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1)Kirchoff’s nodal equations based on the principle of a)conservation of energy b)conservation of charge c)conservation of power d)impedance matching 2)networks

connected in series following pairs are most suitable for 1. Abcd parameters 2. Z parameters 3. Y 4. H 3)For ideal filter , phase characteristics are 1. Line 2. Exponential 3. Logarthimic 4)Quality factor of rlc series ckt is 5)If geta=1, the roots of cequ are 1. Real 2. Imaginary 3. Real and repeated 4. Comp and conjugate 6)For a 6db attenuator , if input power is 100MW ,o/p power will be =? 7)F(t)=t e at, F(S)=? 8)F(S)=1/(s+a)2, f(t) =? 9)For a perfectly matched tx line , reflection coefficient=? 10)Radiation pattern of isotropic radiator is 1. Figure of eight 2. Circular 3. Ellipse 4. Sinx/x function 11)Which of the following modulation is non linear 1. A.M 2. SSB 3. FM 4. PM 12)Amplitude limiter essentially a 1. Square ckt 2. Clipper 3. Clamper 4. Rectifier 13)Waveguide acts as 1. Lpf 2. Bpf 3. Hpf 4. Apf 14)x-band rangeis 15)reflection coefficient is zero , then the line is 1. Open ckt 2. Short ckt 3. Infinite 4. Terminated by 50ohms 16)Which of the following microphone provide high directivity 1. Carbone 2. Condenser 3. Ribbon 4. Crystal 17)Dynamic memory cells are constructed using 18)Which of the following is most efficient 1. Ppm 2. Pdm 3. Pam 4. Qam 19)Which of the following has higher bandwidth 1. Pam 2. Pdm 3. Ppm 4. Am 20)Essential channel capacity is a measure of

6db 3. Circulator 2. High gain amplifier 4.21)Lossless line condition is? 22)Typical bit rate of keyboard devices ? 23)16 in octal s/m is? 24)No of bits represents 16 is 25)16 bit width . 0 4. 90 3.HS PLANE and 2zeros on r h s plane this results . 1/ls2 3. Lowpower microwave oscillator 3. lessthan . All pass system 3. Low power amplifier 38)Bethe-hole coupler uses 1. 3db 4. Ls2 54)In a CE amplifier . 10db 51)In one timeconstant the final value increases by _____________value 52)ABCD PARAMETERS of ELECTRICAL SYMMETRY Ad-bc=1 53)s-equation of L DI/DT 1. Gunn diode 39)Power gain=40 Voltage gain=200 Current gain=? 40)Bandwidth =resonant frequency/qualityfactor 41)Differentiation of u(t)? 42)Freespace impedance? 43)Resonant frequency of rlc ckt is ? 44)Tfunction=k(s+1)/s(s-2+j3)(s-2-j3). it is known as 1. High pass system 4. Pin diode attenatur 4. 45 49)R=100ohms. TIME CONST=? 50)Isotropic antenna gain is 1.C=100pf. 0db 2.8085 mapps ans 64kilobytes 26)Which of the following flipflop doesn’t have race problem? 27)Memory word size of 8085 microprocessor? 28)Flip flop used in shift register 29)And gate 30)Static electricity is formed for? 31)Cc has current gain and input impedance ? 32)Dominant mode TE10 33)Wave length in waveguide equal to .E voltage increase 55)Transfer function has 2poles on L. Band pass system 46)G=k/s2(1+sT)then order and type=? 47)Which of the following component is passive and reciprocal 1. Highpower microwave oscillator 2.greater than . no of poles=? 45)Tfuncion 1-s/1+s . Dielectric 3. Direction coupler 48)Broad side array interelement phase shift is 1. Ferrite material 2. Ls 4. Non volatile 37)Magnetron is 1. Isolator 3. Volatile 2.if a C. 180 2. Low pass system 2. 1/ls 2.independent of free space wave length 34)Half adder has how many ips and ops 35)Parallel to serial converter 36)Semiconductor memories 1.

Two cavity klystron 4. Independent of aperture length 63)Convolution of two u(t)? 64)T function H(s)=1/(s+1). 1:2 76)Which is micro wave oscillator 1. Hpf 3. Ce and cb 74)Differentiation of time domain is equal to 1. Inversely Proportional aperturelength 2. 2:1 4. Cc 2. 200ohms 4. Multiplication by 1/e-st 75)Standard rect waveguide width to height ratio 1. Only sine terms 71)If ip of ckt is sine . 75ohms 2. Multiplication by e-st 4. Cosine and const term 2. Laser 77)If transmission line open ckt then vswr? 78)Pn junction reversebiased then. 3:1 2. damped sinusoidal 72)Power gain of emitter follower ? 73)Highest voltage gain can be obtained from 1. Allpass 56)The gain at corner frequency is? 57)t. Division by s in freq domain 2.sin . 50ohms 69)F(s)=1/s2. Bpf 4. 79)Hall effect used to measure? 80)P type semiconductor properties? Posted by:srujana Comments / Solutions . 100ohms 3. 3:2 58)code used in teleprinter 59)bandwidth of telephoneis 60)bit is aunit of 61)when 2 nlw are connected in parallel z-parameter add h-paramete y-parameter abcd parameter 62)beamwidth of antenna is 1. Multiplication by s in freq domain 3. Lpf 2. then f(t)? 70)Fourier series expansion of a even periodic function contains ? 1. Cb 4.1.h(f)=? 65)Typical q factor of crystal oscillator 66)In pnp transistor saturation current is due to 67)When both junction of a transistor is forward biased then it is said to be in 68)50ohms line matched to 200 ohms load through quarter wavelength transmission . the characteristic impedance of matched line should be 1. Ce 3. Directly proportional aperture length 3. the steady state op willbe exponentially decay with time const. Square root of frequency 4. Twt 3.v s/m am. Magnetron 2. Only constant terms 3. Sine terms and constants 4.picture.