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Concepts From The Edge Volume 1


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Concepts From The Edge Volume 1

Several hundred years ago scientists considered that the weight of an object was fixed and absolute. Then Isaac Newton demonstrated that an object weighed less at the top of a mountain than it did at sea level, where gravity was stronger. (Weight is a measure of the force that gravity exerts on an object). So a new term was coined ..... mass. The mass of an object was considered constant, but its weight varied with height. The higher the object above the earth's surface, the less was the effect of gravity, hence the less its weight. But height did not affect the "mass" of an object. So for a long time mass was considered absolute. Then along came Einstein with his relativity theory. He proved that mass actually varies depending on the speed it was travelling. The closer a mass gets to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) the greater its mass becomes. When it reaches the speed of light its mass becomes infinite and as it would take an infinite force to accelerate an infinite mass then nothing solid can exceed the speed of light. So speed became more important than mass which had become more important than weight. At the same time Einstein found that when an object travels very fast, close to the speed of light, time slows down so the astronauts who travelled to the moon and back have aged a fraction of a second less than us earthbound mortals. If an astronaut travelled outward for 5 years at near the speed of light and then turned around and made the same journey back to earth he might be 10 years older while back here on earth something like 50 - 100 years would have passed. So everything is relative to speed. Both time and mass are determined by speed.

Nothing in our universe is quite what it seems.
The mindpower gurus who can operate mentally in theta or some other altered consciousness state believe that they enter a timefree zone where they can see past/present/future events with equal clarity. It has always been considered that time flows forward, like an arrow from a bow but the relatively new science of Quantum Physics indicates that it may well flow in the opposite direction also as well. And the more the scientific world delves into the strangeness of Quantum Physics, the weirder and more interesting are the things being discovered. It basically started out with the aperture test whereby a stream of light is shone through a narrow slit on to a screen. The light either showed up as a particle image on the screen or as a waveform, depending on what the experimenter expected! And there is now a line of thought that wonders if the normal state of events is the waveform, which materializes into particle form only when consciously examined. When one considers the vast empty spaces inside supposedly solid matter, there may be some merit in this particle materialization concept. If you think about all the planets in our solar system and the vast distances between them, then reduce the size of our solar system down to that of an atom, it becomes easier to comprehend the spaces inside each atom. In fact, 99.99999999999......% of a supposedly solid object is space. It has been estimated that if all the "spaces" in the known universe were removed and only "solid" material left, then you could hold this in the palm of your hand. The video monitor you are currently looking at is made up of mainly blank space. It consists of subatomic particles with vast spaces around them. In fact the whole known universe .... and everything in it ....... is made up of the same material ..... subatomic particles. If you raise your eyes from your screen and look around

you, everything you see is made of subatomic particles, even your pet cat, which is mainly empty space. (Something you've always suspected!) Everything is the same ..... except ..... Human Consciousness !! Conscious awareness is a "stand-alone" event in the entire universe. It is an anomaly. Obviously this consciousness is a superior event compared to all the mundane subatomic sameness surrounding it. No wonder that controlled consciousness can influence the lifeless brethren we call inert matter! That is, there is no reason whatsoever why a human mind cannot influence matter. The main reason we can't do it yet, is because we don't expect to. The same as the scientists with the aperture test..... they get what they expect in the way of results. It takes a major change in the mental operating process to be able to influence matter to the point where a person can cause psychokinetic effects with mind-power alone, but it happens! If you think deeply about this, you will probably conclude that there is no reason why the superior stand-alone event of consciousness should not be able to directly influence the atomic structure of lifeless matter. Einstein has proven that energy and mass are interchangeable (as in a nuclear reaction) and various universities and laboratories have been able to either measure or calculate the force generated by a human mind (as in psychokinetic experiments). The obvious conclusion here is that, as mass and energy are interchangeable, the energy generated by human consciousness can be converted into its mass equivalent, the format of which is controlled and directed by the most extraordinary of higherconsciousness processes ..... .

Each developing individual slowly slips into a reality frame that is he or she finds comfortable. We are like a computer without the software. present or future time.. it is scientifically feasible and generally accepted as truth among the mind power people and top motivators. As we grow. And there are a number of European people who have taken the trouble to learn this Remote Viewing process and some even practice it for a living! Major corporations employ them to fill in information gaps. the result desired. This "window of reality" is basically the same for the entire human race. Yet it happens! Everybody "knows" that you cannot sit in a chair.. 6 . then the formatted energy generated is converted into its mass equivalent ... We usually learn this via peer pressure at school and from social groups and parental influence.. in past. Yet the Australian Aboriginal race has always had this “gift” and considers it normal. with deep emotion and concentrated intent. we are trained to recognize a common reality so that we can interact with others. That is.. VISUALIZATION !!! When a human mind clearly and continually visualizes an end result. Your reality training teaches you that mankind cannot walk on white hot coals with a temperature 5 times that of boiling water! Yet it is done! The same training tells you that you cannot influence matter with your mind.. and clearly visualize some distant scene. As strange as this may sound.. every sane human being adopts a "common denominator" when it comes to reality. nothing is what it seems!! When we are born we are totally un-programmed. In our universe. with approximately the same degree of accuracy as produced by your other 5 senses.

Resonance is one of them. but also can't be replicated reliably and worse still. there are many anomalies in nature. then we panic! It is outside our reality window. When a critical number of people can achieve these alternative realities. Sheldrake's Morphogenic Field theory explains how this is achieved in real life. The higher the technology. They are the science of the 21st century! Furthermore. Under certain conditions. If we become aware of a different form of technology which is not only outside our logic base. Too many people are finding how to step outside it. 7 . universal human consciousness changes. the better we like it. everyone will suddenly "know" that these things can be done.The reality window. But technology is logic based. And our logic is based on our reality window. is no longer valid. Cleve Baxter's Primary Perception is yet another. And as an increasing number of individuals experience these "impossible" alternatives. It is likely that the ongoing application of quantum physics to known anomalies will lead to the science of the 21st century. like the 100th monkey theory. your mind can "escape" from the restriction of this universal window. But such technologies already exist. then. Nothing is what it seems !!! For the past 100 years or so western civilization has been technology orientated. The magnetic field around a permanent magnet is another. as we have accepted it for generations. cannot be measured on conventional instruments.

..because.. It seems that time may be variable !! Nothing is what it seems.. Nilolai Kozyrev which apparently measures micro-small distortions in time.because they were not understood. But not any more. That is.. Until recently mainstream science tended to ignore these unwelcome events.. But an extremely clever device was invented some years ago by Dr... There is a new breed of scientist who is less impressed with peer opinion and more concerned with stepping outside the common reality window. This new breed is the scientist of the 21st century. minutes and hours tick along at the same speed for everyone. the seconds.. will be hearing a lot from this minority group in the future... For example it has always been considered that time is a constant.. Nature is full of anomalies. When a small mechanical or chemical event is examined it has been found that time appears to be thin around the "cause" and dense around the resultant event..Nothing is what it seems..nothing is what it seems!!!! 8 .

DOWSING Often the subconscious will try to sneak messages past our ego into our conscious awareness but most often these get blocked. Also the regular use of the pendulum causes more open channels between the conscious and subconscious and appears to be beneficial in that it causes a permanent improvement in intuition. as some colors will be personally good for you. SETH indicates that the easiest way to bypass the ego and get subconscious messages directly is via a dowsing device such as a pendulum or Lrods. then you might like to dowse for lotto numbers. (On a personal note this is something I have not tried as I simply was unaware of this knowledge until the last batch of SETH notes arrived from the USA. If you are able to achieve a deep meditational state and open you eyes without loosing this state. but more profound ones such as trying to divine winning lotto numbers require a trance state (like hypnosis) in conjunction with the pendulum. Apparently the deeper you can go into your subconscious the more chance there is of success. This means that it is easy to get answers to personal questions. Also the material used in the fabric may have negative connotations for you. 9 . Likewise if you were thinking of repainting a room in your house you could use a pendulum on a color chart and pick the colors that the pendulum suggested. or something similar. such as health.) SETH mentions that the ego thwarts the subconscious regularly merely to prove its superiority. The pendulum is an excellent mechanism for reaching the personal layers of the subconscious. while others will not. As the pendulum bypasses the ego then the answers are more likely to be right than wrong. SETH suggests that if you are buying new clothes you check out the colors with the pendulum first. particularly if the questions are of a personal nature.

you're going to need either rods. and saw it in half. __________ I I < 25cm > I 10cm I The rod should look a bit like this.. since they're easier to use. 10 . The exact measurements do not matter. and it doesn't have to be accurate. The more you use it the more reliable it is likely to become. instead of having to use a pendulum correct intuitive urges may suddenly appear. 25cm. One of the parts should be around 10cm. It is like remote viewing. The regular use of the pendulum will cause your own conscious awareness to increase and you then become aware of inner actions with which the conscious mind has not been familiar. To sum up. which are straight. Measure two parts of it. The other. or a pendulum. and bend the rod. so that there is a 90degree angle in it. Get a metal coat hanger. and connected to each other.That is. for you to do anything useful with dowsing. I suggest you start out with rods. Basic Dowsing Tutorial HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN “L” RODS (Out of a pair of metal coat hangers) Firstly. the more you practice this the more naturally open your subconscious becomes. the pendulum can be a fairly reliable way of reaching the subconscious. If you react positively to these then your lifestyle can only improve. Saw off the surplus bits. initially.

