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APRIL 2013

Every single human being has the ability to create, which is evident by the fact that we are here, we are alive and we are drawing events, opportunities, circumstances and resources to ourselves at every moment of every day. Whether you are cre­ ating something you consciously desire, or not, has a lot to do with where you are placing your focus.
Most often people focus on what they do not want. They complain about their circum­ stances, worry about the future and hold on to guilt and shame about the past. This sets up a specific vibration within you that at­ tracts more of the same into your reality. It means that you live each day in a world of probabilities based on what you have previ­ ously created. who consciously creates joy and abundance and love in their lives and someone who does not, is the ability to realise that YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST, thereby shifting your focus from what was to who you are in this now moment. The past is done and the future is a field of potentials which, when chosen consciously, can change your path of probabilities to one of unlimited opportunities.

How often do you limit yourself because of a continued next page past experience? How often do SPECIAL TOPIC EVENING you say something like: ‘I am not creative because I was not allowed to express myself as a child’ or, ‘I always have bad relationships because I was be­ An evening presentation to learn what prevents you trayed by my first lover’ or, ‘I from healing and how you can release these blocks. can’t trust people (or myself) We will cover many aspects of healing including the main causes because I was abused as a of dis-ease, healing yourself, healing others and how to go beyond child’. current limitations. It doesn’t matter what your story is, we all have them. The difference between someone Friday 5th April, 7 - 9pm
$30 per person

0408 857 620

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often the ones who have taken us to the dark­ est places who love us the most and who we have given the great honour of allowing them to do so. Today’s discussion highlights a new poten­ tial—the potential to let go of the old stories of your past and allow yourself to truly reach for the sky and beyond. Everything is in align­ ment for you to do this; the planet, conscious­ ness, the availability of new energies and your own soul’s desire. So now it comes down to personal choice. Are you ready to be all that you can be? Are you ready to truly let go of the past and allow your imagination to partner with you in co­creating a brighter future? That’s all it takes to start shifting energy—your willingness to let go, and your courage to imagine something grander. Many blessings, Keryn Lee

The key is to be willing to release the past. How invested are you in holding on to this old story? Can you give yourself permission to let it go? Old wounds caused by these experiences can be healed by remembering one simple fact— something I was reminded of in a recent Dreamwalk with Adamus St Germain—and that is:­ Within every experience is an element of love. Too often we remember only a small portion of the actual events that took place and we fail to acknowledge that as spiritual beings we CO­CREATE these experiences WITH each other out of love FOR each other. And it is

(Private Sessions) with Keryn Lee
These sessions help you shift energy, release anything that no longer serves you and empower you to heal and transform your own life. Learn how to consciously create more of what you DO want in your life.

If you continue to do the same thing every day, you will get the same results.

Make a change today.
Phone & Skype Sessions also available.

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Spotlight on Transformation
Part One

Please welcome Claire Barry to this month’s ’Spotlight’ section. Claire  is  a numerologist, palmist and psychic. She brings her wealth of  knowledge, experience and wisdom as a new consciousness teacher  to her work to enrich the lives of those she comes into contact with.  What has one of your greatest or most note­ worthy challenges been since you began working with New Energy? I embraced the concept of New Energy whole­ heartedly, as I had enthusiastically experi­ mented with the tools taught to us by Tobias. I  have always practiced self healing, having dis­ covered my ability with Hands On Healing as a  very young woman, so the Standard Technol­ ogy method taught by (Adamus) St. Germain  several years ago appealed to me greatly.   Once I had mastered the technique of talking  to my cells, infusing them with New Energy  and then commanding them to multiply them­ selves was something I practiced regularly.  My  own good health continued to support me in  all my endeavours.  Then in January 2012, I asked Leah Shaw to see  if her training as a Bio­Resonance Facilitator  could work on my failing memory.  This had  become a very real concern in my life.  During  her initial analysis of my body in general, she  uncovered some alarming growth patterns  throughout my body.  This was a huge challenge to my faith in the ST  work which entailed daily Breathing New En­ ergy into my body.  However, I have since,  through the Bio Resonance treatments, been  given a clear bill of health, aided I am sure by  my resilience.  Also, I realized that my body  had been working on the problem for about a  year before the diagnosis, as my feet had been  sloughing off damaged cells for many months  – trying to rid the cancer.  I came to believe  that I would have been experiencing far more  severe symptoms if my cells had not been re­ generating every day, pulsing New Energy  through my system.  What did you do to overcome this challenge and how did things change? Other realizations came to me, in general,  about the New Energy lessons.  Over and over  we have been told by Tobias in those early  years, that we were the fore­runners, the few  who had put up their hands and volunteered  (or were ‘volunteered’ by our Soul Families!)  to work with the New Energy which ultimately  birthed itself in 2007.  The fact that the Quan­ tum Leap happened 5 years before the 2012  Mayan forecast, was attributed to our full­ hearted efforts.   However, this challenge to my physical health,  while continuing to undergo the very regular  cell regeneration technique, caused me to re­ think. I came to a personal conclusion that to  expect all that is promised by the New Energy  in just this one lifetime is probably delusional: 
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for me at 63, anyway.  In no way have I given  up on the technique, but I have accepted that  I need a little extra help along the way, to  maintain my natural good health.     I will add, I don’t want to accept that, but cur­ rently I do.    How has this affected your life? I had to add a pinch of common sense – find a  balance, I suppose.  What ‘New Consciousness’ tool do you find most useful in your life and how do you use it? No doubt about it – the Breath.  I think after  so many years of daily practise it has just be­ come natural.  However, I am particularly con­

