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Some SAP SD Interview Questions 2 Some of the interviewed questions and answers are as follows: What is the movement

type you used in consignment process? ### 632, 633, 634, 631 Don't ask this: Can team size be 40 in a project? Is there any generalized team size no. for any project? If we tell my team size is 40 in that what no. we can say sd people are? ## Team size cant be forty, Theres no genralized size of team. Never 40 sd consultants work together on same project. What is ALE? ## Application Linking and Enabling - Generally ABAPers work on it. What is meant by condition technique: can we say it is the combination of condition types, access sequence and condition tables? ## yes Where do we can find pricing procedure indicator in sd ? ## Pricing procedure is where we maintain all Conditions (like PR00, K004, mwst, kp00, etc) Where do we assign calender in the master records? ## In IMG screen Global Settings. What is the importance of customer account groups? ## We maintain the customer account to maintain payment terms and incoterms. Lets say, if SP is only booking order but the goods should deliver in foreign country and for which SP is not going to bare the excise and other taxes then the SH party or payer will tke teh responsibity then the tax is calculated based on account groups. What are incoterms? Where do we fix them? Where do you find in regular process? ## Incoterms or international comm. terms and u find in CMR - Sales area Data billing Tab. How can you make some of the fields as key field in generic tables? ## Some fields in all tables have a indicator on it.To see, then go to SE11, display VBAK, u will find MANDT on top, if you see after description 2 tick marks, those are key fields. Gernerally, these key fields are used in writing any Program or Interface. The key fields will extract data of non key fields . What is the standard group condition routine in condition type, what is its importance? ## Its better u read Group Conditions in PR00. How do you control entry possibility of condition values at order through condition type settings?

Material Requirement Planning.MWST. BAPI. A bunch of data need to be imported. SD & MM . Taxes. availability check and transfer of reQuirements are crucial. how to configure it. how it is possible in SAP? ## thru LSMW. Also in Credit Management. A huge no.## You can maintain the maximum and minimum value for all conditions. this information is passed to MRP and an avialability check and transfer of reQuiremnts are executed First the system carries out backward scheduling and establishes the material avaialbility date = desired delivery date-tr ansit time-loading time-picking & packing time and on this date an availability check is carried out using ATP logic which means avialable to promise Quanity =total ware house stock+incoing ordersoutgoing along with the avialability check the reQuirements also are transferred to MRP. SD & PP . But return order means its already transported reached customer during transit if materil is spoiled or broke or the goods r not delivered as per customer requested date. among these basic functions .Possible in Material Requirement planning. configure the avilability check using ATP and using the checking group and Checking rule . there are several basic functions which are executed automatically for the dynamic order management . what is availability check. the system first prepares schedule line containing the information on the desired delivery date and Quantities .then customer send the goods baack to company.Possible in Account Determination. switching on at schedule line catagegory the avialability check and TOR 2. What is the integrated areas in SD AND FI. When we create a sales order. the configuration involves following 1.Possible in Batches. SD AND PP in both implementation and support projects? ## SD & FI .of creations are required. What is the difference between PGI cancellation and returns order? ## PGI cancellation is done before the transportation of goods.. for posting the conditions to revelant G/l account like all prices goes to one particular g/l account. SD AND MM. What are the customizing settings in pricing procedure for tax condition type? ## Check out the standard pricing procedure RVAA01 .

In the form painter..What is the difference between ATP check and availability check how these reflect in sales order(which check system considers) what are the IMG settings for the same.Then it passes to Material ReQuirement Planning. The include can look like this for a bitmap: /: BITMAP MYLOGO OBJECT GRAPHICS ID BMAP TYPE BMON . avability check is nothing but checking of availibility of stock which is placed in the order . To use an INCLUDE statement.bmp file ) i am asking procedure? Example by giving various input values and checking the output Use tr ansaction SE78 to import graphics to SAP.adding datas to an existing table. sys carries out this check through a available to promise (ATP) logic =whare house stock +planned recepts (incoming stock)-planned issues (out going stock) What we normally check for in the Database Testing? Database testing involves some indepth knowledge of the given application and reQuires more defined plan of approach to test the data. Key issues include : 1) data Integrity 2) data validity 3) data manipulation and updates. Tester must be aware of the database design concepts and implementation rules what is the purpose of table maintanance. What can u do in UTP? UTP:unit test plans in this we test the task by various test case senarios. goto into the window script editor and use menu Include>Graphic.(i think it's for authorizarion purpose) what is ment by authorization? SM30 is table maintanacce It is used for checking who changed and what changes took place in the table. Or we can also say. In scripts how to upload logo (it's saved in .Planned Issues (Out going stock) Availbilty Check is an integral part of business process it determines the if the desire deliverible Quantity can be met on reQuested delivery date or not. or Table maintanance is for creating. ATP Check is checking of availablty Quantities i. you can either include directly to the form using menu Edit>Graphic->Create or using the INCLUDE statement in a window.e ATP = Total Warehouse Stock + Planned receipts(Incoming Stock) .

We want to include our own error message to this list if the selected batch is not on a customer defined table. Collecting all the table data in your program.tif file) in the parameter and run the report. CALL FUNCTION(output parameter name).It has to be type RS38L_FNAM. Then Go to Se71 and include the image from the text elements. Why u can call(r using) ssf_function_module_name in smartforms? Calling SMARTFORMS from your ABAP program. to SMARTFORMS Q: We get a report screen: &Quot.ssf_function_module_name &Quot. The input parameter is the SMARTFORM name the output parameter is the function module generated . give your logo(Saved as . during the delivery process when activating Post Goods Issue button. Press the text elements button and the include the logo(Which actually has been saved as a TEXT) using Insert->Text-STandard. After getting the output parameter .Or use report RSTXLDMC You run the report RSTXLDMC.USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE . and pass once or By using &Quot.Goods issue: Problem Log&Quot. the user can obtain the function mudule generated by the Smartform. CHoose your LOGO. What is the best way? A: Try User exit . For this you go to the Page windows.