported  Tom  Robbins  in  The  New  York  Post.   mayoral  aides  asked  organizations  on  the  receiving  end  of  his  generosity  to  testify  in   favor.506    That  Mayor  Bloomberg  was  so   desperate  for  support  from  homeless  groups  belied  the  fact  that  he  had  been  behind   a  policy  that  rounded  up  the  homeless  since  2007  and  had  them  deported  to  other   states.  the  Doe  Fund  also   received  from  the  Bloomberg  administration  city  contracts  worth  tens  of  millions  of   dollars.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Ms.  who  could  have  organized  against  the  mayor  on  the   term  limits  issue.  The  New  York  Times  reported.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.505    Dozens  of  people.  Aside  from  charitable  donations.  who  depended  on  Doe   Fund  shelters.nytimes.  as  one  investigation  showed.nydailynews.   -­‐  220  -­‐     .

 “It  would  be  outrageous   for  the  state  to  even  entertain  offers  to  close  the  only  hospital  that  services                                                                                                                   508  http://www.  Ms.  St.  even  after  Christine  was  safely  reelected  to  the  City  Council.  Mayor  Bloomberg   rewarded  his  campaign  staff  with  outsized  bonuses  and  job­‐vincents-­‐to-­‐lay-­‐off-­‐180-­‐employees/     511­‐voters-­‐whittle-­‐speaker-­‐christine-­‐quinn-­‐power-­‐base-­‐article-­‐ 1.  Vincent’s  Hospital  in   Christine’s  City  Council  district  was  facing  financial     Additionally.nytimes.  St.   -­‐  221  -­‐     .in  New  York  City  politics  :  it  was  a  sign  that  Christine’s  abuse  of  incumbency   privileges  and  violations  of  her  public  duty  had  stirred  up  passionate  dissent  to  such   a  degree  that  a  community  organizer  would  openly  question  Christine’s  leadership.405796     509  http://www.     Between  the  end  of  2009  and  the  beginning  of  2010.  the  state  budget  cuts  were   taking  a  toll.  It  laid  off  almost  180   employees  a  few  weeks  before  Christmas  in  2009.  Vincent’s  Hospital  was  not  meant  to  be  closed  under  the  Berger   Commission  Report.  as  a  result  of.511    Once  Christine  had  been  safely  resworn   into  office.  said.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Mr.  she   briefly  faced  questions  whether  her  peers  would  select  her  again  to  serve  as   speaker.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.nydailynews.nytimes.510    Even  though  there  had  been   budget  surpluses  at  the  municipal  level  in  recent  years.nytimes.html     510  http://cityroom.  Finnegan.508     While  Christine  was  left  scrambling  to  save  her  hold  on  power.  after  the  election.  Kurland’s  promise  to  “be  here”  if  a  zone-­‐busting  real  estate   development  would  disrupt  the  West  Village  would  predict  an  escalation  of   community  organizing  against  Christine  and  her  political  career.  the  1199  political  director.  a  series  of  state  budget  cuts.   among  other  reasons.  given  the  voter  outrage  stemming  from  the  overturning  of  term  limits.  and  the  hospital  had  been  in  talks  with  a  real  estate  developer   to  help  shore  up  the  hospital’s  finances.   Furthermore.

    This  vacuum  of  leadership  was  complicated  by  the  fact  that  as  Christine’s   constituents  looked  onto  her  to  lead  the  charge  to  save  St.    All  Rights  Reserved.  but  she  could  not  realistically  follow  through  on  delivering  a  true   rescue  package  for  St.514    A  development  deal  struck  by  St.516    Since  Christine  was  conflicted.nytimes.   she  would  initially  go  through  the  motions  to  put  on  an  appearance  of  trying  to  save   St.hundreds  of  thousands  of  New  Yorkers  who  work  or  live  on  the  West  Side  of   Manhattan  below  59th  Street.  Vincent’s.nyccfb.  mysteriously   fell  through.  a  proposed  sale  of  St.”512    But  two  months  later.  Mount  Sinai  Medical  Center.  and  another  hospital  operator.  Vincent’s  out  of  fear  of  angering  an  important  political                                                                                                                   514   512  http://nypost.   -­‐  222  -­‐     .aspx?ec_id=2013&ec=2013&RecTyp =Candidates+only&RecTyp_id=Can&cand_id=204&cand=Quinn%2c+Christine+C&emp=rudin+management+(b egins+with)&emp_name1=rudin+management&emp_exact1=B     515  http://therealdeal.cityrealty.  Christine  had  accepted  almost  $30.  Continuum  Health  Partners.  Vincent’­‐estate/carters-­‐view/rudin-­‐management-­‐reportedly-­‐negotiating-­‐lower-­‐ price-­‐st-­‐vincents-­‐properties/36122     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  she  had  an   apparent  conflict  of  interest  in  the  matter.00   in  campaign  contributions  by  the  wealthy  family  that  controlled  the  real  estate­‐and-­‐associates-­‐opens-­‐sales-­‐office-­‐at-­‐william-­‐rudin-­‐s-­‐ condo-­‐conversion-­‐near-­‐saint-­‐vincent-­‐hospital/     516  http://www.  acted  to  make  Rudin’s  prior  development  deal  into  a   more  lucrative  opportunity  for  outsized  profits.  Vincent’s.000.513    It  had  become  apparent  that  state  health  officials  were  going  to  do   nothing  to  save  St.  Rudin  Management  Company.  had   expressed  no  interest  in  maintaining  a  full-­‐service  hospital  on  the  site  of­‐red-­‐looms-­‐for-­‐st-­‐vinnys/     513  http://www.515    and  the  hospital’s   second  bankruptcy.   Vincent’s  to  another  Manhattan     http://www.   Vincent’s  in  the  shadow  of  a  previous  bankruptcy  had  given  Rudin  an  edge  in  buying   some  of  the  buildings  comprising  the  St.  Vincent’s  campus.  in  2010.   Vincent’s.