Clear your mind. Exercise 2 : Finding anything Once you have mastered exercise one. or cross. Turning your hands very slightly. Before trying any of these exercises I strongly recommend you read the other sections on common myths. This is what you should aim for. They are not 'magic' as many people would have you believe. if you do it properly. at around waist level. After a while you should be able to cross them. unless it's windy. you moved them" then rest assured that they're not going to move on their own. I check the operation of my rods by holding them in front of me and taking a deep breath. so the rods are held out in front of you. with your arms by your side. if 'they' want to. and tell yourself that you want a positive reaction. When you get a positive result you will want the rods to move together. and you do know what you are doing. Exercise 1 : Rod Control Hold the rods in your hands. in the appropriate direction should do it. which shouldn't take all that long. If they are working properly they cross each other. Try doing this now. bent at the elbow. and equal in size. and simply wander around the house. deliberately. Practice crossing and uncrossing them. deliberately. Hold them loosely. if you walk over anything buried. and the 'free for all' part. Keep trying until you can. so that they can swing. with small wrist movements. I think it is important to reiterate that there is nothing special about the rods. They merely amplify your arm and wrist movements so that you can see them visibly. If someone says "You're cheating. Don't be too 11 . try this.Now make another one. Take your rods. You should be able to 'make them cross' by thinking about it. without visibly turning your hands. Do not approach this frivolously. They should be reasonably straight (except for the bend).

If you see the rods cross. Hopefully. "I want the rods to cross. you will not judge any incoming information. or in your mind. walk around slowly (preferably with your eyes open. It will be best to do this in a house. If not. See if it was just a draught. step back a bit. don't worry. Just anything buried. You know what a pipe looks like. and base it on prior knowledge. Say to yourself. Imagine the sounds of dripping water. Okay. Now. or whether it was a pipe. Carry on. This is why when things that have been going against you for weeks suddenly 12 . See what happens. so that you do not know where the pipes are. or consult a map. preferably. If you're wrong. or something similar. The universe slowly “organizes” this event then at the last moment it happens. when I walk over some water". but he/she does. and let them uncross. Repeat this a few times. You can try that later. Nothing is ever 100% accurate anyway. a friend's house. Do it again. Let's look for some water pipes. Ask your friend. so you can see where you're going).specific. so imagine one. Exercise 3 : Specific Substances Now for the clichés. MATERIALISATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECTION Let us suppose that you have been programming dreams to cause a particular desired event to happen. This way. either aloud. or something. Many people are surprised at how this works first time (I know I was!). you will have had some response from the previous exercise. EVENTS. and remain openminded about any perceived information. Keep the image of the pipe in your mind. if it helps. Avoid judging it as it comes in. so why should dowsing be? See how many you can find. keep doing it. so that you are pretty sure of exactly what you are after. Don't immediately go for water pipes.

Sometimes this force will produce a macro psychokinetic event. Sometimes immediately upon awakening you can remember some of these travels. 13 .and this is you event materialization. such as a large bundle of banknotes being found in a phone box.change. out of the blue. The remote viewers are well aware that the secret USA Government research area in Nevada known as Area 51 has these detectors installed and operating. Animals appear capable of detecting these projections. SETH states that it is possible for this projected consciousness to be detected. which detect the presence of a projected consciousness.. If you are generating a lot of force you might even put the candle right out. particularly if they are strong ones. but usually this memory recall fades within 15-20 seconds. to which nobody lays claim to. If you do this in a controlled awake state it is called out-of-body. Focus on it and try to adjust the height of the flame with psychic force. You were desperately short of money at the time…. Events are materialized in physical time from their origins in “no time”. While the body and ego are in “stand-by” mode your consciousness is free to travel and explore.which is a valid mass force.. you can be quite pleasantly surprised. This is the method SETH recommends for PK practice. They have been in the pipeline organizing themselves for some time! They have been created by a psychic mass force…. Light a candle in a draft-free room and place it on the table in front of you. Many times during dreams your consciousness “travels”. These events could have been building for weeks then one day they materialize. The film called the Ghost Busters was loosely based on this premise. Some of the better known remote viewers report alarms going off when they try to RV certain sections of this top secret project. Psychic detectors have now been designed and built. There is a simple way to test your PK abilities. sometimes in quite an amazing way.

while at other times this vital input is totally ignored by the ego. He says that the lower levels are accompanied by lowered concentration. This awareness level cycles up and down during the day and later in the day that person might be fully aware and wonder why they were so stupid as to leave their keys in the car. I get real life examples of this while I am typing this report. they wonder what on earth was the matter with them. SETH indicates that during the day we all have periods of intense mental awareness and activity followed by much less active periods. For example someone might accidentally leave your keys locked inside your car while visiting a supermarket. It is a sad fact of human existence that a fair proportion of humanity goes through their entire lives with this low level of conscious awareness…. SETH states that 14 .. Every individual experiences this and it can be quite annoying. What is not generally realized is that the same thing happens while we are awake. Some people generally put this down to stress.whereas earlier this morning I had to struggle for the correct words and I was making a ton of typing mistakes. He also makes a point that we should ideally sleep no more than 5-6 hours per night but have 1-2 hours sleep during the day. or whatever.During sleep we experience fluctuations in our consciousness level as we drift in and out of various levels.and during your “lower” cycles you can appreciate what these unfortunate individuals have to put up with. Extrasensory perception provides packets of data to your subconscious that can sometimes be recognized. or distractions. In actual fact their conscious awareness might have been quite low at that period. Sometimes the words flow smoothly (like right now) and I make almost no mistakes…. When they return to their car and realize what they have done. This is why active meditation during the day (in place of sleep) can be so incredibly beneficial.

When we perceive a plant or person to be “growing” over a period of time it is actually the psychic template that is altering…. but in actual fact is mainly empty space. Also remember that this “matter” is switching on an off at an extremely rapid rate so is reconstructing itself constantly.telepathy is a constant ongoing event. The USA Military remote viewers found a way to distract the conscious mind so that it did not know what was happening. The matter which is created appears solid to our senses. solid material that can be recognized by our senses. As such the clairvoyant information was enabled to pass through in piece form. Obviously this usually happens at a subconscious level. Matter is not in any way permanent. even if a goodly portion of the population don‟t believe in it. As such energy can be manipulated either consciously or subconsciously into packets of matter.the underlying matter is as fresh as it ever was because it is constantly renewing itself. The paper you are reading at the moment was not the same piece of paper you saw several seconds ago…. which might account for the rapid (almost instantaneous) transfer of information between various parts of our bodies which has had our scientists quite puzzled. SETH states that clairvoyance exists because matter and energy are one and the same thing. Clairvoyance (as in remote viewing) exists constantly but this is even harder to filter past the has rebuilt itself. reassembled then recognized for what it was. SETH also indicates that every single cell in our body is in constant telepathic communication with every other cell. but the psychic template can be. 15 . via psychic templates. Energy is the basis of our universe and is converted into matter which then forms.

This child could “see” alphabetic letters and simple patterns. You are constantly giving yourself posthypnotic suggestions. given the motivation. He also says that we are capable of “hearing sounds” through other parts of our bodies. Furthermore. Some years ago there was a TV documentary showing a blind Russian child who had learnt to “see” by using the fingertips. 16 .. Some animals literally “see” via their sense of smell…they can perceive the “sight” of another animal via smell. SETH suggests you use self-hypnosis for 5 . The human body has five physical senses and it is generally accepted that each one has its own specific purpose. If a person is gazing at you and listening with rapt attention you are in the unique position to convey your desires and thoughts to them….10 minutes a day to improve an almost hypnotic manner. when you have your own undivided attention you become your own hypnotist.”I will soon own all the items in my mental picture”. The template is being constantly regenerated with fresh new matter so it is the template itself which deteriorates over time. It is becoming “blurry” around the edges as the energy around the template weakens.. For example. This was considered an extraordinary feat by Russian scientists but SETH says that almost anyone could learn to do this. If you‟ve ever gone to a stage hypnotists show you will probably have assumed that the hypnotist holds an amazing power over his subjects yet whenever you have the undivided attention of another person you are in the strange position of being their “hypnotist”.it is the psychic template which is deteriorating. For example.As a person appears to age the matter of which they are constructed is not aging…. if you are looking for extra wealth and assets then generate a mental picture in your mind of those items you want and while you are holding them there say to your self over and over…. This is the way the mind is intended to operate. the eyes are for seeing but SETH states that other portions of the body can also be used for seeing.

