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1. Word Meanings From Context.

Use the context to help you determine the meaning of each highlighted word.

1.No matter where you go, the Internet is following you. Almost every portable device is being made with an Internet connection. Most new TVs and many other appliances come with Internet connections as well. The Internet is truly ubiquitous. If something is ubiquitous, __________. a. it is fuzzy and will bite you b. it is everywhere c. it costs too much money d. it causes rashes 2. Speaking rudely to the judges was rash behavior. You really hurt your chances of winning! In the above context, what does “rash” mean? a. an itchy skin condition b. funny c. trying to hide or disguise a piece of cheese d. with little thought or consideration 3. Some people are always bashing the president just like others bashed the one before him. Wouldn't you think that everyone could find something to praise him for, at least once in a while? What does “bashing” mean in the above selection? a. hitting hard with a heavy tool b. going to too many expensive parties c. speaking or writing harshly about d. voting for a different candidate 4. Wherever he goes, the esteemed Dr. Sanchez is applauded for his life saving research. What does “esteemed” mean? a. held over boiling water b. very old c. unable to chew gum d. greatly admired


7 million.S.A Lucky Coin Read the article first without stopping to find the missing words. gold c. only c. stack c. fortune c. the higher the __4__ tends to be. The more scarce any collectible item is. penny that was made at the Denver Mint has sold for $ 1.S. chubby 3) a. It's not likely. plastic d. Only a handful of copper pennies were made at the other mints that same year. reports 2) a. biggest b. A wealthy coin collector was eager to pay the huge sum for the coin because it was one of a kind and that collector already had a 1943 copper penny from each of the other two U. cheapest d. Mints in Philadelphia and San Francisco. That was the only year that Lincoln pennies were not made of __3__. pleads b. building b. price 5) a. but it is possible that you might have a small __5__ sitting in your pocket right now! 1) a. allows d. silver 4) a. ladder d. dollar 2 . When does one penny equal 170 million pennies? In Time for Kids. Then read it again and choose the correct missing word from the numbered choices below the article. You might be surprised to learn what some of your own coins are worth. That single coin is thought to be the __2__ copper coin made in Denver that year. tooth d. copper b. Pennies were made of steel in 1943 because copper was in short supply for use in equipment to help wage World War ii. asks c. spider b. Suzanne Zimbler __1__ that a 1943 U.

or places where coins are made. Others say pennies are not worth saving. Then. 2010 LEGEND NUMISMATICS D stands for Denver. twelve were made in the Philadelphia mint. Of the known copper pennies from 1943. a penny is only worth a cent. in 1943. A small handful of coins were made out of leftover copper. But one unusual penny turned out to be worth a lot more when a coin collector paid $1. and five were made in the San Francisco mint. After all. Because it is unique. So for one year. the penny changed. in 1943. World War II was going on. It is the only penny that the Denver mint made out of copper. 3 . There are three main mints.September 27. A Penny's Worth A one-of-a-kind penny sells for more than a million dollars By Suzanne Zimbler Some people say pennies bring good luck.7 million for it earlier this month. in the United States. it is also very valuable. Only one was made in the Denver mint. The coin is one of a kind. For 34 years. This is the only penny made out of copper at the Denver mint in 1943. and copper was needed for equipment. At least most of them were. The Changing Penny The Lincoln penny first appeared in 1909. the one-cent coin was made out of copper. instead of steel. pennies were made out of steel instead. No penny has ever sold for this much money.

1. b. Now that he finally sold it. 4 . Florida. coin-dealer Andy Skrabalak told TFK. A Special Set The coin collector who bought the $1. Read the selection and then choose the statement that is most likely true. 2. this January. he needed the Denver penny. MATTHEW STAVER— BLOOMBERG/AP The Denver mint is one of three main mints in the United States. "There's a rumor that a mint employee [made] the coin in the middle of the night. Emir never rides the bus to school. He could take the school bus but prefers to walk the two miles from his home to school. or unknown. He believes that the walk wakes him up and improves his learning throughout the day. Emir rarely rides to school each morning. The three coins will go on display at a rare-coin convention in Tampa. But the reason for his purchase is known. he is donating all of the money to charity. Emir always rides the bus home at the end of the school day. a.Nobody knows for sure why a copper penny was made at the Denver mint in 1943. To complete the set." he said. Drawing Conclusions. He already had two copper pennies from 1943—one from the San Francisco mint and one from the Philadelphia mint. It took four years to convince him to give up the rare coin. The collector who sold the penny is also keeping his identity a secret.7 million penny wants to remain anonymous.