blogspot.supporter  and  powerful  real  estate  developer.  developers  made  large  campaign  contributions  to   politicians.519       Responsibility  for  enforcing  compromises  struck  between  activists  and   developers.   Generally.  because  politicians  lacked  the  courage  to  challenge   developers.  Neither  nor  would  she  recuse  herself   from  the­‐de-­‐blasios-­‐support-­‐atlantic-­‐yards-­‐helped-­‐old-­‐ally/     520  http://atlanticyardsreport.  As  promised  by  Ms.  Lewis.  fell  on   politicians.  the  community  began  to   organize  anew  against  Christine.518  ACORN   helped  to  negotiate  an  accord  with  developers  that  would  require  developers  to   provide  “affordable  housing.  the  Barclays  Center.  who  was  described  as  a  “housing  advocate.  One  of  those  community   groups  was  ACORN.html     518­‐de-­‐blasios-­‐support-­‐atlantic-­‐yards-­‐helped-­‐old-­‐ally/     519  http://www.wnyc.517    Their  loss  was  hastened  by  the  fact  that  some   community  groups  actually  sided  with  the  developer.  Ms.    All  Rights  Reserved.”  according  to  WNYC.”  and  similar  to  the                                                                                                                   517  http://www.  grass  roots  activists  spent  years   fighting  the  system  to  only  lose.  which  was  headed  by  Bertha  Lewis  at  the  time.wnyc.  which  was  a  trap.nytimes.   -­‐  223  -­‐     .com/2013/08/what-­‐is-­‐he-­‐chopped-­‐liver-­‐bill-­‐de.  In  the  case  of  a  large  development   project  in  Brooklyn  known  as  Atlantic  Yards.  powerful  real  estate  developers  get  exactly  what  they  want  in  New   York  City.520    because.  Kurland.  This  was  only  mere  months  after  Christine’s  shaky   reelection  win  over  Ms.  sometimes  known  as  community  benefits  agreements.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  which  would  lead  to  the  construction   of  another  sports  stadium.  job  training  and  other­‐from-­‐an-­‐angry-­‐and-­‐losing-­‐battle-­‐against-­‐ barclays-­‐center.  as  seen.  Proposed  affordable  housing  regulations  either  get  watered  down  into   low-­‐cost  loan  packages  or  the  responsibility  for  building  affordable  housing  gets   transferred  from  developers  to  city  taxpayers.  Kurland’s  pledge  to  “be  here”  if  a  zone-­‐busting   real  estate  development  would  disrupt  the  West  Village.

”523    Christine  finally  revealed  that  she  was  no  longer  capable  of   being  a  beacon  of  top-­‐down  support  for  bottom-­‐up  community  empowerment.villagevoice.  At   long  last.php     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  one  of  Christine’s  campaign  donors.  Lewis  had  close  ties   to  the  Working  Families  Party  and  to  Mr.  Developers  knew  that  they  could  wear  down  activists’  energy  and  morale.     To  help  achieve  the  developer’s  that  they  should  just  give  in.  “I  think  there’s  not  a  lot  that’s  left  to  be  done  and  that  the  project  will  be   getting  developed.  She   replied.  WCBS-­‐TV  political  reporter  Andrew  Kirtzman  conducted  a  brief  interview                                                                                                                   521  http://www.  in  late  2007.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Lewis  provided  political  cover   to  the  lopsided  victory  enjoyed  by  the  developer.  thereby  giving  developers  political  cover  to  win   approval  for  their  zone-­‐busting­‐bill-­‐de-­‐blasio-­‐stanley-­‐kurtz     523  http://blogs.  Ms.  It  was   exactly  what  developers  expected  from  Christine.  because   the  developer  had  already  won.  Forest  City  Ratner  was  allowed  to  use   eminent  domain  to  confiscate  property  for  the  project.  Christine  was  asked  at  a   community  meeting  what  could  be  done  to  stop  the  Atlantic  Yards  project.   -­‐  224  -­‐     .  For  example.controversial  housing  advocate  Michael  McKee.   and  they  knew  how  to  divide  the  community  by  finding  community  groups  that   would  sell  out  on  their  principles.  the  newly-­‐elected  public   advocate.  Christine  began  to  telegraph  a   sensibility  of  resignation  to  her  constituents.  At  that  same  2007  community   meeting.html     522  http://www.  she  was  openly  disempowering  and  demobilizing  the  community.  de  Blasio.nationalreview.  which  in  this  case  was  Forest  City      Ms.522      Developers  had  become  shrewd  in  weakening  political  oversight  by   making  large  campaign  donations  to  compromise  the  independence  of  political   leaders.

 Gotbaum  opposed  the  Bloomberg-­‐Quinn  plan  to   extend  term  limits.  who  would  fight  against   government   -­‐  225  -­‐     .  and  it  set  the  tone   that  nobody  could  question  the  didactic  policies  of  the  mayor  and  the  speaker.with  Christine.525    Ms.  Mr.nytimes.  Gotbaum’s  experience  with  the  “political  payback”   orchestrated  by  Mayor  Bloomberg  and  Christine  infuriated  her.  de  Blasio’s  “You  do  think  about  things  through  bigger  prisms  when   you’re  in  this  position.villagevoice.  bad   government  and  politics  at  its  worst.  and  the   officeholder  is  supposed  to  be  a  government  watchdog.  turned  out  to  be  duds.  it  amounted  to  actions  that  were  “anti-­‐democratic.  or   were  otherwise  ineffectual  about  championing  causes  on  behalf  of  voters.php     525  saw  the  budget  of   her  government  office  cut  by  40%  in  the  city  budget  for  Fiscal  Year  2010.  The  New  York  Times  reported   that  the  motivation  for  the  budget  cuts  to  the  public  advocate’s  office  were  being   made  a  few  months  before  the  2009  municipal  election  cycle  in  order  to  deliberately                                                                                                                   524  http://blogs.    All  Rights  Reserved.  which  Mr.html     526  http://www.   de  Blasio  inherited.  even   when.   “Do  you  find  yourself  having  to  balance  where  you  come  from  with  where  you  are   now  ?”  Christine  replied.  and  he  frankly  asked  her  to  explain  the  contradictions  between   Christine’s  early  years  as  an  activist  with  her  insider  status  as  City  Council  speaker.”526    Moreover.  because  Ms.  as  Ms.  Betsy  Gotbaum.  Gotbaum  put  it.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”  skirting  any  direct  accountability  to  her  constituents  for  the   conservative  shift  in  her  policies.  524       The  public  advocate  of  New  York  City  is  a  fallback  political  office  given  to   voters  in  case  other  elected  officials  became  conflicted.  The  public   advocate  runs  for  office  in  a  city-­‐wide  campaign  every  four  years.