scious of it as a tool when I am challenged –  physically in particular. It is so helpful to stop,  breathe, and try again.  It helps me too to stay  calm, to find a way around an obstacle  whether it be physical, mental or emotional. I  have had a principle in life and have been  heard to say quite often, “Give God time to  act.”  I love it when the action is instantane­ ous, but respect that a few extra breaths is  giving God a little more time!  But, in saying this, I still find myself using  many of the old phrases to summon the New  Energy … “Dance with whatever comes to the  door” , “Put the problem in the oven”, “Paint  the walls within your ‘house’…   Many healers, psychics, chanellers etc work­ ing with New Energy have noticed that how
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A workshop about Being in your Joy and releasing the blocks that limit you.

Join me, Keryn Lee, for an outrageously fun and transformative day with New Consciousness teacher Douglas Edgar.

And instead of another workshop in another   classroom, let’s go to the BEACH!!! 
This unique workshop starts at 9.45 at Bracegirdles at Glenelg where we will savour deliciously divine hot chocolate as we begin our ‘workshop’.  We will then adjourn to the beautiful shoreline to shift some energy, and breathe in new potentials.  Later we will share a light lunch at one of the local cafes as we discuss further topics,   assimilate the day’s events and take time for questions and answers. 


A profoundly transforming day that will help you move a lot of  stuck energy while you have fun! 

Tuesday April 30th, 9.45am—2pm
Treat yourself to this wonderful experience for only $75
Meal/drinks are not included in price.

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they used to access information/healing has changed. How has New Energy/New Con­ sciousness affected the work you do? I have learned to give those people I interact  with (and that includes people I do readings  for, and also healing sessions) the benefit of  my expectation that they can ‘be there’ with  me.  Everyone can connect with the energy  now, whether they realise it or not.  I encour­ age other people to ‘command’ and receive.  I  undertook training with the Theta Energy ear­ lier this year and find this to be a fantastic ad­ junct to move the New Energy.  One of the new discoveries I have made  through my work with Palmistry, is a new line  on our hands – and I observe it on a great  many women. (Bear in mind that many men  could also have developed this line in recent  times – but I don’t see as many male hands as  females.)  This line is a ‘new’ kind of Intuitive  energy which aids and assists us in our profes­

sional lives.  It does not appear in any of the  old books from which I learned to read palms.   My prediction is that great good fortune will  be attracted by the bearer of this line, by using  their intuitive skills in whatever professional  manner they choose.  I would define this new  line as Intuitive Creativity! ... isn’t that the New  Energy?  I have also discovered that I can do ‘absent’  healing and ‘distant’ healing, if I have the per­ mission of the recipient.  I command the heal­ ing and witness the work on the body, in my  mind/imagination.  I am not sure it always  works ­ who knows what goes on in another  person – but I will persist in this form of Ser­ vice.  Is there anything else you’d like to add? I am sure that removal of the unconscious  blocks, created by misadventure and false be­ lief systems from this lifetime and other incar­ nations, aids full healing.  One day in the not  too distant future, we shall indeed be able to  create a Safe Space and Know that it is totally,  fully functional.  Until that day, it is our job to  keep practising – as with all the Tools given to  us since the Crimson Circle channels began just  before 2000. — Claire Barry  Claire is available for Palmistry, Numerology readings, and Psychic Parties. Contact her at or 0458 566 215. *          *          * 
Please Note: Adamus St Germain and Tobias are  channelled through Geoffrey Hoppe of the Crim­ son Circle. The Standard Technology technique of  communicating with your cells was originally  taught by them. It is also part of the Healing You  workshop Keryn will be teaching later this year.  Contact her if you are interested.  

A Kiss from your Soul
Conscious Breathing for Self Love & Soul Integration

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Conscious Breathing is a gift that you give your­ self every time you take that slow, deep breath  into your belly and connect with who you really  are.  This recording invites you deeper into you  through the energies of the voice and music,  and it will give you the opportunity to reunite  with your soul in a very sacred way.

