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April 8-12, 2012 Goethe-Institut, 39 Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7 JUNIOR WORKSHOP SERIES Age Group: 10-12 years TIME 9 -10am 10.1511.45 12.001.30pm April 08 (Mon) VoiceWorks 1 The Actor’s Workshop 1 Greasepaint April 09 (Tue) VoiceWorks 2 The Actor’s Workshop 2 Write-aScene April 10 (Wed) VoiceWorks 3 The Actor’s Workshop 3 Scene Study April 11 (Thur) VoiceWorks 4 The Actor’s Workshop 4 Move-it! April 12 (Fri) VoiceWorks 5 The Actor’s Workshop 5 Cut & Paste

Age Group: 13-15yrs TIME 1.302.30pm 2.454.15pm 4.306.00pm The Actor’s Workshop 1 Greasepaint The Actor’s Workshop 2 Write-aScene The Actor’s Workshop 3 Scene Study The Actor’s Workshop 4 Move-it! The Actor’s Workshop 5 Cut & Paste April 08 (Mon) VoiceWorks 1 April 09 (Tue) VoiceWorks 2 April 10 (Wed) VoiceWorks 3 April 11 (Thur) VoiceWorks 4 April 12 (Fri) VoiceWorks 5

Payment Scheme: *Rs. 1000/- per ‘Individual Workshop’, entitling the participant to any one workshop session. *Rs. 2500/- for a ‘Day Pass’, entitling the participant to any one day’s programme. *Rs. 4000/- for a ‘Series Pass’, entitling the participant to one free session offered within the series.

SENIOR WORKSHOP SERIES Age Group: 16 years-Adult Beginner TIME April 08 (Mon) April 09 (Tue) 6.158.45pm VoiceWorks Actor’s Workshop April 10 (Wed) Greasepaint Playwriting Cut & Paste April 11 (Thur) April 12 (Fri)

Payment Scheme: *Rs. 2000/- per ‘Individual Workshop’, entitling the participant to any one workshop session. *Rs. 7500/- for a ‘Series Pass’, entitling the participant to 25% discount for taking the entire series of workshops offered.

KNOW YOUR WORKSHOPS This year’s intensive offers two core courses and a series of featured workshops!
Junior: Designed to provide a space for learning and experimenting with a range of

The Actor’s Workshop
Conducted by: Jake Oorloff Trip Venturella (Core Course)

performance skills the workshop caters to the needs of young performers. The workshops are perfect if you are an absolute beginner, have some experience of performing, or you are returning to rehearsals. In this workshop participants will explore characterisation and storytelling techniques through improvisation, games and scripted pieces. The workshop will also delve into being aware of your body in peformance and how to use objects or props to support performance. Senior: The workshop provides practical training opportunities for anybody wishing to develop their skills in performance whether on stage or in day-to-day situations. Designed to provide insight into what acting is all about and to provide experienced actors tools to refine technique the workshop will introduce a range of techniques and tools used by Floating Space in our own performances and actor training. From revisiting the performer’s body to improvisation for stage, participants will work on their own and in groups to create small performances to broaden their approach to performance.

Conducted by: Tracy Jayasinghe Ruhanie Perera Ishan de Lanerolle (Core Course)

The focus of this workshop series is to, discover your voice. An actor’s primary tools are breath, the voice and the body. The relationship between breath and voice, together with the body is the foundation on which acting is based. Participants will develop an awareness of their breath and production of sound through games and activities that develop vocal resonance, range, stamina and clarity. This year, we also have an introduction to ‘voice in song’ and ‘voice in text’ to explore and discover the various levels, depths and diversity of your voice. The work is physically based and encompasses a focused breath routine. The objective is to liberate the voice and connect it with the body. This course is a must for performance enthusiasts wanting to be introduced to or improve the quality of their voice!

This movement workshop is great for the lively and animated (whether they’re

Conducted by: Ruhanie Perera (Feature Workshop)

wannabe dancers or not)! Participants will be taught to develop creative expression and performance skills through a range of choreographic exercises and games. The workshop will focus on movement skills such as flexibility, co-ordination, balance, rhythm and musicality. We will provide some basic tools for improvisation that create the space to expand your own personal movement language. The connection of emotions to breath and movement will also be explored. Finally, work to create and perform a short movement piece. Walk away with a heightened awareness of your body and improved self-confidence.


This workshop will explore performance through scene study with a focus on techniques to

Scene Study
Conducted by: Trip Venturella (Feature Workshop)

develop convincing actions and relationships onstage and find a sense of the truth in performance. Scene study is an active process of asking clever and creative questions of a script and of a performance in order to embody ‘character’ with dynamism. Actors will learn how to work together and use their natural curiosity and ingenuity to build compelling and fun personalities for the stage. Participants will explore both improvised and pre-written material in order to learn how to "get a brain on its feet." At the end of this workshop, participants will definitely have a clearer sense of craft as young actors.