 One  could  also  see  how  the  advocacy   of  the  civil  rights  attorney  Norman  Siegel  might  worry  entrenched  political   interests.527    but  eventually  became  Mr.  such  as  Jane  Jacobs.  These   activists  weren’t  about  to  go  away  quietly.  It  was  where   activists  and  writers.  like  Christine.  David   Rothenberg  and  many  others.    All  Rights  Reserved.  even  if  their  public  advocate  had.  The   natural  consequence  of  the  budgetary  action  was  that  Mr.  Ms.  It  wasn’t   the  same  as  the  previous  other  struggles  to  save  community  hospitals.  particularly  St.   Vincent’s.  but  by  the  time  he  got  into  office.  and  even  Christine  had  learned  to  game  the   system.  de   Blasio  never  really  challenged  the  mayor  or  Christine  in  the  first  three  years.   The  size  and  timing  of  the  budget  cut  was  intended  to  telegraph  to  the  next   public  advocate  that  the  mayor  and  the  speaker  had  the  power  to  squash  the   independence  of  the  public  advocate’s  role  in  overseeing  the  city  government.  had  helped  to  shape  a  political  awareness  for   community  organizing  to  resist  irresponsible  over  development  and  government   failure.  Feinberg.  Larry  Kramer.nytimes.  Mr.  Jacobs  would  go  on  to  achieve  world-­‐wide  acclaim  for  her  efforts  to                                                                                                                   527  http://www.  David  B.  the  some  of  the  neighborhoods  served  by  St.  such  as  the  fight  to  save   hospitals.  Mr.   The  West  Village  and  Chelsea.  No   matter  that  some  developers.weaken  the  next  public  advocate.  de  Blasio.   -­‐  226  -­‐     .html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  given  Mr.  the  fight  over  St.  Siegel’s  propensity  to  challenge  powerholders.  were  home  to  a  particular  brand  of  political  sensibility.  de  Blasio  may  have  started  out  his  campaign   for  public  advocate  with  good  intentions.  Vincent’s  was  turning  into  something  different.  Vincent’s.  de  Blasio  was  largely   absent  from  the  public  discourse  over  controversial  issues.  who  at  the  time  was  speculated  to  be  Mark   Green.

   All  Rights  Reserved.  and  it  had  treated  and  saved  the   lives  of  untold  people  during  these  emergencies.  At  that  town  hall   meeting.  We’re  not  going  to  fall  for  this  trick  that  Continuum  is  the  only   entity  out  there.  and  the  two   attacks  on  the  World  Trade  Center.  The  State  Department  of  Health  wants  us  to   believe  it.downtownexpress.  she  said  :   I  fail  to  accept  that.  I   simply  do  not  believe  it.  there  is  no  other   healthcare  institution  that  wants  to  merge  with  the  great  St.  With  word  spreading  that  the   hospital  was  facing  possible  closure.  Vincent’s  was  renowned  for  the  care  it  provided  to  the  survivors  of  the   Titanic  sinking.  As  Christine’s  sound  bites  on  St.html     529  http://youtu.  Vincent’s  were  shown  to  be   mere  lip  service.  Vincent’s   closed.  Vincent’s.528    She  left  out  that  she  was  the  one.  in  all  of  New  York.  the  Triangle  Shirtwaist  fire.  the  first  cases  of  HIV/AIDS.529   St.  We’re  going  to  say  tonight.  a  reckless  city  planner  who  bulldozed  neighborhoods  in  favor  of   building  expressways.  registered  nurses  with  the  union  New  York                                                                                                                   528  http://www.  We  are  not  going  to  fall  for  that  bait-­‐and-­‐ switch.   -­‐  227  -­‐     .  It  was  trusted  for  its  trauma  care  almost  as  much   as  the  sentimental  value  of  knowing  that  the  hospital  had  bore  witness  to  some  of   the  darkest  episodes  in  New  York  City’s  Vincent’s  deserved  a  bailout  like  the   banks  were  getting.  Christine  said  that  St.  the  community  had  begun  to  see  through  her  pattern  of  never   following  up  on  any  of  her  promises.preserve  the  special  social  fabric  of  Lower  Manhattan  from  the  destructive  forces  of   Robert     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  At  a  town  hall  meeting  before  St.  because  they  have  created  an  equation  where  that  is  the  only   answer  that  we  would  get.  for  example.  but  she  was  using  those  funds  to  reward  political  allies.  and  we’re  going  to  say  it   over  and  over  again  :  the  only  plan  that  should  be  considered  or  ever   approved  by  the  state  is  one  that  keeps  our  hospital  and  our  emergency   room.  who  had  the  bailout  funds   available.

