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Based on Table 6, there are 22 respondents answered that the time period of National Services camp is sufficient to penetrate

the sense of nation building within the participants, while 8 said no. Others Asia country where government maintain policy of conscription has a far more longer period such as, Taiwan with period of 12 month, South Korea with 21-36 months based on the type of conscription, Singapore with period of 22-24 months based of the type of conscription. Despite of the short time period, majority of the respondent found that National Service camp in Malaysia able to penetrate the sense of nation building within the participants. In the pie chart of question 7, 19 respondents found that this program is beneficial to the nation, while 11 said no. From the home page of National Service Training Department Official Website, there are 5 objective which are benefits to be achieved, they are, to develop and enhance the spirit of patriotism amongst youths, to encourage national integration and racial unity, to build character through imparting core moral values, to instill a spirit of volunteerism, to develop a young generation that is resilient, healthy and confident. Most of the respondents agree that the objectives are beneficial to the nation. Based on table 8, among 30 respondents, there are 8 said National Service program in Malaysia can be improve by improve facilities and safeness, 9 said by encouraging all people to take part, 8 said by organizing more interesting activities and another 5 said by organizing more community services. Encouraging all the people to take part was the most suggested way because young citizens will have a better and deeper knowledge of other races when they work out together and eventually they will respect others people custom. Other than that , social activities like community service were suggested in the national service to contribute to the improvement of national building in Malaysia. Community service means work that people do to help other people without payment. In this case, all Malaysians must have the spirit of unity because there is no wage when they do this work. Community service can also lead to unity when all the participants get together to help the people in need. The community services such as gotong-royong programme include cleaning up particular areas like mosque, church and graveyard will make the neighbourhood cooperative and more united. On the other hand, interesting activities like sports is another way to spread unity. Sports are all forms of physical activities that contribute to fitness, mental well being and social interaction. In sports, there is no racial segregations as the people will become one when they participate as a team or when they support a team. Malaysian citizens do support teams based on skin colour, race or religion and there are no racial borders in sports where different races join forces to form teams to compete. This will automatically cause the participants to be patriotic and united. From the pie chart 9, 25 respondents stated that they did not regret the

experience gained from attending the National Service camp while 5 other regret. Most of the respondents found that they gained much experience after joining National Service as they feel that what they have learned in National Service are very useful and could imply to their life in future. Most

Small amount of participants feel regret as they are not interest in wilderness activity such as kayaking or mountain tracking as it was too challenge for them.importantly is they could broaden their social circle when they get to know more friends from other states and have a deeper understanding on others culture. .