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I EEG-1/BEGE-101

BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMME Term-End Examination June, 2010


Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100 (Weightage 70%)

Note : Attempt any five questions: All questions carry equal marks. 1.

(a) Read the following lines and answer the questions that follow : When I had been judged truly wicked that stick was the tool of punishment, I was beaten as I bellowed like a locomotive as if noise could ward off blows. My mother wielded it more fiercely But my father longer and harder I'd twist my head in the mirror to inspect Why was the girl beaten ? Identify the figure of speech in 'like a locomotive'.

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They buzzed the name of God a thousand times. 2. (b) Identify and explain the figures of speech 10 in the following sentences : To follow knowledge like a sinking star." Two roads diverged in a wood. and I I took the due less traveled by. And the Sun said.What is the difference between the 2 father's and the mother's beating ? Explain the line' I'd twist my head in 3 the mirror to inspect '. (a) Form adjectives from : burden marriage advantage friend (v) incident (b) Use the following words as directed in sentences : feel (as noun) alert (as adjective) please (as verb) roll (as verb) (v) select (as adjective) 2 5 5 EEG-1/BEGE-101 • . "Now I'll get the coat off his back.

pull up The boss the mistake. EEG-1/BEGE-101 3 10 . enter into. get over. It is so cool ever since the rains came. (v) You have to give a driving test to get a permanent driving licence. (a) Correct the following sentences : But tell us how did the other two terrorists escape ? The function will begin after the Chief Guest will come. The new traffic lights have been installed with a view to improve traffic movement. 3. his secretary for your the shock of 10 In spite of the government's best efforts prices are still (v) The two countries have a deal to allow cross-border trade. (c) Fill in the blanks choosing suitable phrases from the list given below : run down. shoot up. Why do you keep best friend ? He is yet to divorce from his wife.

(a) Read the following passage and point 10 out the literary and rhetorical devices used in it : How can you buy or sell the sky .(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable 10 prepositions : his secret He didn't let me what he but I got a hint was planning to do.T. every humming insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people. every mist in the dark woods. Every shining pine needle.the warmth of the land ? The idea is strange to us. How can you buy them from us ? Every part of this earth is sacred to my people. every sandy shore.O. 4 P. Why are the MPs not accountable the people their conduct ? When choosing a mobile phone. their parents look guidance. children 4. EEG-1/BEGE-101 . pleased the end. We do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water. the best of I had worked my ability but the boss did not seem my work. we had to settled a deal with many conditions.

web EEG-1/BEGE-101 5 P. bow. The earth is not his brother. right. . Cricket is almost the national game of India surf.T. But perhaps because the redman is a savage and does not understand. The sight of his cities pains the eyes of the redman. and when he has conquered it. His appetite will devour the earth and leave behind only a desert. One portion of the land is the same as the next to him. (b) Add prefixes/suffixes to the following words to change them as directed and use them in sentences : revenge (as adjective) prison (as verb) trust (in opposite sense) fail (as. noun) (v) accident (as adverb) 5.O.We know that the white man does not understand our ways. flat. 10 (a) Use the following words in different meanings : Example : 10 You can hear the crickets humming at night. he moves on. but his enemy.

Write short notes on any two of the following giving suitable examples : Simile Allegory (c) Tag question Compounding Personification 10x2=20 EEG-1/BEGE-101 6 .(b) State the communicative function in each 10 of the following sentences : Who can stop us from conducting nuclear tests in future ? And you snatched the rupee from that little girl ? Only God can save this nation. And you beat the five robbers single-handed ? From a school dropout to the richest man in the world-that is Bill Gates! 6.