Executive Summary

Global Education Service (GES) has been pioneer as student consultancy firm. Other than student consultancy it mastered in promoting inclusion and inclusive practices, offering internationally recognized educational training for both general education and special education topics. It also provides educational based management solutions to schools, colleges and universities and related centers. Provide expertise in developing educational training content has been another task performed by the firm. GES organize educational conferences, seminars and events on demand. There are four departments to serve the customer while accounting department keeps track of financial transactions. The main objective of this report is to measure the client satisfaction level of GES. In this particular study the client satisfaction level is determined by analyzing five determinants of service quality according to SERVQUAL model. They are reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles. The primary data is collected by using a structured questionnaire. The convenience sampling technique was considered for the survey. The research has been conducted among 50 clients of GES.. In the survey, the respondents have been asked various questions related to the five service quality dimensions, such as reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles. From the rating of the clients, the mean importance scores have been calculated across various service attributes. These service attributes have been ranked according to their importance. According to the mean importance score, most important service aspects to GES clients are individual attention to them. The others are time taken by the employees to corrects error and mistakes, professionalism of the employees, appearance of the physical facilities, appropriate solution of the problem, latest features of the products, employees’ willingness to help the customer, giving prompt service, providing service with promised time friendliness of the employees and modern equipment and technologies. In this report, after calculating mean score according to response of the customers, the satisfaction level and importance level related to attributes of service quality for customers have been identified and compared. From the study it was found that clients are highly satisfied with the individual attention given to them. But the satisfaction level is low for the physical appearance of the facilities. So, it is highly recommended to modernize the appearance of the physical facilities


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