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"Each bird whom KFC puts into a box or a bucket had a miserable life and a frightening death.

People would be shocked to see our footage of a KFC supplier's employee who walks through a barn, carelessly lighting lamps and letting flames fall on the terrified birds. The air inside these filthy barns reeks of ammonia fumes, making it difficult for the birds to breathe. No one with a grain of compassion should set foot in KFC." 1 - Ingrid Newkirk, Director, PETA.2 "The chicken they serve is full of chemicals, and the birds are given hormones, antibiotics and arsenic chemicals to fatten them quickly." 3 - Nanjundaswamy.4

Protest Against KFC
On August 20, 2003, a five-foot tall chicken complete with an ensemble of feathers and beak hobbled on a pair of crutches outside Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) Indian outlet in Bangalore. The chicken was brought by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) activists, who carried placards reading, "Quit India" and "Stop Playing Fowl" (a pun on "Foul"). The chicken was placed at the centre and a peaceful protest was held against the alleged ill treatment of birds in KFC's poultry farms. Media persons were called to give the demonstration a wide coverage (Refer Exhibit I for a visual on the protest by PETA activists). Explaining the rationale behind the protest, Bijal Vachcharajani, special projects coordinator of PETA, said, "Ours is the land of Gandhi. Just as 61 years back our leaders gave a call for colonizers to quit India, we too are saying we will not tolerate cruel multinationals."5 On the 61st anniversary of the 'Quit India' movement,6 PETA India wrote a letter to the Managing Director of Tricon Restaurant International, the parent company of KFC, asking them to close their sole KFC outlet in India. They got no reply. PETA activists decided to protest against KFC by carrying crippled chicken, which represented the birds suffering in the KFC's farms. PETA claimed that after two years of intensive campaigning to increase animal

petaindia. legislation. in laboratories and in the entertainment industry. PETA India.Next Page>> w w w .icmrindia.G en Case Studies in Business Ethics . October 09.welfare standards in poultry farms. I Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Textbook Textbooks Collection Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Workbook Workbooks Collection Case Study Volumes Collection 1] "PETA Reveals Shocking Cruelty to Animals at KFC Factory Chicken Farm. PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world. with more than 800.Ethical .icmrindia." Bijal Vachcharajani. PETA undertakes investigative work. public education.o Enter your search terms Search pub-3085938629 0002 1 1997190638 ISO-8859-1 Submit search form w w w . 2] Founded in the US in 1980. Only KFC had not acted. www. animal rescue. Germany and Mumbai. Italy.o ISO-8859-1 active PoI0HVw kp9HxxC GALT:#0066CC. other foreign fast food restaurants operating in India like McDonald's7 and Burger King8 had improved the treatment of animals specially raised and slaughtered for food. It focuses primarily on areas where the greatest numbers of animals suffer the most: in the food and leather industries. Though PETA had organized other protests earlier.Vol. . the crippled chicken campaign became the precursor for more intensive protests. celebrity involvement and international media coverage for the protection and improvement of the quality of animal lives. PETA's was one of the many shows of protest against KFC's Indian was launched in January 2000. 2003. research. special events. based in Mumbai.000 members and offices in the US. England. KFC in India .

1942. 2003. 8] The US. Apart from his campaign against KFC. McDonald's entered India in October 1996.000 restaurants in 100 countries. is an important milestone in the history of India's struggle for freedom from British rule. Noida. Ludhiana." Shakuntala Narasimhan. he also organized a campaign in South India against global seed patenting provisions of the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Vadodara.220 restaurants in 61 countries worldwide.newindpress.based Burger King is an international fast food chain founded by James W. August 20. . 5] "Crippled Chicken Alleges Cruelty. Manesar and Gurgaon. Delhi. In 2004.1 bn in the fiscal year 2003. Doraha. 7] With revenues of $17. McDonald's is the world's largest food service company with more than 30. Nanjundaswamy is the founder-leader of the Karnataka Rajya Ryota Sangha (KRRS). 6] The Quit India Movement. serving more than 46 million customers every day. Kentucky Fried. which started on August 09. It was renamed Burger King Corporation in 1972.3] "Tandoori vs. Multinational Monitor. Pune. 4] Prof." www. Asks KFC to Quit India. Faridabad. McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami in Ahmedabad. January/February 1996. the company had more than 11. Jaipur. It has restaurants in Mumbai.