etc. You can either say the words out loud or mentally…. The human system electronically. If you can do all this in alpha or theta. Avoid dwelling on it. The wind. electromagnetically. clouds.continue the exercise. When the exercise is completed it is important to put it out of your mind. SETH states that you may even start to notice results within 3-4 days. are scattered through the atmosphere in an unstructured format and when intense. Let your subconscious do the rest.. Use this exercise daily by itself….do not tie it in with any other exercise. PSYCHIC CONTROL OF THE WEATHER SETH states that while the weather affects your moods. There is a constant interaction between psychic and chemical components which causes short and long term weather patterns. These change in the patterns then in turn affects the psychic functioning of each individual.If you cannot generate a mental picture yet then simply build a „vision board‟. then so to do your moods (both individually and collectively) affect the weather. so much the better. chemically and psychically affects the weather will make no difference. SETH talks a lot about hypnosis and says that we could discover a lot more about ourselves if we were to experiment with it more. cohesive emotional energy is applied to this weakly distributed system it all 17 . ice particles. If possible add emotion to this picture because emotion is the trigger that makes it all happen. Then in a slightly darkened room fix your stare (like tunnel vision) on this compiled picture and repeat the affirmations above for 5-10 minutes maximum. and it is important to carry on…. Cut out pictures of the items you want (maybe from a magazine) and paste then all on a white sheet of paper.

only on that which you want. Feel and dwell upon the certainty that your emotional. the strength of which is in part determined by the intensity of the emotions driving it. spiritual and psychic abilities are focused through the flesh and for 5 minutes only direct all of your attention to what you want. Use all your energy and attention….polarizes to form a new cohesive weather system. Some individuals blame their “past lives” for their current shortcomings but as SETH points out all lives are lived simultaneously in the “no-time” zone and all your past. POINT OF POWER EXERCISE SETH has mentioned this point-of-power exercise several times in his material. It is most important that during that 5 minute period you do not focus on that which you lack…. using visualization or verbal thought. or buying something at the supermarket which is of somewhat higher quality than you would usually buy.then forget about it. Some of the North American Indian Tribes developed “rain dances” in their earlier history where they build up large amounts of emotional energy and were able to influence rain patterns in their immediate vicinity. It involves going into a “quiet mode” for 5 minutes per day. Basically the chemical and emotional components of your body affect the larger body of the Earth upon which you live. present and future lives are constantly interacting with each other. It is well known that the weather can and does affect your moods but what is not generally realized is that the reverse is also true. However during the course of the day make one physical gesture that is in line with your belief or desire. Do not dwell on it after the exercise is finished. This can be as simple as smiling at someone else. 18 .

At this point will yourself out in a quick motion..this will distract your attention from your physical body. This is the exact moment when your consciousness begins withdrawing from your physical body. Many people. for your own safety.INSTRUCTIONS FOR INDUCING AN OBE Relax and drop into your favorite meditation state.. (I personally find the above an extraordinary bit of knowledge because these sudden “consciousness shifts” happen to me frequently but I did not realize their significance. This motion may be from side to side or it may just be a sudden sense of “rushing”. like an elevator has suddenly whisked them several hundred feet. No other book or material I have ever read on OBE‟s has mentioned this!) Prior to attempting an OBE you might like to give your subconscious suggestions that your physical body will be safe and comfortable.that is…. You will know when you are doing this properly when you start to experience an internal sense of motion. SETH says that there is no danger of not returning to the body. This is the potential onset of an OBE experience and as you follow the process above you will be able to successfully convert it into an OBE. SETH says that if you find yourself out of the solar system in a strange environment then respect that environment……observe only…. This will pacify the ego and make the OBE more likely to happen. while meditating at some point. Think about the thoughts you are thinking…. feel a sudden inner sense of motion. SETH makes a few points about helping an OBE happen. Firstly it apparently helps considerably if the body is in a north/south 19 . You may or may not find yourself floating above your physical body….or you may find yourself appearing to rush outwards. Begin to examine your own subjective feelings…. It is best to try your first OBE when you are in a natural drowsy state.. Then begin to imagine the inner self rising your focus inwards.

direction….something to do with a cyclic lowering internal body temperature. Also it helps to drink a small amount of pure water prior to the OBE.with the head at the north. Also eggs and asparagus help provide the body‟s chemical base which propels an OBE. Around 5pm in the afternoon is also a good time…. SOME IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS ENERGY is the basic building block of the universe IDEA CONSTRUCTIONS are mental transformations of energy by an entity into physical reality SPACE is where our own idea constructions do not exist in the physical universe EMOTIONS are the driving force that propel ideas into constructions INSTINCT is the minimum ability for idea construction necessary for physical survival ENVIRONMENT is the overall idea constructions with which an individual surrounds himself THE PAST is the memory of ideas that were but are no longer physical constructions THE PRESENT is the apparent point of any idea‟s emergence into physical reality THE FUTURE is the apparent lapse between the disappearance of one idea construction and its replacement by another in physical reality 20 ...

He stated that matter was equally on and off. Dirac said that Einstein didn't consider that the "m" in the equation -. Discovered by Carl Anderson in 1932. of which the majority of our universe is made. Here are some antimatter discoveries of the 20th century: Positrons . but the electrical charges are reversed. That is. In 1928. positrons were the first evidence that antimatter existed.mc2) allowed for the existence of anti-particles in our universe. literally. We perceive it while it is on. Until just recently.ANTIMATTER AND SETH Sometime around 1963-64.could have negative properties as well as positive. Scientists have since proven that several anti-particles exist. 21 . He further stated that matter was equally valid in the off state and was what our scientists suspected was "Antimatter". Below is the current state of scientific knowledge on this subject: Antimatter Antimatter is the opposite of normal matter. the presence of antimatter in our universe was considered to be only theoretical. Each anti-particle has the same mass as its corresponding particle. British physicist Paul A.Electrons with a positive instead of negative charge. when SETH was first speaking via Jane Roberts he stated that the entire matter of the universe was pulsating on and off at a frequency too high for us to perceive. it switched on for 50% of the time.M.matter -. Dirac revised Einstein's famous equation E=mc2. mirror images of normal matter. Dirac's equation (E = + or . These anti-particles are.

Nine anti-hydrogen atoms were created. why haven't we built a matter-antimatter reaction engine? The problem with developing antimatter propulsion is that there is a lack of antimatter existing in the universe. As stated above. However. and the need to make our own antimatter would be eliminated. So. Scientists believe that this energy is more powerful than any that can be generated by other propulsion methods.Pairing together positrons and antiprotons. In 1955.000 per hour. And because there may have been more particles in the universe to start with. Since antimatter doesn't exist around us. which travels out of the point of the explosion at the speed of light.Anti-protons . each lasting only 40 nanoseconds. Both particles that created the explosion are completely annihilated. we don't see the light that would result from it colliding with matter. CERN researchers were pushing the production of anti-hydrogen atoms to 2. the collision of particles and anti-particles destroys both.Protons that have a negative instead of the usual positive charge. those are all that's left. scientists discovered a possible deposit of antimatter near the center of the galaxy in 1977. 22 . created the first anti-atom. It is possible that particles outnumbered anti-particles at the time of the Big Bang. scientists at CERN. researchers at the Berkeley Bevatron produced an antiproton. we would likely see these reactions around us. If that does exist. The explosion that occurs when antimatter and matter interact transfers the entire mass of both objects into energy. As of 1998. leaving behind other subatomic particles. If there were equal amounts of matter and antimatter. it would mean that antimatter exists naturally. There may be no naturally-existing anti-particles in our universe today. Anti-atoms . these equal but opposite particles collide to produce an explosion emitting pure radiation. the European Organization for Nuclear Research. When antimatter comes into contact with normal matter.

000 times more powerful 23 . Luckily. In October 2000. according to a report in that month's issue of Journal of Propulsion and Power Matter-antimatter propulsion will be the most efficient propulsion ever developed. releases. When matter and antimatter collide. it slams into a target.For now. The amount of antimatter needed to supply the engine for a one-year trip to Mars could be as little as a millionth of a gram. When an atom is sent through this accelerator. Matter-Antimatter Engine NASA is possibly only a few decades away from developing an antimatter spacecraft that would cut fuel costs to a fraction of what they are today. A nanogram is a billionth of a gram. we will have to create our own antimatter. These high-energy particle accelerators only produce a few nanograms of anti-protons each year. the energy released by their annihilation releases about 10 billion times the energy that chemical energy such as hydrogen and oxygen combustion. All of the antiprotons produced at CERN in one year would be enough to light only a 100 watt electric light bulb for three seconds. like CERN." Atom smashers. It will take tons of anti-protons to travel to interstellar destinations. Some of these particles are anti-particles that are separated out by the magnetic field. the kind used by the space shuttle. because 100 percent of the mass of the matter and antimatter is converted into energy. Matter-antimatter reactions are 1. are large tunnels lined with powerful supermagnets that circle around to propel atoms at near-light speeds. there is technology available to create antimatter through the use of high-energy particle colliders. also called "atom smashers. NASA scientists announced early designs for an antimatter engine that could generate enormous thrust with only small amounts of antimatter fueling it. creating particles.