b. 3. Please don’t eat any chocolate candy at the Halloween party!” Three hours later. d. we’ll be turning our clocks back one hour. “you’re very allergic to chocolate. Every time I give him a plate of salmon. As you may already know. I give my cat more than one kind of food. When I feed him beef. Of course.” Mrs. it will also rise an hour earlier. he ignores it. My cat won’t eat fish. Maria. Emir is usually late for school. One of the reasons that owls are being trapped and sold as pets is that parents’ are buying them as gifts for their kids who are fans of the fictional wizard. Maria ate chocolate at the party. but doesn’t seem to love it. d. Our planet has to spin faster when we reset our clocks. d. b.” Maria groaned. Maria got into a fight at the party. b. 3.c. Cats prefer salmon over tuna.” a. he eats a little bit of it. he quickly eats it all. a. The earth will actually rotate at a slower rate when we turn back the clocks. 5 . Then it will be almost dark by the time most of us get home from school. Maria was home from the party with a terrible stomach ache. You may reread all or part of the selections to help you answer correctly. Maria ate no chocolate at the party. Hedwig. 2. Maria embarrassed herself by singing at the party. d. My cat likes tuna better than beef. In another week. The BBC is reporting that Harry Potter is responsible for the dwindling number of wild owls in India. Every time I give my cat a plate of tuna. Feathers and Gas. people aren’t actually changing the behavior of the sun or the earth by messing with their clocks. Emir values learning. c. c. c. It’s clear that turning our clocks back will help prevent global warming. It will seem as if we suddenly have less daylight each day. the sun sets an hour earlier. 4. “I promise you. Your choices will show how well you understood the reading selections. Mom. “I’ll always do what you say from now on. Russo said. If according to our clocks. Harry has his own pet owl. a. “Remember.

appearing in movies 2. The plug-in hybrid will go farther on the same amount of fuel because regular gasoline engines waste much of the fuel’s energy as heat. _______. Changes 6 . to use their feathers in hats 3. What does “dwindling” mean? a. Owls don’t taste as good as chickens c. as a special food item d. To fill this car with fuel. having feathers b. frightens b. you must plug it in overnight d. as pets b. People want to wipe out owls d. we can see that _______. burns c.1. to become extinct c. From the above selection. 4. loses d. What does “converts” mean? a. you’ll be able to go to any regular gas station c. a. a. Many children in India want owls _______. becoming less c. you’ll have to find a station that sells hydrogen b. CNet Car Tech reports that Volvo will use a fuel cell that converts the hydrogen in gasoline into electricity to run the vehicle’s electric motor when the battery is low. a. flying d. you only need to add water 5. Everyone loves Harry Potter movies b. being popular can be harmful Volvo is building a car that will use gasoline without burning it.

Meanings From Context. have strong disagreements over b. a good job 2. eat with sweet candy 4. a cloth 5. Removing seeds from cotton plants was a slow job until Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. an early flag c. something that causes physical pain b. Use the context to help you determine the meaning of each highlighted word. a tax d. A controversy is something that people _______.4. skirts that did not cover ankles d. Vocabulary .Meanings From Context Use the context to help you determine the meaning of each highlighted word. What is “suffrage” ? a. What is the meaning of “incentive”? __________. a. it will be an incentive for them to work harder. a small amount of money c. a drink b. 1. Most of America's Founding Fathers did not believe in women's suffrage.I believe that if you lower taxes so that people can keep more of the money they earn. a. Others argue that the law will mean less care and longer waiting lines for those who need to see doctors. Some people are sure that the new health care law will mean better care for everyone. a book c. a machine d. blow their noses into c. Only men could vote in the United states until 1920. It's a controversy that will not go away soon. a reason to do something b. What is a cotton gin? a. Vocabulary . need to pay for a visit to a doctor d. 7 . the right to vote 3.

” In this context. a. a. the people that they encountered. When the Pilgrims landed in what is now Massachusetts. However. is to _______. the Wampanoag Indians. musical 3. fight d. The Europeans. a. first c. humorous c.1. a machine used for mashing corn d. a small item c. The original Pilgrims called themselves the “Saints” and referred to others who joined with them for the voyage as the “Strangers. a container for makeup b. The Compact was _______. were a peaceful and generous tribe. one of a kind b. must have been a very determined and brave group of settlers. meet b. a dangerous trip across the Atlantic Ocean was a daunting idea. they came together and signed the Mayflower Compact. note how many c. tickle b. To encounter. they were fearful that the Native Americans would attack them. frighten or intimidate 2. In the early 1600s. The Saints and Strangers argued about how they would live in the New World. After much discussion. lose or misplace d. “original” means _______. an agreement 4. a. exchange text messages 8 . A daunting task is one that would _______ someone. amuse c. who would someday be known as the Pilgrims.