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3G Tariff Plans, Best 3G Plans, airtel Internet 3G Packs

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Choose from a variety of 3G plans and get set to enjoy a world of possibilities with airtel internet on 3G! To find out the airtel 3G plans in your city, please select your location from the drop-down below :

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Andhra Pradesh
airtel 3G is here in 12134 To subscribe to a 3G pack that suits you, SMS 3G to 121 or call
airtel and airtel partners can call with details!

Pack Type

Maxim um Service Charge

Plan Benefit

Validity Bill Shield Value (Postpaid only)

Charges Post consumption of Plan data benefit (reset every recharge)

Charges Post consumption of Plan data benefit (reset every every bill cycle)



Rs.9 Sachet Rs.47


30 min 150 MB

1 day 5 day


Rs 3/min 3p/10KB

NA NA 3p/10KB



300 MB

30 days


maximum upto Rs 750 3p/10KB

Rs.254 Standard


1 GB

30 days

Rs.1000 3p/10KB

maximum upto Rs 1000 3p/10KB



2 GB

30 days


maximum upto Rs 1500



4 GB

30 days After 3.1 GB, VBC of 2p/100KB upto a max shield (amount) of




3.1 GB

30 days

Rs 2000. Post hitting the shield value, enjoy free unlimited browsing at 20Kbps speed, validity 30 days. 3p/10KB Rs.5000 3p/10KB maximum upto Rs 5000

High Value

Rs.1505 Rs.1500 10 GB

30 days



3 GB



earlier data balance available in your account will be forfeited. » Actual Internet speed would depend on multiple factors like device.850 5 GB 2/3 .1555 - 12 GB Volume Based Charging Packs Pay as you go 0 0 Rs. valid upto 23:59 hrs on the day of recharge. click here *Service charge applicable for Postpaid customer over and above the bill. airtel Internet 3G Packs days 30 days 30 days 30 days Unlimited usage at controlled speed (@ 80 kbps) beyond Rs. Best 3G Plans. hence it shields you against a Bill Shock.1000 3p/10KB 3p/10KB To check the 3G ISD video call rates. Since maximum data bill is capped. » National roaming on 3G is available only on airtel 3G network.755 Rs.1250 & 9 GB for prepaid 30 days 30 days the in-built 3G usage Rs. » You will require a 3G enabled handset & airtel 3G network to enjoy airtel3G services . » Services on the airtel 3G USB internet modem are subject to airtel 3G network When your total data bill reaches Rs. www. » Daily pack will lapse on day of recharge i.1255 Rs. number of simultaneous users etc. » Video calls are NOT guaranteed on international roaming but might be successful in some networks.we recommend you to go for a HSPA handset.750 4 GB Rs.e. to truly enjoy the power of airtel 3G. web pages accessed. » On recharge with new data pack (when balance less than 50MB)/change in existing pack. you can continue using data absolutely free. » Free data usage available in 3G data packs is not applicable while national and international roaming. Applicable on "airtel Internet" APN salient features of the flexishield pack: *Provides you flexibility to start from a lower rent and pay as per usage. instead of committing a higher rent upfront. » Free data usage bundled with any existing offer including handset offers. time of day. unless mentioned explicitly. will not be part of 3G services packs. terms & conditions » You will not need to change your SIM card to enjoy airtel 3G services. » Video call will be activated by default once customer is activated on 3G.3/28/13 Rs. though at a reduced speed of 20 Kbps.650 3 GB 3G Tariff Plans.855 Unlimited Browsing Pack Rs.955 Rs.950 6 GB 8 GB for postpaid Rs. » Video calls if successful will be charged as per the visited network tariff. Browsing charges of 3p/10KB will apply while roaming on airtel networks in India. » All packs will work on both handset and dongles and other 3G enabled devices like tablets/laptop etc. 2000.655 Rs.

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