Next Month: Marisa Calvi—new energy  teacher, writer and channel for Ascended  Master Kuthumi Lal Singh. 

The first Master Class is now in its fifth month  and I think participants would agree that it  has been fun, and informative, as well as  challenging  at times. It offers the potential  for deep transformation while providing the  tools needed to make profound changes.  It teaches participants to go beyond the old  ways and create with ease and grace rather  than the struggles of the past.  I was not planning on offering  another Mas­ ter Class until later this year, however, the  next one has begun to take on a life of its 

own.  And, as I like to  keep these classes  small to enhance the experience of each par­ ticipant, there are currently only three places  left. Therefore the next Master Class has the  potential to begin earlier, possibly in June.   If you are interested in this class and would like  support and encouragement as you embark on  your journey of empowerment and self­ discovery please contact me as soon as possi­ ble to book your place.    blessings, Keryn Lee

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive personal and spiritual guidance as well as group support for not just one workshop, but for a total of eleven months.


Master Class 2013 is about YOU becoming sovereign and empowered and creating the life  you desire. It goes beyond teachings of the past and offers simple tools for conscious living  and self­awareness. It is a journey of remembering how to love, trust and honour yourself as  the Divine Being that you are. And it offers the opportunity for deep and profound discovery. 

�� �� �� �� ��

Learn to release the past and let go of anything that no longer serves you How to utilise New Energy and move into a new level of consciousness Consciously creating a more fulfilling life learn to use new consciousness tools for transformation How to be a creator OF life not a victim TO life and more . . .

$55 per month

($110 non refundable deposit.)

Please note that when you book your place you are making a commitment for eleven monthly classes. 

0408 857 620
See website for more information.

The spiritual path is often seen as an arduous  one, filled with the trials and tribulations of a  soul seeking to find its way ‘home’. It often  includes serious studies, hour upon hour of  meditation and lots of pleading with your  guides or angels.  But wait! Maybe there’s a new way! :)  Could connecting with your own intuition and  inner knowing  have a deep impact on your  everyday life?  In the words of my children, ‘Hell, yeah!’  I invite you to toss aside the books, thumb 

your nose at meditation and tell your guides  and angels that you’ll be busy empowering  yourself for a day, and join me for this amazing  workshop.   You see, connecting with your own inner wis­ dom doesn’t have to be difficult, feeling into  other dimensions and realities isn’t just for the  lucky ‘psychic’ ones, and listening to your own  knowingness is easy once you remember how.   Join me on April 13th and let’s co­create a day  of fun, experience and discovery.  — Blessings, Keryn Lee 


A fun day of developing your natural abilities and going beyond past limitations.
A one-day workshop designed to expand your intuitive abilities. You will have the opportunity to release blocks that limit your intuitive abilities, experience an inter-dimensional journey to expand your awareness and develop trust in your own abilities, and participate in an exercise to open the psychic centres. Each participant will also receive an individual energy balance and clearing of the psychic centres with Keryn.

Saturday, April 13th, 2013
10am - 4.30pm Location: Wynn Vale $175
$50 non-refundable deposit required.


0408 857 620

~ with Mira ~
Channelled by Keryn Lee

The following are excerpts from a channelled session on 18th March, 2013. It is too long to in­ clude in its entirety, however, I feel some of it is relevant at this time because many people I speak with lately are feeling this sense of taking one step forward and two steps back. Take a few deep breaths and feel into the en­ ergy of this communication so that you feel into it beyond the words. Mira is speaking of old and new energy: . . . What we mean is the energies are like two streams flowing side by side, at times merging and creating disruption and discord within the flow. This will be seen every time the new and old energies meet at some point. This is a natural part of the process. The old energies are indeed moving away from your reality, be­ coming less attached to your reality. But they still try to hold on to what was, as the new en­ ergy comes in, much like a soothing balm for many, even for the planet, bringing ease to many areas. Then the old energy draws things back again. So this feeling of going back and forth, back and forth is very common at pre­ sent . . . . . . This has a disruptive effect on people’s lives. They take one step and feel they have solid ground beneath them and then it slips and they feel like they are falling and there’s nothing to hold onto. This is happening on a global scale. What was is no longer secure. What will be is unknown, and this puts people into a place of fear, of worry, of grasping out to something that was to try and steady them. But what was is no longer there, or is no longer in the same place, or no longer accessi­ ble in the same way. This will continue for some time. It will be the
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A profound intuitive healing experience facilitated through the sacred connection to my soul, and allowing you the space for deep transformation.
These sessions are shift a great deal of energy and release core issues very simply. They are empowering, transformative and life-changing.

Soul Inspired

Also available by Phone/Skype.

