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Confusing Words

1. adverse / averse 2. ensure/ insure 3. grisly/ grizzly 4. naval/navel 5. incredulous/ incredible 6. appraise/ apprise 7. bought/ brought 8. amend/ emend 9. isle/ aisle 9. eerie/ aerie 10. adjoin/ adjourn 11. arc/ ark 12. allusion/ illusion 13. consecutive/ concurrent 14. emigrate/ immigrate 15. disinterested/ uninterested 16. illicit/ elicit 17. denote/ connote 18. cask/casque 19. axil/ axle 20. acetic/ ascetic 21. troupe/troop 22. continuous/continual 23. principal/principle 24. Plaintive/plaintiff 25. ordnance/ordinance 26. Arrant/ errant (5 27. eminent/imminent 28. Doer/dour 29. dissent/descent 30. credible/credulous 31. definite/definitive 32. discrete/discreet 34. creek/creak

1. Adverse / averse The adjectives adverse and averse are related both etymologically and semantically, each having "opposition" as a central sense. Adverse is seldom used of people but rather of effects or events, and it usually conveys a sense of hostility or harmfulness: adverse reviews; adverse winds; adverse trends in the economy. Related nouns are adversity and adversary: Adversities breed bitterness. His adversaries countered his every move. Averse is used of persons and means "feeling opposed or disinclined"; it often occurs idiomatically with a preceding negative to convey the opposite meaning "willing or agreeable," and is not interchangeable with adverse in these contexts: We are not averse to holding another meeting. The related noun is aversion: She has a strong aversion to violence. Averse is usually followed by to, in older use occasionally by from. 2. ensure/insure: Ensure is a verb meaning 1. To secure or guarantee: This letter will ensure you a hearing. 2. To make sure or certain: measures to ensure the success of an undertaking. 3. To make secure or safe, as from harm. Insure: to guarantee against loss or harm. -verb (used without object) To issue or procure an insurance policy. 0

modify. etc.Grizzly bear.Grizzly is a bear. bill. or the like. located high on a hill or mountain. 11. and other features of. We had an expert appraise the house before we bought it. amount. Incredulous/ incredible Incredulous is an adjective meaning 1. pertaining to. so as to inspire superstitious fear. To evaluate. 4. abut on: His property adjoins the lake. constitution. To be close to or in contact with. Adjourn is verb (used with object) meaning 1. 12. disbelieving: incredulous of UFO stories 2. Amend is a verb (used with object). Aisle is a noun meaning a walkway between or along sections of seats in a theater. 2. To change for the better. Incredible is an adjective meaning 1. 9. 10. Astonishing: dressed with incredible speed. or add to or subtract from (a motion. To defer or postpone to a later time: They adjourned the meeting until the following Monday. judge. Of or pertaining to ships of all kinds: naval architecture. 7.) to a future . improve: to amend one's ways. 2.3. meaning To alter. Grisly is an adjective meaning causing a shudder or feeling of horror. Aerie is a noun meaning 1.t1lme Indefinitely: to adjourn the court. gruesome: a grisly murder. Navel is a noun meaning bellybutton or the central point 5. Expressive of disbelief: an incredulous s stare. meaning 1. Naval/navel Naval is an adjective meaning: • 1. rephrase. horrible. adjoin/adjourn Adjoin is a verb (used with object) meaning 1. inform. 2. Skeptical. A house. Appraise/ apprise Apprise is a verb meaning to give notice to. Eerie / aerie Eerie is an adjective meaning uncanny. fortress. The nest of a bird of prey. amend/emend: Emend means to improve by critical editing: emend a faulty text. To suspend the meeting of (a club. Grisly / grizzly. by of): to be apprised of the dead of an old friend. or connected with naval affairs. especially in an official capacity. etc.bring 8. classroom. size. 2. weird: an eerie midnight howl. bought/brought bought. Arc / ark . as an eagle or a hawk. Appraise is a verb (use without an object). He tried to appraise the poetry of John Updike. or the like. 6. So implausible as to elicit disbelief: an incredible explanation of the cause of the accident. Belonging to. inner. To estimate the quality. advise (often fol. committee. legislature.) by formal procedure: Congress may amend the proposed tax bill. n Val n. Brought. Isle/ aisle Isle is noun meaning Small Island.

