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Current C t status t t  of f the th INSPIRE  Directive transposition into Croatian legislation

Tomislav Ciceli Ciceli, , Ljerka Rašić, Željko Hećimović, Danko Markovinović
State Geodetic Administration Zagreb, b  Croatia 

Yesterday: y  Milestones of Croatian SDI…
• • 2001 ‐ ‐ the European Commission launched the  Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) 2001 – SGA SGA’s s study “Review Review of EU requirements for  Geographic  Information Infrastructure in Croatia”,  Bloominfo  Denmark Bloominfo, 2005 – SGA’s “Study on Development of National  Spatial  Terra  Germany Data Infrastructure in Croatia” Croatia , Con Terra, 2006 – SGA’s study “Croatia: National Spatial Data  I f t t  and Infrastructure d I Inspire” i ” Geolink G li k Consulting, C lti  UK

• •


Yesterday: y  Milestones of Croatian SDI… • 17th February 2007 ‐ ‐ Law on State  Survey and Real Estate Cadastre  ( / (02/2007) ) – the h  first fi  regulation l i  on  NSDI in Croatia • 15th May 2007 – Inspire Directive  / /  of the European  2007/2/EC Parliament and of the Council  entered into force.

Today: NSDI in the current Law 
NSDI Council l
Proposals Polices  Decisions                           Polices,

S State  Geodetic c  Administration

Coord dination, Technica al suppo ort

NSDI Board
Proposals Polices, Decisions

Working Groups

Today: NSDI legislation in Croatia
• Law on State Survey and Real Property Cadastre  (OG 16/2007, 124/10) • Implementing Rules for Metadata (OG 102/10) • National Metadata Profile (11/2011) I l ti  R l  f t k Services S i • Implementing Rules for N Network (OG  46/12)


Tomorow: Inspire transposition
• In 2009 Inspire directive was included in the National Program for Accession European Union – obligation to transpose it till joining EU. EU • Plan to prepare a draft of the Law in 2012.

• After 2013 Croatia is obligated to follow INSPIRE timeline.

Tomorow: Inspire transposition
PSI Re‐use Directive:  Directive 2003/98/EC  Access Directive:  Directive 2003/4/EC

INSPIRE Directive:  Directive 2007/2/EC 

NSDI is  infrastructure  for access  and re‐use of  spatial data


Tomorow: Inspire transposition
Finalised Croatian Law on NSDI 

December 2012.

NSDI Council
Final Proposal Croatian Law on NSDI 

NSDI Board
Proposed Croatian Law on NSDI

July 2012.

Working Group for INSPIRE Transposition


Few thoughts for the end
• “NSDI NSDI seems to be about the harmonisation of spatial information. What it’s really about is  the coordination of organizational behavior.”
• Paraphrase of David Schell, Founder and Chairman of the OGC

• The p problem is not the law. The p problem is its implementation

Thx for Your attention…
Tomislav Ciceli State Geodetic Administration Gruška 20, Zagreb, Croatia