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myrrh ~ oil with a pleasant smell.

New Testament ~ the last part of the Bible, which the writers wrote after the life of Jesus. Old Testament ~ the first part of the Bible, which the writers wrote before the life of Jesus. olive ~ a tree with small fruits (or the fruits themselves) that people use to make oil. They use the oil to cook food. parable ~ a story with a hidden meaning. Passover ~ the time when the *Jews remember that God freed them from Egypt. pearl ~ a little white ball of hard material that shines. It is very valuable. A small, soft animal that lives inside a shell (a hard thing round it) makes pearls. This animal lives in the sea. Pentecost ~ 1. the time when the *Jews thank God for their food; 2. the time when God gave the *Holy Spirit to the *church. perfume ~ something that smells nice to put on the skin. Pharisee ~ one of a group of *Jews who thought that they obeyed all God’s rules. They did not like the things that Jesus taught. They thought that they did not do any wrong things. So, they thought that they were very important and clever. physical ~ about the body. preach ~ tell and explain the good news about Jesus. pregnant ~ when a woman is carrying a child inside the body before birth. priest ~ a man whom God chose to do a special work for him. The *priests worked in the *Temple. prophesy ~ tell people what God thinks and will do; to tell about things before they happen; to speak with God’s (or a false god’s) help and on God’s (or a false god’s) behalf. prophet ~ a person who told people what God wanted. prostitute ~ a person who has sex with another person for money. religious ~ something that people do as part of the *worship of God. repent ~ change from doing wrong things to obey God. resurrection ~ when someone comes back to life again. Roman ~ Rome was the capital city of the rulers at that time. That which belonged to Rome was Roman. rust ~ the material that comes on wet metal. sabbath ~ the seventh day, *Jewish day of rest. sacrifice ~ a gift to God to ask him to forgive sins; or to thank him for something. A gift to God, often an animal or bird, by the *Jews to ask God to forgive their *sins. Jesus gave himself to die as a sacrifice for our *sins. Sadducee ~ one of a group of *Jews who did not believe in heaven and *resurrection; an important group of Jews at the time of Jesus. They only used the five books at the beginning of the *Old Testament. They believed that people would not live again after death. Samaritan ~ a person from Samaria. Sanhedrin ~ the group of *Jewish *priests and other leaders. Satan ~ the chief evil *spirit. scribes ~ writers, especially the *Jews who taught the *Law. scriptures ~ the books in the *Old Testament or in the Bible.

scroll ~ a long piece of paper or animal’s skin; people fixed it round two pieces of wood; it usually had writing on it.