Like a particle collider on Earth. Feed system .. Scientists believe that the speed of an matter-antimatter powered spacecraft would allow man to go where no man has gone before in space. Today. a long magnetic nozzle will move the energy created by the matter-antimatter through a thruster. the Mars Global Surveyor took 11 months to arrive at Mars. The problem is creating and storing the antimatter.than the nuclear fission produced in nuclear power plants and 300 times more powerful than nuclear fusion energy. In 1996. Magnetic rocket nozzle thruster . the antimatter will be released to collide with a target of matter. It would be possible to make trips to Jupiter and even beyond the heliopause. But it will still be a long time before astronauts are asking their starship's helmsman to take them to warp speed. There are three main components to a matter-antimatter engine: Magnetic storage rings . which releases energy. Just 14 nanograms of antiprotons would be enough fuel to send a manned spacecraft to Mars in one month. it takes nearly a year for an unmanned spacecraft to reach Mars.When the spacecraft needs more power. 24 . matterantimatter engines have the potential to take us farther with less fuel. So. ………………………………………………………………… ……. the point at which the sun's radiation ends.Antimatter must be separated from normal matter so storage rings with magnetic fields can move the antimatter around the ring until it is needed to create energy.

the motivational drive behind some human activities.BICAMERAL MIND THEORY Around 10 years ago I came across a book which totally shattered my beliefs in human psychology at that time. I was introduced to it by an acquaintance who had spent a life time in psychology and considered that this new theory was the missing link in human evolution. It is controlled or directed by a unique human-invented special mode of consciousness. The theory was called the BICAMERAL MIND THEORY and explained quite neatly how hypnosis worked. It also explained how some people can easily control others and precisely why the majority of the human race find conscious thinking so much of an effort that they would rather slip back into an unconscious state by drinking alcohol or watching the TV screen. Here is the theory in a nutshell: The bicameral mind exists in every conscious coherent person. which could not easily be understood before. To 25 . Since developing an understanding of this theory (which is really quite simple) my thought processes have been quite different and I have found this new knowledge very useful in everyday life as it explains. This book was called THE ORIGIN OF CONCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND. Here is a practical example of the bicameral mind at work: From where I live in Australia it is around about 2 hours drive to the City of Brisbane. Until 3000 years ago human consciousness as we know it DID NOT EXIST! It only evolved out of necessity. in part. It was a highly technical well presented manual and as I read it I slowly grasped the profound implications of the author‟s theory. As I digested the contents of the book over the next few months a lot of things fell into place which. couldn‟t be explained. prior to this.

Humans operated by mimicked or learned reactions. but who could evolve quite elaborate societies. That is. Because mankind had a fairly large brain he was able to develop an organized “language”. This was the basic working tool for developing consciousness. After the development of language human beings became intelligent but automatically reacting animals who could not only talk to each other. Man was guided unconsciously by hallucinations which evolved in the right hand side of the brain and were “heard” and acted upon by the left hemisphere of the brain. but with FULL AWARENESS of what I‟m automatically doing. 26 . I AM DRIVING IN THE BASIC HUMAN BICAMERAL STATE WITHOUT OPERATING ON THE CONCIOUS LEVEL AT ALL: Sound familiar? The originator of this bicameral concept. This is actually the bicameral mind at work. without requiring any conscious awareness on their part). He called this the bicameral or “two chamber” mind. JULIAN JAYNES from Princeton University. I‟ve noticed time and time again that while driving I slip into an “unconscious” mode and often can remember whether I‟ve actually passed through Ipswich or not! I am driving unconsciously. We were operating on the same level as monkeys and apes. Here is what JAYNES has to say: He discovered that until around 3000 years ago the human race was basically operating without consciousness as we know it. if a dog ran out into the road in front of me I‟d automatically take evasive action. (In his book JAYNES gives a spectacular example of how you can train someone unconsciously. follows up his theories with some rather interesting proof.get to Brisbane one has to drive through a large town-ship called Ipswich. (Think of the motor-car example above). He may not be 100% correct but I‟ve never come across any other theory which so neatly fills in gaps in my knowledge and beliefs. His theory neatly explains a lot of things I could never understand before.

. read and carry on private and professional activities while operating totally in an unconscious mode.. Some of these types even evolve their own fanatical religious cults . As society became more complex it evolved consciousness to deal with the increasingly difficult problems. That is. They had. There 27 .and attract like-minded schizophrenics to their flock.which were a definite cut above the nomadic wandering tribal societies. SCHIZOPHRENICS drop back to this bicameral state and hear “voices” in their head telling them what to do. Intelligent animals today appear to act in a similar way! With the development of language mankind evolved metaphors and analogous comparisons. This caused him to be able to “visualise” concepts that he had no direct experience of. JAYNES states that ancient people learned to talk. we react automatically. where reactions replace conscious thinking. mankind still functioned on this bicameral GUIDANCE SYSTEM without actually being conscious. Sufficient stress causes a flickback into the bicameral automatic mode. as it was some 3000 years ago. These days a human mind can still be triggered back into a bicameral mode by extreme stress. until around 1000BC. like animals today.. Like most other animals. write. guilt or treachery. no concept of the past or future. As society grew more complicated.. As they were unconscious bicameral people they were incapable of deceit. They were guided by hallucinatory voices in their head (or very strong impressions impelling them to “act” in a certain manner). They were unable to commit suicide because they could not form the conscious intention to do so. the “in-head” voices and impressions were replaced with the aforementioned “concepts” and from here on consciousness slowly evolved. They were not able to form the conscious ness desire to do these things.. if a really stressful situation suddenly happens to us. Today most humans retain a small remnant of this bicameral “nature intended” guidance system.

They are. suppose you are in an office being interviewed for a job which is very critical to you. In fact. This can be difficult because the mind wants to fantasize unrelated side issues and welcomes distractions such as phone calls. These people are highly susceptible to suggestion. It is a fact of life that a major proportion of the human race DO NOT LIKE OR WANT this artificially evolved thinking mode called consciousness. if you can supply TV. but JAYNES logic is hard to argue with.80% of your local community would pay you handsomely if you would help them revert back to an unconscious bicameral state. when a person is hypnotized their conscious mind is suppressed and they revert to a basic bicameral state. That is. That is why some of them watch the garbage on TV every possible waking minute. That is. videos.are plenty of examples of this today. etc. You sense that the job is almost yours but you need some little thing 28 . or the least unhappiest. Concentrate on one subject for more than 60 seconds. excellent hypnotic subjects. any suggestion that makes life easier for them. in general. In fact 70 . Consciousness is a bore! For a large percentage of people it is too much effort altogether. music or any other bicameral activity that does not require consciousness. They may not be happy watching TV all day but they‟d be less happy if they had to go into a fully conscious mode and think about life. at any given time. if you understand how subliminal suggestion works you can easily influence the actions of this type of person. Think about all this very carefully. you have a marketable commodity. If you understand how the bicameral mode works you can easily avoid being controlled by others. It is a fact of life that each and every human being will do. The basic idea of a civilization operating unconsciously seems totally ridiculous. As an example of subliminal bicameral suggestion. People WANT to be directed. Likewise. that which makes them either the happiest.

When you combine the knowledge of subliminal suggestion and bicameral theory together it begins to open up new doors for you . Furthermore. such as certain types of beat music.. Try muttering subliminally (under your breath) . This same principle was used in American supermarkets where a message saying . Likewise. the constant repetitive playing of the lyrics in this music slowly but surely impinges itself on the unconscious awareness while the mind is operating in this susceptible bicameral state. I am the best person for this job. Young people are particularly susceptible to bicameral influences. etc. This is muttered BELOW audible threshold.I do not steal” .. The theory of the bicameral mind eliminated the missing link in the evolution of mankind by discovering that consciousness. The interviewer can‟t hear you audibly. I am the best person for this job.. but his SUBCONSCIOUS BICAMERAL MIND CAN: You are giving his bicameral mind mode an instruction. NEVER existed in the evolutionary process. Talk about brainwashing! 29 .“I am honest . JAYNES appears to believe that consciousness was invented and evolved by mankind.. It is extremely easy to hypnotize a 7 or 8 year old as their consciousness has not fully developed. teenagers minds (particularly impressionable young girls) can be nudged back into the unconscious bicameral state by loud rhythmic sound. as an evolutionary necessity. Stealing was reduced by 10% or more in some swing it. The “input” into their minds has not been monitored and screened sufficiently by their parents. It must have been fairly effective because subliminal suggestion of this nature has now been banned by the government... The immature mind starts to accept the message in the music as “gospel truth”. Now you understand why some kids go “off the rails” for no apparent reason.was implanted BELOW the threshold of background music and played constantly to the shoppers. as we know it..I am the best person for this say the least.