Cut & Paste
Conducted by: Ruhanie Perera (Feature Workshop)

This workshop that focuses of working with costume offers a different perspective on costume making and wearing a costume. How do newspapers, string, leftover bits of fabric, tape, bin bags and other everyday material become a costume? How do you breathe life into this material? How does what you wear affect the way you move, and how does the way you move affect what you wear? Are you curious about the answers to these questions? Take the Cut and Paste Workshop and immerse yourself in a range of creative exercises employed in order to equip participants to work with material and shift in perspective that enables you to visualise and execute imaginative costumes, and then find ways to approach, explore and bring them to life.

Conducted by: Jake Oorloff (Feature Workshop)

It’s always important for performers to have a basic understanding of make-up and this workshop will introduce young performers to the concept of make-up for stage and introduce products and tools used by professional make-up artists. The session will give participants hands on experience of applying make-up that would transform an actor into a character- the focus will be basic make-up for stage, aging a face, and creating a mask from everyday materials. The Senior Workshop is designed for actors and theatre practitioners or aspiring make-up artists. The workshop will focus on the basics of stage make-up and some advance techniques for highlighting camouflaging and aging. At the end of the session participants will get to test the techniques learned and create one stylized creation along with a demonstration of how to document and communicate design on paper.

NOTE: Please wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. Classes are 60mins or 90-mins in duration. Please bring a water bottle and snack should you need one.

REGISTRATION Registration is mandatory to secure a place in the workshop (maximum participants per workshop is 15, and the minimum participants to run a workshop is five). Registration for the workshops will take place on April 7 (Sunday), 10am-4pm at the Goethe-Institut, 39, Gregory's Road, Colombo 7. For more information on the workshops and to confirm participation please contact Tracy Jayasinghe on 0771529889 or email us at

TEACHING FACULTY – Floating Space [The Floating Space teaching faculty will be joined by guest faculty Ishan de Lanerolle on VoiceWorks and Delon Weerasinghe on Playwriting.] Jake Oorloff [The Actor’s Workshop, Greasepaint] is an actor, director and playwright. He was the recipient of the Sunethra Bandaranaike Trust Grant 2011, for which he created My Other History. In the same year he directed The Gaza Mono-Logues performed by young actors in Colombo – in collaboration with Ashtar Theatre, Palestine and in ‘10, he directed The War Reporter in collaboration with the Goethe Institut. Recent work as a performer includes, absence (2013), Unearthed (2012) Letters (2010), If I were you (2010), Looking through my earphones (Galle Literary Festival ‘09), Checkpoint – three strangely normal plays (Colombo ’06), (Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai ‘07) and Voicing Silence (Colombo ‘06). Tracy Jayasinghe [VoiceWorks] works as an actor, part time director and voice over artist. She completed a Bachelor in Contemporary Arts at The University of Tasmania in 2008 and is a graduate with merit of The Department of Performance and Media from Sunway University College, Malaysia (2007). In 2009 she received her Diploma in Physical Theatre from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Since her return from her studies she has worked with performers both on a school level as well as professional. Tracy has been a permanent member of Floating Space since 2010. Trip Venturella [Scene Study] is a theatre artist from the United States. He has been with Floating Space as an intern since March 2013, and practicing theatre in South Asia since September 2012, with the NGO ANHAD in Kashmir, the Delhi-based theatre group Sanjhaa Saapna and as a guest lecturer at Delhi University. He directed "Chavvi" (Illusion), devised by Delhi University students in response to the Delhi rape case of December 2012. Trip holds a BA in Religious Studies from Colby College, focusing on the intersection of religion and performance. He also studied extensively under the Colby theatre facility. Professionally, he has worked with Studio Be in Chicago, Illinois, and the Sharon Tri-Arts Playhouse in Sharon, CT. Marisa Gnanaraj [Cut & Paste] is a graduate from Raffles Design College Bangkok. Two of her collections 'Juxta-op' and 'Antagonista' were chosen and featured at Thailand's Graduate Fashion week (TGFW) in 2010 and 2011. Since her return to Sri Lanka Marisa launched her label 'M FACT'. Currently she is working in collaboration with Barefoot (Pvt) Ltd on a collection inspired by the juxtaposition of colour and Op art. An associate of Trinity College London in Speech and Drama, Marisa has experience working in all aspects of the theatre with a special interest in costume making and design. She has collaborated with Floating Space on Unearthed (2012/2013) and absence (2012). Ruhanie Perera [Move-it! and Writing-a-Scene] works as a performer and lecturer in theatre studies and literature. She holds an MA in Performance and Culture (2009) from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her professional training includes Contemporary Performance Training and Performance Making (Moving Arts Base, London 2008-2009). Recent performances include: absence (Colombo Dance Platform ’12, Colomboscope ‘13), My Other History (Jaffna, Kandy, Galle Lit Festival ‘12, Colombo ‘11) and Life Streaming (presented at LIFT London; Festival Aan de Werf, Utrecht, Netherlands; Boulevard, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands and Bochum, Germany). Her international experience includes performances at Stranger Than Fiction (London ’12), the State Drama Festival (Delhi ‘07) and the Hindu Drama Festival (Chennai ‘07).