sea. 13. refuge. 2. Disinterested was originally used to mean "not interested. 3. Denote means "to signify directly or literally" and describes the relation between the word and the thing it conventionally names. uninterested in its earliest use meant "impartial. A container made and shaped like a barrel. for holding liquids. Denote/ connote Denote and connote are often confused because both words have senses that entail signification. 16. evoke: to elicit the truth. The quantity such a container holds: wine at 32 guineas a cask. a boat built by Noah in whom he saved Himself. (Sometimes initial capital letter) also called Noah's Arc. 9. Following one another in uninterrupted succession or order. 2. Gen. Connote means "to signify indirectly. and a pair of every kind of creature during the Flood. one larger and stronger. Disinterested/ uninterested Disinterested and uninterested share a confused and confusing history. indifferent. 6. 7. Occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side: concurrent attacks by land. Ark is a noun meaning 1. and the sense intended is almost always clear from the context. esp. the word river-denotes a moving body of water and may connote such things as the relentlessness of time and the changing nature of life. A passing or casual reference. such as 5. Also called Ark of the Covenant. indifferent. cooperating: the concurrent efforts of several legislators to pass the new law. Illicit is an adjective meaning not legally permitted or authorized. Thus. unlawful. unlicensed. Marked by logical sequence. Concurrent is an adjective meaning 1. an incidental mention of something. Illicit/ elicit Elicit is used as a verb (used with object) To draw or bring out or forth. 19. suggest or: imply" and describes the relation between the word and the images or associations it evokes. . 2. his family. 2. to elicit a response with a question." By various developmental twists. Emigrate / immigrate Emigrate is a verb (used without object) meaning To leave one country or region to settle in another. cask/casque Cask is a noun meaning. either directly or by implication: an Allusion to Shakespeare. successive: six consecutive numbers." It is occasionally used to mean "not having a personal or property interest. indifferent". disinterested is now used in both senses.Arc is anything that is bow shaped. A chest or box containing t: two stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. Allusion / illusion allusion is a noun meaning 1. and 10. Acting in conjunction. A place of protection or security. However. 17. 1. Immigrate is a verb (used without object) To come to a country of which one is not a native. 18. 8. carried by the Israelites in their wanderings in the desert after the Exodus: the most sacred object of the tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem where it was kept in the holy of holies. and air. asylum. 6-9. Consecutive / concurrent consecutive is an adjective meaning 1." Many object to the use of disinterested to mean "not interested. both senses are well established in all varieties of English. educe. usually for permanent residence. migrate: to emigrate from Ireland to Australia." They insist that disinterested can mean only "impartial": A disinterested observer is the best judge of behavior. 15. Illusion is a noun meaning 14. Uninterested is used mainly in the sense "not interested.

