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Assignment Of Human Value

Topic : Trust

Submitted To:Lect. Pooja Kapoor

Submitted By:Jimmy Saini Roll No. 1275333 MBA 2nd Sem

Why do I need to know myself? 1. my teachers. it updates your understanding of who you are and how you change. Instead of answering who you think you ought to be. my parents. Being at peace with myself will enable me to live at peace with others 3. saying certain things. keep it focused on who you actually are. because in all likelihood that's a very good answer. my peers and the entire community 4. A healthy person continues to reinvent themselves throughout their life. and entertaining certain friendships all because someone else says you should? Are you willing to stand up for who you are at all cost even if it means you have to be alone sometimes? "Who am I?" This question is not static.therefore be able to develop full potential and be useful to others hence I will be a good . "Why Am I Here?" If you have. To understand myself and therefore appreciate myself.I will be able to respect others then and hence build a better relationship with God. therefore live in harmony with myself 2. To know my talents and gifts. don't be dismayed because you are not alone There are many people in various social circles who relate to others on a daily basis but do not know much about the core of who they are? Knowing yourself is extremely important Knowing yourself and being comfortable with who you are is important in building relationships How can you expect for someone else to like and accept who you are when you are clueless yourself? If you find yourself in group settings and notice that you are often uncomfortable in these situations it may be because you are not comfortable in "your own skin" Being comfortable in your own skin is what comes along with having your own identity Do you find yourself eating certain foods. warts and all. going certain places. To be able to respect myself.Why Study Myself? It’s surprising how many people function in everyday life without truly knowing who they are and why they exist? Have you ever wondered. It should be one you continue to ask yourself throughout your life. By asking this question regularly.

t.t. Then I will make efforts to overcome them or to accept what I cannot overcome. Finding the real you is an enlightening experience. you should do it no matter what anyone else thinks. With knowing myself. brother. where I am going). I will then take charge of my life thus plan my studies. I will give the person I am today the chance to look at the person which I want to become in future. Remove vice from your life. Do you know yourself? Can you put more effort to know yourself even better? Ensure that you know yourself from all possible angles.c 5. Stop smoking. and abusive drinking. When life hits with problems or misfortunes it shapes our belief system and makes us think differently. worker. my work. Create your own life timeline. How do you know you have found yourself? It is when you are able to help others find themselves. They also let you "off the hook" by sidestepping the analysis of why you use these crutches instead of finding better ways to brighten your life. 2. 6. Finding yourself is not easy. When you believe in something or see beauty in something. sister e. Finding yourself is a time of harmony because you develop the philosophy or belief system that will carry you throughout the rest of your life. sacrifice. my relationship e. 1. and tears. father. write down the events in your life that have already happened that you believe have affected you. . Develop your own moral conduct and practice sticking to it. mother. vices are any actions or habits that tie up your true self and let you escape having to think about the harder questions. Prepare to begin again with a clean slate. To know my limitations and weaknesses. If you have found something that is worthy of your best efforts.person. for once. You become selfsufficient and do things for yourself. In turn. These are examples of lapses or habits that will prevent you from functioning at your peak. Write down all of your major goals in your life that you feel you want to achieve.c. over-eating. I will be able to plan my life (knowing where I came from. then you have found the most important pursuit of your life. but here are a few tips for how to start the process. You are no longer needy and become utterly grateful for all the things people have done for you in the past.

Serve others. but so does everyone else. 5. it's easy for these purposeful thoughts to slip to the back of your mind and be forgotten. instead of answering the same questions all over again. They're not going to go away on their own. and issues into perspective. it will be a source of sustenance for you. learning. by which you can continue to measure your growth through life. Beyond your time spent in solitude. confront these issues. Keep them in a notebook that's both easy to access and update wherever you happen to be. and appropriate. you're going to make mistakes from time to time. 4. it's often a wake-up call that puts your own worries. then every time you reflect. Sure. They might be coloring your approach to daily life. Confidence and reliance are at the heart of finding yourself. You'll like it. All introspection and no reaching out to others can cause you to navelgaze and shut yourself off from others. you can review your notes and take it a step further. It helps you to see what you do have and the opportunities you've been able to seize through life. a) If you have been victimized in the past. causing you to live up to other people's expectations instead of your own. .3. concerns. That can fuel a great sense of self because suddenly everything can fall into place for you and you realize what matters most. Try it. right. Mahatma Gandhi once said that "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". you'll listen to what others have to say all the time and to be swayed by their insistence on what is wrong. If you don't have a solid sense of self-worth. and reaching into your real sense of self. Keep a written record of your answers to the questions in the last step. b) Start trusting your own judgment and decision-making processes. When you get to see how hard life can be for those in greater need than you. If you have them written down. Learn to believe in yourself and trust your own feelings. Learn to rely on yourself. It's through mistakes that you'll find yourself growing. Service to other people and to the community is the ultimate way to find purpose and a sense of your place in the world.