The next most important knowledge related to achieving success with this. There are plenty of examples of this in our modern day society. This specific mental state tends to maintain (mainly due to peer pressure and guilt) while they are under control of this guru or authority. We have only just started our journey. I thought I would tell you what I know. in exchange for control of their consciousness (and money!) It never ceases to amaze me how many gullible people will accept this. The bottom line here is that the human consciousness evolution has a very long way to go. and acts in place of the original hallucinating voice controlling the bicameral mode. and that means you. Since I have some experience in this area. Telekinesis is part of physical reality.Likewise crowd hysteria (as in religious revivalist meetings) can cause susceptible minds to “flick” fairly permanently down into a basic bicameral state where they believe anything they are told by their “Guru”. Our thinking is still influenced by myths and folklore and it is likely to take at least another 1000 years before we‟ve attained control of the most marvelous creation of all . just as telepathy is. Then they offer the victim a lifetime of bicameral bliss. or any other human ability. The most important thing to understand is that it is possible. The “authority” or “guru” replaces the conscious mode of the gullible mind. any normal person can do it. Some fringe religious cults control their subjects by making them feel “guilty” and “unworthy”. is realizing that if one person can do it.our MIND! KODA ON PSYCHOKINESIS A lot of people reading about the Psychic Window Technique have asked me for information on telekinesis (moving objects with the mind). 30 .

for example. I did this ten times a day just to stay in practice for a period of two months about ten years ago (and caused a lot of jaws to drop in restaurants in the process :). Lately my interest has been growing again so I might start looking for a suitable object to resume my practice.) By concentrating this “magnetic-like” energy in the fingers of one hand. Since then I have been too preoccupied with day to day life to really focus my attention properly. I think of telekinesis as manipulating a sort of human “magnetic field” around the body which can be concentrated in a specific area. and it has been hard to find a combination of a glass and spoon which would balance properly. so I more or less gave up on pursuing such a “useless” novelty. concentration is one of the easiest activities one can possibly perform. and ordinary people like you can do it. It is simply being aware of one thing without distraction. it would be to your advantage to perform relaxation exercises prior to beginning. and that is having the ability to relax completely and focus your attention without distraction. (Such a field surrounds every object on Earth. I have been able to cause a metal spoon balanced on the edge of a water glass to begin rocking back and forth till it falls off the glass.) When one magnetic field interacts with another it will either 31 . After you have achieved success a few times the necessary focus can be reached quite easily. and push your hand (or finger tips) into the “magnetic field” of the object you want to move. Using the analogy of magnetism is a good way to focus your attention. In actual practice it can be nearly impossible to maintain concentration for any length of time due to the subconscious concerns of day to day living. If you are going to practice the techniques described below.There is a prerequisite to achieving success in this endeavor. (It is probably possible to move objects at a greater distance but I have no experience in doing so. In itself. and happens to an intense degree while watching the exciting scenes of any motion picture. You need to imagine a magnetic-like field around your hand. but all you really need to know is that it can be done.

then repeat the process by moving my finger tips over the handle once more. and later could do it without major effort. I thought I had succeeded after about two hours. If you rest your elbow on the table while doing this. Your conscious thoughts only help 32 . It should not take you as long because I had no evidence at the time that it was really possible. I would move my finger tips away to the side to let the spoon handle move back upwards. By concentrating on the belief that the field around my finger tips was very strong. and no technique to work with that was known to produce results. which can also cause the spoon to move. since your hand might block the breeze off and on and cause the spoon to move accordingly. knocking the spoon off in less than a minute. You must also be careful to note and breezes in the room from heating or air conditioning. The very first time I achieved this it took five hours of relentless effort before I was sure I was actually doing it and that none of these variables had been the cause. I could momentarily place my finger tips near the end of the spoon handle and imagine it pushing against the magnetic field of the spoon. similar fields repel. at least in the beginning. The WHAT you do here is obviously not nearly as important as how you think while doing it.push or pull against the other depending on the two magnetic field polarities. be sure the table is VERY solidly positioned or you may accidentally cause the table to rock slightly in a rhythmic way. Opposite fields attract. This repeated movement of my finger tips to the side then back over the handle slowly caused the spoon to rock more and more till it would fall off the glass. After that first time I could get it to work in less than five minutes. Psychic phenomena happens at a non-verbal level of awareness. because the “wind” generated by the movement of your hand could cause the spoon to move. You have to be careful not to move your hand up and down. but continued the exercise because I wanted to be absolutely certain I had succeeded in developing the ability. causing the spoon handle to move downward slightly.

and less effort is required to achieve those results. Hold your hands together palm to palm (as in prayer) and space them ever so slightly apart so they nearly touch. Once you have achieved certainty that you have the ability to do this. I believe these fields actually exist. By concentrating your attention on your perception I believe you are simply tuning into subconscious awareness. You can feel the heat given off by each hand. and that the subconscious is aware of them. I am simply pointing out that psychic phenomena is a subconscious process all of us experience constantly. As soon as you think about it you become consciously aware of subconscious awareness that was always just below the surface. If your attention is on the thoughts you think you will not be able to maintain any consistent results. When you do that properly the “uuunnnnnn” actually goes away and instead you can feel the magnetic field in your finger tips. We just 33 . Your thoughts direct your intent to the subconscious. you can feel the pull of the fields. and if you are leaning forward or to one side slightly. This isn‟t all that unusual. but don‟t. It is a very subtle sensation and you can indeed feel it. But even then I did not put my attention on the “word” I was “thinking.focus your attention. When you move your hands apart slightly.” I actually tried to make the intensity of the “magnetic field” drown out the word. It‟s not what you think. While imagining my finger tips pushing out “strong magnetic fields” I would mentally think. There is another preliminary exercise you can do in the beginning to help focus your attention. since right now your subconscious is aware of whether you are breathing in or out. “uuunnnnnnnn. but what you expect. it is far easier to expect the results you want. etc. If you then “imagine” that what you are feeling is actually the magnetic-like field emanating from each hand. which then does what you HONESTLY EXPECT it to do. uuunnnnnnn” each time I placed my fingers over the spoon handle. by moving your hands a bit closer together you can feel the fields pushing against each other. They don‟t do any of the “work” involved. As far as I know this is true in every type of psychic phenomena.

........................... fallen into the rut traveled by ne‟er-do-wells.... withal.... Every time the outer door opened.. and was out at the elbows as well as insolvent....... And yet there was 34 ... and the wind howled frightfully...... ..... an artist of more than ordinary talent...... and admitted . the door opened and closed........ While I dreamed and sipped my coffee.. Just find something that is extremely easy to move and with a little practice you too can amaze and entertain your friends.. Sturtevant was an undeniable failure......... and the old brown hat was the same... Outside.. the weather was hideous....... The Magic Story How the Magic Story was discovered......... a draft of unwelcome air penetrated the uttermost corners of the room.. The snow and sleet and wind conveyed nothing to me except an abstract thanksgiving that I was where it could not affect me....... He wore the same threadbare coat in which he always appeared.... Still I was comfortable. however..have to know what to look for and the awareness becomes instantly available. As I raised my eyes to Sturtevant‟s I was conscious of mild surprise at the change in his appearance. Telekinesis is easy....... Yet he was not dressed differently.. ... I was sitting alone in the cafe and had just reached for the sugar preparatory to putting it into my coffee.. but..... Snow and sleet came swirling down.Sturtevant.... He had..

“No. but because you did not have the money to do it. I was prepared to pay for it. Meanwhile I noticed the brightness of his usual lackluster eyes. signed his name on the backs of the two checks. at length. and. smiling at the astonishment which I in vain strove to conceal. He nodded and presently seated himself opposite to me. ordered from it leisurely. when you have turned away. It was not because you did not want to pay for a dinner. I am a new man. hopeful glow upon his cheek. As he swished his hat around to relieve it of the burden of snow deposited by the howling norwester. “I see that I have surprised you. Is that your check? Let me have it. I knew why you did that. I haven‟t any money with me tonight. I asked him what he would have. but. You have been a reporter for the dailies for . pausing with his coffee cup half way to his lips. You have seen me come into this place „broke‟ many a time. It is not strange.” said Sturtevant. although I knew I hadn‟t sufficient cash to settle the bill. “but I have found my mascot. 35 . for I am a surprise to myself.something new and strange in his appearance. I could not remember when I had invited Sturtevant to dine with me. Do you happen to know anything in the line of my profession that I could not accomplish.” He called the waiter to him. . with an inimitable flourish.well. After that he was silent for a moment while he looked into my eyes. but I.and the alteration has taken place in the last few hours. but involuntarily I beckoned to him.” “Brindle. and he. “Do you know an artist who possess more talent than I?” he asked. I watched him in stupid wonder. and invited me to join him in coffee for many? . if I applied myself to it? No. this is my treat.” he replied. . with increasing amazement. after scanning the bill of fare carelessly. presently. Thank you. so that I would think you did not see me. bull or terrier?” I inquired. “No. and the healthful. and waved him away. there was something new in the gesticulation. a different man. “Currier. as I had invited the obligation. “Have you lost a rich uncle?” I asked.