rank. 22. Continuous is not interchangeable with continual in the sense of spatial relationship: a continuous (not continual) series of passages. or group of singers. leaving the principal practically untouched). company. comba vehicle and equipment. ammunition. ordnance is military materiel. or noteworthy emminent fairness. esp. The adverbs continually and continuously are also used interchangeably. bar. ordnance/ordinance ordinance means an authoritative decree or law. one who abstains from the normal pleasures of life or Denies himself or herself material satisfaction.20. 2. band. especially: a municiRal regulation. shaft. first. derived from. pro 'lnent. Axle is the pin. high in station. thorough. writers sometimes use the contrasting terms intermittent (intermittent losses of power during the storm) and uninterrupted (uninterrupted reception during the storm) or similar expressions. A person who lead austerely simple life. conspicuous. arrant/ errant arrant is an adjective meaning downright. or the like. troupe/troop Troupe is a company. Although pronounced alike. A person who d (dedicates his 0r her life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practices extreme self-denial or self-mortification for religious reasons. Troop means 1. 2. one that travels about. unmitigate 28. foremost": My principal objection is the cost of the project. The noun principal has among other meanings "the head or director of a school" (The faculty supported the principal in her negotiations with the board) and "a capital sum. or producing vinegar or acetic Ascetic is 1. A great number or multitude: A whole troop of children swarmed through the museum. 27. Continuous (or continual) bursts of laughter punctuated her testimony. on which or by means of which a wheel or pair of wheels rotates. 2. The adjective principal has the general sense "chief. 3. A principle is broadly "a rule of action or conduct" (His overriding principle is greed) or "a fundamental doctrine or tenet" (Their principles do not permit the use of alcoholic beverages)." the words are used interchangeably in all kinds of speech and writing with no distinction in meaning: The President's life is under continual (or continuous) scrutiny. band. Continuous/ continual: Although usage guides generally advise that continual may be used only to mean "intermittent" and continuous only to mean "uninterrupted. doer/dour dour is an adjective meaning . esp. as distinguished from interest or profit" (The monthly payments go mostly for interest. actors. Plaintive/plaintiff Plaintive is an adjective meaning expressing sorrow or melancholy. principal/principle The noun principle and the noun and adjective principal are often confused. axil/ axle Axil is the angle between the upper sides Usually found in the axil. eminent/imminent eminent is an adjective meaning 1. To make a clear distinction between what occurs at short intervals and what proceeds without interruption. 29. such as weapons. or repute. Acetic/ aescetic Acetic is an adjective meaning pertaining to. the words are not interchangeable in writing. mournful: a plaintive melody plaintiff is a person who brings suit in a court. distinguished: eminent statesmen. 21. 25. An assemblage of persons or things. 26. signal. high: eminent peaks. 24. 23. lofty. or other performers.

creak is a verb (used without object) meaning to make a sharp. discreet is an adjective meaning 1. apart or detached from others. Credulous means "believing too readily" or "gullible. circumspect. judicious in one's conduct or speech. esp. consisting of or characterized by distinct or individual parts. esp. 2. distinct: six discrete parts. dissent/descent dissent is a verb (used without object) meaning 1. discontinuous. from the majority. harsh . a person who gets things done with vigor and efficiency. creek/ creak Creek is a stream or channel in a coastal marsh. to differ in sentiment or opinion. discrete/discreet discrete means 1. 33." as in He was credulous (not credible) enough to believe the manufacturer's claims. with regard to respecting privacy or maintaining silence about something of a delicate nature. definite/definitive Definite and definitive both apply to what is precisely defined or explicitly set forth. doer is a person or thing that does something. gloomy: The captain's dour look depressed us all. 30. credible/credulous Credible is widely but incorrectly used where credulous would be appropriate. stern: His dour criticism made us regret having undertaken the job. showing prudence and circumspection. prudent. severe. the biography that sets the standard against which all other accounts of Nelson's life must be measured). 31. or squeaking sound. separate. 34. 2. sullen. esp. 2. Credible means capable of being believed. But definitive most often refers specifically to a judgment or description that serves as a standard or reference point for others. 32. decorous: a discreet silence. as in the definitive decision of the court (which sets forth a final resolution of a judicial matter) or the definitive biography of Nelson (that is. believable: a credible statement. descent means the fact or process of coming down or being derived from a source: a paper tracing the descent of the novel from old picaresque tales. disagree (often fol.1. withhold assent. by from): Two of the justices dissented from the majority decision.

