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A report on the survey on winter body lotion based on Retailer’s feedbackThe survey conducted by me was on retailers to find out

about the most preferred winter body lotion in the market and what were their views about Boroplus Advanced Moisturizing lotion. The sample size was 10 as it was a pilot survey. The Retailers generally belonged to Class B and C (C being the most around 80%).

An analysis on the question asked to themQ1) On being asked which all brands of Winter Body lotion does your shop sell the majority sold Vaseline,Nivea,Lakme,Dove,Ponds,Ayur,Parachute and Boroplus. Boroplus visibility was low and they didn’t keep it the reason being customers didn’t ask for. Q2)Around 70% said the Highest selling SKU was-Vaseline(Total Moisture and Healthy White) of 300 ml was sold the most. Around 20-30 were sold during a week. Q3) On being asked for what were customer’s preference in their winter body lotion-

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0


Q4) Only 50% retailers have seen the ad of Boroplus Advanced Moisturizing Lotion and the rest have not seen but everyone was aware of the brand. Q4)a) Out of the one who have seen the ad only 20% could tell about what message the ad predicted. They remembered that it makes your skin soft, smooth and also keeps it moisturizes for long. Q 5) On being asked to Compare Smell, SPF, Lightness, Spreadibility of Emami with Other Brands-












Q6) On being asked how much of Boroplus Advanced Moisturizer lotion they buy every month, they bought in the range of 10-20 bottles of 100 ml and 10-15 bottles of 300 ml.The visibility of 20 ml and 40 ml was very less and they didn’t prefer to buy it. Q7) The view on the pricing of this product was good (100% were satisfied). Q8) When asked about the Packaging around 60% said the packaging was fair and the rest found in less attractive. Q9) The Visibility of 100 ml and 300 ml was only seen and also available.20 and 40 ml was not available and hardly visible in any shop. Q10) On being asked that this product resort to which marketing strategy-Around 60% said Push Sale and the rest Pull sale. They told me the mainly they had to tell about the product and they also displayed posters to attract more customers to buy this product and many said that people themselves also asked for it after watching the ad. Q11) The Most important factor they felt for POP was Posters, Danglers (were preferred by all) and only 40% preferred Screen Displays. Q12) Around 80% were satisfied with the margin provided by the company, only 20% were dissatisfied as they felt it was very less. Q13) The frequency of repeat purchase for 100 ml bottle was around 4-5 and 300 ml bottle was around 2-3 times. Q14) The most effective medium –

100 80 60 40 20 0 Window Display Incentives Print/Tv ad/Radio Percentage

Q15) The stock they kept during peak season was around 20-30 pieces of each variant.