 including  Christine.  Vincent’s  closed.534    Assemblymember  Gottfried  mentioned  a  failed  state  effort  to  help   stop  the  wave  of  hospital  closings.  who  were   focused  instead  on  trying  to  save  the  hospital.    All  Rights  Reserved.533    Assemblymember  Richard   Gottfried  and  Sen.  Vincent’s.”530     People  were  now  on  to  Christine’s  game  of  double-­‐  who  accused  her  of  being  a  “sellout.wnyc.  but  Mayor  Bloomberg  and   Christine  were  no-­‐shows.  and  their  absence  from  the  town  hall  was  criticized  by  the   community.  several   hundred  showed  up.   There  was  a  lot  of  talk.nydailynews.  another  emergency  town  hall  was  held  at   Hudson  Guild  in  Chelsea.  and  they  knew  that  Rudin  was  only  focused  on  the  “million   dollar  views”  available  from  the  St.  A  bill  introduced  in  the  legislature  that  would                                                                                                                   530  http://www.  Christine  tried  to  speak.  During  a  radio  interview.   -­‐  228  -­‐     .com/new-­‐york/300-­‐angry-­‐protesters-­‐march-­‐st-­‐vincent-­‐hospital-­‐article-­‐1.  was  still  trying  to  salvage  its   condo  conversion  plan.  but  no  commitments.  the  real  estate  developer  with  plans  to   convert  the  St.  At  a  town  hall  at  a  local  church.  Duane  appeared  at  the  town  hall.  Vincent’s  campus  into  luxury  housing.  Vincent’s  location.  Community  members  were  scorching     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.State  Nurses  Association  (NYSNA).be/2C8fIhXv6gE     534  http://youtu.html     533  http://youtu.  At  the  end  of  one  protest  march   through  Chelsea  that  ended  in  front  of  the  hospital.  doctors.165507     531  http://www.  Vincent’s  employees  and  activists.   Christine  was  accused  of  not  doing  enough  to  save  St.532    outraging  St.  but  the  community  did  not  come  together   enough  to  pressure  politicians  to  own  up  to  their  public  duty  to  save  St.531    Word  on  the   street  was  that  Rudin  Management  Company.   On  the  day  St.  The  hospital   had  closed  its  doors.  and  other  hospital  staff  organized   several  protests  to  mobilize  the  community.  Vincent’­‐st-­‐vincents/     532  http://www.  but  she   was  drowned  out  by  angry  protesters.

  At  the  town  hall  at  Hudson     538  http://nypost.  Ms.  who  had   nearly  defeated  Christine  only  a  few  months  prior  to  the  closing  of  St.  who  had   shown  she  had  the  guts  to  take  on  the  system  -­‐-­‐  the  attorney  Yetta  Kurland.  Albany’s  intent  became  clear.  There  was  no  organizational  structure  to  do­‐eyes-­‐st-­‐vinnys-­‐go-­‐for-­‐broke-­‐plan/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis­‐st-­‐vincents-­‐closure-­‐manhattan-­‐pols-­‐have-­‐change-­‐of-­‐heart-­‐on-­‐ hospital-­‐closure-­‐bill/     537  http://youtu.    All  Rights  Reserved.  but  neither   one  of  them  used  their  power  or  influence  up  in  the  state  capitol  to  save  St.   Vincent’s.  the   community  rallied  around  the  only  person  in  the  West  Village  and  Chelsea.  The   hospital  closing  triggered  a  fraud  investigation.  Kurland  presented  information.  Duane  were  chairs  of   the  respective  health  committees  of  each  house  of  the  state  legislature.cityandstateny.  according  to  one  source.  Vincent’s.have  required  public  hearings  before  hospitals  could  be  closed  was  vetoed  by  Gov.  Vincent’s.  paying  to  broadcast  radio   advertisements  to  mobilize  the     536  http://www.  At  a  time  when  these  politicians  traded  on  their  sensibilities   about  advocating  for  fairness.  but  no  charges  were  ever   brought.  the  community  learned  that  that  state  health  officials  were  going  to                                                                                                                   535  http://youtu.   The  nursing  union  NYSNA  led  the  community’s  response.  To  form  an   independent  pressure  group  to  fight  to  restore  a  hospital  to  replace  St.538    After  the  political  and  management  failures  that  led  to  the  closing  of  St.  Vincent’s.  Vincent’s.   Patterson.536  537    Both  Assemblymember  Gottfried  and  Sen.   -­‐  229  -­‐     .  and  everybody  asked  why  didn’t  City  Hall  or   City  Council  officials  step  up  and  appropriate  the  kind  of  emergency  money  needed   to  save  St.  constituents  were  not  used  to  mobilizing  to  put   pressure  on  their  elected  officials.  535    allowing  the  Berger  Commission  hospital  closings  to  proceed   undeterred.   Vincent’s.  which   raised  questions  about  that  integrity  of  the  management  at  St.

nytimes.   Eileen  Dunn.  her  latest  statement  was  an  effort  to  corral  the                                                                                                                   539  http://youtu.  As  a  public  official.  She  had   moved  the  goal  post.”539     Nurse  Dunn’s  remarks  were  a  call-­‐to-­‐action  that  helped  the  community  scrutinize   the  political  failures  that  led  to  the  closing  of  St.  To  some.  You  need  to  stop   the  traffic.  it  sounded  like  Christine  was  saying  that  it  was  time  to   give  up.  “You  need  to  be  out  in  the  streets.540    The  deliberate  use  of   “urgent  care”  was  meant  to  communicate  to  the  community  that  Christine  was  no   longer  going  to  fight  for  a  full-­‐service  hospital  to  replace  St.  a  veteran  nurse  of  24  years.  like  she  had  once  told  activists  opposed  to  the  Atlantic  Yards  development   in  Brooklyn.”  was.  “You  need  a   revolution     540  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  but  she  did  not.”  urging.  Vincent’s.  In   The  New  York  Times  article  that  prefaced  the  closing  of  St.  going  to  lead  to  a   bait-­‐and-­‐switch.  Vincent’s  closed.   -­‐  230  -­‐     .   “Urgent  care  is  not  emergency  care.  and  some  of  that  scrutiny   would  come  to  focus  on  Christine.  Christine’s  previous  sound  bite  of   “We  are  not  going  to  fall  for  that  bait-­‐and-­‐switch.  and  her  violation  of  this   duty  would  drive  the  community  to  withdraw  their  political  support  for  Christine.  who  had  organized  many  protests   in  the  weeks  before  St.  Vincent’s.  said  at  the  town  hall  at  Hudson  Guild  that   the  community  needed  to  organize  and  not  accept  inferior  healthcare  facilities.  adding.  Vincent’”  she  said  at  the  town  hall.  You  need  to  let  the  politicians  know  that  it  is  just  not  good  enough.  To  some.  Vincent’s  once  provided.  Vincent’s.  Christine  was   already  calling  for  “urgent  care”  to  replace  St.  Christine  had  a  public  duty  to   take  actions  on  behalf  of  her  constituents.propose  an  urgent  care  center  to  replace  the  full-­‐service  hospital  and  Level  I  trauma   center  services  that  St.  in  fact.

