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COUPLES FOR CHRIST HEALING WORKSHOP In CFC we are continuing with Jesus’ mission of bringing his light and

life to others. His public ministry consisted of teaching, proclaiming the gospel, and healing (Mt 4:23). Proclaiming the gospel is our work of global evangelization. Teaching is our work of continuing formation with the goal of making disciples. This workshop focuses on the ministry of healing. This workshop is available to members on an optional basis. The chapter or cluster may make this workshop available from time to time. Goals of the workshop: 1. To explain the different aspects of healing. 2. To experience the healing love of Jesus. 3. To raise up men and women who would minister to others through a gift of healing. Resource persons needed: 1. Workshop leader. 2. Speaker (normally the workshop leader). 3. Music ministry. Sample schedule: 1:30 p.m. 2:00 2:15 3:15 3:30 4:00 5:00 Arrival and registration Worship Talk “Receiving the gift of healing” Break Led prayers Group prayers Close


Lk 4:40. including miraculous physical healings. Four kinds of sickness and the corresponding healing. Lk 6:19. This requires deliverance. Emotional sickness. 3. This requires repentance and forgiveness. a) The gospels record that Jesus healed all who came to him. We “give” healing to another. 4. b) We have also experienced many healings. 2. We in CFC carry on Jesus’ salvific work. B. 3. 1996. we mean two things: a) That we can be healed of our affliction by Jesus. When we talk here about receiving the gift of healing. 9 pages. 1. Introduction. This requires physical healing. Jesus’ public ministry had three aspects: evangelization (proclaiming the gospel). COUPLES FOR CHRIST HEALING WORKSHOP TALK: RECEIVING THE GIFT OF HEALING Expanded Outline A. 2. 1. We would however like our ministry of healing to become more commonplace in our community experience. Personal sin. b) That we can receive the gift of praying for someone and being used by the Lord as an instrument of his healing.2 CFC PFO. a) We are very strong in evangelization and formation. * Mt 8:16. April 24. . We receive healing. 1. C. Jesus desires to heal everyone. These have been institutionalized. formation (teaching) and healing (curing disease and illness). Demonic oppression. Mt 4:23. Physical sickness. This requires inner healing. Healing for today. Mt 12:15.

Mk 16:18. a) In praying for healing. a) Just as in Jesus’ day.18. a) This is a nonverbal way of communicating love and concern. To raise the dead. Lk 13:13. Mk 5:23. Especially when one praises and gives thanks for all things without exception. Mt 8:3. every follower of Christ can also become a channel of his healing love to others. Mt 19:13-15. * Mt 10:7-8. 2. people are naturally attracted to healing.3 b) Jesus also commissioned the apostles and disciples to do the same. * Acts 9:17. 1. * * * To express loving concern. Important elements in praying for healing. D. Lk 9:2. Praise and thanksgiving. . 2. especially dramatic physical healings. c) Jesus’ disciples were to do likewise. Praying for healing can become a powerful way of manifesting our love for our brethren in our community and for others outside. b) But though certain individuals may be given an extraordinary gift of healing. * This accounts for the popularity of televangelists who claim the gift of healing. Mk 16:15. and he certainly can choose anyone to be his instrument. Laying of hands. Mt 8:15. Their proclamation of the kingdom of God was to be accompanied by healing.41-42. praise and thanksgiving are powerful tools. Today people still need to hear the good news and also to receive healing. To heal. * * Jesus is the healer. b) Jesus frequently used touch to express his love. Lk 10:9.

expressing our approval of something. Forgiveness.” How do we know we have forgiven actually? When we are able to pray for the person. c) Thus when we praise and thank God as we pray for healing. Thus he can act. no matter what is happening to us. We can do it if we consider how the Lord himself has forgiven us. we are asking the Lord to bring good things and goodness upon the person. We are putting our faith in the God who wants only the best for us. not a feeling. To love is to want what is best for a person.4 * As we do so. We acknowledge that we trust in God’s perfect plan for us. honor. Both the one praying for another and the one being prayed for have to forgive. even if that includes suffering and pain. This is because when praying for a person. even as we have sinned more greviously against him. we open ourselves up to Jesus’ healing power. * * Jesus’ healing power cannot penetrate through unforgiveness. To praise then is to give positive affirmation. we simply decide to forgive that person. Mt 6:14-15. acclaim. This is because Jesus becomes the center of our prayer. the one praying for another must not have any unforgiveness in his heart. Col 3:13b. We can say “I forgive you and love you because Jesus loves you. Praying for a person is a manifestation of love in action and forgiveness. to praise means to extol. we are abandoning ourselves (or the one being prayed with) to his perfect will for us (him). we are approving of God’s workings in our life. We can visualize the person in our minds and see him as the Lord sees him. a) A barrier to healing is unforgiveness. laud. b) Thus. * * * * Forgiveness is a decision. * * When we praise God even in difficult situations (such as sickness). express approval. and we are allowing him to act in accordance with that will. before praying for healing. Even if we still feel hurt by someone. b) According to Webster’s dictionary. 3. not according to what we think best. and we move away from being self-centered to being centered on Jesus. .