I mean to tell it to the whole world. aimless bit of garbage in the metropolitan ash can. Why. The millionaire has spent his enthusiasm. too. “Help you? Why not? Listen and I will tell 36 . when I did not reply. I hadn‟t any credit. wondering if he had been drinking absinthe. but it is true. It is really remarkable that it should have been written and should remain in print so long. Within a month I shall have a bank account. All you have to do is read it.” “But what is the story. with never a soul to appreciate it until now.” “You amaze me. would it be of assistance to me?” I asked. This morning I was starving.” he continued. tonight I wouldn‟t change places with a millionaire. “Won‟t you tell me the story? I should like to hear it. and had been handed back all that I had submitted. and every one of them was accepted at once. I had gone to three of the papers for which I had done work.” “Can the story do for others what it has done for you? For example.” I said.” “Yes. . I was seriously thinking about suicide. and since reading it.” “Certainly. mine is all at hand. I had to choose quickly between death by suicide and death slowly by starvation.or eight years. success is certain. Then I found the story and read it. I took those old drawings to other editors. It will make your fortune. The very instant you grasp its true meaning. Was I refused just now? You have seen for yourself. That sounds foolish. This morning I was a hopeless. I feel that my fortune is assured. Tomorrow my new career begins. Do you remember when I ever had any credit until tonight? No. Nothing is impossible after you know that story. my dear boy. I have been reading a strange story.and there you are. “my fortune is made. You can hardly imagine the transformation. Sturtevant?” “Wait. Why? Because I have discovered the secret of success. everything changed at once. nor a place to get a meal. You have no idea what it will do for you. let me finish. It makes everything as plain as ABC.

I was plumb down on my luck. One night. bitterly. It is a fact that everybody who has heard the story has done well since. and with the air of one who had merely pronounced an axiom. Five minutes later I saw him rush out into the sleet and wind and disappear. . Within twenty-four hours I was on my feet and I‟ve hardly known a care or a trouble since. “Sturtevant mentioned it to me once.” Avery‟s statement. “how‟s the world using you? Still on space?” “Yes. Where is he now?” “He has been making war sketches in Cuba. he‟s just returned. on the street. uttered calmly. for a fact.” I replied. really. You know Sturtevant. It is like this: you don‟t know them. when all is said. “It must be a remarkable story. nearly a month before. then a reporter on one of the evening papers.. Still I will tell it as best I can. it made a new man out of me. I have not seen him since. recalled to my mind the conversation with Sturtevant in the cafe that stormy night.thinking of the morgue and all that. He told me a story. Within the recollection of the frequenters of that cafe. a former college chum. was substantial proof of a change in his circumstances. when I met Sturtevant. with the idea you would lend me enough to pay my room rent. shortly.-“ The waiter interrupted us at that moment.” he said. It was about a month after my memorable interview with Sturtevant.” I said. don‟t you? It‟s all due to him. . you should read it. “Hello. in fact. of itself. There are Cosgrove and Phillips. . and. by that time. . increduously.” “Things have been coming my way.looking for you. although. which. But you look as if things were coming your way. Sturtevant had never before been called out by telephone. that. at two hundred a week. He informed Sturtevant that he was wanted on the telephone. old man. old chap. was almost forgotten. really. I encountered Avery.friends of mine. it is the most remarkable story you ever heard. “with prospects of being on the town. . and it is all remarkable. and with a word of apology. One‟s a real estate 37 .it to you. the artist left the table. Tell me all about it.

and to him I applied. and posted on the elevated stations throughout New York. There was a “night owl” wagon in the neighborhood. will you? I see Danforth over there. and it‟s as simple as A. “Well. My pocket at that moment contained exactly five cents. Currier. 38 . but insufficient also to stand the expense of filling my stomach. He was leaving the wagon as I was on the point of entering it. This is Mr.” I said. “he came in here one night. so I ate my ham and eggs in silence. and „stand for‟ you. with the greatest pleasure in the world.near Twenty-third Street. will do for the present. and told me the most wonderful story I ever heard. Back in a minute.agent. and they have experienced the same results that I have. and resolved that I would hear that story before I slept. Currier is good for anything he orders‟” he said to the man in charge. “Mr. I have sold out. just enough to pay my fare up-town. It certainly would do a lot of good. I began to regard it with superstition. where I am going to run a regular restaurant . hesitated a moment.” If the truth be told. isn‟t Mr. B. He will take good care of you. I‟ve just turned over the outfit to Bryan. I was hungry. I‟ve just bought a place in Eighth Avenue. with extreme cordiality. “You‟ll have to trust me once more. “Will you try its effect on me?” “Certainly. Bryan.” He was out of the wagon and the sliding door had been banged shut before I could stop him. Some ham and eggs. I couldn‟t have spoken if I had tried. Come and see me. By the way. and then reentered the wagon with me. about a month ago. I would like to have it printed in big black type. “Do you know the story?” I asked. The fact is. Sturtevant told them the story. and I accosted him. In fact. C: like living on a farm. the other‟s a broker‟s clerk. Excuse me a minute. Mr. Sturtevant a friend of yours?” I nodded. and they are not the only ones. where I had frequently “stood up” the purveyor of midnight dainties. “I‟m broke again. “one of my old customers. just the same as I would. old chap.” He coughed. I think.” continued the ex“night owl” man.

There were half a dozen around the table. 39 . The cause was apparent. and bided my time. failed to hear the magic story.I began to regard it as magic . won‟t you tell that story again. surrounded by a group of acquaintances. determined that. I would go with him.was in the air. although. On my right. I experienced the sensation of something stealthily pursuing me. was a doctor on my left a lawyer.If it had made so many fortunes. suggestive of respectful awe. “you should have come a little sooner. The certainty that the wonderful story . surely it should be capable of making mine. and motioned to me to join them at the table. Everyone had seemed to be thinking. too. A silence. He discovered me at the same instant. and. As I started to walk homeward.” remarked the doctor. as if Fate were treading along behind me. But I kept my eyes upon him. for the benefit of Mr. I say. Currier?” “Why yes. it is quite wonderful. I examined my address book for the home of Sturtevant. It was not recorded there. as a matter of fact. although the hour was late. and the attention of all was fixed upon Sturtevant. however. Then I remembered the cafe in University Place. in this cafe. yet never overtaking. The others were artists and newspaper men. and I was the furthest removed from Sturtevant. Sturtevant. I believe that Currier has. Facing me on the other side was a novelist with whom I had some acquaintance. I think he was the first one to whom I mentioned it at all. had fallen upon the party when I took my seat. it occurred to me that he might be there. -at this very table. He was! In a far corner of the room. really. I had entered the cafe just too late to hear it. When I reached Union Square. There was no chance for the story. when he rose to depart. somehow. It was here. Currier. fingering the solitary nickel in my pocket and contemplating the certainty of riding downtown in the morning. possessed me. He had been telling the story. “It‟s too bad. when I took my seat. Mr. and I was conscious that I was possessed with or by the story. I saw him. Sturtevant has been telling us a story.

“If you have any consideration for an old friend who is rapidly being driven mad by the existence of that confounded story. like a cough mixture that is warranted to cure everything. you can give some scientific explanation of the influence exerted by the story. I think you will all agree with me. Currier? Wasn‟t I called to the telephone. and was on the verge of failure. It is a kind of never-failing remedy. that it is not the story itself that performs the surgical operation on the minds of those who are familiar with it. I happened to meet him at the time he was feeling the bluest. or something like that? To be sure! I remember.” I said. interrupted just at the point when I was beginning the story. for example. and before we parted. and they were just sufficient to tantalize me. It had the same effect on him as it had on me. -the only one present who had not heard it. doctor. and had been on the wrong side of the market for a month. He had utterly lost his grip. it is the way it is told. and I related it to him. -in print.‟ as it had me. I mean. Now and then slight references were made to the story itself. now. He receives a mental and moral tonic. It is a sort of elixir manufactured out of words. The author has. and passing around the table. After that I told it to three or four fellows. somehow. produced a psychological effect which is indescribable. Sturtevant stared at me in wild surprise. At length.Do you remember what a wild night that was. but that is what it has done. I left my chair. He is a broker. Perhaps. you know. and it „braced them up. as far as I know. seized Sturtevant by one arm. and has had on everybody who has heard it. which Fate seems determined that I shall never hear. and succeeded in drawing him away from the party. The reader is hypnotized. eh?” From that the company entered upon a general discussion of theories. It seems incredible that a mere story can have such a tonic effect upon the success of so many persons who are engaged in such widely different occupations. “All 40 . savagely. you will relate it to me now. from a cold in the head to galloping consumption. something brought me around to the subject of the story. There was Parsons.