4. but it also connotes determination. 66. 19. 34. 40. If you wish to seem demure. Since no one offered any dissent. discomforting behavior of the visiting pianist. The trouble with many adolescents is that they never seem to grow out of adolescence. The abhorrent individual was spurned by his fellow citizens because of his aberrant behavior. I would accept your excuse. I chose the red balloon. 50. 43. The government would often adopt policies that required people to adapt to a harsh regime. 30. We wore canvas shoes while we tried to canvass the entire neighborhood. 11. 57. 49. it will cost more than a carrot or a caret. 36. Besides my unphotogenic aunt and uncle. so I told her about my attorney. 21. we used to alternate sides. there were fourteen other people standing beside the train station. She was confused. 37. persistence. The system is constituted of twelve separate campuses. 17. Government agencies tried to alleviate the effects of the depression. Seinfeld. My mother will convince him that she is right. the new episodes will begin presently. one's intestines. The word guts denotes one's viscera. She was confident that her confidant had given her good information. She didn't seem conscious of the fact that her husband has no conscience. He has divided the money between Carlos and his daughter. nature's most dramatic climatic event. The eager audience awaited the anxious. 5. 12. 45. 39. These continual changes in our weather seem to be related to our continuous emissions of carbon-monoxide into the atmosphere. They kept their love affair discreet by living discrete lives. 20. I kept a weekly diary during those years that I worked on the dairy farm. The breech of the gun slammed into his shoulder as he fired into the breach of the wall. Now you choose a balloon of another color. 62. 35. They attempted to ameliorate the job-seeking process. 24. Please advise me on this. 63. The state is running out of capital. She complimented her sister on the way her scarf complemented her blouse. they allowed the enormous balloon to begin its ascent. She brought with her all the Diwali gifts she had recently bought. the students' problems were compounded by a lack of time to do the exam. fortitude. At first there was only one criterion for becoming Chairperson. 14. the Party imposed several other criteria. I need your advice. is a deafening roll of thunder. 42. The prisoner tried to devise a clever device to help him escape. 25. 58. My favorite show. 38. 48. Sometimes it seems more shocking to be amoral than to be immoral . 2. 44. we waited a decent interval and then began our descent to the lower floors. 3. 32. He went from a dilemma to a quandary. 46. We used a coarse sandpaper. There was a terrible dinning noise coming from the dining room. 29. He has divided the rest of his property among his three brothers. 61. 41. We went over to the capitol to see the legislators. Confounded by the instructor's ambiguous instructions. 23. I am averse to traveling in such adverse weather conditions. when she would elude her brothers in a game of hide-and-seek. suddenly. 16. He will break the car brake if he keeps pushing on it like that. 70. 55. 7. I am annoyed that my bad back seems to be aggravated by tension. His clothes were made of cloths of many different colors. The amount of money you make in a year depends on the number of deals you close. 68. she has the ability to fill the auditorium to its capacity. is currently doing re-runs. With her speaking skills. She decided to seek the counsel of the Dorm Council. 56. 27. She wanted a good lawyer. 22. 33. 9. Every breath counts. it's not unusual to have an amicable divorce. sweating performer. It didn't seem credible that such a creditable person would say such a horrible thing. but then. The capital of India is New Delhi. 28. you will have to demur less vociferously. She felt bad about his behaving badly at the conference. 10. . Connecticut comprises eight counties. It's difficult to anticipate things that one doesn't expect. The conductor seemed discomfited on the podium by the rude. except the part about losing the watch. Any cool dessert would taste great out here in the sandy desert. Her family grew contemptuous of her contemptible behavior. She will persuade him to keep working. 54. She will allot funds according to need. of course. The climactic moment of a lightning storm. With amiable people like the Durwitzes. 18. 13. An uninterested judge. 67. We need a lot of money. 51. 53. 69. In mock debates. 59. Can you wait awhile? He told a funny anecdote about mixing up his soda with the snake-bite antidote. displaying ambivalent feelings about the ambiguous situation they'd gotten into. 47. Some people thought he was sweet and childlike in his innocence. 26.1. 64. is a liability. The Pilgrims acted with certitude on matters of faith. The entire bridal party took a long and pleasant walk along the bridle path. 8. others required more certainty. 65. 15. The number of students who wanted access to the computer labs was in excess of two hundred. The minister adjured his wayward congregation to abjure the sins of the flesh. and courage. 6. taking alternative positions. 60. Are you all ready already. but I always thought he was boorish and childish. After we have the jeweler appraise the diamond. When they got the assent of the weather bureau. She was afraid of him after seeing his bizarre behavior at the county's annual bazaar. so breathe deeply now. The Board of Education has censured the high-school principal because he tried to censor the student newspaper. or do we have to wait for you? She would often allude to her childhood. If a bride wants a diamond that weighs a carat. The economy seemed to slide backwards thanks to the backward government policies. however. we will apprise you of its value. She thought her dog would die after it drank that bowl of blue dye. 52. 31. You will want a disinterested judge. I'll be back in a while.

