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Semco® PR-855 fire stop foam

The effective and economical solution

and repairs. Mechanical seals and packs are another method. heat. problems with common sealing methods The public has become increasingly concerned with the serious threat of uncontained fire in high rise buildings. and application. Many buildings. it presents large scale re-entry problems whenever a cable repair or change needs to be made. That’s all there is to it. Once the material has hardened. wiring. encapsulating cables and pipes and leaving no air space. It effectively blocked passage of flame. PR-855 seals also passed the U. allowing the fire to pass between floors and throughout the building. as well as during initial installation. This enables it to fill voids and cavities completely. which are allowed to spread to upper floors via poorly sealed penetrations. Building codes in many cities are being changed to require fire preventative sealing of penetrations. Polyvinyl chloride and other cable insulations are known to release these corrosive. smoke. PR-855 offers cost savings when making repairs. demonstrating resistance to water permeation and blow out. telephone exchanges. may require retrofit corrections. classified by Underwriter’s Laboratory. During a fire. A water resistant seal helps keep water from leaking through penetrations to damage the floors below. In Factory Mutual and U. The cartridge is disposable. and power plants. easily mixed and applied. Installation involves high labor costs. and pipes. often preventing the spread of fire and resultant damage. You gain these cost advantages because of the product’s unique properties and packaging system. toxic gases when heated. tests. due to difficulties in installation and dependence on craft expertise. retrofits. how Semco® PR-855 saves on labor costs The performance effectiveness of PR-855 as a fire stop has been proven in many grueling tests. 2 . PR-855 is a two-part silicone foam. and cures quickly. Your internal personnel can make effective seals with minimum training. and toxic fumes. mixing.L. the mixed material can be worked easily into tight spaces. A major obstacle to this important safety measure has been high labor cost and/or questionable effectiveness of common sealing the solution: Semco® PR-855 fire resistant silicone foam Semco® PR-855 firestop foam. A proper seal helps keep the blaze contained in one area. PR-855 comes in a wide range of Semkit® cartridge sizes. Fire casualties and costly damages are often caused by toxic fumes. Simplicity of use makes it ideal for original applications. smoke and heat can pass through these cracks to cause serious damage. It expands in 3 to 4 minutes to a foamed volume three times its liquid state. follow these simple directions: mix the material inside the cartridge and apply. This is an important feature when flooding is caused by sprinkler systems and fire hoses. hose stream test. One never comes in contact with the material. smoke. For example. Normal shrinkage of concrete and plaster results in cracking and air spaces. When ready to use. The function of a firestop seal is to block the passage of fire and vapor. offers the first effective alternative. Once extruded into the penetration. easy application: the Semkit® cartridge PR-855 is supplied in PRCDeSoto International’s proprietary Semkit ® cartridge.PRC-DeSoto International how fires spread One way fires spread is by traveling along air spaces created by cables. and heat. which permits storage. left dangerously unsealed. They are cumbersome and sometimes not reliable. all in a single cartridge. It can also save you money. these “penetrations” act as conduits for flames. methods. a common way to seal penetrations is to pour concrete or plaster into the void. During a fire. it withstood 2000°F heat without burning.L.

penetration can be quickly resealed with a Semkit® cartridge of the proper size. two-part.3 within a period of 3 to 4 minutes after mixing. Part A is black and Part B is off-white for visual determination and inspection of the uniformity of mixing. tests. mixing. Properly dam the penetration to keep PR-855 in place while in its liquid stages. PRC-DeSoto International will work with you to determine the best application procedure for your particular situation. When Parts A and B are thoroughly mixed. Apply.L. how to fireproof a penetration with PR-855 where Semco® PR-855 is used PR-855 can be used in any type of penetration or void: wall and floor openings. Semkit® cartridges. without affecting the rest of the seal. Use PR-855 wherever you need fire resistant insulation. etc. silicone foam. applications. fast reseal • Storage. Break Semkit® cartridge barrier seal and mix compound inside. Material will expand as it cures to three times its liquid state. Only a slight exotherm is exhibited during cure. room temperature vulcanizing (RTV). and health and safety information. vertical or horizontal cable trays or conduits.the right equipment for large scale applications If you need to fill penetrations that are over several cubic feet. 1 and 10 gallon units. inventory of different-sized mechanical closures. fumes. and application in one package • Portable equipment for large applications description PR-855 is a black. easy storage and transportation PR-855 takes up less storage space than other penetration sealants and eliminates messy mixing areas. vaults. withstood 2000°F heat without burning • No toxic fumes when heated • Reduces labor costs • Easy application — minimum training • Fast curing foam fills all spaces • Easy re-entry. water • In U. the material can be easily removed where necessary.L. 3 . it may be more cost effective to purchase PR-855 in one-gallon or ten-gallon units and hand mix or apply with PRC-DeSoto International’s portable application equipment. Once the repair is made. multiple cable systems. classified firestop foam • Effective penetration seal blocks fire. When you need to make a cable change or repair. Semco® PR-855: U. For further information on product characteristics. etc. smoke. the product will expand and cure. consult a PRC-DeSoto International technical data sheet. Use fire-resistant packing materials and form board available from PRC-DeSoto International./ft. and portable Semco®-brand equipment are easy to store and hand-carry between floors of a building. easy re-entry One of the best features of PR-855 is its flexibility. It cures to a free blown density ranging from 15 to 20 lb.

or damage directly or indirectly resulting from use of. statements. Inc.) . User shall rely on his own information and tests to determine suitability of the product for the intended use and assumes all risks and liability resulting from his use of the product. the product.S. All recommendations. Semco® Utility Products PRC-DeSoto International. Printed in U. Inc. loss. but accuracy and completeness of said tests are not guaranteed and are not to be construed as a warranty.. Patent Office. New Jersey 08030 (609) 456 5700 Fax (609) 742 0890 www. 410 Jersey Avenue Gloucester City. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable to the buyer or any third person for any (Formerly Courtaulds Aerospace. Supersedes August 1994. or inability to use.For emergency medical information call toll free 1-800-228-5653.. Issued February 1999. registered with the U.A.S. either expressed or implied. and technical data contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable and correct. Semco and Semkit are trademarks of PRC-DeSoto International. Inc. Seller’s and manufacturer’s sole responsibility shall be to replace that portion of the product of this manufacturer which proves to be defective. Recommendations or statements other than those contained in a written agreement signed by an officer of the manufacturer shall not be binding upon the manufacturer or seller.prc-desoto.