NIRMA LIMITED Acknowledgement….

Before starting with the flow of this project I would like to thanks IBS team and especially to Mr.Pravin Patil sir, as he provided the opportunity and vital encouragement and support to prepare this report…….. Flow of Report…….. I. II. III. Introduction Heritage My understanding of company profile


Nirma is one of the few names-which is instantly recognized as a true Indian company which took on mighty multinationals and rewrote the marketing rules to win the heart of princess, i.e. the consumers. Nirma, the proverbial “Rags to Riches” saga of Dr.Karsanbhai patel,is a classic example of success of Indian companies in the face of stiff compitition.startin as a one man operation in 1969,today,it has about 14,000 employee base turnover is above 25,00 corers. India is one of the largest consumer economy, with burgeoning middle class in such a case Nirma aptly concentrated all its effective tools towards creating and building a strong preference towards its ‘value money ‘product.

Apart from only producing FMCG products Nirma also opened up education institutes by doing this Nirma also contribute in building the strong future of India. and the rest is known to one and all……… In short span. He took on mighty multi nationals and rewrote the market rules. . using bare hands and bucket. Nirma believed in value-for-money equation. In true sense. with a quality product.In this era and in era of globalization most of companies believe in profit making in such a situation Nirma is that company which takes into consideration customer satisfaction above all aspects. he spearheaded the market revolution by offering innovative ‘value for money ‘products.ft back yard home.which will be benefitial to India in many ways thus contributing to corporate social responsibility……. He was a qualified graduate and was working as a junior chemist in government laboratory. It has always remained committed to better products. the product became accepted in consumer community. for better living… My understanding of company profile: As I have prepared this report I come to know many things about this company.Because of this reason Nirma is able to capture more and more customer market and with that able to increase its profit.. As a moon lighting activity he was making detergent in 100 sq. He used to put it in polythene bag and was selling door to door……. in creating and maintaining long lasting relationships. to make a detergent produce. and changed the cloth-washing habit of Indian people-the revolution called -NIRMA……… From initial days. he captured the domestic market.HERITAGE In scorching heat of 1969 a son of small-time farmer was trying to mix soda with few other intermediaries. at better value.Gradually. Once the mixture is ready. He crafted low-to-medium consumer pockets-a whole new consumer segment detergent category.

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