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Abhay Arya 9930099725 Exercise of chapter 4.

(a) Effective Release Time: j1-0, j2-1, j3-1,j4-1, j5-3, j6-3,j7-1,j8-3,j9-3 ---- Effective Deadline: j1-4, j2-4, j3-5,j4-4, j5-5, j6-10,j7-12,j8-12,j9-12 (b) Find an EDF schedule of the jobs Considering only Deadline of jobs J1-10 j2-4 j3-5 j4-6 j5-9 j6-10 j7-12 j8-12 j9-12 1. One processor non-pre emptible or preemptible J4 Due to j4, j2 and j7 gets created and j2 has EDF of 4 < EDF of j5 but j2 is dependant on j1. so between j5 and j1, j5 gets scheduled as EDF 9 < EDF 10 of j1. J4 J5 J1 having EDF less than j7 gets scheduled. J4 J5 J1

J1 J4 J2 At instant 3. J3 wins due to EDF between j3 and j7. j4 is ready and not j5 J1 J4 j3-0. J1 J4 J2 J5 J3 J8 J9 J6 has EDF < E7 but j6 has release time 2 and only one instant has gone. due to EDF.j8-1 Due to scheduling of j4.4.j1-0. Level 3 1. higher is priority.8 J4 J7 Level1 3. j2 is scheduled. j3 wins J4 J5 J1 J2 J3 Finally. j6-2.6. j7 and j5 becomes ready but j5 is scheduled due to EDF J1 J4 J2 J5 Due to j5 . j2 and j7 comes into picture.5. j3 and j6. j5-3 j2-1.j7-1 One processor non-pre emptible:j4 cant be scheduled as its release time is 1 so j1 is scheduled. j3 and j6 comes alive. j4-1. j3 and j6 gets created so among j7. J1 J4 J2 J5 J3 J7 J6 (c) Priority driven schedule due to Higher the level. J4 J5 J1 J2 J3 J6 J7 J8 J9 j9-1 Taking Release time along with EDF:. J1 Now at instant 1. Here J6 has release time of 2. j2 wins J4 J5 J1 J2 Due to j2.9 J2 J5 J8 J3 J6 J9 .j7 and j5. so among j2.7 J1 Level 2 2.Between j2 and j7.

C=(0.2.B. 1 A B C P Q R 2 D E F S T 3 G H A.6.2) D.8.1.8) 0 1 2 3 A B D E B and C are missing their deadlines. 4 C 5 6 7 8 .E=(0.Not able to use as EDF and LST as no deadlines are given. Clock driven approach: timer expiring at 1.

0 to 1 2 to 10 P1-A P2-B P3-C D E c) When all the jobs have the same release time or when they have the same deadline. Prove this statement.b) ABC starts at 0 and must be completed by 2. a) Precedence graph j1--------------->j9 j2 j3 j4 J 8 J 5 J 6 J 7 . DE starts at 2 and must be completed by 10 i. the LST algorithm is optimal.e 2+ relative deadline. In the example given ABC has same release time and same deadline. they are able to meet the deadline.

0 3 4 J1 2 J2 J3 J4 J6 J9 J5 8 J7 J8 11 12 c) J9 misses the deadline J1 2 J2 J3 J4 J6 J9 J7 J9 J5 J8 15 d) Yes they will bcoz j9 will complete within its deadline. e) non pre emptible 0 2 J1 1 J2 J3 J4 J9 J6 J7 J5 5 J6 8 Pre-emptible 0 2 J1 1 J2 J4 J6 J5 5 J8 J9 8 12 .b) Yes they meet the deadline.

J3 J9 J7 .