VENKATESH A Sales Force CRM Consultant E- mail: Mobile: +919035756758.

Professional Summary

 3+ years of experience in designing and developing the IT applications.  2+ years of experience in developing the applications using  Having experience on designing and implementing the applications using Agile Methodology.  Worked on Configuration & Customization, Visual ForceandApex Programming.  Create Applications, Objects, Fields, Page Layouts and Users.  Worked on Validation Rules, Workflows and Approval Processes.  Created Visual Force Pages and have worked on Standard and Custom Controllers.  Implemented security and sharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at different levels of organization. Also created various profiles and configured the permissions based on the organizational hierarchy.  Responsible for creating Reports and Dashboards for Business Analysis.  Excellent team player and having good communication skills.
Technical Skills : Apex Classes, Triggers, Visual Force pages Data Loader and MS.Net  CRM :  Web Technologies : HTML,JavaScriptandCSS. Experience Summary  Working as a Software Engineer in Scion Software Solution from March ’09. Education:  Bachelor of Technology from JNTU University, Andhra Pradesh.  Languages

 Interacting with the end users for testing of the application : DuPont sales : DSKVAP Consulting Services : Developer. Project #2: Title Client Role Technologies Description: Du Pont is an American chemical company with presence all over the world. email templates and message sending process. Fixing the bugs on Priority basis.Projects Stack: Project#3 Title Client Role Technologies Description: This is a call center application. Writing validations in salesforce.Where cases will be logged and Cases can be forwarded to upper phases for resolving. sales and services modules of DuPont in SFDC. creation of custom objects. Visual force and Data Loader. Design the technical documentations. Created Reports and platform. : Salesforce. The Project deals with Production support and maintenance of Marketing. Responsibilities:          Analyzing and Grooming the URS documents.  Creation of Page layout for custom object as well as standard objects for respected Profiles. Implementing Dashboards. : Atlantic Telecom : Mentor platform. Developed APEX triggers. Created Workflow field updates.  Maintain and enhance and create workflows and validation rules. The transactions and master data of their business is maintained using sales force. APEX. Responsible for creating Custom Objects and Fields. APEX. Visual force and Data Loader. Classes. USA : Admin cum Developer. formula fields as per the Requirement. Test methods & Visual Force pages to implement the custom Responsibilities:  Customization of the Organization Profile.  Configures and integrates Salesforce. : Salesforce. custom . Participating the sprint with AppExchange applications. reports and post chatter feed on their profiles with the report link.

Venkatesh) : : : : : Next Exams http://www.Net Import Session management for performance and scalability.5 and Sql Server 2005 .  Excellent communication. Telugu and Hindi (A. Responsibilities:  Created and Implemented ASP.  Developed coding in C# as per the requirement and Testing the developed code.NET web pages with Server controls. Personal Skills  Self-motivating and have ability to adapt to new work culture. The admin will give the result to the student. This project is used to write exams in online. and then submit the answers to admin.Net Developer Asp. At first a Student should register in the 3. C# 3.Net which provided methods for executing stored procedures. INDIA .  Used ASP.5. Personal Information:     Date of Birth : 12th May 1987 Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Languages : English.  Always positive attitude and ever willing to achieve excellence.nextexams.Project #1: Title Web Site Client Role Technologies Description: The project is an Online Exam Center developed for Junior College Students.  Developed ADO. interpersonal and presentation skill. After that the student can login into account and can write the exams in online. then Admin will check that student details and activate student S.RajgopalRao.  Analyzing and understanding the Client requirement for project.

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