It was from his chief. I began casually to read it. That was the day I met you here. and there was no help for it. and demanded his instant attendance at the office. “Tell you what I‟ll do.” I found the book without difficulty.right. It was quaint and strange. I began to think it over. and you shall have it. I‟m not likely to be gone any more than an hour or two. “Too bad!” said Sturtevant. “The others will excuse me for a few moments. without realizing that I was the same man. with rawhide.” he said. rising and extending his hand. for three cents and there isn‟t a thing about it by which one can get any idea in what publication it originally appeared. The pages formed an odd combination of yellow paper. by the author of the magic story. I couldn‟t stay in the house. You take my key and wait for me in my room. When I discovered it. I must have walked several miles. I had read it through many times. Before I left it.” We were interrupted at that instant by a uniformed messenger. There seems to be in the story a personal element that applies to every one who reads it. after I had read it several times. It affected me strangely. -you remember. Well. who. It was a quaint. curiously printed on the last-named material. covered. I think. so I seized my coat and hat and went out. and in a moment I was interested. or who wrote it. had been in the depths of despondency. the printer had “set” it under the supervision of the writer. I found the story. I found it pasted in an old scrapbook I purchased in Ann Street. It was manufactured. so that I could repeat it almost word for word. -as if I had come in contact with some strong personality. who handed Sturtevant a telegram. home-made affair. The sender had already been delayed an hour. In the escritoire near the window you will find an old scrapbook bound in rawhide. Wait for me in my room until I return. he must go at once. I have no doubt. Evidently. as Sturtevant had said. vellum and homemade parchment. buoyantly. Sit down here. in only a short time before. and bound with leather thongs. The phraseology was an unusual combination of seventeenth 41 . old chap.

how best to describe this recipe for success that I have discovered. and the interpolation of italics and capitals could have originated in no other brain than that of its author. so that the meat be obtained and rendered useful? I doubt not that I shall use. What mattereth it. and what I deem the meat within the nut. who will live to bless me for the words I write. but in other respects it remains unchanged. I deem it wise. I do not apologize for the manner of my expression. now that the number of my days is nearly counted. and supplying the seasoning for the accomplishment of the dish. nevertheless. 42 . if it be wholesome and helpful. the peculiarities of type. nor doth it matter much how a thought is expressed. when men attain the number of my years. Much have I wearied my brain anent the question. that is. I won. the latter being. and that men may be born generations after I am dust. the directions for agglomerating the substances. Tools much heavier than the pen have been my portion. the fact I can tell. its own apology. etc. are eliminated. and it seemeth advisable to give it as it came to me. happenings of youth are like to be clearer to their perceptions than are events of recent date. The Magic Story (Author unknown) Inasmuch as I have evolved from my experience the one great secret of success for all worldly undertakings. and moreover. to give to the generations that are to follow me the benefit of whatsoever knowledge I possess. the weight of years has somewhat palsied the hand and brain. expressions that have clung to my memory since childhood.and eighteenth century mannerisms. In reproducing the following story. for. in what manner the shell be broken. if I relate somewhat of the story of my life. Happen they may. nor for the lack of literary merit. in the telling. will plainly be perceived. and findeth the understanding.

I took ship to Boston town. for the sea was not amongst my desires.a thing which I took advantage of for the space of five months.My father. From my father‟s estate there came to me naught. there were friends who. being their only begotten. and thereafter as a ship‟s carpenter. forsook his vocation. . since that time hath naught to do with this tale. but some time after. was left alone. When I had achieved ten years. I had worked for hire. in the wisdom that came with increasing years. and two years thereafter my worthy father followed her. remembering that a thousand promises for the future should weigh as naught against the possession of a single piece of silver. where. I will make no recital here. howbeit. Here beginneth the first lesson to be acquired:---Man should not be blinded to whatsoever merit exists in the opportunity which he hath in hand. but he would not have it so. and at seven and twenty. is a 43 . that is to say. some years thereafter. and that was over a hundred years ago. cared for me. Of the time from the age of twelve and a half until I was three and twenty. and the good vessel he captained was bartered for the land I spoke of. howbeit. Better for my father had it been. ten. Fortune. I prospered. was a seafaring man who. my mother‟s soul took flight. although always after the craft was docked. under whose roof I lingered for some time. but. and settled on a plantation in the colony of Virginia. early in life. Such was one of my experiences. which I had saved from the fruits of my labor. and therefore me. I. Fortune will sometimes smile upon an intended victim because of pure perversity of temper. that he remain in the calling of his education. they offered me a home beneath their roof. I convinced myself that his friend. where I began to work first as a cooper. had he hearkened to the wise advice of my mother. I was born. then. for a time. having in my possession the sum of sixteen guineas. less than four years earlier. had defrauded him. owned the yard wherein. which event took place in the year 1642.

happy man. and can only be retained by force. but the fire that had burned my competence. hath not yet failed. she will not be coddled. they arrive at the same destination. howbeit. and with confidence in the world and its people. and more adaptable to his condition. I labored with my acquaintances. When I came forth from prison. I speedily found employment 44 About this time. seemed also to have consumed their sympathies. being alive. Man. and there may be one that is less abrupt (albeit longer of achievement). Here beginneth the second lesson to be acquired: Fortune is ever elusive. . which I had not the coin wherewith to defray. Some are precipitous. Fire ravaged my yards. that not only had I lost all. And here beginneth the third lesson: Failure exists only in the grave. Deal with her tenderly and she will forsake you for a stronger man. Life has many pathways. since it was worthless. which broke down my spirits so that I became utterly despondent. Being a skilled workman. it was not the same hopeful. and. So it happened. It is possible that I might have rallied from my losses but for this last indignity. Disaster (which is one of the heralds of broken spirits and . Upward of a year I was detained within the gaol. leaving me nothing in its blackened paths but debts. but I was hopelessly indebted to others. who had entered there. In all the world I possessed naught beyond the poor garments which covered me. when I did come forth. and of them by far the greater number lead downward. I was penniless.thinks. she is not unlike other women of my knowledge. and for that they cast me into prison. paid me a visit. no matter at what inclination the angle may be fixed. but ultimately.failure. seeking assistance for a new start. content with his lot.) lost resolve). me. always he may turn about and ascend by the same path he descended by.jade who must be coerced. and a walking stick which the turnkey had permitted me to retain. (In that. within a short time. others are less abrupt.

. having eaten of the fruit of worldly advantage. but. I can liken my condition at that time for naught more similar than that of a man who. I will not discourse at length upon the gradual degeneration of my energies. and here might be included the fourth lesson: Seek comrades among the industrious. and who thinks that the hands of every other man are against him. a few moments of the time for which he paid me. but that I could laugh and sing. upon slight provocation. in that the former may be restored to perfect health. whereat. which meant that I could not hope to find work with any other employer in Boston town. Such a thing is less honest than downright theft. for those who are idle will sap your energies from you. The farther he good wages. and to rail against the men whom I deemed to have wronged me. It is not meet ever to dwell much upon misfortunes (which saying is also 45 . and here beginneth the fifth lesson: The Ishmaelite and the leper are the same. It was my pleasure at that time to relate.albeit they differ much. I found childish delight in filching from my employer. and parry wit and badinage with my ne‟er-do-well companions. It was then that I regarded myself a failure. descending the steep side of a mountain. I passed my evenings at the tavern. Moreover. but also without character. I became morose and sullen. the tale of my disasters. since both are abominations in the sight of man. each day. to cheer my spirits. dissatisfaction possessed me. I have also heard this condition described by the word Ishmaelite. because they had seen fit not to come to my aid. except on occasion (for I have ever been somewhat abstemious). the latter has poison in his blood. and for the sake of forgetting the losses I had sustained. This habit continued and grew upon me until the day dawned which found me not only without employment. Not that I drank overmuch of liquor. loses his foothold. the faster he goes. The former is entirely the result of imagination. which I understand to be a man whose hand is against everybody.

save at infrequent times when I could earn a few pence. nor in one paragraph. it was not the dream itself which affected me. it was the impression made by it. be it said.” Nevertheless.nay. which was sick unto death. and the influence that it exerted over me. and here beginneth the sixth and final lesson to be acquired. But I will not philosophize. was deplorable. So be it. paradoxically. I did awake from sleep. and I was chilled. that my mind was affected. Well do I remember my awakening. and naught but skeleton in spirit. for it came in the night. My condition. can be naught more than a double. My bed was a pile of shavings in the rear of the cooper shop where once I had worked for hire. or mayhap. Moreover. in truth. as for the mental part of me. a shilling. It was the dream which converted me to the belief . then. albeit.that I was possessed of two entities: and it was my own better self that afforded me the assistance for which I had pleaded in vain from my acquaintances. to the knowledge . my roof was the pyramid of casks. You will say. It is enough if I add that the day came where I possessed naught wherewith to purchase food and raiment. that word does not comprehend my meaning. I had been dreaming of light and warmth and of the depletion of good things. (which cannot be told in one sentence. In my imagination I deemed myself ostracized by the whole world. so I became emancipated in body. for I had sunk very low indeed.worthy of remembrance). when I relate the effect the vision had on me. I have heard this condition described by the word “double. but must needs be adopted from the remainder of this tale). Steady employment I could not secure. not so much for the body. underneath which I had established myself. since philosophy is naught but a suit of garments for the decoration of a dummy figure. and I found myself like unto a pauper. for it is the hope that the minds of others might be likewise influenced which disposes me to undertake the labor of this writing. 46 . neither half being possessed of individuality. when. The night was cold. A double.