0408 857 620

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flavour of this year in a sense. More conscious human beings will find it much easier. This ebb and flow, this up and down is much easier for you because you have been through these things before. You know transformation, you know what it is like to be up and then to be down. And throughout your spiritual journey you have come through it many, many times, so you are familiar with this state of being. You are familiar with not knowing where you are heading and you are far more at peace with it than those who are not conscious of what is happening.

It is you and others like yourself who will hold a sense of calm for those around you. They will see that you are not afraid. They will see that your light is shining more brightly than ever, and they will see that it is a step that they are taking forward, and it’s ok to go back before moving forward again. In truth, they are not really going back, it’s a perception. They are not really going back, they are simply releasing another layer, moving through an­ other cycle. In the past this was a very slow process but now it happens very quickly, there are . . . cy­ cles upon cycles, moving together, many transforming at once which creates the illu­ sion of going backwards, but they are not.


An Adventure into Self-Love
What does it really mean to connect with your soul? What is your soul? How do you connect with it and what benefits can come from this?
The evening includes an exercise to release blocks and fears, and an opportunity to connect with your soul in a very sacred way. *Participants also receive a copy of A Kiss from your Soul— Conscious Breathing CD for self-love and soul integration.

7 - 9pm

Friday May 3rd
$35 per person (includes CD)
Tea/Coffee available afterwards

0408 857 620

Book now to reserve your place.

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So it is for each person to stay in their bal­ ance. It is for each person to connect with their I AM presence. To connect with who they really are. It’s an opportunity for all of humanity to connect with who they are to bring them the bal­ ance they desire. You have experi­ enced it yourself (speaking to Keryn), this feeling of being in the eye of the storm, where every­ thing is calm and all around you there is chaos. At this point now in your journey you rarely see the chaos, you have this place of calm within and around you all the time and there is no sense of chaos even being there. Whereas before you could see it and feel it all around you. Now it is not part of your higher perception. That higher perception is where your focus is much more of the time. This creates a potential for others to do the same. Some will see doom and gloom, some will continue to think the world is ending. Some

will continue to panic, to save and store for a rainy day because they see everything crum­ bling around them and they will go into sur­ vival mode. This is unnecessary, it is simply an automatic reaction for those who feel their sense of security being challenged . . . . . Conscious human beings are needed to be the balance. If you can BE the bal­ ance it has a very positive effect on people around you. It has a calming effect on people around you. Others will seek out those who are bal­ anced . . . and these connections will help bring them back into balance. And as they become balanced, they too will touch others and help them to bal­ ance. It will have a ripple effect . . . . . . So the coming months will bring more of the same. More new energies being an­ chored, more old energies being disrupted, more traditional structures being broken down. Gradually, gradually making way for a greater light to be part of the planet and the consciousness of humanity . . . It is my deepest honour to be of service to you . . . Namaste.

Weekly Conscious Breathing Class
Join in this beautiful sacred space in which participants are supported throughout their journey of awakening.
The group environment supports the shifting of energy through the breath and offers simple tools that will enhance your experience of life. A very empowering self­awareness group suitable for beginners or advanced.

Wednesday Evenings 7 – 8 pm
Phone or email me to book your place

0408 857 620

You’ll be accompanied by a tour guide. You’ll receive supplies for the journey. You’ll visit places both within and beyond yourself.

Who You Are and Why You Are Here Soul Purpose, Destiny and Karma Creativity and Passion Dreams and Imagination Life, Death, Dimensions and Past Lives Angels, Aliens, and Ascended Masters Integration of the Divine Human

8 weekly experiential learning sessions Starts May 7th
Tuesdays, 7-8.30pm Location: Wynn Vale $240
$100 non-refundable deposit required. (Payable weekly, see website for details)


0408 857 620

Special Topic Evenings
All About Healing April 5th

The New Consciousness Book of Ascension
This book cuts through the hype and offers a New Consciousness ap­ proach to ascension, because the path taken by past Ascended Mas­ ters has changed and we need new teachings to take us beyond the old paradigms. You will learn simple tools that can bring about profound transforma­ tion, and you will discover the sim­ plicity of ascension and what holds people back throughout their jour­ ney.

Developing Intuition April 13th Living It Up April 30th Mysteries of Life May 7th Master Class 2013
Only three places left. BOOK NOW

For more information contact Keryn on

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Soul Inspired Healing
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The Breath of Stillness

Slow, gentle breaths in. Slow, gentle breaths out. Acknowledging this sacred rhythm that takes place within your body. Feel the air flow all the way into your belly. Allow the outside world to fade away as you place your awareness within. Breathe into you. Allow the outside world to become still. Nothing else you need to do right now. Nowhere you need to be. Just you breathing with you in a sacred moment just for you. Breathe.
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