but deep inside us the hurts or wounds may continue to fester. Prayer for deliverance would be necessary before prayer for physical healing. c) The painful memory may not necessarily be erased. we can be delivered from negative feelings of fear. Asking the Lord to touch these areas can be a big step to experiencing complete healing--physically. 2. deliverance precedes physical healing. sadness. But this time Jesus is brought into the picture. a) Many of the healings by Jesus in the New Testament were accomplished by casting out an evil spirit. d) Inner healing can be immediate. . Even if we can recall nothing which might impede our spiritual growth. Different prayers for healing. a) Many if not all of us have experienced traumas which continue to affect our life. it is necessary to invite Jesus to enter into our heart and touch any painful wounds we have there. a demonic oppression can cause physical sickness. b) The person is asked to recreate the scene or sad experience in his mind. E.5 c) We should also ask the one being prayed over to forgive whomever he has a resentment against. we can still ask the Holy Spirit to direct Jesus’ healing touch to wherever it is needed. * * * Because man is composed of body. Also. b) Thus in such cases. * Here we need discernment as we pray over someone. 1. Prayer for inner healing. These events may have occured many years ago and we have forgotten them. guilt or pain. Many times. * * Since God will not violate our free will. mind and spirit (physical. emotional and spiritual). anger. spiritually and psychologically. Though we may still remember the sad experience. Prayer for deliverance. or it can be a continuous process over an extended period of time. a disorder in one area can prevent healing in another area. but what the Lord can do is to release us from its bondage. the root has to be attacked.

envy. witchcraft. 2. resentment. hate. etc. 2. lying. greed. Small group prayers. Then pray for the indwelling of the Spirit of Jesus to fill in the void vacated by the evil spirit. G. rage. jealousy. including a prayer for protection. Prayer of repentance. guilt. * * 3. Prayer for inner healing. sorcery. Let us be confident in our God who desires so much to heal us. Call out these root causes and in the name of Jesus command them to leave. * * * . c) Prayer for receiving the gift of healing. Conclusion. hostility. 1.6 * Be attentive to the root causes of oppression that the Lord may show us in our mind. a) b) c) d) Introductory prayer. rebellion. a) Prayer for deliverance. Prayer of forgiveness. Let us open ourselves up to become channels of God’s healing love for the world. Procedure for our prayers for healing (explain very briefly). b) Prayer for physical healing. idolatry. Led prayers. fear. Continue to pray for the others. anger. F. 3. 1. These may be lust. Prayer for physical healing. pride. cheating. Please remain quiet after your group finishes. We will all end our workshop together.

he will be forgiven. And so we recall the words of the apostle James. we praise you. . and the Lord will raise him up. Let us now.7 COUPLES FOR CHRIST HEALING WORKSHOP Procedure for healing prayers. (One or two minutes of silence). Is anyone among you sick? He should summon the presbyters of the church. and to you my brothers and sisters. forgiving us and redeeming us. in what I have done and in what I have failed to do. Create in me). in the silence of our hearts.” Prayer of repentance Let us call to mind our sins and repent for all of them. wanting to extend his healing touch. We have our confidence in him. Sing a song of repentance (e. If he has committed any sins. We praise and thank you for your Holy Spirit. Introductory Prayer Father in heaven. Please repeat after me: Lord. especially the gift of healing. all the angels and saints./ I am sorry for having offended you/ in thoughts. and I ask Blessed Mary ever a virgin. We praise and thank you for sending Saint Michael the Archangel and your holy angels to be with us and to watch over us in this workshop. in the name of your Son Jesus. All together: I confess to Almighty God./ and in what I have failed to do. Lord. we have come together in the name of Jesus. words and deeds.. and for the different gifts of the Spirit. who restored the sick to health and who even raised the dead back to life./ I take responsibility for all my sins. Start with a song of praise. take a few moments to repent of specific sins in our lives. that we might become whole. in my thoughts and in my words. Dear brothers and sisters. We praise and thank you for shedding your blood for us. I am a sinner. that I have sinned through my own fault. to pray for me to the Lord our God. and you my brothers and sisters. Then all be seated. who suffered so much for our sake. that you have assembled the brothers and sisters today. and the prayer of faith will save the sick person. Amen.g. we glorify you and we thank you. “Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray. He is here present among us./ I sincerely ask for your forgiveness. Is anyone in good spirits? He should sing praise. we come before you. (One or two minutes of silence). We praise and thank you for extending to our lives the power of your cross and of your resurrection. and they should pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.

