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Do you always seem to cross paths with people that are stuck on themselves, intolerant of people different from them, rude or downright arrogant? These people can be a great source of potential pain, and this article is here to help you sort the arrogant from the not-so-arrogant. Pay attention to their conversations. Don't eavesdrop, but when they're talking to you or to those around you, listen to them. Is it always about them? Do they get mad or irritated if the centre of attention moves to someone else? These are good signs of arrogance Don't be judgmental of arrogant people. They are often trying to hide a lot of pain. Arrogant people have an extremely strong need to look good. When you make them look bad- even if it is the slightest offence- they will usually be very mad at you. This happens when you question (or at least seem to question) their appearance, intelligence, athletic abilities, or anything else relating to their self-image. Most of the time, the need for a strong and unquestionable self-image comes out of deeply rooted pain. Challenge their worldview. Don't be aggressive- just sceptical and curious. If they get upset, gauge their anger. If its minimal, they may be simply having a bad day. But if they're enraged, then they may see you as questioning their 'perfect little world.' And having one of those is usually indicative of arrogance. At some point or another, people realise that the world doesn't revolve around them. Arrogant people counteract this by creating an atmosphere that centres around them, and get angry if they're reminded of the real world.

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1. Learn the quality of their friendships. Don't be nosy or gossipy, but if they are happy with someone one day and hateful with them the next, that's a sign of them having a lot of fair weather friends. That's a sign of arrogance, since it is very hard to be a truly good friend to someone who's stuck on themselves. Prideful people have a strong need to look good, and being self-sufficient is an effective way to do that. Since being a good friend to someone usually means helping them, they often can't stand the thought of a good friendship. Ironically, arrogant people often can't understand why they don't have any reliable and supportive friends. 2. How do they treat those not like themselves? In other words, how do they treat those with different beliefs, cultural backgrounds and ways of seeing the world? If it's inherently negative, then they're either over-zealous, ignorant of other people or what to avoid those that contradict their fantasy land that caters

they are. What's their personality like? Take note of how they act.they have a 'quantity. The more they hate someone. their friends will usually ignore it or not do anything to stop it since they're afraid that they'll be treated badly by their 'friend. Do they have a general sense of 'coolness?' Are they a chatterbox? Do they act like they own the place. They compensate for this by creating the impression that they have a lot of friends. If they have been saying bad things about you. If you are. tone it down and look at the situation objectively. talk. or in a non-biased way. not quality' mentality. If they get the impression that you're questioning either one.' 4. They can cause you a lot of pain in your life. but to gauge their rivalries. 8. When it comes to dealing with arrogant people. and use their social status. the harsher the criticism 5. 7. the more dangerous that person is to their fantasy land. 9. This isn't meant to begin a conflict. But the arrogant person is usually more than happy to show their cruel side to those that they don't like. annoyances and enmities. they will dislike you. Determine this based on their general personality and the people they're interacting them and them only. o When they are cruel. . o For the most part. Then they simply insult their trophy friends when they aren't looking. then they probably have a problem with pride. Stay away from arrogant people as much as you can. Ask around to see what they've been saying about you. o o Arrogant people often subconsciously know that they don't have any good friends. the bigger the threat. Make sure you're not being arrogant. Many times prideful people have a serious 'my-way's-the-only-way' attitude. they probably aren't hubristic. If their condemnation seems to be reasonable. o 6. If it's harsh. but talk bad about you behind your back like it's their favourite hobby. remember that there's a big difference between being assertive and being arrogant. And in turn. arrogant people see people that they don't like as threats to their perfect little world. they nearly always have something to protect: either their self-image or their self-centred universe. Mention people you know that they don't like. 3. they may simply not like you. If they're nice to your face. This is simply a protective mechanism for their false image or their fantasy land. or act like the 'big dog?' Are they very keen on their self-image? o Many arrogant people have a false charm that no one seems to see through.

11. and not in the eye of the general public. leave.not even the arrogant person's best 'friends'. (Don't let that info get out. But these comments are made only when they're around people who they know will tolerate them. professional or not. and not caring about other people's emotions. don't be afraid to seek help. and are hurt by them. inability to form long-lasting relationships. 14. o This is particularly true if you've questioned their fantasy land or have seriously questioned (or have seemed to question) their self-image. but not nearly as much.10. but they're simply addressing their pain in the wrong way. They will hate you for this. they're hiding it. an aspect of themselves they don't like. . If you must say something to them. or because they are simply 'cool' to hang out with? o Simply because someone's 'cool' to be around doesn't mean that they treat people respectfully. Arrogant people usually don't have truly good friends. This pain can express itself as arrogance. o If they've backstabbed you. leaving might make them look stupid. don't hate arrogant people. or have been seriously hurt by other people. among many other things. since they nearly always have a difficult time empathising with others. A summary of symptoms of arrogance include: intolerance of people different from themselves. 17. inability to see different points of view. have a good personality (to those that fit their friendship criteria) or have a fake charm. they get in your face. Just give a quick answer and tell them that you don't want them in your life. Leaving will too. 16. Arrogant people can have all or a mix of these (and other) traits. 12. No one. attractive. o Remember that they could be hurt by the same things that have hurt you. Instead of resolving it. o Prideful people usually could care less about how people feel. Remember this when you wish you were as 'popular' as they are. and general narcissism. why are they popular? Is it because they treat their friends decently.) o People going through a difficult time are often the target of jokes and insults by arrogant people. and insulting or arguing with them will inflate it a lot. but who wants to keep company with a total jerk? 18. point this out. 15. 13. Arrogant people also have a very hard time accepting apologies. If you do get involved with arrogant people. extremely harsh criticism of those they don't like. When it comes to popularity contests. The main things that make people 'cool' are completely superficial: they're either rich.appreciates that behaviour. athletic. Don't go into platitudes about how arrogance is wrong. Even though it's hard. make it short and smart. Do they joke about people who shouldn't be joked about? Making fun of someone going through a hard time is a sign of wanting cheap laughs. They are simply trying to inflate their ego. though. o Depending on the situation. They're usually trying to hide a painful past.

o This is why some arrogant people go on to become criminals.19. do so only to your best friends who won't tell anyone else. o There's a good chance that the prideful person won't understand why you don't like them. and start appealing to their 'friends' to not only help them feel good. This should show how dangerous arrogant people can be. If your anger becomes common knowledge. say something like 'I don't agree with you on that' or 'I have different opinions on this. One of the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder is arrogance and disrespect for other people's rights. Instead of saying 'Maybe if you'd get over yourself. Don't pay lip service to their perfect world. Just ignore their rude behaviour. their use of the Victim card could make you an outcast. 1. try saying 'What makes you say that?' or 'Why do you hold that opinion?' 22. . if you do win the argument or fight. but also make you look bad. If you have to vent about an arrogant person. you'd see things for what they are'.' They might get angry. 21. o If the arrogant person is considered 'cool' by a lot of people. Ironically. Instead. it will start a conflict. but these chances aren't as high as they would be if you questioned their self-centred universe outright. and use a short and smart comeback if you must. This will not only help you stay true to yourself. but may help them to see things differently. 20. o Don't actually attack their fantasy land. they'll start playing the 'Victim' card.