112. 119. The lightning striking all around them. The enormousness of his task seemed overwhelming. but she has less energy. 116. 96. The incidence of incidents involving racist slurs has become intolerable. 130. When asked to disassemble his old jalopy. The scientists were intensely focused on the problem. We should elect a president before he or she selects members of the cabinet. 124. 76. He showed a flagrant disregard for public morals in his blatant errors of mismanagement. 101. they may decide to emigrate elsewhere. would improve their marital relationship. 87. 94. 131. several instances in which the latch failed and the door floor open. and then he found he must slay a dragon known for the enormity of his evildoings. 81. The insidious nature of her argument suggests an invidious comparison. 132. Every week. 78. 106. 108. They have immigrated to this city from all over eastern Europe. 75. 72. 110. It was a foregone conclusion that the team would forgo all post-season tournaments. 74. 114. The scientists produced an indeterminate study concerning the indeterminable number of stars in the universe.71. 82. 122. It has been raining way too much and for too many days. A luxuriant tropical garden was planted on the grounds of the most luxurious hotel in town. 91. she swims well. 103. As he led his soldiers into battle. The guerilla soldiers eventually got used to living among the gorillas in the jungle. The document now makes explicit what had been only implicit in the shifty eyes of the negotiator. 115. but let's discuss that further after the race. 127. just at the the most dangerous instant. 77. 79. The moral of this story is that the morale of a military unit is extremely important. The witness was asked to indite the reasons he thought the grand jury should indict his boss for extortion. 136. arrogant routine every time they scored. 125. The general found it expedient to blame his lieutenants for the expeditious progress of the enemy. She made a laudatory speech concerning the students' laudable accomplishments. 111. the empress gave way to morbid reflections on her death. 113. If not. 100. The prosecutor began to gibe the witness when the details of his story did not jibe with his previous testimony. 84. he agreed. 83. the other liked words and went into etymology. How did the politicians plan to elicit these obviously illicit campaign funds without getting caught? They were afraid that this eminent figure in world politics was in imminent danger of being killed. The publication of Morrison's first historical novel proved to be a historic event. To what extent have they searched for the extant manuscripts of the Gettysburg Address? An extemporaneous speech is not the same thing as an impromptu speech. 118. There were. My shoes are so loose that I'm going to lose them. 102. 92. 73. 85. for instance. In the intense heat. In the moribund condition of her government. Nothing seemed to faze her as she went through the adolescent phase of her life. 88. He hardly deserves a medal. They studied it intently for months. 99. 93. 123. nor did he show true mettle when he tried to meddle in our affairs. I am loath to associate with people who loathe me. his wife buys some specially for him. the team of scientists did an intensive study of the extensive crop damage. like judo. In preparing for his most spectacular illusion. later on. The missionaries founded a church in an area they found congenial to their beliefs. the voters in our town are going to vote for us. we met formally to discuss these matters. In less than an hour. the sailors proceeded in their task of lightening the cargo. 95. I hope my sister can lend me some money. 97. They were certainly hardy lads and they worked up a hearty appetite on their twenty-mile hike. but she had no sympathy for these boat people. but our insurance company won't insure good weather with an inexpensive policy. The truck was mistakenly marked inflammable so the firefighters thought the noninflammable material was dangerously flammable. The grizzled old hunter chewed on a gristly piece of meat and told a grisly tale of being mauled by grizzly bears. She normally had great empathy for people she read about. 86. His language implies a prejudice against Native Americans. The soldiers of the fourth regiment bravely went forth. 90. A portrait of the last criminal to be hanged in Arizona was hung on her bedroom wall. The football players seemed to flout the referees and continued to brazenly flaunt their silly.. 