I know that you are asking me to forgive those who have wronged me.8 Prayer of forgiveness Let us now call to mind any person against whom we may harbor a grudge. Heal any physical or emotional traumas which could have harmed me during the birth process. Lord I come to you in my weakness. Thank you Lord for being there to receive me into your arms at the moment of my birth. You know me so much better than I know myself. You in fact went to the cross in order that I might be forgiven for my sins. Lord Jesus. in the way that Jesus himself has forgiven us.. to provide whatever is lacking. Walk through my life. (One or two minutes of silence). Fill me with your love. Remove the pain and the resentment. Cleanse any bloodlines and free me from those things which may have exerted a negative influence at that moment. send me your mother Mary. which caused me to retreat into myself and erect barriers to . Walk back through my life to the very moment when I was conceived. If I needed more of a mother’s love. With what you have done for me. to tell me stories and fill in those empty parts of me which need the comfort and warmth only a mother can give. resentment. Bless me as I was being formed within my mother’s womb. touch him. Give me renewed confidence and courage to face the trials of the world. Ask her to hold me close. Yes Lord. illfeeling. Francis). And with your love help me to love those who have wronged me. daddy” with every part of my being. Prayer of St. and comfort me when others are not kind. Whenever you discover the wounded child. I ask you to surround my infancy with your light and touch those memories which keep me from being free. If I needed more of a father’s love and security to assure me that I was wanted and loved very deeply. Please pray in your hearts with me. Prayer for inner healing Let us now ask the Lord to touch our inner selves and heal all those areas that are in need of inner healing. to welcome me and assure me that you would never fail me or desert me. I ask you to enter into my heart and touch those areas which need to be healed. Your love knows no bounds. or hatred. protective arms. let me be able to cry “Abba. because I know my Father’s love will support me if I stumble and fall. and remove all barriers to wholeness. Perhaps the child inside feels deprived in the area of a father’s love. And let us ask Jesus to show us the way to forgiving that person. Please pray in your heart with me: Lord you forgave me even as I was still sinning against you. and release him. Heal the wounds of encounters which left me frightened. how can I not forgive? Lord touch my heart. to rock me. Bring your love to every corner of my heart. I ask you to hold me and let me feel your strong.g. Lord. Lord. Lord Jesus. console him. I do forgive them. Sing a song of forgiveness (e.

coming against the evil one. mind and spirit. physical healing. Also ask for areas for physical healing. but should be close enough to lay hands on the one being prayed over. 5. 8. through your healing love. I give myself to you--body. Sum up with a prayer for general health and wellbeing. abandoned and rejected by humanity. Form yourselves into groups of four persons each. The other three can either stand or sit. If none. as your beloved child. and for receiving the gift of healing. End with praise and the Glory Be. and receiving the gift of healing We will now pray with one another for deliverance. Jesus.9 people. 3. And I thank you for making me whole. Prayer for deliverance. 7. Each will be prayed over in turn by the other three. just move on. Each will in turn take the lead in the praying over. 6. physical healing. If I have felt lonely. Sing a song of thanksgiving (e. I love you Lord. * * * . Pray for deliverance. 2. Ask the one to be prayed over if there are areas of bondage which need to be delivered. Give the following instructions: 1. Aside from the first prayer leader.g.. 4. a new sense of worth as a person. women with women. the one who was prayed over will be the next prayer leader. Thank you Lord. Pray in tongues. Pray for physical healing. grant me. Pray for the gift of healing to be bestowed upon the person. 9. Men with men. Give thanks). Start with praising the Lord. The other two should support the prayer leader. The one being prayed over sits down. (Tell them how). Include any areas of bondage or oppression that the Spirit has given you a sense about.