community  into  accepting  an  inferior  healthcare  facility  in  a  political  “bait-­‐and-­‐ switch.  Vincent’s  Hospital  in  Greenwich   Village.  Dr.  announced  Monday  that  it  was  declaring                                                                                                                   541­‐Kh1NYAHvOM     543  http://nymag.”  he  said.  a  former  physician  at  St.  absolutely.  “I  guarantee     542  http://youtu.”543    Dr.  that  people  will   die.   “Barely  two  months  after  the  closing  of  St.  “I  challenge  the  politicians  in  New  York  -­‐-­‐  Quinn.  adding.  said  at  the  town   hall  meeting  that  he  had  growing  concerns  over  the  impact  of  hospital  closings  on   the  delivery  of  life-­‐saving  trauma  care.nypost.541     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  everybody.”     Up  until  the  closing  of  St.  there  was  only  so  long  that  she  could  trick  voters  with  her   duplicity.”542    Richard  Daines  was  the  controversial  state  health  commissioner  at  the   time.  and  he  had  asserted  that  “straitened  times  put  healthy  pressure  on  providers   to  tighten  their  operations.   -­‐  231  -­‐     .   the  governor.  Vincent’s.   Christine  talked  up  the  fact  that  New  York  City  had  the  best  hospitals.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Daines’s  position  was  that  he  would  not  step   forward  to  save  any  hospitals.  North  General  Hospital.  it  appeared  that  Christine  had  been  able   to  master  her  close  relationship  with  Mayor  Bloomberg  and  still  maintain  the  myth   that  she  was  the  community’s  advocate.  but  she   always  stayed  clear  of  the  fact  that  there  was  an  effort  to  close  many  city   hospitals.  the  famous  Commissioner  Daines  -­‐-­‐  I  challenge  them  to  publicly  log   the  ambulance  times  from  the  Lower  West  Side  and  the  outcomes  from  those   runs.  a  potent  symbol  of  the  city’s  political  and   philanthropic  commitment  to  Harlem.  In  one  press  report  from  around  that  time.  Vincent’s.  David  Kaufman.

 Hartocollis’s   personal  opinion  essentially  became  the  editorial  opinion  of  The  New  York  Times.  which  spun  off  the  Brooklyn   hospital  from  Continuum  Health  Partners.  and  Gov.  because   she  had  already  developed  a  bias  against  struggling  hospitals.  the  hospital  operator  which  had  passed   on  acquiring  St.  and  the   pressure  to  save  LICH  was  a  sign  that  communities  were  now  organizing  against  the                                                                                                                   544  http://www.nytimes.  546    Apparently.  Complicating  matters  for  the  they  would  rarely  receive  it.  Gov.  believing  that  saving   hospitals  was  tantamount  to  throwing  good  money  after  bad.  was   saved  from  closure  by  acts  from  Gov.   -­‐  232  -­‐     .  Long  Island  College  Hospital.bankruptcy.  545    Ms.  there  was  money  available  to  save  hospitals.  Vincent’s  activists   was  that  they  shared  a  sentiment  that  the  special  social  fabric  of  communities  were   coming  under  attack  by  the  Berger  Commission.  Vincent’s.    All  Rights  Reserved.   Late  in  the  fall  of­‐st-­‐vincents/     546  http://www.html     545  http://www.  Patterson.nydailynews.  Continuum  had  previously  managed  LICH.  Hartocollis  in  The  New  York  Times.189533     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”  wrote  Anemona  Hartocollis  in  The  New  York  Times.  and  they  believed  that  the  press   should  have  been  able  to  portray  the  closings  of  hospital  as  a  story  of  how  the  safety   net  was  being  shredded.   Patterson  decided  to  merge  LICH  with  the  State  University  of  New  York.544    No  matter  how   unpopular  or  dangerous  to  public  health.­‐york/brooklyn/shutter-­‐long-­‐island-­‐college-­‐hospital-­‐fuhgeddaboudit-­‐ suny-­‐article-­‐1.  also  known  as  LICH.  Patterson  provided  a  $40  million  state  grant  to  the  newly  formed   structure.  Community  efforts  to  save  hospitals  would  never   be  fairly  portrayed  by  Ms.  for  example.wnyc.  the  people  be  damned.  the  top-­‐down  Berger  Commission  order  to   close  hospitals  to  make  indiscriminate  cuts  to  the  Medicaid  program  proceeded.  But  if  communities  were  expecting  sympathy  from  the   press.  To  save   LICH.

