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Dimension of Service Quality for DTH Service

Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Dimension Assurance Reliability Tangibility Empathy Responsiveness Network Quality Convenience Price Other Factors Recommending Behaviour Switching Intentions Customer Satisfaction Behavioral Intensions Complaining Behaviour





pursuing Ph. 1.e. Employees of DTH service provider are well dressed. Himachal Pradesh. Customer service staff knows what your needs are. DTH service provider gives you individual attention. Statement DTH service provider employees know very well about the product and services offered by the company. Lekh Raj. by enriching the appropriate number. The DTH service provider provides good network coverage. video signal. 17. The information provided is to be used agreegatively only for academic research work. DTH service provider has visually appealing sign. appear neat and tidy. advertisement board and other artifacts. 13. 10. 7. 2. Given below are set of statements which relate to your feeling about your DTH service provider. 14. Kindly facilitate the completion of research by filling up the questionnaire.D at Shoolini University. 11. 3. DTH service provider staff is polite and courteous. 12. Customer service staffs are always willing to help customers. reassuring and dependable. Customer service staff has the knowledge to answer your questions/complains. 6. DTH service provider has convenient operating location. DTH service provider has modern and upgraded technology and equipment. 9. DTH service provider’s staff exhibits good work culture.QUESTIONNAIRE DTH (Direct To Home) Survey I. You receive prompt services from customer service staffs. 4. Indicate your extent of agreement or disagreement with each statement. The appearance of the physical facilities of the DTH service provider is adequate. 5. I. The DTH service provider provides a good picture quality i. 16. The meaning of the number is as: Key I) II) III) IV) V) Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral/ neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree 1 2 3 4 5 1 2  Mark 3 4 5 Sr. When you have any problem your DTH service provider is sympathetic. 8. DTH service provider provides the services as per the promised schedule. 15. No. . Solan. symbol. I am carrying out a research on “Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Paid Direct To Home (DTH) Service Providers in Himachal Pradesh”.

39. 24. You would like to continue services of the DTH service provider even if increase prices. Your DTH service provider provides you flexibility in the payments. 23. 30. 25. 33. DTH service provider offer you value for money. 28. Your DTH service provider provides you ease of lodging complains. It is convenient to change plan you choose once. 40. You would like to switch to a competitor if you experience a problem with the DTH services. You are aware of the new services and plans offered by the DTH service provider. It is convenient and easy to get or use the other features and different value added services provided by DTH service provider. You rarely face the problem of signal breaking. Your DTH service provider working efficiently in bad weather conditions. 29. You will take some of your usage to a competitor that offers better price. 22. There are adequate facilities to get account recharge as the recharge facilities are widely available. 31. You would be doing more usage with your DTH service provider in the next few months. audio signal. 26. Statement The DTH service provider provides a good voice clarity i. 38. 41. 27.e. . 21. You will complain to your DTH service provider’s customer services staff if you experience a problem with DTH services. No. In case you shift to some other place. Your DTH service provider charge reasonable price for services. 19. 1 2 3 4 5 35. Price of DTH service provider meets your budget objectives. 37. You find the billing system accurate.Sr. You would be doing less usage with your DTH service provider in the next few months. 32. Connection formalities of your DTH service provider are simple. You will pay a higher price than competitors charge for the benefits you currently receive from your DTH service provider. 18. 36. 34. 20. You will consider your DTH service provider your first choice to buy DTH services. DTH service provider provides you facility of free installation. You would not shift to some other DTH service provider even if it offers better deals in terms of price.

4. authority. No. 3. 1. 2 3 III. The overall service quality provided by service provider is satisfactory. You would encourage your friends and relatives to choose this DTH service provider. consumer protection council and consumer forum etc. Gender: a) b) 25-34 years e) 55 years and above Male b) Female c) 35-44 years . 2. You will complaint to some external agency such as TRAI. I am extremely satisfied with any overall dealing with DTH service provider. Indicate your extent of agreement or disagreement with each statement by enriching the appropriate number. No. You will inform other customers of the DTH service provider about complaints you are facing with DTH service. Statement You will say positive thing about your DTH service provider to other people. govt. Statement 1 Considering everything thing. 1. My DTH service provider always meets my expectations.II. Sr. 2. Your age category: a) Less than 25 years d) 45-54 years 2. In this section you are going to be asked about your personal details. Please answer the following questions on the above scale. if you experience a problem with DTH services. 3. The meaning of the number is as: 1 Strongly disagree 2 Disagree 3 Neutral/neither agree nor disagree 4 Agree 5 Strongly agree  Mark 4 5 Sr. 1 2  Mark 3 4 5 5. I assure you that your details will be kept confidential. 1. You would strongly recommend this DTH service provider to someone who seeks your advice. IV.

3.001 to 50. Marital Status: Which of the following best describes your current profession? a) Professional/Administrative d) Own business b) Academic/Education e) Others. Name: Name of DTH service provider: a) Tata Sky d) Videocon d2h b) Sun Direct e) Reliance Digital TV c) Airtel Digital TV f) Dish TV 9.001 to 40. Kindly give your suggestion for improvement in DTH services. Address: Phone No.001 and above Single 5.000 a) Married b) c) 20. 6.001 to 20.D b) Secondary level e) Others. / Email Id: Thank you very much for your valuable cooperation in this study . specify c) University degree bachelor 4.000 b) 10. Educational qualification: a) Below secondary level d) Masters/Ph. 13. Your monthly income category (in ): a) upto 10. Duration of dealing with DTH service provider: a) Less than 1 year d) 3-4 years b) 1-2 years e) 4-5 years c) 2-3 years f) 5 years and above 10.000 f) 50.000 d) 30. 12. Your monthly expenditure on DTH services (in ): a) Less than 150 d) 351 to 450 b) 151 to 250 e) 451 to 550 c) 251 to 350 f) 551 and above 11. (Specify) c) Student 7. 8.001 to 30.000 e) 40.