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1) with regard to hemolytic transfusion reaction , which of the following is true ?

a) the are generally caused by ABO incompatibility b) Urticaria and pruritus are the commenest symptoms . c) acidification of urine prevents precipitation of hemoglobin . d) Intra venous diphenylhydramine should be given immediately .

2) The most common cause of transfusion reaction : a) air embolism b) contaminated blood c) Human Error d) Unusual circulating abti-bodies

3) The most common clinical manifestation of a hemolytic transfusion is : a) Flank pain b) Jaundice c) Oliguria d) A shaking chills

4) the most common fatal inflammation (complication of a blood transfusion) : ** viral hepatitis

5) One unit of fresh blood arise the Hb% concentration by a) 0.1 gm% b) 1 gm% c) 2 gm% d) 2.2 gm%