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Audi tee: Financial Year


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SHARE CAPITAL Whether the authorised capital in the financial statements is in agreement with the Memorandum of Association or amending documents? If MOA is amended whether is it authorized by a special resolution passed at AGM/EGM? Whether form 5 for increase in Authorised Share capital and required documents for amendments have been filed with the ROC Whether the company maintains a Register of Members in a hard copy? Whether the totals as per the Register of Members agree with the totals of General Ledger with regard to : (a) Total of paid-up capital ; (b) Calls in arrears. Whether the company maintains a reconciliation of share certificates printed as required under the ‘Issue of Share Certificates Rules’? Whether the movements in share capital disclosed in the financial statements? Whether a review of minutes authorizing movements in share capital been carried out during the year? Where any issue of share capital is made during the year, the secretarial department may be asked to furnish in writing the procedure and the compliance in respect of (a) Fresh issue of share capital (b) Bonus issue of shares (c) Issue of share capital for consideration other than cash Compliance will be required from the point of view of: (a) The Companies Act, 1956 (b) SEBI regulations (c) The Reserve Bank of India and the FEMA. (d) FIPB (e) Articles of Association of the company (f) In case of listed companies, intimation to the respective Stock exchanges under clause no 49 of listing agreement (g) DCA regulations.

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Whether the company follows the correct treatment for expenses incurred on issue of share capital? Examples for such expenses are (1) Printing of prospectus and share application (2) Advertisement (3) Commission/Brokerage on underwriting or subscription of shares. (4) Discount allowed on issue of shares.

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SEBI-ESOP Scheme and Employee Stock Purchase Scheme Guidelines 1999.14 1. (b) Whether it is ensured that 1 year has elapsed from the date on which 1.16 1. is the compliance under the following acts ensured? (a)CompaniesAct1956 (b)StockExchange (c)SEBI (d) FEMA Relevant Sections-The Companies Act 1956-79 A & 81. and Options issued to promoters or collaborators If so. Where any shares are issued under ESOP.13 Whether the computation of basic and the diluted EPS in accordance with Accounting Standard 20? Relevant abstract of AS 20 is presented at the end of this section. 77AA and Private limited and unlisted public limited company (Buyback of securities) Rules 1999.FEMA Regulation 8 Where a company issues Sweat Equity Shares in accordance with Sec 79. whether the compliance under the following acts ensured? (a)CompaniesAct1956 (b)StockExchange (c) SEBI Relevant Sections-The Companies Act 1956-77 A.Does the accounting treatment followed for forfeiture of shares checked ? (The profit on reissue of forfeited shares should be transferred to capital reserve) Where any buy back of shares are made during the year. are done? The transfer has to take place in case the amount remained unclaimed for 7 years. whether (a) Issue is authorised by a Special Resolution in a General Meeting specifying the details required as per the section. whether the correct accounting treatment followed ? This is applicable to public listed companies. is it ensured that all options are disclosed in the financial statements? 1. In case of share options issued during the year.17 1. whether proper disclosure has been made regarding the holding company? Whether the company has any share application deposits pending. the secretarial department may be asked to prepare a note on the procedure followed. Check adherence to SEBI guidelines.10 1.11 With reference to the share capital or dividends arising there from? If so. or excess moneys remitted for share allotment and if so. 1. does the company taken adequate safeguards to ensure the compliance? Praturi & Sriram Chartered Accountants Where the company is a subsidiary. SEBI-(Buyback of Securities) Regulations 1998.15 1.12 1. Employee stock options. Was there any forfeiture of shares during the year? If so.Audi tee: Financial Year: The above amount should be written off to the profit and loss at the earliest.9 Whether any shares are subject to restrictions either by contractual obligations or imposed by a court of law • • 1. Alternatively this can be treated as deferred revenue expenses and written off over a period of time.18 Audit Work done by: Reviewed by: . Whether any options are outstanding on account of : • • • Loan agreements signed with the financial institutions and other institutions. is it ensured that the statutory compliance with Investor Protection Fund etc.

whether SEBI regulations and rules thereof have been complied? Where the shares are not listed.20 Are redeemable preference shares issued? If yes. 1956! Was there any redemption of Preference Shares in the current year? If yes is Capital Redemption Reserve created out of profits. have been complied with? 1. if not append details. Did the company the terms prescribed as per companies act. are the terms of redemption thereof is as per section 80A of the Companies Act.19 Are there shares which were issued for cash u/s 227 (1A) (f). Rs.-----------1. Praturi & Sriram Chartered Accountants Audit Work done by: Reviewed by: .Audi tee: Financial Year: the company is entitled to commence business. whether Guidelines as may be prescribed. Where the shares are listed.-------------Are there shares issued for consideration other than cash Rs.