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Texts one, two and three

Introductory Statement

By Min-huei chong

The cartoon (Calvin Hobbs), speech (by Natasha Stott Despoja) and short story (End of year dance B.D) all convey a message that youth is important in encouraging/motivating change.

Text one The cartoon illustrates the changed of the father in his decision impacted by his Son. At the start of story, the Dad was concentrated on his work and did not bother to fulfil his sons wish but later he decided to put aside his work and spend qua lity time with his son and prioritised his family before work.

The effect on the reader is a sense of heart-warming, inspiring feeling and the readers related themselves to the position of the father and the son and reflect on their thoughts and emotions.

The message of power of youth in the cartoon is shown through techniques like contrasting the image of the father looking bored by his work and slouching on the desk to looking outside the window and making the decision go outside and play with his son. Another technique is symbolism, shown by the distant dark figures of the father and the son showing that time is passing and they are having an enjoyable time. This text is quite motivating and powerful by showing the fathers delicate change of decision.

Text two The speech by Natasha Stott Despoja conveys a message that the Youth should care about politics because they can promote positive and significance change in Parliament. She also presents her view that Youth today play an essential role in the workforce and they are valuable in shaping Australias future.

The effect is that we are convinced and assured that this woman has passion for Australia and wants to bring about positive changes.

The techniques used in the speech are Emphasis/repetition and the use of didactic tone.Natash used Emphasis and repetition to leave a stronger impression to convey the importance of the Australian youth and how they play a vital role in the parliament and society. She repeats we wantwe want to express her Visions and dreams in the future of young people.

She used didactic tone in her speech. The authoritive voice is to command respect and engage the audience. We have to ensure that young peoples issues are addressed and that they are drawn into this process that so affects their destinies.

Overall, this speech is an optimistic and proactive speech promoting change as a necessary process in moving the country forward.

Text three The purpose of the narrative is showing that Youth can affect the way their parents think in a positive way through the process of growing up and maturing into independent individuals.

The Narrative creates a sense of nostalgia, as the reader views this text they are reflecting on their own childhood memories and

how their youth has impacted their family, peers, friends and the people around them.

The first technique shown is contrast, showing individuals movement rather than structured, ordered movement s. This emphasizes the shifting of age.

The second technique is symbolism, showing the images of the parents in a distance from behind the dark windows as their children change and become more independent. Again this is showing how the youths have impacted the perspective of the parents.

This story effectively conveys how youths are important in encouraging and motivating change through their own individual action.