126. She has fewer complaints. She's a good swimmer. 135. his feet seemed made of lead. 117. John and Mary thought that studying the martial arts. 134. The choirboys exulted when they discovered they were to sing before such an exalted audience. What effect does this have on you? How does it affect you? It was part of the government's economic strategy to direct the military to purchase the most economical material available. 105. 120. 89. . 109. One sister liked bugs and studied entomology. 128. 129. The tyrant inflicted great hardship on the people. 107. I can run farther than you. 104. Food can be called healthful if it helps us lead healthy lives. Formerly. I hope the bank can arrange a loan for me. He especially likes coffee ice-cream. 80. This incipient revolution seems to be based on the most stupid and insipid causes. seeming to dissemble. He wanted to carve an epigram that he had seen used as an epigraph for his grandfather's epitaph. They felt afflicted with his harsh regime. We would like to ensure good weather for our company picnic. 121. Her naive and ingenuous mother expressed amazement that her daughter could create such an ingenious demonstration for the science fair. She had a foreboding that she was about to meet up with her forbidding father. The trouble with the economy is that hordes of people are starting to hoard their money. the magician made an allusion to the magic of Houdini. He was incredulous that his brother could perform such incredible feats on the parallel bars. The movie's heroine died of an overdose of heroin. 98. you can infer that from certain passages in his latest speech. We use our everyday dishes every day. 133.

She chose this site because of its view. aural aspects of listening. He had no right to write a new rite for the church. He was punched in the abdomen. We'll have to be quite quiet. 141. is in a stationary place. Yesterday she read from the red book instead of the blue one. 140. 169. 153. The high school principal said today that the principal problem with today's youth is their lack of moral principles The hyenas seem to pray over their prey before devouring it. The two lawyers walked around the perimeter of the estate as they discussed the parameters of the case. The neighbor made a thorough report to the police. 144. 147. Is being venal listed among the venial sins? His waist continued to grow and grow. During the reign of Charles I. The politician's speech managed to be both turgid and turbid at the same time.137. 150. 186. The mayor's involvement in salacious behavior has certainly not been salutary for his health or the health of the community. The sight of the old house brought tears to her eyes. He doesn't seem to have much sense since he fell on his head. He has extraordinary verbal skills. 162. prostrate on the floor. a naval officer in the Civil War. The personnel office had a great deal of personal information in its files. The premier of the new nation was thrilled when he was allowed to attend the film's premiere. to persecute a fellow citizen is not. In the 1950s. She would cite the passage from Genesis. 160. it's going to be too hot to go to town. 156. That trooper was a real trouper. when he heard that he had cancer of the prostate gland. He peddled his baskets of flower petals as he pedaled his bike around town. He was poring over his books when he accidently poured coffee all over his papers. 152. 164. but no food was allowed to waste in his house. In fact. 172. 176. Take that horrible thing away. 182. The new lab seemed practical enough. They endured a torturous journey up the long and tortuous tributary of the Amazon. but building it was hardly practicable in that tiny building. 194. The highly touted critic would taunt his taut-lipped brother whenever he thought he had taught him a lesson. We wept with joy as we read the famous critic's review of our new musical revue. 185. The period of peace between the two wars is an interesting piece of history. 184. We will now proceed to the part that should precede the ending. He made an oral commitment to speak on the biological. 188. 165. 149. relying on the false information their leaders had purposely given them. Janina Delbartico called the roll of the wrong class. where they sell envelopes and writing paper. 