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Address: House No. 6/4 (Ground Floor),Block-B, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh Mobile : +880-1912108141,

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Career Objective:
I am seeking for an opportunity to build up a glorious carrier for myself utilizing my analytical and problem solving skills

Employment History:
Total Year of Experience : 2 Year(s) 1. Software Engineer ( September 01, 2010 - September 30, 2011) Mukto Software Limited Company Location : Badda, Dhaka Duties/Responsibilities: - Facebook Application: I designed and developed many Facebook applications and Facebook fan pages. Technology used: Facebook API, FBML, FBJS, PHP, MySQL,Smarty.

- Web Application: I designed and developed many web applications; implement various algorithms on those applications. I also used MVC framework on my applications. Technology used: PHP, MySQLi, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, CodeIgniter.

- API: I designed and developed many API for mobile application, most of them written in PHP and Python. Technology used: Python, PHP.

- Android: Developed Android port of scraddle is a dictionary for word completions and word search in multiple languages. Technology used: Android SDK, Eclipse.

- Website Scrapper: I designed and developed many website scrappers, which can scrap those website and store scrapped information on database. Technology used: PHP, MySQL. 2. Software Engineer ( January 15, 2010 - August 31, 2010)

Maizdee.4 out of 5 .C++/VC++ . Noakhali. Result CGPA:3. Noakhali Govt. PHP.AfriGIS WebCrawler: This crawler is designed for domain crawling. Banglades . HSC . College.Android . Company Location : Lalmaita. Technology used: Python.25 out of 5 . User can search company by name. Bangladesh . Technology used: Lucene. Science . Career and Application Information: Looking For Available For Present Salary Expected Salary Preferred Job Category Preferred District Preferred Organization Types : : : : : : : Entry Level Job Full Time Tk. Its crawled more than 2TB data. Extra Curricular Activities: . Crawler also supports depth controlling. I implement maximum features of the crawler and introduce a new file system for this crawler.Ajax .PHP . 2002 . CGPA:4. Institute Shahjalal University of Science & Technology .co.AfriGIS Bangladesh Ltd.AfriGIS Business Search: This is AfriGIS search engine for address search. Java. 50000 IT/Telecommunication Dhaka Software Companies Specialization: Fields of Specialization . CGPA:4. multiple domains.Java SE/ J2SE . After detect company name and address from crawled data we index this content and also make them searchable.CodeIgniter .HTML/DHTML . C++. SSC . .MySQL . Concentration/Major Computer Science & Engineering .Python .Year 2010 . 30000 Tk. Science . Mohammadpur Ramendra Model High School. Java. and host crawling.afrigis.16 out of 4 . Dhaka Duties/Responsibilities: . (SDSL) http://www. Academic Qualification: Exam Title BSc . then find company address and also find company map view from AfriGIS map. Pas. Here I index the company profile and make it searchable. 2004 . . Noakhali.

. Reference: 01 : Professor Dr.2nd place in Sylhet International University Programming Contest 2009 (Team Name: SUST_Nabic).org. C/O . 1987 Male Unmarried Bangladeshi Islam more than 650 problems in http://uva.Matubuhian. Reference: 02 Md.I use jonySUST as my username here.I have participated in ICPC for 3 times (2007-2009) and best performance of my team (SUST_luminous) was 9th in 2009 ICPC.Herapur(Member Bari). Zafar Iqbal .tju.onlinejudge. . : Academic . : . : Sylhet .2.9th place in NSU Computer Programming Contest 2007 (Team Name: SUST_Defenders). . Bangladesh : Dhaka Reference (s): . Ruhul Amin Sajib Department of Computer Science & Engineering Lecturer Sythet +880-1712-273376 shajib-cse@sust.) Phone (Res. : .12th place in ICPC 2007 (Team Name: SUST_Defenders). .Advanced C. . Others: 1.Solved more than 285 problems in http://acm. PS-Dagonbuhian dist : Feni. Department of Computer Science & : Engineering . . .edu Academic .Number Theory. : mzi@sust. Problem setter and Judge of local contest in SUST. . Medium. Personal Details : Father's Name Mother's Name Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Nationality Religion Permanent Address Current Location : : : : : : : Mohammad Abu Taher Nilufa Akter January 01. Worked as MOVers (Math Olympiad Volunteers).20th place in ULAB Inter University Programming Contest 2009 (Team Name: SUST_Defenders).I use jonysust as my username .) Mobile E-Mail Relation . 3. Name Organization Designation Address Phone (Off. High. : 880-821-713850 . PO . .Problem solving technique. M. Language Proficiency: Language Reading English. : Head . Instructor and curriculum designer in programming workshop for junior ACM programmers at SUST from 2007 to 2009 on the following topics: . Arranged many local programming contests.Programming and Problem Solving Activities: .18th place in SUST Inter University Programming Contest (SIUPC) 2009 (Team Name: SUST_Xtreme).edu .Abu taher. 4. Writing Speaking High. .