and fearsome of intangible shadows. steadfast. I rapped timidly upon the door. yet seemed more round and full. I was cowering. and filled with purpose. in daring to enter where my own feet feared to tread. Not again in my dreams that night did I encounter the Better Self (for that is 47 . clear. but he uttered no word of welcome. for. blazed a fire of logs. to offices where once I had transacted business. I awaited its return with trepidation and awe. There was a Presence with me. I was led to the place and to the men where. The brow. there was a conscious power and force in his demeanor. I followed.ay. Throughout the day I pursued the Presence. There was a not unkindly smile of derision in his eyes as he motioned me to a chair by the fire. and throughout the day I never lost sight of it. and yet so unlike). I was not alone. yet it was strikingly unlike. the whole contour of face and figure was dominant and determined. I peered into a window and saw that other being. and at evening saw it disappear beyond the portals of a hostelry famous for its cheer and good living. intangible to others. glowed with enthusiasm and resolution. He was rosy with health. In a word. at such places. chin. . I encouraged my other identity. I discovered later. not more lofty than my own. direct. After toiling through a tempest of snow and wind. filled with nervous trembling. the eyes. on the hearth. and he bade me enter. before him. save when it disappeared for a time beyond some doorway where I dared not enter. the lips. and here cometh the strange part of my tale. I sought the pyramid of casks and shavings. but real to me.which accomplished my enfranchisement. for I could not help wondering at the temerity of the Presence (so like myself. He was calm. I went forth again into the tempest. when I had warmed myself. burdened with the shame which the contrast between us had forced upon me. and. and before whom I most dreaded to appear. and self-reliant. then. when I did awake. to men with whom I had financial dealings. he was physically and mentally muscular. It seemed also as if purposely. It was then that I awoke. When the Presence turned away. The Presence was in my likeness.

Then.” was the reply. you 48 . There is a plus-entity and minus-entity in every human body that is born into the world. This happened many days. and one night when I awoke among the casks and discerned that he was present. I am he who you may be again. The second day was not unlike the first. Many a time I essayed to address it but enunciation rattled in my throat. for that is impossible. when. you were a puny thing. you are the minus-entity. but as tenants in common who rarely fought for full possession. “I am that I am. then is the other inclined to abandon its habitation. perchance. and the day closed like its predecessor. I discovered that constant association with the Presence was producing an effect on me. one following another. but you became selfish and exacting until I could no longer abide with you. Whichever one of these is favored by the flesh becomes dominant. I am the plus-entity of yourself. and the question seemed to give pleasure to my companion. and I was again doomed to wait outside during the visits which the Presence paid to places where I fain would have gone had I possessed the requisite courage. and I was startled into an upright posture by the sound of my own voice. It is fear which deporteth a man‟s soul from his body and rendereth it a thing to be despised. and whom you have cast out for other company. not in harmony. albeit with marked timidity. wherefore do you hesitate? I am he who you were. temporarily or for all time. I awakened from slumber. I own all things. albeit. “I am he who you have been. nor yet in unity. ever wearing that calm smile of kindly derision which could not be mistaken for pity. who once possessed your body. being a repetition of its forerunner. I am the man made in the image of God.what I have named it). “Who are you?” I ventured to ask. nor for condolence in any form. I made bold to speak. so that I fancied there was less of derision in his smile when he responded. The contempt of it stung me sorely. for that can never be. until I ceased to count them. Once we dwelt within it together. it was near to me. albeit. therefore I stepped out. unintelligible.

yesterday trembling and uncertain. My body. Now that you approach the his estate. . deformed of shape. only on that condition will I ever occupy them again. but I laughed aloud. from the brain and the will. disheveled and unkept of appearance. I seemed to be in a different world. Step aside. opposition flees at his approach. his requests are orders. and travels on an even plane where stumbling is unknown. distorted of visage. It was not visible. and he towered over me while I cowered abjectly at his feet. stops at naught. The world belongs to him. but . for it approached me piteously. can you repair them?” “Listen!” said the Presence. cleanse them of your presence. He fears naught.” “Why do you pursue me?” I next asked of the Presence. The sun was shining and I was conscious that birds twittered above my head. albeit I did 49 “You have pursued me. Cleanse it. and cannot cringe. I gazed upon the pyramid of casks in amazement that I had so long made use of it for an abiding place. had become vigorous and filled with energy. and I was wonderingly conscious that I had passed my last night beneath its shelter. and.” I faltered. but it is unclean. and the end is death. a puny abject shuddering figure.possess naught. fills in vales. but anon I discovered. cowering in a far corner of my resting place. I slept again. dreads naught. and I looked about me for the Presence. mercilessly. Perchance I knew then that it was the minus-entity.” “The brain has lost its power. It tottered as it walked. and I will take possession. he levels mountains. The events of the night recurred to me. but demands them. he dominates. now. when I awoke. That body which we both inhabited is mine. your path leads downward. all things are possible. “To the plus-entity of a man. “The will is a weak thing. and that the plus-entity was within me. You can exist without me for a time. and I will not dwell within it. you debate if it be not politic that you should cleanse your house and invite me to enter. not I you. he asks no privileges.” Thereafter.

and he paused in surprise at sight of me. afterwards. I went to the washroom. I recognized its disuse by the litter on its top. But yesterday was gone. already there was a goodly pile of neatly shaven staves beside me. In a moment more I was seated. albeit anon he glanced askance in my direction. Stripping off my coat. began hurling them to the men who worked atop of the load. It was an hour later when the master workman entered the room. today was with me.much. When this was finished. There was much for me to do. There was a vacant bench. where formerly I had partaken of my meals. another will do as well. . shaving staves. I paused a moment and said to the landlord: “I will occupy the same room that I formerly used. when I passed the taproom. Moreover. if perchance. but comprehensive sentence: “I have returned to had just begun. I was in haste to get away. It was the same at which I had once worked.” Then I went out and hurried with all haste to the cooperage. Here endeth the sixth and last lesson to be acquired. although there is more to be said. sir. I nodded cheerily as I entered. As had once been my daily habit. I turned my steps in the direction of the tavern. I soon cleared it of impedimenta. and from there to the breakfast table. strange it was that I had not thought of that yesterday. viewing the work of other men. but. you have it at disposal.not then realize it. and smiled in recognition of returned salutations. I had no time for philosophy. and men were loading it with casks for shipment. seizing barrels. Men who had ignored me for months bowed graciously when I passed them on the thoroughfare. alas! now. I asked no questions. I replied to his unasked question with the brief. age hath deprived me of my skill. since from that moment I was a 50 . I entered the shop. there was none better. If not.” He nodded his head and passed on. with my foot on the vice-lever. There was a huge wain in the yard. . for in those days I was an excellent workman. until I can obtain it. but.

take no heed of gestures which would beckon you aside.successful man. and grasp the plus. It waits upon you. and had acquired a full competence of worldly goods. Learn that the consciousness of dominant power within you is the possession of all things attainable. and therefore. which is your property. if you heed its advice. you have never made use of. save in great emergencies. beware lest the evil enter. start now upon this new journey. with these admonitions in your mind. even for a moment. ask of no man permission to perform. bind her. If you have skill. which. hold her. apply it. Start out now. maybe. the world must profit by it. Make a daily and nightly companion of your plus-entity. cleanse your brain. I pray you who read. and ere long possessed another shipyard. and do that which is within you to do. Start Be always on your guard. Stretch out your hand. seize her. philosophy is an argument. You have but to stretch forth your hand and take it. Fortune waits upon every footstep you take. the plus-entity of whosoever reads will supply the deficiency. and upon that Better Self of mine. Go therefore. I place the 51 . My task is done. she belongs to you. since upon them depend the word “success” and all that it implies: Whatsoever you desire of good is yours. The minus-entity requests favors. Life is an emergency most grave. for fear is an adjunct of the minus-entity. Remember. Have no fear of any sort or shape. the world. you cannot go wrong. Your plus-entity is beside you now. tonight. heed well the following admonitions. you. for she is yours. I have written the recipe for “success. it cannot fail. and strengthen your will. the plus-entity grants them. Wherein I may not be entirely comprehended. the other hovers at your side. is an accumulation of facts.” If followed. Whichever entity controls you. It will take possession.

52 . -the secret of being what you have it within you to be. the secret of this all-pervading good.burden of imparting to generations that are to come.