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RFID Based Identification and Management of SOLAR PV Modules

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• As part of a national strategy to increase the amount of energy generated via solar power, the Indian government is mandating that all solar modules be tagged and tracked. • The government mandated that each solar—or photovoltaic (PV)—module placed into use must carry an RFID tag, so that it can be easily identified

and tracked throughout its useful life. The objective is to link PV module
manufacturers to solar power deployments—which, in some cases, will contain many hundreds of modules.

• • RFID is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency IDentification. RFID is an AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) Technology that uses radio-frequency waves to transfer data between a reader and an electronic (RFID) tag attached to an object, for the purpose of identification and tracking.

RFID is Fast, Reliable, and does not require Physical Sight or Contact
between reader/scanner and the tagged item (RFID Tag).

RFID is widely used for Identification of men, material, vehicles,

animals, products, baggage and books.

• RFID Tag
• A memory device, usually eeprom, programmed with a series of bits/bytes.

Reader/Writer (Interrogator)
• The unit powers the coil of wire known as the antenna, filters and powers them for transmission over distance.

• This is a coil of wound copper wire designed specifically to emit RFID signal.

Host computer / Interface / Middleware
• The unit interfaces the reader to an intelligent device.

• • • Tag enters RF Field RF signal powers tag Tag transmits ID, plus data

• •

Reader capture data
Reader send computer data to

Computer determines action

• • • Enable Automatic Identification & Data Collection (Contactless) No line of sight needed Able to write data on tag (RFID tags have high data capacity and can include manufacturer, batch no., ownership, destination, history etc.) • • • The life of RFID tags is more then 25 years. Avoid Manipulation Avoid Error at data collection & Reduce Handling Mistakes (No human intervention) • • • Can read multiple item Suitable for harsh environment Avoid missing data for Important decision

• Each PV module used in any solar power project must use a RFID tag for identification. • The RFID tag used on each module can be inside or outside the laminate and withstand harsh environment conditions. • Each RFID tag must be encoded with the name of the module manufacturer

and the solar cells; the month, year and country of manufacture for the
module and the cells; The module's technical characteristics, such as its wattage and expected performance statistics; and a serial number that uniquely identifies the module.

• • • • • • • • • Name of the manufacturer of PV Module Name of the Manufacturer of Solar cells Month and year of the manufacture (separately for solar cells and module) Country of origin (separately for solar cells and module) I-V curve for the module Wattage, Im, Vm and FF for the module Unique Serial No and Model No of the module Date and year of obtaining IEC PV module qualification certificate Name of the test lab issuing IEC certificate

• Our solution is suitable for both the Crystalline and Thin film solar PV

• The solution can be implemented in the manufacturing plant, we provide the H/W , S/W and the tags. It can also be integrated with the sun simulator. • The solution can be implemented at the site, which involves site survey, collection of data, encoding the data into the tags as per MNRE guidelines and fixing of the tags.

• • Desktop Reader for Encoding the data into RFID Tags. HHT for data verification in the field.

• • • • • • S/W for Personalization using desktop RFID reader The front end is developed in dot net platform. The back end is maintained in SQL. All the data as MNRE guidelines is encoded into the RFID tags. The data is stored in our backend application . The reports are available for IV curve of Each module and the module information reports for each rack.



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