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Module DSP Board 10Base-T RJ45 -AVCC +AVCC T U V Power Supply Connectors Five 4mm connectors for standard laboratory power supply units: +VCC positive Power Supply for DSP Board. rim = GND. center-pin = +VCC.Module. connected to A32. connected to C16.D.SignT 2001 Doc #1. supply for analog Daughter Module. U32 -AVCC neg. B32.2mm jack for universal power supplies is provided as well. © D. connected to C15.Base Board RS 232 Reset Button Setup Button Test Pin Test LED (yellow) Power LED (green) 1 A B 16 32 +VCC GND +VCC GND AGND PWM Out D. connected to A32 AGND 0V for analogue Daughter Module. connected to C17. connected to B32 GND 0V for DSP module. U1 A 6. supply for analog Daughter Module.1 1 . U31 +AVCC pos.

Ethernet network connection r equires a 1:1 cable to connect to a Hub.Base Board RS232 Connector 9pin D-Sub connector. female. The associated programming file is part of the D.1 2 . 0-Modem wiring. which must be mounted below the DSP module.Module's Board Support Package. Signals from the 8900 Ethernet connector are routed to this RJ45 jack.Module.SignT 2001 Doc #1. This output is available filtered and AC-coupled on the 3. Connect to a PC-COM port using a 1:1 cable. 1K PRG_IO0 (B2) 22 nF 22uF © D.Module.Module's userprogrammable CPLD.Module.5mm jack. male .D. PWM Output A Pulse Width Modulation output can be implemented in the D.8900 Ethernet daughter Card. The D-Sub is connected to the DSP module as follows: 1 6 TxD CTS RxD RTS A3 A4 A5 A2 5 9 GND A6 RJ45 10Base-T Ethernet Connector This connector is used in conjunction with the D.female connectors. The PWM output is mapped to PRG_IO0 on the D.

© +VCC yellow LED.via 820 Ohms series resistor .1 3 . release the Reset button first. then the Setup button.SignT 2001 Doc #1.Module. connected to GND and .D.Base Board Push-buttons Reset: Setup: connected between GND and pin A9 (nRESIN) on the DSP module connected between GND and pin A11 (IN0) on the DSP module To reset the DSP module press the Reset the Test-Pin next to it. press Reset and Setup simultaneously. to put the module in Setup mode. connected to GND and .via 820 Ohms series resistor . Indicators Power: Test: green LED. Can be connected to any signal on the DSP module ( except the RS232 signals ! ) to indicate it's logic state.