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ICICI Prudential Advertisement Review and Song Par Bande Acche Hai Recently ICICI Prudential has launched

d New TVC / Advertisement which is so much appealing and with the exact message they want deliver to the audience Commercial is very well organized with the background song Par Bande Acche hai Relevance Of the Advertisement to The Product : Advertisement is Too much relevant with the Family , Family members and the care everyone takes about there close ones has been very nicely represented in this advertisement which is always the base of the person who will go for Insurance Viewers Acceptance: This advertisement is showing some sequense starting from Testing the Small wooden bridge to changing the walk side on the road has been experince of almost everyone who cares about there family members which is difficult to notice but they have shown it in very well manner. Representation : This advertisement complete fresh Package for Viewers where in insurance advertisements are always something different . This one is unique in this Segment. Worst Part of the Advertisement :There is No Worst part which can be noticed in this Advertisement. Best Part of The Advertisement : Background Song and The Message with Representation of Concept is Clear from Each sequence. Looks like real life advertisement which shows normal and caring incident in everyones life. Overall: Best in Class , Good Impressive and Appealing .

Caption for the ad :BANDE ACCHE HAIN This is ICICI Prudentials recent ad whose essence is Taking responsibility without mentioning..

Soft and soothing music Positive Associations :- Heart touching Lyrics and caring men in our lives Tempo maintained throughout the ad Syn with the audio :- Repetition of words bande acche hain soft drum beats in the music

The entire ad shows multiple scenarios at different places such as wedding scene, child running at the metro station, girl at the school. In detail touch of every relationship(father-daughter, husband wife)


All the scenarios show care for family(others) Essence is the TRUST your loved ones have on you. Wherever/whenever family needed men showed responsibility

Actions done are synonyms to taking care. Involvement of all the actors in the scene Full of energy and life/lively ad


Groom holding the brides hand Old man giving shade to protect from sunlight and Man changing position with daughter to avoid the child getting scolding from her teacher

The ad is options oriented as actors use multiple ways to show their care. Hiding a mistake, showing care by ensuring safety


Wonderful and different experiences where love and affection comes out beautifully. All stages of life ,i.e., childhood, youth and old couple

The ad campaign has been conceptualized by Lowe Lintas and Partners. Manish Dubey, senior vice president and head marketing, ICICI Prudential, considers this to be a brand reinforcing campaign in the wake of the changing dynamics of the Indian Life Insurance Industry. This ad campaign also marks a change in the communication pattern for ICICI Prudential. If one were to go in the past, even though its campaign focused on hitting on the emotional button but they were revolving around their products. This particular campaign although even strongly focuses on the emotional plank has elevated itself beyond the product level and is establishing a brand essence by relating their brand name to one of the most important tenant of an Insurance policy i.e. protection.

The target segment for the product is conventional Indian middle class where the role of the genders is usually defined. It focuses on the security of the family, focusing mainly on the male counterpart (usually providing financial security to the family). The change you are talking about is happening in a very different strata of society and the value proposition and positioning for the product is not a social revolution but securing a middle class family from the inherent risks in ones life.