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BD139-BD140 100W Bipolar Power Amplfier
Th is is a plain 100 watt power amplifier desig n ed to subsist (relatively) tran quil to build n ext to a reason able fee. It h as a better performan ce (read: musical quality) th an th e stan dard STK module amps with th e in ten tion of are used in th e sph ere of almost all th ron g advertise stereo receiver man ufactured at th e momen t. at wh at time I orig in ally built th is con traption , it was sin ce I con sidered n ecessary a 100 WPC amp an d resolve n ot fan cy slig h tly mon ey. So I desig n ed aroun d parts I h ad in th e supply. Th e desig n is essen tially a stan dard format, an d I’m positively presen t are busin ess en tities with th e purpose of are alike. To my kn owlwdg e, it is n ot an exact emulate of a commercial en tity, n or am I aware of on e paten ts on topolog y. on beh alf of practiced builders: I am aware to man y improvemen ts an d adjustmen ts can come to pass made, but th e th eory was to keep it straig h tforward an d h ave to ach ieve-able by an ybody wh o is a circuit, an d h as n ot th e patien ce to do a sloppy mission . If alon e crave Bipolar Tran sistor power amplifier circuit. , cloth ed in fash ion HIFI OCL 100W RMS. I th in k th is track oug h t to en sue an remarkable array, th is circuit is th e g et th roug h of th e fun damen tal tran sistor BD317 an d BD318 save tran sistor dig it BD139, BD140, BC556 too comfortable in th at case try to procure after th e 35V power source with simply th en build is n ot complex on beh alf of oth er details in th e same way as th e an swer of a on ly some appreciate Circuit. In put stag e is a BC556 tran sistor, wh ich larg ely of th e sin cere rin g ben efit, an d on th e placid DC voltag e stabilizes. Th is feeds a level remove stag e wh erever th e voltag e swin g to (-) track referen ces. Th e Tran scon ductan ce stag e is a Darlin g ton , recover frerqen cy h ig h -level lin earity. Th e BD317, 318 on a in stead g reat radio dish -h eart volume is depen den t on voltag e. Th e BD319 presen ts th is low-z an d h as a C (ob) of merely a h ardly an y of PF, wh ich is effectively swamped by th e pole-splittin g 220pF cap. Th e commotion is supplied by BC546 in force load (curren t), wh ich is approximately 20 mA. Th e curren t, un til th e BC556 is in adequate to approximately 70 mA takin g part in th e most awful belon g in g s.