 2011.  former     551  http://www.  but  Cuomo  campaign  officials  told  the   activists.  the  Health  Care  Facilities  in  the  21st   Century.  Once     549  http://www.  some  St.  “We’ll  see  you  after  the  election.  who  was  behind   the  Berger  Commission  Report.crainsnewyork.  Before  that  year’s  state  elections.”547    Within  days  of  having  been  sworn  into   office.  shades  of  the  propagandized   name  of  a  former  task  force  with  a  similar  aim.  Berger  was  tasked  with  closing                                                                                                                   547  http://youtu.  Vincent’s.  the  CEO  of   the  North  Shore-­‐LIJ  hospital  system.  Patterson.550    There  was  a  growing   sensibility  that  politicians  favoring  the  continued  closure  of  hospitals  were  on  shaky   ground.  The  use  of   pressure  politics  mounted  when  four  activists  were  arrested  on  February  8.  Cuomo  formed  another  task  force  to  carry  out  more  hospital  closings.hanys.549    In  spite  of  Gov.548     He  called  the  task  force  the  Medicaid  Redesign     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.Berger  Commission  closings.  Vincent’s.   after  they  staged  a  sit-­‐in  at  the  then  shuttered  St.    All  Rights     548  http://www.551    and  the  Medicaid  Redesign  Team  formed  a   subgroup  chaired  by  the  same  Wall  Street  banker  Stephen  Berger.   healthcare  professionals  and  activists  had  managed  to  find  a  way  to  use  pressure   politics  against  his  predecessor.  to  save  LICH.  Gov.  it  was  identified  that  half  of  Brooklyn   hospitals  were  in  financial  trouble.  Cuomo’s  renewed  efforts  to   carry  out  an  austerity  program  against  Medicaid  by  targeting  hospitals  for  closure.  Vincent’s   activists  met  with  Andrew  Cuomo’s  gubernatorial  campaign  operatives  to  press  the   need  for  a  hospital  to  replace  St.   -­‐  233  -­‐     .pdf     550  http://youtu.ny.  Against  these  opposing  forces.     The  Medicaid  Redesign  Team  was  co-­‐chaired  by  Michael  Dowling.­‐shore-­‐lij-­‐closes-­‐nyc-­‐urgent-­‐care-­‐center/     556  http://www.   Christine’s  long  time  political  supporter.aspx%3Fcategoryid%3D164     555  http://libn.  Indeed.  Vincent’s.  who  was  deliberately  avoiding  the  issue  of  St.more  hospitals.554  but  that  urgent  care  center  eventually   closed.   -­‐  234  -­‐     .552    As  St.  556   Kingsbrook  was  one  of  the  few  Brooklyn  hospitals  that  was  not  in  danger  of   closing.  Vincent’s  to  make   money.  Vincent’s  activists  continued  to   agitate  against  politicians.  that  would   be  forced  onto  the  former  patients  of     554   552  http://www.  it  was  revealed  that  she  was  providing  discretionary  capital   taxpayer  money  to  Kingsbrook  Jewish  Medical  Center  for  two  years  in  a  row.553    It  appeared   to  some  activists  that  the  co-­‐chair  of  Gov.htm    Mmissing  in  action  through  all  this   was  Christine.aspx?a=2761&ReturnUrl=%2Fnews%2Fn ewslist.  Vincent’s  bankruptcy  estate   for  free  in  order  to  open  and  operate  the  inferior  urgent  care­‐speaker-­‐quinn-­‐mayor-­‐race-­‐will-­‐test-­‐alliance-­‐with-­‐ lobbyist.  it  was  announced  that  the  urgent  care  Vincent’s.  would  be  operated  by  the  North   Shore-­‐LIJ  hospital  system.  North  Shore-­‐LIJ  received  a  special  grant  of  $     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  At  a  community  board  meeting  chaired  by  Brad  this  time  in  Brooklyn.    All  Rights  Reserved.  because  the  community  refused  to  use  an  inferior  facility  that  could  not   provide  emergency  or  trauma  care  services.   While  Christine  was  saying  that  there  was  no  money  available  to  save  St.  the  community  learned  that  North  Shore-­‐ LIJ  was  going  to  receive  valuable  real  estate  from  the  St.  Vincent’s.   Vincent’s  from  closing.557    and  it  was  unknown  what  role  taxpayer  money  had  in  propping  up                                                                                                                   553  http://youtu.html     557  http://www.4  million  to  operate  an   urgent  care  center  near  St.  Cuomo’s  Medicaid  Redesign  Team  was   seizing  on  the  healthcare  vacuum  caused  by  the  closing  of  St.

 Brad  Hoylman.)558    Meanwhile.  was  also  a  director  of   the  Partnership  For  New  York  City.  Mr.  the  chamber  of   commerce-­‐like  group  where  one  of  Christine’s  supporters.   activists  charged  that  the  appearance  of  a  conflict  of  interest  caused  by  Christine’s   loyalty  to  developers  and  the  political  shortsightedness  of  other  elected  officials   increased  the  risks  to  public  health.Kingsbrook.  Hoylman  never  recused  himself  from  the  process.  Mr.   -­‐  235  -­‐     .  Bill  Berger  the  head  of  a  Wall  Street  investment  firm.  Vincent’s.  (Even  though  Christine  claimed  she  had  reformed  discretionary  funding   by  making  payments  transparent  online.  In  spite  of  his  apparent  conflict  of   interest.  Vincent’s  into  a  billion-­‐ dollar  luxury  condo  and  townhouse  complex.  but  he   was  also  a  board  member  of  the  Partnership  For  New  York  City.  and  he  was   also  a  link  that  she  never  used  in  her  failed  effort  to  negotiate  with  MetLife  over  its   doomed  sale  of  Stuy-­‐Town  and  Peter  Cooper.  In  respect  of  St.  served  as   general  counsel.  no  payments  to  Kingsbrook  were  found  on   the  New  York  City  government  Web  site.  St.   Not  only  was  Mr.   Hoylman  was  also  chair  of  a  community  board  at  the  time  when  the  board  would   decide  on  the  Rudin  zone-­‐busting  application  to  convert  St.  Hoylman  was  a  campaign  contributor  of  Christine’s.shtml     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.    All  Rights  Reserved.  In  particular.  Members  of  the  Rudin  family  collectively                                                                                                                   558  http://council.  the  head   of  the  real  estate  development  firm  that  bore  his  family  name.  Vincent’s  activists   continued  to  find  every  which  way  to  bring  attention  to  the  fact  that  communities   needed  the  hospitals  that  were  recklessly  being  closed  under  the  influence  of  the  old   Berger  Commission  and  now  the  new  Medicaid  Redesign  Team.

