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Line differential protection

Line- / cable differential protection

with external summation transformer for connection with two pilot wires

Numerical Protection


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harmonic (option b) ? CT saturation detector (only 5 ms saturation free time necessary) ? local overcurrent release of differential protection ? broken conductor supervision (spill current supervision) Numerical Protection EV S S. Werben 2 of 10 . distance: 12 km (1200 Ohm pilot wire resistance) numerical pilot wire resistance measurement and adaptation during commissioning pilot wire monitoring (option a) ? sensitive differential protection. twisted pilot wire pair (common telephone wires) ? ? ? max. even with transformers or line reactors in the protected zone due to inrush restraint with 2.7SD600 Product features ? Numerical differential protection for conventional.

delayed ? active during loss of pilot connection or if differential protection becomes inactive ? Lock-out function ? renewal of trip command after failure of supply voltage ? Easy parameterization via local keypad or DIGSI 3 ? typical: only 3 .7SD600 Product features ? Intertrip and transfer-trip via binary input (option a) ? Emergency overcurrent-protection (starting from V3.6 protection parameters need to be set Numerical Protection EV S S.1) ? one stage definite time. Werben 3 of 10 .

7SD600 Differential protection scheme IDiff I> 7SD60 Lockout 52 87L Summ. transformer Remote trip 52 87L 50 86 85 RS485/RS232 converter operation via PC and DIGSI 3 Numerical Protection EV S S. Werben 4 of 10 . Distance about 10 .11 km Pilot wires 7SD60 Summ. transformer 50 Pilot wire monitor 86 Transfer trip to the remote side via binary input 85 Optional 20 kV barrier transformer 7XR9513.

Werben 5 of 10 .7SD600 External Summation Transformer 4AM49 Numerical Protection EV S S.

max. 20kV .2 kV without barrier transformer . (equation & example in the manual) .>5ms of saturation free time required for through fault ? Pilot wire requirements Differential protection settings .CTs on both sides shall not saturate under steady state through fault symmetrical.barrier transformers to be mounted outside the protection cubicle to prevent dirty potential entering the relay panel Numerical Protection EV S S. Werben 6 of 10 . 1.accuracy limiting factors of CTs at either end shall not differ more than 30% if the second condition can’t be fulfilled: .CT. kALF> barrier transformer for max. shielded and twisted pair of telephone cable . 5kV (available in 2/00) .7SD600 ? Brief application guide CT requirements .max/IN.with barrier transformer 7XR9513 max.min. setting > 5 times the steady state charging current flowing in each conductor of the unfaulted system plus the differential current caused by the capacitance of the pilot wires (equation given in the manual) ? Longitudinal voltage / barrier transformers .no surge arrester allowed ? .

Werben 7 of 10 .7SD600 Price [euro] 12000 11000 10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 In the differential protection market segment > two line ends 7SD52 two line ends 7SD512 7SD511 7SD502 7SD60 1000 scope of functions Numerical Protection EV S S.

O.emerg.1 IN F.2 IN 0.7SD600 Compared to SIEMENS differential protection 7SD600 Price [euro] Max.....-system F. overcurr. 7SD502 7SD511/2 7SD52 Typical sensitivity interface control center Auto reclosing F. overcurr. 5000. .. overcurr. No / Yes F./ comm.O.back-up.differential .differential .thermal overload 0... .differential . No No ? 4500.. 8500..8 IN– symmetrical 0.-system No 6 ends .O.. Werben 8 of 10 ..O.4 IN– single phase RS485 F.8 / 13 / 30 / 150km 25 / 100 / >100 km F.emerg.. 2200.? 6600.25 km Pilot wires 3 ends .8 IN– symmetrical 0.. Yes Numerical Protection EV S S.O.... distance Relay connection More than 2 ends Protection ? 1300.12 km Pilot wires No .: fiber optic cable ? 4200.thermal overload 0.4 IN– single phase 0. Overcurr./ comm. .O. 15000.differential .back-up.

(no) .) .(no) Typ.Lock-out function .transfer trip via binary input .. 2200.spill current supervision Additional . Harm.) .- ..(no) .(no) .: 5sec..(not comparable) .intertrip in both direction . via resistors) .(no) .Differential protection(87L) (phase comparison principle) .(no) .(no) .) ? 1100.(no) .(with HW-option) Numerical Protection EV S S.(no) .fault.pilot wire monitoring ? 1750.(not comparable) 7SD600 (numerical) Differential . 28 dB allowed .local overcurrent release .intertrip in both direction . Features .monitoring (special HW-opt.local overcurrent release .pilot wire monitoring Price[euro] 1300.fault.. rec.Differential protection(87L) (current comparison) .(no) . . max.inrush restrain with 2.Differential protection (87L) Protection (sensitive current comparison) . Werben 9 of 10 .(no. 12 km (1200 ? ) .(no) .- SOLKOR-Rf (electromech.(no) .numerical adoption to pilot wire resistance( commissioning aid) .7SD600 Compared to SOLKOR differential protection SOLKOR-M (numerical) .CT saturation detector .1 pair.: 1sec.. last fault 2 pairs. rec.intertrip (special HW-opt.(no) . 1000 ? .emergency overcurrent fct. 8 faults Pilot wires .

Werben 10 of 10 .7SD600 Line differential protection 7SD600 is a very competitive relay help to make it successful ! Numerical Protection EV S S.