193. respectively. The attorney was reluctant to force her reticent witness to testify. Quit making noise! He threw his tennis racquet across the court and his fans started making a terrific racket. 174. 159. Her poetry is quite sensuous. 166. 168. They're driving their new car over there this afternoon. The old man would often complain about money and scrimp. 145. It seemed so utterly unconscionable that the elderly couple should be robbed while they were unconscious. 138. The troops moved purposefully toward their doom. The moon shone brightly over the old theater where movies were shown nightly. 195. These sociologists made a really important contribution to our understanding of some real problems in urban America. I think it depends on the weather. 151. pro basketball was predominantly a game won predominately by teams on the east coast. food goes to your stomach. his personality was so bland that he was regarded as an unexceptional candidate for congress. 180. 170. 143. The palate is the roof of your mouth or the sense of taste. 190. He knew that he would grow to resent the public's interest in his recent escapades. some people find it quite sensual. The peasant was surprised when the king served him pheasant for dinner. 163. 192. 154. 148. 161. 167. 139. She ate the whole donut. My great-great-grandfather. He collapsed forward. Bring me some aspirin. hole and all. In his role as an absent-minded professor. The lawyer's memory of precedents seemed to take precedence over his memory of other matters. Although the former mayor's career was unexceptionable. A palette is that thumb-held device that painters use to mix their colors on. was killed when he was struck in the navel by a cannonball. 158. 146. but he would never skimp when it came to his own clothing. His explanations were simple but not to the point of being simplistic. They climbed to the mountain peak to take a peek at the sunrise. . 187. I used to wonder how he could just wander around the city like that. The actors bowed respectfully to the royal couple and then to the people in the audience and to their friends backstage. 175. The stationery department. 142. We have seen the last scene of this play before. They left in a pique because other climbers were already there. 189. 173. 191. You must have patience in dealing with the patients in this clinic. 178. He threw a baseball right through the neighbor's front window. There is a town statute making it against the law for people of small stature to climb on the park's statue of the mayor. In two hours. 183. 155. Jeremiah would prophesy whenever he felt the people needed to hear a prophecy. 157. To carry out or prosecute one's legal responsibilities is a fine thing. 181. 171. 177. it was against the law to use a leather rein during the rain. I don't know whether we'll go or not. When you swallow. 179.

man : strong time : fast money : powerful movie : exciting fire : hot A characteristic of a candy is to be sweet. it may be necessary to adjust the bridge sentence. 4. Example 2: Candy : Sweet 1. 3. 4. Step 2: Use this bridge with each answer choice. you still have not found the answer pair that works. 3. Example 3: Finger : Hand 1. 3. Step 1: Build a strong bridge (relationship) sentence relating the words in the question pair. The relationship between the words in the question asked is similar to the options. A wheel is part of a car. 2. . 3. A characteristic of a fire is to be hot. 2. you have to find out the correct option. inserting them in place of the words in the question pair.How to solve Analogies Analogy asks to find the relationship between the pairs of words. 4. 5. Types of Analogies       Antonyms: Words that have opposite meaning Synonyms: Words that have same meaning Descriptive: One word describes the other Part to Whole: One word is part or piece of the other Item to Category: One word belongs to the category of the other Degree: One word is more intense than other Three-Step Bridge Method for solving analogies 1. 2. Example 1: Bad : Terrible 1. 5. 5. Step 3: The answer will be the sentence which is the most logical. If after completing steps 1 and 2. 2. The bridge should be as short and clear as possible. Something that is extremely funny is hilarious. hard : difficult hot : warm funny : hilarious right : wrong young : new Something that is extremely bad is terrible. ball : game clock : room wheel : car hat : suit man : woman A finger is part of a hand.