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cross ~ two pieces of wood that someone has fixed together in the shape of a cross.

demons ~ evil *spirits. descendant ~ a child, grandchild, and so on; a person in your family who lives after you are dead. disciples ~ those who follow another person to learn from him. dog ~ an animal that some people have in their houses. donkey ~ animal with large ears related to a horse. People use it to carry people and goods. earthquake ~ when the earth shakes. epilepsy ~ a disease that makes the person fall to the ground, sometimes with strange movements of the muscles. eternal ~ with no beginning or end. faith ~ belief in someone or something; things that people believe about Jesus. feast ~ a special meal; a *religious ceremony. fig ~ small soft fruit full of tiny seeds, people eat it fresh or dried. frankincense ~ a substance that people burnt in *religious ceremonies to give a nice smell. Gentiles ~ people who are not *Jews. ghost ~ a *spirit; when someone thinks that they have seen the spirit of a dead person. gospel ~ 1. good news; 2. one of the first four books in the *New Testament. grape ~ a small, sweet fruit that people make wine from. Greek ~ the language in which the authors wrote the *New Testament. Hebrew ~ the language that the *Jews wrote the *Old Testament in. Herodians ~ a political group. They supported the *Roman government. holy ~ all good with no bad in it; separate from *sin. Holy Spirit ~ one person of the three persons who are God. He comes to help Christians to become more like God. We cannot see him. He comes to give people the power to do what God wants. Israelite ~ a *Jewish person. Jew ~ a person who is from the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; a person who believes the *faith of the Jews, called Judaism. Jewish ~ a word that describes a *Jew or anything to do with a *Jew. Judea ~ a part of the country where the *Jews lived. kingdom ~ people or place that a king rules; or people that God rules. kingdom of heaven ~ where God rules. Law ~ the rules that God gave to Moses for the *Jews. Levite ~ a person from the *tribe of Levi. God chose them to work for him in his *temple. linen ~ a type of material that is like cotton. Linen is a very good quality material. Lord ~ master; a name that we call God or Jesus; we call God or Jesus Lord when we obey them. messenger ~ a person who gives a message. Messiah ~ the *Jews' word for the king who would come and rescue them. miracle ~ a great thing that only God can do. Mount ~ a short word for mountain; small mountain.