 it  was  announced  that   Christine  was  attempting  to  distance  herself  from  Mayor  Bloomberg.  and   Mr.  especially  after   the  controversial  extension  of  term  limits.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Ms.  Wylde  made  a   statement.  Mr.  which  was  interpreted  to  be  affirming  of  Christine’s  efforts  to  support   the  big  business  interests  that  Mayor  Bloomberg  had  championed  during  his   mayoralty.   -­‐  236  -­‐     .  smart  and  makes  decisions  based  on   facts  rather  than  politics.nytimes.560    In  another  article.”561­‐closed-­‐doors-­‐with-­‐the-­‐mighty-­‐quinn/     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Rudin’s  business  goals  -­‐-­‐  and  not   the  best  interests  of  the  former  patients  of  St.  Kathryn  Wylde.  While  constituents  had  become  emboldened  to   challenge  Christine.  placed  into  The   New  York  Post.  Wylde  was  telegraphing  that  if  Christine  wanted  to                                                                                                                   559  http://www.  Wylde  was  now  providing  Christine  with  political  cover.  Wylde  told  the  reporter  Michael  Barbaro.  “She’s  direct.  make  her  a  favored  candidate  to  succeed  the  mayor.html     561  http://nypost.contributed  about  $30.  Hoylman  were  expected  to  help  support  Mr.  Wylde  said.  Vincent’s.scribd.00  in  campaign  contributions  to­‐XX-­‐XX-­‐Rudin-­‐Management-­‐Company-­‐Polication-­‐Donations-­‐ to-­‐Christine-­‐Quinn-­‐Advanced-­‐Search-­‐New-­‐York-­‐City-­‐Campaign-­‐Finance-­‐Board     560  http://www.  Ms.  and  issues  that  are  important   to  the  business  community.  In  that  article.559  and   activists  claimed  that  the  entire  zoning  review  of  the  Rudin  luxury  condo  conversion   plan  was  rife  with  conflicts  of  interest.   The  Partnership  For  New  York  City  worked  to  advance  the  business  interests   of  its  members.  Berger.  “The  way  she  has  handled  the  speakership.”   Ms.  and  it  appeared  to  activists  that  perhaps  Christine.  In  a   strategically  placed  article  published  by  The  New  York  Times.  Adding  to  the  impression   that  the  Partnership  For  New  York  City  was  taking  political  action  to  help  the  Rudin   condo  conversion  plan  was  that  Christine  was  benefiting  from  sound  bites  from  the   Partnership’s  CEO.

 she  was  being  pressured  by  big  business  interests  to  fully  sell  out  her   constituents  in  favor  of  political  support  from  the  business  community  in   anticipation  for  her  next  opportunity  to  run  for  mayor.”   Christine  had  been  forced  to  postpone  her  2009  run  for  mayor.  She  was  trying  to  distance  herself  from  Mayor  Bloomberg.  Christine  was  caught   between  two  opposing  forces  at  a  time  in  her  career  when  she  wanted  to  escape  the   pressures  of  the  voter  anger  over  her  slush  fund.  Her  votes  have  tended  to  be  conservative  on  economic  issues   and  liberal  on  social  ones.   -­‐  237  -­‐     .  Vincent’s.  her  role  in  the  collapse  of  affordable  housing.   That  meant  that  Christine  could  not  advocate  to  save  hospitals.  the  big  business  interests  that  had  always  supported   Christine  behind  the  scenes  were  willing  to  come  forward  and  openly  express  their   support  for  her.  It  seemed  like  she   couldn’t  win.  even  if  this  kind  of  support   was  a  blatant  contradiction  of  Christine’s  whole  raison  d’être.  and  now  the  closing  of  St.  because  of   her  slush  fund  scandal  and  Mayor  Bloomberg’s  doomed  presidential  exploration.  the  budget  cuts  to   people  with  HIV/AIDS.  then  she  could  count  on  the  political  support  of  big  business   interests.  to   some.  All  of  a  sudden.  her  attempts  were  already  seen  as  too  for  mayor  in  the  next  election  cycle  with  the  support  of  Mayor  Bloomberg’s   powerful  big  business  interests.  the   protest  permit  law.  in  order  to  shore  up  her  public  standing.  but.  The  article  in  The  New   York  Post  came  out  and  pointed  out  this  contradiction  without  using  the  term   neoliberalism  :  “Despite  her  liberal  background.  she’s  also  become  a  darling  of  the   business  community.  the  extension  of  term  limits.  too  late.    All  Rights  Reserved.  and  if  Christine   stayed  this  course.   Now.  Even  The  New  York   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  then  Christine  had  to  adopt  a  big  business  agenda.

 a  Democratic  political  club   based  in  Greenwich  Village.  back  in  February  1999.  564    The  Village  Independent  Democrats.  the  Village  Independent  Democrats.downtownexpress.  DeSapio’s  controversial  record.  the  club  president.Times.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.”562    How  did  Christine  end  up  in   this  mess  ?   In  the  1960’s.  it  was  said  that  he  tolerated   corruption.   approached  government  officials  to  seek  protection  from  police  raids.  and  he  had  a  pattern  of  hiring  political  hacks  for  city  jobs.  DeSapio.  because  people.  DeSapio   attracted  scrutiny.nytimes.html   563  http://www.html     564  http://www.    All  Rights  Reserved.  the   political  club  that  had  organized  for  years  to  defeat  Mr.  DeSapio  was   described  as  the  last  political  boss  from  the  corrupt  Tammany  Hall  era.  and  took  sustained  action.  At  the  time.  He  had  accumulated  so  much  power   that  he  was  able  to  name  political  candidates.  In  an   apparent  exchange.  found  allies.   -­‐  238  -­‐     .  successfully  organized  an  effort  to  vote  out  of  office  a   powerful  Tammany  Hall  political  Although  a   large  undertaking.nytimes.  her  biggest  cheerleader  in  the  media.  was  the  very  club   Christine  had  offended  in  the  time  leading  up  to  her  first  special  election  to  the  City   Council.563    Mr.  was  warning  Christine  that  the  growing   impression  people  had  of  her  was  “Bloomberg­‐de-­‐sapio-­‐political-­‐kingmaker-­‐and-­‐last-­‐tammany-­‐ hall-­‐boss-­‐dies-­‐at-­‐95.  who  were  allegedly  engaged  in  corrupt  rackets.  DeSapio  out  of  office  was  made  possible  because   activists  developed  a  strategy.  Carmine  DeSapio.  it  was  alleged  that  government  officials  received  favors  from  the   people  running  alleged  corrupt  rackets.  DeSapio   lost  his  post  as  a  district  leader  in  Manhattan  in  1961  after  Democrats  had  finally   soured  on  Mr.  voting  Mr.  Hal  Friedman.  had                                                                                                                   562  http://www.  Mr.

