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“Montana Home” Agreement

Site Address: _________________________________________________________ Owner: ____________________________ Address: ___________________________ City: _______________________________ Telephone: _________________________ Builder: ________________________ Address: _______________________ City: ___________________________ Telephone: _____________________

I understand that in order for the residence identified above to be certified by this utility as a “Montana Home”, the criteria listed on the “Montana House 2 New Construction - Prescriptive Component Requirements” specification sheet must be completed, documented, and certified by a representative of this utility. I understand that changes to the building design may disqualify the home so I will notify the utility of any proposed changes to the building envelope. 1.) I agree to build the house according to the plans approved (date) ___________. 2.) Slab inspection (date) __________. 4.) Wall inspection (date) __________. 5.) Final Inspection/blower door test (date) ___________.

___________________________________________ Owner ___________________________________________ Builder ___________________________________________ Utility Representative

____________ Date ____________ Date ____________ Date

August 2011

Table 1: Montana House 2 New Construction - Prescriptive Component Requirements Insulation Ceiling Wall (above grade) Floors over Unconditioned Space Unheated Slab Floors Heated Radiant Basement Wall Sealed Crawlspace Wall Windows & Doors Windows Glazing Skylights Max. Glazing Area ≤ U-0. .30 ≤ U-0.50 15% of Heated Floor Area ≤ U-0.16 R-11 R-8 Mastic Not tested Whole-House 4.0 ACH @ 50Pa 8.5 HSPF/SEER 13 SEER 13 Mechanical ventilation system required. Utility to test 10% of homes Cloth duct tapes not allowed. NFRC rated: Up to 1% of heated floor area exempt. Skylight area shall not exceed 5% of heated floor area. Combined window and skylight area. One door up to 28 ft2 exempt. R- 60 Adv. R-21 Int. + R-5 foam R-38 R-10 Full Slab + R-5 Thermal Break R-15 Perimeter, 4’ R-10 Remaining Slab + R-5 Thermal Break R-21 R-21 Insulation in floor joist cavity. Applies to all concrete slab floors above or below grade. Minimum R-5 thermal break required between slab edge and all walls and footings. Applies to all concrete slab floors above or below grade. Perimeter insulation shall be installed for a distance of 4 feet vertical, horizontal, or combined distance. Minimum R-5 thermal break required between slab edge and all walls and footings. Below grade walls can extend up to 24 inches above grade. The crawlspace wall shall be sealed and mechanical ventilation shall be provided. Sealed crawlspaces shall be considered conditioned space. Flat or Minimum R-49 vaulted.

Exterior Doors Ducts in Unconditioned Space Insulation Sealing Max. Leakage Ventilation & Air Sealing Ventilation System Envelope Tightness Heating & Cooling Equipment Heat Pump Air Conditioner Zonal Electric Forced Air Electric Water Heating Rigid Flexible

Installed according to Montana House 2 New Construction specifications for sizing and controls. Electronic thermostat required. Energy Star programmable thermostat required.

≤ 39 gallons Electric Water Heaters 40 to 49 gallons 50 to 64 gallons ≥ 65 gallons Appliances & Lighting Appliances Lighting ENERGY STAR qualified ENERGY STAR qualified

Energy Factor ≥ 0.96 Energy Factor ≥ 0.95 Energy Factor ≥ 0.95 Energy Factor ≥ 0.91

Applies to built-in appliances and any new purchases. . A minimum of 90% of sockets to be either ENERGY STAR bulbs, fixtures, or both. August 2011

2510 Hwy 2 East, Kalispell, MT 59901 406-751-4483 or 800-735-8489

$1,500 Montana Home Incentive Payment
Date_____/_____/_____ Account #___________________

Name and Address for Rebate Check:

Name: __________________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip

Site Address:
Name: __________________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip

Please attach and submit the following documentation with this rebate form: 1. Copies of all window NFRC stickers showing U values of 0.30 or lower. 2. Copy of door manufacturer’s specifications for the doors installed which show a U value of 0.16 or lower or an R value of 6.25 or higher. 3. Copy of the invoice(s) for insulation which state location of insulation, type of insulation, and final R value of insulation installation. 4. Copy of invoice and EnergyGuide Label for the water heater stating manufacturer and model number. 5. Copy of EnergyGuide Labels for each appliance which list manufacturer and model number or an invoice for the appliance package stating manufacturer and model numbers.
Disclaimers: Flathead Electric Cooperative hereby disclaims any and all implied or express warranties (including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) and shall not be responsible for any representation or promise with respect to the equipment, materials, or labor required for the construction of the project, or the performance of such equipment, materials, and labor. Release: As part of the consideration for this agreement, participant hereby releases and shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend Flathead Electric Cooperative from any and all claims, losses, harm, costs, liabilities, damages, and expenses (including attorney’s fees) of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the construction of the project or any material and labor required for such construction. Verification: Flathead Electric Cooperative shall have the right to verify compliance with program specifications. These residential energy efficiency programs are ongoing as part of Flathead Electric Cooperative’s continued commitment to energy efficiency. The programs are subject to change without notice.

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August 2011