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Bespoke Ventures

Our DNA Statements®: Company Name Vision Statement Mission Statement Positioning Statement Value Proposition Values Statement Call to Action Motto About Bespoke Ventures (, is a venture incubation company that specialises in three key sectors: (1) Film & Media; (2) Clean & Green; and (3) Creative & Lifestyle. We were the first incubator officially grant supported by Singapore’s Media Development Authority ( Our sample clients include: Sigma.3 Concept:Magic Concept Lab Communications Imaginary Friends Studios Invisible City (2007) Story! Inc Sidhe Interactive Roger Dickie Specialists Martin Aircraft Sunlabob


Bespoke∗ Ventures Helping Young Companies Survive & Thrive To accelerate your growth in Singapore We boot-up start-ups & re-boot businesses Making & raising money for our clients since 2003 Integrity • Efficacy • Clarity Own your niche! Know your DNA


Singapore’s Hospitality IT Specialists Singapore’s Top Magic Production House Singapore’s Top Visual Communications Lab Asia’s Top Concept Art Studio Singapore’s Best Film of 2007 (Straits Times) New Zealand’s Top Exhibition Design Firm New Zealand’s Top Video Game Studio New Zealand’s Top Forestry Investment World’s Top Jetpack Innovator Laos’ Top Renewable Energy Company

< be·spoke (b -sp k ) adj.> Custom-made, custom-tailored, made-to-order, made-to-measure, personalized, artisanal, boutique

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Our 7-Step Market Entry Solution comprises of 3 key components: (A) Residence. packaged or produced by Bespoke.including government tenders which require JVs and consortiums. 6. contextualise and optimise their business models to suit local conditions. We welcome advisors. We help to adapt. Hatchery™ Co-Space DNA Statements® Workshop Financials & Goal Setting Business & Marketing Plans Incorporation & Tax Planning Corporate Identity & Website Business & Legal Counsel This tailored approach applies to both fresh start-ups and existing businesses . 3. All the deals listed are originated. 2. So we are happy to work with both foreign and local entrepreneurs. we offer a Dealstream™ with investment opportunities in the: (1) Film & Media. Call us today! For more information. If you have deals for us. please contact Tiat Lim at the following co-ordinates: Email: tiat@bespokeventures.To date. We’ll raise the bar together. We are particularly keen on expat trailing spouses and mature entrepreneurs who want to make things happen. (2) Clean Tech and (3) Creative DID: +65 6475 3818 Mobile: +65 9028 7888 Fax: +65 6233 9320 Twitter: @TiatLim Skype: TiatLim Address: Bespoke Ventures Pte Ltd ACRA: 200601158C Blk 21 Woking Road #01-01 one-north Singapore 138699 Copyright © 2012 Bespoke Ventures Pte Ltd . all of our incubatee clients are cashflow positive and profitable. For global investors. agents.particularly companies looking to re-invent or re-boot themselves. This includes double-tax deduction vehicles for Patrons of the Arts. we’d be happy to take a look. We serve as Bridgeman™ for foreign companies entering or already operating in the Singapore market. We have done so by landing them customers and strategic projects . (B) Planning. associates and brokers who wish to promote our deals to their distribution network. We have also raised millions in government grant funding. and (C) Execution. private equity and bank finance for them. 4. 5. 7. These in turn break-down into 7 proven steps: 1. Investors who are seeking Permanent Residence in Singapore may use our deals to apply for Global Investor Program status.