 Vincent’s  from­‐quinn-­‐sets-­‐it-­‐straight-­‐im-­‐a-­‐lesbian-­‐yup-­‐100-­‐percent/     566  http://www.  Vincent’s  activists  were  seeking  more  daring  allies  -­‐-­‐                                                                                                                   565  http://observer.  Now  that  activists  had  been  prompted  to  review  Christine’s  record  of   betrayals  and  failures.  she  was  using  double-­‐ speak  by  denouncing  the  police  use  of  handcuffs  to  detain  the  city  officials  but   refusing  to  address  concerns  about  racism.crainsnewyork.  had  noticeably  shifted  their  goal  and   unified  around  an  effort  to  preserve  the  zoning  on  its  former  campus  for  a   replacement  hospital.huffingtonpost.  Some  of  the  St.   -­‐  239  -­‐     .   when  New  Yorkers  commemorated  the  tenth  anniversary  of  the     567  http://www.  activists.  2011.  Also  happening  that  week.  and  without  a  clear  plan  for  bringing  about  progressive   reforms.html     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  Christine  was  trying  to  downplay  outrage  at  the  NYPD’s  use  of   handcuffs  to  detain  Councilmember  Jumaane  Williams  and  a  member  of  the  public   advocate’s  staff.”565    There  were   warning  signs  about  Christine’s  commitment  to  progressive  ideals  all  the  way  back   in  1999.  Kirsten  John  Foy.  including  Melanie  Meyers   and  James  Capalino.  “She’s  beginning  to  act  like  a  Tammany  hack.    All  Rights  Reserved.  Their  detention  was  seen  by  some  to  be  racially   motivated.  who   had  fought  to  save  St.  Vincent’s  activists  were  seeking  a  larger   strategy  to  protect  public  health  in  New  York­‐nypds-­‐stopandfris_n_944718.said  of  Christine.  Because  the  developer  Rudin  was   outspending  activists  and  employing  teams  of  lobbyists.  demobilized.     But  political  bossism  was  not  on  anybody’s  minds  on  September  11.  the  St.  which  was  receiving  bad  press  and  had  become  the  subject  of  a   class-­‐action  discrimination  lawsuit.  That  week.567    Typical  of  Christine.566    and  Christine  refused  to  address  a  controversial  police  policy  known   as  stop-­‐and-­‐frisk.  The  city   was  subdued.  activists  began  to  question  Christine’s  political  mandate.

 St.  Now.  the  tax  structure  seemed  to  favor  the  healthcare  and  other  activists  were   looking  for  help  to  fight  back  against  a  system  that  aimed  to  render  them  powerless.  income  and  wealth  inequality  was  creating  a  city  of  haves  and   have-­‐nots.  September  17.  New  Yorkers  would   wake  up  to  brisk  temperatures  in  the  50’s.  Meanwhile.  Vincent’s  in  favor  of  a  massive.  Wall  Street   banks  were  still  getting  bailed  out  while  hospitals  and  schools  were  being  closed.  and  right  out  in   Christine’s  very  own  City  Council     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.   Three  years  after  the  start  of  the  global  financial  crisis  and  recession.   government  budget  cuts  kept  shredding  the  social  safety  net.  2011.  2011.  in   spite  of  the  palatable  community  demand  for  Christine’s  help.568    Activists  were  outraged  that  developers  could  ride   roughshod  over  an  important  underpinning  to  public  health.   -­‐  240  -­‐     .  and  voters  began  to   believe  that  they  had  lost  any  say  in  their  own  government.  Christine  did  not  join  activists’   efforts  to  fight  for  protective  zoning  or  for  a  full-­‐service  replacement  hospital.  On  the  morning  of  Saturday.  Even  in  times  of  budget   surpluses.  At  a   community  board  meeting  held  on  September  15.  Meyers  say  that  Rudin  developers  planned  to  bust  through  zoning  after  they   demolished  St.  in  the  lingering  aftermath   of  the  financial  crisis.  which  could  be  escalated.people  with  a  sustained  vision  for  activism.    All  Rights  Reserved.  billion-­‐dollar  luxury  condominium   and  townhouse  complex.  Vincent’s  activists  heard   Ms.  and  it  would  only  warm  up  into  the  60’s                                                                                                                   568  http://www.   Would  Christine  come  to  see  that  her  constituents  had  developed  the   impression  that  a  billionaire  real  estate  empire  had  figuratively  foreclosed  on  a   501(c)(3)  public  charity  hospital  to  convert  it  into  luxury  condos  for  the  private   profit  of  developers  ?  Across  New  York  City.

 The  early  birds  would  go  out  for  hot  coffee  and  bagels.  and  government   corruption.    All  Rights  Reserved.  only  the  foolish  were  expecting  just  another  day  of   business  as  usual.   -­‐  241  -­‐     .  income  inequality.that  day.  A  band  of  activists   were  launching  that  very  day  what  would  become  a  large  and  sustained  protest   movement  targeting  Wall  Street  privilege.     ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  It  was  early  in  the   autumnal  season.  This  time  around.  but  already  a  new  chill  had  prematurely  set  in.

   All  Rights  Reserved.  schedule  speaking  opportunities.   -­‐  242  -­‐     .  please  contact  Louis  Flores  at  :     louisflores@louisflores.  please  visit  :    http://christine-­‐quinn-­‐sold-­‐       For  information  about  the  grass-­‐roots  effort  to  challenge  Christine  Quinn  on  her   political  record.Contact  and  More  Information   Please  let  us  know  if  you  would  like  to:    Subscribe  To  Our  Contact  List     For  information  about  Roots  of  Betrayal  :    The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn.1   ‘’Roots  of  Betrayal  :  The  Ethics  of  Christine  Quinn’’  ©  2013  by  Louis  Flores.  please   visit  :    http://roots-­‐of-­‐betrayal.blogspot.blogspot.     Subject  to  Corrections   Version  2013-­‐10-­‐28     Media  Inquiries   If  you  would  like  to  speak  with  the  or  1  (646)  400-­‐1168.  or  to   inquire  about  acquisition  of  rights.